Assembly District 13




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

13 Zach Denney * OSIF
13 Dustin J. Brakebill No OSIF
13 Anne Baird No SIF
13 Katrina Alison Jaggears No SIF
13 Savonnda Blaylock No SIF
13 William Muetzenberg No OSIF
13 Anthony Gragg No OSIF
13 Dan Arriola * OSIF
13 Takeia Watts No SIF
13 Robin Cole No SIF
13 Jasmine Leek No SIF
13 Nancy HuanteTzintzun No SIF
13 Alyssa Carmelita Leiva * SIF
13 Gurtej Atwal * OSIF
13 Mana Shooshtari No SIF
13 Ruben Silva * OSIF
13 Esau Hernandez * OSIF
13 Earl Maxson No OSIF
13 Cameron Atler Lamb No OSIF
13 Erica Amundsen No SIF
13 Cheryl Hicks No SIF
13 Rinnie Kaur * SIF
13 Toj Mangat No OSIF
13 Kathleen Gapusan No SIF

Candidate Statements

The fight isn’t over, it’s just begun!

We’re facing a once in a century pandemic with a federal government that has failed to respond, massive unemployment, a climate crisis, millions without healthcare, and the politics of white supremacy and religious fundamentalists refusing to accept their loss in this recent presidential election.

With the Trump Administration being rejected and denied another four years in office, Progressive Democrats must take our stand, and lead to build a government and society that works for ALL people, regardless of where you come from, who you love, or what you believe. Democrats must champion a bold, progressive platform and build a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, intersectional, people-powered coalition to build a nation that finally lives up to its promises for ALL of its people.

It’s been an honor to serve and represent Democrats in AD 13 in the California Democratic Party since 2017. In that year, progressives from around the state organized and won a majority of Assembly District Delegate seats to move the California Democratic Party into a more progressive direction, but also to open up the doors of the Party to Californians who have not known that they too can engage in work within the Party, and build support for the issues and ideas important to themselves and their communities.

In my time as a delegate, I have fought for greater transparency and accessibility in the Party for rank-and-file Democrats, and for our Party to fight for issues like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and peace here at home and around the globe. In the Party, I serve as an officer in the Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus in the CDP, and as an officer in the Progressice Caucus of the California Young Democrats.

We still have a lot of work here to do in California. This recent election proves that Big Money still holds a major influence, with losses in ballot measures that would have tackled wealth inequality, racial inequality, and workers’ rights for gig workers.

I’m ready to continue to fight alongside all of you in the community, and that is why I humbly ask for your vote.

Zach Denney

My name is Dustin J. Brakebill and I ask how can I help you! Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley I have often seen people in my generation ask how to get involved and make changes and I found the answer to that question.

That answer is by having a seat at the table and by being the Vice President of Young Democrats of San Joaquin County. Has taught me how to have a voice and how to have a seat at that table. An issue that is important to me is Education is important to me and as the first in my family on track to get their bachelor’s degree I want to show fellow first-generation students that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I come from a family of union workers and believe in workers’ rights and stand with them in Solidary and will do everything to represent you in Assembly District 13.

My goal is to give back to the communities that have changed my life and Assembly District 13 has done that and now I want to do that for you! Please Vote for me because I will put service over self and represent you in Assembly District 13. #FrontlineSolidary

It’s time for the Central Valley to have a seat at the table and have our voices heard in the California Democratic Party.

Dustin J. Brakebill

I have worked for 4 state legislators – Mike Machado, Lois Wolk, Alyson Huber and Susan Eggman – during my 20-year career. All this time I have been my member’s representative to SJ DCC. I know the people and the issues, and want to help plan a better and brighter future for all our Democrats.

Anne Baird

My name is Katrina Alison Jaggears. I have lived in the 13th Assembly District since June of 2001, when I moved to Stockton, California from the Bay Area.

I believe strongly in contributing to the betterment of my community. This is a principle with which I was raised. My local political experience includes the Stockton Dems, the San Joaquin County Democratic Central Committee (Elected Representative), Black Women Organized for Political Action (Member, Stockton/Tracy chapter and California State chapter), the Central Valley Stonewall Democratic Club (Member), and the League of Women Voters of San Joaquin County (Chapter President). I am an alumna of The Campaign School at Yale University. In addition to these activities, I previously served on the Stockton Arts Commission (Member and Chair of the Asparagus Festival Arts & Crafts Show), the Marion Jacobs Literary Forum (Member), the San Joaquin County Aviation Advisory Committee (Member), the Citizens Advisory Committee of the San Joaquin Council of Governments (Chair), and the Irvine Foundation Early Literacy Community Grants selection committee.

My professional background is in higher education. I have been an administrator at Stanford University and a lecturer at University of the Pacific. Currently, I am Coordinator of the Delta College Foundation. I am also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Record, the Pacific Review, and Stanford magazine.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Mills College, and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Stanford.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Katrina Alison Jaggears

I’m running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I believe it is time for frontline healthcare workers to have a loud voice within the Democratic Party. I am a proud union member with SEIU-UHW serving as Executive Board Member, Rep Chair for my Steward Council, and have been on the bargaining team for the past two cycles. I work as a Pharmacy Technician in Tracy. I have lived in this district for 20 years and am active in our community. Most recently I’ve been engaged in my neighborhood watch group, feeding the homeless, door knocking to raise awareness of the issues in our community, and fighting for PPE legislation for essential workers. I strongly believe in the importance of early education for our children, combating homelessness, and tackling the racial disparities amongst the black and brown community. Vote to elect Savonnda Blaylock to represent you and your family in the Democratic Party!

Savonnda Blaylock

My name is William Muetzenberg and I am excited to be running to serve as a delegate to the CA Democratic Party. I am running to represent Democrats from Stockton to Tracy to Mountain House who are tired of the status quo of rising housing costs, deteriorating environmental quality, and handouts to the rich. I am running to ensure that the Democratic Party incorporates voices from marginalized communities so that we can lift up those who can’t speak for themselves.

I have worked the last three years in Sacramento advocating on issues such as financing to support homeless youth, ending conversion therapy, mitigating wildfire risks near residential homes, and streamlining housing production. I am ready to bring my breadth of knowledge and my skillset to build a stronger Party that aims not just to raise the tides, but secure every boat that’s lifted.

I am ready to serve our community and help you when you need to engage with the party, elected officials, or advocate for an issue. Please send any questions or comments to

Thank you for your involvement and remember to vote the #FrontlineSolidarity slate to move our Party forward.

William Muetzenberg

Being an educator in my hometown and working for the amazing community of Stockton, CA, I know I can be an excellent advocate for my district. Stockton is an incredible community that deserves to be represented, and have the resident’s voices heard I will advocate for equality and social justice for all people and will ensure that all of District 13 is represented through conversation and action. I am eager to share my knowledge and experiences, and promote action based on needs and the Democratic Party Platform. We need more stability and collaboration in this state, and I will do my part to make that happen through educating and communicating for action!

I will pledge to serve my community by doing what is right and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. Vote for me to have a fresh face and an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to do what is right. I am excited to have this opporunity and it will be an incredible honor to have your trust and vote for this position! When casting your ballot, remember that you need to “Vote for Me, Anthony G!”

Anthony Gragg


My name is Dan Arriola, and I am proud to serve this community as a City Councilmember for the City of Tracy, Deputy District Attorney for San Joaquin County, and an incumbent ADEM Delegate for Assembly District 13.

As a Councilmember, I have championed some of the most progressive policy initiatives ever in the history of the City of Tracy including: establishing the Homelessness Strategic Plan; officially recognizing LGBTQ Pride Month and raising the Pride Flag for the first-time ever; legalizing commercial cannabis; approving the first affordable housing development in over 20 years; joining EBCE to procure city-wide green renewable energy; and introducing the “Tracy Equity & Empowerment Initiative” to address social equity and justice reform in the City of Tracy.

As an ADEM Delegate, I am proud to serve on the executive board for the CDP LGBTQ Caucus, where I have advocated to bring LGBTQ resources to the Central Valley and championed efforts to oppose homophobia and hateful attacks in our community.

I will continue fighting for progressive values here in the Central Valley and advocating to ensure that #ANewGenerationOfLeadership leads the California Democratic Party into the future. Vote Dan Arriola for ADEM Delegate to Assembly District 13!

Dan Arriola

My name is Takeia Watts and I have been in the Stockton area for over a decade, I am a healthcare worker for one of the local hospitals in Stockton. I have been on the front line fighting for healthcare justice during this recent Pandemic. My family and I have created a space where on a monthly bases we supply the community with free food, clothes and an environment of cheer. I have participated in phone banking and in pushing different senate and state assembly bills in recent elections. I have 3 boys that attend high school in the area and continue to stay abreast of the issues and the things that our a huge need to better the education of the students in our area. I would like to be able to continue to promote resolution to some of the chaos that has come before us during 2020 to bring Stockton and the surrounding areas up to a more stable and equitable wage.

Takeia Watts

While the last four years have been challenging, hard, frustrating, painful, (pick your adjective), this past year has increased those feelings exponentially. However, I believe that the next four years will harder in many respects. I’m up for the challenge and that is why I’m running for ADEM in Assembly District 13.

We were successful in many ways during this past election cycle, yet we struggled in very important areas – voter engagement, education and contact, which negatively impacted down ballot local elections. We must become more creative and kindly-aggressive in our approach to getting out our message and I believe that the fire and energy to that, comes from the community and those that serve it.

There are many issues, and a wide rainbow of Democrats – from Moderates to Progressives – and we need to listen and address the hopes, goals and ideas of every single one of them. I will be an active listener and advocate for all in the AD 13 community. I will not be shy about raising my voice to our leadership that more attention, more resources, more money and more focus needs to be given to those of us on the ground fighting the good fight.

With your support I will continue to work hard. I humbly ask for your vote and give you my promise that I will speak and stand up for you, and everyone in our district.

In Solidarity,

Robin Cole

ADEM Candidate AD13

Robin Cole

Over the last five years I’ve had the honor to work with many of our region’s inspiring and authentic community leaders to build momentum and power for our community and San Joaquin County. I’ve decided to run as a Delegate to the CA Democratic Party to represent Assembly District 13 as part of the #FrontlineSolidarity slate. Together, we form a group of local activists, organizers, and community leaders committed to ensuring that the voice of AD 13 residents are heard.

I was born and raised in Stockton, California where my family has lived for nearly forty years. I attended Lincoln High School and San Joaquin Delta College before entering the workforce as a young adult. My professional background in relationship management, communications, and organizational development has prepared me for this role.

In 2015 I founded Third City Coalition as a way to engage Stockton residents on civic issues. Since then I’ve connected with thousands of San Joaquin residents on issues like public health, economic security, environmental justice, and more. Earlier this year, my organization partnered with other community-based nonprofits and governmental agencies to bring nearly $20 million in California Climate Investments to San Joaquin County. These resources will support the development of clean vehicle programs, active transportation projects, workforce development and training for youth and workers affected by COVID-19, urban greening and infrastructure projects, energy efficiency programs, and more. At the heart of this work is my central commitment to racial equity and economic justice for all.

I am the current Board President of Community Medical Centers, a group of over 18 neighborhood health centers serving more than 100,000 patients in San Joaquin, Solano, and Yolo Counties. I have spent five years on the board, serving as an officer in various capacities. The heroic work being done by CMC and our healthcare partners across the state should not go unnoticed. I will stand with our frontline healthcare workers to ensure they have the support needed to stay safe and healthy as we rebuild and recover from the pandemic.

As a Delegate, I’ll continue the fight for our community to receive its fair share of resources, access to opportunities and investment, and a seat at the table in statewide policy discussions. Thank you for your support!

Jasmine Leek

My name is Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzintzun, I am from Stockton, which is a community of people who demonstrate that working together means we are stronger. I am an immigrant, mother, fighter, Chicana, and social justice warrior. As an educator and Chicana activist, I have organized alongside families, youth, and community leaders for education equity that included the development of Ethnic Studies for students within Stockton Unified School District. We collectively fought for transparency and accessibility of school budgets. Lastly, we demanded for the review and removal of policies and practices that reflected the school-to-prison pipeline. Doing work that commits to social justice and equity are at the core of any project I take on. Also, at the center of the work I do is respect and love for the people in Stockton.

As an Assembly Delegate for District 13 I would bring this commitment to equitable processes and practice, while building on my community’s work in policy and advocacy. I plan to include other areas I am passionate about as well such as: job creation projects, plans to combat climate change, politics of white supremacy across institutions, and access to healthcare for all. Stockton and the Central Valley overall are continuously left out of the CA Democratic Party agenda and I am committed to bringing authentic representation and advocacy to the state party. It would be an honor to change this narrative and represent Stockton along with the rest of the Central Valley this is why I humbly ask for your vote!

Nancy Huante-Tzintzun

Alyssa Carmelita Leiva

I am a grassroot volunteer for The Democratic Party. I work with party volunteers for the betterment of the party, betterment of the society we live in. I am seeking election as an ADEM delegate to represent Assembly District 13.

I want to continue my work towards collectively strengthening the party and work towards our vision together.

I will do due diligence to work with all with an open mind to make sure we are moving towards the direction Democratic Party requires to strengthen our party’s roots.

I will contribute my time equally with all the involved democratic party volunteers to empower our community and amplify the voices often left ignored.

Democratic party is for the people, and we must work towards betterment for people.

California is diverse, resourceful, receptive for all irrespective of background, it is on us to lead in the fight to save the values of California by working together.

– Gurtej Atwal for Delegate

Gurtej Atwal

My name is Mana Shooshtari, and I am a proud product of the city of Stockton. As a Muslim, Iranian American woman, a college student, a community organizer, and a lover of the performing arts, my experience drives me to engage in the political proccess and organize my community to advocate for equitable policies at the local and national level. I am a passionate advocate for intersectional feminism, creating a fair immigration system, and developing public infrastructure that fosters an equitable society. My work is motivated by my family’s experiences with an unjust immigration system designed to shut people out. While I watched politicians ban my family with the stroke of their pen, I came to the conclusion that we need more voices of people directly impacted by policy to engage with political systems intact today. Some of my organizing experience includes working as the Field and Communications Coordinator at the Grassroots Democrats HQ, where we made 5.2 million calls in support of Democrats in the 2020 Election Cycle. I sit on the Northern California E-Board for IGNITE National, a non-partisan non-profit that works to create gender parity in elected offices across the United States. In April, I was elected to serve as the Social Media Director and Co-Chair of the Communications Committee for the Young Democrats of San Joaquin County. I will continue to promote equity, transparency, and accountability within the CA Democratic Party. I would be honored to have your vote to represent Assembly District 13.

Mana Shooshtari

I’m running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I want to bring the voice of frontline healthcare workers to the Democratic Party for District 13. I am a proud union member with SEIU-UHW, serving as an Executive Board member and working as a Medical Assistant in Stockton. I’ve lived in this district for 25 years and am active in our community. Most recently, I’ve helped support SB275, a bill in the state legislature that ensures a secured stockpile of personal protective equipment for healthcare and essential workers during a pandemic or other health emergency in California. Supporting this bill was important to me because I want to ensure our community, our families, and ourselves are protected. Those of us that provide essential services should have access to basic supplies like masks, gowns, and gloves.

I strongly believe in equity and access to healthcare, fighting the climate change crisis, raising the standard of living for all, and supporting small businesses in our community. It would be my honor to represent you, the members of District 13. Please request your ballot and vote to elect Ruben Silva. Your vote and support will go far for the betterment of our community.

Ruben D. Silva

For far too long the Democratic Party has been at war with itself. A split between the Center and the Left. I say we finally rally behind the ideas that make our party truly one for all. We need a return as the party of Labor, Families, Social Justice, and Small Business.

For far too long we have seen Democrats on the national and state level move away from pro labor movements. The time has come to finally reincorporate the rights of workers into our party agenda. I intend to pursue a course of action that would allow easier access to form unions without the threat of being fired. There is no reason why businesses like Amazon should get away with sacking employees that simply want better working conditions.

Of course during the times of Covide-19 we see harsh economic burdens on all, especially families. According to MarketWatch , three in ten adults have no emergency savings. I would call upon fellow delegates (if elected) to seek solutions to better ease the economic strains of the time. Such policies would include debt relief and forgiveness.

Our party is nothing if not the party of progressive social movements. Recent years have shown the American people the ugly side of our society. A week does not go by without news coverage of another racially motivated crime. We as a party need to stand united in a call for better efforts in quelling such archaic/racist logic and actions. I would call for the inclusion of policy that would better open up our institutions to the many social movements of today. How can we expect to get anything done if we don’t first provide a chair at the table?

A vote for me is a vote in this direction. We need to come together and unite against the rising tide of misinformation and the decimation of our local businesses. I will work tirelessly in a fight to bring about less taxes on small business, while retaining a stance against the crushing hold of Big Business in our communities.

I hope you vote for me because of my experiences being born and raised in Stockton, seventeen years of my life was seeing the turmoil of my home city get worse. Additionally, I now live in Tracy, and have for four years. I know the struggles of our district. Our people need leadership that works for them, not for themselves. I will work as a servant of the people, not of outside groups.

Rudy Atler Lamb

My entire professional career has been devoted to service above self. I believe that the best mechanism for social change is at the local level: dedicated individuals and groups focused on a common purpose to not only solve vital sociopolitical and economic problems but also to work together to build vibrant communities that will thrive for decades to come.

I am currently a professional social worker for San Joaquin County. I received my master’s degree from the Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. In that program I studied mental health social work paradigms and social justice and advocacy strategies. During my time studying at USC I was a social justice program coordinator at the Impact Foundry in Sacramento where I worked on various lobbying campaigns including speaking in front a California state legislative committee advocating for Senate Bill 826 which sought to create equitable gender representation on corporate boards. The bill was successfully signed into law in 2018.

Before moving to San Joaquin County in 2014 I worked in several capacities at various social services organizations in Fresno County. I was a caseworker at a rural mental health clinic, a court-appointed advocate representing and protecting abused children, and a care worker working with at-risk youth and children in foster care.

I have seen firsthand how local governments can build partnerships with the California state government and make a unique and powerful difference in the lives of Californians who are struggling; unfortunately, I have also witnessed the flaws, gaps, and dysfunctional mechanisms that slow down progress from becoming a reality. I am passionate about being a positive force for good, building bridges, finding new solutions, and revitalizing and supporting our invaluable public institutions. No problem is insurmountable, even if it seems impossible: homelessness, affordable housing, food insecurity, wage gaps, lack of access to affordable healthcare, or protecting natural resources. All it takes is grit, vision, and the willingness to keep at it even if the stakes appear to be impossible.

Thank you for your consideration.

Erica Amundsen

My name is Cheryl Hicks, I am new to local politics and I am very concerned with the direction Stockton is headed. I have lived here since 2013 and I have asked my coworkers at the County what happened to this city. They all remember a typical childhood and family time at the local parks and restaurants but they feel Stockton never bounced back from the 2008 recession.

I would love to get into the fight and work on getting this very diverse city with unlimited potential back on it’s feet. There is a lot of work to do and many barriers in our way but if we join together and commit to moving forward there will be no stopping us.

Let’s get into good trouble together!

Cheryl Hicks

Hello, my name is Toj Mangat and I am excited to seek election for the Delegate position of Assembly District 13! As a lifelong resident of San Joaquin County, I look forward to serving and working alongside the community.

With my knowledge and experience in a legal background, several issues I will advocate for are: (1) an excellent public education system (the children are the future); (2) universal single-payer health care system (health is wealth); (3) affordable housing; and (4) celebrate and support an equal and diverse California.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my candidacy, It would be an honor to represent District 13. Vote Toj!

Toj Mangat