Assembly District 24




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

24 Sally Lieber * SIF
24 Meghan Fraley No SIF
24 Alysa Cisneros No SIF
24 Brent Turner No OSIF
24 Raven Malone No SIF
24 Linda Sell No SIF
24 Leah Such Elkins No SIF
24 Jessica Speiser No SIF
24 Forest Olaf Peterson No OSIF
24 Prameela Bartholomeusz * SIF
24 Essy Stone No SIF
24 Jennifer DiBrienza No SIF
24 Cecilia Taylor No SIF
24 Rachel Horst No SIF
24 Sangeeth Peruri No OSIF
24 Cari Templeton No SIF
24 Mark Goldstein No OSIF
24 Lisa Gauthier No SIF
24 Richard F Mehlinger No OSIF
24 Kenneth Dauber No OSIF
24 Peipei Carol Yu No SIF
24 Drew Combs No OSIF
24 Rebecca Eisenberg * SIF
24 Juan Mendez No OSIF
24 Cory Wolbach No OSIF
24 Antonio Lopez No OSIF
24 Pat Burt No OSIF
24 Larry Klein No OSIF
24 Anand Vallamsetla * OSIF
24 Jane A Moffitt No SIF
24 Renee Rashid No SIF
24 Omar Din No OSIF
24 Steve Chessin * OSIF
24 Kevin Ma No OSIF
24 Myhanh Kasprow * SIF
24 Chitra Sharma No SIF
24 Chris Clark No OSIF
24 Krishna Sundararama Gollamudi No OSIF
24 Prabitha Ganesh No SIF
24 Anuj Aggarwal * OSIF
24 Aruna Uday Bellary No SIF
24 Djamel Abid * OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Sally Lieber. I am proud to be a Progressive, activist Democrat working to improve our Party and our communities. I’ve served on our local City Council, as Mayor, as a County Commissioner, and for three terms in the State Assembly. I’ve also served as an Assembly District delegate to our Democratic State Central Committee, and as the State Assembly’s Speaker pro Tempore.

The causes that I’ve championed include raising the statewide minimum wage, protecting and empowering survivors of human trafficking, clean air and clean water protections, energy efficiency, MediCare for All, healthy schools, rent stabilization and mobilehome homeowners’ rights, gun violence reduction, policing and criminal justice reform, support for immigrants, including DACA youth and their families, and the abolition of ICE.

I strongly believe that our Party can and must do more to set a Progressive agenda for our state and to work toward inclusion and equity for all. As Democrats, we must stand up for action to reverse climate destruction, for full funding for education, student loan relief, affordable transportation, and housing for every Californian. We must do the hard work to help our communities recover from COVID and to restore our caring infrastructure: childcare, homecare, and healthcare.

I’m proud that my work has been rated 100% by the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, the California Labor Federation, and the League of Conservation Voters, and that the NRA, the fossil fuel industry, the insurance industry, and the makers of toxic chemicals have opposed me.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I would be honored to receive your vote and to have your support for the entire slate of grassroots, progressive candidates. You can find out more at

Sally Lieber

Hi, I’m Dr. Meghan Fraley.

As we face picking up the pieces of devastation from a Trump Administration, and tackle the pandemic and recovering, we must put the people first and build a stronger Democratic Party- driven by the working people we claim to represent.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Community Organizer with decades of effective advocacy, I have the mental health expertise and the community advocacy background to get the job done. We need the party to truly represent the people, with action and compassion. We need a more truly inclusive party that is not afraid. I will work with my colleagues to fight for these needed changes.

Effective Leadership for Change and Equity

I have been active, fierce and effective advocate for economic justice, and a more equitable society for all in my community of Mountain View and throughout Santa Clara county over the past decade. In my work as a community activist and leader, most notably I have founded and the South Bay/Peninsula Raise the Wage Coalition, which led to $15/hr pay for 95% of min wage workers in Santa Clara County. In 2018, I led the campaign for a progressive business tax in Mountain View which won with over 70% voter approval leading to $10million new dollars of tax revenue yearly. 80% of these funds will be allocated to public transit projects ($6 million of which is from Google).

I Will Fight for You and Your Family

As your delegate, I will work with the strength and dedication this turning point in history requires to make Democratic platform promises, which are long overdue, a reality. Visit to learn more about me and our full slate of progressive changemakers. As a collaborator and coalition builder, together with other fierce advocates for an equitable society, I will fight for you and to bring change into the Democratic Party.

I would be honored to have your vote.

About Me:

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of the Cielo House treatment center. I hold a Master’s in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Sofia University. I am a former board member of the Northern California ACLU. I am actively involved in advocacy groups that fight against displacement, for tenant protections, and housing for all.

Dr. Meghan Fraley

Change has arrived in California, both in the challenges we face together and in our democracy. I am running to represent Assembly District 24 to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) as an ADEM candidate, along with a slate of tried and true grassroots progressives. I hope to earn your support and your vote.

I grew up in AD-24, and am currently raising my family here. I was recently elected to represent District 2 (Downtown) on the Sunnyvale City Council. I am both the first Latina and the first openly LGBTQ+ person ever elected to that position. My goal is to use whatever tools I have to advocate for vibrant, resilient, and diverse communities that we all will benefit from, whether in elected office or as your representative to the California State Democratic Party.

I have worked tirelessly and on the front lines to champion progressive issues and candidates for over a decade, beginning with my first political job working on Barack Obama’s primary campaign. I have continued my work to further LGBTQ+, women’s, and workers’ rights and racial justice. I know that climate drives the big issues we face here in Silicon Valley – housing and transportation. We must desegregate our neighborhoods and make it possible for people of all ages and abilities to traverse our beautiful cities to save our state and our planet.

I’ve spent my life advocating for real solutions, and I will continue to fight for you to make improvements against systemic inequities that limit opportunity, growth, and prosperity for all. Our region is full of innovation and unity, where every resident and every child should have the opportunity to live to their fullest potential. My strong connections to our community and regional leaders prepares me to empower residents of AD-24 and be a strong, progressive voice in the Democratic Party. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to receive your vote.

If you have any questions or ideas, please email me at I invite you to learn more about our slate of experienced, progressive leaders here:

Alysa Cisneros

I am a civil rights activist notable for my work toward election reform. I have served as the chair for the San Mateo County Democratic Party Election Integrity standing committee for many years . I am credited with initiating  leading edge state and federal voting rights legislative language.

I am aligned with the work of California Clean Money and initiated  state legislation (AB 1784) in support of clean election software. I have passed numerous resolutions regarding election technology within the party and successfully placed open source voting system software in the CADEM Platform. This effort was released in a recent documentary available on Amazon- 

I am a proud member of the California Democratic Party Computer/Internet Caucus and The Black Caucus. The Southern Poverty Law Center has endorsed  my work toward free and fair elections. I have received the San Mateo County Democratic Party “Activist of the Year” award and I’m a proud recipient of many other awards and titles.  

As a boutique real estate company owner I helped pioneer green real estate practices for California and also stood for fair landlord/tenant practices. I testified in California legislative hearings on behalf of many tenant protection groups. I have been credited with activating initial COVID-19 citizen response efforts in San Mateo County. I have been a staunch advocate for the homeless as well as performing advocacy toward many other social justice issues. 

I would be honored to have your vote. If chosen to serve I will do so proudly and with dedication to the truth. 

Brent Turner

My name is Raven Malone, and I would be honored to represent this district as an AD-24 delegate for the democratic party.

I am an Electrical Engineer, an advocate for social justice, and a community leader. As an Engineer, I have spent years working for the United States Military to make sure that our soldiers could succeed in their jobs. I look forward to applying those skills to making sure that we, the people, succeed. As an advocate for social justice, I have worked with our community leaders to start real conversations about the lack of equity in our communities. Growing up in the south has taught me just how important work like this is, and I look forward to continuing this work.

We are dealing with an awful pandemic. Lives have been lost, people have been evicted, people have lost their jobs, and some are trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and continue with this new normal that we are all left with. This won’t be an easy recovery, but I want to make sure that the Democratic party passes policies that help those affected by COVID and puts in the work to continue moving us in the right direction. I also want to make sure that the party represents the voices of people often left behind. We need to do more for our marginalized communities, end systematic racism, create more affordable housing on all levels, advocate for healthcare for all, and ensure equality amongst races and genders. It’s time that we put people first. We must reform this system that causes the rich to continue getting richer while taking money away from the schools and communities that are already struggling to succeed.

As your ADEM delegate, I will make sure that the Democratic party endorses and supports people who truly represent our values. I will make sure that our platform is a platform that fights for all people. Please join me.

To learn more, visit

Raven Malone

My name is Linda Sell and I am an engineer by profession, a parent, and a non-profit board member working hard to improve our local community. Over the last decade, I have been committed to advocating for a healthier environment, fully-funding our local public schools, and bringing people in our community together for a more progressive future.

Linda Sell’s Volunteerism:

* Served on foundations and committees that have raised millions for our local schools

* Co-founder and currently vice chair of an environmental non-profit that has been instrumental in radically reducing emissions of local toxic pollutants

* Served in leadership positions within local Democratic campaigns, the Sunnyvale Democratic Club, and the Silicon Valley Democratic Club

* Campaign Organizer for about 10 progressive local campaigns

* Appointed by Ro Khanna as a Democratic State Central Committee Delegate (2016-2020)


As devastating wildfires continue to sweep across our state, the need for action on climate change is immediate and urgent. To aggressively tackle climate change here in California, I worked with volunteers across the state collecting thousands of signatures and gathering organizational endorsements in support of SB100, a bill that was signed into law and will set California on the path to 100% clean energy by the year 2045. I am also a co-founder and adviser of a non-profit organization in which students can learn about ways to address climate issues.

Over the last decade, I have served on an educational foundation and in leadership positions on several steering/campaign committees in support of our schools. In 2010, I was one of the core volunteers of the “Their Future is Now” (TFIN) campaign that saved over 100 teacher positions in CUSD after raising $2.5 million in eight weeks. In addition, my work with others in the community on related efforts have resulted in resources being invested into instructional and enrichment programs for thousands of students each year.

As your ADEM Delegate, I look forward to continue working collaboratively with parents, students, environmentalists, and other Democrats, on issues that will lead to positive outcomes for all in our community. Thank you for your consideration and for the opportunity to earn your vote.

Linda Sell

I am a lifelong Democrat who grew up right here in Assembly District 24. I worked as an attorney for the US District Court in San Jose for 10 years before leaving the workforce to take care of my children. I have become increasingly engaged in politics as my children have grown and now that they are adults, I have found the time to volunteer for causes and organizations that represent my values.

I am a volunteer lead for the Peninsula group of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America, a grassroots organization that works for stronger gun safety laws. Through this activism, I have learned about the legislative process and the power of direct advocacy.

Moms Demand Action was founded after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. The intent was to strengthen gun access laws but over the last 8 years, the organization has evolved in response to the complexities of gun violence in our country. We began to “go upstream” to understand the causes of violence – lack of opportunity, hopelessness, wealth inequality, racism, underfunded educational systems, toxic masculinity, extremism and more – and we broadened our approach beyond legislative advocacy to address these root causes.

And thus, I became more aware of the systemic issues that plague our society. I want to work towards remedying these problems. I want to see the California Democratic Party move leftward to reflect the progressive voices that are calling out for fundamental change and for justice for all.

Meanwhile, our planet is in grave danger. Our state has seen the effects of generations of environmental abuse come to pass as climate change warms our oceans, melts our ice caps and brings fire, flooding, drought, sea level rise, habitat destruction, animal and insect extinction and toxic air quality.

As a member of Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality Commission, I am working with city leadership to create a model for other jurisdictions by becoming carbon neutral by 2030. I believe that our future requires that all policy decisions consider their impact on the environment and attempt to serve the goal of saving our planet from imminent devastation.

As a Delegate, I would be able to affect policy and work with party leaders and elected officials to shape a better, more equitable and secure California to serve as an example to the rest of the United States and to the world.

Leah Such Elkins

I am running to be a Delegate as a lifelong Democrat and passionate proponent for public schools. From personal experience I know how a strong public school education and social safety net can make success a reality for the underserved. If it weren’t for my public school community and the resources afforded to me by the government I had growing up in my low socio-economic upbringing I would not be here. The support given to me by my teachers, my school’s staff and the community as a whole allowed me to rise up from my circumstances. As such, I have made it my life’s passion to ensure each and every student, no matter their socio-economic status, race, national origin, language, or learning style get the support they need to succeed in school and beyond. Education was a great equalizer for me and should be every child! Furthermore, I believe in a strong social safety net to ensure that no matter the circumstances you were born into, you are still given the ability to succeed.

In November 2020, I was reelected to the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees, having first been elected in 2016. During my tenure as a trustee, among many other things, I have (1) continued our districts focus on narrowing the achievement gap, (2) helped revise our equity policy to not only require adoption of age appropriate curriculum and instructional materials that teach equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-bias, and about the injustices people of color still face to this day, but also required district to provide ongoing training regarding the same, and (3) changed the dress code policy to finally comport with the times and to not unfairly affect girls and people of color.

As a delegate I promise to advocate for these values and more. As a LASD Trustee, I have experience advocating for and making changes for my constituency based on feedback received and what is best for the district and the constituency I serve. I will do the same as a delegate for District 24. Furthermore, not unlike my consistent and concise communication in person and digitally with my LASD constituency, as a delegate I promise to keep you informed as to what is going on with the California Democratic Party along the way.

Thank you for considering me and I look forward to the chance of being one of your Assembly District Delegates!

Jessica Speiser

My name is Forest Peterson, and I would be honored to represent this district as an AD24 delegate. I am a business founder, an engineer, a union activist, a parent, a teacher, a public servant, and a construction laborer with a deep understanding of what working people in the Bay Area need.

Time and again, I have been an advocate for those in need in our community. As a working PhD student, I fought for affordable housing, universal childcare, and dependent healthcare through the Stanford Solidarity Network, and succeeded in obtaining nearly $15,000,000 in grants to make doctoral studies affordable for students with children as well as establishing a monthly free food distribution for graduate students. I am a co-founder and labor representative for Rhumbix, a forty-million-dollar tech startup, where we build technology to help empower blue-collar workers and increase safety in the workplace. And when COVID-19 hit, I was a key member of Students for Workers’ Rights, organizing to protect contracted service workers on campus from layoffs and unfair treatment.

As a delegate, I will continue the work that I have begun as Santa Clara County’s first-ever labor standards investigator, to ensure the safety and fair treatment of workers throughout the district. I will continue the struggle to give every resident and every family the same opportunities not just to survive, but to succeed.

To learn more, please visit

Forest Olaf Peterson, Ph.D.

I have a twenty-five year background in corporate accounting, finance and business in high tech, biotech, and service industries. Having started my career at PwC as an auditor, seeking transparency and accountability is par for the course. I bring this discipline and expectation to my political engagements.

I’m an activist, organizer and fundraiser for the Democratic Party at a local, state and national level. I am currently Treasurer for the SCCUDC serving on its steering committee, am the current elected AD24 EBoard representative and a CDP Rules Committee member. I am on the DNC National Finance Committee, have served on the 2008 DNC Platform Committee and as a Delegate to the 2016 and 2020 Democratic National Conventions.

Being a passionate advocate for social justice began at a very young age for me. I first became inspired by my grandfather’s brave and selfless actions 75 years ago; hearing some of his experiences firsthand was a gift. He was a fierce advocate for freedom and justice, who marched with Gandhi and was jailed during the Gandhi non-violent movement. These historic actions by many ultimately led to India’s independence from Britain and served as a model for the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., John Robert Lewis and C.T. Vivian. It inspires me to do more as I draw this connection.

My key priorities are issues affecting women and children, poverty and homelessness, climate and sustainability, gender, racial, social and economic inequities and mental health, too often overlooked.

I am committed to providing a roadmap for investing strategically in Democratic Party infrastructure and candidates who will bring diversity in lived experiences and a broad skill base to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. For this purpose, I founded COMMIT2EIGHT, to serve as the platform to share this message of ongoing commitment to the Democratic Party and the need to #StaytheCourse. This is how we will achieve the representation we all deserve.

Progressive values, effectiveness, integrity, transparency, accountability and inclusivity are standards we should all impose on our Party leadership and elected officials.

I would be honored to continue to roll up my sleeves and represent you at the California Democratic Party and respectfully ask for your vote.

Prameela Bartholomeusz

Hello, fellow Democratic voters! I am the first LGBT+ person and the second-ever woman elected to the Purissima Hills Water District. I am a proud member of the Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats, the Coalition for Police Reform and Accountability (CPRA), the Housing Justice Coalition, and other local activist organizations. I am active in Jewish community at Kol Emeth Synagogue. As a poet and writer, my work has been published in The New Yorker, Jewish Currents, and other literary magazines, and my first book, What It Done to Us, came out in 2017.

I am also a new mom—my son Abraham Stone Kremen was born in September of this year. I am running for ADEMs because I believe our children deserve better, and I understand the challenges that working families in Silicon Valley face. I promise to fight for our healthcare, housing, education, and labor rights. As a delegate, I will always stand with our most vulnerable populations. Furthermore, I will work to ensure that we kick ICE out of California once and for all.

Despite having a clear progressive mandate, many of the Democratic lawmakers in California have been cowardly in their approach to reform and uninspired in their vision for a greener, more equitable, and more prosperous future. They have ignored young voices and bold ideas in favor of maintaining a status quo that benefits corporate monopolies while harming everyday working families and individuals. As your delegate, I will demand accountability from California’s lawmakers. The problems of today call for real progressive change—that’s why we elected these Democratic leaders. I will make sure that we get what we voted for.

I am so grateful to be running alongside a group of dynamic progressives and activists. I believe the people on my slate are the future of the Democratic Party, and I hope you will be as inspired by them as I am. Learn more about us at

Thank you for participating in the ADEMs process. I humbly ask for your vote.

Essy Stone

I currently serve as a delegate to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 24. I was also just re-elected to a second term on the Palo Alto Unified School District board. I have been active in Democratic politics all my life, and am currently a member of the Silicon Valley Democratic Club and DAWN. This election cycle I was endorsed by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats, National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley, Dean Democratic Club, DAWN, Santa Clara County High School Democrats of America, and more.

I’ve spent the last 25 years working in K-12 education, first as a public school teacher for 8 years, then as a math education specialist in schools, districts, and internationally. I’ve co-authored curricula and earned my PhD in mathematics education from Stanford University.

My top priority is addressing systemic inequity locally and nationally. As a school board member, my work has been focused on identifying structural inequities in our district and facing and dismantling those inequities in order to close the achievement gap and better serve all students. During my tenure the district has revamped procedures to address title IX and other violations of students of protected classes. As society at large comes to terms with similar issues of race, class, and gender, I am eager to support this vital work.

Other issues that I believe are central to the work of the Democratic Party include the climate crisis, the expansion of Medicare to all Americans, and the housing shortage, especially here in the Bay Area. While it is important the party advocate for these issues statewide and nationally, it is a moral imperative that we prioritize expanding the housing stock, specifically housing that is affordable to a wide range of earners throughout the region.

I would be honored to earn your vote.

Jennifer DiBrienza

I was elected to the Menlo Park City Council in 2018, and after serving on the council for a year, was chosen by my fellow City Council members to serve as the city’s mayor for 2020. I am the first elected representative from my community in almost 40 years.

I founded the non-profit Belle Haven Action in 2017 after working as an educator for nearly three decades. I have spent over ten years on the Adhoc Advisory Board for the San Mateo County Housing Authority and am a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer. I have a BA in Mathematics from San Francisco State and a certificate in Early Childhood Education.

Some of my priorities include equitable development by using a lens of inclusive planning in land use and zoning policy, and affordable housing and transportation to address the traffic impacts and jobs/housing imbalance. I believe we must address the environmental injustices in largely underserved and under-resourced communities by advocating for frequent air quality measurements in areas such as those surrounded by highways and prioritizing existing residential necessities. There must also be a focus on financial transparency to ensure that we are investing to meet the needs of our communities. For example, we must invest in providing equal access to public services throughout and in every district.

We have many challenges ahead of us in the state of California. Small businesses which are the engine of our economy have been derailed and many have shut their doors permanently. Unemployment, poverty, and homelessness have increased and it is time to invest in policies that center around the working class and the vulnerable among us.

As an educator, council member, and former Mayor, I understand where investments must be made and attention placed to serve California’s vulnerable communities.

It will be a privilege to bring my commitment and experience to the California Democratic Party. I would be honored to earn your vote for delegate to the DSCC to represent AD24.

Cecilia Taylor

I am a Menlo Park Housing Commissioner and advocate for a more equitable and sustainable Bay Area. As the Housing Project Manager for the City of East Palo Alto, I am responsible for implementing the city’s affordable housing strategy, which includes doubling the number of affordable housing units by 2023, and managing its new inclusionary housing program.

As a former legislative analyst for the University of California system, I have expertise in both state and local policy. I recently served as campaign manager for a successful city council campaign. I sit on the board of Alta Housing and am a member of multiple Peninsula-based organizations committed to the issues I care most about: housing affordability, a viable and interconnected transportation system, and healthy and resilient communities for all.

I am running because I believe the Democratic Party has the potential to take on systemic inequalities and make real progress on the toughest challenges our state faces.

I respectfully ask for your vote to represent our district.

Rachel Horst

I am the CEO of OutreachCircle, a digital organizing platform for progressives. In that role, I have had the honor of helping to elect thousands of democratic candidates in all 50 states. I founded the company after running for office myself. Using a precursor to OutreachCircle, I was able to win my race despite being outspent 30:1 by out-of-town PACs. I founded the company to help others do the same, so our democracy could be more about people and ideas and less about money and special interests.

When I am not trying to fix our democracy, I focus on fixing our education system. I am currently on the boards of Orenda Education and Think Together. Other recent roles include serving on the boards of the Los Altos School District, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula and Beyond12. In my spare time, I am a fitness fanatic and competed on American Ninja Warrior 6 (check out this video here).

When I was growing up, I struggled with learning disabilities. It was my public schools that got me to where I am today. If it weren’t for my teachers, I am not sure where I would be. I am dedicated to doing what I can to make sure those around me and future generations are afforded the same opportunities that I was.

Unfortunately, California is struggling to meet the needs of our children. 2MM of the 6MM K-12 students in California, an astounding 1 out of 3 students is failing our schools. If you’re born to a poor family or if you’re Latino or African American, your odds are even worse – you have a 70% likelihood of failing in school.

As an ADEM, I would have two priorities: (1) I would leverage my expertise working with democratic candidates to help more democrats get elected and (2) I would make sure that improving our education system remains a priority for the Democratic party. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Sangeeth Peruri

Hello, Democrats! I’m Cari Templeton, and I would love to continue serving you as a delegate for AD-24. I am a program manager, parent, and public servant in Palo Alto. I am proud to represent our district since 2017 by promoting Progressive values at the local, county, state, and national levels, and with your support I look forward to the opportunity to continue.

I am actively involved in our movement to encourage progressive change in our party, to elevate the voices of all members of our community by increasing local participation in the Democratic Party. To that end, I worked for and volunteered on many campaigns in 2018 and 2020, including campaigns: to save renter protections in Mountain View; to endorse progressive candidates for local office in the Santa Clara County Democratic Party; to promote pro-choice, pro-labor Democratic women to the state legislature; to reform healthcare in California; to register new voters including young and unhoused; and to lead canvassing for Bernie Sanders in Mountain View during the 2020 primary.

As a former board member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party and as an Emerge California graduate, I helped elect progressives and women of color locally and statewide, volunteering on 30 campaigns in 2018 and 2020. As a 2020 DNC Delegate for Bernie Sanders, I lobbied for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All at the national convention. We have come so far, and still have a long way to go. Let’s work to keep California leading the progressive charge for healthcare, for our environment, and for all our people!


Medicare for All

Housing for All

Green New Deal

Abolish ICE

Protect Women’s Rights

Living Wage & Worker’s Rights

Clean Air and Water

Invest in Our Communities

Criminal Justice Reform

Tuition Free Public University

Ending Gun Violence

Campaign Finance Reform

Human rights and equal rights for all marginalized people

Equity for women, people of color, and LGBTQ

I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you!

I am proudly running alongside many progressive grassroots leaders. Learn more at

Cari Templeton

At 25 years old, I am a member of a generation of Californians inheriting an uncertain future. The worsening climate crisis looms as a second major economic recession in our lifetimes pushes dreams of home ownership and financial stability further out of reach for so many of us. We need political leaders who are courageous enough to take bold action to meet these challenges, and we need to ensure that younger Californians are represented and have a voice in the organizations that elect and support these leaders. This is why I hope to become an Assembly District Delegate.

After graduating with a degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Princeton University, I worked at a nonprofit organization in Oakland for two years. I became increasingly active with local organizing during this time, volunteering for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign before accepting a job as a Field Organizer with the Wisconsin Democratic Party in May to do my part to deliver the critical swing state for Democrats and end the Trump presidency. I have seen the power of grassroots organizing up close, and I believe that as California Democrats we need to further invest and empower local organizers in order to build the most diverse, inclusive, and productive party possible.

I would be honored to put my background and experiences in public policy and grassroots organizing to use as a delegate from California’s 24th district and to advocate for urgent, equitable, and effective action on the issues that will affect the health and wellbeing of my generation and all Californians for decades to come.

Mark Goldstein

I was elected to the East Palo Alto City Council in 2012 and am currently serving as Council Member. I’ve previously held the positions of Vice Mayor in 2014 and 2018 and Mayor in 2015 and 2019. I currently serve as board member for the Peninsula Democratic Club and recently served as an appointed delegate for Senator Jerry Hill in District 13 for the 2016 and 2020 DNC Conventions.

I recently worked as the Government Affairs Manager at, an online education company in Mountain View, where I supported the company’s community impact programs – including Working Scholars, a community-funded free college initiative.

I’m an active board member with Live in Peace, CCAG, San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services, Stanford Medicine Community Council, San Mateo County Flood and SLR Resiliency Agency and San Francisquito JPA. I’m a graduate of Emerge, a leadership program for democratic women and a Regional Area Director for BWOPA (Black Women Organized for Political Action). I was awarded the Athena Award from the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce in 2018 and was recently chosen as one of Silicon Valley’s 100 Women of Influence for 2020 by Silicon Valley Business Journal.

In 2019, I earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in general management from Thomas Edison University in New Jersey. I’m a proud mother of three young adults, longtime resident of East Palo Alto and active community volunteer. My priorities include stopping the spread of COVID-19, addressing equitable vaccine distribution, building and securing affordable housing, supporting local businesses, equal access to education, addressing food insecurity, and protecting the values of the Democratic Party. Serving my community and witnessing the inequities and disparities within it, drives me to seek a seat at the table where decisions affecting communities like mine are made. Representation matters.

I would be honored to earn your vote.

Lisa Gauthier


It is an honor to be running to serve as an ADEM delegate for AD 24. I am chair of Livable Sunnyvale, a local organization that fights for housing, transportation and sustainability; chair of Sunnyvale’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee; and director-at-large of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club.* I’ve fought hard to build a more livable, equitable, and sustainable Sunnyvale. Now, I’m asking for your vote as an ADEM delegate to bring that same leadership to our state Democratic Party.

I’m running to hold our party accountable. We have a Democratic governor and Democratic supermajorities in both houses of the legislature, but we’ve failed to deliver on the critical reforms California’s working people need to survive. It’s time to reboot our party, to prioritize equity, justice, and solidarity for hard-working Californians.

As your delegate, I will work to push our party to take real action to solve our state’s catastrophic housing crisis. That means more funding for low-income housing. It means stronger tenant protections, like statewide mobile home park rent control, backed by a statewide rental registry. It means desegregating our communities by legalizing multi-family housing in high-opportunity areas. And it means continuing the eviction moratorium, so that our neighbors don’t lose their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

I’ll also work to improve public and active transportation in our state. I’ll push the party to prioritize shifting funding from car infrastructure to public and active transportation, and to ensure that our public transportation systems are fully funded. And I’ll push the state to adopt governance reforms to ensure that large projects are delivered on time, on budget, and at the highest quality.

Finally, I’ll work to make our election system fairer. I support retiring first-past-the-post voting and the “jungle primary” in favor of ranked choice or approval voting, systems which better represent the preferences of voters. And I will work to require candidates to adopt a “no corporate money” pledge to be endorsed by the State Democratic Party.

To learn more about my campaign, please visit Thank you, and I hope to earn your vote.


* Organization names for identification purposes only

Richard Mehlinger

I am asking for your vote for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate from AD 24. I am a lifelong progressive Democrat. I am currently an elected member of the Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education. I was first elected to the school board in 2014, and won re-election in 2018. I was the president of the school board in 2018. I’m endorsed by Senator-elect Dave Cortese.

I am running to ensure that our California Democratic Party represents the needs of our diverse communities, and that the Party is run with integrity and transparency. We need a strong Party as we go into battle to retake the Senate, and restore a sane, Democratic government to our country.

As a school board member I have pursued a progressive Democratic agenda to make our school district more effective at serving the needs of our students. The Palo Alto Weekly’s endorsement editorial called me a “a force for positive change and a strong leader,” citing my leadership in many areas from closing the achievement gap to Title IX reform to improving student well-being. My experience in setting strong and clear sexual harassment policy is particularly relevant now as the Party improves its handling of this issue.

I have been a strong advocate for closing the achievement gap, which is a serious issue of equal educational opportunity in Palo Alto. I have supported many initiatives to bring more resources and support for all students.

I am particularly proud of my successful work in support of Title IX, and victims of sexual harassment and assault in our schools. The previous school board attacked the Obama Administration’s enforcement of civil rights laws in Palo Alto schools. I ran a campaign in 2014 to turn confrontation into cooperation. Now Palo Alto is considered a national model for K-12 Title IX compliance. I also pushed successfully for broader protections against discrimination on the basis of immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of identity critical to our students.

As a Delegate I will pursue the same progressive, results-oriented approach that I have taken to my service on the school board. I’ve actively supported Democratic candidates from local to national office, and I know how important it is to have a strong Party that is governed with integrity and transparency. I’ll work hard to earn your vote!

Ken Dauber

Having worked across public, nonprofit and private sectors, I believe I have the experience needed to translate progressive values into reality.

As an early member of Google’s user policy team and a manager of Google’s international legal operations teams, I worked with stakeholders inside and outside of tech to address complex and timely policy issues. For instance, I spent a decade authoring and operationalizing policies to stop online child exploitation. I also led teams that responded to US and international government demands for user data that required balancing compliance with user privacy and protection.

Prior to tech, I worked for Congresswoman Barbara Lee on issues such as land use and immigration and worked for affordable housing and environmental nonprofits. More recently, I was Sr. Director of Engineering Strategy and Operations at Box, where I led the business operations and technical program management teams to deliver on the company’s long-term business strategy through technical initiatives.

Throughout my life, I’ve devoted myself to community service. I immigrated to the United States with my mom–a single parent of 3 children. Growing up, I remember thinking I wasn’t a kid you’d bet on. But, I was able to achieve my aspirations due to the support of teachers, educational programs and scholarships, for example. Because of this, I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring that all people have a fair opportunity to build the life they aspire to.

I’m currently a member of the Equity Task Force for the Los Altos School District, which aims to eradicate institutional bias that affects student achievement and eliminate disparities in educational outcomes. While at Box, I was executive sponsor for Women in Tech, an employee resource group to support women in technical fields. I also spent 4 years on the Board of a local chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus as PAC Co-Chair, Vice Chair, and on the technology committee. I have also served on the Menlo Park Planning Commission. I’m currently on the Board for the Los Altos-Mountain View Council of PTAs.

I’m the mother of two young daughters, and seeing the world through their eyes has strengthened my resolve to make the world a just and fair place.

I hope my passion, skills and experience will serve this district and the California Democratic Party. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Peipei Carol Yu

My name is Drew Combs and I’d like your support. I’m currently a member of the Menlo Park City Council and, for the past year, have had the privilege of serving as the city’s Vice Mayor.

All of our lives have changed in ways that we could barely imagine the last time California Democrats selected delegates. While we couldn’t have predicted this reality in which we’ve been battered by a pandemic and widespread job loss, it has further proven the importance of the positions that underpin our party such as compassion, equity, and a commitment to science.

During this pandemic and before, I have demonstrated a commitment to housing, transportation and equity policies that prioritize compassion such as a rental assistance program.

My commitment to progressive policies, which dates to my time as a teenage volunteer on campaigns, is only matched by my commitment to community. I’ve taken to heart the well-known saying that “all politics is local.” My community involvement began when I was selected to serve on the city’s bike commission, where I, along with my fellow commissioners, prioritized a multi-modal approach to the transportation infrastructure. From there, I went on to serve on the planning commission for four years, where I supported the production of housing that would accessible to people across the income spectrum.

And two years ago I was elected to the city council on a platform of transparency, ethics, and zoning updates. While on the City Council, I’ve also been a proponent of new approaches to public safety.

I’ll bring this same dedication to progressive principles to my role as a state party delegate. I’ll also bring skills derived from being a journalist for nearly a decade and a privacy program manager in the tech industry.

Additionally, I’m committed to making sure all voices in our party are heard.

Drew Combs

I ran a strong, high-integrity first-time campaign for Palo Alto City Council this past November, earning almost 8000 voters with unprecedented low costs of less than $1 per vote. Rather than spending money on resource-heavy mailers, I spent my time connecting with voters door-to-door and meeting with residents of affordable housing developments. I am proud that my campaign remained true to my values of fairness, inclusion, sustainability, and my belief in a democracy untarnished by money’s outsized influence.

I was endorsed by SEIU 521, the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council, Planned Parenthood (100% rating), Vigil for Democracy, and many local local leaders including Judge LaDoris Cordell, Gail Price, Justine Burt, and Pastor Bruce Reyes Chow.

I am a seasoned attorney and accomplished negotiator who has practiced law in Silicon Valley for three decades. I hold degrees from Stanford (Decision Science, Phi Beta Kappa, 1990) and Harvard Law Review (JD 1993) where I served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review. I have served in executive and legal roles at PayPal, where I helped take the company public and brought housing to 500 service workers; at Trulia, where I served as the first General Council; at Flip Video, where I handled the merger with Cisco; and at Reddit, where I handled the spin-out, recapitalization, and re-organization as a stand-alone company.

As a public interest attorney and activist, I served on the National Board of Legal Momentum, fka the National Organization for Women Legal Defense & Education Fund; was a founding director of Craigslist Foundation; and helped pass landmark legislation including the Violence against Women Act and the Access to Clinics Act. My record of activism spans 45 years – marching for the ERA in the 1970’s, serving as an abortion clinic defender in the 80’s, helping run early Earth Days, protesting the lack of diversity in academic hiring at Harvard, and serving in local, state, and national roles for women’s rights and LGBTQ+ organizations.

I live in Palo Alto with my teenage daughter and son, my rescued cat and dog, and my husband of almost-20 years.

I ran for office to bring fairness, transparency, representation, justice and sustainability to my community. As an Assembly District Delegate, I would continue that important work towards our shared values.

Rebecca Eisenberg

My name is Juan Mendez, I am from East Palo Alto and a product of our public education system. I am the son of hardworking immigrants and a first generation college graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Legal Studies and Public Policy. I studied law and policy as an undergrad in order to begin understanding the process of creating effective and meaningful policy. Like many people, my family has experienced the hardships of unemployment, skyrocketing rent, traffic congestion, and displacement. ​

I currently serve as a Planning Commissioner for the city of East Palo Alto where I have dedicated my time to ensure that our residents are represented and heard when reviewing projects that will impact their livelihood. Oftentimes communities like East Palo Alto have been left out of the conversation and deserve a seat at the table. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted black and brown communities and have taught us that we need adequate representation to ensure we are not left behind. ​

It is crucial, now more than ever, that we set strategic policy in place to ensure the success of future generations to come. I would love to be given the opportunity to share the issues and struggles my generation currently faces. I am afraid that the decisions being made by current leadership will have a reverberating impact that will be difficult to come back from. We currently have the opportunity to ensure there is adequate representation in our decision making and begin thinking for a better tomorrow. ​

It would be an honor to earn your vote to represent my city of East Palo Alto.

Juan Mendez

Hi, I’m Cory Wolbach, a progressive Democratic activist and former Palo Alto Council Member. I was elected as an ADEM delegate by Democrats in our district in 2017, and would be honored to earn your vote to represent our grassroots activists once again.

CADEM can do so much more to help create a better future for Silicon Valley and all Californians. We can support grassroots organizing and the next generation of leaders. We can train our candidates to win at every level against entrenched, conservative politicians. We can lead our nation in tackling our biggest problems:

* Climate change

* Affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, and education

* Ensuring equal justice for all

* Reforming our elections and labor laws to elevate the voices of working people above wealthy interests

* Ensuring COVID relief and the post-COVID recovery benefit everyone

Turning possibility into reality depends upon pragmatism, vision, and leadership.

As a local Democratic activist, I’ve led Peninsula Young Democrats, served on the board of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition for seven years, and twice helped draft the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Platform. I’ve led successful organizing for CADEM to take a stand for reforming leadership at our public universities, and I’ve lobbied our legislators to make housing affordability a reality. I’ve worked to elect young, progressive candidates, and I’ve shined light on unethical behavior by local politicians and CADEM officials.

As a member of the Palo Alto City Council, I led the charge on:

* Climate action

* Addressing our housing crisis in the face of powerful NIMBY and business interests

* Raising the minimum wage

* Requiring transparency of surveillance technology used by local government

* Protecting the rights of all people in our community in the face of Trump’s attacks on our most vulnerable

I’m eager to hear your ideas about how the Democratic Party can better serve us and reflect our values. Please email me at with your ideas and questions. I invite you to learn more about our slate of experienced, progressive leaders here:

In solidarity,

Cory Wolbach

My name is Antonio Lopez. The son of Mexican immigrants, I was born and raised in East Palo Alto, a city exceptional in its poverty relative to its proximity to tech giants of the world. Yet it is all too familiar to inner cities throughout California, who are nestled in wealthy communities and yet not of them. While the bourgeoning tech boom turned Silicon Valley into one of the most affluent areas in the world, little of this wealth entered our city.

As a pandemic ravages through my hometown, I am reminded that words without action are just performance. The only reason the Democratic Party, or the press, has paid attention to groups like Latinos is because many of them voted Republican. The Democratic Party struggled attaining the votes of more liberal youth who identify as independents or socialists. We need leaders who will help us attract the next generation for the Democratic Party.

The newest generation of voters are losing confidence in our party not because they are too idealistic, but because they feel neglected by it. These new voters have politically matured in the wake of one of the lowest points in this country. While a president profited off fearmongering, they witnessed a Democratic Party that at best patronizes their sentiments as naïve, and at worst rejects them altogether. If the Party is to remain the Party of justice, of equality for everyone, it needs to embrace its left-wing.

The future of this Party is one where youth can help steer its direction—and that begins with electing leadership that identifies and reflects that generation.

I announce my candidacy as someone who did not envision a career of politics for himself, but who did so because he saw a generational gap in leadership. I ran for City Council because I want to inspire the next generation of young leaders. I ran because I am tired of being a minority of a minority, because being a Marshall Scholar, a Duke and Oxford graduate, and PhD student at Stanford shouldn’t be a rarity in our community. My successful election is a demonstration of the hunger for change in this country, and yes, in this party.

As a delegate, I embrace the opportunity to take my advocacy beyond the local level, to help ensure that sustained attention is paid to communities like mine. I am eager to work alongside Party leaders to strategize how we can invite these new voices to the table.

Antonio Lopez

I am asking for your vote to represent you as an AD24 delegate.

I am currently an elected CADEM delegate, committed to a progressive party agenda and the success of Democratic candidates nationally, in California, and regionally. Locally, I am a member of the Peninsula Democratic Club, the Democratic Volunteer Center, the Dean Democratic Club, and the 21st Century Club. I have been active with fundraising and grassroots support for Democratic candidates in California and nationally so that we will return our nation to a path of progress based on justice and opportunity for all.

I am a former mayor and returning Palo Alto City Councilmember with a strong record of building consensus to achieve progress. I am deeply committed to social and economic equality. We need stronger action to safeguard the diversity of moderate- and lower-income residents who are the backbone of our communities.

I will support Democratic candidates with progressive programs to assure our region and state is socially, economically, and environmentally equitable including; stronger renter protections, living wages for all, gender and ethnic diversity and protections, equal pre-K-12 and higher educational opportunities for all, and environmental leadership. We need tax reform so that big businesses pay their fair share of investments in affordable housing, transportation, and social programs that enable equal opportunity.

The COVID emergency has shown that we are capable of transformative societal changes and financial commitments to address a big emergency. As we emerge from this emergency, we must pivot with a comparable commitment to solving the even greater crisis of climate change.

I would be honored to represent you.

Pat Burt

I am Sunnyvale’s first directly-elected Mayor, after already serving more than four years on the Sunnyvale City Council. I have dedicated my life to community service for the last 20 years, and I have a record of actively representing and giving a voice to those who often feel forgotten in our diverse community.

During COVID-19, I’ve worked hard to build a coalition to support those most in need, from providing assistance to local families to helping small business owners survive. The pandemic has highlighted the divide in our cities. We must do better to bridge that divide and provide more safeguards and better educational support to our working families.

My top priorities include:

•Protecting and engaging our residents and small business owners during COVID19, and leading our community into recovery

•Developing safe active transportation options for bicycles and pedestrians, investing in improved transit solutions and neighborhood walkability

•Encouraging new affordable and missing-middle housing, protecting the housing we have, creating livable villages, and pushing for financial tools at the state level

Locally, I am a longtime member of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club, Dean Democratic Club, and a founding member of Livable Sunnyvale. I have been active with grassroots support for Democratic candidates throughout California and advocated directly with our state representatives for progressive environment action, housing and transportation.

I am running now because I believe the Democratic Party is at a crossroads and has to make real progress and set a course to tackle the immense challenges we face.

I humbly ask for your vote to represent our district as your AD24 delegate.

Larry Klein

I request your kind support for E-Board and Delegate of CA Democratic Party Assembly District 24.

Video –

I believe in equal representation and that every person’s voice counts in a true democracy, irrespective of his/her race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or socio economic status. So, I started political activism during President Barack Obama’s first term (2011-2012) by volunteering as a Texas Deputy Registrar & helped people register to vote, so that their voices can be heard.

I worked for the nation’s 3rd largest student loan guarantor. As part of the leadership development team, I travelled to Washington DC & met Senators/Lobbyists. Drastic changes in education finance policies had impacted my job/company and left a $1 trillion debt on federal government books.

Through MBA, I was very fortunate to learn macroeconomics & meet political leaders in Washington DC from both sides of the aisle (Jannet Yellen and likes) that gave me insight into policy making.

After MBA, I moved from Texas to CA (3 yrs ago). Having lived through stark contrasting policies of Texas & CA, I discovered the root causes of various issues using paradox mindset & “Toyota’s 5 Whys” method – policies that resulted in a 4 decade long drought in CA state funding. So, in 2020, I took on the challenge to increase awareness, through twitter (@memeinstigator) and reached out to people, informing about the long term consequences of their decisions – Ex: CA proposition 15, 19, 21.

My life motto is “Learn, Earn and Return!”. With good fortune, I have learned & earned well throughout the years. Now, it is my moral duty to return to the community. As your delegate, I will continue serving our district’s interests, while supporting our Democratic party’s progressive ideals and strengthening our party locally. I will continue to be a diligent Democratic Party worker in helping elect our officers, endorsing resolutions and ballot measures. California sets course for the rest of the country & we just need to continue fighting the good fight.

I have an MBA degree from UC Berkeley & MS from the University of Philadelphia. I work in the Valley high-tech (FAANG). My wife also works in the tech industry, and we are raising a 5 year old son.

I thank you for your consideration!

Anand Vallamsetla

Running for Delegate AD24

Anand Vallamsetla

As a San Mateo County resident for the last 23 years, I would like to use my experience and education to participate more actively in the Democratic Party. I have degrees in Political Science, Biology, Law and Trade Regulation and more than 40 years of work experience. I have worked on legislation and development of regulations and interaction with government agencies as part of my education and employment. My career has been spent mostly in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Biologics industry, and I have been fortunate to be able to work on many interesting products that are designed to promote and maintain human health. Education and professional development have been priorities for me and I have worked with academic and trade organizations to provide these to the members of the Legal Profession and Regulatory Affairs profession.

I have always had a keen interest in politics and political organizations. I have been especially interested in civil rights, women’s issues and environmental issues. I would like to support Democrats on the state and local levels, as well as those on the national level. I believe that California and San Mateo County can be agents for positive change. We can solve our issues concerning the environment, housing, business, education, inclusivity, transportation, water rights and politics by working together and finding common ground.

Jane A Moffitt

Hello fellow Democrats,

My name is Renee Rashid and I am running for Democratic Delegate in AD 24.

I have lived with my husband and two daughters in Silicon Valley for 20 years and in Los Altos for 9.

I have been passionate about education, social justice, and the environment for a long time. As a software engineer and tech entrepreneur I’ve worked in education startups, ran my own Ed-tech startup for 2 years, and am now working on K-12 computer science curriculum development. As someone who is committed to increasing the number of women in STEM fields, I’ve volunteered for the past 4 years for LAHS STEM Week, and been a mentor for Girls Who Code & Girlz, FTW, and am on the board of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

I am an ardent supporter of various environmental organizations, and work hard to reduce my environmental footprint every day. I am thankful to live in the Bay Area and be able to enjoy the beautiful ocean, and the numerous State Parks, National Parks, lakes and mountains for skiing and hiking.

I have recently become more involved in social justice an am now focusing on making change in my own community. I served on the Los Altos Police Task Force where I was able to convince the council to eliminate SROs, which were having a negative impact on students of color at LAHS. I continue to be active in local politics to enact change.

As a delegate, I hope to bring ideas informed by research, data, and science to benefit our community, improve education systems and elevate issues of racial justice to reduce income inequality, and focus on solutions to solve our climate crisis.

Thank you for your support.

Renee Rashid

I am running for election to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) from the 24th Assembly District. I would be honored to have your support.

Some things I want you to know about me:

– I believe in and encourage grassroots activism: I was one of the founders of Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN), now one of the largest and most respected Democratic clubs in Santa Clara County.

– I believe in and encourage communication about the Party with the public: I was the founding producer of Democratic Television (DTV), the public access cable TV show of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, and produced it for 14 years. (While I retired as producer in 2009, prior to the pandemic I still worked on the show.)

– I believe in doing grunt work: I was Secretary of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee for eight years. (Producing DTV also involved a lot of grunt work.)

– I am concerned about the well-being of children: I founded the California Democratic Party Children’s Caucus, because if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu.

– I have experience with the Party: I’ve been a DSCC member since 1986 (sometimes elected, sometimes appointed) and was on the Executive Board from 1993 through 2016. I served on the Voter Services Committee for 12 years.

I am known for my tenacity (founding the Children’s Caucus took years, and I had to overcome the opposition of the then-Party Chair), my attention to detail (Secretary of the County Committee; producing a TV show), and my passion for electoral reform (I’ve been President or co-President of Californians for Electoral Reform for 22 years).

I mentor new people and help them come up to speed on the intricate workings of the California Democratic Party, including navigating the Resolutions, Rules, and Caucus processes.

I was the Convener for the 2016 CD18 Bernie Sanders Delegate Selection Caucus and encouraged Sanders supporters to stay active with the Democratic Party.

I’m running on a slate with a diverse group of people. You can find us all at

You will find a more complete statement, including my complete political resume, at

I would like to continue the work I have been doing. I hope I can count on your vote.



Steve Chessin

Hi! I’m Kevin, a young tech worker renting in Palo Alto. I work to further causes that address the inequalities starkly apparent in our region.

TL;DR: We need to build more housing and enforce strong tenant protections. We need to make less-car-centric neighborhoods and electrify buildings. We need a criminal justice system that is equitable and rehabilitation-focused. See others in my slate at

Tenants face high rents, and our pathways to assist the homeless to a home are shaky and underfunded; the pandemic made this worse. We should make it faster to build affordable housing for all, be it public or private. We should be providing legal assistance and enforcing tenant protections. We shouldn’t throw our hands up saying, “it’s all built-up, move to Texas” or play musical chairs with vehicle residents. I volunteered with SVDSA and MVHJC to force a community vote against MV city council’s RV ban. I volunteer with SHHAC to support and spread awareness of tenant protections.

The climate crisis looms over our futures, with the massive wildfires and the orange skies being appetizers for something likely worse. We should create walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly neighborhoods and make it easier to electrify buildings. We should not ignore the work necessary to retrofit multifamily buildings, and EVs and telework are not miracle solutions. I volunteer with the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter to advocate for robust Climate Action Plans and with SVYCA to push for statewide environmental bills.

The pandemic and protests underscore the work we still need to do to advance social justice and equity. We should have a justice system that is equitable and rehabilitation-centered. We should have a health system that doesn’t leave people out. We shouldn’t have a legal system primarily of retribution with discretionary enforcement. I volunteer with MVCPRA to strengthen community oversight of policing and with SURJ@SH to push for alternatives to our current system.

The Democratic Party must ensure all people at minimum a decent livelihood. It must act to further this and not let them be empty words. Vote for me and other grassroots activists; more information about my slate at

Kevin Ma

Dear Fellow Democrats:

I, MyHanh Kasprow, am running to represent you as the “Assembly District Delegate” (ADD) of District 24, of the year 2021 and 2022. I am willing to serve you as an assembly district delegate representative to vote and conduct Party business at the yearly State Convention. We must create an equitable and inclusive society for all, but not just the top of 1%. I believe the Party Platform must fight for Job opportunity, Education, Healthcare, and Climate Change. Every person has the right to find a good pay job that fit to the individual; to have the career training or college education if the individual chooses to; to have the available and provided healthcare without the individual’s burden or financial hardship; and to have a safe and healthy environment to live. These are the basic steps for the person to grow in a healthy society where that individual contributes to individual’s community. In order to have these basic above needs, I believe in the Labor Movement to collect bargaining rights for workers for pay raise, education incentives, and supportive childcare services. Health care is the human right, and a good paying job is the must for every person to live and afford to find a decent place to live. One job earning should help an individual to take care of the individual’s family. There will no exploitation from a human being to another one for a cheap labor. This will help an individual to have a physical and mental fit to live a healthy life and to contribute to a productive society. Climate Change is the existential crisis that we need to have extensive interventions immediately for the living creature in future. There is no delay for this action due to other parties pampering oil companies to make their rich on our future live expense. We have the right to breathe on clean air and drink clean water and enjoy our nature beauty. I would like to earn your votes for this election. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed for my commitment.

Ms. Kasprow

Fellow Democrats,

I would be honored to have your support as I embark on running to become a Delegate.

As a Democrat, my goal is to make sure we have a strong base and help the party build on the policies and prospects that will unify the country forward.

I bring a direct communication style with a can-do attitude and one who builds all parts of a community with the same notions, specific measures and targeted goals with a centered approach to politics.

I have worked for over two decades in the Biotech industry and seen brilliant ideas taking much time but come to fruition due to persistence and positivity. Drug development takes years before approval but a new drug touches and truly changes lives. Hard work and perseverance to pursue passion are equalizers for people from all backgrounds. If we mentor youth, regardless of their family’s income level, they can fuel their passion and work hard in whatever they take up, to find careers and reduce the wealth inequality gap.

President Obama said “A child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child.” I do believe that immigration has been one of America’s greatest ways of acquiring talent and sustaining innovation. Even Albert Einstein sought American citizenship to further his research and enjoy the luxury of American freedom. Every immigrant comes into our country with a dream of a career, a better life and a taste of true liberty.

We often find ourselves struggling to understand a polarized view of the world, increasingly so, in the last decade or so. We fail to see that it is okay for those varying views to coexist and help us build a better America. So, I propose that we accept every view as an American view, not just ones that help us build consensus all the time. I propose to not be divided by polarity but to find complementary aspects in the variety, embrace the diversity and build a stronger, broader base for our nation.

I have a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Connecticut, and work in the Biotech industry. My husband is a software engineer and works in the tech industry. We have been a strong team and involved members of our neighborhood and local community, where we raise our two sons, in Palo Alto, for over fifteen years.

Thank you for your consideration. I truly hope you will vote for me!

Chitra Sharma

I was born and raised on a family farm in rural Illinois where I learned the values of hard work, responsibility, community, and environmental protection at an early age. I attended local public schools and caught the bug for public service after being selected to serve as one of a few dozen Pages for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC. I then moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, secondary major in International Relations, and a minor in Economics.

I have broad work experience that spans private and public sectors. After working during college to help pay my way through Stanford, I rotated through several assignments at the U.S. State Department in Germany. I then joined AT&T’s Leadership Development Program in which I managed union and non-union employees, developed long and short-term corporate strategy, and led several regional community service initiatives.

I was first elected to the Mountain View City Council in 2012 at age 29, making me the youngest and first LGBT elected official in the city’s history. I was elected vice mayor by the council soon after taking office in January 2013 and subsequently elected mayor in January 2014 as one of the one of the youngest mayors in the US. I was re-elected in 2016 to serve a second term.

As Chair of the Council’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, I championed environmental protection and restoration. I’ve also led efforts to build more affordable housing, raise the minimum wage, and make our community and region more inclusive.

I am frequently described as a consensus builder who solves tough challenges by bringing people together to achieve common goals such as shared prosperity and ensuring our diversity remains our greatest strength.

I will strive to represent you while sharing my experience, leadership, innovative ideas, and commitment to public service in an effort to formulate and adopt forward-thinking policies and platforms for the California Democratic Party. I humbly and respectfully request your vote to serve as a delegate to the DSCC.

Chris Clark

Fellow Democrats,

I would be honored to have your support for E-Board and Delegate.

I am the current E-Board and Delegate of this district 28.

I am a progressive Democrat, and current Councilmember of Saratoga in my 2nd term. I was re-elected with the most votes in city history for tackling the tough community challenges. I bring fiercely independent leadership, a do-the-right-thing people-centric approach to politics.

I recently ran for the United States House of Representatives district 18. Thanks to our grassroots team and the unprecedented voter engagement in this district, we succeeded in getting the support of 127,000 neighbors (37%) – the most compared to any other challenger in the last 28 years of this district – while holding the progressive flag fluttering high. I rejected all PAC money during this run.

As a person of color, I have long spoken for civil rights and stood up for disadvantaged communities of Silicon Valley. I launched the no-charge Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for youth across Silicon Valley, benefitting thousands of disadvantaged students. We were able to implement this pathway to empowerment and learning through STEM in many disadvantaged areas of Silicon Valley. I have also hosted the no-charge Lego Robotics Bootcamp for many years to teach robotic design and programming. As a member of the California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel, a California Department of Education initiative, we rolled out a K-12 Computer Science curriculum for every K-12 Public School student in California, to go-live in 2022. If we can begin to provide opportunities to all youth, regardless of their family’s income level, we can begin to level the playing field and reduce the income inequality gap. That is my agenda.

I have a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and work in the Valley high-tech industry. My wife Seema also works in the tech industry. We team up with everything I seek do politically and in the community, and we are raising two boys in Saratoga.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rishi Kumar

Current Executive Board Member and Delegate AD28

Krishna Gollamudi

My name is Prabitha Ganesh and a current resident of Palo Alto. It’s a privilege and honor to represent the AD24 community and I would respectfully ask for you to vote for me as a delegate of the Democratic Party

I am an engineer by profession, a parent, a mentor, and a non-profit board member with a passion to pay forward to the community that has supported and empowered me over the years. My core values of transparency, resilience, and empathy are the foundation of the various leadership roles that I have served. I was fortunate enough to find a better life through education and I gravitate toward equity through education. I have been involved as both a volunteer and advisor with non-profits that help improve people’s lives through education.

While we live in affluent parts of silicon valley, there’s a growing number of issues around us – homelessness, racism, inequality, environmental issues to name a few. Using my leadership experiences, I desire to bring people together around common ideals to address the issues.

My goal is to work with all of you to address the needs and take our community to the next level. To fight for the things that truly matter. Together we make our community even greater!

Prabitha Ganesh

I am running for a seat with the California Democratic Party. This is for the position of Delegate. I seek your kind support and vote towards this run. Voting is simple. Just register to vote by January 11th to cast your vote by mail.

Aruna Bellary

Fellow California Democrats,

I will be honored to have your support for E-Board and Delegate. I have been a Democrat for all the years I have been in the US. I follow ardently politics at the national, state, and local levels. As of late. I signed up for Joe Biden Campaign to call voters in the key battlegrounds to persuade them to vote for the Democratic party nominee.

As an immigrant, I am a proponent of human rights, free speech, democratic processes, civil rights, equal justice for all, income equality, housing, job creation, affordable health care, and have long spoken for a better political representative system, and respect for all regardless of income level, race, age, sex, or religious affiliation. I will pursue this opportunity with the seriousness it deserves and work hard to serve in this role the best way and hopefully succeed in this role representing you.

I have a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Electrical & Computer Engineering and have worked in Silicon Valley for the last 20 years in different high-tech positions. My wife, Malika, and my three grown up kids, the youngest attending Georgetown University support me in pursuing my political aspirations, especially helping the disadvantaged, and helping provide better opportunities for all.

Djamel Abid