Assembly District 11




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

11 Susana Williams * SIF
11 Kimberly Olson * SIF
11 Yvonne Lang Bigham No SIF
11 James F Corcoran No OSIF
11 Wanda Williams No SIF
11 Tamela Hawley No SIF
11 Justine Fout No SIF
11 Odessa Lefrancois No SIF
11 Kam Holzendorf No OSIF
11 Monica E Wilson No SIF
11 Jason Lindsey No OSIF
11 Miesha H Gash No SIF
11 K Patrice Williams No SIF
11 Hannah Hunley No SIF
11 Daniel Pozzesi No OSIF
11 David C Isom No OSIF
11 Joe Summers No OSIF
11 Lori D Wilson No SIF
11 Jonathan Nathanael Cook No OSIF
11 Don Lowrie * OSIF
11 Manveer Sandhu No OSIF
11 Juan Carlos Mora No OSIF
11 Tyler Wilson No OSIF
11 Akbar Marvin Bibb No OSIF
11 Justin Brown No OSIF
11 Cecilia Lopez Panduro No SIF

Candidate Statements

Hello and thank you for supporting the previously little known ADEM process! This is where grassroots activists and real people have the opportunity to be a voice for their community.

I’ve been an ADEM since 2017 and I am currently AD 11’s E-Board Representative. During my tenure, I’ve helped further our progressive ideas, actions and activities within the Party. I’m very active in my local community and I am the Chair of the Antioch Sales Tax Oversight Committee, District Director with the Democratic Party of Contra Costa, Board member of Delta Dems, Board Member of the CDP Veterans Caucus and I’m the Chair of Our Revolution Contra Costa.

On a National level, I was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders 2016, a Super Volunteer for Bernie Sanders 2020 and was also a Convention Delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2020.

On a local level, I have been and will continue to be very involved in helping progressive candidates get both endorsed and elected in Contra Costa County. In 2020, the majority of our endorsed candidates won their races, and it was inspiring to see so many women, POC and first time candidates run and win!

I support single payer healthcare, Black Lives Matter, racial justice, Unions, saving our environment, free college, a real living wage, fair housing practices and we must get large corporate money out of politics. Above all else, I believe in transparency, fairness, diversity and inclusivity!

I’m running with a Union supported slate of diverse and progressive candidates who will represent our District and its progressive values. I’m running for Delegate and E-Board again because I feel I still have a lot to contribute and there is a great deal of work to be done! On a personal note, I’m a digital marketing/sales consultant, Mom to an amazing daughter and the wife of a US Navy Veteran and we live in Antioch.

I would greatly appreciate your vote for AD 11 Delegate and E-Board! Thank you for voting.

Susana Williams

I am a lifelong Democrat. I have voted Democratic in every election since I was 18, but only became politically active in 2016 when I phone banked for Hillary Clinton and worked with others to GOTV. My motivation then was to help get the most qualified person in history into our White House, but since then I have realized our democracy is fragile in dangerous hands. I came to recognize it is my duty and honor to do all I can to preserve and protect our democracy, whether that means knocking on doors, writing postcards, calling folks on the phone, donating even small amounts of money, or volunteering time to work as a State Delegate.

I was adopted at age 2 and raised by a mother who was a daycare worker and a father who operated heavy equipment for a construction company–despite being unable to read and having quit school in eighth grade. My own early education was in public schools. I was the first in my family to attend college, and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Special Education, a teaching credential, and am writing my dissertation to complete my Ph.D. in K-12 General Education.

In my eight years so far as a California public school Special Education teacher, I have taught transitional kindergarten (TK) through post-secondary Transition students in Title 1 schools. This has afforded me an understanding of how language, poverty, and literacy affect current and future student success, and how the school-to-prison pipeline is a real thing. I understand many of the challenges of people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities both in the education system as well as when they try to make their way in the workforce, in housing, and as contributing citizens in their communities. I have lived with the fear that a lack of common-sense gun control may allow a shooter to walk into my classroom one day. I have seen that education and empowerment can change an individual, their family, and their community for the better.

Across the Democratic platform, our goal is to offer a hand up when needed and facilitate the opportunity and possibility for anyone to be able to enjoy life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It would be an honor to serve you in the California State Democratic Party as a State Delegate striving toward that shared goal. You can put me to work with your vote.

Kimberly Olson

As a lifelong Democrat and a teacher of many years, I fully understand the importance of making sure our party stays strong. I have hosted events at my home for the elections of Democratic presidential candidates for the last several cycles.

It is more important than ever that we present ourselves as a UNITED front, working together to secure the hard-won victories for women, LGBTQ+, and people of color. There can be no question that the present administration and unfortunately, the Republican party as a whole, have interests in maintaining the status quo of white privilege and we’ve seen their efforts at marginalizing people who are not primarily white and male.

More than anything right now, the United States needs our voice to rise in the fight to regain a living wage for the working class. Our economic and political structure is failing a huge swath of working people and I have seen this happen during my lifetime. Employees; the rank and file, are the ones who do the labor and bring companies to profitability. They should be looked upon as assets and rewarded as such; rather they are seen as expenses whose costs should be cut.

Our health care system should include every person; a single-payer system with exceptions for those who wish to carry on what they have in place would be a solution. Clearly there are people within Capitol Hill who are benefitting from denying health care access to all. This practice must stop. Everyone benefits from a healthy society and everyone benefits from an educated society – public universities should be far better funded so that higher education is reachable for all of our citizens.

There are so many issues to discuss and to confront. I am up for the challenge!

Yvonne Bigham

Hello fellow Democrats,

I’d like to say I am a lifelong Democrat but that would not be accurate as my family immigrated here when I was 5. However, I have long felt a connection and home with the Democratic party. In fact I was an early and very enthusiastic supporter of our President Elect Joe Biden.

I am a public school teacher, CTA active member, and a former vice president of my local. I care deeply about the impact local, state and national politics have on education. I sadly believe California has been failing our teachers, students, and parents. To me the source of the problem is obvious, Prop 13. Despite its good intentions Prop 13 has facilitated California’s decline in per pupil funding and reduced our commitment to the UC/CSU system. California needs to radically revisit the our tax policies to provide younger Californian’s quality schools, affordable higher education, and housing. There is the real hidden damage on Prop 13, young home buyers with lower incomes have a low housing supply with inflated prices. Despite younger home owners having lower wealth and income, they end paying significantly more in taxes relative to their neighbors. As a public school teacher I see many of my colleagues forced out of the area or the profession because they can’t afford to live within an hour of where they work. These are people almost 10 years into their career needing roommates to survive in the Bay Area. This is why many people in the 30s are leaving for Nevada, Texas, and Arizona.

The other concern I have as someone who isn’t on the far left of our party, and lives in an exburban area that is slightly more competitive for Democrats, I worry that our party is being potentially dominated by a very narrow view of California. I support many progressive causes , however unless I am not 100% on board with a platform there is immediate suspect that I am somehow unloyal. Democrats needs to be a party that appeals broadly across our state, while in California we are a very strong force we can not be idle. It was not that long ago that California was solidly a Republican state. It is vital we build a strong coalition so in 2022 we expand our house seats in Congress. In 2020 we may have made some great wins in California, but we failed to pass vital propositions on bail reform and tax reform. Also, Lyft and Uber bought their own laws at the ballot box.nt. I am up for the challenge!

James Corcoran

My name is Wanda Williams. I am a progressive democratic woman and I come from a family of lifelong Democrats. I am a graduating senior from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science-Public Service. I am passionate about social justice and advancing our democratic values. For the last 10 years, I have assisted many campaigns to register voters. In 2020, I led a census and voter registration day in partnership with the NAACP in Suisun City. I was appointed as an Alternate for the Solano County Central Committee in 2020 and served on the endorsement committee to select candidates that supported Democrat values and platform. Additionally, I am a member of the Northern Democratic Club of Solano County and I serve on different organizations throughout Solano County. My strong record of community service, leadership and commitment to the democratic party’s values make me an ideal candidate for the position of delegate. I humbly ask for your vote to represent you as Assembly Delegate in District!

Wanda Williams

I am applying for Assembly District Delegate because I want to have a role in shaping the California Democratic Party as a diverse organization that has its finger on the pulse of relevant and important issues facing all of California. I am particularly interested in representing my area, Assembly District 11, as we continue to address equity and inclusion issues within or party. This includes continuing to bring in new and diverse candidates to fill important positions across our state as well as mentor and train the volunteers that are crucial to advancing a progressive platform. As an educator of almost 30 years, I have experience with confronting issues of racial and socio-economic injustice, and I hope to bring that experience to my role as a delegate. I hold a Ph.D. in Higher Education and Social Change from UCLA, where I learned to take an active approach to changing the narrative that holds people and communities back from attaining the lives that they deserve. Throughout my professional life, I have been involved in strategic planning and organizational improvement at the institutional, regional, and national levels and I have made sure to continuously grow as a professional as well as personally, becoming more of a servant leader as the years go by.

I am a proud member of the Democratic Party and have been for my entire life. Recent incidents of racial intolerance across the nation and even within my own neighborhood have created a passion within me to take a stronger stand for change as a leader within my community. As a newly elected official on my local school board, I am ready to take on a greater role in shaping the future of our party. The time is ripe for California to lead the cause of great social change for our nation. That starts with strong local leadership which is committed to advancing transformation in the areas of criminal justice reform, racial and cultural equity, increased availability to health care including mental health, responsible approaches to education, and eliminating unemployment, food, and housing insecurity that threatens to destroy our communities. As an Assembly District Delegate, I believe I have what it takes to contribute to the change that is so needed throughout our state. I would welcome the opportunity to lend my passion and expertise to this important role.

Tamela Hawley

I am running for ADEM because I believe we need labor unions to build a strong middle class. I am a proud union member with SEIU-UH for over 11 years, and I work as a Political Organizer throughout the State of California. I run the COPE or political fund raising for the Union. I have lived in Fairfield – Assembly District 11 – for many years as has my family going back two generations. Most recently, I have worked on supporting Prop. 15 and supported the Biden/Harris campaign. I believe we need to have healthcare access available to everyone, and we must expand Obamacare. I think we need to focus on green energy to grow our economy and fight against climate change. This ADEM election will take place by mail this year due to the Covid virus. Please vote to elect me, Justine Fout as your Assembly Delegate to the California Democratic Party. You must register to be a voter and get your ballot by mail. This is the link to get your ballot mailed to you:

Registration – Assembly Democrats Registration

Assembly Democrats Voter Registration Form To register to vote in an Assembly Dems election, you must qualify as a registered Democrat. Please enter your name, address, and birthdate, exactly how you registered to vote, so we can verify your voter status.

Justine A. Fout

My name is Monica Wilson, and I am running to become a delegate for Assembly District 11. As the daughter of Henry and Ruby who grew up in the Carolinas during segregation. Inequality is not new to me. I am one generation removed from segregation. As a matter of fact, it has been happening since before I was born. My parents experienced it and we still are today. How do we create change, and how do we get to a better place? How do we amplify the voices of the state’s increasingly diverse electorate? How we stand of for feminist principles and foster leadership from women and their families? This is a difficult journey I am willing to take. It will start by having those difficult conversations and making sure all voices are included in the party platform.

The Democratic Party has made great strides over the years. We have seen setbacks but have been able to bounce back and make the party stronger. In order to make sure are party stays strong we need to grow our delegation to include all voices. Those voices need to be supported and empowered to speak up. Since I was first elected as a delegate, I have worked hard to become active in the party. I have stepped when asked and have been the voice of those who did not have one. I have been an active member of the Women’s Caucus and I am the current Northern CA Vice Chair. I am also active in my Region and am the Vice Mayor of the City of Antioch.

As a delegate I will continue to advocate for those that do not have a voice. Those who have experienced trauma or have suffered from mental illness. I will continue to invest in our youth and make sure they have a voice and that they are heard. This process starts with engaging young people in the civic process, listening to what they need and making sure their ideas are heard and implemented.

Please vote for Monica E Wilson delegate Assembly District 11!

Monica Wilson

My name is Jason Lindsey. I am running for ADEM delegate for Assembly District 11. I was born and raised in Martinez California and moved to Antioch in District 11 ten years ago. As a lifelong registered Democrat, I fully intend to represent the district within the California Democratic Party. I have been a member of Iron Workers Local 378 for 27 years. I completed my apprenticeship in 1998, working in the field for 18 years. I taught at our apprenticeship for 6 years and earned my California CTE Teaching Credential. Most recently I was elected to Business Agent in 2018 where I have since served my Local. I earned my A.A. in 2018 and am currently enrolled at Empire State College working toward a bachelor’s degree in Labor and Management Relations. As a labor and union activist, I have fought for working class people across the region in Contra Costa, Alameda, Solano, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties. As a delegate, I will fully support the Democratic Party’s commitment in all forms, including an economy that works for all, environmental protection, and the advancement of human rights everywhere. In the workforce, our community and everywhere else, I am committed to supporting the Party’s historical commitment to underserved communities and policies that protect the working and middle classes. A more equitable economy, racial justice, LGBTQIA rights, environmental sustainability, and protection of our democratic institutions are all necessary parts of an agenda for all Californians. It would be my honor to serve the people of AD11 as we fight for a party that is inclusive and uplifts people from all walks of life.

Jason Lindsey

As the daughter of a 30-year United States Air Force Veteran, I’ve grown up knowing that Freedom Is Not Free. I’ve grown up with the reality of Duty, Honor, Service and Sacrifice. I want to be an Elector, representing our Assembly Area (11), in order to voice your concerns, desires and yes, even your irritations, with the direction of the California Democratic Party (CADEM).

I’m a 20+ year high school educator. The majority of my students are identified as socio-economically disadvantaged, academically deficient and incorrigible. In spite of these labels, it continues to be my purpose and passion to educate the generations in preparing for a world that doesn’t “see” them. Standing before my students, and currently via Distance Learning, they witness someone who walked the same streets that they walk. My students see their possible future possibilities of gainful employment and financial sustainability. #OurYouthVoicesMatter #AdvocatingForTheirFutures

My students see the importance of voting because every election, their teacher, votes in the morning before school starts, and proudly wears my “I Voted”. I encourage and educate my students about local, state and national politics.

My students see my greatest motivation, daily, in our classroom. The photo of my Mom in uniform. I share with my students that she sacrificed many years away from me, internationally and on the other coast of this nation, to provide for me financially.

We, the CADEM, need more of our youth from every economic and social demographic of our state to participate in the political process. They are our present and our future.

I desire to bring forth the voices of our active duty and retired military servicewomen and servicemen.

I desire to bring forth the voices of women, and I include myself, who have been harassed by colleagues and supervisors.

I desire to bring forth the voices of small business owners. I desire to bring forth the voices of our agricultural community.

I desire to bring forth the voices of concern surrounding the plethora of aspects of Covid-19.

I desire to bring forth the voices of parents, students, families, and communities’ surrounding K-12 education and learning loss.

We, the CADEM, have demonstrated that we are the last line of defense for Democracy.

I, Miesha Harris Gash, desire to be an active participant in the WE of the CADEM.

Miesha Harris Gash


The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted our lives in so many ways. K. Patrice Williams knows that our neighbors all want the same things – a vibrant, local economy where small businesses thrive. Safe neighborhoods for our families. Homes that are affordable. Living wage jobs. Schools that focus on results.

That’s what K. Patrice Williams will deliver as your ADEM 11 Delegate. She has an unmatched record of getting things done.

K. Patrice is a trailblazer in the tech-economy and knows our future depends on our ability to build a 21st Century local job market with good-paying jobs.

K. Patrice is a mother and an entrepreneur. She is a passionate connector and has a long track record of working hard for our communities. She’s been a leader in local Census, Emergency Preparedness, and Voter Registration work. K Patrice Williams’ passion for women and the reentry population has lead to her opening a Transitional Home, Hazels Tranquility Place. Patrice connects people to housing, jobs, and opportunities.

K. Patrice cares about the same things we care about here at home. She launched Empower Solano during the Pandemic because she wants a vibrant, local economy where small businesses thrive. Safe neighborhood for our families. Homes that are affordable. Local schools that focus on results through distance learning techniques that engage.

Please vote to RE-ELECT K. Patrice Williams.

If K. Patrice has earned your vote, please do the following:

1. Request your voter ballot by January 11th —

2. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same

3. Vote for K. Patrice Williams

K Patrice Williams, J.D.

I’m a Young Dem running to be a voice for the Party’s grassroots and the movements fighting for economic, social and environmental justice. Together we can be the change we need. I serve on the board of the CYD Environmental Caucus and several other clubs and YD organizations. I work every day to elect Democrats and uphold the Democratic Platform.

Hannah Hunley

30 year union member/leader/advocate.


Daniel Pozzesi

The California Democratic Party needs delegates with a record of community service and with a record which supports the CADEM Party Platform of continuing the fight for jobs with a livable and sustainable wage, leading the world on decisions concerning climate change, which is impacting our citizen and the economy, advocating for health care and education in ways that are equitable and meaningful ways to keep our state as a national leader on issues that promote equality, safety, security, stability, and justice for all.

In my local community of Fairfield, CA, I am the proud Pastor of the St. Stephen CME Church, where I have been serving since 2007. As a graduate of a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) I understand the need for quality public education and I am the Past President of the Governing Board of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, the largest School District in Solano County with an average daily attendance of over 20,000 students. I am currently in my third term on the Governing Board and have served as President, President-Elect, and Clerk. I am also currently serving as a member of the Delegate Assembly of the California School Boards Association, where I have served on the Elections Committee and the Policy Platform Committee.

As an Army veteran who is passionate about community involvement, community service, and social justice, I served as the Family Violence Prevention Officer for Solano County (District Attorney’s Office) and was Interim Executive Director of SafeQuest Solano, a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency and Shelter that has been serving victims and survivors of Intimate Partner Violence since 1987. I served as a member of Solano County’s (CA) Strategic Planning Committee for the implementation of a Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response Facility (CCR) in Fairfield, CA.

I fully support the CADEM Party’s vision of creating “a California that leads the world as a model of economic prosperity rooted in economic justice” and pledge my commitment to working to do all that I can to make this a reality for all Californians.

I am asking for your vote to serve as a 2021 ADEM – 11 Delegate.

David C. Isom

As a lifelong progressive Democrat, Labor organizer, and community activist, I have committed my entire adult life in the fight for social and economic justice. I’ve committed myself to the support of progressive causes and to fight for the values of Democratic working families.

For my entire adult life, I have worked to support Democratic candidates and causes in various capacities. At the end of my college “career,” I joined the fight to re-elect Congressman John Garamendi after redistricting put the future of the district in question. I was eventually selected by the campaign to serve as the regional campaign director in Solano County. In that capacity, I was able to manage a successful coordinated campaign that supported the many locally endorsed Democratic candidates and measures along with the resounding victory of the Congressman. Ever since, I have been an active Democratic advocate. I also became a founding member of the Solano County Young Democrats and I continue to support the next generation of Democratic activists.

Since that first campaign, I have had the honor of serving as a political and community organizer for Contra Costa County’s 85 local unions, building political power for over 85,000 working families at the Contra Costa Labor Council, AFL-CIO. In this position, whether I am canvassing for the next city councilmember or supporting striking workers on the picket line, I have proudly lent my voice to the most vulnerable and have focused on winning economic and social justice for ALL.

As your delegate, I will continue the fight against corporate greed. I promise to support the voices/needs of working families and the most vulnerable. Feel free to contact me at if you ever need to reach out. It would be my honor and privilege to serve as your representative at the California Democratic Party and I ask for your vote.

Joe Summers

Greetings! I am a Proud Lifelong Democrat, Mayor of Suisun City, a Wife, and Mother of 2 whole and healthy adults. Aside from volunteering on several local campaigns to get strong Democrats elected, I’ve served on the Solano Democratic Central Committee from 2010 to 2016. I have been honored to represent Assembly District 11 for the past four years and would welcome the opportunity to represent it again! I bring a diverse perspective to the Democratic Party as a woman of color, a Pastor, and strong financial background. I am committed to the Democratic Party and its platform. As an elected official my voting record aligns with the Democratic Party Values. I expect over the next two years to fight for and support our continuing efforts to advocate for the needs of middle class and working families, common sense gun reform, social justice, and strong environmental policies to provide the next generation with clean air and safe water. I will ensure that we continue to expand our tent to reach people of all backgrounds across this great District and provide support nationwide to ensure the Biden/Harris Administration is productive!

Lori D Wilson

I respectfully request your vote for AD 11 delegate to the state party convention. I have been an active Democrat all my life. I have been a member of the Northern Solano Democratic Club since 1993, and currently serve as Treasurer. I also represent the club on the Solano County Democratic Central Committee.

I believe our party is best served by people who do the work. I have walked precincts and staffed phone banks in every election cycle since I turned 18. I have run headquarters, coordinated county-wide party campaign efforts, and advised multiple candidates. I served as field director and campaign coordinator for Assemblymember Mariko Yamada’s campaigns in 2008 and 2010. In addition, I had the honor of serving on her staff for nearly six years.

In 2020, I joined my colleagues in designing the field campaign and mail effort that helped elect 10 of 14 club-endorsed candidates, as well as the central committee’s efforts county-wide. Together we elected a Democratic majority to the Vacaville city council for the first time in many years, and elected solid liberal and progressive candidates throughout the county. I also joined my fellow Democrats in writing postcards for candidates throughout the nation — I cannot begin to estimate how many have been done in the last two years alone.

I am proud to support Democratic candidates who support the Democratic Party platform. I have been an advocate for our party’s policy planks, and will continue to do so. I join with those who are working to make our party more diverse, more inclusive, and more grassroots-oriented. I endorse recent proposals to reform the state party’s structure, and will continue to support the ongoing efforts to make sure our party’s practices reflect our rhetoric.

We must gain power to make the changes we seek, but power is not an end by itself. As one of our Presidents once said, “There is but one just use of power, and it is to serve people.” I am asking for your vote, so that I may serve you, and the rest of the district, as a delegate to the state convention and an active voice in the Democratic Party.

Thank you.

Don Lowrie

My name is Juan Carlos Mora, and I’m a proud first-gen native Californian and college student studying Philosophy and Public Policy. I have been privileged to call the 11th district my home for my entire life, growing up in Fairfield and participating in Napa-Solano politics. However, as a youth activist, I have witnessed repeated failure on the part of the Democratic Party to effectively advocate for working families and underrepresented communities.

My experience fuels my desire to contribute to the local political discourse, where our community can make a direct impact. As a high schooler, I was the Vice President of a local Young Democrats and organized with the March For Our Lives movement, demanding better gun violence prevention policy from our elected officials. As a college student, I was elected the President of College Democrats, working my peers to deliver on much needed reform––including college and healthcare affordability, diversity and inclusion policies to support Black, Indigenous, and people of color, raising the minimum wage, and environmental sustainability policy. Furthermore, I have worked on a number of local city council and mayoral campaigns that advocated for increasing affordable housing and rent, economic diversification, and improved public transportation. As a young Latino leader, I will build bridges between our political communities and offer a unique voice to an ever-evolving Democratic Party. My work has also been recognized by U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson, who awarded me his Student of the Year congressional award.

Though our community continues to face racially charged violence and wide-spread underrepresentation, my goal is to see that progressive leaders are brought into power at every level of government. However, as the progressive bastion of the U.S., California has the opportunity to lead on generational change––and I believe I can offer the experience and perspective to realize this dream. From representation to equitable policy, my vocation is to promote an agenda of justice through social and economic liberation. As an 11th districts delegate, I will serve our community with integrity and duty.

If you have any questions regarding my candidacy, I encourage you to reach out by phone at (707) 999-6367 or email at I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Juan Carlos Mora

Hello, I am a Marine veteran, a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, a current law student, a young black man, and a proud member of the Democratic party. From early on in high school I have volunteered and worked on multiple campaigns of local democratic candidates. My world view and values align with the party. Throughout my service in the Marine Corps, I have seen different aspects of California and understand the many issues that need to be addressed. My degree and educational focus were on global development. I support the Democratic party’s continuing fight for social justice and expansion of financial support to reimagine community policing. I will advocate for our party to continue to be on the offensive with environmental practices to combat climate change and environmental injustice. I will work with others in our party to challenge policies that widen the current level of income and wealth inequality and encourage the development of policies to close the gap. I will fight for the success of our party over this next term.

Tyler Wilson

Hi, my name is Akbar Bibb and I am the Vice President of SEIU1021 which represents 70, 000 members. I am looking forward to building Democratic alliances with the labor movement and together we can fight for healthcare for all and rent control. I will also fight to bring in new voices into the Democratic party.

Akbar Bibb

2020 was an inspiring year. I was pleased to see so many youth within our community stand up to have their voices heard and to be excited to cast their votes. I have been behind the scenes in our local political process for the past two years. I had the honor of working with my sister and working on her campaign for Fairfield City Council in 2018 and 2020. Before being involved locally I worked in public relations for a political consulting firm where I got to help manage our college intern program.

I am delighted to be considered for this role and hope to create an engaging environment within our community for our youth to feel invited and involved.

Thank you!

Cecilia Panduro