Assembly District 18




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

18 Kyle Hamilton-Lecky No OSIF
18 Zac Bowling No OSIF
18 Malia Vella * SIF
18 Nina Moore No SIF
18 Mari Perez-Ruiz No SIF
18 Mayra Alvarado * SIF
18 Fred Simon No OSIF
18 VanCedric Williams No OSIF
18 Erica Joy Baker No SIF
18 Lori Joyce Watkins * SIF
18 Rodney K. Nickens Jr. No OSIF
18 Mike Katz-Lacabe No OSIF
18 Richard D Chennault No OSIF
18 Elizabeth Cortez No SIF
18 Gary Jimenez * OSIF
18 Tyron C. Jordan * OSIF
18 Dennis Spencer No OSIF
18 Andres E Jimenez No OSIF
18 John Lane * OSIF
18 Woof Kurtzman * OSIF
18 Quinn Costello No OSIF
18 Charina Enciso No SIF
18 Francis Ellison Howard * OSIF
18 Debbie Kang * SIF
18 Michael MacDonald No OSIF
18 Kieryn Darkwater * OSIF
18 Ricahrd Raya * OSIF
18 Rabi’a Keeble * SIF
18 Melody Davis No SIF
18 Stewart G. Chen No OSIF
18 Ronnie G Caplane No SIF
18 Ed Hernandez No OSIF
18 Dylan M. Boldt * OSIF
18 Desmond Jeffries * OSIF
18 Deborah  Lagutaris No SIF
18 Morissa Zuckerman No SIF
18 Kiisha Orr * SIF
18 Natalie L. Wilson * SIF
18 Alan E Marling No OSIF
18 Robert Oliver No OSIF
18 Mika Lacabe * SIF
18 Mario Gonzalez-Brito * OSIF
18 Katherine O Toole * SIF
18 Amanda Gallo No SIF
18 Jose Carlos Moreno No OSIF
18 Bryan Thomas Farley No OSIF
18 Amos White * OSIF
18 Moira Hess No SIF
18 Chaney Turner No OSIF
18 Katherine Cameron No SIF
18 Andre Jones No OSIF
18 Allyssa Victory No SIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Zac Bowling. I’m an advocate for affordable housing and social justice, and I want to be your delegate for AD18.

Like many millennials, I struggled for years with skyrocketing housing costs and a lack of affordable housing options. I endeavored to get involved in changing that some ten years ago. I haven’t stopped since. Today I’m a leader in the pro-housing movement and volunteer organizer for YIMBY Action, a pro-housing advocacy group.

I’ve been involved in organizing and helping with many state and local campaigns to fight homelessness, build more abundant housing, and promote tenants’ rights. Most recently helped with No on K in Alameda (2018), Yes on A (April 2019 special election to allow the Mckay Wellness Center in Alameda), Yes on 15, and Yes on Z in Alameda.

I’m also a community organizer, where I currently run the largest community group on social media for people living in the City of Alameda. There I endeavor to use that platform for social good in our community, raise awareness of local issues, and keep the community civically involved with what is happening in our community. I also organize drives to promote locally owned businesses in the community with “cash mobs,” and each year, my wife and I organize a large turkey drive for the Alameda Food Bank (this year raising $19,295 for local families in need of food assistance).

I love my community, and I want to see it thrive. That’s why I want to bring this same energy to the state party to represent all of us in the East Bay. As your delegate, I promise to fight for affordable housing, better transit, livable cities, and equity for everyone in the state party. I hope I can count on your vote for me and the entire Assembly District 18 Unity slate.

Candidate Video: 

Zac Bowling

I’m running to increase the representation of working moms and young women of color in AD 18.

While we have seen some progress, we know that there is not enough diversity in leadership positions within the Democratic Party. I want to help change that and ensure that there are more people that look like me and my family at the decision making table.

I am a resident of Alameda, and serve on the City Council. I am a mother of a toddler (and have another baby on the way), a professor, and a labor attorney and representative for working people. I grew up in Alameda and San Leandro and attended high school in East Oakland. The 18th Assembly District is my home. I care about the people who live here and want to make sure that all our voices, needs, and concerns are heard. As a councilmember I’ve focused on providing a voice to our vulnerable community members, been an advocate for and enacted meaningful tenants rights, voted to accelerate minimum wage increases, supported our small businesses during the COVID19 pandemic, and worked tirelessly for housing for all.

I care about tenant protections, housing equity, and increasing and improving multimodal transit. I will fight for all our right to live, work, and stay in their chosen communities.

I care about over-policing communities of color and will fight ensure we can exist without fear of police brutality. I’m committed to working on meaningful criminal justice reform including real investment in services that benefit our communities.

I care about our environment. I support policies that ensure that all communities get the benefit of clean air, fresh and uncontaminated water, solar energy, clean streets, and safe parks, which are often a privilege only the wealthy enjoy.

I care about students’ right to a great education, no matter their income or zip code. I support our public schools and will continue to fight to adequately fund them. I believe in healthcare for all and want to reduce the health disparities that exist for people of color, which have been heightened during the COVID19 pandemic.

Finally, I care about community engagement and participation. That’s why I’ve worked to be accessible. I will do my best to share about decisions that I make and am open to input on how we can improve the process. I hope I can count on your support.

Candidate Video: 

Malia Vella

My name is Nina Moore, I was born and raised in Oakland. I’m deeply rooted and invested in the well being of the residents in my district (AD18). My grassroots understanding of the current issues facing those in Oakland and Alameda County stem from those I employ at my family owned business and the customers who’ve patronized us in the 45 years we’ve been in business. My activist beginnings began at an early age; with my mother, Dorothy King, a well known Oakland resident and homeless activist, who would take my siblings and I to political rallies.

In the 20 years I’ve successfully run Everett and Jones, Jack London Square has only deepened my commitment to advocate for issues I see facing the community. In that time we’ve made it our mission to feed the homeless every night at the close of business. To further combat homelessness I have cultivated career paths for those who would otherwise not find employment and moved them through the ranks with an emphasis that we are a stepping stone so that you can better yourself and then pay it forward. It’s the hallmark of our employment practice. Continuing in community engagement we’ve spearheaded toy drives and back-to-school drives in partnership with local radio stations. This year we donated meals for Families affected by Covid-19.

My desire to be an agent for change has led me to march with Jesse Jackson at SFSU for affirmative action, Black Lives Matter for Oscar Grant in Oakland, Freddy Gray in Baltimore, and Occupy Oakland. I was appointed an Associate for the Alameda Cty Dem Central Committee 2016. In that same year I served as an alternate delegate for the CDP President election. In 2019 I won a seat on AD18.

If re-elected, my goals are to help close the divide for the disenfranchised:

~ Creating viable housing and financial services to upend systemic homelessness

~ Services for individuals and families pertaining to mental health needs

~ Civic support for small businesses

I have used my voice to encourage others who were uninformed thus prompting them to use their voice to affect change for issues they face. Having a local resident, business owner and community member as a representative for AD18 lends greater voter turnout to the party, while being liaison in sharing the party’s vision to its constituents.

My voice is your voice, so vote Nina.

Candidate Video: 

Nina Moore

Representation does matter & leading with empathy is absolutely necessary for true transformative, permanent & sustainable change. On Dec 22, 2017, almost 3 years to the date I made a promise to 36 brown & black families evicted for no cause of their own to seek Just Cause tenants protections. Alameda renters had just lost Rent Control Measure M1. It took 2 elections; 3 parallel campaigns (local, statewide & forming the CADEM Renters Council); & founding Central Valley Empowerment Alliance in the Central Valley’s rural community of Poplar for me to keep my promise.

Partial List of Organizing Accomplishments:

Tenant Protections

Alameda CA– Successfully led Tenant Protections campaigns to obtain (1) rent control at .75 of CPI (2) Just Cause Evictions (3) Tenant Legal Services & (4) Rent Registry.

Statewide Legislation– With Tenants Together & Housing Now co-leading Statewide Legislation– AB1506 Repeal Costa Hawkins, AB2925 Statewide Just Cause, AB1481 Just Cause, AB1482 Anti-Rent Gauging & SB529 Right to Organize campaigns.

CADEM Renters Council– Founded CDP CADEM Renters Council charter Org (July 2010) & since then endorsed 77 candidates including several local Measures & statewide Proposition (Prop21 Partial Repeal of Costa Hawkins) & advocated for local & regional tenant protections ordinances.

Rural Green New Deal, Education Equity & Elementary to College Pipeline

UC Tule River Exploratory Committee (2018)– Develop an exploratory committee including Tule River Indian Reservation, Ranchers, Community Leaders & local elected folks to develop a research medical university with a robust Indigenous Studies department.

Climate Equity– Co-Founded Il’lik Cxo’hun at Tule River Indian Reservation to climate equity & Rural Green New Deal legislation while promoting collaboration amongst sovereign nations.

At the age of 13 I held my first hunger strike lasting 3 days. By the 4th day my parents accepted my demands & excused me from working in Central Valley’s 110°F weather harvesting table grapes. After intense negotiations we arrived at an agreement– I would babysit my younger siblings & my wish would be granted of allowing me to go to school year-round.

I have more promises to keep, I urge you to consider casting your vote for me, Mari Perez-Ruiz, & for the UnityAD18 Slate. Mil Gracias.

Candidate Video: 

Mari Perez-Ruiz

Hello, my name is Mayra Alvarado and I am proud to be in my 6th year of teaching; including 5 years as a teacher in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). As a daughter of immigrants, I remember how hard my parents had to work to provide for our basic needs. I am forever thankful to them. I saw them work through difficult situations due to not being unionized laborers. They often would work overtime with no pay and without the proper protective equipment and tools. Our working class should never be treated this way; not in the past, the present, nor in the future.

This is why I am proud to be an advocate for our rights as a leader within our teachers’ union, Oakland Education Association. As a strike captain during the 2019 OUSD Teachers’ Strike, we were able to work together and realize our goals; we won contractual language for newcomer teachers and an increase in salary, among other huge wins.

I want to serve as your delegate for Assembly District 18 because I want the California Democratic Party to be more reflective of our working class and work together to fight for our rights. For too long we’ve been placed under the needs of corporate interests and I want to serve as your delegate to this change, now.

As your delegate for Oakland, San Leandro, and Alameda I will fight for:

• Community schools

• An end to over policing of Black and Brown folks in our neighborhoods

• Healthcare for all, including:

o Increased funding for mental health care

• A living wage

• Bargaining rights

• A budget that reflects a true interest in our communities

I’m asking for you to vote for me, Mayra Alvarado, and for the rest of the Unity Slate.

Candidate Video, please go to: 

Mayra Elizabeth Alvarado

Please cast your vote for Fred Simon, recently elected San Leandro City Council Member who has 23 years experience as an International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) Local 21 member.

Fred has lived in San Leandro for 25 years while raising two children together with his wife. Fred is a community activist pursuing environmental justice for San Leandro & neighboring communities and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis and a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. Fred is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California, with 25 years engineering experience in the Bay Area.

Fred is also a member of the San Leandro Democratic Club (SLDC), serves on the SLDC Executive Board and supports fulfilling the SLDC’s mission to promote Democratic Party participation, support Democrats for elected office, work towards the platform and ideals of the Democratic Party, and increase the number of Democrats in San Leandro and surrounding cities through voter registration.

Fred was elected in 2018 as a Board Member of the Oro Loma Sanitary District to protect public health, where he continues to serve. Appointed in 2018, Fred advocates for Senior residents as a San Leandro Senior Commissioner. Please vote Fred Simon to serve the people as a California Democratic Party Delegate serving Assembly District 18.

Candidate Video: 

Fred Simon


I’m VanCedric Williams and I’m running to be your Delegate in Assembly District 18. As a 20-year educator, I have fought tirelessly for funding the classroom, and I believe public education is the foundation of our democracy. Our students should receive nothing less than the highest quality education. I’m passionate about making the public school system work for all students, especially our most vulnerable and marginalized students, and their families. I believe in all of us and in our efforts in creating a safe space and learning environment for our students.

I want to continue my service to our school community as a Delegate for Assembly District 18.

I was elected District 3 Director for Oakland Unified School District to continue to support and defend the classroom. In addition, I’ve been elected to service as Treasurer of the United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) teachers’ union. I’ve worked on local ballot measures, policies, and at the state level, I gained policy experience from the Calif Teachers Assoc and Calif Federation of Teachers (CFT).

I’ve been appointed to the California Teachers Association (CTA) Racial Equity Affairs Committee and CFT California Federation of Certificated and Classified Teachers to Ethnic Diversity Leadership Committee and Racial Justice Taskforce. This is my life’s work. Keeping the focus on Black males is a strong passion for me. I am asking for your vote.

In these unprecedented times – our students, families, and school staff face uncertainty with the reopening of schools, academic literacy and matriculation, housing, food, and job insecurities in our community. We need leadership that you can count on.

With my strong education activists’ labor background, we have the power to reverse historical and social disadvantages that have prevented students from accessing education on a level playing field. I want to work with engaging leadership in creating equitable public education outcomes for all. I am asking for your vote. Vote for VanCedric, Williams Delegate for Assembly District 18.

Candidate Video: 

VanCedric Williams

Hello neighbors, near and far! My name is Erica Joy Baker and I’m a lifelong Democrat who’d like to make some changes. I work in the tech industry as a Senior Engineering leader, and I often hear big companies talk about changing the world, but rarely in what direction and for who. I think it’s important to start small and start at home, so I want to make changes for the better for the people in Assembly District 18.

In addition to my engineering work, my life as a Black woman in engineering has led me to be a staunch advocate for improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for marginalized communities in the tech industry. I want to bring my knowledge of the inequities of the tech industry to help guide the Democratic party to being a force for ushering in more diversity and inclusion, to make that industry and all industries equitable for everyone.

My experience with leading large teams to ship big projects has taught me that you have to have everyone on board and nowhere is that more true than in the Democratic party. We have a big tent that has to do the work of ensuring that we not just bring everyone together, but bring everyone along. My leadership work has taught me how to do just that.

I’m not big on personal fanfare, but it seems like this is where I put my leadership and guidance bonafides, so here we go: I have been on the advisory boards for Atipica and Hack the Hood, as well as the Diversity Council, the Barbie Global Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors for Girl Develop It. I was also a founding member of Project Include, the 2015 Level Playing Field Institute Lux Award winner, a nominee for the 2016 Crunchies Include Diversity Award, and was included in WIRED Magazine’s 2016 Next List, and on the BBC’s 100 Women of 2020 list.

Thank you for considering me to be a delegate representing Assembly District 18.

Erica Joy Baker

My name is Lori Watkins, I was born and raised in the bay area, I have been employed by SFUSD for over 20 years and now work for OUSD for the past 3 years as an educator. I am running for Assembly District Delegate/Executive Board Representative as Democrat; the past administers gave me reason to be a part of a better democracy. It will be an honor to represent my district so please vote for me.

Lori Watkins

Rodney K. Nickens Jr. is an Oakland Hills resident in the 18th Assembly District and is a candidate for the 2021 Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) delegate elections to the California Democratic Party Executive Board. Rodney moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 to pursue a career in activism and social justice advocacy after graduating from UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco in 2016. As the first person in his family to attend college, Rodney worked to put himself through school with the help of grants, scholarships and student loans and understands the issues facing first-generation college students, millennials, working-class families, and essential workers of color firsthand. He credits his mother, a retired nurse and his father, an electrician for instilling in him the values of perseverance, resilience, service and hard work in spite of adversity early on. Their work ethic and sacrifices motivated Rodney to overcome significant hardships in his own life and become a student organizer. Their wisdom and countless life lessons continue to guide him as he fights for racial equity, housing justice, and closing the racial wealth gap. As a millennial political strategist and policy advocate, Rodney has had the privilege of serving in critical roles as a trailblazer on the frontlines of progressive change in California and across the nation for over a decade. Rodney has also served on the boards of several non-profit organizations rooted in millennial civic engagement. As a life-long Democrat, Rodney has donated to and volunteered on numerous local, state, and federal campaigns for progressive Democratic leaders. Rodney is the Founder of R&N Strategies, LLC, a political consulting firm founded in 2019 which focuses on identifying, recruiting, and advising progressive grassroots candidates of color for local elected offices in the Bay Area. He is a 2009 graduate of the inaugural class at the University of California, Merced, a 2011 graduate of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African-American Studies at UCLA, and a 2016 graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where he earned a certificate in Social Justice Lawyering.

Rodney Nickens

My candidacy is not sponsored or encouraged by any elected official seeking my endorsement or my support in exchange for their help.

It’s not enough to talk about progressive policies without putting them into action and supporting candidates that will do the same. The California Democratic Party includes healthcare for all in its platform but too many of its candidates pay lip service to that portion of the platform.

I supported Bernie Sanders because he recognized that healthcare is a right for years and his advocacy has now made it a mainstream issue. He continues to lead by pushing for freeing students from the burden of college debt, something that used to be fully funded by taxpayers in California.

As we fight for criminal justice reform, Democrats need to stop supporting candidates that are beholden to financial contributions from police unions, other law enforcement organizations, and the companies that are contributing to the destruction of our planet.

I promise to support candidates who represent ALL of California, who support organized labor, who fight for criminal justice reform, who value our privacy and freedoms over law enforcement’s desire for mass surveillance, who believe that government for the people depends on protecting the planet and supporting people with a Green New Deal.

I will support candidates who support these principles.

Please vote for me and other progressives who don’t owe anything to an elected official and share these values.

Mike Katz-Lacabe

I am a dedicated spouse, caring, parent, and veteran. I lead through experience, compassion, and a genuine desire for continuous learning.

My experience ranges from direct patient care to senior technical leadership positions in some of the Bay Areas’ top companies. I am active at the local education level by serving as a parent leader for the San Leandro Unified School District.

I promise to bring my extensive professional and community experience to help lead and shape the future of the party.

I invite everyone to learn more about me by reading my online profile on LinkedIn and my website.

Richard D Chennault

Ms. Elizabeth Cortez was born and raised in the SF Bay Area before settling in the Oakland Hills with her wife and family. Educated at UC Santa Barbara, she spent a year serving in in Santa Barbara County where she was recognized by her service by Democratic US House Representative Lois Capps, and Democratic California House Representative Hannah Beth Jackson. Since moving back to the Bay Area, Elizabeth Cortez has served as a board member for various nonprofit organizations that aim to serve underserved community members in California.

Elizabeth Cortez

As a V.P. at the Alameda Labor Council and Field Rep of SEIU 1021, a union that represents over 60,000 workers in Northern California, I have a long and proven track record of working with, listening to all communities and for advocating for those whose voices are so often unheard and have been successful in getting those voices heard.

In particular, as noted below I have direct experience representing the diversity of AD 18, including residents of low income communities of color. Additionally, I have experience with financial management, fiscal audits, and capital planning.


• Fair Economy Campaign Co-Chair a partnership with community groups including ACCE; PICO church grassroots organizations. Our coalition’s goals recognize that the economic crisis is not caused by the actions of working families, but by the unregulated practices of the banking industry and corporations who refuse to take responsibility for an inequitable economy.

• Campaign Co-Chair, FF Campaign: SEIU 1021, along with our Lift Up Oakland coalition partners, dozens of endorsing organizations, and hundreds of volunteers, collected 33,682 voter signatures to put Measure FF on the ballot. Measure FF raised the minimum wage to $12.25 with 5-9 paid sick days. The measure went into effect on March 2, 2015, and workers receive annual raises indexed to inflation.

• Campaign Co-Chair for Measure JJ, the campaign to Protect Oakland Renters. Measure JJ will: 1. Flips the petition so landlords, not tenants, must petition to raise the rent over annual inflation; 2. Extends Just Cause through 12/31/1995 to cover more units; and 3. Strengthens the accountability and transparency of the Rent Board


• 2nd Vice President of the Alameda Labor Council which represents over 135,000 AC workers, I advocate on behalf of these workers & their families.

• Jan 2018 – Sept 2019, SEIU 1021, V.P. of Politics, responsible to oversee East Bay jurisdictions representing union members in Oakland: City of Oakland, Port of Oakland, Peralta Community College; OUSD, Oakland Housing Authority; BART, Alameda Cty Workers, Alameda Cty Medical Center, Hayward, Union City, Fremont, San Ramon, Albany, Berkeley, Richmond, and Emeryville; K-12 schools; Union City, Union Sanitary, Hayward and HARD

• Mar 2010 – Jan 2018, East Bay Regional V.P.

Candidate Video: 

Gary Jimenez

California have been one of the states on the forefront of the progressive movement for generations; which goes as far back as the Governorship of Hiram Johnson during the early 20th century. I am running to become a delegate as a CADEM delegate to play a role in advocating for progressive policies and bringing progressive ideals to fruition.

This past August, I had the honor of serving as a delegate-at-large for Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention. I would like the opportunity to continue to play a role in espousing and advocating progressive goals, such as medicare for all, economic equality, the New Green Deal, and racial justice. Although Sen. Sanders did not win the nomination, his ideals and voice will resonate for generations to come.

My community involvement includes serving as a commissioner on the Oakland Public Library Advisory Commission. In this role, i serve as a liaison between our libraries and members of the city council. In 2028, i worked on a bond measure campaign to provide much needed funding for our 18 libraries. This bond passed, and enable the libraries to extend hours, retain after school programs, and prevent staff layoffs.

My community involvement also includes active membership to The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area. The core of this organization is to mentor young men and women to realize their potential by creating solutions to address issues primarily affecting the African-American community.

I feel that i can be effective as a CADEM delegate for a number of reasons. As a military veteran, I have had the experience of working effectively from those from diverse socioeconomic, racial and geographical background. My role as a union job steward (SEIU Local 1000, DLC 743) from 2013-2016; gave me the opportunity to play a role in the ” Yes of 15′ campaign; which advocated for a starting wage of $15.00 an hour. This was essentially particularly for service industry workers. Having worked through college as a service industry employee; I understand the struggle. I would like to ask for your vote and your support. I will be a dedicated foot solider for housing equality economic fairness, racial justice, and advocate for environmental protections. Thank you for your vote, and for your support.

Tyron C. Jordan

As a lifelong democrat and native Californian, I see an urgency in maintaining our state as the national example of a successful democracy, thriving on the principles of liberal progressive standards that benefit all of its citizens. I’ve been a public school educator for 16 years, previously teaching in Crenshaw for LAUSD and now currently over a decade with Oakland Unified. I was compelled to seek candidacy for this position from viewing an erosion of trust in the democratic party from the vast working class across our country. Witnessing the derision of labor protections and unions in general, I wanted to ensure that our party regains strength and trust in labor forces and continues to uphold an agenda that ensures protections for all people. The son of an immigrant mother and union electrician father, I am a husband, father and public school teacher that would appreciate your support for this position as a delegate.

Dennis Spencer

I bring to the California Democratic Party a forty-year career in public policy analysis, nonprofit management, and public service. I am President and CEO of Américas, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California. I am also Director Emeritus of the UC California Policy Research Center.

I have been a registered Democrat since 1972 and previously served on the Central Committee of the Democratic Party (2008–2010). I worked as an organizer for the United Farmworkers of America in 1973 and 1974. I have also been an active member of the University Council-AFT Local 1474 from 1981 to 2008, then as a retiree from 2088 to the present (Retiree Chapter 9999-R). I was twice elected to the Policy Council for the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. I was elected delegate from California CD-13 to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I am also active in the SF Bay Area affiliate of the progressive Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional — National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) Party (2012–present) in Mexico that sponsors local solidarity chapters in Mexican and Mexican American communities across the US. I am also currently a member of the Diversity and Equity Task Force of the Western Political Science Association.

I have served as member of the State Advisory Council of the Center for California Studies at CSU Sacramento and the Advisory Council of the Public Policy Institute of California. I also served on the Advisory Board for a major RAND Corporation study of the effects of large-scale immigration on California, the Board of Directors of the International Institute of the East Bay based in Oakland, and the Newcomers Task Force of Contra Costa County, which I also chaired.

With a BA from UC Santa Cruz, I pursued doctoral studies in political science at UC Berkeley. Fluent in both the English and Spanish languages, I have published commentaries and presented informed commentary on major national and international media outlets. Born in Los Angeles, California, I am a descendent of the Tongva or Gabrieleño people, the original settlers of the LA area.

Andres E Jimenez

Good day to all. My name is John Lane and I am a candidate for the 2021 ADEM Election: AD18.

A little about myself: I am a Californian, through and through. This state has treated me very well. I have labored, entertained, and studied in California, and have obtained enormous benefits (well, with the exception of money). I love this state. I have had the opportunity to visit other states, but nothing compares to California.

I was born in Stockton, CA, then, after a brief interruption in my life (death of my mom while I was in the 10th grade), I was catapulted into Delta Community College and gained an A.A. degree in Business – where I got my first taste of politics (I sucked at it). I then entered CSU Sacramento, but then transferred to San Jose State, beginning my tenure in the Bay Area, where I never looked back. I transferred once more to CSU East Bay (formerly CSU Hayward) where I obtained the B.S. degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting.

While traveling in the pathway of the California State University system, I got so much more of a hands-on experience in politics, and I knew for sure that I wanted more. I joined business clubs, a finance club, participated in university student government, attended every dorm and frat party (hey, there are political benefits in that, too) and even started a chapter of an accounting club at San Jose State. I raised money, set up budgets, spent wisely, debated just about every topic under the sun, met tons of beautiful people from all over the planet, and still wanted more.

Lastly, I have worked in Alameda for 6+ years, and have been living here for two of them. I must say that Alameda has treated me very well. This little island is one hell of a place. I think I have spent at least a million dollars (give or take a few hundred thousand) at Monkey King, Chef’s Wok, Nation’s (those pies are gold), Habit Burger, and Otaez. Well, at least it feels that way. Again, I am excited to be able to give some of the love back to the community. So, here I stand, excited and ready to go to work for the people of the city/ county of Alameda, and for the state of California.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

John Lane

As a life long liberal Democrat I have had many opportunities to volunteer for Democratic candidates walking precincts, phone banking, helping in a campaign office and contributing as much as I could afford. Sometimes more than I could. I have often wondered who are my local party leaders, how delegates are selected for the state convention and what ways I can keep my party on track. Now that I have been invited to be a candidate as an Assembly District Delegate I have a chance to participate in the process. I seek this honor to be one of those committed party members to keep our leaders honest, to make sure they hue to the principles of the Democratic Party, to insure that we continue to look to the future and do all we can to make it a future of liberty, freedom and hope for all our citizens. It seems to me that it is incumbent on us who are California Democrats to leverage our strength to help lead efforts in other states to secure Democratic majorities in state legislatures and governorships. We must continue to be the party of the 21st Century that will lead California and the country to adopt policies of this century and to be the most inclusive party at any time in our history. I humbly ask for your support as a delegate for Assembly District 18.

Woof Kurtzman

I reluctantly got my start in political activism after being cast by my Dad as the token kid in campaign commercials for local Democratic candidates in Boise, Idaho. While my initial participation may have been compulsory I was soon hooked and have since become a lifelong volunteer on Democratic campaigns.

In 2016, while canvassing in Nevada, I kept hearing from voters that they no longer knew what the Democratic Party represented. As the election results started coming in I knew that there was something deeply disconnected about the priorities of the party and that the status quo was no longer good enough.

A few weeks later, a group of friends gathered in my living room to begin to figure out how we could fight the Trump agenda at the grassroots level. We partnered with Swing Left and targeted the two Republican seats closest to us in CA-10 and 21. We went door-to-door building relationships with Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike- with a focus on healthcare. It was personal for me as the ACA was the first time I had health insurance and the Republicans were hellbent on repealing it. After talking to hundreds of voters, I knew I was not the only one. Both of those seats flipped in the 2018 midterms- due in large part to the focus on this critical issue.

After Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy with a heavy emphasis on universal healthcare I knew that I had found a political home. We began organizing in East Oakland and got to work sending out hundreds of canvassers to win Alameda County on behalf of Medicare for All, The Green New Deal and a humane Social Housing policy.

Carrying on the spirit of Bernie’s campaign I believe we must focus on achieving single payer healthcare in California. It is a labor issue as well as a social justice issue. We have a unique opportunity to push our representatives towards winning this critical demand.

The things we’re able to achieve in California can set an example for the entire country. It would be my honor to be a delegate of the party to help show that bold progressive ideas that benefit peoples’ lives also happen to be good politics.

Candidate statement video at the following link:

Quinn Costello

My name is Charina Enciso. It will be my pleasure and honor to be one of your Delegate choices for our Assembly District 18.

As a frontline healthcare worker with Kaiser Permanente and an active member leader of SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, I enjoy working with, helping, and lifting up others. Being elected to become our Union’s regional Committee on Political Education Chair helped set my path of service, and I was soon elected the Chief Steward representing UHW members at my KP facility and appointed by my Union as a Delegate to the Alameda Labor Council.

I am a proud member of SEIU-UHW’s AFRAM (African American) and API (Asian Pacific Islander) Caucuses, and I also lead with APALA, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance. I enjoy identifying and persuading voters to support candidates and initiatives endorsed by SEIU and the State and County Democratic Parties at campaign phone banks my Union hosts. I became a mentor for other volunteers, and during this year’s primary election I came out on full time leave from my Kaiser job to help lead UHW’s phone bank program in our Oakland office, where our volunteers identified and turned out voters for winning progressive candidates endorsed by the Party. In the general election I called Arizona voters to help Joe Biden and Mark Kelly win their campaigns there.

SEIU-UHW endorses candidates and lobbies elected officials, and I have led that work as well. I’ve questioned candidates and discussed and voted on endorsement choices with the other members of our endorsement committees, and during the last two years I’ve led UHW’s committee which has lobbied Assemblymember Bonta. We were happy that our timely Bills which sought to slow the rising costs of health care and provide equitable access to Personal Protective Equipment for all essential workers made vulnerable by the pandemic were each passed by the Legislature and signed into Law by Governor Newsom.

In November of 2019, I attended the California Democratic Party’s Democratic Convention to learn more of the inside working of the CDP and the roles that our Delegates play in this amazing process. That experience has me better prepared for the leadership role I seek now.

Please vote for me so I may bring my health care expertise to my work as a CDP Delegate for AD 18 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candidate Video: 

Charina Enciso

I serve as vice president of PFT, FACCC Advocacy and Policy committee, CFT part time faculty, and Peralta Community College District Academic Senate. I am committed to continue serving my community while striving towards equal access to education, socio economic, and healthcare. I have a proven record of being an educator, mentor, and community activist.

Francis Ellison Howard

My name is Debbie Kang, and I am running to your Assembly District Delegate & Executive Board Representative so that I can better help lift our community members to be empowered to thrive — in life, in schools, jobs, at home. As a compassionate community member, mom, wife, and sister, it would be a great privilege to represent our district.

I spent half of 2020 helping five democratic statehouse candidates in battleground states win in the November elections, and, to say the least, it only fed fuel to the fire I have to help make the world a better place, to help make sure that my son and the rest of the kids in our neighborhoods can grow up in a more peaceful, uplifting place. My goal? To help empower good-hearted leaders to fight the good fight for this future while protecting and fighting for everyone else.

So here’s what I’ll bring: Over a decade of experience fighting for the underdog, advocating for their voices to be heard, and seeing results in the solutions delivered to them. I have launched product experiences into the world that have reached millions, billions even, and others that help keep people safe both on and offline. I’m an empathetic problem solver who will staple a piece of paper if it helps. And I know it’s not enough; I know it’s barely helping our families here. That is why I’m asking for your support for the opportunity to represent our district.

I am committed to listening, championing, and lifting the voices of this assembly district. I am confident that as your CADEM Delegate, I can help fight for the right policies, issues, and leaders to better lift our community.

Debbie Kang

My name is Michael MacDonald and I have been active in California politics since 2015. In addition to my involvement in politics, I am also a public servant and dedicated to advocating for marginalized communities at both the state and local level.

As a District Representative under two California state senators, I was exposed to the intersectional nature of social and economic inequity. As the point-of-contact on issues including housing and homelessness, I witnessed how the lack of affordable housing crisis affects vulnerable communities, including the ongoing displacement of long-time residents and the decrease in available housing opportunities for low-income and vulnerable residents. I will continue to advocate that we use every tool available to fight for an affordable California for all.

As a volunteer on several campaigns and as a former Treasurer of a local democratic club, I learned about the ubiquity of money in our political system and how it influences our democracy and takes power away from the people. This realization led me to join the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission. As a Commissioner, I regularly advocate for transparency and accountability ensuring fairness, openness, honesty, and integrity in our local government.

Before moving to Oakland, I co-founded the Diversity Collective Ventura County LGBTQ Community Resource Center, a nonprofit community center that strives to build an environment in which LGBTQ people can be healthy, equal, and complete members of the community. This experience enabled me to witness the impact that the lack of accessible health resources can have on communities who disproportionately face health disparities, including the immigrant LGBTQ community. I believe that health care is a human right.

I am also a public servant. As Assistant City Clerk at the City of Berkeley, I promote and preserve our democracy, the very backbone of our society, by supervising a variety of functions, including municipal elections, campaign finance, conflict of interests and ethics requirements, and advising City advisory commissions.

The pandemic has allowed democrats to reflect on our values and has motivated us to tackle systemic inequities that vulnerable communities face. I am running for Assembly Delegate because I am a proud democrat and I believe that I can bring my experience, values, and perspective to the table.

Michael MacDonald

I’m Kieryn Darkwater and I’m running to be an Assembly District Delegate for AD18. I am a disabled, queer, transmasculine, nonbinary, lifelong organizer with the skills and experience that we need to bring the Democratic Party into the accessible, diverse, and inclusive future we all strive for.

The future is now, and it’s time to step up to the plate and make our vision a reality. To do that we need new blood, new voices, and new experiences to move the party forward. I’m one of those people.

I’m running to support candidates, community leaders, and a party platform that prioritizes:

– Healthcare for All; anything that makes it possible to provide free coverage to all Californians (and beyond!) without the dehumanizing income assessment requirements.

– Housing as a Human Right; banning evictions, stronger tenant protections, building an abundance of homes for everyone, and repealing Article 34 to make social housing possible.

– Social Justice and Equity; seeking out and uplifting the voices of folks who are usually marginalized and discriminated against, and following through to address those inequities.

– Information Accessibility and Transparency; making the CA Democratic Party easier to understand and participate in.

As a lifelong community and grassroots organizer, I know that on-the-ground work is key to Democratic Party success. I’ve worked on many local democratic campaigns including Jean Walsh and Terry Taplin’s races this year. I’ve been an outspoken advocate for more housing, tenant protections, better transit, and co-founded the tenant union in my building.

As a college student leader I advocated ceaselessly for all gender bathrooms throughout Laney College’s campus and changed the anti-discrimination policy to include both gender identity and gender expression; small but important steps to creating an accessible and welcoming environment for the LGBTQIA+ community on campus.

In 2013 I co-founded a children’s rights organization where I ran everything tech related, coordinated volunteers, started the state chapter program, and educated elected officials in Sacramento and around the country about the importance of our work.

I’m a member of East Bay Young Dems and East Bay Stonewall Dems. I have the passion, skills, and experience to move the party forward and humbly ask for your vote.

More info at:

Kieryn Darkwater

My name is Richard Santos Raya, I’m a 27 year old Chicano, Law School graduate and native of the Bay Area.

Recently, I ran for City Council in Oakland’s 5th District, Fruitvale. My motivation to join and serve came from my deep experience in this community that I love, ignited by the explosive outcries for justice that permeated this summer’s social uprisings.

These same passions inspire my desire to be a delegate for Assembly District 18. I seek to turn the levers of the system to best facilitate fair lived conditions for the people. For me, this means pushing the California Democratic Party to meaningfully stand behind labor, to model a global understanding of racial justice, and to defend the future of the human race by fighting for our climate.

I look forward now to turning my listening skills, my love for telling stories, and my experiences and relationships within Oakland to serve as an effective advocate in the Democratic Party for all of Assembly District 18.

I hope to receive your votes, and look forward to working together!

Candidate Video: 

Richard Santos Raya

I’m a proud Oakland resident and have lived in the 15th, 16th or 18th AD for over 40 years. For the past 13 years, I’ve lived in the 18th AD. My community involvement is extensive. I was elected to and served two four-year terms on the Piedmont School Board. Two of those years, I was named president by my fellow PUSD board members. I chaired the Alameda Chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus and served on the board for several years. I was on the board of Oakland’s Temple Sinai and served as vice president. I am an attorney, but now retired. Prior to retiring, I served two six-year terms as a Commissioner on the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, a quasi- judicial body of limited jurisdiction that reviews appeals from Workers’ Compensation trial courts statewide. I was initially appointed in 2003 by Governor Gray Davis, reappointed in 2009 by Governor Schwarzenegger and elevated to Chair by Governor Brown in 2011. Prior to my appointment to the WCAB, I was a free-lance journalist and first-person columnist for several Bay Area newspapers. I am a mother of two adult children and I am a widow.

In 2006, I ran for the Assembly to represent the 16th AD. Although I lost the election, I successfully established relationships with legislators and local democratic leaders. I was an Assembly District Delegate for the 16th AD for a few years. I’ve hosted many fundraisers, walked precincts, written postcards and phone banked. My volunteer experience has covered everything from working in elementary school classrooms to raising money and coaching candidates on how to fundraise.

This is a very exciting time to have a voice in the Democratic party. Trump has divided the country, fostered bigotry and encouraged violence. His mismanagement of the pandemic has resulted in over 300,000 deaths, staggering unemployment and school closures. Confidence in our legislative bodies is at an all time low. This is the time for the California Democratic party to step up, take charge and show America how to restore normalcy. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future and I want a voice in it.

Ronnie Caplane

Being the son of hard-working immigrants, I have had the opportunity to learn, grow and give nine years of public service to the City of San Leandro to deliver new housing, provide food access, rental assistance and computers to our most vulnerable populations, while ensuring people could afford to live where they work.

As a recent Councilmember for the City of San Leandro, and lifelong Democrat, I have been focused on the fight for fair treatment of all San Leandrans, life-saving services for the most vulnerable in our community, maintaining quality programs for our residents and families, and driving over $52 million in reserves and an additional $4m per year to do so.

With an education in Finance (CSULB), Strategy (CSUEB) and Organizational Development (USF), I am driven to affect the necessary change needed in our community, listening to concerns and aligning with stakeholders to make a difference, now more than ever.

I have volunteered countless hours with non-profits driving higher education for people of color, supporting community organizations providing basic need and donating to further the causes of these organizations.

I am committed to social justice, equity, and a vision where everyone is valued and treated fairly—so, we must redouble our efforts to end systemic racism once and for all.

I have worked in my elected capacity to drive police oversight in San Leandro, supporting the formation of an Equity and Race Taskforce, having difficult conversations with affected members of our community and acting to ensure there is justice for all through a commitment of an Equity Plan for my community.

Now, I ask for your vote to enhance our Democratic platform towards compassionate homeless services, expand mental health programs, provide housing solutions and work to ensure we are prepared for any 911, natural disaster, or health emergency throughout the state of California with a progressive and balanced Democratic Party platform.

I look to your support, so I may continue my public service efforts, as I may have lost an election, but not the passion to serve our community.

I humbly ask for your support to build upon the Democratic values that drive a healthy, vibrant community where all families and residents feel safe and thrive.

Link to video statement:

Ed Hernandez

Dear voters of the 18th Assembly district,

My name is Dylan M. Boldt. I am running for a District 18 ADEM delegate seat, with the “Unity Slate”. I am a lifelong member of this district. I have been raised here with my family. I am a third generation Union member. My Grandfather was a teamster for thirty years with Local 70. My father is a retired member of the Butchers Union Local 120. My wife, Adelina Boldt is a proud member of CSEA 692. We have raised our 3 children Mateo, Diego and Olivia with strong Union values and believe that if we all work together we can make it.

I am a twenty year member of Sprinkler Fitters Local 483 and I am serving in my 3rd term as a Business agent. I currently serve on a planning and board of zoning commission for the city of San Leandro, District 6. I am a 12 year Veteran of the U.S. Army, and now serve as the Vice Commander of San Leandro VFW post 819.

I want to bring my strong work ethic and Union pride to the Unity Slate. I work hard every day for the members of Local 483 making sure we have a strong future ahead of us and I want to do the same for you in Assembly District 18. As a lifelong Democrat I will make sure all our voices are heard and we in the Democratic party continue to fight for the people. I will voice our concerns as proud Democrats, that we need good jobs in our communities and should never give in to “big money” or “big business”. Pushing hard for the people to succeed is easy for me, I enjoy the fight.

Please vote for me, Dylan M. Boldt and the rest of the Unity Slate of Assembly District 18, January 27th. We will make sure your values are upheld.

Thank You,

Dylan M. Boldt

Dylan M. Boldt

My name is Kiisha Orr and it is with great honor that I request your support by re-electing me as your CDP Delegate for Assembly District 18. I am running again because of my passion to continue to improve access to those who are receiving public benefits, both pre-COVID-19 and especially now during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to serving as your delegate from 2019 to the present, I currently serve as the Vice President of Oakland East Bay Democratic Club and was appointed to the Standing Committee for Voter Services. If given the chance to represent AD 18 again, I will continue to advance supporting leadership and nominees who advance Democratic values.

• Throughout my time serving, I have learned to rely on careful listening and empathy, thoughtful understanding of diverse voices, and complete transparency with all those I serve.

• I will continue to advocate for a Democratic party that supports solidarity, inclusion, and growth in marginalized communities.

My hometown is Oakland, CA. I have lived in Oakland the vast majority of my life and I know that it is very important that those who serve the district must not only defend under-served communities but we must fight for them and fight to better our entire community, as well.

In closing, I, Kiisha Orr, would appreciate your vote to re-elect and support to continue to represent you as your AD 18 Assembly Delegate.

Candidate Video:

Kiisha Orr

As a healthcare professional, I bring the capacity to support policies that affect the health of our community to the role of CADEM delegate. This year has been a trying year for so many of us, putting our neighbors, our children, our businesses, and our phenomenal frontline workers at risk for COVID-19 infection, with so many facing devastating economic and personal loss. By bolstering the social and ecological determinants of health, we can rebuild and strengthen our communities to efficiently recover and handle future threats.

I have been a committed public servant involved in writing letters, canvassing neighborhoods, volunteering at phone banks and financially contributing to amazing candidates across the country. I have gone to Congress to advocate for accessible and affordable healthcare and training a new healthcare force. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I am actively involved in social action and political involvement, attending meetings at the state capitol with legislators on behalf of local social and educational issues and serving in numerous capacities to educate our community on issues affecting public health.

My background reflects my commitment to building community health through policy. As an Assistant Professor of Nursing with the University of California San Francisco, I train Nurse Practitioner students in HIV primary and specialty care and educate community members on prevention of HIV and care for people living with chronic disease to improve their quality of life. I received master’s degrees in Nursing from Vanderbilt University and in Public Health Leadership from the UNC Chapel Hill. I have a doctoral degree in Nursing Practice and PhD in Nursing, focused on quality improvement and ending the HIV epidemic. Growing up in Nashville, TN and Boston, MA has provided me with diverse perspectives on communities and culture. As a first-generation immigrant, raised by a single mother, I know the challenges and frustration that come with policies that do not support our reality on a personal and community level.

As a public health nurse, I’m committed to the issues such as COVID-19, HIV, police violence, food and housing insecurity, that affect our community’s health. Contributing to the voices that impact policies affecting the citizens of our district is why I am committed to serving as a AD 18 delegate.

Natalie L. Wilson

Alan Marling is a projection activist who shines light around the Bay Area. If one of his projections ever made you smile, please consider voting for him. This year he helped campaign for Bernie Sanders and Carroll Fife. As an Assembly Delegate, he will vote for CADEM leadership and endorsements that represent California’s progressive values.

Alan Marling

My name is Robert T. Oliver, and I’m running / applying to be a California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegation Representative. I’m a native of Oakland, having received my primary education through the Oakland Public Schools District (OUSD) before going to Wentworth Military Academy and then on to Grambling State University where I graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Additionally, I am a United States Army Veteran, former OUSD school teacher, retired Peace Officer, and ordained Deacon.

Currently, I am a California Department of Social Services, STRTP (Short Term Recovery Treatment Program) Administrator. I primarily work to improve the social, behavioral, and scholastic outcomes of youths ages 14 to 19.

My current community involvement includes serving as a commissioner, representing Oakland’s council District 7, on the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission. The Privacy Advisory Commission is a citizens’ coalition that works regionally to defend the right to privacy and enhance public transparency and oversight regarding the use of surveillance techniques and equipment. We were instrumental in the creation of the first standing municipal citizens’ privacy advisory commission in the City of Oakland, and we have engaged in privacy-enhancing legislative efforts with the Counties of Alameda and Santa Clara and several Northern California cities and regional entities. As experts on municipal privacy reform, we have written use policies and impact reports for a variety of surveillance technologies, conducted research and investigations, and developed frameworks for the implementation of equipment with respect for civil rights, privacy protections and community control. Oakland, following the unanimous recommendation of its municipal privacy commission, became one of the first municipalities in the United States to terminate a sitting law enforcement agreement between its police department and ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

My community involvement also includes my active membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Unquestionably, California has been and is, in many aspects, a national leader and a best representation of what this country could collectively be. However, we must be mindful to not let our “Politics” dwarf our “Civics”.

I humbly ask for your vote for the Assembly District Delegation representing District 18.

Robert T. Oliver

My name is Mika. I’m 18 years old, a Latina, a vegan, mother to three cats and a gecko, and a freshman Human Biology major at UC Santa Cruz. I believe in animal rights, that Black Lives Matter, and in taking action to fixing our environment and fight climate change.

I believe the Democratic Party should stand against factory farming, the oil and gas industry, billionaires, pesticides, fracking, sexual harassment, and pay to play politics. I will vote to endorse politicians who support tuition-free college and Medicare for All – and who fight for animal rights and climate action. And I will never exchange my vote for an endorsement.

Mika Lacabe

Hello, my name is Mario Gonzalez-Brito and I am running as a candidate in 2021 ADEM Elections. I married to love of my life, Paulina (who I meet when we both young organizers with the UFW). We have three wonderful children, one who is a student at Oakland School for the Arts. We are members of St. Columba Church in Oakland. We are dedicated to social justice and liberation theology teachings of our church. I am a Union Representative for OE3 Public Employees Division. I proudly represent essential workers throughout the east bay who work for different public agencies.

I have two decades of organizing and campaign experience. My organizing career began at age seventeen as a full time organizer with the United Farm Workers (UFW) with such mentors as Pete Velasco, Dolores Huerta, David Martinez and Cesar Chavez. Shortly thereafter starting with the UFW Cesar tapped me to lead my first strike. In 1994, I ran the successful organizing campaign at Ocean View Produce, a subsidiary of DOLE. This was the first in a series of over a dozen election victories for the UFW. I credit those formative experiences as preparing me for a life time of social justice work.

I gain my working class perspective from my parents and family. My mother was a Chicana activist and my father was a rank and file steelworker. Both taught me the value of hard work and collective action.

I believe that working families need a strong advocate and a party that represents our needs over those of large money interest. The strongest counter balance to organized money is organized workers. I pledge to be a strong voice for all working families if I am lucky enough to be elected by my fellow Democrats in AD18.

I am willing to meet with any group large or small willing to have an honest dialogue about the needs of our community. Please feel free to contact me directly at

Mario Gonzalez-Brito

I am an activist and camerawoman who works on documentary and advocacy videos in Oakland, CA, occupied land of the Ohlone. Both my activism and my day job have given me the most wonderful gift of being welcomed into a huge diversity of spaces and having heart to hearts with many people I might never have crossed paths with otherwise.

As a kid I remember bundling up to go out knocking doors with my family as we campaigned for my uncle during his two runs for mayor. Those early conversations with neighbors taught me that you can forge strong connections with people simply by asking what they need and then really listening.

In the past few years that lesson has resonated with me deeply. After the shock of 2016 I started organizing with Indivisible and Swing Left, putting pressure on our representatives and organizing trips to the Central Valley to knock doors in CA-10 and 21. I felt immense pride when our groups’ tireless canvassing efforts flipped both seats.

Shortly thereafter I joined DSA, looking for an organization that more closely reflected my politics. As a member of DSA’s video team, I got the chance to use my skills as a filmmaker to support local Democratic Socialists running for office, labor unions striking for economic and racial justice and nurses striking for safer work environments and better patient care. There’s real power in using these tools of communication to further political awareness.

Alongside that work I began organizing with the 2020 Bernie campaign – sending out 100s of canvassers to win support for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. That campaign gave me the chance to connect with strangers every weekend over the ways these policies could reshape our lives. It was one of the most moving political experiences of my life and I look forward to carrying on the spirit of that campaign by winning single payer in California.

I am delighted to be running for ADEM in Assembly District 18. As a delegate, I will use my communication skills to help demystify the processes of the state party so that grassroots organizations in my district can use that knowledge to organize more effectively. I would love the chance to organize at the state party level so we can continue to build the kind of power it will take to enact the progressive, anti-racist, pro-environmental policies we need.


Katherine O'Toole

I am Amanda Gallo. I am running to be an Assembly District 18 Delegate. I am committed to building empowerment through political representation, education, and economic development. I am a Native American/ Latinx Woman and a proud product and life-long resident of Oakland. Oakland has given me unique opportunities to learn from diverse cultures, leaders, and its history of community activism. I grew up in the Fruitvale District, graduated from Oakland public schools, Oakland High School, UC Berkeley, and obtained an MBA from Santa Clara University. Through experience, I have learned that progressive change comes from rolling up your sleeves, helping your neighbors, and investing in your community.

My career is dedicated to providing quality public service, especially to those who have been historically disenfranchised. I started my career in affordable housing and I am now a senior Management Analyst for the City of Fremont. I work daily to ensure that government is accountable to all communities by analyzing legislative policies, budgetary decisions, and programs. I led the City’s Census 2020 efforts to secure the adequate allocation of federal funding for important public services.

I have served my community as a mentor, tutor, and soccer coach for East Oakland youth. At UC Berkeley, I participated in Project Pueblo, a program to help build basic infrastructure and develop youth programs on Native American reservations. I volunteer at East Bay Native American organizations and worked to increase Native participation in voting and the 2020 Census. I was selected as part of Emerge California Class of 2021 and I am honored to represent my Native American/Latinx roots in leadership.

As a Delegate, I will be a strong community voice and partner. I look forward to working collaboratively with you and others to push for accountability and action from the CA Democratic Party and the leaders we elect. I believe our Party must represent all and keep its commitment to diversify leadership including leadership from women to persons of color. We must hold our Party accountable to its platform and step up to protect our vulnerable communities. I am proud to be part of the Progressive Labor Unity Slate.

I respectfully ask for your vote. Please vote for AMANDA GALLO for Assembly District 18 Delegate. Candidate video: 

Thank you.

Amanda Gallo

As a Delegate, I will vote with my fellow progressives to elect party leaders who are both not bought by the corporations that dominate California and bold enough to implement the drastic solutions we need to purge the party of corruption and actually fight for politicians and legislation which help ordinary Californians.

It is unacceptable that the party accept donations from corporations like Uber which change our laws to increase their profits at the expense of workers. As is the disgraceful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by California, which has been nothing but empty gestures pretending to take action while not giving workers and businesses the financial support to survive the pandemic. Yet our politicians do as their donors please because our party leaders do not discipline them, rather they continue to fully support them.

California has one of the largest economies globally, yet we continue to have countless crises. We do not need to rely on the federal government to solve our problems. California has more than enough ability to solve all of our problems. Yet we are not just held back but brought further down by the corruption in our party which our leaders have not only allowed but participated in. We have allowed ourselves to be dominated by the rich and powerful who seek their own gain at the expense of the vast majority of Californians, rewriting our laws and sucking up all our taxes while they pay practically nothing.

We must elect a new leadership, a stronger, bolder platform with real solutions, not half measures and empty words. We must reform and restructure if need be, but we can no longer continue as normal. In California, we do not have the excuse of the Republicans being a threat, those Republicans, that threat, has infested the Democratic party and must be purged if we are to end poverty, police brutality, crime, the housing crisis, raise wages, expand healthcare and education, among many more problems we face.

These are all solvable, by California itself. Right now, we pay high taxes for nothing, while the large corporations pay little for everything, changing that starts by changing the Democratic party, it’s platform, activity, and leadership.Thank you.

Jose Carlos Moreno

I am running for our Democratic Party Delegate to bring greater diversity and community experience to our party.

I am a progressive black man, a father and husband, I have worked hard in our district to make our community a better place to live. From fighting to assure that Black Lives Matter calling for tougher police reform policies and accountability, to combatting climate change, to calling for greater healthcare access for all Californians.

I will fight to center equity in our party’s platform and conversations on affordable housing, getting our community back to work, fighting for a living wage .

We need a Bay Area wide Green New Deal now. We must fight to get our local municipalities to align their climate action plans and get our communities working in a regenerative economy.

We must end gun violence and the attacks on our Black and Brown communities by the police, pressing the party to advocate for gun laws, gun buy back programs and tougher police reforms.

We must guarantee for everyone housing as a human right, to center our most vulnerable in this time of crisis and immense need.

I have dedicated my life to the service of others. A lifelong democrat, I have worked as a community and legislative leader for children, youth and working families and worked in state and local government as Legislative Aide for Ohio Senator John Glenn, Legislative Aide to San Francisco Supervisor Terrence Hallinan, Legislative Aide to Berkeley City Council Member Margaret Breland. I also worked for Senator Barbara Boxer and then-State Senator Barbara Lee’s campaigns.

Our party and our nation are in the midst of deep challenges. We are faced with protecting and building housing people can afford, an ongoing climate emergency, and a growing domestic threat to our democracy. As your district delegate, I commit to working hard to represent your concerns to help make California’s Democratic Party progressive, responsive and equitable.

Amos White

My name is Moira Hess, and I hope to become an Assembly District Delegate. As a lifelong Democrat and Democratic voter, I’m eager to contribute to the efforts of our Party.

My parents, now retired after working for decades as a federal environmental lawyer and an instructional aide, taught me to believe in the tremendous power of government. They recognized that this power relies on participation. They inspired me to get—and stay–involved in my community.

I studied math and politics at UC Santa Cruz. One week after graduation, I joined U.S. Representative Sam Farr’s Capitol Hill staff. In D.C., I saw firsthand how experts and advocates could create real and durable change. It was a profound lesson to be both idealistic and impatient.

After earning a Master’s degree in International Politics overseas, I began my career working for nonprofits. I now have more than fifteen years of experience connecting families, foundations and companies to causes. I have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars to promote equity and foster resilience, locally and globally.

I returned to the East Bay, where I lived as a teenager, eight years ago. I’ve found my home in Oakland’s Jack London District, and work for our children’s hospital. I’m a proud member of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, and served on a bargaining team this fall.

I appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

Moira Hess

I am interested in helping the Democratic Party build and strengthen from the ground up, so we can compete more effectively against the well-funded machine of the Republican party. I am a life-long open-minded progressive, with a background in social services and state government.

I will approach my work within the party with civility and a passion for preserving our democratic institutions. Here are a few key themes I subscribe to: Human Decency; Clean Air and Water; Fair Taxes; Health Care for All; All Politics is Local; and “Democracy has to be sustained by the same will to power that can destroy it.” (David Blight).

Katie Cameron

My name is Andre Jones and I ask for your vote to serve as a delegate for Assembly District 18. As a member of the Unity Slate I believe my experience as a union organizer for SEIU and the Teamsters, my work as a Director at The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, and my years of work in progressive politics as an advocate to raise the minimum wage, legalize cannabis, combat climate change, and provide housing for the unhoused shows my commitment to the things that matter in our state and makes me qualified to serve as an advocate for people in Assembly District 18. I know that it is the responsibility of the Democratic Party to make sure that everyday people, people of color, and average folks have a seat at the table. The Democratic Party must stand up to make sure that our politics don’t belong to corporate interests and a select few but rather our politics and our democracy belong to the grassroots and working families. Our representatives have to be willing to fight for the needs of the people not the powerful. I ask for your vote.

Candidate Video: 

Andre Jones

Allyssa Victory is a trailblazing changemaker, coalition builder, and social justice advocate raised in Oakland, CA. Allyssa is running to be a 2021 Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) delegate for Assembly District 18 to be a voice for those marginalized in our electoral system, to align the Party with community-led platforms and demands, and to bring her unique brand of servant leadership to the California Democratic Party. Allyssa’s journey, including struggling through homelessness and becoming a first-generation college and graduate student, makes her a unique advocate. As a student organizer, Allyssa worked on issues of access and retention as well as sexual violence. Allyssa’s dynamic leadership led to the creation of the UC San Diego Black Resource Center and a thesis on the history of anti-Black policing in America; a precursor to the Black Lives Matter Movement and today’s calls to defund the police.

Allyssa is a licensed attorney with experience in litigation and policy. She specializes in labor and employment, criminal justice, contracts, and housing matters. Due to her breadth of knowledge and expertise, organizations throughout the state have turned to Allyssa to fill a variety of executive, advisory, and board functions. As a lifelong advocate, Allyssa has given countless presentations to community groups, youth, incarcerated people, and others in hopes that she can use her gifts to help others find their path to success.

Allyssa is a progressive Democratic leader who will work on diverse issues that stand in the way of the Party’s success. An active member of several local Democratic clubs, Allyssa has worked tirelessly to help progressive women Democrats win local elected offices and has participated in countless trainings designed to prepare women leaders for public service, including Emerge California.

Allyssa holds a B.A. degree with honors in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego with a minor in African-American Studies and a J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law with a concentration in Government law. As an ADEM Delegate, Allyssa will be accountable and accessible to all voters in Assembly District 18 and all members of the California Democratic Party to ensure that her votes and voice reflect the needs of the District she calls home.


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Allyssa Victory