Assembly District 16




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

16 Brodie Hilp No SIF
16 Jerome Pandell * OSIF
16 Cecilia Minalga * SIF
16 Mark Van Landuyt No OSIF
16 Rithvik Sarna * OSIF
16 Vincent James Courtney No OSIF
16 Lynna Lan Tien Nguyen Do * SIF
16 Maria Luisa Esteves No SIF
16 Marisol Rubio * SIF
16 Alexandria Rubio-Talavera No SIF
16 Scott J Rafferty * OSIF
16 Silvia Young No SIF
16 Thomas Tellner No OSIF
16 Steven Finch No OSIF
16 Jamie Salcido No SIF
16 Iman Novin No OSIF
16 Joseph Mauro No OSIF
16 Cody Keller No OSIF
16 Richard Adler No OSIF
16 Greg Bonato No OSIF
16 Ann Katzburg No SIF
16 Wietske Medema No SIF
16 Katha Hartley No SIF
16 Stacy Lynne Crinks No SIF
16 Nick Campins No OSIF
16 William Fred Johnson  No OSIF
16 Bradley Lloyd Waite No OSIF
16 Dan Torres No OSIF
16 Kurtis Reese No OSIF
16 Ronald P. Lorentz No OSIF
16 Sara Lashanlo No SIF
16 Patrick John Vanier No OSIF
16 Latika Malkani No SIF
16 Marilyn Cachola Lucey * SIF
16 Lynda Deschambault No SIF
16 Radhika Gawde No SIF
16 Connor ONeill No OSIF
16 Sri Muppidi No SIF
16 Ana Gomez No SIF
16 Asa Strout No OSIF
16 Arun Goel No OSIF
16 Leslie Shafton No SIF

Candidate Statements

I ask for your vote, because your vote for me is a vote for leadership and experience in rallying people to advocate for change. We need changes that will propel us toward combatting climate change with the Green New Deal, affordable health care through Medicare For All, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, support for diversity, ways to decrease wealth inequality, and campaign finance reform including getting rid of Citizens United. My Resolution calling for Shifting Funds from the Police to Social and Health Services was approved by the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, and the California Democratic Party. But progressive platforms and resolutions, mean nothing if the CDP just lets these ideas sit, rather than requiring their endorsed Democratic elected officials to implement them. That needs to change.

We need people to be engaged and willing to change the California Democratic Party. One of my goals is to lead people to act on progressive values through grassroots activities. As president for more than 6 years of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club, I motivated my members to become active fighters for progressive values with expert speakers at club meetings, and through emails I send twice a week to more than 700 people to keep them up-to-date about activist rallies, inspiring events, campaign opportunities. I led our club in its support of our endorsed Democratic candidates with more than $5000 in donations. I actively campaign for candidates at the local, state and federal level, including Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier, and Eric Swalwell, and Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology from UC Riverside, but I have dedicated my time to Democratic activities after reading Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope. I have served more than 6 years as a member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. I have served for more than 6 years as delegate to California Democratic Party, and more than 4 years on the Board of Contra Costa MoveOn. I would be honored to have your vote. The more we stay engaged and organized the more we can accomplish. Please help me continue this important work by voting for me. Please vote for me as Delegate.

Brodie Hilp

Alamo resident Jerome Pandell co-founded in 2013 and served as Treasurer of the Contra Costa Young Democrats until 2020. Carrying on a tradition of public service began by his maternal grandmother, Jerome remains most proud of his election by voters in the 11th Congressional District to serve as a Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, and the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

A native of Contra Costa County born in Walnut Creek and raised in Danville, Jerome is a proud product of San Ramon Valley public schools. Thereafter, he graduated with honors from Northwestern University and obtained his Juris Doctor from University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in San Francisco — also the alma mater of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Since 2013, he served on the U.C. Hastings Alumni Board of Governors and now serves as President of the Board. Locally, he serves on the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Facilities Oversight & Advisory Committee and previously as Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s representative on the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee, where he organized the Roosevelt Awards Dinner in 2014 and 2015, raising tens of thousands of dollars to support local and regional Democratic Party candidates. Jerome also serves as the Treasurer for the campaign of Congressman Eric Swalwell, whose support Jerome is honored to receive.

Jerome wishes to serve as a California Democratic Party delegate and E-Board representative once again to keep our party energized, engaged, and ready at the local, state, and national level for 2022 and beyond. Fresh ideas and new voices are key to that effort, which is why a vote for Jerome Pandell is a vote to shakeup the status quo.

Join Congressman Swalwell and many other Democrats in supporting Jerome Pandell for Assembly District 16 Delegate today!

Jerome Pandell

I am running to represent you in the California Democratic Party, as Assembly District Delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee, AD-16.

Like so many of us, the 2016 election was the time to respond to our political challenge … the reminder that democracy is not a spectator sport. I approached my political volunteer and organizing work with everything I had to knock doors, phone bank, write postcards, poll watch, and cure ballots. I joined so many other dedicated volunteers to win in the California Central Valley and Las Vegas. Following the November 2018 elections, I worked for the Beto for America campaign in the Bay Area, Texas, and Arizona. I joined the Commit to Flip Blue steering committee, and was an active member of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club.

In January 2020, I started work as the Area Director – Bay Area for the California Democratic Party, 2020 Coordinated Campaign. I am proud to have led our team in developing our Bay Area field program to build working relationships and share resources. We forged bonds with local Democratic activists, clubs, Resistance groups, labor, national, state and local campaigns, working collaboratively to complement each other’s efforts. Together we mobilized local volunteer power for Democratic victories across the country, completing 21K volunteer shifts and 9.3 million dials to 11 battleground states.

My work has informed my belief that every person who supports the Democratic ticket and Democratic values can find a welcoming “home” in the CA Democratic Party. Every voice matters and it is my intention to represent AD-16 to organize, engage, and activate voters. Rep. John Lewis said in June 2019, “The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democracy.” As a Delegate, I will continue and broaden my leadership role to collaborate with activists, groups, volunteers, neighbors … and voters.

Register for your ballot and vote for Cecilia Minalga in the upcoming ADEM election!

Cecilia Minalga

As your current ADEM delegate, I led teams that registered over 1,000 new Democrat voters in Contra Costa and the Tri-Valley.

I am the former Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party Northern District Progressive Caucus. Former policy advisor for the Barack Obama 2008 campaign, I have worked on progressive campaigns from California to New York.

Currently a director at Sierra Club Delta Group, vice-chair of Our Revolution Contra Costa, co-author of the Bay Area Green New Deal and the Alameda County Green Economic Recovery Act.

The California Democratic Party must be the party of the future. Committed to championing a working families agenda — education, the environment, healthcare, and peace — fighting for the next generations.

It is an honor to be with the Forward California! ADEM slate, endorsed by one of the great leaders in the U.S. Congress, Representative Ro Khanna.

I humbly ask your vote to continue this important political mission.

Mark Van Landuyt

My name is Vincent James Courtney &

I am excited to announce that I’m running to represent Assembly District 16 as a delegate to the CA State Democratic Party. I’m also very honored to advocate for the entire UNITY VALUES slate, and I would greatly appreciate your consideration and support for each of us.

While this I my initial effort in this District, I have deep roots in the District going back to the late 1970s. I’m a lifelong democrat, started my volunteering in 1980 and began working for the party in 1998. I’ve volunteered & worked on important campaigns almost every election cycle since, and even served as a principal officer on multiple bond measures and infrastructure measures going back over a decade because I believe such efforts improve the lives of workers, working families, students, seniors & retirees alike. I am a hard worker.

While I’ve spent most of my professional time working as a labor organizer, representative, and political director to advance the interest of working families, I have also developed a reputation for building and working in coalition to advocate for and advance the interests of others such as small business owners, public safety, environmentalists, and strong employers in general.

I’m delighted to stand with the men and women on our Assemblymember’s ticket because I know she’ll continue to advocate on important issues that enhance the lives of everyone in our district, and that she’ll be thoughtful, deliberate and fierce in that advocacy to improve our District and amplify our collective voice. I also firmly believe that the ability of our party is dependent on the strength & commitment of its volunteers & organizers, that can always be of assistance to party leadership in the District. We’re all committed and this is another reason why I’m seeking support for the UNITY VALUES slate.

Finally, I’m driven to bring my experience, expertise, laser-focus, and lessons learned in promoting sustainable communities and shared prosperity to the state party and to make what we do locally a central component of the the CDP agenda, and I ask for your support of the UNITY VALUES team so that we can do this together.

You can send me @vincecourtney your email by comment or DM, and I’ll assist you at having your mail-in ballot sent to you up to the deadline. Vote #UnityValuesSlate 

Vincent James Courtney

I am seeking your support as Assembly District Delegate for AD-16. My goal as a delegate for the California Democratic Party is to bring more voices to the table and help bring a unified party into the future.

I am a first-generation, queer Vietnamese-American born to refugees who fled Vietnam at the end of the War. My early childhood experience being born and growing up in the Midwest influenced my worldview that diversity and understanding can go hand in hand. I majored in Politics (BA), Public Administration (Masters), and Psychology (Masters and working on my Doctorate). These degrees have led me to memorable experiences and opportunities to study and work in environments where I can help bring the voices of the marginalized, queer, and women of color to the forefront and those who are often not considered in mainstream society.

Lynna Do

This past year I have had one thought, “we deserve better.” As a Registered Nurse I have cared for too many patients with COVID-19.I have cared for patients who were misled about the dangers of this virus by our elected leaders; I have cared for patients who could not afford life-saving medical treatment and I have cared for patients who could not afford the time away from work they were spending in the hospital. Also while caring for and treating patients during this pandemic, I was compelled to fight for adequate protective equipment for myself and my colleagues. I have joined the fight to ensure adequate staffing levels to provide safe care to our patients with COVID-19. We deserve better.

Meanwhile, while battling a raging pandemic, this year we have also witnessed worsening wildfires, storms, droughts, floods, thawing glaciers and dying species. This has taken place as we continue to invest in fossil fuel companies, burn fossil fuels, frack the earth for natural gas, cut down our forests, and continue practices that pave the way for even more catastrophic humanitarian and public health crises. We deserve better.

As a member of the Sunrise Movement, I continue to work with a diverse group of young people to create and actualize a vision of a just recovery from COVID-19, and lay the necessary groundwork for a carbon free future. As a volunteer for Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders and Congressional Candidate Audrey Denney, I have chosen to work for progressive candidates that offer that better vision. Also as a volunteer for Seed the Vote, I am working to ensure Democratic Senators in Georgia are elected because we deserve a congress that works for us, and works for a better future, not for the billionaire class. I am proud to be endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna for ADEM along with great progressive leaders in our community with the Forward California ADEM slate. As an Assembly District Delegate, I will push for progressive candidates, progressive policies and I will hold our leaders accountable. Vote for me if you agree we deserve better, because together we can do better, and build a better future, for all.

Maria Luisa Esteves

Hello, my name is Marisol Rubio. I’m a Dublin San Ramon Services District Director and Health Care Provider. I have a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology, Neurobiology emphasis from UC, Berkeley. I’ve called the East Bay home for 17 years and, in that time, identified the needs of our community as an advocate, local leader, and single parent of a brain cancer survivor with lifelong disability. I’m the daughter of an immigrant, single mother from Colombia who, with three girls in tow, obtained her B.A. and M.Ed. and taught me the value of hard work and perseverance.

Our actions reflect our values and, as a DPCCC At-Large Delegate and Issues Committee Co-Chair, I endorsed and successfully passed several bold initiatives on climate change, public banking, voting rights, racial and social justice, and clean money campaigns. I also authored and passed a disability and caregiver rights resolution and co-authored two resolutions to create more transparency and accountability in charter schools and long-term care facilities. Through the Endorsements and Elections Committees, I helped with our endorsement process and supported several local candidates in their respective campaigns. As a State Senate and first-time candidate for any office, I earned the endorsement of 83 different organizations, clubs, unions, and community leaders, including 68,362 votes in District 7, and was the only candidate who did not accept fossil fuel, Big Oil, developer, or corporate money.

Research shows that the best policies are informed by the community. One must empirically understand the issues disproportionately impacting people of color such as food, housing, and job insecurity; disability and caregiver socioeconomic and educational disparities; immigration discrimination; surviving sexual assault and childhood domestic violence and how these factors intersect. I’ve walked the talk and, because of that, in the words of Shirley Chisholm, I’m “unbought and unbossed” and prepared to fight for you every day. You can level the playing field today by supporting my candidacy and ensuring that women like me have our voices heard in government.

Alongside my slate, I am prepared to put my background and proven leadership to work for the people of AD-16. To learn more and view my video, please visit Thank you and I hope to earn your vote for AD-16 Delegate and E-Board!

Marisol Rubio

Hi, my name is Alexandria Rubio. I am a second-year psychology major student at Diablo Valley College. My goal is to eventually work with adolescents and young adults in high-need communities. This is my first time running for ADEM Delegate. I’m a former Spanish Tutor and Teacher’s Assistant and intern for Marisol Rubio’s State Senate District 7 campaign where I served as her photographer and helped with voter outreach. I’m running to be an AD-16 delegate, because we need more young progressive voices with firsthand knowledge into our most pressing socioeconomic issues at the decision-making table.

As a woman of color and brain cancer survivor, I will bring more diversity and inclusion for our Latino and disabled community – two groups that are grossly underrepresented in our current political landscape. We need to bring more young women of color to the table who are committed to advocate for communities of color and will ensure that racial and socioeconomic equity are not just a statement, but a lived experience by which one can stand firmly and give testament to those in power.

Health Care as a human right is an important issue for me personally because, without adequate coverage, I would have been over $2.5 million in debt and likely not alive today to share my life experience.

Affordable and accessible college education is also important to me as a student. As a second-year college student who must attend several medical appointments throughout the year, it is important that my college expenses remain manageable and that I be allowed to have the flexibility to attend college full-time or part-time based on my medical demands. Without proper support services, I could not perform at my fullest potential and succeed.

I am committed to bringing transparency and accountability to our local and state government and will be a powerful voice with lived experience for the most vulnerable in our community. To learn more about me, my priorities, and view my personal video, please go to Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to earn your vote for AD-16 Delegate!

Alexandria Rubio

Hello, my name is Silvia Young and I’m running for ADEM Delegate in Assembly District 16 on the #togetherweriseslate.

I’m an author, activist, organizer and Commissioner. My parents immigrated to San Francisco in search of the American Dream, raising our family on the Peninsula. The East Bay has been our home for nearly 10 years and is where my husband and I have chosen to raise our family and call home. As your delegate, I commit to being a voice reflective of Assembly District 16. This community is where we spent hours on soccer fields, PTA meetings and supporting local businesses. A place filled with good people and promise.

Social justice and community engagement have always been a priority for me, but never so much as the last four years when our democracy was at risk. In that time, I volunteered on countless campaigns and actions in resistance, for the blue wave, and 2020 elections. I also organized for bills AB31 (the “Tampon Tax”), AB1989 (the Right to Know, ingredients labeling on the outside of menstrual product packaging), and Resolutions for re-imagining women’s health in education. In the process I learned a lot about national and state politics, as well as the key issues that impact our community.

My expertise is in gender equity, health equity, economic equity and education, however I am equally passionate about all social justice issues as a reality of intersectionality. COVID-19 is an example of how one issue impacts another, and why unifying across these issues is the path forward.

Currently I am a Commissioner on the Contra Costa County Commission on Women and Girls. I also work to help bring visibility to Tri Valley small businesses pivoting through this pandemic. Helping under-represented communities is my core value.

I’m honored to be on the #togetherweriseslate with a diverse group of informed individuals representing a wide spectrum of equally important and interconnected social justice issues.

For more information please check out our website and social media.

Thank you for your vote!


FB Silvia Young for ADEM Delegate AD16

IG @silviayoungademdelegateADad16




Silvia Young

I am proud to have been elected by Democrats in AD16 as an ADEM for the past two consecutive terms – and I am excited to once again ask for your vote for a third term in 2021 as part of the Ro Khanna-endorsed Forward California slate!

Times have changed since I first became a delegate in 2017. Trump has just been elected and we had a Republican majority in both the Congress and the Senate. Now, we live in a different, much better, world with a Democratic Congress and White House!

Along the way, over the past four years, I have worked in innumerable ways to do my small part in making this happen – including being a former Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party! I’ve had the chance to work on policy with different Democratic officials at many different levels of government. Now with Congress and the White House in our party’s capable hands, I hope to contribute more.

We’ve shown we can win elections. Now let’s show we can implement meaningful change!

Going forward, as an ADEM, I pledge to push our party to explore new ideas and try new policies – all with the goal of doing what Dems do best: helping the people of this country. I also pledge to hold all leaders – public and party – accountable for their words and deeds because if we do not do so amongst ourselves, the Republicans will!

I will work tirelessly for M4A, the Green New deal, a Jobs Guarantee, free higher education (including student loan forgiveness), police reform, immigration reform, and an end to endless warfare!

I ask for your vote to return me as an ADEM once more!

Thomas Tellner

My students and friends call me Coach Finch and I am honored to be running on the Congressman Ro Khanna-endorsed Forward California slate to be a delegate for Assembly District 16. I teach Adapted Physical Education at schools from LaMorinda to Walnut Creek and along the 680 corridor. My passions include science-based public health policy and inclusivity issues around education, disabilities and disenfranchised youth.

As an investigative journalist and former Research Editor for the medical journal Hippocrates, I’ve won multiple national awards. A longtime counselor and coach for underserved youth in SF and Oakland, our family moved through the tunnel 15 years ago, where I now serve 14 schools and support Special Olympics. I sit on the boards of both Our Revolution Contra Costa and the Mauzy Foundation, dedicated to addressing the needs of students with severe disabilities. Inspired by the Sanders platform, I co-founded our Local Berniecrats (California East Bay) in 2016 and began talking up taking down big money politics to all who’d listen. The integrity of our party depends on restoring representational government–and here’s how I think we get there:

The California Democratic Party needs to lead our country in forward thinking, fiscally sound policies promoting social justice, educational opportunity, environmental sustainability and an economic fair shake for everyone… Healthcare for all and affordable housing aren’t just fundamental human rights, they’re critical social contracts needed to prevent middle and working class Californians from falling into poverty… California can lead by committing to a living wage and to the twin imperatives of economic and climate recovery offered by local adoptions of a Green New Deal… California can lead by demilitarizing law enforcement and reinvesting in more proactive measures to improve public safety… And California can lead by foregoing charters in favor of high quality, fully inclusive public schools and some combo of free and affordable college.

It’s not about conservative rhetoric around “free stuff,” it’s about whether our party becomes a dinosaur or pushes forward with clean money politics and responsible progressive legislation that preserves human dignity and lights California’s way forward. Thank you and please reach out to start a conversation on Facebook or Instagram at CoachFinch4CA

Steven (Coach) Finch

As a child in Minnesota, the late senator Paul Wellstone captured my attention with his green bus and charismatic advocacy for the most vulnerable; and as a young environmentalist, I was inspired by Vice President Al Gore, whose eventual bid for the presidency would be my first time volunteering for a political campaign.

I’m a Korean immigrant who grew up in a working class family. My Chicano husband was raised by an immigrant single mother who worked as a housekeeper. We were both the first in our families to earn college degrees. We know from personal experience what it’s like to face discrimination, to worry about hunger and housing, and we’re fortunate to be where we are today. In America, everyone should have a fair chance to succeed.

AD-16 is now our home, and where so many personal milestones are rooted. This is where my husband and I got married, our daughter was born, and where we became homeowners. I work for a Walnut Creek-based health system, I was appointed to serve on the Walnut Creek Transportation Commission, and this past fall, I ran for elected office for the first time, challenging an incumbent as the Democratic-endorsed candidate in my campaign for BART Board in District 1.

I support:

– Bold and decisive action to address the climate crisis.

– Affordable healthcare for all.

– Structural changes in our economic and education systems to reduce wealth inequality.

– Anti-racist policies to reimagine public safety and criminal justice.

– A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

– Sensible gun violence prevention policies.

– Leadership representation of women, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, API, LGBTQ+, and differently abled communities.

We need a government that works for all of us, and that starts with the right leadership. I would be honored to have your vote to represent AD-16 in the California Democratic Party. Learn more about me and my fellow slate candidates at

You can also view my candidate statement video at

Jamie Salcido

I am running for re-election to a second term as an AD 16 delegate and humbly ask for your vote. I am a dedicated community activist, with a young family concerned about the quality of schools, the environment, needs of our business community, and the requirements of our senior citizens. I have a proven track record of public service as Vice Chair of the Walnut Creek Planning Commission, Chamber of Commerce Board Director, and member of the Contra Costa Council on Homelessness. I also serve on nonprofit boards including Trinity Center which provides shelter and services to the homeless and Sunflower Hill which provides housing and services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

I hold degrees in Structural Engineering and Urban Planning from UC San Diego and have professional experience in both the public and private sector. As a builder of affordable housing, I have helped create more than 9,000 homes for California’s critical workers, senior citizens and middle-class families. I have helped shape legislation at the local, state and federal level to expand housing opportunities for all, while improving the Bay Area’s job-housing imbalance. I support the increase of jobs and housing near transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage walkable, bikeable, healthy communities. I believe that clean, reliable transit is integral to our regions long term environmental sustainability and economic vitality.

During my first term as a delegate, I had the honor of attending the CA Democratic Convention in Long Beach to endorse legislation, candidates and ballot measures at the state level. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for policy to help address the housing needs of our districts critical workforce and working families. I will continue to work with party and other district leaders to ensure we are meeting the goals of our Climate Action Plan, including improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse emissions, and conserving water. It would be my honor to continue serving AD 16 as a delegate. Thank you for your consideration.

Iman Novin

My name is Joseph Mauro and I am running to be AD-16’s delegate to the Democratic Party on the Forward California slate, endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna. I live in Pleasanton and have called AD-16 home for my whole life. I am a 2019 Foothill High School graduate and now attend Diablo Valley College.

I campaigned with the Bernie 2016 and 2020 campaigns, as well as with the Yes on 15 campaign. I was a part of the Student Inter-school Action Council, where we advocated for student voices on the school board. I worked side by side with district educators to make the curriculum more LGBTQ+ inclusive. Inspired by work on my school’s competitive civics team and in D.A. O’Malley’s District Attorney Justice Acadamy, I am a passionate student of the California legal system. At Diablo Valley College, I have organized with the DVC Young Democratic Socialists of America to create a movement of students, educators, and the teachers union to expand access to healthcare for students, create a department of Ethnic Studies, pay part-time professors a fair wage, and reform the campus Police.

As a democratic delegate, I will fight for a bold progressive party that inspires the nation to follow in its footsteps. Evermore pressing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time for us to step up and increase our support for the people of our state. I support student debt relief and our Governor’s plan to make Community Colleges tuition-free, which I hope can be expanded to UCs and CSUs. This pandemic has been extremely unforgiving to the working-class families of our state, so I support efforts to expand the state’s healthcare system to include all Californians as well as increased and extended protections for renters. Housing is a fundamental right, and I will support candidates that support housing for all. I will also support candidates and policies that will make California’s energy more sustainable and will demilitarize our police and criminal justice system. Finally, I will, and we must, support candidates who listen to their constituents over business interest groups and who reject money from lobbyists that put profits over people. Thank you and it would be an honor to represent AD-16 as a Forward California delegate to the Democratic Party.

Joseph Mauro

I am a cybersecurity analyst, newly activated young Democrat, and lifelong resident and product of our AD-16 public schools, who understands the issues that matter most to Democrats of Contra Costa.

I’ve raised the issues with my peers to encourage discussion, find solutions, and ensure all voices have a say at the table, including raising awareness about climate change, data privacy, inclusiveness in STEM, or election integrity.

I’ve been active locally serving as the Vice President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats and an active member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County where I have been establishing the infrastructure and documentation needed to allow these organizations to thrive long after my service.

As a Delegate, I will:

· Ensure Climate Change is the top priority.

· Fight for transparency and the removal of corporate influence from California politics.

· Engage with Democrats in AD16’s district with open communication.

· Ensure the party fights for quality education and data privacy for our students.

· Endorse candidates that support progressive policies.

I’d be honored to earn your vote.

You can read more about me and catch my candidate video on my website:, and learn more about the progress-oriented slate that I’m proud to be running with:

Cody Keller

I am running as AD 16 delegate in 2021 to continue my active support for party representatives who champion our Democratic values and pass legislation that improve the everyday lives of the people of California. Change only occurs through steady commitment and hard work. That responsibility is on going and we all need to do our part.

I am the Vice-President of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club and a voting member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. I am also a member of the Tri-Valley Democratic Club. I enjoy working with others to get Democrats elected. This year I worked on three local campaigns. I also served on the Issue Committee and the Endorsement Committee of the DPCCC and helped draft questions to be used during interviews of local candidates in the 2020 election to make sure they were committed to essential Democratic values of working to improve Healthcare, the Environment, Women’s rights, Public Education, Workers Rights and support BLM and Police Reform.

I will continue to work hard to be an advocate for change. I would very much appreciate your vote as delegate for Assembly District 16. Thank you.

Richard Adler

My name is Greg Bonato, and I am proud to have raised my family in Dublin, California, where we share a sense of pride and appreciation for our community. I am the Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595, representing over 3,000 hardworking women and men who wake up early every morning to put in an honest day’s work. Every day I stand up for our local workers and promote career opportunities for our high school graduates and veterans returning from duty. I’ve been an active member in the Tri-Valley Democratic Club and the Alameda County Central Committee as a prominent voice for the working people of our region.

I would be honored to have your vote and support, thank you.

Greg Bonato

As a life-long Democrat and the president of the San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA), the largest CTA chapter in Contra Costa County, my commitment to the Democratic party has been a lifelong journey. I have served this Assembly district for 2 terms, and I am asking for you to allow me to continue to fight for our future for another term. I have worked closely with Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, participating at the educational round table discussions within our district. As the political action chair for SRVEA, I established a political climate that engages our members, parents and the community in multiple campaigns for school board elections, parcel taxes and bond measures. Our community needs this type of teacher-activism because there simply isn’t enough funding for a meaningful education of our children. I completed training in grassroots organizing through the Wellstone Institute, and I participated in Tax Fairness training. This wealth of experience has prepared me to be an effective leader, and a voice for educators, working families, and the Democratic Party in Contra Costa County. In order to ensure that our students receive the education they deserve, I want to continue to work on bringing money to education, compensating ALL workers with a living wage, promoting social justice issues to keep our communities safe, and strengthening the middleclass. I would appreciate your vote in returning me as YOUR delegate to the 16th Assembly!

Ann Katzburg

A month ago, I became a proud new citizen of this country. As an environmental scientist and consultant, I have worked to push for environmental, social and economic justice. Volunteering for various progressive campaigns, I was able to register over 1,000 new Democratic Party voters this year.

We are in a climate, health, and economic crisis. The pandemic has resulted in the loss of 2.4 million California jobs, the highest unemployment record in state history. This has affected local businesses and the most vulnerable communities in our region.

Growing up in the Netherlands, I know that a humane healthcare system and a sustainable green economy is possible.

Over the past year, I founded the California Green New Deal Coalition to develop the Bay Area Green New Deal, as well as the Green Economic Recovery Act for counties and cities in our region. We must leave this planet in a better state than it was given to us for future generations.

I have organized town halls around Northern California in partnership with the Sierra Club, front-line communities, the Sunrise Movement, the California Democratic Party,, alongside other civic and labor groups.

As part of the Sierra Club, I serve on the board of the Mt. Diablo Group as well as the SF Bay Chapter XCOM. I also serve on the board of Our Revolution Contra Costa.

Creating coalitions is my passion.

I am excited to work within the Democratic Party and I am honored to be running on Congressman Ro Khana’s endorsed Forward California slate to be a Democratic Party delegate for Assembly District 16.

Wietske Medema

I am Katha Hartley, President of the Democrats of Rossmoor, the largest Democratic Party Club in the country. I represent a group of 1200+ activist Democrats who work tirelessly on behalf of candidates and the Party by texting (50% of MoveOn’s texting work), writing, phone-banking, hosting, donating, marching, and making our voices known to elected officials at all levels. Our club is a vote multiplier and campaign hub. I hope to contribute to ADEM by presenting the views of the Rossmoor Democrats and offering our considerable power and strength of purpose to the election of Democrats and implementation of Democratic Party legislative proposals and policies. I am a lifelong Democrat who has worked on every election since JFK’s including managing the Obama campaign in Eagle, Colorado in 2008. Now I am committed to supporting the Biden/Harris Administration through use of all the resources the Democrats of Rossmoor offer. Thank you for your consideration.

Katha Hartley

I’m honored to have been invited by our AD16 leadership to run for ADEM Delegate on the spectacular Unity Values Slate. My primary goals are to mobilize more voters; and to promote safety, inclusivity, and collaboration in our district.

I’m a lifelong Democrat involved in many community organizations. I co-lead gun safety group Moms Demand Action Lamorinda, and was actively involved in passing Orinda’s safe gun storage law in 2018, then educating our community about the importance of keeping guns safely secured. I run Parent Education at Miramonte High School, where I have over the past three years organized and led teen mental health, substance abuse prevention, gun safety, driving safety, and other events to help keep our families safe. Through National Charity League Lamorinda, where I served as President for two years, and through Orinda Seniors Around Town, I have for the past seven years volunteered 100+ hours/year for Contra Costa County nonprofits supporting our neediest citizens. To promote openness and inclusivity in our community, I co-founded and lead Women of Spirit, an interfaith women’s group. As a Wharton MBA, a 20-year small business owner, and a mom of three teen daughters, I care deeply about a vibrant East Bay business and educational community that will serve our families’ needs as our district continues to change and grow.

Through my volunteerism and Democratic Party activism (GOTV for Biden-Harris; legislators in FL, GA, and NC; Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan; and progressive candidates in Orinda’s city council and school board elections), I’m fortunate to know many inspiring, committed, generous people in AD16. I will do my best to represent our diverse values with integrity and respect for all. Thank you for voting for the Unity Values Slate.

Stacy Crinks

I am a progressive democrat who has dedicated my life to public service. I am a lawyer who has taken on oil companies for polluting our water, big banks for foreclosing on homeowners, for-profit colleges for predatory practices, and big drug companies for violating anti-kickback laws. In short, I am dedicated to social and environmental justice and have made it my life’s work. It would be my honor to serve. Thank you for your consideration.

Nick Campins

I have been a proud Democrat for 50 years now and always voted that way. Like a number of Dems, the presidential election in 2016 significantly increased my political activism, causing me to think hard about how I could have the greatest impact in restoring some sanity in Federal governance. I decided that my best avenue was to become very active in text banking for Democratic, especially progressive, candidates through the work done by the Dems of Rossmoor Texters in conjunction with MoveOn. A year ago I had the opportunity to become the co-lead of our texting team and worked hard to help build our 100 person local team into a national presence. By election day this past November, we had recruited and trained 1,100 texters and sent out, thru MoveOn, over 90 million texts for key, battleground states and races.

I am also the president of Sustainable Rossmoor and am absolutely committed to doing everything I can to help combat the climate crisis as quickly as possible, and expect the candidates I support to work in that direction also. I believe it long past time for Democrats to take the lead in addressing and correcting a number of inequities in our society, from the systemic racism, economic and wealth differences, health and educational differences, etc. In short, we need to find ways for our system to work for many more people besides those at the top, and then make the changes needed.

I would very much appreciate your support and vote in this election.

Brad Waite

As a California native and a lifelong Democrat, I want to represent the Labor Community in the Bay Area and as a delegate in AD16. I am a 19-year member of Sprinkler Fitters Local 483. Once I finished my apprenticeship with Local 483, I got involved with the leadership of the Local Union. I was elected to the Executive Board of Local 483 as their recording secretary. After 6 years of serving in that position, I was elected as the President of Local 483. After serving 2 years as President, I was appointed to become a Business Agent to represent the men and women of Local 483. Since being appointed as a Business Agent, I have been elected twice by the membership and continue to serve as an elected Business Agent.

In my capacity as Business Agent in Contra Costa County, I served as a member of the Contra Costa Building Trades Council, an alternate on the Blue-Ribbon Committee for the Concord Naval Reuse Project, serve on the Richmond Workforce Development Board, and I am a member of the Concord/Diablo Rotary Club.

In July of 2020 I was reassigned to cover the City and County of San Francisco. I am a delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, a member and trustee on the San Francisco Building Trades Council and a board member for the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition. Statewide, I have been a delegate to the California Labor Federation conventions and the CA State Pipe Trades conventions and the convention for the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters of the US and Canada.

I’m passionate about our community and improving the lives of all working men and women. It would be an honor to serve as your delegate in AD 16!

Dan Torres

My start in progressive politics was during the anti-war student movement. As the Vice-President of Students for Democratic Society (SDS), I was a leader during the “peoples’ park” years in Berkeley. Working with Tom Hayden ( legislator AD44, SD23 ) and other bright lights, I learned to be bold, persuasive and hard working. Other positions included President of the Psychology Students at UC Berkeley and a member of the critical SLATE board.

Through the intervening years I have been involved in local

East Bay and AD16 democratic politics. Currently I am the Vice-President of the large, progressive Trivalley Democratic Club. Eric Swalwell came from our executive ranks.

As a psychologist I have the unique training and experience to be an effective listener, negotiator and successful facilitator of “compromises”. I have learned how to see and understand the emotions behind people’s positions, and work with those undercurrents to highlight common ground and mutual goals….the bottom line to forming a consensus.

Teaching in 2 psych grad schools has afforded me the opportunity to fine-tune my language and presentations,

to make my arguments clear, fact-based, persuasive, and remembered. You need to touch people where it counts, to make your position stand out.

As an aging athlete, I have the energy and endurance to attend, and have an impact, in many meetings and conferences. For 20 years I have been a player/captain for tennis teams for the USTA, and am the musical director and lead soloist in a musical combo. I’m experienced as a leader/ participant, even in these hobbies. In many of those roles I find a fine balance between working for the team and meeting my own goals and needs. I believe the goal of a good representative should be to promote the desires of the people in your district, or group, and to remain true to the personal values and principles that guide your life and work. Over the years I have come a long way in reaching that balance.

In summary, my training and experience, in and out of politics have allowed me to become an effective representative. And I will work long, hard, and effectively for the democratic party as a delegate.

Ron Lorentz, Ph.D.

I’m a San Ramonian, a first-gen American, a female in STEM, and a young person losing sleep over our increasingly gridlocked government. I’ll be a voice for the community of AD-16 and bring to the table a perspective which, in collaboration with other delegates, elected officials and activists, can move us all forward together.

In November 2019, I joined grassroots activists on Capitol Hill to lobby members of the United States Congress to push for legislative climate action. Here’s what I learned: the “politics” game is jeopardizing true progress, and elected officials need an occasional friendly reminder of who they are serving and are accountable to: we, the people.

This is why I’m running to be an Assembly District Delegate for the California Democratic Party. If we Californians want to see our values reflected in the federal government, we must lead by example. As a delegate, I will collaborate to advance issues of people-centered politics, legislative climate action, strengthened democracy, preparation for a technologized future, and acknowledgement of increasing disparities in wealth, access to opportunity, and quality of life. We live in a highly populated, wildly wealthy, and politically powerful state. We have the power to lead the national conversation around political progress.

I’d be honored for your vote. You can learn how to vote and catch my candidate video here:, and learn more about the progress-oriented slate that I’m proud to be running on here:

Sara Lashanlo

Thank you for the opportunity to be a delegate for AD16. My name is Patrick Vanier. Public service has defined my professional career. I’ve been a prosecutor for over twenty years, working in both the Santa Clara and Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Offices. I am also a forty-seven-year resident of Contra Costa County. Throughout the course of my career I’ve worked to keep our community safe through the prosecution of serious crimes such as, homicide, sexual assault, as well as crimes against our environment. Currently, I’m the lead prosecutor for the Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Task Force where I prosecute crimes of human exploitation, e.g. sex and labor trafficking, child abuse, and wage fraud.

While I find my professional work fulfilling, the nightmare of the Trump administration motivated me to do more to protect my family and community from the erosion of civil liberties, progressive values and standards of decency for which our country has long been known. In May of 2017, I was the first to declare as a candidate for the position of Contra Costa County District Attorney. I felt that the public had a right to know about the mismanagement and dysfunction of the executive leadership at the time. I was also propelled by the need for serious criminal justice reform in Contra Costa County. While my bid was unsuccessful, I’m proud to have played a small role in assisting a like-minded Democrat to serve as our top prosecutor.

Since my first political endeavor, I have continued to proudly volunteer for several more progressive candidates as they have effectuated change in the AD 16 area. I have also served as an elected AD 16 delegate for the 2019-2020 term, as well as Congressman Eric Swalwell’s alternate on the DPCCC. Marrying into a large family of proud Latino immigrants, and the father of three Latina daughters, I’m deeply concerned about and aware of the nuances of policies on immigration, women’s rights, specifically safe access to reproductive healthcare, the environment, and criminal justice reform. As we see the attack on our country’s basic principles of decency play out each day, we must stay vigilant in the fight to preserve the values of our community. I pledge support to a platform within the Democratic Party that defends these ideals and will continue the Blue Wave of reform that brought us the Biden-Harris presidency.

Patrick John Vanier

As a current elected ADEM, I seek reelection. I ask for your vote as a lifelong Democrat, an accomplished labor lawyer, a fierce supporter of the rights of women and reproductive justice, a champion of inclusivity and equity, an engaged community stakeholder and resident of over 16 years, and a mother of three.

Like many of you, I have spent countless hours in recent years volunteering with GOTV efforts to elect strong, progressive Democrats up and down the ballot. Two years ago, you elected me to serve, and I have been honored to actively represent you at CADEM conventions and to participate in Dem party caucuses, including the Women’s, API, Labor, Progressive and Rural Caucuses. 2020 convinced me that now was the time to demand a better tomorrow and I ran for Orinda City Council on a platform that emphasized inclusivity and equity, community choice clean energy, accountability, and transparency. I am committed to continuing to do the work to support progressive initiatives and candidates who support an agenda that leaves AD 16, California and America a better place for the generations to come: an agenda that cares for the environment, for public education, for working people, for efficient and reliable transportation, for quality health care, for affordable housing, and for harm and violence reduction. Finally, but importantly, I believe that there is value to equity and justice, and I support data-driven, thoughtful reform of police practices and meaningful steps to build an inclusive, happier community.

I would be honored to represent you once again.

Latika Malkani

I walk my talk – that’s why I am running and why I ask for your vote. As the California Democratic Party 2020 Coordinated Campaign Field Coordinator for Contra Costa County, I reaffirmed my belief that when we respect communities and center their ‘already there’ leaders, engagement follows. I witnessed cultural affinity groups activate their generational connections so the kids, the grownups, and the elders took on the mantle of creating a world their youngest would inherit, and volunteered together. I didn’t make these things happen, but I recognized their strength, championed them, and supported their success with all that the California Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign had to offer. Along with my amazing group of Fellows, whom I trained and mentored, we organized training events, candidate forums, provided ongoing campaign support and access to tools. That is how we build the bench of Democratic leaders.

Two years ago, I ran with a grassroots slate for my first ADEMs, and was elected. Since then I have continued to organize locally to help elect regional, state, and national leaders who will speak up for equity and justice. I’ve continued to protect, and restore, our civil rights by lobbying with ACLU on bills; I’ve organized with local immigrant, racial justice, gun sense, and family and children advocacy organizations because important democratic work doesn’t stop when the election is over.

I humbly ask for your vote because I walk my talk. I plan to strengthen the relationships that were forged in this past election cycle and steward a program to identify and develop a flow of new leaders. In our county, we saw record numbers of candidates who were Black and people of color, and an increase in the number of women candidates. As Field Coordinator for the 2020 Coordinated Campaign, and part of the central committee’s leadership team, I helped to make that happen. That is what we need more of – inclusive vision and the mettle to carry it out.

As the Executive Board (E board) Representative from AD16, I will leverage my experiences, my skills, my relationships, and my undeterred spirit to bring new ideas and insist on greater equity and inclusion. Please vote for me – vote Marilyn Cachola Lucey. A vote for me is a vote for someone who walks the talk – Marilyn Cachola Lucey.

Marilyn Cachola Lucey

As an experienced former city Mayor, environmental scientist to the federal USEPA, founder and executive director of the non profit Contra Costa County Climate Leaders, East Bay Regional Parks District Commissioner and educator in our schools and parklands; I am proficient in multiple science and sustainability disciplines, at all levels of policy and practice.

I have seen first-hand how important it is to maintain protection of our political system, ensure local input, local jobs, social justice, non violence, health care and the protection of human health and our environment to address the climate crisis and transfer off of fossil fuels. We must press for continued transparency, honesty and disclosure in campaign ads, media and funding.

I have lived in AD-16 for more than 30 years. As a delegate, I will fight to make our Party one that will be a model for the nation and the rest of the world. One that represents the people, the middle class, and works to ensure all are engaged and voting in a system that is representative of us. It is essential that we register and mobilize more voters. We must ensure more diversity and younger persons are involved.

I will listen, elevate, and work to engage voices who want to see action from our local party. I offer scientific and political insight; experience, and hard work. I am pleased to be working with the Forward California slate endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna.

It would be an honor to be your AD-16 delegate to the California Democratic Party.

Lynda Deschambault

I am a proud first-generation Asian American Democrat who grew up in the Tri-Valley. As your elected delegate I will advocate for the important issues affecting youth in California today that will continue to affect us in the future. Despite being unable to vote, young Californians deserve to be heard. As a student, I hope to champion the issues affecting California students including the rising cost of education, the student-debt crisis, the lack of affordable housing, and to address the often overlooked needs of K-12 students such as funding for counselors, nurses, and important STEAM programs. We also must prioritize addressing the issues that young Californians will inherit; our party should lead the transition to clean energy and in mitigating the looming threat of climate change. As a young woman of colour I also recognize the need to tackle the important issues of racial justice and equity. The decisions of today will affect generations to come and young Californians deserve to have a seat at the decision making table.

In order to sustain and grow its presence with young Californians, the party needs to evolve. The pandemic has shown the increased difficulties in reaching voters and the ever-growing need for virtual modes of communication and organizing. A push towards increased digital outreach would help ignite and channel support from younger and otherwise untapped voters into addressing the real issues that affect them. Our party, the party of the people, thrives when we are able to sustain consistent conversations with voters about the real issues that affect them while filtering out the growing epidemic of fake news. Representing California means reaching all of California’s voters. As your delegate I would bring this fresh perspective to the party allowing us to reach and represent a broader pool of voters to address the issues that we all care about.

In the 2020 election cycle, young Californians, like myself, organized and fought to elect Democrats up and down the ballot across the nation. Now it’s time to have their voices represented within the party. I ask for your vote to be your delegate to help our party better represent California and AD16.

Radhika Gawde

I am running for delegate because I believe I can offer the California Democratic Party a much needed fresh perspective as a delegate for AD-16.

I am currently in my first year of law school at UC Hastings. I have been deeply involved in political organizing since graduating from college in 2016. I worked as an organizer and regional field director in Las Vegas for Tom Steyer’s Nextgen PAC during the ’16 and ’18 election cycles. Our work focused on finding innovative strategies for getting college students out to vote at the campuses in the Vegas metro area. We helped deliver critical victories for our party by flipping two house seats, both chambers of the NV legislature, sending two Democrats to the U.S. Senate and one to the governor’s mansion.

I proudly served as field director for Marisol Rubio’s primary campaign this year because I believe our party’s elected officials should fight for the people they represent, not the corporations and wealthy donors that fund their campaigns. I am also a member of the Contra Costa Young Dems, and a member of the Sierra Club Mt. Diablo executive committee.

I believe our party needs to refocus on a progressive economic message of investing in the economy of the future while making sure that it works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Our party’s platform is filled with extremely popular policies, but our party’s brand is not associated with those policies because we completely fail to make them part of our message. The trends of the past few election cycles show that we need to do a much better job as a party of communicating to people what we intend to do to improve their lives. Our party should be seen as the party of progress. Instead, we are seen by a growing number of people as offering empty platitudes rather than real change. We need look no further than the growing rate of young voters who identify as independents rather than Democrats.

Often folks deeply involved in politics forget how much more engaged they are than the average person. If elected delegate I vow to push our party’s elected officials and activists to listen to perspectives outside of their insular political circles so that we can regain our rightful place as the party of progress in the minds of Californians.

You can see my candidate video and learn more about the progressive slate I’m running with at

Connor O'Neill

I’m committed to public service, and it would be an honor to represent AD16 to the California Democratic Party.

I have volunteered on local Democratic campaigns since 2010 and ran for City Council this past election. Previously, I worked at the US Department of State under the Obama-Biden Administration and conducted economic analysis at the US Federal Reserve and World Bank. I also was a journalist at The Economist, reporting on topics including California’s PG&E shutoffs. I studied economics, policy, and entrepreneurship at Stanford University, earning both a BA and an MS.

The California Democratic Party leads by example, and, as an ADEM, I’m committed to pushing for change on economic and racial equity, climate change, education, immigration, and healthcare. I’m proud to be endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna as part of the Forward California ADEM slate.

I have lived in AD16 for more than 15 years, and it would be an honor to represent AD16 to the California Democratic Party. To learn more, please visit or email me at

Sri Muppidi

I was born and raised in AD16 and have become a proven community advocate. After founding the nonprofit Unify Livermore, I have successfully advocated for more affordable housing, sustainable fiscal responsibility, and a more politically engaged community in Livermore. It is my promise to bring the same energy I bring to my local advocacy to the California Democratic Party.

The reason I am running for Assembly District Delegate is to continue to fight for those I do not know, to continue to push for progressive values within the California Democratic Party and work with our elected leaders to understand and adopt those policies.

Representing our community is not new to me. Over the summer I represented Congressional District 15 (Rep. Eric Swalwell) as Democratic National Delegate for Bernie Sanders. I was a primary author of many proposed platform changes ranging from LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and the rights of our lower income brothers and sisters. I know what it takes to represent our community and promise to represent our community to its fullest.

This fall I ran, unsuccessfully, for the Livermore School Board. During the election I was able to meet some amazing education advocates and leaders. My candidacy was endorsed by local Democratic leaders and elected officials, along with the California State Democratic Party, the Alameda County Democratic Party, the Tri-Valley Democratic Club, and Our Revolution East Bay. These individuals and organizations recognized my passion and progressive values and trusted me with their support.

Today I am asking for your trust to elect me as your Assembly District Delegate.

As a member of the “Together We Rise Slate” I will work closely with the rest of these talented progressive leaders to continue the hard work that is needed for transformational change to our economy, environment, and housing policy for a better California.

Asa Strout

As the former Vice Mayor/Councilmember for the City of Dublin, I forwarded a bold, honest, clean money agenda for the City — rejecting poorly planned developments while pushing a long-term environmentally conscious vision. I focused on the city’s economic recovery, creating solutions to traffic congestion, and stopping out-of-control development.

With a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (transportation, construction management, and hydraulics), I have an extensive background in sustainable infrastructure planning.

In the pursuit of making a positive impact to Alameda County’s transportation needs, I worked on the Alameda County Transportation Commission to help deliver bike/pedestrian facilities, road initiatives, BART projects, Safe Routes to Schools, Intelligent Transportation Systems including Express Lanes and Bus Rapid Transit Projects. I am a co-sponsor of the Bay Area Green New Deal and helped introduce the Dublin Green Economic Recovery Act.

As a California Democratic Party delegate, I will bring an experienced eye to shaping the party’s trajectory. Dealing with the post-COVID economy and health crisis will be a priority. I will champion the mission for equity, social justice, and shaping a better future for children and grand children. I am pleased to be on the Forward California! ADEM slate endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna.

It would be an honor to serve as a California Democratic Party delegate for AD16.

Arun Goel

I believe we can do better. We can do better for our children, our country and our planet. That’s why I am committed to the democratic party and to our community. As co-President and one of the founders of Women’s March Contra Costa, we strive to bring our community together around issues important to us like women’s rights, racial justice, environmental protection, education, healthcare and immigrant rights. We do this by working with community partners and collaborating to allow important voices to be heard. Likewise, as a co-chair for values in Action at Temple Isaiah, I am aware of the tremendous need within our community and enjoy working with the dedicated interfaith community to address poverty and access to services. I hope to have the opportunity to be a delegate again this year and continue to work on these important issues.

Leslie Shafton