Assembly District 12




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

12 Anthony Drobnick No OSIF
12 Elizabeth Leigh Talbott * SIF
12 Michelle Tennell No SIF
12 Katie Jaycox No SIF
12 Naramsen Goriel No OSIF
12 Rumualdo Castaneda * OSIF
12 Paul Akinjo * OSIF
12 Jarrod Levell Brown Jr. No OSIF
12 Nia de Jesus No SIF
12 Luis Uribe No OSIF
12 Jennifer Hidalgo No SIF
12 Marco Camacho No OSIF
12 Marcus Lawrence No OSIF
12 Patrick Mitchell No OSIF
12 Marjorie E Sturdy * SIF
12 Hadassah Dulay * SIF
12 Matthias Elijah Lopez * OSIF
12 Traevor Carlton No OSIF
12 Keristofer Seryani No OSIF
12 Crystal Sousa No SIF
12 Anthony Arceneaux No OSIF
12 Julissa Ruiz Ramirez No SIF
12 Michelle Moshirnia No SIF
12 Anna Lima No SIF
12 Sukhminder Singh Deol * OSIF

Candidate Statements

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Dear Fellow Dems,

I am Anthony Drobnick, and I believe that our community is worth both celebrating and fighting for. I served as the Stanislaus County Field Organizer for the Susan Talamantes Eggman for State Senate team. At the heart of that campaign was a belief that we are stronger when we put service over self, and I am committed to bringing that same level of high-touch service as an Assembly District Delegate.

I am proud to say I have not done any campaigning for this position. Instead, I’ve been contacting voters for Sue Zwahlen’s mayoral runoff and both U.S. Senate runoffs. I chose not to campaign because I understand that my role as an ADD is only one small part of a larger Blue Wave. As a result, this may be the first time you’re seeing my name. Given that, I’d like to share with you some of my story and my values.

I am a proud lifelong Central Valley resident. All my life even people think I’m crazy when I say that I love this community. When I see our region topping national lists for most dangerous neighborhoods or least educated cities, I am inspired—not discouraged. I see our local challenges as a call to action. I believe in our collective power to make change that improves the lives of our friends and neighbors, especially those in historically marginalized communities. Our district is far from immune from the systemic problems that disadvantage so many people every day, and the only way that we make a change is by working in solidarity.

I am a graduate from San Francisco State in Political Science & International Relations, and after recently leaving a position in the California State Assembly I am excited to be pursuing my teaching credential at Stanislaus State. (Go Warriors!) I believe that our local students deserve a high-quality, culturally-relevant education that will equip them to not only rise to the challenges of tomorrow, but to uplift others along the way. In my free time I love running, playing board games, and curling up with a good book and my dog, Junior. My favorite book is The Wizard of Oz, and while the Iconic “there’s no place like home” line only appears in the movie adaptation, I do believe that I have the heart, brains and courage to represent our home as an Assembly District Delegate, and so I humbly ask you for your vote.

Anthony Drobnick

Vote for Proven Leadership! Vote for Elizabeth “Lise” Talbott!

I currently serve AD12 on the ADEM Executive Board and am respectfully requesting your vote to continue in this position for the next two-years. Since my election in 2019, I have built upon prior successes and helped elect many local Democrats into local, state, and federal offices. One of my strengths is in creating clear, persuasive messaging for candidates. I have worked to help build the bench of Democrats so that we are best positioned for future success.

I am also not afraid to hold our elected officials and community leaders accountable, including Democrats. 2020 brought many unique challenges. This year I fought back against a militia who thought our community was a place they were welcome. And I fought back against the bigotry displayed by some local firefighters – and the silence from local elected officials – in response to the marches in support of racial justice.

Among the other ways that I serve you, my fellow Democrats, is as Controller for the Stanislaus County Democratic Party; Treasurer of the California Democratic Party Rural Caucus; and Political Activities Chair of the Central Valley Democratic Club. In February 2020, I was chosen as Stanislaus County Democrat of the Year. I was selected as Outstanding Woman of the Year for Stanislaus County in 2019.

I serve as a Councilmember (and sole Democrat) in Waterford, a small, rural citiy along the Tuolumne River. I work to help prevent and end homelessness through the Stanislaus County Community System of Care and will become a member of the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance as one of its two East County representatives in January. I represent you on the Stanislaus County Economic Development Committee, the Stanislaus County Free Library Board, and as a Board Member for the Stanislaus Health Foundation. I had the honor of serving as Co-Chair of Stanislaus County’s Census 2020 Complete Count Committee.

I am an essential health care worker overseeing many health services including vaccine management (yes, COVID, too) and prenatal health services for the underserved communities in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced Counties. I see firsthand the impact that political decisions have on the communities we serve.

I again ask for your vote to continue to lead our Assembly District forward toward justice and equity for all.

Elizabeth "Lise" Talbott

What makes someone a great central valley delegate? Is it leadership? Experience? Passion? Dedication? Or organization skills? The answer is it is all of these traits. As a local central valley resident with years of political and activism experience, I have these traits already. With a passion for the Central Valley and for doing what is right, I am ready to serve my area as a delegate to the Democratic Party. My political experience includes time running the most successful field operations in the nation as the rural field organizer for the California Democratic Party. I currently serve as a District Representative and Veterans Liaison for Congressman Harder and as a board member for Waterford Parks and Recreation Committee. I am also a member of Indivisible Stanislaus and Modesto Progressives. I have the passion, drive, leadership, and experience to be a great delegate. As a delegate, I am ready to fight for the valley and ensure that the party understands what we need. I promise that if you vote for me I will fight to ensure that the central valley gets equal representation and resources in the party, that the party supports our local efforts to recruit, mentor, and support local down-ballot candidates, and fights the current disinformation campaign being pushed by the GOP. As a proud valley woman, I am not afraid to stand up to party leadership to get what we need. I know I will be a great delegate for AD 12 and that is why I am part of the central committee slate, progressive slate, and endorsed by several local political leaders. Please consider voting for me to be a delegate. For more information please watch my attached video statement.

Katie Lyn Jaycox

We did it! On January 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, ending Trump’s destructive four years in office. “We worked hard for this. We called, we texted, we protested, we held town halls, we organized.”

But we know that even with Trump on his way out of the White House our work isn’t over. We need to address our shortage of affordable housing and strengthen union employment all while battling an unprecedented pandemic. Homelessness is rising and climate change gets more intense each year. We need to be proactive not reactive because too many Americans are living in precarious circumstances.

“The vast majority of Americans not just the poor are deeply worried about the very basics: getting their kids a decent education, bringing home a paycheck that can put food on the able or pay the bills, saving enough so that one day they can retire.”

“Even now, those with a home are worried about keeping it, and many displaced workers have either permanently dropped out of the workforce or taken low-skill jobs for less pay.” For too many Californians archiving a middle class lifestyle seems increasingly out of reach. “

As democrats, we all must understand that what unites us is more important than what divides us. Whether moderate, progressive, or liberal we all want the same results of equity and prosperity. I am proud to have participated in flipping the white house as a delegate and community organizer. Let’s continue our progress and move forward together!

Thank you so much.

In unity,

Naramsen Goriel, AD12

Naramsen Goriel

I believe that the role of being a delegate stands out to me because it provides an opportunity for individuals such as myself that aim to do all that they can do in order to best represent the state of California and the wide variety of culture that the state consists of. As a delegate, I promise that I will do all that I can to provide those in our community with the much needed services and resources that I can push for. As a Filipino-American individual who is assigned female at birth, I have longed for the ability to see individuals like myself represented in more than just what history books have declared us to be. I hope that one day, I will be able to be the living representation of what someone with a cultural background such as my own is capable of. Throughout all levels of government in the state, I believe that whoever is elected to represent the people within our state should truly be representative of the population. When it comes to issues that affect people throughout our state, I am passionate about ensuring that women have the right to make choices when it comes to their own bodies through fair and equal access to birth control, Native communities being provided with all the resources that they deserve to live a fulfilling life, and overall for marginalized individuals to live a life that is free from the inequalities that exist within our society that drastically affect their daily lives. There are many changes in California that must be done that will tackle issues such as economic inequalities and the race-based issues that are present in our criminal justice system. No matter what background an individual has in the state, they deserve the same rights to medical care that is equal and fair to all. Students throughout the state deserve college that does not equal debt for rest of their lives, they deserve the right to free college. As a delegate, I would dedicate myself to listening to all the concerns that people in District 12 have. I will ensure that those in my community do not feel like their concerns are being ignored and that the problems that they have are listened to. No matter who the person is and where they are coming from, I want to make sure that people in the community feel secure in who their delegates are in their area. Through cooperation with everyone, I want to make sure that I will do my best for California.

Nia de Jesus

Elect a Veteran and Public Servant

Luis Uribe is a native of the Central Valley and a Veteran of the U.S Air Force. After earning an A.S. Business Administration Degree from Modesto Junior College, he was promoted to Department Manager at a local grocery store, which has helped him see firsthand the effects of Covid 19. Shortly thereafter, Luis was elected as a Councilmember for Riverbank District 1.

Luis is currently the Vice Mayor of Riverbank and sits on the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance, Budget Advisory Committee, and several subcommittees through the League of California Cities. This experience will help in analyzing ballot propositions and give guidance through party legislation.

Luis understands the importance of elections and believes we all need to stay engaged consistently. Register to vote by January 11th, 2021.

I humbly ask for your vote to be one of your Assembly District Delegates.

Luis Uribe

My name is Marco Camacho, I am the son of an immigrant from Mexico, and a mother of six. Growing up I have seen how programs Democrats fight for like Welfare, EBT, and public school funding has helped my family many others like mine. I spent many hours growing up volunteering, and helping as much as possible around my city. I have defied the odds multiple times. I am currently an alternate on my county Democratic Central committee. I ran for Oakdale City Council trying to bring progress to my city, and bring in a new viewpoint to issues we face. I have served as Vice-Chairman on the Oakdale Tourism and Visitors Bureau looking at ways to help my city. My reason to run is to support those who can’t defend themselves, and make a place my daughters would be proud of living. I thank you for your time, and hope for your vote.

Marco Camacho

Teacher, union leader, lifelong Democrat, and advocate for working people and marginalized communities. It’s an exciting time to be a Democrat and I’d be honored to have the opportunity to serve. #BlackLivesMatter

Patrick Mitchell

My name is Hadassah Dulay and I am a 19-year-old college student. I’m young; I have a vigor for seeing this generation find an interest in the future of our political climate. The past four years have been turbulent for both the nation as a whole and us as a party. We need to steer away from old and outdated policies towards more progressive goals. I’m a second-generation immigrant who comes from a long line of immigration dating from the birth of our nation in my mother’s family to just a few decades ago when my father came here from the Philippines. I’ve lived in and traveled to places where I am surrounded by people of all different backgrounds, I’ve heard their stories and what they want from our legislators in California and Washington D.C.

I think as a candidate to be Assembly District Delegate, I find it important to make decisions that benefit both the Democratic party and the nation as a whole. Often, we elect leaders and create policy based off of extreme bias and partisanship; this way of governing has soured Americans’ viewpoints of our government and our party. The best way to seek change and implement progressive policies is by opening up to the “opposition,” so that they in turn will do the same. It’s about building bridges rather than burning them. We will never unite our nation by insulting our opponents. If we choose to elect leaders in our party that ostracize the other side, they will never see our vision of America.

I believe in what the Democratic Party stands for; helping the people of this nation, no matter your blood or creed. I’ve lived in the valley my whole life; I grew up here, I know how the people here live and what affects us the most. This party needs officials who believe in a greener planet, universal healthcare, making education accessible, and helping one another. I will vote to make these policies a reality. If elected I will represent our district well and help keep our party on track.

Hadassah Dulay

As a resident of CA District 12, I have had the greatest pleasure of meeting some fine Californians who are unified under the identity of the Central Valley. It is a distinct area of the state which has a profound love for agriculture, hard work, and honesty. The people in this area are attracted to doing things the correct way and this is something that I try to practice more so every day. However, I have also witnessed the increase of homelessness in this area which may not just be a thing occurring in this area, but throughout the entire state. With that being stated I have seen a call by the people of the Valley community for the leadership to do more to solve this issue. Many of the Valley folk find this issue to stem from the Bay, but nonetheless, the people want a real solution to such a real issue that seems to devastate the life and well being of the constituents of this area.

I have witnessed the well being of employees of local grocery stores who have become devastated to work graveyard shifts due to the fear of homeless people going into the store and being able to rob the store. The employees cannot do anything to stop those who are stealing, and such a lack of a deterrent actually has increased the frequencies of theft. Homelessness has always been prevalent in the Valley city I reside in, that is Modesto, but I have witnessed the growth of the issue to other surrounding cities such as Turlock and smaller towns such as Denair. The reason this issue seems to come to my mind is that homelessness seems to grow every day with unemployment rising and a pandemic that is devastating the nuclear family.

I hope to represent CA District 12 so I may serve as a mouthpiece to the many invisible voices I reside around. I do know that our representatives are doing what they can to help out their community, but I believe it is my time to also serve the people on a larger scale. These people are not simply the day worker who is flipping burgers to serve their fellow neighbors, but the hurt folk who may be homeless due to some mental illness that disables them from experiencing the fullness of life. At this moment in history, it is important to count our blessings, but it is even more important to use the blessing of life to help those who are still shackled in a life that is on the cusp of death.

Matthias Elijah Lopez

I’m Traevor Carlton, a progressive social justice advocate, activist, and two-decade resident of Turlock. My journey in social justice activism and progressive politics began while I was a student at Stanislaus State, fighting for the LGBTQ community on and off campus through Love Evolution, our campus’s LGBTQ organization. In 2017, I became a coordinator of Indivisible Stanislaus, and through our working closely with other progressive grassroots groups such as Swing Left and Be the Change Turlock, and the local Stanislaus Democratic Central Committee, we were able to get 10,000 volunteers out to flip a congressional district held by a four-term Republican incumbent in 2018. Over the two years since the midterm election, I’ve applied the experience I gained during my time working to flip CA-10 within the realm of local community building through the nonprofit sector, and volunteering for progressive candidates, locally and nationally. I believe in order to have a strong, vibrant Democratic Party in California, we need to have progressive representation within our Party – especially from rural and suburban areas that are overlooked. My experience on the ground both in the nonprofit and political spheres has adequately given me a precise understanding of what’s important locally, and I hope my fellow local Democrats will entrust me once again as their delegate for AD-12.

Traevor A. Carlton

I am a long-time resident of Turlock and a lifetime democrat seeking a second term to serve as a delegate.

I have been very active over the past four years in turning this district blue at the local level. Within Stanislaus County, I am an officer with the Turlock Democratic Club, the Assyrian Democrats of Stanislaus County and an active member of Be the Change Turlock. I also serve on the Stanislaus County Central Committee where I have been on the election subcommittee, recruiting, training and helping democrats win local seats. I have volunteered on half a dozen local races supporting with fundraising, campaign strategy/messaging, campaign materials, and GOTV. I have also supported the coordinated campaign.

In my time as a delegate of the California Democratic Party, I have had the pleasure of serving on the Finance Standing Committee where we have significantly increased grassroots contributions through the Dem 2020 program and created a transparent budget for the party for the first time in many years. I will be seeking a reappointment on this committee; Central Valley representation on this important committee is crucial to us receiving state support in winning local elections.

Thank you for your trust and support. Should you have any questions, please contact me at

Keristofer Seryani

Welcome. I’m a young immigrant Latina from a farmworker family who grew up in & loves the Central Valley, unceded Yokuts Land, and am running for re-election. My ofrenda to my people is a lifetime commitment towards dismantling systems of oppression. I’m a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Ethnic Studies/Political Science. With plans of continuing higher education, I’m currently co-writing a book to share the knowledge that has been cumulatively accumulated with the rest of our community. I’m on a journey to reconnect with my history, identity, and ancestors and heal from past intergenerational traumas.

As a community organizer, I’ve held several positions within MEChA, including cochair, Stan State Dems, Progressive Alliance, & UWD. I’ve also been involved as a YP4 fellow, CDN/CHIRLA member, CFA/SQE, and am a co-founder to New Pueblo & Blooms of Liberation. We’ve organized against, & were targeted by, Identity Evropa, who helped plan the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. We flipped our congressional district & uplifted the immigrant rights voice, even getting arrested at a civil disobedience action in D.C. On campus, we demanded the university to adopt a land recognition policy, fund a mural, denounce white supremacy, hire a director of the Diversity Center after our fight to obtain the space, hire a Dream Coordinator, provide free legal assistance to DACA students, & urged our Academic Senate to support Ethnic Studies. We have also lobbied in Sac, educated farmworkers/immigrants on their rights, advocated for a detained farmworker, organized donations/volunteer aid to asylum seekers at the border, stood up against U.S. imperialism/war, helped provide PPE to local workers, & organized to defund Modesto PD.

We the people are tired of fighting to obtain the bare minimum of basic human rights. Through this fight, I’ve realized the power of grassroots & the power that we hold collectively. We say BLACKLIVESMATTER because far too many black & brown bodies have been killed at the hands of the police & incarcerated in state sanctioned violence that promotes racial capitalism and white supremacy. It’s this same power that will help overturn the systems of oppression that have plagued our communities. We mustn’t wait for someone else to fight for our rights because those in power will NEVER grant us our freedom. We are not free until we are all free.

Julissa Ruiz Ramirez

My name is Michelle Moshirnia and I am a freshman at Modesto Junior College. I came to activism through the Sunrise Movement, an organization that fights to end climate change and bring about the Green New Deal. I fear for my future and for those who will come after me. The climate crisis is a major issue right now that we must deal with. I want to represent my district, to bring a young and progressive perspective to the Democratic party, and use my voice to speak for other young activists like me. I want to bring about change and help make my district blue. Young people like me in my district significantly voted Democratic in this recent election and were able to reelect our Democratic representative. While my district remains red, I want to be the one who initiates change within my district. We are the future and as a party, we must elect leaders who align with values that will protect the people, including women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and our planet. If elected, I will be coming to build a bench and become an integral part of the Assembly District Election. Becoming a delegate means so much to me, as my chance to get a say in this recent election was taken away from me. My eighteenth birthday was three days after the primaries. This is my chance to get that say and vote for leaders and propositions that I believe in. I believe that I will make a difference as a district delegate and will support the mission of the California Democratic Party.

Michelle Moshirnia

A post graduate from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India ( M.Sc. Horticulture, in 1974, and B.Sc. Agriculture, in June, 1971.) Migrated to USA in December, 1977, on a marriage basis, a father of 3 , and a grandfather to 5 grand kids. I’m a Registered Democrat since I attained my Naturalized Citizenship in 1983. I have lived in Turlock, CA since December, 1980, when I purchased my first home, 585 Bennington Ave. Turlock. Retired from CA. Dept. of Transportation as a Professional Engineer (Civil), in Dec. 2017, after over 36 Yrs. A member of Professional Engineer in CA Government, as well as a member of Operating Engineers Local 3 for first 12 yrs from June,1980 to 1992. Elected President of Sikh Temple Turlock ( A non-profit religious organization) in April, 2018, and a V. President since April, 2019. Assisted Josh Harder (US Congressman), Jeff Mangar (Superior Court Judge), Amy Bublak (Mayor, City of Turlock), in raising campaign funds, voting, and personally donating money to their respective campaigns. Own rental homes and a primary residence, a self storage unit and a vacant lot, soon to be developed as another self storage unit, all located in the City of Turlock. As a happily married senior citizen, want to help the CA State and Federal Democratic Party every which way I can, especially looking at current presidency of four years hopefully ending on January 20, 2021, can’t wait. Always trying to stay in touch with current local, state and national partisan issues through media resources and friends in elected and nominated positions. As a delegate if elected, would try to further the cause of democracy in this great state of California as well as in local governments. Once again I thank the State Democratic Party for giving me this opportunity to be eligible for a state delegate elections for Assembly District 12. Everyone Stay safe wearing face mask, social distancing, and washing hands for 20 seconds. Happy Holidays !

Sukhi Deol