Assembly District 2




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

2 Ever Flores * OSIF
2 Jerold Eaton * OSIF
2 Joe Louis Wildman No OSIF
2 Mary Watts * SIF
2 Carrie Helen Schumacher No SIF
2 Liza Welsh No SIF
2 Sarah Brooks No SIF
2 Brian Leubitz No OSIF
2 Kellie Shaner * SIF
2 Martha McClure No SIF
2 Robilyn “Robi” Camacho * SIF
2 Nicole Lim No SIF
2 Jeffrey Hunerlach No OSIF
2 Manny Baldenegro Jr No OSIF
2 Robin C Sunbeam No SIF
2 Dianna MacDonald No SIF
2 Kirstyne Lange No SIF
2 Lisa Maldonado * SIF
2 Cheryl A. Seidner * SIF
2 Nikolaos Pelekis No OSIF
2 Ron Taylor * OSIF
2 Geoffrey Robinson * OSIF
2 Clayton C Taylor No OSIF
2 Peter Loetterle No OSIF
2 Mary Lynn Rounds No SIF
2 David Frank No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Ever Flores, and I ask for your vote to serve once again as a delegate to our state party convention. I am a 20+ year resident of Santa Rosa and have worked for over 20 years as a school counselor in the Healdsburg Unified School District. In 2017, my colleagues elected me to serve as President of the Healdsburg Area Teachers Association, the CTA/NEA affiliate local union representing all educators in the Healdsburg, West Side, and Alexander Valley school districts. In September, I stepped down as President of my local teachers’ union to dedicate fully to my School Board campaign in the Santa Rosa City Schools, Trustee Area 1. I have recently also served my union as a CTA State Council delegate and in the role of Human Rights Chair for CTA’s Redwood Service Center Council. I currently represent CTA’s Sonoma County educators as a delegate to the North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

As a Latino educator and labor leader, I am profoundly committed to a progressive state party that prioritizes racial and economic justice and equal educational and employment opportunity for all Californians. As healthcare costs continue to rise in Northern California, I am particularly committed to advocating for a tangible, effective campaign by our state party for single-payer healthcare for all California residents, including all immigrants. Please support my candidacy so that together we can achieve the progressive state government that will work for all Californians.

Ever Flores

Thank you all for electing me as an ADEM delegate in 2019, your faith in me is greatly appreciated. I have been able to attend all CADEM Executive Board meetings and CADEM State Conventions since the 2017 election and I have witnessed a “rebirth” of the CADEM under the new leadership team. More individuals speak up and the values of more caucuses are evident in our work. It is more inclusive than exclusive, key to the challenges ahead. I am a teacher and member of the California Teachers Association (CTA), the largest union of teachers in the state of California. It is my 12 years of experience as a member of State Council, the 800 member CTA legislative body, where I serve on the State Legislation committee which helps me in my role as AD2 ADEM delegate. For the past 6 years, I have been released from my classroom, to serve on the CTA Board of Directors for District A, which stretches from San Francisco, along the coast to the Oregon border. It is this experience, plus my time spent as member of two school boards, which will help me be your representative on the Executive Board.

We have been successful in 2020. We, Democrats, kept our eyes on the prize and reclaimed the White House by electing Biden and Harris. We came together like we have not seen in recent years to take back the White House and not make the same errors of four years ago. As progressives, we want our values to be a part of the party platform and Bernie Sanders gave us that hope. In 2016, Bernie was pushed aside by the Clinton campaign but this year, it was the real fear of losing the White House that denied Bernie the nomination. As your elected delegate, I will continue working to ensure that the values of environment, racial and social justice, economic justice, free access to a public education, Immigration Reform, DACA, non-violence and other progressive values are a part of the California Party Democratic platform. Realistically, our goal, post-inauguration, is pushing Biden and Harris to actively support the goals and actions of the Progressive Democrats. There is no honeymoon period. The time is now to rebuild the Democratic Party so that all voices within the party are represented. The battle to reclaim our nation is just beginning.

Please vote for Jerry Eaton, to represent you on the Executive Board and as an AD 2 Assembly Delegate. Thank you. It will be an honor!

Jerry Eaton

I’m seeking re-election as a delegate. My hope is to continue my work on the Voter Serviced Committee. I also hope to serve as Regional Director. Before I can resume either role, I must first be elected as a delegate. I ask you for your vote. Thank you.

If I don’t know you, or more to the point, if you don’t know enough about me, please call me. I’d love to hear your views on the Party and answer you questions.

(707) 367-0910

Joe Louis Wildman

Hello Democrats! I am running to represent Assembly 2 current and future Democrats. At first I was not sure if I should seek re-election because in September of this year I took on my most important role yet; Mom. But then I realized I want my daughter to grow up seeing female leaders and knowing working moms can do it all.

I am seeking reelection to continue our work. I am so proud of what we have been able to achieve over the last two years.

We have created a safer more inclusive Party


We as a state had the most influence in electing Democrats across the country in 2020.

-We have made sure the members of our party feel safer. We implemented a Code of Conduct. Not only do CA representatives have to read and acknowledge to code, but members of chartered clubs across the state.

-We made our Party more inclusive by allowing individuals who are not able to register to vote due to citizenship status the ability to represent our Party. This means dreamers finally get a say in polices directly affecting their lives.

-In 2020, Californians were responsible for electing Democrats in our State and across the nation. We made more phone calls, texts, literature drops and door knocks than any other State. Our influence has been proven and runs deep.

But like always, we still have more work to do and I am not done fighting.

My top three priorities for the next two years are:

1) COVID-19 relief and safety

2) Racial Justice

3) Climate Change

We have witnessed an unprecedented and difficult year. It has become even clearer that health equity, racial, environmental, and social justices are all intertwined. As a party we cannot make a more equitable and progressive state unless we address all of these crucial issues.

I want my daughter to grow up in a state that understands the needs of everyone and is willing to do the work and make the tough choices to protect the future

-Let’s use our influence as a State to get federal relief for our families and businesses hardest hit by this pandemic. Make sure our health workers have proper PPE and are fairly compensated.

-Let’s pass resolutions and support policies that make concrete changes to systematic racism that unfortunately our Country was built on.

-Lastly, let’s come out of the pandemic with green new deal strategies that rebuild our country justly.

I humbly ask for you vote!

Mary Watts

ARCATA, CA – Today, I announce my campaign to run as a Delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee in AD-2. The Assembly District Elections Meeting, which will be held in each of the 80 Assembly Districts in January, provides California Democrats the opportunity to elect representatives to CADEM’s State Central Committee (DSCC) and a representative to the Executive Board. Those who are selected as Delegates are able to vote and conduct Party business at the yearly State Convention.

As a Delegate, how do I become the voice and advocate of my community? I must see them. I must listen to them. They must know that I understand them.


– Community: As Delegates, we come together as community representatives – we participate at the local level to leverage our collective voice at the state level.

– Impact: As Delegates, we have a direct say not only in the CADEM Party’s operation, agenda and platform, but also in ballot measures, propositions, and candidates – we promote and advance the interests of our communities.

– Responsibility: As Delegates, we participate in important decisions – collectively, we are the voice of our individual communities.

ADEM is your opportunity to elect DSCC representatives who will advocate for your community in the nation’s largest statewide Democratic Party, representing over 10 million California Democrats.

Native Californian, Democrat, Registered Nurse, Juris Doctor, Critical thinker. Passionate advocate for fair labor practices and workplace safety. As your Delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee in AD-2, my pledge is to always keep the awesome responsibility of community advocacy at the forefront of my mind. I will see you.

I will listen to you. I will understand you. And I will be your voice. I look forward to meeting you.

Carrie Helen Schumacher

My name is Liza Welsh. I grew up in Sacramento, spent a decade in the Bay Area, and then moved to Humboldt County to be close to my family and in a place that I love. I chose to live here, and I am committed to the people and the ecosystems of the North Coast.

I am ready to be one of your representatives in the California Democratic Party as an AD2 ADEM delegate! I am a Land Use Planner at the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and I hold a Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) from Mills College. I am a member of AFSCME Local 1684, where I serve on our Negotiation Team and I lead and chair our Progressive AFSCME caucus. I was also recently elected by our membership as a delegate to the Humboldt Del Norte Central Labor Council.

In addition, I am an avid gardener, a member of the Humboldt Homebrewer’s Society, and an Amateur Radio operator (Call Sign KK6RVI). During the pandemic, I’ve helped to fabricate and distribute face shields and other protective equipment in our community. I am part of the Cooperation Humboldt Core Team and our Disaster Response and Community Resilience working group. We partner with the American Red Cross and other local organizations to develop systems for disaster mitigation and preparedness, disaster response, immediate recovery, and long-term resilience.

Please vote for me as an AD2 ADEM delegate! If elected, I will make decisions that are fiscally responsible, worker friendly, good for the environment, and good for our communities. From racial equity, to healthcare for all, to student loan justice, to a sustainable economy, to the climate and environment, we have so much work to do! The California Democratic Party can be inclusive, innovative, and inspiring. We can set an example for the rest of the nation. Let’s be the change!

Liza Welsh

I have lived in Southern Humboldt for thirty years, raising two sons and working in the schools, as well as volunteering in my community. I am a member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party and I tabled for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries. I organized a local Climate March last year, as well as the Women’s March this year, in our small, rural town of Garberville. I’m inspired by “The Squad” of diverse progressive voices in Congress and I support their ideals. The belief in healthcare as a human right, the importance of a Green New Deal, (which includes immediate action on climate), and the progressive agenda embraced by Our Revolution and Justice Democrats. I believe in science-based decision making and I am motivated to work for change and progress in the California Democratic Party, and our country as a whole. I am a returning student, after my children left for college I received a bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies and I am currently applying for a master’s program in English. I hope to hone my writing and editing skills in order to help progressive candidates with future campaigns.

Sarah Brooks

Thanks for taking a few moments to learn more about why I’m interested in once again serving on the DSCC. I’ve been involved in California politics for over 15 years since I moved here from Texas. The first campaign I volunteered for was for Kamala Harris in her 2003 SF DA campaign. I went on to work as digital and field director for her 2010 AG campaign, and also worked for her 2014 and 2016 campaigns. I also worked on several other local & statewide campaigns, specializing in digital and field outreach. I’ve been fortunate to work for some great candidates and work on issues in which I believe wholeheartedly.

In 2005, I founded, a progressive community blog that ran strong for over a decade. While I don’t write as much about politics these days, I have remained active in local politics in San Francisco. I moved full-time to the Sonoma Coast last year, and want to continue to be involved in my community.

I first served on the DSCC over ten years ago, when I was appointed by the state chair to join the Resolutions Committee. During my tenure as a delegate, I served as the state party’s regional director for the SF peninsula, co-chair of the resolutions committee, and co-chair of the organizational development committee.

I believe the state party has an important part to play in both advocating for substantive policy and increasing Democratic representation throughout our state. I have worked on both these aspects on the committees that I’ve co-chaired, but clearly there is a lot more work to be done. As someone who has a long history with the party, I also hope to help others engage with the party.

Thank you for your consideration, I would be honored to have your vote.

Brian Leubitz

My name is Kellie Shaner and I am running for Assembly Dist. 2 Elected Delegate and Executive Board. I am a 40 year old 4th generation Humboldt County native, foster/adoptive parent to 6 boys ages 3-15, football mom, wife, union leader and Progressive Democrat. I have worked in Health Care for over 10 years as a Nurses Aide and Cardiac Technician at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka.

I have been an elected Union leader for 5 years serving as our Executive Board member to NUHW which represents working folks across Assembly District 2 as well as a Delegate to our Humboldt Del Norte Central Labor Council and its Executive Board. Being a union leader I have fought for 2 contracts to bring fair and equitable wages to the staff of St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial hospitals, gaining over 50% wage increases for the lowest paid workers. I am a fierce fighter for the working person and will work tirelessly to make sure they are not left behind. I believe in always doing what is right, honesty, integrity, open communication, transparency and listening to problems with an open mind.

As a Progressive Democrat I believe that healthcare is a human right, keeping corporate money out of politics, taxing the 1%, universal daycare, public schools, living wages and mental health parity.

As your elected Delegate I will work tirelessly to make sure the voices of our working class and rural communities are heard. I will stand up for what is right and not let the Party or its Electeds rubber stamp issues. I have stood up and fought my own union and CLC over endorsements that my members did not agree with. I will speak truth to power and be an activist force within the party.

I hope to earn your vote in the upcoming ADEMs, lets get work!

In Solidarity,

Kellie Shaner

NUHW Executive Board

HDN CLC Executive Board

Kellie Shaner

Hello, my name is Robilyn (Robi) Camacho and I am again asking for your vote to represent AD02 and rural Trinity County as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. A lifelong voter, I was inspired to become politically active by the platform and policy goals of the Sanders presidential campaigns. I have been an active participant in voter registration, canvassing, and get out the vote activities for the last 5 years, as well as serving as a delegate to the CDP for the last 2 years. I have attended and voted at both conventions and been an active member of the Progressive caucus. I particularly enjoy canvassing and voter registration events because it is an opportunity to speak directly to voters about the issues that keep them up at night.

I have been a Trinity County resident and employee for 31 years, doing accounting work in 5 different departments over the course of my career. I served as the Treasurer of our employee association, TCEA, prior to us affiliating with UPEC/LIUNA where I have been an active member for over 20 years. In my community I served as Treasurer for the Co-op preschool that my children attended and I served on the local school board.

I fully support the Progressive platform that Bernie Sanders championed in his campaign and I believe that the party must refocus to serve the needs of the poor and working-class people of this country that have been left behind by our current legislative priorities. I believe that our failure to do so is what directly lead to the election of Donald Trump because of his false promises to restore jobs and industry. People are genuinely struggling to survive and we must provide solutions. This is nowhere truer than in rural areas like Trinity County where jobs are scarce and poverty is generational.

The issues I am most impassioned by are economic, racial, and gender-based injustice, with a major focus on securing universal single-payer healthcare for the US. I worked for many years on the business side of the medical field and I am well versed in the failures of our current system and the ludicrous ways that the fees are structured within it. People should not be dying in the wealthiest nation in the world because they cannot afford medical care.

I humbly ask for your vote and assure you that I will never quit working to restore our Democratic party to a party that serves the people.

Robilyn "Robi" Camacho

Greetings Democrats! I am running to represent Assembly 2 current and future Democrats to ensure we represent Voices for All. I am Pomo and Miwok and am deeply connected to Sonoma County as it is part of our tribal ancestral territory. I am interested in representing Native American perspectives and giving our tribal communities a voice. I am the mother of two teenagers and want to inspire our younger generations to take action and get involved. I see great potential in their qualities for embracing diversity and equality but recognize their immediate need to address the climate crisis. I understand that leadership is more than assuming responsibility and taking action, it also requires that you share what you have learned with successive generations.

I am seeking election to grow our work. I am proud of what has been achieved, but realize that the continued expansion of our representation and voices is what makes us stronger.

We are living in rapidly changing and challenging times. In knowing the history of my people, I have come to believe in the power of resiliency, it is how they adapted and survived in the face of extreme adversity. I will work to build up our resiliency for both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

My top three priorities for the next two years are:

1) COVID-19 Response and Recovery

2) Environmental Justice and Climate Change

3) Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

I want to make sure we are working towards the long terms needs of our community and have future generations in mind in our decision making. It is also critical that underrepresented communities have a voice at the state level. I humbly ask for your support and your vote!

Nicole Lim

Fellow Democrats!

I am running to represent Assembly District 2 and for future Democrats. I am from a multi-generational migrant family background. I have grown up in Sonoma County and attended local schools and lived in Los Angeles for more than thirty years after college. I returned home 4 years ago. I have been active in the Democratic party for more than 20 years, was a past delegate in Assembly District 58, and former Chair of the 58th Assembly District. I am currently the Corresponding Secretary for the Sonoma County Democratic Party and an alternate for District 1.

It was an exciting year in our local political process and we saw a new generation of leadership emerge. I was thrilled to be a small part of this process and look forward to continuing the work as we collectively move forward.

We are in unprecedented times with COVID-19; recent protests over racial justice; and, the impact of fires as a result of climate change. We face uncertainty in our Census process and facing an undercount as a result of social distancing and the short window for census workers to locate everyone in our communities. I would love the opportunity to address these issues and more as an elected representative of Assembly District 2.

I humbly ask for your vote!

Manny C. Baldenegro, Jr.

At this crucial time in our nation’s history, after 4 years of daily assaults against our Democracy, there is no time to lose to get our nation back on track. There is no “normal” to return to. The previous normal was taking us closer to wealth inequality and worldwide mass extinction. As a long-time Democratic activist, and 3 years as Secretary of the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club, I feel supremely qualified to fulfill the role of California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate to the pre-endorsement caucus on January 27.

Our nation, beginning with AD02, must forge a new path toward environmental, racial and economic Justice. We need to guide our elected representatives to face the existential crises barreling straight toward us and overcome special interests that keep us entrenched in the grip of corporate exploitation. Article 2, Section 1 of the California Constitution states that “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require.” We need to remind our elected representatives that they are primarily bound to serve and obey us, the People, and not the Speaker of the Assembly. We, the People, are the bosses of our elected representatives, and they need to remember that.

I support Medicare for All, a rapid conversion away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, public health measures to control the pandemic, restrictions on bee toxic pesticides and GMO foods, investing in the local economy, and a Wall of Separation between Corporation and State. Health is a fundamental value for me. I am a Registered Nurse, a School Nurse, a Public Health Nurse, a farmer, a volunteer for the American Red Cross for over 40 years, and a dedicated Progressive. Please choose me to be one of the 7 female candidates to help guide AD02 into a sustainable future to benefit the next 7 generations. Thank you!

Robin Sunbeam, RN, MSN, PHN

Hello Fellow Democrats,

I would like to introduce myself and hopefully earn your vote to represent the ADEM 2 seat. My husband Mike and live in Santa Rosa, and we own North Bay Commercial Services Inc. (NBCS Inc.), a locally owned and operated union commercial and residential heating and air conditioning business. We have three sons: Denton is a new teacher, Cole is now in the Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 Building Trades Apprentice program, and Tanner is a student at Oregon State University majoring in physics.

I was the 2017-19 California State PTA President. I have to ensure the best outcomes for the youngest Californians and their families. I am also a past school board trustee for the Cloverdale USD, and past member of the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly. I have served PTA in various roles including as a Family Engagement Legislative Advocate. While in this position, I focused on legislation that targets early-childhood education, foster care, career technical education, and CalWORKs programs. As a previous Ca. State PTA VP for Education, I focused on STEM education, Special Edu., and closing the opportunity gap. I am an elected member of the National PTA Nominating Leadership Recruitment Committee. This team recruits and produces a diverse slate of leaders and committee members for National PTA. I served on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for Sonoma County until 2020. The CSW works to bring awareness on issues affecting women. I am also a member of the Accrediting Commission for Schools and Colleges (WASC).

My areas of focus will be to support:

Education- supporting children, young adults and families

Businesses and our economy- specifically supporting small business, and Covid-19 relief

Labor, economic justice and elimination of poverty

I have been an advocate for nearly twenty years. I know how to advocate for the changes we want to see in our communities, state, and nation. I have been committed to children’s and family issues and believe that the democratic party can help overcome generational poverty as well as health and educational inequities. I believe in what the Democratic Party stands for, and I would be honored to represent you. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thank you for your consideration, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Dianna M MacDonald

I am running as a delegate in Assembly District 2 and I respectfully ask for your vote. I am a 3rd Generation Democrat and the proud daughter of a Mexican immigrant farm worker and a teacher. My parents and my grandparents were working class people who believed that the Democratic Party was the party for working people and for those who valued clean air, clean water, civil rights and housing, education and a fair deal for all and equality for all. I believe the Democratic Party needs to recommit to these earlier ideals and to rediscover its principles and its militancy.

We are currently fighting against an extreme and treacherous Republican party that espouses racism, perpetuates oligarchy, and has recently entered a dangerous relationship with fascism. This is not the time for half measures, conciliation, and compromises with the right wing. I am very proud to be part of a Progressive Labor Slate that stands up fiercely and wholeheartedly for Medicare for All, forgiveness of student loans, a Green New Deal, reproductive rights and individual liberties.

As a former direct service provider with the Homeless Prenatal Project and the Haight Ashbury Shelter, I believe it is long overdue for us to bring everyone inside for services and a safe place to live. In a country as wealthy as ours no one should have to sleep, eat, or live on the streets. As a former Field Director at the ACLU, I believe that attacks on immigrants, racial profiling and police brutality and other racial justice issues are a critical and devastating part of our country’s history and must be addressed immediately, systematically and institutionally. Finally, as a Labor Representative for the California Nurses Association and an ardent Trade Unionist I am committed to fighting for an economy that works for all and for all workers to have living wages, benefits, and a dignified retirement.

Most importantly we can no longer be tepid and concessionary in fighting for our goals and ideals. We cannot fight a rabid GOP with moderate politics and middle of the road solutions. We must increase our passion, militancy, and activism to reflect the severity of what is at stake and the temper of the times. I promise to fight hard for our principles, inside and outside of the Democratic Party.

Lisa Maldonado

Fellow Democrats,

I am Nikolas Pelekis, a proud American citizen of Greek heritage. I am proud of my new homeland, the United States of America, the multicultural country that welcomed me, provided me with the resources to evolve, and allowed me to thrive. I promised myself to never forget my roots while doing my best to make the USA a better place for every single one of my fellow citizens.

I am honored to be one among many other remarkable candidates, seeking election as an Assembly District Delegate for the 2nd Assembly District of California.

My friends, give me the chance to become your voice. I want to bring forward your thoughts, your beliefs, your passions and do all I can to set them on the table of those who create the laws and fight for our future.

We, as California Democrats, have already achieved so much. I promise not only to continue the hard work of my predecessors but also to exceed any expectations of the voters who embrace democratic policies and values.

We all want a bright and better future and we can have it by raising our voices and demanding the best for our community. There are procedures in order to achieve our goals and it is our responsibility to protect our democracy by getting involved.

Yes, you are part of this. It’s not about me. It’s about you, your family, your friends, your neighbors. Look around you and see that we are a spectacular group of individuals of diverse gender identities, ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, a broad range of professions and socioeconomic levels. We are a colorful bouquet of flowers and it’s time for us to bloom and show everyone that there is a beautiful future ahead.

As your Delegate for the 2nd Assembly District of California, I will focus on three priorities: to build a better education system, to ensure equal justice for all, and to enjoy a clean and green future together. I ask you to join me – let us unite our voices to bring these goals to fruition.

I proudly and respectfully ask for your support!

Nikolaos Pelekis

We need to believe in each other, and we need to work together effectively to get things done. It is our job to see that the CDP platform is enacted through legislation and executive action. We need to recruit and elect good candidates, and then hold government accountable. We have had great successes—especially recently, and especially in Assembly District 2. We need to carry our successes forward to the state as a whole, bringing people together to address practical problems and to see that justice is done both socially and economically. While our first priority in the coming year or two is addressing the pandemic, we need to keep equity and justice in front of us as we do so. And we need to get more aggressive about climate change. I am a proud and active member of the Rural Caucus, the Progressive Caucus and the Business and Professional Caucus. I have contributed to the CDP platform through my work in the Rural Caucus. I have volunteered locally registering voters, fundraising, phone banking, organizing online advocacy, and chairing the Sonoma County Democratic Party’s Political Organizing Committee.

I believe in political parties. I believe particularly in the Democratic Party. Our party is incredibly diverse, and getting more diverse every day. We need to encourage all Democrats into active, leadership roles. We especially need to encourage our younger members and those of differing abilities and backgrounds to take up leadership roles, and to support them in their leadership. We are the party of the future, and we need to remember this and put our energy there. On most issues we care about, effective action can be taken at the local, state and national levels. Our needs and issues are multifaceted: We need to take action, for example, on such pressing issues as the impacts of childhood trauma, on mental health services, on homelessness, on society-wide nutrition, healthy water, healthy air, and the massive threat posed by climate change, at every level. Much is possible, and we need to act in every way available to us.

Ron Taylor

The California Democratic Party holds the promise of uniting Californians for the many changes to come: to lead the nation toward equity, universal health care, and the kind of ecological ethic that honors all life.

California has long been needing and wanting health care for all, regardless of means. The health of every individual is a measure of our collective health. With the rise of various communicable diseases, we are connected in this way now more than ever before.

There is no good reason why California has to have the highest per capita prison population in the world. We need to close all private prisons and fix the broken criminal justice system. It’s time to release prisoners who have committed victimless crimes, end cash bail and fix the race and class inequalities in policing and in prosecutions.

The connection between global warming and fossil fuels has been established long before global warming was so apparent. It’s time to end fracking and develop renewable energy.

It’s time for the California Democratic Party to stand by our values and stop accepting money from the fossil fuel industry. Indeed, it is time for the party to respect Californians by refusing money from all the industries that seek to buy influence with large contributions.

Geoffrey Robinson


Blue Lake CA

Geoffrey Robinson

I wish to run for the office of Assembly Democrat in order to further, in whatever way possible, a progressive agenda that includes such polices as Medicare for All, a living wage, a Green New Deal and systemic reallocation of critical community-based funding (including the fundamental restructuring of police funding, specifically in poor and working class communities of color). A goal of mine, and one which I wish to collaborate upon and work creatively with others to achieve, is to translate and even transform the real, palpable desire and concern for large scale, structural change that so many (primarily the young and disenfranchised) evince these days into real and concrete political mobilization (including sustained, critical and helpful pressure on our elected officials). Transforming concern and desire into actual political demand, by and through engagement in the (electoral) political process, is something I wish to learn more about, so that I might be in a better position to help, advocate for, and hopefully accompany, those in my community who are engaged in basic efforts around constructive and lasting change. Additionally, given our country’s collective history (and, at times, accompanying amnesia) I hope to locate such efforts in those specific communities that have experienced generational structural inequality, exclusion, disenfranchisement and marginalization. We in the Democratic Party have parts and pieces of a legacy that includes large scale efforts at universal goods allocation and distribution (e.g., The New Deal); a burning question for us in this 21st century is how we can create equitable delivery mechanisms for the universal good programs and policies so many of our fellow citizens need, especially in these critical, even harrowing, times of COVID-19.

My overarching motivation in considering the candidacy of and for Assembly Democrat comes out of a basic desire to serve my community in reconstructing a progressive effort at establishing an equitable society (including schools, neighborhoods, community centers and the spread of public accommodations), and I truly hope to do this in whatever way I can. If I am able to develop and sustain this motivation through creative and meaningful work with fellow progressive Democrats, then I think and believe that my candidacy just could and might serve a real purpose.

Peter Loetterle

Mary Lynn Rounds, Trinity County

I ask for your vote to serve as a delegate from District 2.

I am a retired CA community college instructor who was privileged to teach a student population comprised mostly of first generation and international college students in Silicon Valley. I belonged to the faculty union, and served on the faculty senate where I helped prevent an attempt to deny health benefits to college personnel.

I retired in Weaverville, CA, and realized that our forests are at risk due to clearcutting, climate change and wildfires. I joined the Stop Clearcutting CA committee of the Sierra Club. I organized a local protest, and staffed information tables locally and at a CA Democratic Party Convention.

I also helped form a local group to oppose Citizens United; belonged to and participated in activities of Trinity County Progressives; and joined the Trinity County Indivisible group.

I thoroughly trust and am profoundly grateful for the leadership of Bernie Sanders. I admire his lifelong, bold support for working people. I also am inspired by and support the efforts of the recently elected progressives in Congress.

I believe that progressives need to become the stronger wing of the Democratic Party in order to reverse the takeover of our country by corporations. We need to guarantee all citizens the right to healthcare, good wages, and healthy living conditions. I also believe we need to act immediately to preserve our plant, and to prevent further pollution of our air, water, and land.

I would like to serve as a delegate to pass regulations and laws to benefit working people, people in need, and the elderly, as well as regulations and laws that will save our planet. I ask for your vote.

Mary Lynn Rounds