Assembly District 1




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

1 Terry P Rodriguez * OSIF
1 Ruth Miller No SIF
1 Paco Lindsay No OSIF
1 Lawrence R Rinder No OSIF
1 Neil Bodine No OSIF
1 Debra Christenson No SIF
1 Mary J Maya No SIF
1 Margaret Elysia Upton No SIF
1 Madison L Zimmerman No SIF
1 Tracy Pepper No SIF
1 Ryan Duncanwood * OSIF
1 Cary Rogers No SIF
1 Steven B. Hurley * OSIF
1 Eric Warmoth No OSIF
1 Annie Ballard No SIF
1 Dash Waterbury No OSIF
1 Matthew Hilliard No OSIF
1 Katrina Dunn * SIF
1 Heidi Hall * SIF
1 Lisa M Cole No SIF
1 Valerie Anderson * SIF
1 Courtney A Birss No SIF
1 Joanne Bodine No SIF
1 Matthew Gieck No OSIF
1 Edie Lott No SIF
1 Denny Lott No OSIF
1 Robert Eugene Belgeri No OSIF
1 Hilary Hodge * SIF
1 Alison Krupit * SIF
1 Miranda Edwards No SIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Terry P Rodriguez, and I am running for ADEM-1 Delegate and Executive representative to the California Democratic Party (CADEM). Thus, I am asking for your vote to represent our rural voice to CADEM. I am a rural resident of North Auburn since 1999. I am a member of the Auburn Area Democratic Club and the Placer County Democratic Central Committee (PCDCC). I currently serve on three PCDCC committees: Communications, Campaign Support Services, and Legislation. I was recently elected as PCDCC, Chair Legislation Committee. In 2018, I volunteered as the Audrey Denney for Congress Placer County Auburn Hub Captain, organizing, managing, and training a team of local volunteers in phone banking and canvassing. In 2020 election, I participated in texting and phone banking work. I am a participant on the Placer County Fire Safe Alliance Council and the Auburn/Ophir Fire Safe Council representing our rural community on wildfire defense issues. In 2019, I provided input for inclusion into the revised Placer County Hazardous Vegetation Abatement Ordinance, passed by the Placer County Board of Supervisors in 2020. I come from a union family, and have had experience as a union representative.

I became politically active within my geographical area of North Auburn and Nevada County when I found that rural issues were not fully addressed by our local and state government. I realized there was a need to make the rural voice louder to our elected representatives as well as CADEM. I selected to run as ADEM-1 Executive based on my knowledge and needs of the various sectors of our rural districts. Issues such as supporting our ranching and agricultural industry regarding resource needs to operate. Emergency preparedness during the course of a given year, including fire season. Addressing the issue that financial resources by state government are not allocated equally to rural community needs as they are to urban needs. And I would support an effort on CADEM’s part to ramp up marketing our accomplishments to the rural communities to represent the positive values of our work, and informing new arrivals, who are Democrats, that we are here. As a member of CADEM Rural Caucus, I support their effort to pursue improved broadband services to all rural areas. I will be diligent and honored to represent our district with your vote.

Terry P Rodriguez

I am running for re-election as a California Democratic Party Delegate for Assembly District 1. I am asking for your support, to serve you and all Democrats of this region, as well work with the state party. I am currently co-chair of the Tahoe-Truckee Democratic Club, a member of the Nevada County DCC, and have been active for years in the Democratic party. I have worked on numerous campaigns since the early 1970’s, from volunteer to advising and managing campaigns. This past election cycle, along with the TTDC, I helped to recruit and advise some of the campaigns of eleven club members who ran for local offices in Truckee North Tahoe, with nine being victorious. I attended the two California Democratic Conventions in 2019 as a voting delegate, and a member of both the rural and the progressive caucuses.

I was a small business owner for forty years, and I experienced firsthand that politics of the conservative, Republican party did nothing for small business people and the great people who work for them. If reelected as a party delegate, I will continue to work for progressive causes, as well ensuring that the rural areas of California, such as this district, are not over looked. As a country, we are facing a crisis of democracy being attacked. I will work first and foremost on saving democracy in America.

I will advocate for universal healthcare, finance reform of the election process, a complete overhaul of the tax system to stop the gross redistribution of wealth to the top 2% of USA oligarchs, and fight to be sure that Climate Change gets real action. Progressive and Democratic values must continue to grow and expand in the region, the state, the country. With the 2022 election cycle, I will work with others to ensure that in CD1, CD4 as well the assembly and state senate, we have the best possible candidates. As well, continue my work on the grass roots, with local offices, striving to get even more democrats elected into offices.

Given my long resume of experience and proven leadership in many areas, I will continue to be a strong party delegate, and will work for the best interest of the District. I ask for your vote and support in January 2021.

Paco Lindsay

I believe that it is time for the residents of Assembly District 1 to come together around our shared core values and strong sense of community. We must affirm the principles of freedom, opportunity, and equality under the law. At the same time, it is essential that the Democratic Party do a better job of listening to the various constituencies of our district in order to better represent the interests of rural residents in Sacramento.

One of the most important tasks facing the Democratic Party nationally is rebuilding its relationship with rural America. To do this will require attending to the particular needs of farmers, ranchers, and all those who make their livelihood from the land. Indeed, the livelihood of rural families is under extreme pressure from corporatization, regulation, and climate change. It is critical that we work together to understand the challenges of our interconnected, globalized social and economic communities in order to envision together new ways to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Rural citizens in California face a particular challenge insofar as many of them, along with many rural residents nationally, have cast their lot with the Republican party. Given California’s overwhelming Democratic majority, these voters have essentially disenfranchised themselves by aligning with a powerless minority. A good argument can be made to Republican and Independent voters that they have a better shot at effecting positive change within the Democratic Party than outside it. That is, if the Democratic Party will sincerely attend to their concerns. I promise to be a representative of rural California voters within the Democratic party and to lobby for legislation and fiscal priorities that support the health and well-being of the people, families, and communities of Assembly District 1.

I have been involved in politics for many years as an activist and organizer. I represented my district at the Hennepin County Democratic Convention of 1988. Most recently I joined the campaign to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, for which I served as a Moderator on the National Call Crew. I also campaigned for Audrey Denney.

When I retired from my career as an academic administrator, I bought a home in Modoc County and have come to love the area and its people. It would be an honor to represent District 1 as your Assembly District Delegate.

Lawrence Rinder

My name is Neil Bodine. I am running to represent the Democrats of AD 1 because I want to see more effective representation of the needs of the rural north. We are the poor relatives to the big cities and the coast. They suck all the oxygen out of the air because of their sheer numbers. That is grossly unfair to us. We live in sea of red, so we get little attention. All the more reason why we need much more help from the state party.

Many of us have lost fire insurance. We can only use California Fair, and we just learned its prices are going up so much next year that many will have to go bare. Our forests desperately need to be better managed, but the state is not investing in doing so. It spends millions to fight fires and little to prevent them. We need more doctors and clinics. In our most rural areas, people must drive long distances just to get basic health care. The state is doing nothing about this even though the legislature is controlled by Democrats. I could give many more examples of their neglect, but those illustrate the problem.

In 2015, my wife and I moved to Nevada County, where we immediately got involved in the local Democratic Central Committee activities. In 2017, I was elected a Recording Secretary and since 2019, I have served as the First Vice Chair. In this capacity, I have been involved in many DCC activities, including campaigning for local and regional candidates, hosting community education forums and fundraising to support our local candidates.

I will take the concerns of our brothers and sisters in AD 1 to the convention and the rural caucus. I would appreciate you giving me the opportunity to represent you as a delegate to the State Party convention.

Neil Bodine

My name is Margaret Elysia Garcia Upton and I’ve lived in the northeastern county of Plumas for 18 years as of 2021. I want to represent district 1 because I feel inspired to do so and I know I have the energy and the experience to help bring district 1’s needs and its strengths to the table. To be a Democrat in Northeastern California used to be akin to being a unicorn. But not anymore. As younger people move to the Sierras in search of a better quality of life, our numbers are growing. It’s time to not just be the party of a handful of opposition fighting the good fight, but instead it’s time for strategy and coalition building and education. We need leadership that knows that strategy is more than standing on the corner with a sign in opposition to Republican policies, but that it has to be behind the scenes. It has to be about forging relationships. It has to look like the demographic of the district we say we want on our side. Audrey Denney has done a fantastic job at bridging this gap. When I moved to Plumas County, voters went for Republicans 8 to 1. Now Denney has helped us close that gap to 2 to 1. We have a chance and a place at the table, but we must get out of that mindset that says we are not able to have our voices heard and we are merely opposition. We must instead convey to the rural populace of California that our ideas and policies are not radical but pragmatic and practical. We must stand by our moral integrity and recognize that as Democrats we also have soul searching to do in regards to our treatment of BIPOC. A vote for me means a vote for someone willing to do the inner work on the self AND the hard work of reaching out to others and gathering more of us into the District 1 Democratic fold. I come with experience as a political organizer, a former community college instructor, a community volunteer, and as a former member of the media. Let’s change up District 1 leadership–a vote for me is a vote for positive, forward looking change in the North State.

Margaret Garcia Upton

We are at a contingency point in our nation’s history. We may have won the presidential election, but there is still work to be done to make sure that our platform remains relevant. I was born and raised in Northern California, and as such have first hand experience with the issues or importance to our region and its diversity. We may have won the presidential election, but there is still work to be done to make sure that our platform remains relevant and prevents apathy. I am currently a member of the Shasta County Central Committee and served on the Shasta County Board of education from 2013-2014. I majored in history at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC and only recently moved back to Shasta County. Now that I am back, I aim to take what I learned academically and professionally to contribute to achieving progress. We need to keep an informed electorate in order to win. I aim to create better public messaging to make sure that people know what we stand for. I recall attending a state party convention for the first time in 2016, and being struck by the way that delegates were able to come together to create the platform.

We need to not just ‘convert’ people to the democratic party in our region, but work to create a political environment that helps retain young progressives. There is an importance of ‘youth’ representation as a force to make young democrats more likely to see themselves as stakeholders and stay (and vote) in Shasta County.

Madison Zimmerman

Ryan Duncanwood is a member of the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County, a Board Member for Self Advocates Becoming Empowered, The Arc of California, and a member of TASH.

Ryan has worked to improve access to communications and technology, and monitors legislation that benefits people with disabilities and others in society who are marginalized. He lobbied a U.S. Congressman about Supplemental Security Income cuts, a State Senator about the need for housing, and promotes communication as a social justice issue.

Self-advocacy and communications devices have given Ryan independence and freedom. Living with Cerebral Palsy, he first spoke using a letter board, then moved on to more advanced devices which have allowed him to become a powerful advocate.

An avid sports fan, Ryan describes himself as a fun-loving, caring and proud Democrat!

Here is a video of Ryan urging a State Senator to advocate for better housing.

Ryan Duncanwood

I have been lucky enough to grow up in Siskiyou County and over the last few years I have seen and participated in the work to build a stronger coalition of Democrats in District . I have campaigned for Audrey Denney, Elizabeth Betancourt, and Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, volunteered with Assembly Democrats, participated in voter outreach with the Siskiyou County Democratic Central Committee, and voted as a proxy delegate at the 2019 CADEM convention.

I am so proud of the progress we have made, but I have also noticed a lack of engagement and representation of our district’s young people. I want to ensure that we are including the voices and priorities of my fellow young, progressive people so we can continue to build upon the foundation we have built. We need to reach out and encourage engagement with the next generation.

Now that we have won the White House, Democrats need to define ourselves by our progressive values. If elected, I will advocate for a platform that includes rural broadband, quality and affordable healthcare, improved housing, access to education and good jobs, environmental protection, and equity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. I will support progressive candidates who uphold these values and push for the party to support rural candidates.

I hope you will vote for me and allow me the opportunity to represent you and the North State.

Cary Rogers

My name is Eric Warmoth and I live in Olympic Valley. I am 20 years old and a current college student at Claremont McKenna College. I want to represent District 1 because I believe that we need to be ensuring to represent youth voices within the California Democratic Party. Youth turnout is crucial to Democratic wins across our state, and I believe our party must fight for the issues that youth care about in order to increase youth engagement and as a potential roadmap for flipping our own district.

As a climate activist and environmental policy analyst, I’ve been working on how climate can be a compelling and winning issue in rural districts. I am a regional co-director of the California Young Democrats Environmental Caucus. In this role, I work with local leaders, Democratic Party members, and elected officials to push for meaningful action on climate at the state and local level. Recently, we sent a letter with the California Young Democrats Rural Caucus to Joe Biden about the need to prioritize climate in his new administration. Partnerships like this are exactly what our district needs. Climate is a winning issue in elections, and as our wildfires get worse every year, will only begin to become a requirement for the voters of our district. Audrey Denney showed this year that she could mount a competitive campaign by embracing a bold climate platform that resonated with voters.

I am excited for the chance to represent our district to the California Democratic Party and bring a fresh perspective and the importance of engaging youth in our party to achieve success for Democrats up and down the ballot in every corner of the state. I would greatly appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve our district effectively!

Eric Warmoth

If recent elections have taught us anything, it’s that the Democratic Party needs to completely reimagine and rebuild its connections with rural voters. As your delegate, my top priority would be to put rural outreach front and center on the California state party’s agenda, and demand they get serious about committing long-term resources to this effort.

I would like to take your ideas for what we can do to improve Democratic presence and messaging in the North State to the Party—to caucuses, central committee & club meetings and direct communications to Party leaders. I would also like to look for ways to bring local No Party Preference voters to our conversation and learn more about their concerns.

I moved to Assembly District 1 twelve years ago, and I currently live in unincorporated Nevada County near Stampede Reservoir. My professional background is in media, communications and union organizing, and for several years I’ve been focused on listening to my neighbors and the residents of our region, learning what messages resonate here. I’ve worked closely with candidates in Senate District 1 for the past two cycles, and participated in three state conventions as well as joining the Rural Caucus, the Progressive Caucus and the Women’s Caucus.

I am excited to take on the challenge of winning rural votes for Democrats, and I would be honored to represent you.

Annie Ballard

I live in the most beautiful place in the world. I wake up in the morning with a view of the Eddy mountains and out another window there’s a panoramic view of Black Butte and Mt Shasta in the distance.

But our people are hurting. Siskiyou and other north state counties are among the poorest counties in the state. We have chronic health issues, lack of access to doctors, low wages and increased dependence’s on state and federal aid. We are told that we have to choose between clear cutting the forest or economic stagnation Or between saving the river and property rights. These are all fools choices of cynical neglect.

We live in a very red district within a very blue state. Because of that, our issues as Democrats are often not addressed in either Sacramento or DC. In 2016, I saw the first presidential candidates in my memory to come to North State with both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump visiting. These men offered vastly different views of the future of our country but they both understood three things, the power of movement, building excitement around shared ideas and not neglecting areas you consider to be written off as “blue” or “red” Of course as we know, Donald Trump organized around issues of exclusion and xenophobia, but Bernie Sanders organized around shared commitment and our duty to our brothers and sisters in our community. That was a view shared by Audrey Denney and Elizabeth Betancourt who ran truly inspirational campaigns across the whole district. They inspired me to get active.

The path forward for our district is not about compromising our values, but clearly stating who we are. I have conversations with my GOP neighbors and what I hear is “I appreciate you because you don’t pander or come in criticizing” I believe we can separate the liars from the lied to.

Even within our district, representation tends toward the more populated parts of our area. events like fires happens in Happy Camp that fall out of the front page pretty quickly, if they were ever on the first page at all. Having a person like me who worked in the community for years and know personally many involved will benefit all of us.

My experience as a social worker, community advocate and working with teenagers will inform me in this role as will being under 40 I want to make sure the voice of the next generation of leaders is heard,

Matthew Hilliard

Hello, my name is Katrina Dunn and I am running to become a 1st A.D. delegate to the California State Democratic Convention. I was elected to the Placer County Democratic Central Committee in March 2020. It would be my honor to represent the Democrats in the district, especially those who are struggling with the negative effects of the gross mismanagement of this pandemic. I am a registered nurse and business owner in Auburn, CA. I am committed to equality for women, LGBTQ, and BIPOC, environmental protection, affordable housing, healthcare equity, union and labor rights, and supporting a livable wage. I am currently a member of the African American Caucus and Women’s Caucus. I am a proud member of one of the largest service sororities, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and serve on the National Social Action Commission. I believe politics is local and promise to use my time and passion to fight for progressive values for our district.

Katrina Dunn

Fellow AD-1 Democrats,

As many of you know, in 2016 I jumped into party activism at the same time I entered electoral politics. As a newbie, I attended every Convention and E-Board meeting as an observer. Since then, I have been either your ADEM E-Board representative, or a delegate, and have continued to advocate for transparency and equity within the Party, as well as persistently advocating for more attention to the R-dominated rural areas of the State from the Party as a whole. In 2021, I begin my second term as Nevada County Board of Supervisors, having finished off a challenging year as Chair during the Covid-19 pandemic. My successes include bringing multiple parties together on a multitude of issues, including bringing relief to our small businesses and all our working people, providing housing and mental health assistance to the homeless and people on the edge of homelessness, innovations to get broadband extended, and just this week achieving a unanimous vote on my Resolution to acknowledge the rights of the Nisenan Tribe, our original inhabitants in parts of Nevada County. While we typically see the State party delegation as one that is separate from elected positions, as a place for activists to come to communal recommendations and actions, this should not be the case for areas like AD-1. With our State and Federal elected officials here completely dominated by Republicans, the entire northern area is cut off from meaningful relationships to the State legislature. It is imperative that we have a voice for our rural Democrats on issues that continue to struggle for attention in our Party, and have that voice here in the State party structure. I have been a relentless advocate for progressive positions on health care and the environment, and on help for our overwhelming issues of poverty or near-poverty. In addition, I have stood firm with our public health officials as they are threatened and mocked for their work to keep us all safe during this pandemic.

I am humbly asking you to elect me as your Executive Board ADEM delegate to continue this work at the State Party level.

Heidi Hall

My name is Courtney Birss. I have been a resident of Shasta County most of my life. I am a wife to a local defense attorney, a professional paralegal and mother of three. In the past, I have volunteer campaigned for Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Audrey Denney and Elizabeth Betancourt.

I have always wanted to become more active within the democratic party. That statement becomes truer now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left northern california in a state of disarray. If I am chosen to be a delegate, I will always use my voice to support science, safety, and equality.

Courtney Birss

I am Joanne Bodine. I am running to represent Democrats in AD 1 because I want to bring a more dynamic representation to our brothers and sisters in the trenches.

I will go to the convention, vote on rule changes, endorsements, officers, and our platform. And I will also go beyond convention, before and after, to find out what’s on AD 1 Democrats’ minds, bring those ideas to the convention, and get back to you all.

I have been a Democrat activist since 1990 and am still active on the Nevada County DCC as controller. I also have supported efforts to elect Democratic candidates all over California and our nation.

Please vote for Joanne Bodine to represent us all.

Joanne Bodine

I have been active in the Democratic Party for many years. I’m a retired special education teacher. In my retirement years I have found a love of technology. I have become the Technology Director for Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church where I have been an active member for twenty-five years. I co-chair the Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA Hunger Network. I’m also Secretary of the Policy Council and Webmaster for Lutheran Office of Public Policy California. I’m an anti-hunger activist and advocate who works to end hunger and extreme poverty in our time. I have been a member and advocate with Bread for the World for over thirty years. I consider myself a progressive democrat, who believes all people have the right to education, shelter, and access to food, clean water and healthcare. I have deep concern for the future of our fragile planet and believe we must all strive to reverse climate change. I find great joy in living in Truckee and love to hike, mountain bike, kayak and cross country ski.

Edie Lott

I have been active in the Democratic Party for many years. I have also been an active member of Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church for twenty-five years, where I have served in many council positions including Council President. I co-chair the Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA Hunger Network. I have been involved in political advocacy through the Lutheran Office of Public Policy-California and Bread for the World for over thirty years. I’m an anti-hunger activist and advocate who works to end hunger and extreme poverty in our time. I consider myself a progressive democrat, who believes all people have the right to education, shelter, and access to food, clean water and healthcare. I have deep concern for the future of our fragile planet and believe we must all strive to reverse climate change. I find great joy in living in Truckee and love model railroading, mountain biking, kayaking and cross country skiing.

Denny Lott

My name is Rob Belgeri. I have been a resident of Shasta County since 1987 and have been a Democratic Party member for most of the last 40 years–and have voted in every election since the 1980 General. I was a union field agent (SEIU and IUOE) or officer for nearly 25 years before retiring in 2014. In retirement, I worked part-time for a year as a blood bank technician (hospital delivery services). I also volunteer with local domestic violence shelter clients/survivors to assist them in navigating the local courts as they obtain restraining orders and appear in related criminal matters related to their assailants (currently on hiatus due to COVID-19). In the past I have been an IUOE delegate to the Five Counties Central Labor Council. My interest in becoming an Assembly District Delegate is based on the belief that working and retired working people need continuing representation in California Democratic Party politics. In my professional experience, I have participated in lobbying activities in Sacramento and outreach to elected representatives on issues of importance to those I represented. My education includes a major in political science, and I am currently registered to complete a degree in this major within the next two to three years. If those voting on this self-nomination see fit to seat me as a delegate, it will be an honor to be part of the delegation from California Assembly District 1. Thank you.

Rob Belgeri

I, Hilary Hodge, have served as your Executive Board Member and Delegate to the California Democratic Party (CADEM) these last two years. I’m running for reelection. I’m a gardener, beekeeper, and local elected official. By day, I work for a local, rural, non-profit music education program. I’m endorsed for reelection to eBoard and ADEMS by Audrey Denney and Elizabeth Betancourt and I’m running for reelection because I know that our work for Rural California is critical. We are just getting started. The North State needs representation that understands the needs of Rural Californians. I have served on the Executive Board of the Rural Caucus of CADEM these past four years and have served on the LGBTQ Caucus for the California League of Cities since 2018. As a City Councilmember for the City of Grass Valley, I understand what rural communities face and I know that we need to work hard to remind our party, at all levels, that rural people deserve fair and equitable representation. I’m running to represent the North State and I would be honored to have your vote. Please vote for me, Hilary Hodge, as your CADEM AD-1 eBoard Representative and your ADEM delegate.

Hilary Hodge

Hi, my name is Miranda Edwards. I was raised in Anderson, California, and attended Anderson Union High School like my parents and grandparents. I’m a member of the Redding Rancheria tribe. After I graduated high school, I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Stanford University and I just completed the requirements for my master’s degree in human rights education from the University of San Francisco. After being in the Bay Area for a few years, I moved back to the Redding area. I am currently employed by Redding Rancheria as an assistant teacher at the Redding Rancheria Head Start. It was important to me to come back to my home town that made me the person I am today and to give back to the community that gave so much to me. I have been so appreciative of the democratic party in District 1 and especially in Redding where I have seen its presence in such incredible ways. It has given me hope for a kinder and more unified future. It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate in the area that I am from. It would be an amazing opportunity for me to this represent this community because I respect and cherish the people so much. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Miranda Edwards