Assembly District 21




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

21 Necola Adams No SIF
21 Lisa Battista * SIF
21 Omar Jackson No OSIF
21 Debru Carthan No SIF
21 Rosalinda L Vierra No SIF
21 Tony Madrigal No OSIF
21 Mohinder Singh Kanda * OSIF
21 Renee Zumstein Gaskill No SIF
21 Jason Serang No OSIF
21 Juan Pablo Vazquez * OSIF
21 Ryan Segoviano No OSIF
21 Astrid Zuniga * SIF
21 John Mataka No OSIF
21 Marissa Ramirez No SIF
21 Jonathan Grammatico No OSIF
21 Amadita Ortiz Rodriguez No SIF
21 Chinyere Nnodim Jack No SIF
21 Jerome Rasberry No OSIF
21 Dennis McCord No OSIF
21 L. Carmen Ramirez No SIF
21 Raghupriya Lakireddy * SIF
21 Marc Medefind No OSIF
21 Allen Brooks No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Necola Adams, I’m a native Californian, a life long Democrat, and a community activist for over 30 years.
I believe that this is an important year for our Democratic party. In this time of uncertainty with the pandemic, economic downturn, housing, medical, and food instability for many Californian’s, we need strong leaders and advocates to find ways to help our communities weather these storms and come out on the other side with equitable opportunities for all.
I believe as an delegate for AD21, I can be one of those advocates, not just in my district, but through forming alliances with those from other districts we can come together and find real solutions for our entire state.
I am a business owner, a wife, a mother of 5, and a grandmother of 10.
I’m a volunteer driver for food distribution at a local church where we service over 1,500 families per week through Farm to Families.
I volunteered for reading programs at public schools, and help raise funds for our county library.
I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a connection between our community and U.C Merced for many students and faculty that are new to our area along with helping to create key policy change at Merced community college with conversations on race, race relations and hiring practices on the campus.
I love my community and I love my great state of California, I humbly ask for your vote for Delegate, Assembly district 21.
Thank you.

Necola Adams

I am running to continue to represent my district in the areas of healthcare & public safety. I have, and will continue, to do this work. I fight alongside labor unions, and am currently trying to bridge the gap between minorities & law enforcement. I enjoyed meeting people, and doing whatever I can to help the voices, in our district, continue to be heard.

Omar Jackson

I am running for ADEM because It’s essential that we prioritize healthcare access in our politics and have representation from healthcare workers in our party. I am a proud union member of SEIU-UHW serving on the Executive Committee, and I work at Kaiser Modesto as a Radiologic Technologist. I’ve lived in the district for 15 years and am active in our community. Most recently I’ve supported our country in electing Joe Biden and Kamla Harris to the Presidency by participating in phonebanks in Stanislaus County during the general election, and I participated in virtual lobby visits urging elected officials to support all essential workers in the fight for PPE. I strongly believe in the fight for racial justice, climate change, making sure that housing is affordable, and making healthcare a right in California. It would be my honor to serve my community. Please vote to elect Debru Carthan for AD21. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Debru Carthan

Hello, Hola! My name is Rosalinda. I am a lifelong democrat raised in the Modesto area and a resident of Ceres. I am a CSEA Union member, Small Business Owner, work as a College Student Success Specialist and advocate for the success of our students. I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 3. I enjoy helping & working for a better future. I am always working to better our community and citizens. I have fought against the odds and want to continue the work in my community.

I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. I have worked on various campaigns (City Council, Mayor, Congressional and Presidential), volunteer in the community, and attended many conventions & trainings. I have been part of our County Democratic Central committee for 7 years, Serving as part of the e-board & various working committees.

Trump really changed our atmosphere and economy. I want to work to reunite our community and citizens. We have a lot of racial divide, growing homelessness, mental disability concerns, increasing utility costs, and growing small business costs that need to addressed.

Your vote is greatly appreciated and the first step in allowing me to continue my work and advocacy, and representing you at the annual convention. Thank you. Muchas Gracias

Rosalinda L Vierra

Occupation: Business Owner
Education and Qualifications:

My name is Mohinder Singh Kanda. I have raised my family &own a small business in Ceres for the past two decades and have been involved in many community organizations.

My goals as a delegate for AD21 is to improve our Democrat party, develop a safe environment for all residents, and develop more resources for our youth. I am ready and willing to work hard to make our community& state the best it can be.

My priorities include improving public safety, increasing and creating a safe environment for the community members. Being a businessman for over 18 years will allow me to bring my experience, knowledge, hard work and ethics to our party.

I promise that I will dedicate my efforts to fulfilling the needs and requirements as adelegate by pushing forward more party memberships coming time and attention. I know how to conduct myself in a professional manner and know how to get things done.I love our Golden State of California.

Thank you for your support

Mohinder Kanda
Email. Kanda4ceres@Yahoo.Com

Mohinder Kanda

I am currently appointed to ADEM by Congressman Harder and would like to take on the role of an elected member of ADEM.

I am a member of several State Caucuses as well as local Democratic clubs in my area. I have held board seats on two of those clubs. I will also be an elected member of my Central Committee in January 2021 after serving as a Central Committee alternate while an associate member in 2020.

I will work to ensure our district is heard and contributes to the success of the CDP through collaboration with others. I want to see resources from CDP spent in our region and that means making the case on how our region is a worthwhile investment. Resources that could be used to develop training for potential candidates running for office, increasing democratic memberships in local clubs and Central Committees, and ultimately registering more voters for our local communities to elect Democratic candidates.

Advocating for our district is important to me and I will work to advance the needs of our community through resolutions and input within the ADEM structure.

I am a very active member of our county Democratic community and feel that is important to have a greater impact within ADEM. Thank you for considering me to represent you with the CDP. I look forward to serving the needs of our district as your ADEM representative.

Renee Zumstein Gaskill

My name is Juan Pablo Vazquez and I am running for ADEM for my second time. When I ran in 2019 I promised that I would fight for people who are usually ignored by the establishment. I have kept my promise and will continue to fight for our rights.

I have spent the last two years working to elect Democrats. From supervising 80+ canvassers who walked to over 45k doors for the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee. Marching in support of Black Lives Matter in response to the murder of George Floyd. To Chairing the communications committe for Stanislaus Democrats Central Committee and reaching over 60k people with over 500k impressions. I will continue to work to elect Dems into office.

The next two years I want to continue to work to grow the Democratic Party. I will continue to fight to make our party the most Progressive in our country. I want to work to give all undocumented immigrants the right to participate and run to be elected into all positions within the California Democratic Party, Central Committees, and clubs. I firmly believe that if you pay taxes you should have the right to vote. Our nation was founded on a “no taxation without representation” motto.

I humbly request your vote for Assembly District Delegate for District 21

Juan Pablo Vazquez

In order to combat the crises that we will face in the near future, the Democratic party must play a key role in getting people the resources and support that they will need. My name is Ryan Segoviano and for the past few years, I have worked to do just that. I currently reside in Patterson, CA, and work for the Stanislaus County office of education as a Behavior support assistant. I have served on the Patterson Progressive Alliance (PPA) small council for 3 years and have also worked with many other democratic groups in the area including the Latino Democrats of Stanislaus County, where I serve as treasurer, and the Young Democrats of Stanislaus county where I serve as Vice President.

I love to work with local activists in the community to help support those who are most vulnerable. Currently, I serve as the President of the Patterson Joint Unified school district and have been on the board for nearly 3 years. I decided to run due to the fact that I work with students who have special needs and I believed I could be a voice for students and parents who sometimes got overlooked. During my tenure on the board, I’ve passed resolutions that focused on equity, including expanding internet access to every student in the district during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of income. I also led my colleagues in calling for schools to remain closed until we’ve reached a safe tier to reopen. I have supported teachers and staff and have remained easily accessible. My experience on the board has also allowed me to gain insight on how to successfully plan and negotiate budgets, as well as how to lead in a time of crisis.

I have always been transparent about the issues I support. I believe that here in CA everyone should be able to earn a living wage. I believe that there is no excuse for the fact that the United States does not provide healthcare as a right, and I support Medicare for All. I believe that the climate crisis is the great threat multiplier of our lifetime and needs to be tackled head-on. I believe in education reform and Immigration reform and that there is no such thing as an “illegal” human being. As a 28-year-old Latino man, who happens to be gay, I believe that our diversity makes us stronger. My diversity has given me a powerful voice, and I would love to use that in support of you all.

Thank you.

Ryan Segoviano

As a current delegate and E-board Rep for AD21 & Labor Caucus Treasurer, it has been my honor to represent our communities and be a voice for all.
A little back ground on me, I am a mother of 5 and grandmother to 10. My youngest child, Manny is Autistic, Intellectually Disabled and Epileptic and is the reason I got involved nearly 14 years ago in Politics. Because of his disabilities I learned quickly that every service he receives is directly impacted by policies others were making and I couldn’t sit back and let people make decisions that would have a direct impact on our lives without some sort of say so.

I have also been very involved in the Labor Movement, I currently am and have served since 2013, as the Exec. S/T of the Stanislaus & Tuolumne CLC, and I currently serve my Union members as the Exec. VP of United Domestic Workers/AFSCME 3930. It was through my Union that I found my voice and the strength to be my sons voice.
Over the years I have been involved in many different fights and fought alongside my siblings in there’s as well. However, the things that I am most proud of are the bills in which I have helped to write and champion over the years that address safer interactions between law enforcement and people w/disabilities. Some of which are SB29 & SB11(Beall) which addressed more training for law enforcement, SB1330(Galgiani) which amended the Silver Alert to include adults with cognitive disabilities, Senate Reso64(2017, Galgiani) adopting September as Silver Alert Awareness Month (which we still need to educate people on) and most recently AB911 “The Manny Alert Act”(Rodriguez) which will allow all Californians the ability to provide vital health information in advance of an emergency. It became a feasibility study of the who, what’s and how’s of implementing a Statewide system of this type, which is due to the legislature Jan. 2021. As of recent the study was published and presented to Cal OES and their Advisory Board who voted in support of a plan to implement the The Manny Alert Act system. Which I am currently working w/ Assemblyman Gray to meet w/ the Governor’s office and have this finalized this next year.
Again it has been a honor to serve as a delegate and representative of AD21 and I humbly ask for your continued support and vote. So that I can continue to be one of those voices advocating on behalf of our communities.

Astrid Zuniga

“Listen first, take action second” is a perspective and tool I’ve grown to incorporate into everything I do.

As a social worker and community leader, listening is half the battle when enacting real change and even more important as a representative. As a social worker for Stanislaus County, I’m always listening to others, whether it’s from the federal and state level regarding the HIV programs I supervise or from staff who need a caring and compassionate ear, especially during these challenging and trying times.

As the President of MoPride, it’s my job and duty to listen to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in the Central Valley and to make certain that the work we’re doing as an organization is equitable, fair and just.

And as an AD-21 delegate, I’ll continue to do all the above & more.

The Central Valley is changing. We need progressive leadership that listens then takes action. That’s why I’m asking you to vote for me as a delegate for the California Democratic Party, District 21

Jonathan Grammatico

I would appreciate your support for Delegate to state party. I have been active in the a Democratic Party for over 30 years.

I have been active in many roles from precinct person, local community activist,City Council and now Mayor of Patterson.

I have worked to elect many Democrats to office in all the States I have lived in. Montana, Nevada and now California. When I lived in Montana, I helped turn Montana Blue electing Bill Clinton president of the United States. I worked on campaigns for Governors, Senators and the House as well as the local state races.

Over the last 20+ years in California, I have worked to turn out local Democrats to vote and raise money for local Democrats.

My wife and I work to bring Democrats together to vote and encourage Democratic involvement. We have been the boots on the ground for decades and I appreciate your support in continuing they work.

Dennis McCord