Assembly District 14




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

14 Matthew Finkelstein * OSIF
14 Susan George * SIF
14 Thomas Bilbo * OSIF
14 Cassandra James No SIF
14 Kenji Yamada No OSIF
14 Kristin Korsgaard No SIF
14 Brenda Crawford No OSIF
14 Danial Kenneth Leahy No OSIF
14 Phillip “Maui” Wilson No OSIF
14 Kari Birdseye No SIF
14 Steve Sillen No OSIF
14 Ruscal Cayangyang No OSIF
14 Tiffanee Jones  * SIF
14 Susannah Delano No SIF
14 Josh Barker No OSIF
14 Gabriel Haaland No OSIF
14 Taylor Sims No SIF
14 Leilani Quesada No SIF
14 L. Joseph Smith No OSIF
14 Victoria Gordon * SIF
14 Ryan Skolnick No OSIF
14 Tabitha Romero No SIF
14 Aasim Yahya * OSIF
14 Amy Scott-Slovick No SIF
14 Bambi Marien * SIF
14 Lisa J. Mendes No SIF
14 Courtney Masella-O’Brien No SIF
14 Ryan H. Apperson No OSIF
14 Keisha Nzewi No SIF
14 Mark Murphy No OSIF
14 Satinder S. Malhi No OSIF
14 Anamarie Avila Farias  * SIF

Candidate Statements

I’m a long time AD14 activist with a history of colorful activism and I’m a chazzan (prayer chanter) for the oldest synagogue in Solano county

To me, activism has become a core part of my Jewish values, and I’m honored to have been elected president of the Jewish Democratic Club of Solano County, and it’s representative on the Solano County Democratic Party.

Being a delegate is what you make it. Building coalitions to back legislation, changing the resolve of the party and its platform. These efforts shape the party’s advocacy and more importantly can direct it’s funding and lobbying towards more or less progressive outcomes. To get the outcomes we need, we have to get delegates that know how to get their issues through the committee.

Please vote for me, because of my strong record of activism in the state party for years doing just that.

In coalition, I have authored and passed resolutions on issues ranging from mental health parity, environmental racism, countering hate speech, police accountability

and special efforts on behalf of peace in the Middle East.

I did all of these things in collaboration, while not being elected and I hope you’ll empower me to represent you, to do even more.

Being outspoken I am constantly looking to make “good trouble” as John Lewis famously called it.

As a voting member of the Solano County Democratic Party Central Committee, I have been outspoken about the need for transparency and fairness and pushing back on powerful polluters, police violence, domestic violence and the steady parade of corrupt influences that are trying to penetrate our party and in some unfortunate cases succeeding.

As someone who cares deeply about the future of our party speaking out about these things isn’t easy but it’s a moral necessity and while it’s true that it’s sometimes met with resistance, I find myself outspoken in chorus along side the best friends anyone could ask for; Fellow Democrats who are serious about standing up for the people of our Assembly District.

My vision for the future of the party is the same as theirs. A party of compassionate visionaries and leaders, steering California to be the best example of the Democratic experiment in the union.

Matthew Finkelstein

My name is Susan George and I live in Vallejo. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these most challenging times.

I am honored to have served as your AD 14 delegate in 2017 and 18. In addition to my delegate responsibilities, I helped form coalitions around the need for greater police transparency and accountability, guaranteeing mental health parity of services, addressing environmental racism, combating the rising spread of hate speech, and more.

To this day, my organizing within the state party has never waned. I was also proud to have represented California as a delegate to the DNC in 2016 and 2020.

Now with 2021 upon us, the good news is we have defeated Donald Trump; the not so good news is, we face an out-of-control pandemic, record unemployment, greater housing insecurity, and a healthcare crisis.

These problems are too urgent to wait, and too great to be solved with the same old status quo. We need to come together as a state party with better ideas and even better organizing.

My name is Susan George. Please vote for me. I’d like to represent you as your AD 14 delegate.

Video Statement

Susan George

Hello Democrats!

As a Democratic Club Chair, and activist in the LGBTQ community, I am running to bring more inclusion and diversity into the Democratic Party for AD14. It is only through bringing people together and ensuring that everyone has a voice, we can make the CA Democratic Party thrive.

Though I live in Vallejo and Solano County, I will be working to further the cause of the Democratic Party in all of Assembly District 14.

I have been working in the Democratic party through volunteering and other means since I was 17 years old when I worked to help get Gene Taylor elected to replace staunch republican Trent Lott as a representative in Mississippi. Throughout my life as a closeted and then out gay man, I’ve sought to speak for those that didn’t have a voice.

I am a founding member and the current Chair of the Solano Stonewall Democrats and the Board Chair for Solano Pride Center in one of the most conservative Bay Area counties. Through my work in Solano County, we now have almost every city issuing Pride Month proclamations throughout the county, with Dixon being the last city to get.

When I serve as your representative to the Democratic Party, I will be representing your needs to the party. My plan is to visit clubs, Central Committees, and any organization furthering the Democratic party throughout the district. By knowing what the Democratic organizations need, I can help bring that voice to the State Democratic Party

Besides my work in the Democratic Party, I’m also organizing to promote reforms to our Vallejo Police Department. Under the banner of Reform Vallejo PD Now, I have brought together a diverse group of people to promote change in our city through a Ballot referendum we plan to have a special election for in 2021. Further, we are also addressing loopholes in our City Charter that allow people with violent crimes in their recent past to hold office. In our society, domestic violence, police intimidation and unlawful executions have no place.

Only through inclusion can ensure we have an informed and engaged electorate. Having served as a delegate previously, I promise to work harder to make Our Party stronger and more active throughout AD 14.

I humbly ask for your support to be an Assembly Delegate for AD14. Find out more about me on Social Media using @ElectTomBilbo.

In Democratic Pride,

Thomas Bilbo

Hi, neighbors!

Currently, I’m a Community Development Specialist for the City & County of San Francisco. Since early in my professional journey, I have bridged underrepresented communities and government agencies.

Some highlights from my public interest career include serving as a San Francisco Youth Commissioner, member of the San Francisco Transitional Aged Youth Initiative, and community liaison to the African American Community Relations Board. I was also the program coordinator at the Center for Young Women’s Development & instrumental in convening probation officers and allies from the tri-county (San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa) on trends impacting system impacted young womxn. Presently, I serve as board co-director of New Leaders Council, Oakland chapter, member of the League of Women Voters, Solano County chapter, a member of Black Women Organizing for Political Action (BWOPA), Solano/Napa chapter & member of the Solano County anti-trafficking collaborative.

Although, I was born and raised in SF I now reside in Vallejo. Since moving to Vallejo nearly ten years ago, my family has grown with the birth of my boys, six years old and seven months old. Naturally, I fell in love with one of the state’s most diverse cities & want to contribute in making the community better.

This past year became a year of reckoning for our community with a pandemic highlighting the disparities impacting BIPOC communities, police-involved killings & demand for change. As we wait to return to normal, we must realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

As a community we must look at advocacy through a racial equity lens to ensure all members in community has the awareness, access and voice in the political process. Through collaborative leadership, we can operationalize reparations by looking at the disparities, listening to the diverse voices and implementing the changes.

At the end of the day, I have lived the reality of not having enough, being excluded & fighting for my voice to heard. This year broke my heart on many occasions but it was having as conversation with my son on the reasons why protests were needed so his country knows his life matters. That conversation lead me here and I hope to be the bridge between community & government.

Neighbors, I hope to earn your vote.

In solidarity,


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Cassandra James

I have worked for years as a progressive activist in Concord, including my own candidacy for City Council on a strong progressive platform (earning 43% of the vote), and advocacy for bicycle infrastructure, tenants’ rights, opposition to sweeping of homeless residents, and protection of immigrants.

I served as a CDP delegate in the previous term, voting for progressives candidates and issues and helping organize other delegates’ votes for them (e.g. Marisol Rubio) .

If elected as an ADEM delegate for 2021-22, I will work to build a Democratic Party which:

– Cultivates grassroots power and refuses the money and influence of for-profit corporations, industries, and wealthy individuals.

– Treats global warming as the civilization-ending crisis it is.

– Commits to single-payer healthcare, not just “access” via private for-profit insurance.

– Stands firmly for racial justice and fights white supremacy in all its forms, including in ourselves.

I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Kenji Yamada

Brenda Joyce Crawford has been in the thick of social justice work for over five decades. She’s an unapologetic butch woman who comes from a blue collar working class background in the U.S. South. She has worked with such groups as Mental Health Consumer Concerns and Progressive Research & Planning for Action, and has won numerous awards for her community work and her work supporting those with experiences of alcohol and substance abuse, including the California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition for Front Line Work, and Certificates of Recognition and Appreciation from Congresswoman Barbara Lee and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. Brenda joined the Democratic Party in 1964 and has been involved for the last fifty six years. During those years Brenda was a board member of the National Victory Fund, who’s primary mission is to train openly LGBT people to run for public office.

In addition, Brenda served as the three term President of the East Bay Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club now known as the Stonewall Democratic Club of the East Bay. Founding member of the Solano County Stonewall Democratic Club and former co chair of the Solano County Central Committee and currently the President of the oldest democratic club in Solano County-The United Democratic Club of Southern Solano County. Brenda is also committed to seniors, having served two terms as the Chair of the Oakland Commission on Aging appointed by former Governor then the mayor of the city of Oakland, Jerry Brown. Crawford served one term as the Chair of the Solano Country Area Agency on Aging Advisory Board, appointed by Supervisor Monica Brown.

Crawford’s wide range of activism in Vallejo also focuses on cannabis justice via the organization Senior-Cann, a cannabis education and healthy living membership for seniors that seeks to break the stigma associated with medical cannabis and aging.

Crawford is an old school Democrat who believes in transparency and equity. She realizes that she is just a servant leader for the diverse constituency in the 14th AD and as such will seek to represent all the voices within the district with clarity, power, dignity and Grace!

Brenda Crawford

I believe that the role of delegate is twofold; to bring the multitude of diverse voices and ideas to the Democratic Party and to organize folks around campaigns to bring progressive change. I want to continue working on the progressive issues I brought to my campaign for Martinez city council. Those issues include local independent redistricting commissions, a green new deal, addressing climate change, and solutions to homelessness.

I will bring my 15+ years of experience working on campaigns to bring the positive progressive changes that will help everyone in our communities. I will also be a strong advocate to ensure that folks from all corners of our district have their voice heard and a seat at the table. I will work to ensure we have diversity in all levels representing the values of our party.

If elected to the 2021-2022 delegate term I will focus on the following:

•A commitment to racial justice, standing up to all instances of white supremacy and dismantling structural racism.

•Fighting for a state and local Green New Deal to mitigate climate change and create good paying jobs that are not dependent on fossil fuels.

•Supporting efforts to bring a universal health care plan, like Medicare for All, to California.

•Strengthening the relationship between the California Democratic Party and local activists to help build a deep bench of progressives for office and bolster our ground game to win elections.

I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Danial Kenneth Leahy

Hello, my name is Maui (Phillip) Wilson, I am Vallejo born and raised. Growing up in Vallejo has given me a unique and unwavering appreciation for this city and all it offers. It was eight years ago, I began to desire and understand the importance of civic engagement and community organizing. My Community Organizing work has been centered around equity, equality, and creating safe spaces for marginalized and disenfranchised groups within our heavily diverse community. Soon after, I founded the Vallejo Peace Project, a community organization focused on restoring unity in the community and highlighting the importance of valuing diversity. Some of the more notable projects have been with Vallejo Together, Food is Free, and the coalition working on Unity Day. This was done by creating safe spaces and highlighting many things that were already happening and bringing awareness to a myriad of things, both good and bad, taking place in the community aiming to offer support.

I am now campaigning to join The California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate (AD) on the AD14 Slate. Being in Vallejo has given me a deep perspective on the past, present and future of our city. I truly believe that not only is Vallejo rich in talent, potential and community, but also diversity.

While AD14 is an incredibly diverse district, similar to Vallejo, I firmly believe that we can do more to value and honor that diversity. For too long the constituents of AD14 have relied heavily on the city administrators to make decisions that would benefit the people, however, with a community as diverse as ours its imperative to crowd source and canvas to get a better understanding of ways to truly improve and benefit our community as a whole. If elected as an AD14 Delegate, I will continue to work to advance the Democratic Party Platform by creating safe spaces, providing a platform for my constituents to voice issues and concerns.

I look forward to earning your vote this January and bringing more voices to the table!

Maui (Phil) Wilson

I am running for A D 14 Delegate to the State Democratic Committee because I see a great void that needs to be filled. The party has lost sight of who it represents. We need to create more jobs, improve equitable housing access, improve relationhips with our underserved communities, the Attorney Geneal needs to intervene with underperforming police departments, increase opportunities for our youth and improve the plight of our seniors.

Before I get into that let me give you my qualifictions. I served four year on Benicia’s Economic Developement Board. Currently I am serving a six term on the Federal Government’s Napa Solano Area Agency on Aging’s oversight committee. For five years I was on the board of Carquinez Village.Also, I am currently Supervosor Brown’s representative on The Solano Senior Coalition. I was on the Matthew Turner School Site Council and currently on the Benicia High School one. I was a teacher and administrator in the Vallejo schools for 23 years. I was on the Execitive Council of V.E.A.(Vallejo’s teacher union).for almost twenty years. I served on the California Teachers Association for four years on their finance committee. I have an M B A fom Pepperdine University and an administrative credential from Cal State Hayward.

Now how do i solve the problems mentioned above by adding the following to our platfrom:

1. Create a WPA type program putting people to work improving our roads, bridges, schools, libraries, senior and youth centers

2. Create jobs and housing for the underserved in our state

3. Have the governor act on the reccomendatiions of his committee on seniors

4. House the homeless by filling the vacant hotels in the state.

5. Promote modular housing for seniors amd homeless

6. Promote shared housing for seniors

7. Put helping centers by housing for seniors and homeless. There they can access quaity health care and also have access to social and educatinal programs

8. Demand the Attorney General look into the actions of various police departments that are not serving their communties

9. Build more youth centers with access for High School students

10. Create finacial incentves to hire youth 15 and above

11,. Improve conditions of underserved communities by giving them equitable access to education, jobs, and home

Our mission is to serve everyone in the stATE

Steven Sillen

My name is Ruscal Cayangyang from Vallejo, California. I’m running to be your Assembly District 14 Delegate to bring principled, accountable, and experienced leadership to the California Democratic Party. I’m a Filipino American immigrant, member of the working class, union member, 30 year resident of our community, former elected official, and former 2020 Democratic National Convention California Delegate and Rules Committee Appointee.

These are challenging times. Our representative democracy is threatened by big-money, special interests. We must elect leaders with a track record of leadership, courage, conviction, who hold community values in high regard.

For the last 10+ years, I’ve served in numerous public service roles: City of Vallejo Youth Commission, Vallejo School Board, Legislative Aide for Richmond City Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, and Legislative Aide for Berkeley City Councilmember Cheryl Davila. I’ve advocated for our community at past State Assembly bill hearings, and worked with the community to develop legislation and address critical issues: Police Accountability, Criminal Justice Reform, COVID-19 Economic Recovery, Racial Justice, Environmental Justice, Homelessness, Housing, Public Health, Public Education, protecting workers, renters, immigrants, and LGBTQ+. In addition, I’ve worked on numerous grassroots campaigns (City Council, Mayor, County Supervisor, State Assembly, and U.S. President).

As a public servant, I refused to be bought off by special interests, and you can count on me to strongly fight for you! I would be honored to earn your vote.

I’m endorsed by Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Board Director Jovanka Beckles, Richmond City Councilmember Eduardo Martinez, Berkeley City Councilmember Cheryl Davila, El Cerrito City Councilmember Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, Assembly District 15 Delegate Bobbi Lopez, Our Revolution Contra Costa Outreach Coordinator Kate Ferrara, and many more community leaders.

Ruscal Cayangyang

Hello AD14 DEMOCRATS! My name is Tiffanee Jones and I am running to be your Delegate for AD 14. As an Educator in Vallejo and member of CSEA 199, I have served and advocated for the educational needs of our community’s children for 13 years.

I am currently an Elected Delegate to the Solano County Democratic Central Committee serving as the Southern Vice Chair. I am the founding charter member of the Solano Democratic Workers Alliance and immediate past Executive Board Member of the Community Democratic Club and former appointed Delegate to the State Party for Senator Bill Dodd. I am a member of the following caucuses within the party: Black Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, Women’s Caucus, Labor Caucus, Latino Caucus, Children’s Caucus and Progressive Caucus.

As a Delegate for AD14, I will continue to work as an advocate for education, economic development, equity, inclusion, workers rights, environmental justice, criminal justice reform, youth empowerment/engagement and for support efforts during this COVID-19 pandemic.

I believe with my background, knowledge and collaboration skills, I will provide the necessary leadership skills to move AD 14 forward. As a party and region, we must focus on enhancing and enriching the lives of our constituents particularly as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am proud to be part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE . Join us as we continue to get into “Good Trouble- Necessary Trouble” in the Democratic Party.

Vote for Tiffanee Jones for AD14 and the members of UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE!

Check us out on Facebook:

Yours in Service,

Tiffanee Jones

Tiffanee Jones

Hello! I am a lifelong progressive Democrat raising my son in Vallejo. I would be honored to represent you as AD 14 delegate. I have spent my adult life fighting on behalf of justice, good health and equality for all hardworking people in Solano and Contra Costa counties. Especially women!

Please check out my video statement or read below!

I believe a firm commitment to progressive values and leadership that truly reflects the diversity of our communities is what it will take for our Party to become a more effective, inclusive, and meaningful force for positive change in the lives of our community members.

Throughout the 2000’s, I worked alongside thousands of homecare workers in our region, bargaining union contracts that raised pay above minimum wage and offered caregivers health and dental benefits for the first time. Together we also blocked devastating cuts proposed to the In-Home Supportive Services program, in order to make it possible for low-income elderly and disabled residents to remain independent in their own homes.

During the 2010’s I worked to make reproductive health care accessible and affordable to all as Public Affairs Director at Planned Parenthood Northern California. Today I serve as Executive Director of Close the Gap California, a campaign to bring our State Legislature to at least 50% women by 2028. Our strategy is recruiting progressive women to run, and it’s working: one in four women serving in Sacramento today is a Close the Gap Recruit, and 89% of them are women of color.

The work I have chosen over the years reflects my core values of equal representation and justice for all, and I will put in the time and effort to see those values at the heart of the CA Democratic Party.

It’s a time of great challenge, but also very real hope for a better politics and future. I want California to lead the way on a wide array of progressive aims, from racial and criminal justice, to climate protection, to affordable housing, quality health and mental health care systems, and so much more. But our ability to deliver depends on the values and commitments of those we elect.

I respectfully request your vote. I would be honored to represent my AD 14 neighbors as a Delegate. Now is the time for us to lead the way to a more just and equitable future for all!

Susannah Delano

My name is Josh Barker. I am a Father, Military Veteran, Small Business Owner and a Bay Area Native. For over ten years I have served my community as both a coach and mentor for underprivileged youth. I am also a lifelong Democrat who has volunteered for numerous campaigns, ran for office and held to the principle of systemic change through continued activism.

After raising my hand and swearing to support and defend the constitution at the moment of my enlistment, I realized with that came a responsibility to support and defend the people of our Country. That integral thought influences my every action to this day. Fighting for police reform, housing, environmental justice, human rights and many other issues that I believe as Americans we have a responsibility to address with care. It is my belief that I am not alone in thinking this way and to that end I am joining the AD14 UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE.

Please join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party. these values. I respectfully ask for your vote to serve as a delegate for AD14.

Josh Barker

I am a longtime Labor, Progressive and Democratic activist who has dedicated myself to protecting workers, renters, and fighting for racial, economic and social justice. I am an Executive Board member of the Contra Costa Labor Council and I work for SEIU 1021 as a labor and community organizer. I have been the President of Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, elected twice as an ADEM 14 delegate, and currently serve on the Resolutions Committee of the State Democratic Party. While being a delegate, I wrote/passed resolutions at the California State Democratic Convention supporting workers rights, tenants rights, and progressive proposals. I have had the honor to serve as your ADEM 14 delegate and I respectfully ask for your vote.

I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

As a former tenants rights organizer and a Labor and Community organizer for the last 25 years, I believe that Housing and Healthcare are Human Rights. I believe Women’s rights are Human Rights, and these include the right to live free from domestic violence, sexual harassment and discrimination. I support Medicare For All, making Big Corporations pay their fair share, taxing millionaires, free child care, student loan forgiveness, free community college, and expanding Social Security. I will also fight to end police violence, invest in people, not prisons, and to dismantle inhumane deportation programs and detention centers and reunite families that have been separated.

-Labor Activist of the Year-Solano County Democratic Party.

-Given an award as a “Local Hero” by the Bay Guardian for my role in the progressive movement.

-Led campaigns to raise the minimum wage in multiple cities in the Bay Area.

-Led campaigns to protect renters from unjust evictions & to stop landlord-backed efforts to gut rent control in multiple cities around the Bay Area. Helped pass rent control legislation in Richmond, the first local ordinance in 30 years.

-Served as a Community Grand Marshal for the SF Pride Parade, and as former Co-Vice President of a National Labor LGBT Group called Pride at Work. I was the first transgender candidate to win public election in SF history through my election to the Democratic Party.

-Graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law.

Gabriel Haaland

I am a lifelong Pittsburg resident. I am the Special Projects Coordinator for Lift Up Contra Costa, a coalition of nine organizations committed to fighting against all forms of oppression, including anti-Black racism, racism, anti-immigrant, anti-LBGTQ and the classist, anti-worker movements. We envision a county in which all people benefit from our shared resources. We believe in the value of all of our residents and are fighting for an environment in which everyone can flourish. During my time with Lift Up Contra Costa, I have worked with many community organizations to fight for injustices for all marginalized communities on city and county levels. I even planned the first Pittsburg Black Lives Matter march in June. My activism in the areas of homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, education/disability rights, environmental protections, civil rights, tenant protections and support for labor keeps me in touch with the heart of many issues in the party.

If elected as an ADEM delegate, I will stand firmly for racial justice and fight white supremacy in all its forms. I am committed to working in collaboration with other delegates to make our platform a reality. I will offer a new perspective and leadership. I will attend all annual conventions, promote our Party’s agenda, as well as vote in accordance with Assembly District 14’s uniquely progressive spirit.

I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Taylor Sims

I’m asking for your support as I run for AD 14 Delegate.

As a resident of this district for over 20 years, I’ve served my community in various ways such as a mentor for high school students, a literacy tutor at the Solano County library, and as a Participatory Budget delegate in the city of Vallejo. My experience in organizational leadership includes serving terms as Secretary for Vallejo Community Access Television, Secretary/Treasurer and then Vice President for Active 20-30 Club Vallejo, and Trustee for AFSCME Local 2700.

The causes nearest to my heart are education; youth services; social, economic and environmental justice; and supporting our district, particularly in this trying time under a global pandemic. I will advocate for data-driven solutions for the maximum benefit to our communities within the district.

I’ll be updating information on social media under @ElectLeilaniQuesada. Please connect with me there!

Leilani Quesada

My name is Ryan Skolnick. I am a current delegate, former executive board member of CADEM, and one of the youngest delegates to ever be appointed to the Party Rules Committee. Throughout my time on Rules, I have introduced and passed bylaws changes to make it easier to block sexual predators from getting Party endorsements, and to make it easier for delegates and the Party to take action on endorsed legislation.

Outside of the Party, I am on the campaigns team of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, as a distributed organizer. Throughout my time with CNA/NNU, I have worked tirelessly to protect nurses, and make health care a right for all people by fighting for Medicare for All.

I’m looking forward to continuing to make positive change in the Party, with my goals including increasing Party engagement on the issues that are important to us as Democrats, strengthen our support of Young Democrats, and re-establish and strengthen the connection between the Party and the grassroots. For that, I ask for your vote, and would be very thankful for the privilege of serving Assembly District 14 as a delegate.

I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Ryan Skolnick

Having spent my entire life in AD-14, I am a direct byproduct of the values my community has instilled within me: honesty, compassion, and integrity. The divisive hostility of today’s politics lacks such values. That’s why I am running to be a delegate for AD-14.

I sincerely believe that the California Democratic Party has the opportunity to transform the nature of our politics with policy that reaffirms our commitment to working and middle class folks such as my own family. While our party may be divided by policy at times, we are further united by our common principles. As I approach the end of my undergraduate career at U.C. Berkeley, I’m grateful to have a series of lived experiences which inform my vision for California.

As a party, we must actively work to close the achievement and resource gap in K-12 education, while developing sustainable pathways into higher education. We must approach homelessness and the affordable housing crisis with bold and innovative policy solutions, not simply a string of platitudes. We must take leadership on the existential threat of climate change by transitioning to a carbon-free economy. We must not only recognize how systemic racism persists within society, but work to dismantle it. Finally, we must work collectively to gradually reopen our economy, support small businesses, and eliminate COVID-19 by listening to public health experts.

In 2018, I ran for California State Assembly to represent AD-14. Despite losing, I received over 40,000 votes at the age of 18 because I called on my community to think about how effective and transparent governance can make this bold vision into reality. In the last three years, I’ve worked with local, state, and national leaders within the Democratic Party to communicate and advance this vision. As a non-profit leader, I’ve worked to make voting more accessible, build avenues to assist students in accessing higher level education, and consistently center those most affected by the issues I advocate for.

As a delegate for AD-14, I will seek to build a bridge between the lived experiences of our community, and the California Democratic Party. I consider such a responsibility crucial to a strong democracy, and a better California.

To learn more about Aasim, visit or contact him directly at

Aasim Yahya

I am Amy Scott-Slovick, a Registered Nurse for 24 yrs & I was raised in this district by a family of progressive activists. My parents taught us to “walk the talk.” I’m a member of the CA Nurses Association & work hard advocating for my patients & community with the firm conviction we nurses know: Health care, housing, racial justice, clean air & water & education are human rights! I am a member of the CCC Dem Party and a delegate to the Contra Costa Labor Council. I have been a democrat since my 18th birthday!

Raising a family in this district, I know the challenges we face with skyrocketing housing costs. I have experienced first-hand the domino effect of health insurance being tied to employment. It has been catastrophic for many during Covid. For those who have health insurance, many are one big illness away from losing their home, health care and/or job. As a RN, I see this happen all the time. In 2010, my husband and I lost our home while caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. This isn’t an unusual story, but it should be!

That motivated me to run for ADEM 4 years ago. In this role l I have been heartened to see the tide turning but we need to keep pushing! As a RN, labor activist & mother I go to Sacramento (and wherever else is needed) to lobby for patient and health care worker protections and promoting Single Payer Health Care. We need to stop criminalizing mental illness & addiction and start looking at this issue from a broader, compassionate view. My activism re; homelessness, racial justice, environmental protections, domestic violence, education/disability rights, patient protections and pro-labor keep me in touch with the heart of many issues in our party. We must step up, push back and tell big money that we will not be silenced or bought! With the looming of “Right to (NOT) Work” we must organize & hold our elected’s accountable; they work for US! As a union rep & an ADEM I have a proven talent for organizing & mobilizing folks to get involved.

A very important part of nursing is compassion. We need to bring that core value back to our country & claim it for all! We are more alike than not. From our hospitals to our communities to our borders to our world to our planet. Compassion.

I would be honored to receive your vote and ask you to please support my slate, “United for a Progressive Future.”

Amy Scott-Slovick

My name is Bambi Marien, I was born and raised in Concord and am currently raising my family in Concord. I am the child of 2 proud Union parents who have taught me to fight for the working class. I have worked as a Union Representative for over 14 years with UFCW. I currently sit as a Democratic Delegate for ADEM 14 and I sit as an executive member on the Contra Costa Central Labor council. I held a board seat on Monument Impact. I am active with supporting other Unions and community members to make sure that our voices are heard in speaking up against or in favor of politicians that can make or break our future.

I have lobbied in Sacramento for fair housing and propositions that would strengthen labor and our Unions. I have trained stewards and members alike to become active and engage in our community. I am a strong advocate for education, fair housing, grassroots power, and fighting racial injustice. I am currently an active member with the Women’s caucus, Latino caucus, Education caucus and Labor caucus. I believe strongly that we need to have a high level of accountability with those that vote on any issue that effects these values.

I am committed to listening and working with other delegates to make our platform a reality. I want to continue to vote in accordance with Assembly District 14’s Values and I would be honored to receive your vote.

I have respectfully served as your ADEM 14 delegate for two terms and I humbly ask for your vote once again.

Bambi Marien

Lisa J. Mendes is a busy & loving wife & mom of two littles (ages 3 & 5), roles she juggles while practicing law & running a boutique law firm which represents families, children & small businesses. Lisa obtained her Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Spanish Language & Literature in 2013, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 2008, & a Juris Doctorate (JD) in 2011. Lisa put herself through school while working toward all of her degrees. In fact, she graduated from her MBA program on a Thursday & started law school on the following Monday.

Before law school, Lisa worked in CA, NJ, NY & Boston for a Fortune 50 Company, spearheading the company’s Latino Market Outreach & product development.

Shortly after passing the Bar Exam in California in 2012, Lisa started her own law firm which grew to a vibrant & successful firm in under a year due to Lisa’s ability to connect with people, tenacity, empowerment & support of those around her, especially young women.

Lisa merged her law firm with her now law partner in 2018 to serve the public with a firm to provide advocates in all legal challenges they may face in life, all under one roof, only having to tell their story once.

As an attorney, Lisa has worked with the California State Legislature to pass legislation; tried criminal cases; spoken on family law issues & cannabis law issues; & has written articles for lawyer publications.

Lisa believes in the voice of the Democratic Voter, especially that of the young Democratic Voter. Lisa knows that the progress our children deserve exists in the passions & life experiences of those voters.

Lisa feels that the government should be a true representation of its community & should be a voice for that community, in all elements of the diversity it represents.

Electing Lisa as a California Democratic Party Delegate will give a voice to those like her – those who credit their achievements with grit & are now working hard to provide for their families, communities & loved ones; those who want to empower youth to have their voices heard, loud & clear.

The perseverance & tenacity which propelled Lisa into balancing her roles as wife, mom, law partner & small business owner, are the traits which she will undeniably bring to the Democratic voice in her role as a California Democratic Delegate & she is asking for your vote.please support my slate, “United for a Progressive Future.”

Lisa J. Mendes

My name is Courtney Masella-O’Brien. I am a life-long Democrat, a Martinez Unified School District Board of Education Trustee, a mother, a community volunteer leader, and an attorney. I have been an alternate to the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County since 2017 and was elected by District 5 voters in March 2020 to be a regular member. I’m also a member of the Lambda Democratic Club of Contra Costa County and the Diablo Valley Democrats. I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

My history with the Democratic Party is long. Since the time I was in high school, I have volunteered on several local Democrats’ campaigns, including my own. I want to elect progressive Democrats, and hold our elected officials accountable.

I believe healthcare, housing, clean air and water, and education are human rights. I believe every child has a right to an excellent, free public education. And I don’t believe corporations, special interests, and the rich should be able to buy our elections.

I want to champion anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and equity, and I have a history of doing so. I worked with coalitions of other local activists to make Martinez a sanctuary city, advocated for fair voting districts and the California Voting Rights Act, and for Black Lives Matter. As a school board member, mental health and disability rights are also a priority of mine, and I want to champion these at the state level also.

I’ll use my advocacy, problem solving, and collaboration skills to fight for progressive policies and values, and to improve the lives of AD 14 residents and improve the California Democratic Party.

My community service work includes being a committee member for MUSD’s LCAP committee, the Vice President of the Martinez Community Swim Team, a committee member of the School Site Councils at Morello Park Elementary and the Junior High, a board member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association Women’s Section, and a food bank volunteer.

Please consider voting for me and my slate members. United, we truly can make the future brighter for all of our families.

Courtney Masella-O'Brien

My name is Ryan Apperson, and it would be an honor to serve once again as your delegate for Assembly District 14.

I am a resident of Martinez where I live with my wife and children. I am a lifelong Democrat who has fought hard in local elections to help elect candidates and pass ballot initiatives that help working families. I have run phone banks, knocked on countless doors, and recruited volunteers to help in those efforts. I have been an active member and leader of the Contra Costa Young Democrats as well as an alternate for the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County.

In my professional life, first as a labor relations representative and now as an attorney, I have fought tirelessly for working families. I believe when people are paid a living wage and receive good benefits the entire economy thrives. I also believe the Democratic Party is the best hope for advancing workers’ rights in our state and country. It is with this perspective that I offer my candidacy to be your delegate.

While I am passionate about workers’ rights, I will continue to fight for a party that stands to protect the environment, rebuild our vital infrastructure, and promote the equal protection of all civil and fundamental rights. I am seeking another term as your delegate because I want my children to grow up in a community which values education, the environment, and the contribution of working people.

I would truly be honored to serve again as your delegate and humbly ask for your support of my candidacy as well as your support of the entire United for a Progressive Future slate of delegates. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Ryan H. Apperson

My name is Keisha Nzewi (kay-isha en-zay-we), and I am a Democrat, born and raised. I am newly elected to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board, and I am new to the politics of the Democratic Party.

What is not new are my progressive values and commitment to all things right and just. In my career as a public policy advocate, I have fought for the Affordable Care Act, the expansion of child nutrition (i.e. school meals, free summer lunch) and SNAP (CalFresh in California), as well as increased availability of child care for struggling families, and thriving wages for those who we entrust to care for our youngest children.

While I have never been a member of a union, I was raised in a union household. Growing up with parents active in their own unions to this day, has instilled in me an unwavering respect for the role unions play in making everyone’s lives better. Worker’s rights are human rights.

As we’ve been faced with an unimaginable pandemic and an inevitable Racial Reckoning, I have used my voice to push our systems away from their racist, oppressive pasts towards a righteous, anti-racist future. As an ADEM delegate, I would bring that same passion to ensuring our party priorities don’t perpetuate the same racist foundations that continue to plague our communities. This means facing head on, to the benefit of all, the anti-black racism which serves as the foundation of all racism in our country. It means not compromising on health care for all, and wages that don’t keep working people in poverty.

Progressive values are in line with the majority of Democrats. I want to be a part of making sure progressive policies prevail. I am a proud member of the United for a Progressive Future Slate, and would be honored to receive your vote. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Keisha Nzewi

Thank you for considering me for your vote. I am a lifelong Democrat. I have been a lifelong activist fighting for equality for all. I am a retail salesperson who has spent my spare time working on campaigns for Democrats up and down ticket, federal and local races. I truly believe nothing changes unless we do our civic duty of being an active member of society and working to make our government work for everyone. Please consider voting for me so I can work hard for you.

My parents thought me that my privilege as a white male is to look at others and try to understand what it like to walk in their shoes. Even though growing up as a gay male during turbulent times for my LGBTQ community it was important for me to understand I still had advantages as a white make others in my community didn’t. We were also middle class so I was always told to help those who didn’t have what we had. I will listen to you more than I speak but than speak up for you. Your voice will be my voice. I would like to thank you for your consideration of representing you within the party.

Mark Murphy

Satinder S. Malhi is a first generation Sikh-American and a lifelong progressive Democrat. He is running once more to be a delegate in order to ensure that the California Democratic Party remains at the forefront in standing up for the rights of all working people, including the underserved and underrepresented. Now, more than ever, he vows to continue the fight for quality and affordable health care, to push back against efforts to destroy public education and the environment as well as to continue to stand up for the civil rights of all Americans as a member of the “United for a Progressive Future Slate.”

Satinder has worked on a wide-range of civil rights issues impacting the Sikh-American community since 9/11 including workplace discrimination, airport screening procedures, school bullying, inmate grooming standards and more. His advocacy efforts on behalf of the Sikh-American community eventually sparked a strong desire to learn more about public policy formation within the California State Legislature.

As a former senior aide to former State Senator (now Congressman) Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, among others, Satinder has worked on a wide range of public policy and community issues including higher education, labor, environment, consumer protection and local government.

Over the course of the past two decades, Satinder has volunteered on numerous Democratic campaigns at the local, state and national level. He previously served on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County and is a co-founder and past President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats.

Satinder has received several awards including being named “Outstanding Young Democrat” by the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County as well as “Young Man of the Year” by the Martinez Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Alhambra High School and received his B.A. in Politics/Legal Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz, with honors. He currently serves as the Associate Director for Government and Community Relations at CSU East Bay where he also recently received his Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA). Satinder lives in Martinez with his wife Gurpreet, a local small business owner.

Satinder S. Malhi

I am a life-long Democrat, a third-generation Contra Costa County resident, a parent, and a former Martinez City Councilwoman and newly elected Board Member to the Board of Education. I have contributed over 20 years to the communities of Contra Costa County through my public service, policy work, and community leadership. As a City Councilwoman, I actively used creative and innovative ways to engage our community, especially younger voters who are the next generation of our Party. I will leverage my deep local and statewide networks to register new voters from across all of California’s diverse communities in order for our Party to have a stronghold in 2022.

As a staunch women’s rights and social justice advocate, I believe we all have a responsibility to ensure that survivors of domestic violence receive support from the community through protections, services, and programs. We must invest in community education and prevention of domestic violence in order to break cycles and end it. We must devote resources to engage perpetrators and survivors in restorative justice models if they are willing and able. This requires responsibility and accountability from perpetrators. Only then can healing begin.

I am a Gubernatorial appointment to the California Housing Finance Agency; a current board member for the Juvenile Hall Auxiliary of Contra Costa County; a former Planning Commissioner and the former 1st Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County.

As a current delegate to the Democratic Party, I look forward to continuing the work we started. I am committed to working in collaboration with other delegates to make our platform a reality. I will continue to be an active member of the Women’s Caucus and Chicano Latino Caucus. I will attend all annual conventions, promote our Party’s agenda, as well as vote in accordance with Assembly District 14’s uniquely progressive spirit.

I have had the honor to serve as your ADEM 14 delegate for three terms and I respectfully ask for your vote. I am part of the UNITED FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE SLATE. Join our movement for change to make the Democratic Party our party.

Anamarie Avila Farias