Assembly District 10




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

10 Norman Solomon * OSIF
10 Ruth Carter No SIF
10 Lucas Lindenbusch No OSIF
10 Rachel Farac * SIF
10 John J. Bagala No OSIF
10 Susan Bolle * SIF
10 Eli Beckman * OSIF
10 Rina A. Lopez No SIF
10 Lisa Bennett * SIF
10 Arunima Kohli No SIF
10 Rose Strauss No SIF
10 Daniel Alm No OSIF
10 Omar Figueroa * OSIF
10 Morgan Shanahan * SIF
10 Max Perrey * OSIF
10 Eli Hill * OSIF
10 Elaine Newman No SIF
10 Layne Gray * SIF
10 Joshua Simmons No OSIF
10 Helen Rosen No SIF
10 Samantha Ramirez No SIF
10 Mark Malouf * OSIF
10 Elizabeth Escalante * SIF
10 Jerry Threet No OSIF
10 Brian Colbert No OSIF
10 Caroline Banuelos No SIF
10 Jim Wheaton * OSIF
10 Carey Caccavo Wheaton * SIF
10 Mary Sandberg No SIF
10 Gabe Kearney No OSIF
10 Connie Barker * SIF
10 Kevin Tellez No OSIF
10 Alexandro Sauerwein No OSIF
10 Daniel F. Levy * OSIF
10 Perry Lloyd * OSIF
10 Ralph I. Miller * OSIF
10 Erika Rosales-Shelfo * SIF

Candidate Statements

During the last two decades, I’ve been proud to work with other progressive activists in our region for the defeat of Republicans AND for truly progressive policies.

I was elected from the North Bay as a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 and 2020 Democratic National Conventions.

We face the challenge of making our Democratic Party a powerful progressive force. That means — among other imperatives — rolling back corporate power, ending voter suppression, working against racism and all other forms of bigotry, insisting on justice for immigrants, recognizing the grave threat posed by climate change, and opposing what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.”

As the national director of, I work with activists across the country and beyond to help end the injustices that afflict this beautiful and anguished world.

The leadership of the Democratic Party too often fails to forthrightly challenge the Republican agenda. Too often, elected Democrats defer to the power of Wall Street, big banks, huge corporations, oligarchs, and the military-industrial complex.

Calling ourselves and our state party “progressive” is not enough. We must walk the walk.

When state party leaders in Sacramento fail to move ahead with single-payer Medicare for All, that’s an awful failure of leadership. The same is true when our own member of the state Assembly votes in the interests of large-scale rich growers rather than for the human rights of farmworkers.

Overall, powerful Democratic officeholders have too often conveyed a kind of complacency despite widespread suffering.

Wealthy individuals and large corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes, which shifts the tax burden more onto everyone else. The state and federal tax structures should be much more progressive.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are vital programs that should be vastly expanded and strengthened. It’s not enough to simply defend the status quo against cuts. Likewise, with a federal budget out of whack — devoting way too many dollars to military spending and far too few dollars to meeting human needs — we need a fundamental restructuring of budget priorities.

I want to emphasize that while it’s vital to defeat Republicans, that’s not nearly enough. We need to create a Democratic Party that is truly and deeply progressive.

Norman Solomon

How can I, in 2,400 characters let you know who I am to earn your vote for me and The Progressive Slate as your grassroots representatives to the California Democratic Party? I am a lifelong Democrat and an unabashed liberal. It has been an honor to serve as your current AD10 delegate.

I believe it is imperative that the California Democratic Party (CDP) lead the way in fighting for: social security protection; a Medicare for All health care system; real climate change actions with an immediate ban on fracking; ending the militarization, increasing the accountability, and re-imagining the use of funds of law enforcement; protecting the rights of women, the LGTBQ community and the disabled; creating jobs with justice, a living wage and affordable housing.

I currently serve as: Chair of the CDP Senior Caucus; Treasurer of Health Care for All-Marin; Co-Chair of the California Alliance for Retired Americans-Marin; elected member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin; Treasurer of Marin Progressive Democrats for America; and was co-founder of Sanctuary Marin.

This election cycle, I led the Senior Caucus in getting out the vote for Democrats in many swing states and congressional districts in California. Because so many progressive AD delegates were elected in 2019, we maintained strong platform language supporting universal health care at last year’s CDP Convention despite much opposition.

I am a first generation American, the only child of escapees from the Holocaust, and the first in the family to get a college degree. Having been a public school teacher in West Harlem in NYC, I am sensitive to the needs of the diverse population living in AD10 and, as a family therapist, I am an effective communicator.

What else might you want to know about me? I value family and long for the day when it is safe so that we can hug and be together. I have a son and daughter, two grandsons and a great-granddaughter. I am semi-retired and am able to devote time to my CDP activism. I am fortunate that my husband is supportive in my political work and gives generously of his time as well.

Hopefully, you’ll watch my video – There is so much work to do here in California to further social and economic justice that it is imperative that our progressive voices stay uppermost in the public’s mind. Please vote for me and our slate.

Ruth Carter

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate & division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party & make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

I am running for ADEM to ensure that issues that are critical to families, like education, healthcare, economy & environment are priorities. My goal is to represent everyone while making the best decisions.

As a leader, I am confident in navigating complex issues and strategizing to find practical solutions. I believe in a proactive rather than reactive approach. As a delegate, it is imperative to be an experienced community leader who listens, is confident and has ethical standards.

I am recognized as a leader in my community. The Novato City Council appointed me to the Planning Commission. I have worked to complete outreach and site visits and conducted independent research. The Marin County Board of Supervisors appointed me to the Mental Health Board. As Chair, I created initiatives on diversity, outreach and youth involvement. I am a representative for California Association of Local Behavior Health.I am a lead for the state-mandated Suicide Prevention Collaborative for the Marin schools.

One of my passions is contributing to my community.I am a Soroptimist, an organization that empowers women by offering scholarships. I am on Novato’s 4th of July committee to promote unity. I am the Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for the Junior League of Sonoma, an organization that promotes volunteerism. Our chapter has supported Forget-Me-Not Farms, Children’s Museum and Human Trafficking Task force. I have advocated in Washington DC for Climate Change. I am a member of a group who led the effort to gain approval for the Novato Climate Emergency Resolution. I was Field Director for a Democratic City Council candidate that won.

I am a lifelong resident of Marin, living in Novato with my husband and baby & completing a Master in Public Administration with a GPA of 4.0. My father was an SF Firefighter, my brother is a CAL firefighter & my husband is an immigrant. I am a small business owner. I take pride in my morals standards, ability to listen & proven work ethic. I would be honored to gain your vote


Rachel Farac

John J. Bagala

San Rafael, CA

I am humbly asking for your vote and your support in the CADEM Election for Assembly District 10 (AD10).

I’m a lifelong resident of Marin and a 30-year veteran of the Fire and Emergency Services having retired in 2016 as a Fire Captain and a Paramedic. I’m 51 years old and live in San Rafael with my beautiful wife Mary who is a public-school teacher here in Marin.

Currently I serve as a labor leader and the Union President for the Marin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775, as a Trustee for the CA Professional Firefighters and a member of the Marin Democratic Central Committee (DCCM),

I am a current Delegate to the North Bay Labor Council (NBLC), the CA Labor Federation, and to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) for President-Elect Joe Biden for CD02.

I also own my own small business based in San Rafael. The struggle has been real and difficult for our workers and our local businesses and we’ll need to focus on the safety and recovery efforts as we put 2020 in our rear-view mirror and charge towards a better future for all of us.

The labor movement and the civil rights have always marched hand in hand and I’ve been blessed to be able to be in a position where I can have a strong voice and the ability to lobby on behalf of our members and our communities directly in Sacramento, CA and in Washington DC. I’m fortunate to have an incredible network amongst local community members, groups and local officials and my sincere hope is to use YOU and all of them to help set the agenda for the CA Democratic Party.

I am excited to see what the future offers, and truly believe we can make a difference in the lives of our community members. I thank you for your consideration and would be honored to have your support.

I’d ask that you please support the incredible team we’ve assembled on the Democrats United Slate and that we all rally around our party around our core values. It’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party in every sense of the word. With your support, we can make bold progress for the benefit of all, and hold California up as a shining example.

Stay safe and thank you.

John Bagala

ADEM 10 Candidate

Video Message –

John Bagala

I am a grassroots organizer and gun violence survivor. The tragedy of gun violence galvanized me to action when I was young and remains a key issue to me. My activism is now focused on protecting and expanding voting rights. The vote is the most powerful tool we have to make our voices heard and open the door to inclusion in our democracy.

I have dedicated the last 5 years to ensure voters have a voice in our government and to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I lead (and founded) Democracy Action Marin and the Mill Valley Community Action Network Electoral Team. Through my leadership, I inspire volunteers to get involved in phone banking and texting voters to win elections and expand the vote to disenfranchised communities all over the country. In the past 4 years alone, we have made hundreds of thousands of calls to voters for dozens of elections in battleground states and districts.

We face many urgent crises in our country but one thing is clear: the most vulnerable are taking the brunt of the pain. As Elizabeth Warren says, “The people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.” It’s time to focus our energy to make sure all our voices are heard, especially voices from underserved communities. We must form coalitions to work as effectively as possible for equal access to healthcare, education, and justice through the most fundamental right in our democracy: voting. I am committed to passing a new Voting Rights Bill and replacing the Electoral College, which disenfranchises millions of voters, with the National Popular Vote

I was elected in 2019 to Assembly District Delegate. I am running again because I believe Democrats have a golden opportunity to embrace what we have in common and call people in–not call them out.

I was an elected delegate to the 2020 National Convention as well as the 2016 National Convention. I led the Marin Presidential Campaign offices for the past 2 elections and was a Team Leader for the Obama 2012 campaign. I am a Marin Democratic County Central Committee member.

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives.

Susan Bolle

Hi! I am Rina Lopez. I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our core Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it is time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let us make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

Twenty-eight years ago, my family emigrated to San Rafael from Lima, Peru. Soon after the life changing move I began my college experience at College of Marin; there I became politically awakened from the exposure to our involved Marin community. I cultivated a passion for activism, community engagement and empowerment.

Currently, I serve on the Racial Equity Commission of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineer (IFTPE) union, Local 21. I strongly believe we need to ensure all city departments are safe, equitable, and anti-racist workplaces. I am motivated to assure the City is investing in and retaining a diverse workforce that addresses barriers for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color employees.

I am passionate about leadership development and community investment targeting the disengaged and disadvantaged, as well as the inclusion of diverse perspectives to promote effective collaboration. As a dedicated Democrat, who strives to build an inclusive community that has Latino representation in all positions of power, I would be honored to have your vote for AD10 delegate.

Rina A. Lopez

Thank you for considering me as your delegate. I am a grassroots activist, school board Trustee, current Assembly Delegate, and I’m here to ask for your vote for me for Assembly Delegate for District 10 on the Progressive Slate.

I stand for accountability, justice, compassion, and equity. I believe that we need solutions that are centered on the voices of those most impacted by our policies – and, where we have privilege, we must use it as a superpower to break down systems of oppression.

I support the Green New Deal, I believe that healthcare is a human right, and I support the demands of the Movement For Black Lives. These are progressive values, but really they are human values; it’s very simple, we all rely on each other to reach our potential. And we must be stewards of the earth, conserving and protecting our resources and investing in green technology, infrastructure and jobs. Progressive values are not scary – what is scary is what happens when we stray from them.

I have proven myself to be a community leader, recently elected as Trustee to the Sausalito Marin City School District (the first school district ordered to desegregate in 50 years in California), am a member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin, serve on the board of the ACLU Marin, the MultiCultural Center of Marin, and the core group of SURJ Marin (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and I founded Indivisible Sausalito. Where I see injustice I act, and where I find common ground I build and work in coalition.

Our country is in a fight for its soul and the California Democratic Party must stand up to fascism and corporate influence and be unafraid to stand for small ‘d’ democratic values.

As your delegate I will be a passionate advocate of the progressive agenda because I know that the Party can do better, can be better, and can truly represent the people. But this will only happen if we fight for it.

I am honored to run with The Progressive Slate, bringing experienced leadership in the CDP together with new, younger activists to learn from one another and pursue progressive goals. I urge you to support our slate in its entirety, as we teamwork with other progressive slates statewide to make the CDP more democratic, inclusive, progressive, and effective.

For my video, go to:

Lisa Bennett

Hi! I am Daniel Alm. I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our core Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it is time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let us make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

I am enthusiastic about neighborhood community engagement and that motivates me to assure my West End – San Rafael neighbors are knowledgeable about issues that directly impact their residence and daily life, while also ensuring there is equitable representation of all voices within the micro-community. I represent my neighborhood by serving as its organized association board president and representing the 400 plus households on the steering committee of the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods.

I strive to bring an inclusively unified, representative voice of my community to persons of influence and civic leadership. As a long-committed Democrat, I would be honored have your vote, to be a unifying delegate of Assembly District 10.

Daniel Alm

My name is Omar Figueroa and I have more than two decades of legal experience as a freedom defense lawyer. I currently serve on the volunteer board of the ACLU of Sonoma County and I am active with the Law Enforcement Surveillance Technology team.

I am an experienced Constitutional and freedom defense lawyer, and I have advocated for civil liberties and constitutional rights both inside as well as outside out of the courtroom. I am honored to run as a member of the Progressive Slate of AD10.

Born in Mexico and a graduate of the California public schools, I am the first person in my family to go to college. With the assistance of financial aid, I worked my way through Yale College and Stanford Law School. After graduation, I worked with legendary trial lawyer Tony Serra on a pro bono legal defense team which successfully represented Bear Lincoln, who was facing the death penalty in Mendocino County. Afterward, I passed the Bar and worked with Tony Serra and the community of soul practitioners at Pier 5 Law Offices in San Francisco for more than a decade before moving my law practice to Sonoma County.

Over the years, I have successfully defended hundreds of peaceful human beings facing incarceration for cannabis offenses as well as dozens of activists facing criminal prosecution. In retrospect, this legal work saved us taxpayers millions of dollars that would have been wasted on locking up peaceful citizens.

A legal expert when it comes to cannabis, I have also authored several books documenting the legal evolution of cannabis law in California, and teach Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars to lawyers.

I am a student of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have slowly advanced to the rank of purple belt over the years. My goal is to “suck less tomorrow” by making small incremental improvements.

I am fluent in oral and written Spanish and live in Sebastopol with my wife and two children.

I am a member of the Progressive Slate of AD10, and my video statement can be found at

Omar Figueroa

As a young Democrat fighting for positive progressive change, I have been active for many years in the North Bay. My experience has included being an elected Assembly delegate to the California Democratic Party in 2011, and as an Obama delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I’ve served on the Board of California Young Democrats as our Regional Director and have formerly served as Vice President of Membership for Marin County Young Democrats and as alternate to our local county’s central committee. I have also worked to address the climate crisis and professionally direct communications for a regional consortium of community health centers in the North Bay.

I am a proud member of the Democrats United Slate, a coalition of Marin/Sonoma activist leaders, public servants, and community organizers who have extensive and diverse political experience. We all have one thing in common: we have worked to elect Democrats at every level and will continue to help Democrats win elections to take back our country. Let’s unite California Democrats to lead the way for the rest of the country.

I would be so honored and energized to be re-elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. Together we can accomplish so much!

Please take a peek at my video statement here:

And don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at or by phone or text at 415-450-0774

Max Perrey

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

I settled in San Rafael with my family in 2018 after having lived in communities around the Bay Area including San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Marin. I have a deep connection to the vibrancy of the Bay Area, but especially to the unique character of Marin. I draw from my experience living in these different communities across the region to better understand and appreciate what makes Marin inherently special. Since returning to Marin to raise my family, I was appointed to the San Rafael Fire Commission in October 2019 and to the San Rafael Planning Commission in October 2020.

My family has been here for four generations; my forebears worked their way up through the Chinatown community in San Francisco and eventually broke barriers by purchasing property “above Powell Street”, outside the boundaries sold to Chinese Americans at the time. This piece of family history has shaped my beliefs related to equity and affordable housing. Particularly, it informs my view that the character of Marin can be preserved while people of diverse backgrounds can live and thrive here. Ultimately, I am committed to addressing complex policy challenges with pragmatic and fair solutions.

I am a lifelong Democrat. In the 2008 California primary election, I volunteered as a precinct captain for the Obama campaign in Los Angeles. In final month of the general election, I temporarily relocated to Nevada to increase voter registration and to work on GOTV operations in North Las Vegas.

Professionally, I am a Public Sector industry leader for a large consulting firm, delivering strategy and technology services to state and local agencies. I hold a BS in Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley.

I am eager to serve as an Assembly Delegate to strengthen our California Democratic Party so we can elect Democrats up and down the ballot to take back our country.

Eli Hill

As a proud democrat, labor leader and Sonoma State professor, I would be honored to earn your vote to serve as an Assembly Delegate to the beautiful 10th district.

Sonoma County has been my home for 22 years. In this time, I have been a Sonoma State professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department and have served as an elected leader for my union, the California Faculty Association for more than 15 years. I currently sit on the statewide Political and Legislation Committee where I have the opportunity to connect local politics with statewide budget and policy decisions. I am driven by my passion for supporting young people and for advancing racial and social justice.

I am running to further my commitment to grass roots activism and the California Democratic Party. I look forward to working with all of you and respectfully ask for your vote.

Elaine Newman

I have been a registered Democrat since I was first eligible to vote, but I am a newcomer to the party and its inner workings.

Raised in Rohnert Park and a proud resident of Petaluma, I am a son of the North Coast, having lived in Marin, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. I have a long history of community organizing and advocacy: early in my career I was a staunch advocate of artists, creative professionals, and economic diversity in a region that is dangerously dependent on tourism.

These days, I have new priorities: civic engagement, electoral reform, racial and disability justice, and addressing the climate crisis.

The machinery of the Democratic Party is opaque to most people, and many are–understandably–cynical about party politics. I am running because I want to change that.

I want to pull back the curtain on the machinery of the party and get more people engaged in the process. There are many party veterans running in this race, and we do need experienced people representing us. But I argue that the party also needs fresh perspective, and people with a track record of community service, outreach, and a proven ability to engage the disengaged, disaffected, and disadvantaged–and that’s exactly what I bring to the table.

To give you a window into my politics: I am a social democrat. I believe in the power of government to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot. And I have an expansive view of human rights, including shelter, sustenance, education, and internet access.

Please vote for Joshua Simmons to represent you as an AD 10 Assembly Delegate. Thank you!

Joshua Simmons

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

As a community leader I have been passionately working for 7 years to end gun violence through common sense gun legislation. For the past 3 years I have been the Local Group Leader of Marin Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. I’ve called on state and national legislators to implement gun sensible laws that make our citizens safer.

As a lifelong Democrat I have been actively involved working to elect Democratic

candidates through my volunteer work phone banking and texting with Democracy Action Marin. I am currently working as a coach/ trainer to further increase the ability of others to advocate for the election of Democrats up and down the ballot.

Additionally, I am a representative of the gun sense movement on the Marin Leaders Network. I have also been involved with the immigration reform committee of the Mill Valley Community Action Network. I served on the executive board of San Francisco Suicide Prevention for 6 years and worked to help raise awareness of the high incidents of suicide when guns are present. I am currently involved with the formation of a task force led by the Marin District Attorney’s office. I will be serving along with a group of local community leaders to raise awareness and provide vital information to the community regarding safe storage of guns and Red Flag Laws to help prevent gun violence. I feel passionate and energized by working in my community to help better the lives of all residents.

I believe that the Democratic party can make a difference working for issues that are important to the lives of all citizens of all ages and backgrounds by providing positive climate legislation, immigration reform, racial equity and justice, accessible healthcare, economic equity, education equity, prevention of gun violence and fair elections.

I am very excited about the opportunity to be part of the Democrats United Slate and hope that you will reward me with the honor of your vote.

Helen Rosen

Hola hola! My name is Samantha Ramirez, I am a 31 year old lifelong Democrat and grassroots leader. I am an unapologetic activist, educator and involved community member. I stand for love, equity and integrity. I am running for Assembly District Delegate for AD 10. I ask for your support for The Progressive Slate.

I am the proud daughter of immigrants from Central America, I was first in my family to graduate college.I am a youth program coordinator and have about 13 years of working in the community with students and families. I care deeply about my community and pursue leadership roles to further empower my people.

Inspired by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) I recently ran for School Board in the same community I grew up in. I earned 43% of the vote, I built a powerful movement of students, educators and community leaders. I was endorsed by the Marin Democratic Party and Marin Young Dems. My platform was high quality education for all students, an emphasis on supporting our low-income immigrant community whose students make up over 50% of our school district.

My life experience as a woman of color is an important voice to be included in the Democratic party especially in AD 10. Representation matters. It’s imperative that we have diversity in our delegates. I can serve as a bridge between cultures, languages, generations and experiences. I want to engage the Latinx community and young people to connect more with the CA democratic party.

I am running because I cannot sit aside and let our democracy fall apart any further. We need to organize and come together for our future! We need people that represent the PEOPLE! I am a working person. I believe in Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, equal rights for women and the LGBTQ community. I believe in all the “Lefty” ideas that in reality are not radical but are a human right. I believe that Black lives matter! Racism and inequalities are killing us physically and emotionally as well as killing our planet. Our time to act it NOW! We need real systemic change now! We need policies that protect people not profits!

I ask for your vote for The Progressive Slate in its entirety.

You can find my video at

Thank you!

Samantha Ramirez

My name is Mark Malouf. I’m a 24 year-old union organizer with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, two-time Bernie delegate to the DNC, progressive activist and DSA member. I am running with the Progressive slate, which you can find on Facebook at “Progressive Delegates for AD 10”. I humbly ask you to support me, along with the Progressive slate in its entirety.

In 2016 I helped organize and led the first Students for Bernie chapter in the North Bay at SRJC, through which we registered over 1500 new voters for the 2016 primary. I then became a delegate for Bernie Sanders to the Democratic National Convention in Philly. (I was re-elected to represent Bernie to the 2020 DNC this past summer).

Now I work as a labor organizer for the Teamsters Union on the campaign to organize amazon workers. Despite my busy schedule, I was able to dedicate countless hours in the 2020 primary to phone banking and knocking doors for Bernie locally in Sonoma County, and then organize with my union and labor council against the anti-worker Prop 22 during the 2020 general election. It’s passage is all the more reason why we need pro-labor progressives in the state party to be a check on the influence of Silicon Valley tech companies over party policy.

Now I am humbly asking for you to elect me as your Assembly district delegate, along with my fellow candidates in the Progressive slate.

I am running because we need a new generation of progressive leaders, rooted in the labor movement, to be active in our state party in order to continue the political revolution that Bernie started. I am outspoken in my progressive convictions: I support the democratization of our state Democratic Party. I support Medicare for All Single-Payer, a Green New Deal, the Workplace Democracy plan and the PRO act. NOTHING LESS! Having been to nearly every state party convention since 2017, and feel I have the experience & understanding of how conventions work and what to do to help progressives achieve meaningful change within the state party structure. You can find on Facebook at “Progressive Delegates for AD 10”. The Progressive Slate and I would be honored to have your vote! ✊

Video statement

Mark Malouf

The AD 10 community and the Democratic Party continue to be an inspiring force for me and the work that I intend to do. Because of my community and the incredible efforts the people have put forward, I have decided to run for as an ADEM Delegate once more with the Progressive Slate.

My progressive values are what drive me to promote actions that prioritize racial and economic justice. This is especially important for me as a Filipino-American and providing space for not only more Asian American and Pacific Islander representation, but for all BIPOC as well. Equity in education is another area that I place high priority in given my background as a special education teacher. We have already known that these inequities to accessible education for all students are present, but it is now amidst a global pandemic that they have highlighted. We must protect the integrity of our public education system and empower our teachers for what they are championing.

These are only some of the beliefs that I want to continue to bring forward to the Democratic Party. There is much more work that needs to be done!

Thank you for your consideration in choosing me as a representative of AD 10 for the upcoming CADEM state conventions.

Elizabeth Escalante

I am running as AD10 delegate to the state party as part of the Progressive Slate. I believe we must return to the core values of the New Deal Democratic Party, updated to today’s circumstances. We must support and lift up working people, the unemployed, and the unemployable, alike. We must actively protect and support human rights for all people, but especially the most vulnerable. We must constrain the power of the rich and the privileged and ensure that all benefit generously from the fruits of our economy. We must redress the terrible and ongoing effects of racial oppression that is a stain on our country. We must reimagine and recreate policing so that it serves the needs of all people and keeps us ALL safe. We must treat housing and health care as human rights. And we MUST prepare to be locally self-sustaining for the coming time when environmental, food, and economic systems may break down under the strains of severe climate changes. The challenges before us are great, but we can confront them by working together. And only the Democratic Party has the potential to support this needed work.

Our party struggles internally to confront honestly the challenges before us, rather than continuing as if they will solve themselves. My goal is to help us all honestly confront what needs to be done, and to work toward the common good. I believe most people are hungry for honest and responsive leaders who care about their needs. When we feed this hunger, people respond by working with and supporting Democrats. But the rich and the powerful have ready access to media and resources to enact their priorities, while the people do not. The Democratic Party must work every day to organize and empower ordinary people to participate in the democratic process, from top to bottom. By doing so, the voices of the people will never be drowned out by the privileged voices of the few, even when amplified artificially by their money.

My core priorities will be racial justice & equity; increased accountability and transparency for police and correctional agencies; and radical efforts to fight climate change and prepare for local sustainability and self-reliance. My work shows I’m effective in achieving goals, from founding and running civilian oversight of our Sheriff, to authoring and helping pass Measure P in a landslide last November.

I respectfully request your vote.

Jerry Threet

I joined the Democrat’s United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives! I am eager to serve as an Assembly Delegate to strengthen our California Democratic Party.

My name is Brian Colbert and I’m a lifelong Democrat. I currently serve as Mayor in the town of San Anselmo where I won my recent reelection on a platform of fostering economic vitality, improving pedestrian and bike experience and safety, and encouraging/facilitating disaster preparedness with a focus on fire prevention.

Since 2017, I’ve served on the San Anselmo Town Council as the first-ever Black council member and mayor in the history of Marin County. I’ve also been extremely active at the County level, serving as a Commissioner for the Transportation Authority of Marin, a Director of Marin Transit, and most recently as a member of a Covid-19 county task force that is addressing the pandemic related public health and economic issues across the county.

As an entrepreneur, I have a passion for addressing economic vitality, particularly in our smaller communities that each have a unique sense of place. The future of economic sustainability and growth is community-driven policies that leverage and reinforce: 1) every community’s enduring and distinctive qualities 2) local civic institutions and other stakeholders, and 3) an inviting personal and family quality of life. These pillars combined with an emphasis on sustainability create an inviting business climate to attract, retain, and empower entrepreneurs.

You are welcome to view a video about my candidacy here:

I ask for your vote to represent Assembly District 10 as a delegate to the state party.

Brian Colbert

Hello Democrats! My name is Caroline Bañuelos. Currently I am a Delegate in AD 10 and running for re-election. I have been active at the State level for many years; serving in many capacities including Northern California Vice-Chair of the Chicano/Latino Caucus as well as the Northern Calif. Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. I have also served on the Executive Board (E-Board) in the past as a member of the Sonoma County Democratic Party. As of late, my primary focus has been serving as President of the Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club with the mission of bringing more Latinx folks into the political process. We successfully helped elect Latinx and other BIPOC folks in this past election in Sonoma County. I myself was recently elected to the Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees. With these elections in mind, I believe it is more important than ever to have a voice at the State Party where our platform can really have an impact at the local level. I am also a proud Union member (CSUEU – SEIU Local 2579). So, besides being passionate about issues that affect Latinx people and social justice for all BIPOC; I am also a Labor activist. Police reform, a commitment to affordable housing, equity in education and of course addressing climate change are also issues I’m passionate about. As a Progressive candidate, I am part of an exciting Progressive slate that includes new young folks, as well as experienced folks coming back for another term. It has been my honor to serve with many of them as an AD 10 delegate these past two years. As we move into 2021 with a new administration, I am more hopeful than ever that we, as a Party are poised to bring about change and address issues in compassionate and effective ways because that is what the Democratic Party is all about. Respectfully, I ask for your vote.

Caroline Bañuelos

I have withdrawn my name from this race, but too late to have it removed from the ballot. Please do not vote for me, but do vote for all members of The Progressive Slate of AD10 ( Thank you.

Jim Wheaton

As we navigate a minefield of dangers to our democracy, climate, collective health and survival, we must proceed with eyes and ears open, and learn all we can. Crisis times lay bare what is not working: huge holes in our social and environmental safety net, and myths that employer-based healthcare, or corporations, will protect us.

California can lead by embracing Single Payer Healthcare, Green New Deal, anti-corruption reforms, workers’ rights and criminal justice reforms, for starters. We must do better in caring for each other, our planet, and the health of our institutions so that future generations have a fair chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We must do away with policies that perpetuate corruption, inequality and neglect, and replace them with policies that protect and uplift the most marginalized among us. As a Party we must model fair play, walk our talk, and listen to diverse voices. Delegates must be able to fairly elect the most democratic, ethical and effective Party leadership possible, without big money, lobbyists or back room deals tipping the scales. If not now, when?

I’m a voting rights activist, an FDR-Sanders-Warren Democrat through social work, arts, education, and mother love. I belong to Progressive, Environmental, Women’s and Senior Caucuses. I’m a national and local leader for Reclaim Our Vote, engaging underrepresented voters of color in key Southern states. Our Sonoma County home has been an activist hub since 2002, for MoveOn, Swing Left, Dems (Bernie, Barack, and beyond!) and for Reclaim Our Vote, Black Voters Matter, NC NAACP and Mi Familia Vota.

I’m honored to run again with The Progressive Slate of AD10, where diverse activists and seasoned delegate leaders share wisdom. I urge you to vote for our slate in its entirety: we work with other progressive slates to make the CDP more democratic, inclusive, and effective. Our platform and accomplishments may be viewed at the progressive site. My awkward video is here : )

If re-elected, I’ll vote responsibly, share what I learn, build coalitions, and urge engagement for democracy. May we take heart from our victories, learn from our losses, and work with love and determination to make our Party, state and country more just and humane for all.

Be well,

Carey Caccavo Wheaton

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives.

I have served as an executive board member and co-chair of the Dane County Democratic party in Wisconsin, a now infamous county targeted by Trump for a recount in an effort to overturn the vote in 2020. I have worked in that role and others to elect democratic candidates, as well as running as a candidate for county supervisor myself. Upon moving to California in 2007, I became active in my union at the Santa Rosa Junior College where I work. I am now an elected Vice President of the North Coast Region for SEIU local 1021, representing workers from Marin County to the Oregon border. Workers having a voice in politics and electing candidates that share our values is an important part of my work.

I support unions for all because it reflect my values of fairness and equity. Union representation is a proven vehicle to lift workers and their families out of poverty and provide protection from unsafe working conditions. I am part of a socially conscious union assertively advocating for climate action, racial equity and policing/prison reform, as well as fighting against all forms of oppression, particularly disenfranchising voters from the democratic voting process, whether through gerrymandering, voter intimidation, misinformation or free-flowing unrestrained campaign funding.

In addition to my union work, over my career, I have worked in health care benefits administration and now higher education at a Community College. I support healthcare reform to fix our broken system and provide coverage to all Americans. I support funding higher education and eliminating barriers so that all American children receive equitable environments and resources to learn in and to succeed to the best of their ability, and if they choose, have access and opportunity to affordable higher education.

I look forward to representing AD10 as a delegate to the state party where I will work to promote party unity and forward progressive values.

Mary Sandberg

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it’s time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let’s make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

I am a lifelong Democrat and I have worked for many years to advance and support the Democratic Party values. I have served as the President of the California Young Democrats, Chair of the Sonoma County Young Democrats, a delegate to the DNC in 2012, and a past member of the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee. In addition to my work with the Democratic Party, I have served the residents of the City of Petaluma for the past 10 years as a City Council member. I was the first Chicano to serve on the Petaluma City Council and the first openly gay councilmember. Professionally I am an Emergency Services Coordinator for the State of California. I have been working to respond to fires, earthquakes, PSPS events and the COVID-19 pandemic. I have seen firsthand how these tragic events have impacted our neighbors, friends, and family members and I can appreciate the great efforts that are needed to recover.

As we embark upon the recovery from this horrific pandemic it is important that we ensure everyone has the resources needed to properly recover. Working together we can ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, and is protected from evictions. We must also work to ensure that the tragic decisions of the current administration are unraveled.

It is my hope that I earn your vote in the AD10 ADEM election and can continue to work United with my colleagues to elect Democrats and lead the Democratic party moving forward.

Gabe Kearney

The political drift in this country has become so severe that even the simplest centrist modern political ideas – healthcare as a human right, climate change as an existential threat, dismantling systemic racism as a moral imperative, horrific income inequality as incompatible with democracy, detention camps as crimes against everyone’s humanity, and corporations and money as definitely NOT either “people” or “speech” – now get you labeled as a fire breathing socialist. So be it.

My name is Connie Barker and I’m a Marin County Homecare provider for low income Disabled and/or elderly clients – including my wife Jan. I’m also a Disability activist of over 30 years who’s lived with Chronic Illness/Disability – and the lack of opportunity and low income levels that go with it – for over 40 years. And I’m tired of it.

I was a Republican a long time ago, but left that world when Ronald Reagan was nominated in 1980. Re-registered Democratic in 1984 to vote for Jesse Jackson in the primary, because he was the only candidate willing to really say the word “AIDS.” Stayed a Democrat because at that same convention, Rev. Jackson also said, “I’d rather have FDR in a chair, than Reagan on a horse: we must leave no one behind.”

Yet here it is 30+ years later and still, the fight against ableism and for Disability and Aging issues – like the need to support Independent Living and Long Term Care; ending the so-called “marriage penalty” that makes people choose between their healthcare and homecare services; and their (in my case hard won!) right to marry the partner of their choice – still seem like afterthoughts to far too many. I’m working at every level I know to change that – from my county health commission, to SEIU (which represents the IHSS Homecare workers in Marin) to my local Labor Council, to the CADEM Disabilities Caucus (where I’ve been an officer the past 4 years.)

Disability Justice and its basic principles of centering the needs and the voices of those most impacted and most vulnerable are core to me. We must never lose sight of equity impacts as we work for racial, climate, income, worker and immigration justice. I hope you agree, and I urge you to support our entire Progressive Slate – because I know they do.

You can see me here:

Connie Barker

I am an urban planner by training with a background in sociology. I have been a political activist for labor rights and race equity. I have personally worked in the public-school setting in Assembly District-10 supporting at-risk youth as a social-emotional mentor and as bilingual translator. Working closely with these families and school employees has given me the perspective necessary to advocate for their needs. I bring a unique perspective to the California Democratic Party Assembly of Delegates which motivates me to advocate for policy that advances safety and public health in our communities. I am proud to come from an immigrant working-class family and proud to be the first in my family to pursue a Master’s degree. I will prioritize equity and affirm climate science. I will work to connect the underprivileged to resources, to empower more families, and to build much needed coalitions with grassroots organizations. I humbly ask for the support of AD-10 voters so that I may work closely on policy that will promote infrastructure repair, fund multi-modal transportation ridership, and reduce crime and homelessness through mental health outreach. I plan to be a partner to communities across AD-10 and empower them to organize to reduce our carbon footprint and work toward solutions for the most difficult issues to manage in the urban environment such as poverty and racial inequities. We must move toward energy efficiency and renewable resources. We must acknowledge auto-centric culture and the need for active and multi-modal transportation. We must reduce waste and provide surplus to the underprivileged in our communities. We must create restorative justice practices and empower community coalitions for success in every neighborhood to fulfill needs and utilize all of the resources available.

Kevin Tellez

My name is Daniel Levy. I’m a 30 year old student pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am running with the Progressive slate, which you can find on Facebook at “Progressive Delegates for AD 10”. I am asking you to support me and the rest of the Progressive slate in its entirety.

I am running for this position because I believe that the leadership of the Democratic party needs to change. The last 30 years have seen a party that has shifted further and further to the right in the interest of compromising with increasingly extreme right wing positions. Though we as a society have made some headway on social issues neither party has done enough to address the systemic issues plaguing working class people in this state and country, especially BIPOC who are disproportionately affected by these harmful policies.

I am speaking specifically of a few specific issues. The neoliberal focus on corporate deregulation, crippling the labor movement and making it easier and easier for working class people to be exploited by big tech, who have now shown with the passage of Prop 22 that they can literally buy a law. The racist law and order policies utilized by the Democrats from the 90s onwards, leading to our current state of mass incarceration where we have the highest percentage of our population incarcerated out of any major country in the world and militarization of the police. The prioritization of generation of wealth over making radical change to address climate change, the effects of which has already caused so much suffering for Californians and especially those who were already living in poverty. To be clear, there are many more issues than this that need to be addressed, but these are some of the first I’d like to address.

I am running and asking you to support me as your Assembly district delegate because we need a new generation of progressive leadership. We need voices in our party that are in touch with the issues young people are facing, like the rise of automation driven unemployment.

I support:

Single-Payer Medicare for All

Universal Free Higher Education

Prioritizing funding social services to address the underlying causes of crime

Ending Mass Incarceration

And more, which you can find on Facebook at “Progressive Delegates for AD 10”. The Progressive Slate and I would be honored to have your vote!

Daniel F Levy

As a lifelong progressive who has voted for Democratic candidates in every election since I was able to I believe California can and should be a leader and a model for other States in both fields, and I would like to help our State Democratic Party move in that direction. I believe strongly in Social Justice and Environmental Conservation and I believe Human-Caused Climate Change is the greatest danger to life on this planet and wealth inequality and the disproportionate influence of money in politics is the greatest danger to our democracy and our economy.

Living in AD10 for over 25 years now, and having run for a local special district board seat and raising my children here, I have a deep attachment to this District. As a tree farmer like my father, I grew up appreciating nature and its ability to heal the damage people inflict on the world, and as an organic wine-grower in Mendocino, I know the challenges of stewardship of the land. My time as a Fellow at “Redefining Progress” and my 12-year service on the board and as Treasurer of the Pacific Forest Trust also deepened my environmental understanding and commitment.

I have long been concerned about the effects of money in politics and both contributed to and canvassed neighborhoods throughout AD10 for Sen. Sanders’ run to be the Democratic nominee for president and campaigned myself to be one of his delegates to the National Convention.

It would be an honor to continue to advance the progressive agenda, along with my friends on the Progressive Slate, at the State Democratic Party.

If you would like more information about me and the rest of our Slate, please check us out at:

Thank you for your consideration.

Perry Lloyd

I am running for DSCC Delegate and Executive Board.

As a current member and past Board-Member of the CDP Progressive Caucus, I have joined The Progressive Slate and the Statewide Progressive Slate Network because I believe the California Democratic Party and our state government should help and protect all people and, in so doing, shine as a beacon for the nation.

As a long-term resident of Marin County and Member of the Kentfield School District Citizen’s Oversight Committee, I am committed to improving our educational facilities and increasing support for our teachers, healthcare and service professionals who form the backbone of our community.

Our slate of candidates are dedicated citizen advocates who view politics as a grassroots, bottom-up process that should work for enduring positive change. I believe we should work hard to rectify immense economic, social, racial and environmental injustices facing our country and our planet.

If elected as a Delegate and given the opportunity to serve another term on the Executive Board as the AD10 Representative, I would continue my efforts to help foster a framework of acceptance for single-payer, universal healthcare,dismantling systemic racism, supporting immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship while reuniting families, and preserving, protecting and expanding Social Security and elder rights.

By voting for me and all the other members of The Progressive Slate, you will help us push these values into reality. I invite you to view my video at:

Ralph I. Miller

I joined the Democrats United Slate to rally our party around our shared Democratic values. After four years of hate and division, it is time to celebrate the diversity of the Democratic Party and make bold progress for the benefit of all. Let us make California a shining example of how a strong and united Democratic Party improves lives!

I am currently a law student who aspires to be an immigration attorney. I also work in a local immigration law firm. My passion for those whose voice has been silenced by immigration oppression and because we live in a society where the word immigration is prejudged, due to the lack of knowledge in this arena, is why I am running to be a delegate.

I have lived in Marin County my entire life. I am fervent about my community and therefore have taken roles to serve it the best way possible. I am currently the President of Marin County Young Democrats, a board member for New Beginnings Law Center, a member of the San Rafael Evening Rotary club, as well as a volunteer to teach working adults English as a second language through the Canal Alliance.

In order to make positive changes in California, it starts with your vote!

Yes! your vote!

With your vote, I pledge to work vehemently, not just in the matters that I am passionate about but also on the issues of my fellow colleagues on my slate.

Erika Rosales-Shelfo