Assembly District 15




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

15 Alfred Twu * OSIF
15 La Trena Robinson * SIF
15 Shane Krpata No OSIF
15 Carolyn Wysinger * SIF
15 Nicolemarie Greene No SIF
15 Sean Newlin No OSIF
15 Anna Shane * SIF
15 David Gutfeld * OSIF
15 Eli Moore No OSIF
15 Alexandria Rodriguez No SIF
15 William Ktsanes No OSIF
15 Dyana Delfín Polk No SIF
15 Zac Unger No OSIF
15 Kate Harrison No SIF
15 Johana Gurdian No SIF
15 La’Tanya J. Dandie * SIF
15 Devin T. Murphy * OSIF
15 James Mordecai No OSIF
15 Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto No SIF
15 Mary Marsella * SIF
15 Dan Kalb No OSIF
15 Alexandra Saba * SIF
15 Connie TaylorSmith No SIF
15 Soli Alpert No OSIF
15 Anna Smith No SIF
15 Ana Vasudeo No SIF
15 Ben Fong No OSIF
15 Melvin Willis * OSIF
15 Edward Malaret No OSIF
15 Champagne Brown * SIF
15 Rita Xavier No SIF
15 Demetrio Gonzalez-Hoy No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Alfred Twu and I am running to continue the work on housing, helping young people get involved in politics, and supporting progressive candidates and ballot measures.

Housing is my #1 priority. In the last two years, I helped establish the California Democratic Renters Council to give tenants a bigger voice in the party. I worked on getting the party to support bills to expand rent control and tenant rights, provide relief for tenants affected by Covid, allow homes in commercial zones, and fund affordable housing.

Right now I’m organizing Democrats around bills to extend Covid tenant protections, create housing near jobs, and create low cost homeownership opportunities such as duplexes or splitting a lot to build a second house.

I also serve on the CA Democratic Party’s Affirmative Action Committee, on the board of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, and am part of the LGBTQ Caucus and Progressive Caucus. I worked with other delegates to pass resolutions supporting human rights in Hong Kong, stronger relations between Taiwan and the US, and redesigning streets and vehicles to improve pedestrian and traffic safety. As an artist I make illustrations to help voters and elected officials understand Propositions, state bills, and local measures.

In 2020 I was a Bernie delegate to the Democratic National Convention. As your California Democratic Party Delegate I’ll keep on supporting the issues and movements: Black Lives Matter. Reproductive and Gender Justice. Police reform. Ending Mass Incarceration and Detention. Transportation planning that addresses issues such as housing displacement, policing, discrimination, and safety. Public education – stopping the privatization of public schools and making college free. Medicare for All. Tenant protections, rent control, and housing cooperatives. Supporting unions, workers rights, and an economic recovery built around the Green New Deal and a living wage.

Thank you for participating in ADEMs and I hope to have your support!

Alfred Twu

Greetings, my fellow Democrats of AD 15!

I am La Trena Robinson and I am ready to continue my work for YOU and our party as an ADEM. We achieved a historic victory with Biden’s win but the fights for change and progress are incomplete.

Oprah Winfrey says a person’s calling cannot be assigned to them. A calling is the passion they feel and the very essence of their life force. Supporting and leading the Democratic Party is my calling and has permeated my being. As a teen I served in student government. As an undergraduate I supported AFL-CIO activities, and as a graduate student I was elected President of two student organizations and led community-based activities.

As a member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, I served on the District V Endorsement Committee in interviewing many candidates who were elected to office. I am also an active member of the Hercules Democratic Club and a member of Contra Costa County’s Older Adult COVID-19 Task Force. I am vocal in my defense of District citizens.

Most recently I proudly volunteered countless hours with my fellow SEIU-United Healthcare Workers to phone bank voters in Arizona and Georgia and ensure our “BLUE WAVE” washes the “RED” tyranny of Trump and McConnell out of power. I also hold an elected SEIU-UHW Executive Board position. I am a professional healthcare worker and advocate to improve the health care system within and outside of my work duties. Bringing you, your family, and your neighbors compassionate care which is sensitive to who you are as people is my aim. AD 15 needs my equity lens as we decide the Party’s future.

I have lived in Hercules, own property in Richmond, attend church in San Pablo, support small businesses in Emeryville, and have strong family roots in Berkeley. I have an appreciation for the entire district and would represent AD15 as a whole.

Many have strengthened my life force. I am an Emerge California alumni, a program which has helped women with political passions become top Democratic Party leaders. My lifeforce is fueled by access to healthcare, eliminating racism, climate protection, building a strong economy and overcoming Covid promptly. As your ADEM I will work to create laws which address these issues through my leadership work in a Union that has helped shape California politics.

Democrats, I need your vote to fight for you!

La Trena Robinson

My name is Carolyn Wysinger and I am running for Assembly District Delegate because it is important for Black Indigenous People of Color to have a voice in the decision making of our party at all levels. I will bring an intersectional lens to the most pressing issues that are facing our Assembly District. I am a social justice champion who is dedicated to improving life outcomes and opportunities for Black people. Black Lives Matter is not a platform issue but instead it is the lens through which we should view each issue to make effective decisions that serve us all.

Education and LGBTQ rights are my top issues. I am a former teacher at Richmond High School who taught English Language Learning, Black Literature and ASB Leadership. I helped establish the WCCUSD Black Graduation to allow our African-American Seniors to feel celebrated. I am a board member and former volunteer at the RYSE Center where I worked with their LGBTQ Youth Group. I am currently serving my second term as Board President of San Francisco Pride with the goal of bringing more Black and POC voices to the forefront of the LGBTQ community. I served on the San Francisco Economic Recovery Task Force focusing on how our LGBTQ businesses were being affected by and may recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I currently serve on the Ca Democratic Party Black Caucus as the Region 5 Director covering West Contra Costa County. I am also a member of the LGBT and Women’s Caucuses. I serve on the executive boards of the El Cerrito Democratic Club as well as the Lambda Democratic Club of Contra Costa County.

This year, I ran for West Contra Costa Unified School District where I inspired thousands of community members to center Black and Brown students. I also worked on the campaign for Proposition 17 to restore the voting rights of previously incarcerated community members. I am currently working on the #KeepTheSeat campaign championing the most progressive woman in Congress, Barbara Lee, being appointed our next US Senator. As your delegate, I will continue supporting Education, Reproductive & Gender Justice, Police Reform, Ending Mass Incarceration and Detention, Medicare for all, Tenants rights, rent control and housing. I will focus on these at the intersection of race and gender ensuring that we are all supported. When you solve it for the most marginalized you solve it for us all.

Carolyn Wysinger

Sean Newlin is a policy analyst, environmental scientist, and climate justice advocate who is experienced in evidence-based program evaluation and research. Sean brings a unique ability to filter though the gritty details and see the big picture — and has leveraged this skill to identify effective and equitable solutions to difficult policy problems across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. His methodical framework to approaching questions around policy choices will ensure all platform or endorsement decisions are carefully considered and alternatives weighed. As committed as Sean is to thoughtful analysis, he is equally committed to electing Democrats who demonstrate an equity-mindset, are committed to protecting vulnerable populations first from the worst effects of climate change, and have shown courage and resolution in fighting for a better world for all and for all future generations.

Sean Newlin

I am running for Democratic Party representative to advocate for accountability and transparency regarding our locally elected Democratic representatives. In Contra Costa County three superior court judges have been removed over misconduct, both former DA Mark Peterson and former County Clerk Joe Canciamilla had to resign over misuse of campaign donations, County Supervisor John Gioia was cited for failing to timely report campaign donations, and DA Diana Becton is currently being sued for gender discrimination. Under Gioia’s 20+ years watch, West County lost Doctors Hospital, the loss of which added a half-hour drive to obtain emergency medical treatment for some.

According to the California Building Standards Commission, none of the 530+ state code enforcement agencies are subject to any oversight: they all self-police. Moreover, the Department of Consumer Protection hasn’t even jurisdiction over State regulatory agencies that are under that agency’s umbrella. This means our cutting-edge earthquake standards are only as effective as whichever code enforcement agency is tasked with ensuring they are followed.

Residents may complain to our elected representatives, to law enforcement agencies, and to professional licensing agencies, but there is no oversight over any of those entities either. California has no Inspector General, tasked with investigating citizen reports of official misconduct.

Since California is solidly blue, residents can’t rely on another political party uncovering and exposing incompetence, negligence, or misdeeds. Since voters chose to vote down proposed new laws on the November ballot, although in general they supported the goals of those proposed laws, it seems reasonable to assume the people of California have lost faith in our elected representatives’ ability to ensure laws are justly enforced.

I believe the CA Democratic Party has a moral obligation to investigate citizen complaints, to propose legislation that would ensure the laws enacted to protect us are enforced, and to censure elected Democrats who are failing in their duties to the people. As your district party representative I will ensure that the voices of the powerless will be heard by the CA Democratic Party and I will report to you the actions taken by our Party on behalf of the people. I respectfully request you vote for me, Anna Shane, Democrat.

Annie Shane

I am running with the mission to push the Democrat party to the left. I have no hidden agenda other than pushing these policy proposals: green new deal, medicare for all, and building a workers party by rejecting corporate money. Ultimately, we need to create a state party that represents the many, not the few .

We are in a climate crisis. We need to offer real solutions to this climate crisis and our local Democrat party is woefully failing at that. We need to support a green new deal for California and hold the corporations who created this mess accountable. This applies obviously to federal offices, but also to state and local issues as well. We must be proactive and fight. If we are living in a climate crisis we must do something.

We are in a public health crisis. We know that pre-exsiting conditions exasperate Covid-19. We know that access to health care is the fundamental predictor of preventive medicine and dealing with those conditions. Health care is a human right and should be treated as such. The Democrat party should be the party of life. We need a national healthcare program, best represented by Medicare For All, to help ensure that we are a society that cares and supports humanity. This applies obviously to federal offices, but also to state and local issues as well. We must create a state that cares for everyone’s health, not just waiting for Federal movement.

Corporations have too much power in our election process and thus our governing process. We must transform the democrat party away from being organized around corporate interests and instead be organized around workers interests. We must reject corporate funds. We must reject corporate candidates. The Democratic Party is organized to represent a vague of notion the people. We must transform it to represent all people and policies the encourage and help all people. For the many, not the few.

David Gutfeld

Beyond being a mother of 3 children, I am an advocate for accessible healthcare for all, housing is a human right and BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As a severely low income black woman, who also emancipated from foster care, I have firsthand experience as to what programs on a county, state, and federal level that do work and do not work for our communities. To support my advocacy, I am a current commissioner for District 2 Housing Advisory Commission, a Tenant Commissioner for the Berkeley Housing Authority, Tenant Counselor for Tenants Together and Volunteer with Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.

I want this opportunity to uplift lower income, as well as communities of color in the Democratic Party and make they know their voices are heard and they are adequately represented in our party.

Alexandria Rodriguez

I am William Ktsanes, a candidate seeking to represent AD 15 as an Assembly District Delegate.

I have been a registered Democrat my entire adult life and, over the years, have volunteered on numerous local, state and national political campaigns. I identify as a fiscally-responsible, pragmatic, progressive Democrat bent on undoing the damage of the last four years and moving our country forward.

I’m committed to social, economic and environmental justice; confronting and ending systemic racism; strengthening LGBTI rights and protections; empowering marginalized and underrepresented communities; caring for the most vulnerable among us; honest, transparent, ethical governance; fiscal responsibility and accountability; sensible public policy built through community engagement and consensus; developing affordable housing and ending homelessness; supporting labor, local businesses, the arts and our public schools; and not just respecting but genuinely honoring and embracing diversity.

My professional and educational background is in education and community development. I currently teach graduate-level ethics and finance at the University of San Francisco (where I am a proud member of the California Federation of Teachers Local 6590 AFL-CIO union). I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand in the 1990s, was an elementary school teacher and principal afterwards, and worked for over a decade in affordable housing finance. I’ve also been a member of the Sierra Club and ACLU for nearly thirty years and more recently a volunteer team leader with Habitat for Humanity.

I have an MBA from UC Berkeley, as well as a master’s in Financial Analysis, master’s in Public Administration and bachelor’s in Economics. I am also nearing completion of a doctorate in Organization and Leadership with a focus on community development finance.

Thank you for your support of and involvement with the California Democratic Party. Thank you, too, for this opportunity to introduce myself and share my priorities. I would be honored to serve AD 15 and the Democratic Party as an Assembly District Delegate.

William Ktsanes

Dyana Delfín Polk is a third generation Mexican-American woman and has deep roots in the Berkeley community. She seeks to uplift the voices of her community through empowerment, action and education. Dyana believes very deeply in the power of public education, and especially our community colleges, to transform the lives of students, staff and educators. She currently serves as Trustee for the Peralta Community College District, Area 6.

Dyana believes:

-Public education must stay public. There have been too many attacks on public education from Washington DC. Dyana is committed to working with local school districts as well as post-secondary education campuses such as the University of California and the California State University system to fight for the resources to keep tuition and fees low. As a Peralta Colleges Trustee for Area 6, Dyana will continue the fight for resources to keep our community colleges accessible to working families and community members.

-Housing is a human right. As a rent-controlled tenant for the last 13 years, she understands the importance of protecting our tenants. This global pandemic is devastating to our communities and many of our community members are unhoused. We need to enact policies to keep neighbors in their homes, especially essential workers, teachers and nonprofit workers.

-Medicare for All. In the midst of a global pandemic, the high cost of health care keeps our neighbors from accessing quality, affordable health care. This is unacceptable, and Dyana is committed to fighting for Medicare for All to keep our community safe and healthy.

Criminal Justice Reform: Dyana’s life work is in the area of violence prevention and restorative justice. Diverting resources from police and law enforcement to mental health services, case management and education continues to be a priority.

Born in Sacramento, Dyana was raised both in Merced and in Berkeley as the daughter of a U.S. Air Force veteran and Oakland Unified School District educator. She has an A.A. degree from Merced College, a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters degree in Public Policy from Mills College. In addition to her work with the Peralta Colleges, Dyana is the Associate Executive Director of HOMEY, a grassroots, violence prevention nonprofit serving Black and Latinx youth in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Dyana Delfin Polk

My name is Zac Unger and I am a lifelong Oaklander, current President of the Oakland Firefighters Union (Local 55), and I am in my 23rd year of service as an Oakland firefighter and paramedic. I am a fourth-generation labor leader and I believe firmly that organized labor is one of the crucial pillars that supports our community and the Democratic Party. With good, solid, middle-class union jobs that guarantee health care and worker safety, the labor movement sets the trend for how all workers should be treated: with fairness, dignity, and a seat at the table. During my time in union leadership I have worked hard to bring together disparate labor unions in the Bay Area and across the state. I have a strong track record of cooperating within the labor movement and have had great success helping unions collaborate to elect candidates who are labor-friendly and want to expand job protections for all workers. I am keenly aware that our future lies in training and equipping a diverse cross-section of local youth to succeed in these great jobs. I am a member of both the Bond Oversight and Parcel Tax Committees for the Peralta Community College District, where I have held bureaucrats to account, demanding that taxpayer money is spent to ensure student success, not frittered away by consultants and administrators. My own kids have attended Oakland public, district schools and I have served in various roles on PTA’s and OUSD committees. My work on the front lines as a firefighter and paramedic gives me a unique view on our health care crisis. No matter your background, race, gender, immigration or insurance status, or how much money you have, if you call 911 we will be there in five minutes to care for you. This is truly health care for all—but it proves just how broken our system is. The universal, inclusive care that firefighters provide should be standard for all levels of medicine. As a delegate I am committed to working with our politicians to expand access to health care so that a 911 call is not the only way for our neighbors to get the care they deserve. I ask for your vote so I can continue to advocate for working people, the uninsured, and the future labor leaders of tomorrow! Thank you for your support.

Zac Unger

Kate Harrison

Berkeley City Councilmember, Current AD 15 Delegate,

Founding member of Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, Our Revolution, East Bay Citizens for Action*

“I bring thirty four years of community and political engagement in progressive economic, land use, and social justice policies. As a Berkeley City Councilmember, I have led the fight to increase requirements and provide funding for affordable housing, promote land trusts and tenant ownership, protect and expand worker rights and reform our Police Review Commission and policing policies. I cofounded the Berkeley Progressive Alliance and coauthored its platform. As the State/National Politics Chair for the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, I advocated for insuring corporations pay their fair share under Proposition 13 and increasing the minimum wage with a goal of a living wage. I proudly served on the Berkeley Food and Housing Project Board, providing a safety net and transition to permanent housing for those without homes in our community. I previously sat on three Berkeley commissions and as a paid organizer or volunteer for national, state, and local campaigns, including those of Bernie Sanders, Tony Thurmond, Barack Obama and Howard Dean. My active community engagement began as a student senator and public policy graduate student at U,C. Berkeley.

My professional life has been devoted to public service. I own and manage a consulting firm that helps states and nations create independent and accessible justice systems and guard the rights of the poor, those without lawyers and families. As an advisor to San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos and the State of California I wrote and led passage of statewide legislation. I understand how the mechanics of government works.

We need to engage people and their ideas in the Democratic Party. Its policies and actions are too often decided behind closed doors. My work demonstrates and our slate is committed to hearing from you and insuring that the Democratic Party represents our shared progressive values.”

*All titles for identification purposes only

Kate Harrison

As the daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, I understand the importance of representation and diversity. I believe that for true representation to take place, we must acknowledge and incorporate the experiences of people from all different backgrounds. I recently worked with Contra Costa County’s Health Services Department to assure our undocumented and immigrant communities that their information would be kept completely confidential and out of the hands of police or other governmental agencies. Governments must consider and understand people’s hesitation in reaching out and accessing the resources available to them. Covid-19 has disproportionately impacted small businesses across the country. I’m an advocate for alternative business ownership models, especially in low-income communities of color. I work to develop and incubate cooperative businesses in Richmond, and believe that the worker-owner co-op model is the best for vulnerable communities because I’ve witnessed one thrive! Rich City Rides is the only Black-owned co-op in Richmond and they’ve had an amazing year. For our small businesses to thrive, we must begin thinking outside the box and advocate for a less extractive and more just system that builds community wealth. I believe that affordable housing is a right and must be prioritized as such. As a North Richmond Resident Leader, I have advocated and developed specific policy recommendations for North Richmond that incorporate equitable and transparent housing development policies and other community benefits in The Quality of Life Plan developed in partnership with Healthy Richmond and other local organizations. I have uplifted the community land trust and housing cooperative models as they allow for disenfranchised folks to access affordable housing. As a woman of color, I am also left with sadness and rage when I see Black and Brown folks die at the hands of police. To have a more just and fair system, we must advocate for community oversight and input in cases where District Attorneys have conflicts of interest. Many communities of color lack confidence in the DA’s ability to conduct unbiased and objective investigations of police-related shootings. I’m proud of my work and engagement within my community and plan to continue my work in empowering our residents and small business owners by representing them in the California Democratic Party.

Johana Gurdian

My name is La’Tanya J. Dandie, AKA MsDandie. I believe Im the best candidate as AD15 Delegate. I believe that my personality skill set & loyalty to the community sets me apart from the other candidates. I thought I would write or have someone write some snazzy statement as to what makes me better or best but I am not. My statement is going to be as plain & simple so people can understand. As a new candidate I just ran 4 Richmond City Council & lost that race to an entire special interest group. I’m still here & I ran my campaign embedded grassroots family members community & word of mouth. I represent the people of the community. Im not rich I dont have a following that will spark your interest all I have is love honesty & commitment to build a community that we’d be proud & honored to discuss with other communities outside our area. Im a single mom & a new grandmother of a very cute grandson. I work with Domestic violence victims re-entry at-risk-children/families mental health homeless elderly & veterans. I have an up&coming NonProfit named, I’ll Take You There. Where Im committed to taking & getting services & resources 4 our most vulnerable community members & everyone in between. 2020 has proven that anyone is at risk. We need leaders in our community that will make decisions to improve the expected growth & safety of everyone not just their groups economic status or big businesses. We need leaders who understand humans & their needs. We vote 4 people we know we vote 4 people who’ve been in before names that sound familiar or random. We have to do better. As we know that in the past & just recently the turmoil has put us in this devastating state by voting 4 popularity. That reason has recreated mental health/homelessness unemployment small business closures & heartache of distance learning. Now more than ever, we need someone who is not afraid to address & speakup on these issues & not backdown. We need a voice that sounds like yours. We need someone who will fight 4 you like a Girl! That Girl is MsDandie. Theyre more names on the ballot & mine is one of them. We are voting 4 new Delegates 4 our community. These Delegates have the power to impact changes & implement solutions to issues that will be important to you. I just want to remind you how important they are! I will bring leadership community development & loyalty.

La’Tanya J. Dandie

My name is Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, and I have been a City Councilmember for El Cerrito – serving as mayor in 2019. I have been a nurse for 19 years and a leader in the California Nurses Association. Working in the Newborn ICU, I have witnessed nurses that have spent their entire lifetimes caring for others only to get sick with cancer at the end of their career and then lose their health insurance because they are too sick to work. This is unacceptable. That is why I have been and will continue to fight for Medicare-for-All.

Serving on the City Council has given me the opportunity to:

•Lead the charge on keeping Alta Bates Hospital open

•Lead regional discussion on long term hospital plans for West Contra Costa County

•Make El Cerrito a Sanctuary City

•Fight to end ICE detention at our county jail

•Increase Affordable housing in the City

•Advocate for tenant protections

•Declare a Climate Emergency

•Approve permits for the sale of cannabis in the City

•Raise the Black Lives Matter flag at city hall

•Promote racial and gender equity in policy decisions

It has been exciting to see the change in the Democratic Party over the last few years. I served as a delegate or proxy from 2013-2019. As a delegate, I wrote and passed two resolutions. The first, entitled Non-Profit Hospitals and Charity Care, outlined the need for more accountability to communities for non-profit hospitals to maintain their tax-exempt status. Next, was the Loving Day Resolution that declares June 12th as Loving Day in honor of Loving v Virginia that legalized interracial marriage. The resolution not only highlights the push for racial equality, but emphasizes the need for marriage equality and human equality. In addition, I had the honor of serving as a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

We have all suffered over the last fours years from the lack of leadership in the White House. Fortunately, we always have the opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade. If living through COVID has taught us nothing else, it is that we are not just individuals; we are a collective. Let us work together to make our dreams of a better world a reality.

As a Party delegate, I will push for our elected officials to be courageous and do the work of the people — not the wealthy donors or corporations.

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto

We must make sure our policy deeds match our political words. We have a strong CA Democratic Party Platform, but it’s only any good if our policymakers implement it. We must work together to have an inclusive, grassroots-oriented state Party, elect progressive Democrats throughout our state and hold our state elected officials accountable as we promote progressive policies.

Currently starting my third term as an Oakland City Councilmember, I’m proud to be known as a progressive policymaker. Throughout my career, I have worked as an environmental policy director, public interest & social justice advocate, and progressive reformer. I continue to be a leader on affordable housing, renter protection, climate change, good government issues and more. I also have decades of experience as a political campaign activist and advisor.

I’m a past vice-president of the MGO Democratic Club, past president of the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay, long-time member of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, and longstanding member of the CDP Environmental & Progressive caucuses.

I worked full-time for the Union of Concerned Scientists promoting clean energy, while standing up to oil companies and other polluters. I worked closely with labor unions on successful legislation increasing the state’s commitment to clean energy. I also am the current chair of East Bay Community Energy.

Most everyone in our Party claims to be an environmentalist. But when push comes to shove, too many public officials forget that commitment. We must elect delegates who are proven environmental leaders and will push our elected leaders to be as well.

I’m a former staff member for California Common Cause. As a Party delegate, I will continue to passionately advocate for CLEAN MONEY elections!

I’m a UC Berkeley alum, and I have the hands-on, rough-and-tumble experience in state party politics we need to cut through the bureaucracy and further push our Party in a progressive direction. I support strong action on a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, increased funding for Affordable Housing and Public Education, standing up to the NRA to get guns off our streets, and standing up to hate and bigotry!

As always, I committed to serving with dedication and integrity. Let’s elect strong progressive, environmental leaders to our Party. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Dan Kalb

I’m running for ADEM because I passionately believe that health care should be a right for all! I’ve lived in the East Bay for 67 years, and have taken more leadership roles than I can list here. I’m a proud member leader of SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, serving as a UHW leader for over 35 years on our Executive Board, Executive Committee, Chief Steward, and now as a Captain of our newly formed division, Healthcare Justice California. I was a healthcare worker at Eden Medical Center for 30 years. I was on the member bargaining teams which negotiated and enforced multiple contracts with Sutter Health East Bay hospitals for more than 20 years. I was appointed as a Delegate to the Democratic Party by Congressmember Barbara Lee for 2 terms. As a regional Captain of Healthcare Justice California we organize people to fight tirelessly for good jobs with good pay and affordable healthcare. Many of our members phone banked Arizona voters for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Mark Kelly in our winning campaign there. I helped run UHW’s phone bank in the primary as part of winning campaigns for progressive candidates endorsed by our Party. This year I also personally campaigned for Congressmember Mark DeSaulnier. I have been on many interview committees which UHW has held to consider endorsements of candidates running for office. I’m currently a Delegate to the Contra Costa Labor Council. I passionately work in my church feeding the hungry and clothing those in need. I deeply care for my community. I fiercely believe in fighting to mitigate climate change, create more affordable housing, and make health care a basic right in California. Please vote for me, Connie Taylor-Smith, for Assembly District 15!

Connie Taylor-Smith

Soli Alpert is an incumbent Assembly District Delegate, having been elected as a member of the Progressive Labor Slate in 2019. He was elected to the Berkeley Rent Board in 2018 where he advocates for strong rent control and against displacement and gentrification. He also serves on the Coordinating Committee for the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club of the East Bay, working to organize for progressive local change in Berkeley and Oakland. At the state level, he serves as Chair of the California Young Democrats Progressive Caucus.

As a delegate, Soli is proud to serves on the State Party’s Legislation Committee. At the Committee, he fights to ensure that the State Democratic Party endorses progressive legislation around issues like renters’ rights, aggressive climate change action, criminal justice reform, Medicare for All Single Payer Healthcare, and fully funding public education. He also opposes legislation aimed at privatizing public services, rolling back labor rights, watering down climate goals, and enabling corporate abuses of our democratic process.

In his professional life, Soli serves as a legislative assistant at the Berkeley City Council, first under Councilmember Kate Harrison and now under Councilmember Rigel Robinson. Over the past year, Soli successfully organized with his colleagues to unionize City of Berkeley legislative assistants with SEIU Local 1021 and is proud to now be at the bargaining table negotiating for their first contract.

If reelected, Soli pledges to continue the fight for good union jobs, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All Single Payer Healthcare, criminal justice and police reform, new investments in affordable and social housing, and public funds for public education. He plans to focus on pushing for the state legislature to aggressively respond to big tech money backed attacks on labor rights like Prop 22, holding regional and state elected officials accountable to the progressive values that our party holds, and internal reform of the State Democratic Party to ensure transparency and small “d” democracy.

Soli Alpert

My name is Anna Smith (she/her/hers), and I am a nonprofit leader, community activist, and educator. It is time for the California Democratic Party to push toward progress. That’s why I would love your support in my race for Delegate.

The election of Donald Trump brought our nation the closest we have been in decades to seeing the destruction of our democracy and the establishment of a totalitarian government. Now that we have a Democratic administration back in the White House it is our responsibility to be progressive leaders — and the Democratic Party must decide what we truly stand for as a nation and as a party to grow our base and fight for justice.

I started this work years ago bringing equitable education to high-needs children, including performing arts, inclusive spaces, and cultural representation in the classroom. It is imperative that your next Assembly District Delegate bring in this unique perspective to our statewide party.

What is more, I am passionate about protecting the rights of renters and the unhoused, our undocumented community, and the LGBTQ+ community. I am also an advocate of defunding the police and reinvesting those funds into evidence-based approaches to solve crime, including early childhood education, mental health services, and of course, public education.

It’s time to bring sweeping reforms to our party, statewide and nationally. I have the community connection, the work ethic, and the vision to make this possible.

Together, through protecting our most vulnerable populations, we can — and will — bring a stronger, healthier, and more just California.

Anna Smith

My name is Ana Vasudeo and I currently serve as a Berkeley School Board Director. I am running for Assembly District Delegate because I believe in supporting progressive candidates and ballot measures for local and state office. My particular interests include:

Ensuring that our public schools are properly funded-Recently, I was involved in advocating for Prop 15 and the recent Berkeley ballot measures E, G, and H, to ensure that our education workers made a living wage and received a 7% salary increase. Given that Prop 15 did not pass, there is much work to be done at the state level to ensure that our public schools are properly funded. I will fight to support candidates who also care deeply about properly funding our public schools.

Advocating for equity in public schools- At every stage of the student experience, we need to acknowledge and address the particular obstacles that black and brown students face as a result of both anti-black racism, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and institutional and implicit bias.

I have years of experience fighting for equity for our African American learners, Latinx students, and students with disabilities. I look forward to working hard to help elect candidates who are passionate about closing the opportunity gaps for our most vulnerable communities.

Transportation Justice for All- As a senior transportation planner, my day job is to ensure that thousands of children can get to school safely, sustainably, and affordably. As an advocate who helped pass Vision Zero in Berkeley, with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths and severe injuries in Berkeley by 2028, I want to make sure that we elect leaders who care about creating safe streets for low-income residents including seniors, children, and people with disabilities. I also believe in free transit for our youth. I have been active in Berkeley in promoting the new Student Transit Pass Program for our middle and high school students which provides low-income students with free clipper cards.

Affordable Housing- I support affordable housing policies to protect low-income tenants during the pandemic. For example, I am supportive of housing policies in Berkeley which allow for deferred rent payments during the pandemic. I will advocate to elect candidates who care deeply about ensuring dignified and affordable housing for all.

Ana Vasudeo

My name is Ben Fong and today I ask to serve as your delegate for AD15.

As a former Obama Administration diplomat and Berkeley Planning Commissioner, Albany Transportation Commissioner, and great-grandson to immigrants to Oakland Chinatown, I care deeply about the East Bay.

I have served our community abroad while working as a Foreign Service Officer with tours including in Mexico, India, and DC. As a proud LGBT Asian American representing the diversity of the United States abroad, I promoted human rights, democracy, and the rule of law around the world.

I have served our community locally as a longtime Berkeley Planning Commissioner, community organizer, and most recently as a candidate for the AC Transit Board ( For my day job I work as a transportation director with expertise in last-mile sustainable transportation options.

As your delegate I promise to fight for environmental protection, equality, better public infrastructure, and for our community. I am passionate about building community and I ask for your vote today!


Ben Fong

I am an elementary school teacher who has always had an interest in politics. I am a proud union member of CTA and NEA and have held many leadership positions in my Union and school district. I believe now is the time to make the changes that have created issues during the last 4 years. Vote for Edward Malaret.

Edward Malaret

I am currently San Pablo Vice Mayor. After several years on city and county commissions, I was elected to the San Pablo City Council in 20i8, unseating a 16 year non-Democrat incumbent. I was an AD15 Delegate in 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, and a Proxy in 2014 and 2019. I am a voting member as Alternate for an Ex-Officio of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County and a member of the West County Democratic Club and El Cerrito Democratic Club. I have helped young Democrats, people of color and LGBTQ+ to become elected officials and I will continue to recruit new Democrats, working to fill seats and replace Republicans, just as I did in this past election. In my two years on the city council I have proposed progressive stands on issues and fought to win against right-wing members who opposed a city-wide diversity statement and are anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, and against the separation of church and state. I look forward to a brighter future, continued work with the Democratic Party turning districts Blue, and I am proud that newly elected officials have called me their mentor.

Rita Xavier

My name is Demetrio Gonzalez-Hoy and I am running in AD 15 because I deeply care about the issues we’re all currently facing and the future of our party. I moved to the United States when I was 14 years old from Puebla, Mexico. Through my journey I learned what it is to navigate being an immigrant in California and in the United States. In 2013 I became a bilingual teacher in the West Contra Costa Unified School District where I started my advocacy for his students who were English language learners like I was. Through that advocacy, I became involved in School Board elections, the democratic party, and in United Teachers of Richmond, my local teachers union.

In 2016 I was elected as President of United Teachers of Richmond (UTR) and led this union for two terms. Under my leadership was able to author several resolutions including the Positive Climate Resolution which moved us towards a restorative justice model, our Safe Haven district resolution in support of all of our families and in response to the national climate, and many others which affects our students and families.

I am a current Union REP with the California Teachers Association and support the work of locals in the Bay Area. I was recently elected to the WCCUSD Board of Education representing Area 4 which encompasses parts of Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, and its surroundings.

I am running because I believe that through policy, community involvement, and transparency we’ll be able to change the trajectory of politics locally, in CA, and nationwide. I believe that we must hold progressive values at the forefront, and we must support the movement towards social and racial justice nationwide. I believe that Black Lives Matter, dreamers are welcome, reproductive and gender rights are human rights, we must end mass incarceration and detention centers, we must increase funding for our public schools and provide teachers what they need to help every student, we must have free and accessible healthcare and Medicare for all, we must have tenant rights and housing protections, economic recovery and support to small business, must pass the green new deal, we must support unions and workers’ rights, and finally must advocate for a competitive living wage for all. I hope I am able to gain your vote to represent you. Thank you.

Demetrio Gonzalez-Hoy