Assembly District 19




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

19 Kenyatta O. Scott No OSIF
19 Alan Wong No OSIF
19 Alex Gudich No OSIF
19 Benjamin Gonzales No OSIF
19 Gilbert Williams No OSIF
19 Kaylah Paige Williams No SIF
19 Tuquan Harrison * OSIF
19 Judith Bolker * SIF
19 Daniel Landry * OSIF
19 Clayton Koo No OSIF
19 Kalimah Salahuddin No SIF
19 Martin Rawlings-Fein * OSIF
19 Brandon Harami * OSIF
19 Susan Pfeifer * SIF
19 Sophia Andary No SIF
19 Gabriel Medina No OSIF
19 Robyn M Palumbo No SIF
19 Lanier Coles * SIF
19 Ryan McGilley No OSIF
19 Alida Fisher No SIF
19 Basem Manneh No OSIF
19 Brigitte Davila No SIF
19 Michael Sweet No OSIF
19 Marcus Ismael No OSIF
19 Anupama Krishna Menon No SIF
19 Stephanie Lehman * SIF
19 Selina Sun No SIF
19 Jason Pellegrini No OSIF
19 Matthew Rhoa No OSIF
19 Ellie Miller Hall No SIF
19 Alondra Esquivel No SIF
19 Sascha Bittner No SIF
19 Joshua Ochoa No OSIF
19 Cris Garza No OSIF
19 Adrineh Gouloomian No SIF
19 Kay Weinkam No SIF
19 Terilyn Love * SIF
19 Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza * OSIF
19 David Golden No OSIF
19 Jasper G Wilde No SIF
19 Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i No SIF
19 Ashley McGovern Wessinger No SIF
19 Jane Natoli No SIF
19 Hatim Mansori * OSIF
19 De’Anthony Daymone Jones No OSIF
19 Vivian Liang No SIF
19 Carley-Ann Manalo No SIF
19 Monique Guidry No SIF
19 Al Perez No OSIF

Candidate Statements

I am a public high school teacher in San Francisco. I have been teaching for 28 years from middle school to the collegiate level. I taught ten(10) years in Mississippi and eighteen(18) years here in San Francisco. My advocacy is for children, parents, and teachers to have access to the resources that can promote equity and safety; thereby facilitating increased opportunity for everyone to thrive.

I am running because:
1. My neck hurts from keeping my head down;
2. I want stronger advocacy for public education resources
that should be a right for all ethnicities of students,
parents, and teachers; 
3. Public land should primarily be a benefit for the public
good; and
4. I want to be accountable and hold accountable
Democratically elected officials who profess to represent
our values and interests.
5. Progress does not wait.

ABOUT ME: I was raised in a little town outside of Jackson,
Mississippi called Richland. Most of my education was in
Mississippi from elementary school to post-secondary
level. Feeling an urge to leave Mississippi my choice led
me to San Francisco. I have been doing ongoing
education at CCSF, UESF, and Stanford. I moved here in
2002 to the inner Sunset neighborhood. Even after four(4)
moves I have never left the Sunset and now reside in the
outer sunset. Since coming here I have worked at Abraham
Lincoln high school. I have taught mathematics and technology. I was formerly an athletic director and currently coach girl’s soccer. I am involved with my Union Building Committee(UBC) and with my union, United Educators of San Francisco(UESF). I am a member of D4Ward. I work to fufill my granmother’s charge to me, “Stand up and be counted”. Thank you

Kenyatta O. Scott

I’m a public servant, union organizer, and veteran. I am proud to have the endorsement of State Assemblymember Phil Ting and SF Democratic Party Chair David Campos to be reelected as your Delegate. Since being elected four years ago, I have organized and fought for free and accessible college, stopping corporate greed, higher wages for workers, and increasing immigrant participation in the Democratic Party. I am running for reelection because I want to build a Democratic Party that will:

1. Reform our broken healthcare system to benefit people and not corporations;

2. Advocate for public education and defend schools from privatization;

3. Fight for a Green New Deal and aggressive action to address the climate crisis; and

4. Elect and hold accountable Democratic officials to represent our values.

About me: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Sunset Parkside neighborhood. I went to Hoover Middle, Lincoln High, City College of San Francisco, UC San Diego, and University of San Francisco. I have dedicated my life to public service. As a union organizer, I worked on initiatives to raise the California minimum wage and protect jobs from outsourcing. As an eleven-year veteran and lieutenant in the National Guard, I have been deployed multiple times to provide disaster relief and security during California wildfires. As a Education Policy Advisor, I was a leader in writing the ‘Free City College’ legislation at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to guarantee a decade of Free City College.

Alan Wong

It will take years of hard work and tough battles to dig ourselves out of the crisis we face amidst the pandemic, rising unemployment, and budget crises at both the state and local levels. There is a fierce urgency to grow our base, educate our neighbors, and engage our communities in the work of fighting for our values and issues.

I believe we can grow the party by reaching disengaged residents who have stayed out of party politics to date — by speaking to their aspirations and talking about progressive policies in a way that resonates with their daily lives.

As a communications professional, I have spent most of my career fighting for progressive policies – from criminal justice reform and climate solutions to small businesses growth and educational equity. For the last six years, I’ve worked across the country to fight for criminal justice solutions at #cut50, a program co-founded by D6 Supervisor Matt Haney, CNN commentator and activist Van Jones, and former Mill Valley Mayor Jessica Jackson. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Mayor Lee’s Civic Innovation Team, partner with SF Rec & Parks to grow free-to-the-public outdoor fitness in the City, and fight for a green economy and tech equity at Dream Corps.

I’m a new dad, a near-lifelong resident of San Francisco’s Richmond District, and a proud CCSF grad. My family came to San Francisco from Ukraine and set roots down in the City when I was three years old. My grandfather, at the age of 65, went back to school to study Dentistry in a language he could barely speak so that he could open up his own small dental practice in the neighborhood. His business thrived for 20+ years and served as a hub for the Russian community. I’m proud of this heritage and believe that it has set the foundation for both my personal work ethic and my values.

Growing up in San Francisco, I watched as friends and family struggled with drug addiction, mental health issues, gun violence, and economic uncertainty — only to be pushed out by the high cost of living. I made a promise to myself, my family, and my community that I would dedicate my life to making San Francisco a better city. I hope to continue fulfilling that promise by serving as an AD19 Assembly delegate.

Alex Gudich

California is now going into 2021 with an unknown future. As 2020 showed us, the many issues that most of American society itself have chosen to ignore came to the for front because of the pandemic. Income inequality, racial injustice, the importance of affordable healthcare, lack of affordable housing, the dangers of climate change and most of all, the importance of competent and good leadership at all levels of government.

I am a Filipino American raised in the Sunset, I have been involved in local politics as an activist and a campaign organizer for over two decades, starting as a student trustee for the San Mateo Community College District, to volunteering and working on state, regional and local campaigns in the bay area. In 2020, I had the privilege of being a US Census Field Supervisor for the southern part San Francisco and northern part of San Mateo County.

With the pandemic, for the near future, entire industries have been decimated or even wiped out altogether – hospitality, entertainment, tourism, retail and those businesses that support those endeavors, jobs and careers that are the mainstay of the Bay Area. We need to find leaders and push for policies to guide us and mitigate the crisis that we are currently facing.

In the next few years, a generational change in leadership will be happening in California and it will be up to the California Democratic Party to steer the conversation.

That is why I am running to be a delegate. To make sure that the conversation is about remembering the working-class family, those who are just barely getting by. To think about the family who owns the small restaurant down the block. To fight for the family that lives next door, where the both the mother and father have two jobs so they can afford the rent. To help the couple across the street who uses what they have left of their social security check for their heart medicine.

Even with a new President and a new Vice-President, that is from the Bay Area, Washington DC might not help us. We should be asking more from Sacramento. With a super majority in both the Assembly and State Senate there should be no reason why California should not be leader in progressive issues.

Thank You for your consideration,

Benjamin Gonzales

Benjamin Gonzales

My name is Kaylah Williams and I hope to earn your vote for your AD19 Delegate. My first experience volunteering for the Democratic Party was in middle school. I learned to phone bank, canvass, and build community through organizing at the age of 15 for the 2008 Presidential and Louisiana Senate elections. Even as a teenager I felt a deep responsibility to support women and people of color running for office. This experience stayed with me and inspired me to continue working for the Progressive movement in the Democratic Party.

Currently I’m a flight attendant for United Airlines and a union organizer my union, Association of Flight Attendants. I’m the previous campaign manager of District Attorney Chesa Boudin and School Board Commissioner Alison Collins.

I commit to fight for:
– Green New Deal
– Defund and Demilitarize the Police
– Medicare for All
– Voting Rights for Non citizens
– Labor Rights Protection
– Universal Free College
– Ending Cash Bail

I promise to be a voice for the communities I represent in Assembly District 19, and I hope to earn your vote.

Kaylah Williams

Hello Democrats!

My name is Clayton Koo and I am proud to be a candidate for Assembly District 19 Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I am a lifelong resident of Assembly District 19, born and raised. I attended local schools, worked my first job, and learned about hard work from my immigrant parents. As a Daly City resident, I want to ensure that our community has equitable representation when it comes to fighting for our local Democratic Party values.

Over the past decade, I have worked first-hand on a variety of community issues that directly impact those living in our district. This includes expanding ethnic studies curriculum in our schools, leading efforts to build workforce housing for teachers and school staff so that they can live where they work, and collaborating with regional leaders to close the technology gap and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety for all.

I have been actively involved in local San Francisco and San Mateo County politics by volunteering for and running successful Democratic campaigns through grassroots door-to-door efforts to elect leaders who look more like us ー from School Board to City Council to Supervisor.

I will be a Delegate who will do the work of engaging with the underrepresented to grow our party and make sure it works for all of us ー not just the very few at the top with the money, influence, or power to get things done.

It would be an honor and privilege to receive your vote to represent you and all Democrats across Assembly District 19 as your Delegate.

Thank you.

Clayton Koo

My name is Kalimah Salahuddin and I humbly ask for your support as a State Delegate representing District 19. In my life, I have been taught firsthand the power of service. I am a single mother of three children, one with special needs. They are all currently healthy, thriving adults because of the helping hands of so many members of our great community. So, in turn, I step forward to serve, to be for someone else what so many people have been for me, a hand up when I needed assistance.

I am currently starting my third term as a Board member for the Jefferson Union High School District, on the Board for the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County the San Mateo County COVID Recovery Council, and the San Mateo County Social Progress Index Advisory Committee. I would like the honor of being a voice for our community at the State level and represent our district as a delegate. I have personal experience and a keen understanding of the needs of our community. As a delegate of the convention, I will ensure that the voice of our community is heard. Thank you for voting.

Kalimah Salahuddin

In the current political environment, it is crucial to be both active in and knowledgeable about politics. I currently reside in Assembly District 19, located on the west side of the ever-progressing and changing San Francisco and San Mateo County. For the past few years, I have led the San Francisco Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee as a community liaison, striving to bring safer, better streets for walkers in the district. I have also served on the Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club board, working toward our policy planks of affordable housing, health care for all, racial equity, education, and reliable public transportation. And with the Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club leadership team fighting against antisemitism and encouraging Bay Area Jewish residents’ participation in politics. Here and at the state level, we should fight for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and bring our most progressive policies and ideals to the state and national level.

As a Jewish father of two, a trans man, and a bisexual member of the LGBTQ community, I am politically engaged and ready to share my voice about the 37% of American Jews that have been verbally or physically assaulted over the past five years simply because they are Jewish, the one in five transgender people in the United States who have been discriminated against when seeking housing, or the up to 40% of homeless youth who are LGBTQ across the nation. I believe this Assembly District Delegate position would allow me to provide a diverse perspective and a vote that will take into account solutions that will represent and mirror the needs of my Assembly District. It would be an honor and privilege to engage and understand the district and the State of California in its entirety.

If I am worthy of this opportunity, I will continue to strengthen my participation in the broader California Democratic process, expand the range of my experience, communicate with and learn from the members of this body who served before me, and adapt to the changes that are occurring now and in the future.

Please check out the link to my video statement here:

Martin Rawlings-Fein

After serving for nearly 4 years as a delegate to the California Democratic Party, I am once again asking for your support in the upcoming Assembly District Delegate elections.

California is the richest state in the richest nation in human history, yet tens of thousands of residents are unemployed, unhoused, uninsured, and barely surviving.

I was raised to believe the Democratic Party was the party of the working class, yet the priorities of our state and federal representatives do not align with our needs. For too long our party has prioritized Wall Street over main street, healthcare companies over health, war over peace, injustice over justice, and the wealthy over the needs of all of us.

As a delegate I have fought to end the party’s dependence on corporate money, pushed to ensure we endorse progressives up and down the state, fought to elect leadership who will stand up to the fossil fuel, real estate, and healthcare industries, and continue to ensure progressive policies like Medicare for All and a Green New deal are supported by California Democrats. I have been proud to serve as the Bay Area Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus and as a member of the Legislation Committee of the party.

As Chair of the San Francisco Berniecrats I helped lead efforts to elect Chesa Boudin as our new District Attorney, helped take huge majorities in local offices, ensured Bernie won big in California, and will continue to fight to elect progressives to the state legislature and congress.

I am honored to be endorsed by the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, DA Chesa Boudin, Supervisors Jane Kim, Dean Preston, Connie Chan, and Matt Haney, CDP Environmental Caucus Chair RL Miller, CDP Progressive Caucus Chair Amar Shergill, and hundreds and hundreds of my fellow delegates for my seat.

Candidate Statement Video:

Brandon Harami

As a life-long Democrat, I am one who rolls up my sleeves and does the work.

I have been an Elected Delegate from AD#19 for the past 10 years, plus an E- Board Rep for 8 years, serving on the Voter Services Standing Committee for 6 years.

I was an elected Delegate from the 12th and 14th Congressional Districts to the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Democratic National Conventions because of my organizing work during the Presidential campaigns. I am dedicated to Phone Banking and Voter Registration.

In 2020, I helped manage the “virtual” 2020 Vote Blue SF phone bank program for “Speaker Pelosi” with the SF Democratic Party Central Committee. This year it was an online calendar of volunteer run phone banks for the Biden-Harris + Senate campaigns, working with Swing Left San Francisco, the SF Central Committee, the CADEM Co-ordinated Campaign, and other local organizations. I was also an active Phone Bank Captain.

In 2018, I ran “Speaker” Nancy Pelosi’s historic 2018 Red-to-Blue SF Mid-Term HQ. From there I managed hundreds of volunteers daily calling and/or texting for up to 20 House races and winning 16, including the California 7 seats!

In 2016, I helped manage the SF Hillary Clinton general Election HQ where I ran the travel desk, sending hundreds of volunteers to Nevada to win a new Democratic U. S. Senate seat.

I have specialized in registering thousands of new voters, including organizing registration events at the monthly New Citizens Swearing In Ceremonies in Oakland for the past 7 years. I recruited, trained, and managed up to 40+ volunteers in registering 250+ new citizen voters each month. I am also a “go-to” person for training volunteers in voter registration, including with Swing Left SF.

I am currently a member of the CDP Voter Services Standing Committee and have been for the past 6 years, specializing in voter registration state-wide. I am also a long-term member of the CADEM Women’s, Senior, Black, and Disability Caucuses.

In 20012, I was awarded the one of the Regional California Democratic Party Volunteers of the Year for my work in District 6.

As a Delegate to the 2021-2022 California Democratic Party, I will continue my leadership role as a mentor, empowering and activating volunteers in ways to explore new means to register voters as Democrats statewide.

I believe being a Democrat is not a spectator sport.

Susan Pfeifer


I, Sophia Andary, am seeking your support as Assembly District Delegate for AD-19. My goal as a delegate for the California Democratic Party is to help unite and move the party towards a more progressive platform that works for everyone.

I am a first-generation, queer Lebanese-American woman, activist, commissioner, and organizer. My early childhood experience living through the civil war in Lebanon shaped my worldview and seeded deep passion for bridging the divide among diverse perspectives. It led to my degree in International Business which has served me in the corporate world, where I help bring the voices of marginalized, queer, and women of color to the forefront.

I co-founded Women March San Francisco and was unanimously voted chair in February 2017. Along with organizing and leading multiple marches, rallies, protests, panels and actions, my primary success is leading a diverse group of community leaders to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all.

I believe by elevating all voices we are creating a movement that can empower everyone. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and current racial discourse never have the stakes been higher. As an Advisor of GENup, a youth led educational advocacy group, I mentor and provide guidance and oversight to the Executive Team and help provide strategic advice and direction. It is important now more than ever to continue to mobilize, empower and educate our communities to be civically engaged to create systemic changes.

In October 2019 I was appointed by Mayor London Breed to the Commission on the Status of Women of the City and County of San Francisco. As a commissioner, I am focused on a range of issues affecting women and girls, including violence prevention, gender equality in the workplace, financial empowerment and equal representation in public decision-making bodies.

As your delegate, I will fight for Medicare for All, Reproductive Justice, Housing as a Right, the Green New Deal, higher voter registration, Racial Justice, protection for the undocumented, abolishing ICE, and redirecting excessive police funding back into serving our communities and education.

I have the private, public and a multitude of lived experiences to help the Democratic Party unite today for the best possible tomorrow.

Sophia Andary

Put simply, I’m running to fight for the right for those that can’t run. I’m running to fight for the right for ASPIRING CITIZENS to become COMPLETE members of the California Democratic Party. Immigrants must have the right to speak and represent themselves if we are going to be the Party of immigrants. I proudly co-authored the Resolution to Extend Democratic Party Membership to Non-Citizens (#10248167) as a delegate elected by you in AD 19 Democrats 2 years ago. With your help, I can stand behind our Dreamers, Asylum Seekers, and all Immigrants who give so much more to California, and our Nation, than they ever get back.

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I attended all public schools, Hillcrest Elementary, Aptos Middle School and Lowell High School. My mom is an immigrant from Mexico. She was my inspiration to be the campaign Manager for Prop N (2016) the Immigrant Parent Right to Vote Act, which won all San Francisco Parents the Right to vote for their children’s education.

As the Co-Chair for Prop C (2020) we won the right for all voting-age San Francisco Residents to serve on City Commissions. Regardless of immigration status. Prior to that, I was the Coordinator for a coalition of over 20 Latinx-led, Latinx-serving nonprofits serving 80,000 clients a year representing 900 staff and over $90 million in annual funding.

Fighting for affordable housing, and against displacement and gentrification was my focus as a Policy Manager for MEDA for 4 years, where I led the first ever Mission-born measure that collected 15,000 signatures in 20 days; and spearheaded two emergency response efforts for 129 victims displaced by fires, which distributed $350,000 from over 3300 donors in 30 days. Now I proudly serve as an Executive Director for a Immigration and Social Services non-profit serving the low-income Latinx community of San Francisco.

I humbly ask for your vote to allow me to continue my service with the Democratic Party. Thank you.

UCSF Community Advisory Group – ‘14-Present

Board Member, Mission YMCA – ‘14-Present

Secretary, Chicano Latino Caucus, CDP – ‘15-Present

Treasurer, La Raza Community Resource Center – ‘16-Present

President and VP, SF Latino Democratic Club ’14-16 and ‘18-20

President, SF District 11 Democratic Club – ‘19-20

President, San Francisco Young Democrats ‘98-00

Gabriel Medina

For the past 2 decades I have devoted my career to health care strategy because I have a personal mission to provide affordable, high quality health care to Californians. In addition to my professional background in healthcare, I am a proud Democrat who has lobbied for reproductive rights and safer gun laws in Sacramento and I am deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. Having married the son of Asian immigrants, and with three bi-racial children, we consider ourselves lucky to live in San Francisco and feel especially invested in the leaders and policies that will shape our city for our children and the generations that follow.

I know from my campaign experience phone banking, canvassing, and fundraising for Democratic candidates how much voters rely on Party endorsements to make decisions. If elected as an Assembly Delegate for the 19th District, I will support candidates and propositions that offer viable solutions to health inequities and systemic gaps that leave people with mental illness vulnerable. When I look at candidates to endorse, I will also be looking for individuals with strategies that address the social determinants of health, such as access to fair housing, food security and living wage jobs so Californians can prosper with dignity and purpose. With companies like Oracle and Hewlett-Packard leaving California and drug related deaths at record highs its more urgent than ever that we have sound economic and public policies. The stakes have never been higher, nor the opportunities greater for real change in California. If selected as an Assembly Delegate, I would approach the responsibilities with the highest attention, ethics and diligence.

Lanier Coles

Ryan McGilley – AD19 Delegate Candidate

I was born and raised in a working class family on the westside of San Francisco. As a fifth generation biracial Chinese-American, my family and I have experienced the injustices towards Chinese Americans since the late 1800s. From the Chinese Exclusion Act, being barred from living outside of Chinatown, and the recent discrimination stemming from Chinese Americans being blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I have lived through various forms of anti-Chinese and anti-Asian sentiments locally. Because of this, I am passionate about advocating for the rights and justice for my community, as well as working to change the very institutionalized systems that create the injustice and inequity that affects all our communities.

I am currently a Union Organizer for United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 5. I build relationships with essential workers throughout the Bay Area and help them access the tools to organize, have a stronger voice in the workplace, and advocate for a living wage, healthcare, and good working conditions. I also represent workers in San Francisco at Safeway, Macy’s, See’s Candies, and in the cannabis industry. Many who have been priced out of San Francisco and are now living along the peninsula and other more affordable parts of the Bay Area. I am also an active member of the San Francisco Labor Council.

Prior to union organizing, I worked on and won progressive electoral campaigns in San Francisco. I attended San Francisco public schools for my entire life including attending City College of San Francisco before transferring to UC Santa Cruz where I received my B.A. in Politics. I also spent time in Washington D.C. working for the Center for American Progress and the Chinese American Citizens Alliance before returning to San Francisco to pursue my Masters in Public Administration at USF.

I am running as a delegate to represent Assembly District 19 at the California Democratic Party because San Francisco is facing many challenges coming out of the pandemic and we will need the assistance of Sacramento to address them properly. I want to uplift the voices of essential workers and our working class families on the westside of San Francisco and Daly City to advocate on labor issues, racial justice, environmental justice, public education, affordability on the state and local levels.

Ryan McGilley 麥偉文

My name is Alida Fisher and I’m running for Delegate in AD-19. I’m a special education advocate, disability rights advocate, and data nerd. I’m a former foster parent and now transracial adoptive parent. For me, the past decade has been a real education in my white privilege. In the past 15 years my kids have attended SFUSD, I’ve been active at each school. However, it was my journey into identifying their disabilities and learning differences that transformed me from active parent into parent activist.

Day after day, meeting after meeting, institution after institution, I see how our society leaves behind people who think and learn differently. I see how difficult it is for families to access supports and services for their children, their parents, and often themselves. We can and should do better. I firmly believe that education is civil right. It should be the great equalizer. Instead, in our state and our country, our educational institutions further the equity divide. California is the world’s fifth largest economy, yet ranks 41st in education funding, and dead last in special education funding.

I’m running because I understand that the Democratic Party delegates, platform and budget need to reflect our values. I believe that the California Democratic Party must help our state prioritize education spending – from early education through college – and mental health supports.

As the past Chair of the SFUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education, now the Advocacy Chair, I have been a collaborative partner who works to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable students and, in some cases, hold the district accountable when we’re not not providing the supports our students need. I’m a parent mentor with Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, a parent training center here in San Francisco. I’ve spent the past ten years advocating for and with families. Now it’s time to take my advocacy to the next level. It’s time to make sure that the California Democratic Party – a party representing more than 10 million Democrats throughout California – prioritize supporting our residents who need us the most.

For more information, please visit

Alida Fisher

My name is Basem (Sam) Manneh and I am running as an Assembly Delegate. As the son of Palestinian Immigrants, I am personally interested in immigration policy and bringing this back to our community to better educate . I’ve had the opportunity to be an ADEM for nearly 10 years for our District serving under great leadership from our elected officials in the Assembly. I was an elected Delegate in 2012 for the DNC as well as an elected Delegate in 2016, so with that comes experience. I have lived in Daly City for nearly 15 years and very involved in our community. I have been a Union Steward at SFO for nearly 20 years helping represent the front line in the workplace with grievances and contract bargaining issues, and I’ve been a member of the Labor Caucus in the CA DEM party. I have also served as Vice Chair for the Arab American Caucus in the past , working with the interfaith community. My experience from past ADEM conventions will help continue strengthening my knowledge to bring back to the community. I humbly ask for your vote in the CADEM 2021 Candidacy, it would be an honor to earn your vote.

Basem (Sam) Manneh

My name is Brigitte Davila and I have been an AD 19 District Delegate since 2016. I have advocated for accessible quality public education at the local, state, and national levels for my adult life. I am also a fierce proponent of affordable housing, single-payer healthcare, environmental justice, expanding the electorate, ensuring civil rights, ending the criminalization of youth, and protecting the rights of women, LGBTQ and immigrants. An important primary key to achieving these objectives will be through advocating for fair campaign financing reform in our state. I would be honored to have your vote to push this agenda forward in the California Democratic Party.
As a first-generation Latina student, I benefited from access to UC Berkeley for both my undergraduate degree and graduate degree. I have now taught U.S. Government and policy classes for nearly 30 years in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. I am a proud member of my faculty union: The California Faculty Association. I am also a former higher education representative to the California Teacher’s Association. I know firsthand that access to a quality education can change lives and I want to make sure that the California Democratic Party reflects that value.
I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for City College of San Francisco. I worked hard to ensure that City College remains accredited, that FREE CITY became a reality, and that our City College keeps moving forward to provide quality education opportunities. Further, I also was elected to the California Community College trustees statewide organization of community college trustees
I hold a leadership position in the S.F. District 11 Democratic Club and I am a proud member of the S.F. Latino Democratic Club and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. I am an alumna of EMERGE CA, an organization that provides women the skill set to run for office. I take my advocacy roles very seriously and it is my goal to support both democratic and Democratic principles for all.
Last, as a mother, a grandmother, and a mentor to thousands of students, I have a deep investment in California and I want to ensure that our future is a fair one. I would appreciate your vote.

Brigitte Davila

Four years ago, I first ran for delegate because I believed the California Democratic Party needed to reflect the voters it needed to win: young, progressive people of color from communities often taken for granted. 2017 was a relatively simpler time; I was wrapping up my time at SFSU where I led the local campus College Democrats, Trump was inaugurated, and there was momentum growing to ensure our party was strong enough to fight him. I ran in AD22 where I lived with my immigrant family and I proudly represented Democrats on the Peninsula as I cast delegate votes for progressive candidates vying for CADEM endorsements.

Now in 2020 where, although we resoundly beat Trump, the economy fails working people more than it did before the pandemic and where more than half of my generation – aged 25 to 40 – have been forced to move back in with parents and take whatever work can be found. As a party, we’ve faced a string of losses across the state where vulnerable House Democrats lost their seats and Republicans gained in legislative races and downballot seats – the GOP in California threatens to rear its ugly face at us once more. We can stop this and it’s why I’m asking for your vote.

To win, we must endorse and support only unabashedly progressive campaigns for every level of elected office. This means throwing our Party’s weight behind candidates who will fight proudly for working people like farmers, grocers, medical staff, gig workers, and delivery drivers and campaigns who will push for stronger workplace protections and expand tenant rights. This begins by electing delegates from our working communities who know how to fight back.

As delegate, I pledge to help reinvigorate the way the Party reaches out to and includes the many voices of the communities hit the hardest by the pandemic to ensure no Democrat is taken for granted. Moreover, I promise to help rid the Party of corporate donations and work to ban them. I pledge to not cast a single endorsement vote for any candidate who has received money from Big Oil or any of the companies behind Prop. 22. Finally, I will fight for more transparency; more representation for young people, women, and BIPOC Californians; and more receptiveness to taking the progressive stance on every issue and in every race. Voters in AD19 who are ready to take back this party, I ask for your support.

Marcus Ismael

I am excited to run for Assembly Delegate for Assembly District 19. I have lived in San Francisco for over 15 years and love being in a place where we’re always asking, “What can we do next to better our community and our world?” I have dedicated my career to promoting the rights of women and disadvantaged communities domestically and internationally. I currently serve as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization that provides afterschool programming to high school girls from under-resourced neighborhoods in San Francisco. Prior to that I worked on a range of civil and human rights issues at the City and County of San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, ACLU of Northern California, and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights as well as in education at two schools in the SOMA/Tenderloin neighborhoods. I have also supported numerous local and national political campaigns through door knocking, phone and text banking, and fundraising including canvassing and poll watching in Nevada for the Obama and Biden campaigns. I believe in a government that is both just and practical – making thoughtful decisions on how to make our great city an equitable, fair and prosperous place for all our residents.

Anu Menon

I am a lifelong Democrat, and was so proud to be elected as a Assembly District Delegate these past two years.
This year has been especially challenging for many of us, but we looked out for each other and we overcame the obstacles that we’ve been presented with. I’m hopeful for what 2021 will bring us. With a new President in the White House and the First Woman Vice President, it is an incredible time for Democrats. I am inspired and so fired up to continue our work to preserve our democracy and engage more young people, like myself, to continue the fight for equity and social justice.
Democratic activism is in my blood. As a native San Franciscan, I have volunteered for the Democratic Party all my life. Both my parents have been actively engaged in the Democratic Party – locally, statewide and nationally. After attending many state and national conventions at a young age, I was inspired by their leadership, and have volunteered at State and National Democratic Party conventions and Executive Board meetings since attending my first Democratic National Convention in 1992.
I am proud to be the President of the Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club and a Board Member of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club. I have dedicated my career to public service and have worked for Mayor Ed Lee and now Mayor London Breed.
As a young Asian American LGBTQ woman, I know what is at stake, and I want to continue to engage, educate, and empower the community through grassroots activism and enlist more in my generation to get involved and become leaders in the Democratic Party. The work doesn’t stop after an election, and I look forward to getting back to work and getting things done.
I am proud to be endorsed by my Assemblymember, Phil Ting, once again, and I would be honored to serve again as a delegate to the State convention. I humbly ask for your consideration and your vote. Thank you!

Selina Sun

I am a native to the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep and attending Gonzaga University, I returned to the city to finish my education at the University of San Francisco. After working in the private sector for a number of years, I joined a non-profit team as Director of Facilities for Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing (DISH) which provides permanent, supportive housing to almost 600 San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues. In 2016, I was elected to the Marina Community Association’s (MCA) board of directors where I currently serve as its president. In 2018, I was appointed by Mayor Mark Farrell to serve as a commissioner for San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission and re-appointed by Mayor London Breed. I have also served on Mayor Breed’s policy and transition team focusing on the city’s homelessness and clean streets initiative. I also serve as the treasurer to the D2 Democratic Club, which gives our residents an active voice in city affairs.
I currently live in the Marina with my partner of sixteen years and my two Norfolk terriers. I am focused on transforming San Francisco into the city that I remember: a city that provides an opportunity for everyone to prosper; a safe place that is inclusive for all of our citizens; a city that continues to entice our nation’s best and brightest; a city for all. Please vote for me as your ADEM19 candidate.

Jason Pellegrini

I am pleased to be running for Assembly Delegate for the California Democratic Party Assembly District 19. My husband and I moved to San Francisco over 20 years ago. We were in search of a diverse community that embraced equity and inclusion where we could start a family. Our two children were born here in the Bay Area. Our family calls San Francisco our home.

​I am a parent first and foremost. I look at the education system in our city not only through this lens, but also through the lens of a former educator. I am deeply concerned that the system is failing our children. It is imperative that every child in the state of California has access to outstanding educational resources, despite their family’s resources. I will fight for every child. We should live in a state where every school provides a high quality education.

​I am a physician who spent years in Women’s Health. I am acutely aware of the reproductive health issues that are important to all women. I will fight to ensure that all women can determine what is best for them, and not rely on government to do that for them. All Californians are entitled to affordable state-of-the-art healthcare. Quality healthcare for all must be a priority.

​We know that a large percentage of people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco and across this state have untreated psychiatric conditions. Many people who are drug dependent are actually self-medicating undiagnosed mental health conditions. We need to get at the root cause of their challenges. We must address the need for improved mental health resources across this city and state. These resources must be available to everyone. In addition, we must address the lack of affordable housing in San Francisco. I will fight to make sure all Californians have a home.

​The past year has seen a sharp rise in home burglaries, murder, and car thefts in this city. This is a multifactorial problem that needs a multi-part solution, not only by addressing the issues I have raised, but also by prioritizing criminal justice reform and providing support to our first responders. We must have a community that not only provides for all, but also supports and protects all.

​Last, but not least, I am a pet owner. I will fight not only for you, but also your pets.

Matthew F Rhoa, M.D.

We live in the greatest city and in the greatest state of these United States and I want nothing more than to see us continue to thrive and prosper.

I believe we can be a party that focuses on strengthening the local economy, supporting working families, and keeping our communities safe. We continue to recover from whiplash after our communities changed overnight due to an influx of wealth and an outflux of longtime families and business owners. It is key we focus on an economy that supports a growing tech industry without leaving others behind – especially those who have contributed to our city over generations. San Francisco now spends more money per capita than any other city in America, but we’re still struggling to solve the homeless crisis and keep our streets clean. It is important we focus on every dollar spent and audit the effectiveness of spending so we know we are getting the maximum results.

I am a sixth-generation San Franciscan and near lifelong resident in the northwest corner of the city. I proudly served as Legislative Aide to District 2 Supervisor Catherine Stefani where we focused efforts on public safety, gun violence prevention, homelessness, and our small business corridors. I also served as an aide to Governor Deval L. Patrick in Massachusetts where we focused on affordable healthcare for all, investments in statewide infrastructure and transportation and expansion of early childhood care and education. I have served the community both inside and outside of City Hall for a decade with a keen focus on supporting our neighborhood leaders and local organizations. For me, no problem is without a solution so long as we come together to the table to find common ground. I have the drive and energy to bring the needs and stipulations from AD19 to the table.

Ellie Miller Hall

Hello AD-19! I’m Alondra Esquivel Garcia, a native to the Bay Area and excited to be running to be your next delegate in AD-19. I’m a first generation college student currently attending San Francisco State University and living in San Francisco. I’m a proud renter and student advocate. Growing up in the Bay Area, I discovered that I have a voice in the decision making process.

During my time at SF State, I gained the knowledge of activism and organizing. I’ve been a student advocating for Financial Aid Reform, Title IX Reform, Redefining Basic Needs, and better health care access for menstruating bodies. I am passionate about higher education reform, addressing womxn’s issues, and advocating for young adults to get involved in the decision making process.

I’m ready to advocate for our party to support a Green New Deal, Immigration Reform, Free College for All, and a Medicare for All. I’m ready to lead the movement of supporting progressives and progressive values to the California Democratic Party. I’m ready to be your delegate.

Alondra Esquivel

–I’ve lived in this district 30 thirty years, working to improve the lives of those in this community and elsewhere, and I’d like to continue to pursue that goal as an AD 19 delegate. I’ve been a disability activist since I was a teenager. For 20 years, I was the program coordinator for KIDS Project (funded by SF’s DCYF), co-facilitating disability education workshops for thousands of students in SF schools to promote inclusion and combat bullying. I’m also a member of the national steering committee and Bay Area chapter of Hand-in-Hand, the Domestic Employers Network, working with organizational partners such as the National Domestic Workers Alliance and SIEU and UDW unions, to ensure dignified and respectful working conditions to benefit employers and workers alike. I’m involved in the effort to secure universal long-term homecare that all can access while still providing a living wage for workers.
–My 1st major commitment to Democratic Party politics was doing data entry for the Clinton campaign, motivated by fear of a Trump victory, and high hopes for a Clinton administration. After that devastating loss, I needed to step up my commitment, so I was very excited when Leader Pelosi appointed me as a delegate to the CA Dem Party. Last year, I was honored as CA Dem Volunteer of the Year for Region 6. Other party highlights include: Disability Policy volunteer (Biden for President); Delegate-at-Large for Joe Biden; Ca Dem Legislative Committee member; Long-term Supports and Services Subcommittee of DNC Disability Policy Committee member and lead; DNC Disability Council member; Red To Blue texter in 2018–and for Harris, Warren (primary) and Biden (general); Ca Dem Disability and Women’s Caucus member.
–I also serve on the SF IHSS Public Authority Governing Board, as co-chair of Golden Gate Regional Center’s Self-Determination Advisory Committee, and as chair of the Bay Area Regional Advisory Committee on Developmental Disabilities. I previously served as chair of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.
–As someone who’s disabled (quadriplegic with a speech disability), I bring a unique perspective, able to provide insight from both my lived experience and activism. I’m a progressive who believes in the value of inclusiveness and collaboration, and I’d be honored to have your vote.

Sascha Bittner

My name is Joshua Ochoa, and I’m running to be your Delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP) from Assembly District 19! Here in AD-19, the status quo and establishment politics will not save us from the many problems that continue to haunt us, and it’s time that we use our people power to push for the CDP to listen.

Growing up in a single-parent working-class family, sacrifices had to be made in order for our family to survive as we were both financially and housing insecure. So many people across San Francisco and San Mateo are forced to make these sacrifices, wondering where our elected officials are when we need them the most. As a student at San Francisco State University, I have been involved in student government for three years, fighting for students by representing their voices in spaces where they are often unheard and empowering them to become leaders themselves.

If I’m elected to be a Delegate for AD-19, I will be fighting for progressives causes and values, and I promise to support candidates and propositions that will empower young people, people of color, and working people. I will fight for students and young people by advocating for a free higher education system, for greater financial aid and basic needs resources for all students, and advocate for more affordable student housing. I will fight to address the climate crisis with a Green New Deal by advocating California to be reliant on 100% renewable energy by 2030, ending the influence of the fossil fuel industry in government, and address the blatant environmental racism that exists throughout so many of our communities of color. I will fight to fix our healthcare system by advocating for a single-payer healthcare system to save the lives of thousands who die every year from being uninsured or underinsured, ending the influence of the healthcare industry in government, and expanding resources for lower-income people. I will fight to protect our Indigenous peoples who continue to be ignored and recognize their land, hear their voices, and invest resources and services towards reservations.

My name is Joshua Ochoa. I am 21, Bisexual, Latinx, Native American, and Jewish. I am asking for your vote to help make the CDP a true representation of who we are. With your support, we can build the future we want to see, and we will do it together.

Thank you so much,
Joshua Ochoa.

Joshua Ochoa

My name is Cris Garza and I’m running to fight for a Democratic Party that puts public education and the priorities of workers, families, and children at the center of everything we do. As a 7th grade English teacher at Everett Middle School in SFUSD, I have dedicated myself to supporting all of my students, especially my students of color, English Learners, and students with disabilities, to become skilled readers and writers and build a lifelong love of literacy. I want every single one of them to leave middle school ready to pursue their dreams and with an understanding of their own power to advocate for themselves, their family, and a better world. I also know that, to ensure that they can achieve their full potential, it is our collective responsibility to destroy the barriers, often rooted in racist and classist policies and practices, that might deny them the education and future they deserve. This means we must: 1) fund our schools at the level required to meet our students’ academic and socioemotional needs; 2) guarantee resources, time, and training to educators so we can focus on what matters most; and 3) provide living wages, benefits, and affordable housing for ALL working people so we can afford to stay and thrive in our communities. I have fought for these issues not only as a classroom teacher for eleven years but also through my labor union, the United Educators of San Francisco, as my school site’s Union Building Representative, Co-Chair of our Middle School Division, and as a member of our Contract Action Team that focuses on informing and organizing our members. My work with my students and my activism with my union are bound together because strong school systems require strong educator unions. Along with students’ families, educators are closest to the children we are entrusted to serve and it is imperative that our voices and expertise inform every aspect of our district, city, and state education policies. As an assembly district delegate, I promise to do my best to make this vision a reality by pushing us to draft the strongest possible party platform and supporting the candidates that will never stop fighting for what our public schools, workers, families, and children need the most, including my own two young children. I will always be willing to listen, ask questions, and work hard, and I am asking for your vote. Thank you.

Cris Garza

We as Democrats will need to stay involved during the next four years to track and ensure that we as a nation are on the right path to prod our nation to be a more humane and just society. All of us come into the world as equals. We did not ask to be rich or poor, educated or not, or of a particular race or ethnicity. But what we, together, can ask of our local, state, and federal governments is that their laws and provisions ensure that all of us, and those who come after us, have access to quality education, medical and health care, basic necessities , and the opportunity to reach our potential.

Kay Weinkam

I am Terilyn Love and am a third generation native of San Francisco proudly serving my city through volunteerism and public service for over twenty-five years. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University and Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University. I have worked in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical & Life Science industries for Twenty years. I am running for the office of CA Democratic Party AD 19 Delegate because I am a servant leader, passionate and committed to serving our great communities as my family has done so for past generations. I seek the position because it is my desire to contribute to building and ensuring strong, healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities making meaningful progress. I am qualified to serve as the AD 19 Delegate because, I have an extensive background in serving the City of San Francisco and our communities. I gained valuable experience due to my activism and public service within my community by actively engaging in civic activities meeting routinely with local, state, and federal officials, working on community projects & programs, and know the commitment and hard work it takes to meet the rigors of the CA Democratic Party objectives. I have a proven record of accomplishment of community service. I served as a member of the Community Advisory Committee for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA); a member of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Delta Community Foundation & Chair of the Foundation Fundraising Committee; a Ruling Elder & Session Board Member at New Liberation Presbyterian Church; and Chair of the San Francisco Alumnae Chapter Social Action Committee further demonstrating my commitment to serve! My educational background & professional experience with an emphasis on organizational development & management provides me with relevant and transferable skills that I will use to apply effective practices improving communities building engagement & awareness! I possess the attributes of integrity, dependability, drive, enthusiasm, excellent written & oral communication skills, a strong business acumen, am analytical and strategic, think outside of the box, influencer, accountability, and have the ability to anticipate the needs of others. I am committed to ensuring that the CA Democratic Party has a strong AD 19 Delegate.

Terilyn Love

I am honored by your consideration of my candidacy as delegate of the 19th AD. As you will read, my traditional Democratic politics are informed by my life experiences.

Having been born in the family station wagon speeding toward SF Kaiser, I have been an advocate for better transportation since literally day one, and continue to be involved in supporting rational, quality transit in the Bay Area.

I have lived the majority of my life in San Francisco, and maintained the family tradition for getting shaken out of our apartment due to a devastating earthquake. Accordingly, I’m a strong advocate of extending the emergency fire system to vulnerable areas, including the western neighborhoods of San Francisco.

I attended public schools in San Bruno and throughout the USA, and a big believer in public schools. In recent years I pulled back from political activity, putting my limited energy into our daughter’s public school, Clarendon ES in San Francisco. With a fabulous faculty and parent community, we felt we won the lottery. But I realize how difficult the situation is for the typical school. Allowing California public education to decline is a tragedy for our children, our economy, and erodes confidence in our governmental system.

My earliest political memory is my mother stating how it was controversial to display a John F. Kennedy sign in our living room window. Other than leading a dormitory revolt over some issue long forgotten, my political activity was on ice until after the ’89 earthquake. I learned a lot working on SF Supervisor campaigns, knocking on doors, putting up campaign signs and doing anything else that needed to be done. I ultimately graduated to a trusted role in Jeff Adachi’s inaugural campaign for Public Defender, setting up his computing infrastructure.

For the record, my professional training was in Physics followed by an MBA that was called an MS degree because MIT does everything a bit different. Most of my career has been engaged in software, especially data and analytics. I am that person who demands measurable progress. Our politicians must answer how San Francisco can have a budget exceeding $13 billion yet fail to make a dent in our homelessness situation. I am an advocate of making government purchasing transparent, the best antidote to corruption, and the least controversial approach for improving efficiency.

Thank you.

David Golden

I, Jasper Wilde, am requesting your support as Assembly District Delegate for AD-19. As a delegate my focus will be to center the working people of California because tenants, service workers and immigrants are barely hanging on. I’m running to change that.

I’ve been fighting the status quo all my life, even when the odds are against me. I grew up in a fundamentalist family in San Jose where I was homeschooled and not taught to think critically. I was told that when I grew up, I needed to vote Republican to keep gay people from getting married and to keep women from having control of their reproductive health. But when I grew up to be a queer person with a uterus, I wouldn’t vote against my own self interest. Democrats still have a long way to go if we want to be a force for justice and equity. The party doesn’t acknowledge healthcare as a human right, doesn’t seek to ban all evictions, doesn’t seek to abolish capitalism and doesn’t advocate for stopping the destruction of the earth. I’m running to change the status quo within the California Democratic Party, but this time, the odds are with me.

I currently serve on the Board of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club which was the club that worked to get Harvey Milk elected. I’m a proud socialist and an active member in the San Francisco Democratic Socialist of America chapter. Most recently, I was the campaign manager for the Overpaid Executive Tax (Prop L) and the Department of Sanitation and Streets (Prop B), winning both with overwhelming majorities. But more importantly, I’m qualified to be a delegate because I’ve fought against workplace sexism, worked as a barista for 13 years, and faced an eviction. We need everyday people representing us who know what living paycheck to paycheck is like.

As I delegate, I will vote to endorse and push the party to prioritize these policy positions: Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, voting rights for undocumented Californians, voting rights for incarcerated Californians, Labor Rights protections, queer and trans rights, disability rights, sex worker rights, defund and demilitarize the police, ending all evictions, universal public college, universal mental health and providing homes for homeless Californians.

I have the drive and qualifications to be a delegate that fights for your values. It’s time we make the Democratic Party look more like Californians.

Jasper Wilde

I am a native of Ireland and moved to San Francisco to work in the field of animation. I have lived and raised a family in AD19 for 26 years. Through involvement within my community, I have supported residents on many issues that have yielded results. We are all aware that San Francisco and California both have been facing many tough challenges. I am passionate about San Francisco and the Bay area and I am excited to work as a delegate to identify and support strong democratic candidates and fiscally transparent ballot measures. Strong solutions must be put forward to the public for education, businesses, homelessness, mental health, addiction, and affordable housing. I am excited to be more involved with this political process for all residents.

Ashley Wessinger

California in general and San Francisco in particular was always a place I wanted to live. As a transgender woman, it especially resonated with me due to its reputation as a bastion for LGBTQ people. When I moved here seven years ago and settled in Inner Richmond, I found the reality of living here and being trans to be somewhat more complicated. Those complications were my original catalyst into becoming more involved in my community, and why I’m seeking to become a delegate in the California Democratic Party.

I’ve been fortunate and wanted to give back and do the work so other LGBTQ folks could have the same kinds of opportunities I’ve had. This led to volunteering at the SF LGBT Center, and I joined the board in 2017. In addition to serving at the Center, I’m also passionate about supporting the bicycle for everyday transportation and the need for more housing of all types for all Californians. For those reasons, I also serve on the boards of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and YIMBY Action.

Through these organizations I’ve become more involved in local politics and learning how much change is possible when people organize and show up for what they believe in. Whether it’s speaking on behalf of adding more homes or adding a protected bike lane so that more folks feel comfortable riding here, I’ve come to realize the value in showing up and speaking up, especially for those who cannot easily engage in our political process. As a result of my community engagement, I also have the honor of serving as a Mayoral appointee on the Citizens’ General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee.
I want to bring that same energy and commitment to our party, advocating for much needed changes for a more sustainable San Francisco and California, not just today, but 50 years from now. We are running out of time to do what we need to when it comes to climate change and that is a huge priority that I believe in. I know the westside of San Francisco and Daly City have a big role to play in how we create a more sustainable future and I want to be a part of advocating for that at every level

Professionally, I work at Stripe, where I am a Financial Crimes Investigator specializing in anti-money laundering work.

Jane Natoli

My name is Hatim Mansori, and I am running for the District 19 seat because I represent the future of this diverse community. I am a proud product of the San Francisco Unified School District and Morehouse College, a Historically Black institution dedicated to developing leaders like its most famous alumnus Martin Luther King Jr. While I may be one of the youngest candidates in this race, I am considered a miracle in my Bay Area neighborhood. I grew up poor struggling with homelessness.

At age 11, I nearly lost my life when I was traveling home from Marina Middle School on public transit on Sept. 1, 2009. I was viciously stabbed in the stomach by a 30-year-old mentally ill homeless man as I sat waiting for my stop. I suffered serious injuries to my liver, intestines, and stomach. By the time I was released from the hospital, my medical bills had reached $100,000 and my single-mother had been laid off from her job. We had no health insurance.

When I went home to recover, the Bay Area came to my aid. Mayor Gavin Newsom set up a trust to help me and my family. This family of Moroccan immigrants received help from people of every background. To Newsom and those who donated money to help us, we were neighbors. We mattered. I knew then that I owed a debt to San Francisco and one day I would pay it forward and serve the Bay Area. From you, I learned the true meaning of community.

I believe my purpose in this world is to be the voice for the voiceless. I want to bridge the cultural divide and improve economic opportunities for all constituents in the Bay Area. I have organized Black Lives Matter rallies, supported Latino immigrants during the pandemic, and mentored students at the Japanese Community Youth Center. In addition, I have drafted legislation that will bring more diverse local police to the Bay Area and provide officers with non-lethal de-escalation training techniques.

A vote for me is a vote for a candidate who has first-hand knowledge of the challenges in our community. I’m in favor of justice reform, expanded services for the mentally ill, affordable healthcare and housing, as well as greater investment in our schools and businesses. I will champion women’s, immigrants’, and LGBTQIA+ rights. I promise you together we make the Bay Area a national model of multiculturalism and economic prosperity. Please consider supporting me as a representative.

Hatim Mansori

Hello Democrats! I am De’Anthony Jones and I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate to represent the 19th Assembly District (AD-19)!

A bit about me, I was born and raised in San Francisco’s Fillmore/Western Addition neighborhood. I had grown interested in government in 2008 after my grandmother brought me to meetings to save our cooperative housing community from foreclosure. In result, this led to my appointment to the San Francisco Youth Commission, where we started the successful push of making our local transportation free for students who qualified for free and reduced lunch.

In my first year of college at Sacramento State in 2010, I started to get involved with the College Democrats and began attending the CADEM Convention and every year since! In that time, I had served as President and Executive Director of the Sacramento State College Democrats .

I returned to San Francisco in 2015 and started working with youth and young adults in the Western Addition and beyond at Collective Impact. I continued to work there for 4 years until I joined the Administration of San Francisco Mayor London Breed. I am currently serving on disaster service assignment as the Chief Equity Officer of our City’s COVID response.

In terms of more specific involvement with the CA Democratic Party, I have served as the Vice-Chair, Secretary, and a Regional Director of the California Young Democrats Black Caucus. My grandfather, Wade “Speedy” Woods, was elected in 2017 as a delegate for AD 17 and in 2018 had a chance to serve as his proxy at the CADEM 2018 Convention. My grandfather passed in 2019 and, the same year, I was honored to be asked by Assembly District Delegate Honey Mahogany to serve as her delegate.

In terms of local Democratic Party involvement, I have been a member of the Alice B. Toklas LGTQ Democratic Club, serving 2 times as the Co-Chair of the Policy Committee and as a co-chair for our PAC Committee!

If I am honored to serve as your next AD-19 Delegate, I will:

Push to establish a Health and Human Services Caucus
Create a Justice and Safety Caucus
Add language addressing jobs for youth and young adults into our platform
Push for investments in cooperative housing statewide
Push for an Equity Officer on CA Democratic Party Staff

I hope to have your support in this campaign and I welcome you to please call or text me at 415-872-2210!

De'Anthony Daymone Jones

I am running to be a delegate to make sure that people in San Francisco, Daly City, and South San Francisco feel heard. Born and raised on the West Side of San Francisco, I grew up with a great appreciation for this district and what it has to offer. I was very fortunate to have grown up here. I am the first in my family to learn English and the first to go to college. None of this would have been possible without our neighborhood services and public school system. The world we live in now is very different from the one I grew up in. The pandemic has brought many challenges to our state. Now I spend most of my day helping people in our district receive their unemployment benefits just so they can afford rent for one more month. The streets we used to walk and businesses we used to frequent are now empty, and the state is facing projected budget deficits for the next few years. The issues we were facing a year ago—a global climate crisis, education inequity, racial and gender income disparities, and the statewide housing crisis—have all been exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic.

I don’t know if my favorite local bakery will still be open in six months. What I do know is that the California Democratic Party will dictate what post-pandemic recovery will look like and that the voters have the power to choose who will be making those decisions. Not everyone had the same opportunities I had as a child. I want to ensure that students who are currently struggling with distance learning will have access to neighborhood services and world-class public universities like I did, that they’ll support small businesses and become shop-owners themselves. The way to achieve this is to ensure the CDP not only believes in equity and inclusion, but also puts it into practice every day.

Vivian Liang

My name is Monique Guidry, I am a native San Franciscan. I grew up in the Sunnyside district near City college. My husband and son are part of my motivation and life’s work. I was raised by a strong African American entrepreneurial Family.
I have the owner of a Family Child Care business (Guidry’s Early Care & Education Program) for 15 years. I have been in the field for over 20 years and a passionate advocate for children, families, and Early Care Educators in San Francisco. I am running to be a Delegate to make sure these issues are apart of the Democratic platform.

In addition to teaching, I serve as a Mentor Teacher through the California Early Childhood Mentor Program for the past 15 years, a member of the Outer Mission Ingleside(OMI) Community Collaborative, Invest Black, and community organizations.

Monique Guidry