Assembly District 22




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

22 Chelsea Bonini * SIF
22 Ray Larios No OSIF
22 Wallace A Torres No OSIF
22 Rudy Espinoza No OSIF
22 Sam Hindi No OSIF
22 Dan Stegink No OSIF
22 Michael Duncheon No OSIF
22 Sarah E. Fields No SIF
22 Karen Tkach Tuzman No SIF
22 Chris Sturken No OSIF
22 Benjamin Mills Martin No OSIF
22 Amourence Lee No SIF
22 Pauline R Facciano No SIF
22 John Bouchard No OSIF
22 David Klausner No OSIF
22 Rick Bonilla No OSIF
22 Denton Murphy No OSIF
22 Alicia Aguirre No SIF
22 Patrick J Sullivan * OSIF
22 Harini Krishnan No SIF
22 Davina Hurt No SIF
22 Taso Zografos * OSIF
22 Matthew Miller No OSIF
22 Nicole Johnson No SIF
22 David Lim No OSIF
22 Hector Camacho No OSIF
22 Jane Weidman No SIF
22 Margaret A. Marshall No SIF
22 Deirdre H Martin No SIF
22 Ann Schneider No SIF
22 Maxine Elizabeth Hines * SIF
22 Leila Tamale * SIF
22 You You Xue No OSIF
22 Maggie Trinh No SIF
22 Talavou Aumavae * OSIF
22 Richard Holober No OSIF
22 Maxine Terner No SIF
22 Sue Digre No SIF

Candidate Statements

I have served as an elected Assembly District (AD) 22 ADEM Delegate since 2015 & Executive Board (EBoard) Representative since 2017, and I am seeking Re-Election to these seats in the January 2021 ADEM Election for the 2021-2023 Term.

I am a lifelong democrat, and I believe that integrity, transparency, accessibility & accountability are imperative for democracy to thrive. As a Delegate and on the EBoard, I have actively represented the AD22 community on issues of civil rights, human rights, and social justice. I have also advocated for equitable opportunities, access, inclusion and accountability in education, housing, healthcare, and disability rights.

I have participated in important decisions, including endorsement recommendations and revision of the California Democratic Party (CADEM) Platform. I am a longstanding member of the CADEM Disabilities, Children’s & Women’s Caucuses. I currently serve on the Bylaws Committee for the Disabilities Caucus, and I have participated as a speaker at caucus meetings. In 2019, I worked with a team of Delegates to draft and secure a total of nine (9) CADEM Platform amendments within the Criminal Justice, Education and Disabilities Planks.

I am a San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee (SMCDCC) Alternate, and I serve as the SMCDCC Clubs Liaison and on the Bylaws Committee. I am a member of the Executive Board of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition (PDC), and I am a founding member of DemFems Silicon Valley.

I served as a San Mateo-Foster City School Board Trustee from 2013-2017, and I was elected in November 2020 as a Trustee for the San Mateo County Board of Education. I had the pleasure of serving on the San Mateo County Office of Education’s Personnel Commission from 2018-2020, and I currently serve on the San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities & as the Commission’s Youth and Family Committee Chair.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Mullin in this ADEM election, and I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may have the opportunity to continue representing AD22 as a Delegate and EBoard Representative for another term. You can view my video Statement at:

Chelsea Bonini

I am seeking to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party State Convention.

As a new U.S. citizen, I believe that representation matters. That is why I am running, to bring a diverse perspective and new energy to the Democratic Party. My goal is to inspire and promote civic participation with a commitment to equity and inclusivity. Bringing people together by reaching out to underrepresented communities and help their voices be heard will be my priority.

I have worked tirelessly to help promote our democratic values by volunteering as an alternate for District 1 within the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee, as an active member of Peninsula Young Democrats, and as one of the co-founders for the San Mateo County Latinx Democratic Club, where I serve as an executive board member.

With my experience as a civil servant, I am well qualified to help move our Party, and by extension our county, in a direction that meets the needs of everyone, not just a few.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate, and also ask that you support my fellow candidates on the SMC Dems United Slate.

For more information on these candidates please visit

Ray Larios

I have lived in this district for the last nine years and have always followed the local politics. Yet, until this year, I felt no need to try to take part in them.

But this year has been very different for all of us. Covid has reshaped the world, and sadly, our district has not been isolated from these changes. But now, more than ever, is a time for our district to lead because District 22 is not only a special place in our state, but it is a special place in our country. Better transportation, more affordable housing, and a consistent policy on Covid can be driven from our district.

A vote for me is a vote to ensure that our district has a say on how the California Democratic Party builds a future in our state that’s better for everyone.

Wallace Torres

As a lifelong Democrat and local activist, democracy is at the core of my values. I am running for ADEM Delegate to fight for social justice, to advocate for gun safety legislation, LGBTQ+ families, farmers, and farmworkers. In essence, I am committed to ensuring that our community is a place where everyone can thrive.

California has always been at the forefront of progressive policy and can help steer the entire country as a place for economic opportunity, quality public education, safe neighborhoods, affordable homes, thriving small businesses, and an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ongoing pandemic has brought to light the disparities and inequalities that exist in our country. We are the party that cares for workers, the poor, people with disabilities, trans folks, and all historically marginalized groups. As a party, we must continue to prioritize protections, dignity, equity, and equal opportunity for all.

My parents came to the US as political refugees from Nicaragua and taught my siblings and me core values including, keeping our word, hard work, and helping others. As a delegate, I will bring those values to the California Democratic Party. I believe that by working together, we can find solutions for the complex issues in our state. As the former Field Coordinator for the San Mateo County Democratic Party, I worked to unify many distinct groups and organizations to build the largest coalition of volunteers for the November 2020 races. I will bring the same expertise in partnership and coalition building as a delegate to achieve our common political and policy objectives.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, CADEM Chicano Latino Caucus, and the San Mateo County LatinX Democratic Club. I humbly ask for your support to serve as your delegate.

Thank you for your consideration in electing me as an AD 22 Delegate.

My Facebook Page:

SMC United Dems Slate:

Rudy Espinoza Murray

Dear AD 22 Democrats,

I’m one of your current ADEM representatives. I’m seeking re-election to continue to serve on the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC).

For the past five years, I’ve been serving as a mayor and councilmember in Foster City. On November 3rd, I was re-elected to serve one more term on the city council.

Last year I was honored to be appointed to the California Democratic Party’s Finance Committee by Chair Rusty Hicks. I’ve volunteered to work on the Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant Fund where we identified CA Young Democratic Clubs and provided grants for the winners.

During my tenure as your ADEM representative, I’ve worked with fellow DSCC members to advocate for equality, inclusiveness and justice by way of amendments to the party’s platform. I’ve participated in regional meetings, elections of CDP officers, endorsements and approval of the platform.

While our party has made progress pf the past few years, more work needs to be done on economic justice, social justice and environmental justice. I pledge to work tirelessly to achieve those goals.

I respectfully ask for you vote. Vote Sam Hindi for AD 22.

Sam Hindi



Independencia, Acción, y Resultados:

Independence, Action, and Results:

CDP 20-11.20 “Taking the Hate Out of Homeownership”, (Stegink AD22, Lewis AD22) (Removes racist terms and language referring to Asians, Latinos and Blacks from California real estate documents)

CDP 19-08.13 “Encouraging 2020 US Presidential Candidates to Prioritize Humane Immigration Reform in their First 100 Days Plan”, (Sanchez De Alba AD22, Stegink AD22, Medina AD19)

CDP 20-06.12 “Opposing the Discriminatory Interpretation of the Public Charge Decision”, (Sanchez De Alba AD22, Stegink, CDP AD22, Medina AD19)

CDP 19-05.49 “Against Citizenship Questions on US Census” (Stegink AD22, Sanchez De Alba AD22) (Protected DACA and Dreamers, preserved $270M in San Mateo County funding from federal government)

CDP 20-06.48 “Urging Local Governments to consciously and intentionally seek and appoint candidates of color to both vacated elected office with unexpired terms and appointed positions” (Stegink AD22, Lewis AD22)

CDP 20-11.13 “Providing Basic Life Saving Measures for Detainees, Arrestees, and Prisoners”, (Stegink AD22)

CDP 20-06.37 “Protect Farmworkers as Essential Workers”, (Sanchez De Alba AD22, Fernandez AD22, Stegink AD22)

CDP 20-11.04 “Maintain Cash Retail (Stegink AD22)

CDP 20-11.26 “Opposing the Sale of Dangerous Fireworks for Non Commercial Use”, (Stegink AD22)

Dan Stegink

I am a devoted Democrat and community member of Assembly District 22. I am seeking to represent the area as an elected delegate.

I have served as President of the Peninsula Young Democrats (PYD) for the past 2 years – growing the club’s membership along with the political and social activity of the organization. Additionally, I serve as an alternate for the Chairwoman of the San Mateo County Democratic Party Central Committee.

I’m deeply dedicated to building community across difference, particularly faith, and recently served on the Board of Directors for the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition, co-chairing the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

In my professional life, I am an Account Director at the communications and public affairs firm, Singer Associates, Inc. advising clients on community land use and development issues.

In addition to my local interests, I have an eye to world affairs and am an Emerging Leader-Member of the Pacific Council on International Policy.

I am truly honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate.

I also ask that you support my fellow candidates on the SMC Dems United Slate. For more information on those candidates please visit

Sarah E. Fields

I hope to represent San Mateo County Democrats as an elected delegate to the State Party, and to be a part of the push for a more just, equitable and sustainable California.

Born in Argentina, I immigrated to California at age five, and became a citizen in 2008, right before beginning my PhD in immunology. In the six years since returning to the Bay Area as a life sciences professional, I have had the privilege of serving as a mentor in local youth organizations, and of deepening my knowledge of, engagement with and volunteerism for the Democratic Party.

The panic that first got me canvassing in Nevada in 2016 gave way to organizing postcards and door knocking for swing districts in 2018, and ultimately led me to become the 2020 Political Director of the Peninsula Young Democrats — coordinating our club’s activities in support of local and national elections alike — and to join the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee as an alternate for District 3, as well as the San Mateo County Latinx Democratic Club.

As an ADEM Delegate, I would help shape the California Democratic Party’s endorsements and platform by voting on behalf of my community at the State Party’s regional meetings and annual convention, supporting people and policies aiming to eradicate inequities and beat back our climate emergency.

In particular, I look forward to supporting the Democratic Party’s moves to counteract the massive housing affordability crisis in our state, scale back our dependence on cars, hold corporations accountable to workers and the public, and break from the racist legacies baked into our zoning codes and criminal justice system.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, and respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate for Assembly District 22.

Karen Tkach Tuzman

I am running for ADEM delegate to represent our diverse community and address our housing and racial equity challenges.

Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) delegates are elected to represent their district on the California Democratic Party Central Committee. Delegates vote on Party endorsements and the Party platform.

My priorities are housing, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equity. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a renter, I will lead by bringing marginalized communities to the center. I am a life-long resident of the Peninsula, I work for HIP Housing, and I currently serve on the County of San Mateo’s LGBTQ Commission and the San Mateo County Pride Center’s Community Advisory Board. I am also co-founder and Co-Chair of the San Mateo County Stonewall Democrats and I am an active member of Green Foothills, Peninsula Young Democrats, and One San Mateo. As your delegate, I will leverage my experience to address our community’s challenges with compassion and skill.

It is an honor to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. As your delegate, I will uphold our shared values for equity and equality. Please vote Chris Sturken for delegate!

In addition, please support my fellow candidates on the SMC Dems United Slate. For more information on those candidates please visit

Listen to my candidate statement at

Chris Sturken

Attorney and biz consultant, a past union member (Retail Clerks, United Auto Workers, Teamsters). Lifelong Dem (giving money, time, and supplies). A patriotic & progressive African American (mixed heritage). Blue (with Red friends too). I help (no cost to them), new and small businesses (& nonprofits) through SBA programs, local nonprofits, and my own pro bono services. I’m for: Green New Deal, Govt option healthcare, rescuing duped Trump voters, an ERA, a popular vote, BLM, LGBTQ rights.

Ben Martin

I am a proud 3rd generation democrat seeking to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate. As a mother, nonprofit executive, and successful businesswoman, I have dedicated my life to creating healthy communities and families with a goal to lift every person and bring all voices to the table. My background is in public health with a Masters from Columbia University. I’m also a successful start-up founder, engaged community activist, former president of the North Central neighborhood association in San Mateo and PTA member.

November 2019, I was appointed to the San Mateo City Council and this November I was elected to my first full term.

Every day, I am working to represent our community and advance our democratic values to build a more inclusive, equitable, resilient and prosperous city and county. Truth, transparency, humility, hard work, bridging relationships in the community are all qualities that have served me well on the council and are the qualities I hope to bring as a delegate.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate representing District 22.

To learn more about my background and vision, please visit:

Amourence Lee

Pauline Facciano – Democrat

Vote for me to become a Delegate to the California Democratic Party, and I will help the American people by making important decisions that promote and advance the rights of others. I have 20 years experience as a public high school teacher and college instructor. My father’s parents and my mother were immigrants and first generation Americans. As early as I can remember, my parents encouraged me to work hard and do well in school. They valued education as a means to access the rights and privileges of being an American citizen.

This is why I will fight passionately for education for all our citizens, including immigrants and the disabled. I will fight for equal access to healthcare, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, workers rights and environmental protections. I want to stop the violence against our Black citizens, including native American and transgendered women. I want to work towards ending the homelessness crisis.

We must restore and strengthen our democracy. Let’s work towards bringing American people together.

Pauline R Facciano

My name is John Bouchard. I have lived in San Mateo County my entire life, and I am seeking to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate.

ADEM Delegates to the State Party take part in important decisions including voting on endorsement recommendations and helping to promote the California Democratic Party’s platform and agenda.

I hope to represent San Mateo County and will vote on behalf of the community I represent at the CDP Regional Meetings and at the CDP Convention.

I have worked tirelessly to promote our democratic values, and it is through our collective effort that we can steer California and the country in a direction that will care for all not just the few.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate.

John Bouchard

I am Rick Bonilla and I’m running for RE-ELECTION as an Assembly District 22 delegate. I am a lifelong Democrat, retired Carpenters union organizer, and I have played an active role in many Democratic campaigns since 1992. From ’06 thru ‘11, I was a County delegate to the CA State Party. Since 2011, I have been an elected AD 22 Delegate. I ask your support for my continued service.

Important positions currently held:

ØSan Mateo City Council, since ‘15, Mayor in ‘18

ØElected Representative of SM County Cities at ASSOC. of BAY AREA GOVERNMENTS (ABAG) Regional Planning Committee and Housing Methodology Committee

ØMember, Board of Directors (BOD’s) and Exec. Committee at Peninsula Clean Energy

ØMember, BOD’s and Zero Landfill Committee at South Bayside Waste Management Authority

ØMember, BOD’s and Vice Chair at Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART OF SMC)

ØMember and Vice Chair of League of CA Cities, Governance, Transparency & Labor Relations Committee

ØABAG, CMEQ Committee member (Congestion Management and Environmental Quality)

In these (and more) positions that I hold, we are not just talking about cutting greenhouse gas emissions, building green infrastructure, building affordable housing, moving people to alternative modes of transportation and improving our quality of life, but actually doing it. I am working with many others to bring real, meaningful and truly progressive Democratic legislation to the various bodies upon which I serve. One of the achievements of which I am most proud is spearheading the San Mateo City Council’s 2016 decision to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. In August of that year, with the help of my colleagues, we became the first city in the county to do that. Now several have followed. It is time to look at raising the wage again.

Further, I believe that we need to work very hard to bring justice, dignity and respect to all; especially people of color, immigrants, poor working people, LGBTQ individuals and many more. We all have waited far too long for those words at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance “with liberty and justice for all” to really mean something. I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE so we can continue this momentum and make our world a better, cleaner, safer, healthier and happier place.

Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla

My name is Denton Murphy. I live in South San Francisco with my wife and newborn son. Before coming to the Bay Area, I served 10 years in the US Army with multiple combat zone deployments. I continue to serve in the Army Reserves.

Currently I am the vice-chair of the North Peninsula Democratic Club, and am active with the Peninsula Young Democrats. In 2018 I served on the board of the East Bay Young Democrats.

I will have two priorities as an ADEM delegate. The first concerns supporting Democratic candidates and platform planks endorsing vigorous anti-monopoly measures. The second priority lies in promoting candidates and platforms that radically increase the amount of housing here in the Bay Area, while protecting vulnerable homeowners and renters.

Our failure to confront corporate monopoly power is all around us. Facebook and Google degrade our democracy and starve local media. Comcast and AT&T choke internet access, forcing kids into fast food parking lots to use WiFi for school. Wall Street firms like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs loot our retail and manufacturing sectors, causing devastating bankruptcies while pocketing billions. The stock market booms and the bread lines grow.

The Democratic Party works best confronting these bad actors instead of accommodating them. For my part, I gathered support this year for a state bill, SB1130, designed to break the grip telecom monopolies have over our internet. We can’t wait for Comcast’s permission to get Broadband for All.

I see the housing crisis in both the Army Reserves and in my job selling HVAC equipment. My young soldiers and working class customers are fleeing California. The leading reason? Lack of affordable housing. The solution lies in building more housing. Build, build, build. In this vein, I’m proud to have supported a city council campaign this year in South San Francisco for a candidate who strongly supported building more housing. This candidate defeated an 18-year incumbent partly due to how this issue resonated with voters.

Finally Democrats need to advocate aggressively for tenants and homeowners. We cannot repeat the mistakes of 2008-2010. Cancel the rent and mortgage for those affected by the pandemic. The big banks got their bailout under the initial CARES Act. We cannot allow them to prey on the pandemic’s economic wreckage.

Any questions email

Denton Murphy

I am seeking to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate.

I am the proud daughter of immigrant parents who taught me the core values of hard work, public service, and the transformative power of education to attain the American Dream.

The American Dream has always been about finding a better, safer life in the United States and providing for one’s family through hard work and education. As a Cañada College Professor teaching ESL classes, I work to provide my students with the power of language to better achieve the dream they have risked everything to achieve by coming here.

I am a proud Democrat because the Democratic Party believes in a vision of America which embraces diversity, rejects racism and oppression, and welcomes and supports new generations of immigrants seeking a better life. Realizing this vision drives my desire to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate.

Every day of my life for the past three decades – as a mother, professor, elected official, Latina, and community leader – I have worked on issues of social justice, ending racism, immigration, equity, and inclusion. Often this work takes place at the front of a classroom (Zoom these days) or through votes and advocacy related to creating housing, improving transportation, addressing climate change, and supporting people of color.

At no point in my adult life has our democracy been faced with more challenges than at this moment. I will work at a local, regional, state, and national level to advance the California Democratic Party’s platform and agenda.

Hopefully the next four years is just the beginning of having Democrats occupy the White House, but we must use this time to address 400 years of systemic racism and dismantle the unimaginable policies of the current administration. All of this must take place concurrently with our work to manage the ongoing pandemic, instill confidence in a vaccine, ensure a full economic recovery, and address the inequities that COVID-19 has fully exposed in our most vulnerable populations.

I am grateful and humbled to have the support of Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin; and I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate.

Alicia Aguirre

A longtime San Mateo County Resident and AD 22 Delegate since 2017, I am an Indian American Democratic Organizer passionate about social justice, gender equity and public education who has worked tirelessly to promote Democratic values at the local, state, and national levels over the past 2 decades.

Most recently, I served as a lead volunteer organizer for the Presidential campaigns of VP-Elect Kamala Harris and President-Elect Joe Biden in California. As a CA State Director & National Grassroots Organizing Lead for South Asians For Biden, I helped mobilize the AAPI community to be the margin of victory in battleground states in 2020. Additionally, I was proud to represent CD 14 as a Biden Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

I have also been active in state and local Democratic groups, serving on the Platform Committee of the CA Democratic Party (CDP) and serving as a San Mateo County Dems Central Committee Alternate.

Over the past 15 years, I have served in numerous community leadership roles and have been fortunate to receive a Jefferson Award for Public Service and 2020 Hillsborough Citizen of the Year Award for my efforts. As the Board President of San Mateo High School Foundation, I worked with staff, teachers, and parents to reduce the opportunity gap and promote equity in the most diverse high school in the district with 35% of students from underserved communities. As a Board member of FUND HER, I have helped raise funds, hosted & moderated panels, and served on candidate selection committees of this PAC which powers progressive women to state legislatures, increasing the percentage of women elected to CA legislature to >30% for the first time in CA history. As a Board member of Equal Access International, I have led the fund development committee for this International NGO working in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East to promote women and girls’ empowerment and human rights.

I am asking for your support to represent the 22nd Assembly District once again, so that I can continue to represent San Mateo County at CDP regional meetings and conventions and champion the Democratic values of equity, equality and justice in the party agenda and platform. I am truly honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Candidate Video Link:

Harini Krishnan

Davina Hurt


Twitter: @davina_belmont

As a businesswoman, parent, attorney, and councilmember, I have made advancing Democratic Party values my lifelong priority. This has included working at the grassroots level, serving as the Democratic Volunteer Center campaign director in Palo Alto in 2014/15 and as a local elected official.

Whether it is promoting and investing in affordable housing, public education, transit, protecting our environment and workers’ rights, I have worked locally and in the region to improve the lives of our community members.

I am seeking to represent Assembly District 22 as an elected delegate to support the Democratic Party efforts to build a more equitable, sustainable and affordable California.

ADEM Delegates to the State Party take part in important decisions including voting on endorsement recommendations and helping to promote the California Democratic Party’s platform and agenda. By helping to shape Democratic Party political efforts and promoting candidates who fully support our party’s values, we can continue to improve our state and set an example for the nation.

I am honored to be endorsed by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your delegate and bring the many voices of our community to the table.

I am running on a full slate supported by Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and I would appreciate your support for these candidates as well. Please view the slate at

Davina Hurt

LET US WORK TOGETHER. We have been through a lot these past four years and by working together we can advance our democracy and make a positive impact everywhere. There is much work to be done, and I want to be an active contributor to positive change.

I am a passionate community leader, a husband, and a father of 3 amazing children. As a son of immigrant parents who earned their way to U.S. citizenship and continue love this country, they taught me the value of hard work and to cherish our democratic way of life. I worked to earn my Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California. I have enjoyed a 35+ year career working with sever Fortune 500 companies and am now semi-retired focused on state and local issues and the needs of my community.

I have served as a steward on issues that most people care about, such as racial justice, housing, economic opportunity and advancement, climate change, and community-building. I have a strong interest in housing issues and parlayed this interest into addressing homelessness, implementing community and economic development initiatives and building affordable housing opportunities.

It will be a high honor to serve you and I ask for your support.

Most kindly,

Taso Zografos

While this year has been overwhelmingly difficult in many ways, I have been inspired by so much that I witnessed or been a part of here in San Mateo County, and across Silicon Valley. The desire to help one another and the persistence of hope has inspired me to want to engage with more of our residents, and to find a way to serve in a meaningful and systemic way. That is why I am running to be a delegate for the San Mateo County Democratic party.

I am fortunate that my work in non-profits and corporate social responsibility has familiarized me with what we do well here, and where we still need to improve. Our economy is booming- despite everything going on this year- but so many of our low-wage residents are under or unemployed, with little or no safety net that will help them sustain in an area where the cost of living is so high. I have experience building out workforce development partnerships with nonprofits and community colleges, and believe that my experience and knowledge with this type of programming can help raise our employment levels for lower-wage workers in our region and across California. We live in an area where some of the schools are literally the greatest in the country, while a few miles down the road, students are consistently performing below grade level, and have basic needs that are not being met. I have worked with both demographics, and am certain of one thing: everyone wants what is best for their children. We must do better at finding a way to provide for all of our County’s children, and as a former teacher and mother of a high-schooler and middle-schooler, I recognize the potential in all children and have spent much of my career working towards education equality.

I want all of us to live in a community that is safe. I believe that we can do that by working together with our police force and representatives within our community, ensuring inclusion of voices not previously engaged. In a former role as Executive Director of a nonprofit, I worked with local police in Bayview to become on-duty reading buddies in schools in the neighborhoods they patrolled. This type of relationship building is key to living in a safe and equitable community, and this type of innovative thinking is what I bring to this position. I thank you for considering me for this position, and am committed to serving our community.

Nicole Johnson

My name is David Lim. As the first Asian-American Councilmember and Mayor for the City of San Mateo, I represent the great diversity that is Assembly District 22. I served two terms on the City Council from 2009 to 2017 before retiring to spend more time with my young kids. But 2020 showed us that now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. During my time on the City Council, I stood up to big corporate interests like 7-11 when they tried to get an improper permit in our City. I fought against slum landlords and stood in solidarity with our minority and immigrant community to back the progressive Democrat Party platform for rent control. I rejected a multi-million dollar buyout by a large developer and stood with the local children and families in our community to preserve the San Mateo Bridgepointe Ice Rink. A hallmark of my tenure as a Councilmember was open, honest communication. Whether you agreed with me or not, I was known as being open and accessible to everyone. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney, I know that it is time to make substantial, meaningful, and progressive changes to our criminal justice system. Let me be a voice for our District at the State Convention. Let us work together to strengthen our Democratic Party. I humbly ask for your support.

David Lim

I proudly descend from generations of workers, people who have fought for opportunity for their families and community. We have worked in the fields, marched in the streets, and organized in our communities. Today, I am humbled to continue that legacy of activism as a leader in my community, fighting for greater access to education, housing, healthcare, and economic and environmental justice. Even more so, I feel compelled to continue the pressing work of upholding the most basic right to safety for those in our community, particularly our black and brown sisters and brothers who continue to be the target of racist and oppressive policies and practices. This is the necessary work.

I am particularly committed to investing in our future by prioritizing the needs of children, young adults, and those living on the margins of society.

Hector Camacho

I am wrapping up my final year of a 4 year term as Mayor of the City of Pacifica. My experience includes 5 years as a Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commissioner, member of Pacific Beach Coalition, member of Pacifica Climate Committee and Member of Tree City Pacifica. As an eco-warrior I worked on the following:

-implement the first single use plastic ban in the county of San Mateo

-become an official Tree City USA with The Arbor Day Foundation

-educate and adopt the city’s first building reach codes that implement energy conservation and moderate environmental impacts

-served on Peninsula Clean Energy’s Board of Directors and worked to educate and encourage adoption of clean energy throughout the county

-served as liaison to Pacifica’s Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee to protect and preserve open space

-signed resolution for no off-shore drilling

-legalize bee keeping in Pacifica

I also worked on social justice issues such as:

-open discussions with the community and Parks Beaches Recreation Commission to implement the city’s first non-profit surf permit status that promotes inclusion, equity and justice on our beaches

-becoming a Sanctuary City

-advocate for rent stabilization measures

-advocate for housing equity

-signed the Obama Foundation Mayoral Pledge, committing Pacifica to review and reform our policing policies to combat systemic racism on a yearly basis

I also work as a Senior Technical Project Manager on large-scale cyber security, cloud and application implementations in the transportation and logistics industry.

I ask your support to continue this work on a larger scale as your ADEM22 representative.

Deirdre H Martin

Ann Schneider, Mayor, City of Millbrae

A lifelong Democrat, I was born in San Francisco and graduated from Capuchino High School in San Bruno and UCLA before studying environmental science in grad school at Univ of San Francisco.

I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician but have worked in the recycling & solid waste field for the past 35 years, currently serving as a Commissioner on the California Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling.

I created recycling certificate programs at UCSC and San Jose State, and taught courses in both programs.

I was the Commercial Recycling Mgr. for the City of San Jose, Director of Recycling Market Development at Santa Cruz, and worked to bring green businesses and jobs to California and chaired the Santa Clara Manufacturing Group (now Leadership Group) Solid Waste Committee, writing the first guide for commercial recycling in the country.

I have dedicated this year to assisting those recovering from the COVID pandemic while implementing climate resiliency projects, disaster preparation including wildland fire prevention actions and supporting the renewal of our El Camino Real with mixed use housing projects including all levels of affordability.

I have been serving on several San Mateo County COVID economic recovery teams working to bring broadband to all parts and peoples of the county, economic and job recovery and preparation for multiple disasters occurring at the same time.

As your AD22 CADEM representative I will work with the Democratic Party and elected leadership to further reduce carbon & particulates in our air, prepare our cities, residents, and businesses for the impacts of a hotter world from sea level rise to heat waves, grow affordable housing and transportation options and work on environmental and social justice issues.

Please go to my website for more details on my plans or call me at 650-697-6249 or by email at

Ann Schneider

Lifelong Democrat, supporting the Biden & Harris ticket.

I’m a New Yorker, and a “Aggie Mom” who retired to California in 2008 after a stressful career in finances & taxes in order to be near the sea. I’m a support of equal rights, equal opportunities and diversity.

Maxine Elizabeth Hines

Leila Tamale is a first-gen college student and activist born and raised in San Mateo, on occupied Ramaytush land. She is proud of her Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, and French background. Leila is attaining her Bachelors of Arts in Ethnic Studies and Political Science, and has been passionate about pursuing politics since her participation in The American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State.

For over two years, Leila has worked for the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce, where she has been instrumental in leveraging relationships between the San Mateo local business community, the public, and local government through engagement, advocacy, and social media outreach to promote the wellbeing of the small business community, especially throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Previously, Leila was on the Executive Board of the San Mateo Activist Coalition (SMAC). In her time as SMAC’s Community Liaison, she organized lobbying efforts for common sense gun reform at the Capitol, among other social justice and community enrichment initiatives. She recently graduated from Empowering Pacific Islander Communities’ Civic Engagement Fellowship, which focused on increasing political participation among the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) community by developing and distributing culturally relevant content as well as leading phone-banking in support of Proposition 15. Currently, Leila is the Secretary of the nation’s premier Pacific Islander Democratic Club of San Mateo County.

The values of solidarity, justice, and equity, and the wellbeing of her NHPI community, as well as all communities of color, are at the heart of any and all actions Leila takes. She is not afraid to be boldly progressive when advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, whether they be communities of color, immigrants, the working class and ever-diminishing middle class, women, LGBTQ folks, those experiencing homelessness — to name a few. Leila’s identity as a young, driven Pasifika woman gives her a unique perspective into understanding the intersectionality of climate, racial, and economic inequities and creating effective solutions.

With NHPIs vastly underrepresented in politics, Leila strives to ensure adequate representation by running as an Assembly District Delegate for AD-22. She is a fierce advocate working towards achieving true liberation for all, and humbly asks for your vote.

Leila Tamale

This is the first year I have ever been politically active, although I have voted in every election I can remember since I turned 18. I finally woke up this year to the importance of fighting to make sure that our government – at every level – represents the people and makes policies accordingly, instead of letting corruption and corporate interests determine our priorities.

This year, I have knocked doors (remember what that was like?), made phone calls, text banked, organized friends and families for Biden/Harris and down-ballot Democrats, donated, and volunteered as a poll worker for the first time. The work didn’t stop on November 3, as many of you know! Post-election, I have been active as a volunteer screening potential candidates for Run For Something, which helps build a pipeline of young, progressive Democratic leaders at the local and state levels. I’m so proud to show my kids and the people around me that while no one can do everything, everyone can (and should!) do something.

I am excited to get more involved with the California Democratic Party and make inclusive, positive, uplifting change where I can. We are all in this together and I feel it is my responsibility to use my advantages and skills to help others and pay it forward.

Maggie Trinh

Talavou Aumavae is a queer Samoan-American community organizer who was born and raised in American Samoa. In 2007, he and his family moved to Northern California and became part of the Pacific Islander diaspora. After graduating from high school, Talavou moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 2014 and has been a resident of the 22nd Assembly District for the past six years.

In previous years, Talavou spent many summers serving as a Camp Facilitator for a Pacific Islander summer enrichment program–Camp Unity. As the chairman of the San Mateo County Pacific Islander Complete Counting Committee, he took the lead in conducting the 2020 Census outreach efforts to the Pacific Islander community. Recently, he worked with the Biden-Harris presidential campaign as a Co-Chair of the Native Hawaiians & Pacific Islanders (NHPIs) for Biden-Harris (an AAPIs for Biden Affinity Group). And now, Talavou serves as the President of the first-in-the-nation Pacific Islander Democratic Club of San Mateo County. Additionally, Talavou is currently working on earning his Bachelors of Science in International Relations. And upon the completion of his undergrad program, he intends to attend law school to earn his Jurisprudence Degree.

In any capacity that Talavou serves, he does his best to elevate the concerns and voices of our Pacific Islander community by making others aware of some of the challenges we face. With COVID-19 disproportionately affecting the Pacific Islander community, Talavou decided to get involved with the Biden-Harris campaign to ensure that the Pacific Islander community had a seat at the table. Especially when it comes to the creation of policies, and a platform that would affect the Pacific Islander community.

In the hopes of ensuring that policymaking takes into account not only the concerns of the Pacific Islander community but all other marginalized communities’ concerns, Talavou has made the decision to run as an Assembly District Delegate for AD-22. He also aims to build a more diverse state delegation, one that reflects the many communities of color that consider themselves Californians. Thus, Talavou humbly asks for your support in electing him as one of the 14 Assembly District Delegates for AD-22.

Talavou Aumavae

Environmental protection and sustainability are core values in both my professional life and community activism. I worked as the department head for a large Bay Area regional park and open space agency, collaborating with many of the key environmental advocacy organizations in the region.

I also recognize the need for more affordable housing and believe our essential workers should be able to live in the communities where they work. State housing policies should not result in the displacement and gentrification of marginalized communities. As a volunteer community organizer, I fought special interests that financially benefited from unrestrained development, worked to ensure transparency and accountability in government, and helped pass one of the first affordable housing inclusionary zoning policies on the Peninsula in the City of San Mateo.

I served two terms on the City of San Mateo Planning Commission and currently serve on the San Mateo Community College District Bond Oversight Committee.

Maxine Terner

I have been a social justice and environmental activist since my teens and during my long career.

I am a successful:

..General Education Teacher ( grades: 2 &3 full time; gr.5& 9science; gr.6 full time ; gr. 8departmental classes;

Adult Parenting Teacher.

..Professional Advocate for those who have a developmental disability or learning challenges in the following areas:

health; education; socialization; recreation; employment;

housing; emergency services;end of life issues.

..elected City Council Member of Pacifica. I served four consecutive four year terms and was elected Mayor three times by City Council. I termed out in Dec. 2018.

.. moral and practical supporter of small businesses.

–advocate for the rights and well publicized opportunities for citizens to speak and to be heard.

I am grateful that the Democratic Party is committed to such essential components of a truly democratic society.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sue Digre