Assembly District 25




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25 Martha Kreeger * SIF
25 Michelle Hua * SIF
25 David Donaldson * OSIF
25 Alex Caraballo No OSIF
25 Priya Talreja No SIF
25 Jaria Jaug No SIF
25 Renata Sanchez No SIF
25 Hani Jamah * OSIF
25 Lucy Shen No OSIF
25 Sameena Usman No SIF
25 Ganesh Balamitran No OSIF
25 Thai Le * OSIF
25 Alma G Cruz No SIF
25 Anthony Phan No OSIF
25 Mahesh Patel No OSIF
25 Huy Tran No OSIF
25 Jeffrey Dixon No OSIF
25 Tejinder “TJ” Dhami No OSIF
25 Salvador Gutiérrez Ruíz No OSIF
25 Shiv Salwan No OSIF
25 Andrew Knaack No OSIF
25 Reena Rao No SIF
25 Victoria Chon No SIF
25 Raj Salwan * OSIF
25 Karina R. Dominguez No SIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Martha Kreeger and I am running for ADEM in AD-25 where I have lived, worked, raised my 2 children, voted and been an active community organizer for more than 2 decades working on equity issues, climate justice, healthcare, education and wellness.

As a team member and a leader, I helped build a diverse coalition that tackled mental wellness in our K-12 schools by including all four stake holder groups, organizing at the grassroots level and empowering students to become activists around educational policy and leaders in their own movement. Only after we did the hard work of building those relationships were we successful in lowering our 5150’s and meeting our goals. I took those lessons learned at the microlevel into political organizing; working with OFA, Swing Left and the CA Dem Party in the last four years.

As a field coordinator for the CA Democratic Party and an alternate to our county central committee, I have seen our party respond strongly to the powerful voices of electeds, big donors and party insiders. but struggle to build the resilient long term relationships with diverse communities required to not only win elections, but to hold electeds accountable for their promises to build strong communities to allow all of us to not only survive but thrive.

We need people committed to universal healthcare, safe working and educational environments, equity and with a deeper understanding that all politics is local and intersectional. I humbly ask for your support.

Martha Kreeger

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Hua and I am running alongside 13 other wonderful candidates of the People Powered Progressive slate to represent Democrats in Assembly District 25.

I am a current undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis majoring in Political Science and Asian American Studies, but I spend the majority of my time in my home city of San Jose organizing. I have been involved with local politics and organizing since I was thirteen and decided that making the world a better place through policymaking was going to be my lifelong mission.

I have also recently been elected to serve on the Santa Clara County’s Democratic Central Committee, being the youngest to be elected to the position.

Issues that I care about deeply are affordability, education, and climate change.

I believe that the Democratic party needs much more youth representation. Whenever I sit at a table, I always ask, “Who is missing?” I am excited to bring my experiences as a Southeast Asian, Gen Z woman to freshen up the party. If elected, I will be able to help bring those voices to the table and get them heard.

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please feel free to email me at!

Michelle Hua

On behalf of the Santa Clara County Central Committee this year, I helped create and distribute a digital and print media campaign that recruited hundreds of people to phonebank and postcard into local and swing state GOTV efforts. I also helped promote a fundraising message for the nonprofit, SOLO Solidarity Fund, run by Human Agenda in the S. Bay. The Merc newspaper and digital publicity raised public awareness of undocumented people not receiving federal pandemic help. Over $300K was raised and given.

I grew a Democratic club from 80 dues paying members to over 400 which led to major impacts within the county through candidate endorsements. I led efforts to advertise democratic club candidate endorsement meetings, which promoted full and fair competition of ideas to voters within the county party, as well as the general public. My experience and relations with media enabled me to provide fundraising advice and low-cost advertising to various grassroots progressive groups and clubs. On behalf of the Clean Money Campaign, my public meeting promotion ads supported both membership growth and public outreach messaging. I did advertising for Move to Amend ( in support of Prop. 15, the successful CA referendum vote to get big money out of politics, which ran on the front pages of newspapers around the Bay Area.

Other efforts and achievements include: Helping candidates obtain name recognition and support via club ads; Acting as campaign manager for candidates in Milpitas and Santa Clara; With Chair guidance, advertising SCC Democratic Party fundraisers and events to the general public; Advertising the Woman’s March the last three years in The Merc; Helping women achieve leadership roles in the club and advancing women’s endorsement influence at the local and state level; Participated in successful public vote, requiring Santa Clara to run District elections.

In recognition of my activism in his campaign and the party, Congressman Ro Khanna, CD 17, appointed me as his Alternate to the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee. As his loyal supporter, I often vote as his proxy at State Party Conventions.

I will continue supporting progressive leaders and their policies in the public realm. It’s not me. It’s us.

Vote for David Donaldson and the People Powered Progressive Slate AD 25

David Donaldson

Hello Family. My name is Alex Caraballo and I am a union electrician with IBEW 332. I lead my local union as our Political Director, as well as I sit on my union’s Executive Board.

I work tirelessly on behalf of working families and I have for years, which is why I also am a delegate to the South Bay Labor Council. Over the past decade, I have been involved in ensuring progressive leaders who are supporters of public education, quality paying local jobs, and those in our communities that cannot speak for themselves rise up to win their elections, give a voice to our communities and follow through on their promises to move California towards a more just society.

Like everyone participating in this process I was ecstatic about removing Trump from office. However, that cannot be our only goal moving forward.

Working people desperately need help in today’s America. The way this party has moved away from everyday people and into the pockets of large corporations is despicable. We need folks like myself, and the individuals on my slate to stand up for progressive values that will lift us all up.

Our community needs equity-minded leaders who will advocate for those who cannot. I was incredibly proud to have represented AD 25 over the last two years pushing for the systematic changes that need to be made for our collective future. These are experiences and perspectives I will bring to help shape the future of the Democratic Party.

I am running to ensure that we stand up for our families and communities , and I humbly ask for your support and vote.

Alex Caraballo

My heart is here, in District 25.

As a community organizer, I have seen first-hand the impact of our underfunded education programs. I have fought for increasing mental health awareness, building a culturally responsive curriculum, and reimagining public safety; I’ve worked to empower students and help them recognize the power they have to enact change; I’ve campaigned for young progressives.

I believe that the Democratic party we wish to see, and the state we wish to see, is built from local organizing – from leaning in to our most marginalized and investing our time into them.

My vision for the Party is one that’s compassionate towards our youth; it’s one that values our intersectional identities and allows us to see our voices reflected in our education, in our leadership, and most importantly, in decisions that affect us.

As a delegate, I want to actively engage the communities that have felt disenfranchised and that this Democratic party has traditionally been unable to reach.

I want to work to enrich our education system and protect the educational outcomes of historically underserved students, including unhoused youth, foster youth, students with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ students, and English Language Learners.

I want to reimagine public safety and make sure we prioritize prevention and community, first.

I grew up in these schools, I was raised by this community, and I am deeply invested not only in this district, but also, our role in the larger movement to win elections and build a more inclusive California. I think we’re more than ready to elect progressive leaders that truly represent our communities, and I look forward to bringing my passion to the California Democratic Party.

Let’s build our vision together.

Priya Talreja

My name is Jaria Jaug, a born-and-raised District 25 community organizer and resident. I am currently the Local Campaign Manager of the San Jose State Associated Students Lobby Corps and an active member of the NAACP Youth Chapter. In these roles, I research and recommend legislation to endorse that will help current college students and communities of color. As Campaign Manager, I coordinated a school-wide get-out-the-vote effort among San Jose State University students with a month long marketing campaign featuring virtual presentations and an Instagram Live Town Hall to over 400 students. Within the NAACP, I have advocated for the unhoused by bringing light to the interconnectedness between race and homelessness and by organizing volunteers to aid local nonprofits. In the past, I have worked for the District 25 Assembly office and responded to numerous constituents’ letters regarding their legislative concerns about homelessness, climate change, and mental health. I continue to listen and advocate for the voice of the youth through my nonprofit lobbying efforts.

I’m running because the youth’s progressive voice needs to be heard within the Democratic Party. My past experiences with phone banking, researching, and volunteering has shown me that our generation is active, but not represented enough within political systems. Generation Z deserves a seat at the table, because we are the future of this party and this country. With this role, I hope to fight for the issues that the diverse youth is concerned about: universal housing to prevent homelessness, financial aid for students and schools, equal opportunity for colored and LGBTQIA+ communities, and pivotal climate change policy.

Ultimately, I am a student activist running to ensure that the voice of the youth is heard. I humbly ask for your support and vote to make a difference in the Democratic Party. It’s time we demand the American Dream that was promised for all.

Jaria Jaug

I am Renata Sanchez, an elementary school teacher in the community. I am also the Vice President of the San José Teachers Association, a representative to the CTA State Council, and a delegate to the South Bay Labor Council. Over the past nine years, I have been involved in ensuring progressive leaders who are supporters of public education win their elections and follow through on their promises to move California towards a more just society.

As a nation, we made a statement in the 2018 and 2020 elections that racial, social, and economic justice are important to the American people. We said that we envision an America that is a land of opportunity for every person, where climate change is a problem we can solve together, where everyone deserves health care and a job with a living wage. As a Latina, I saw more diverse leadership than ever. At the same time, we have so much work to do within California and need a strong Democratic Party that is unapologetic in its desire to improve the lives of all Californians. Although there were many wins, we had some hard losses, including the crushing defeats of the Schools and Communities First and Opportunity for All propositions. These propositions represented major steps towards our Democratic Party vision and mission. Even with these setbacks, I believe we have set the stage to fight for progress for generations to come.

Our community needs equity-minded leaders who will advocate for those who cannot. I’ve advocated for policies to increase funding for schools in our community, strong teacher recruitment and retention, affordable housing, and ensuring that our schools have the resources to reopen safely when that time comes. I understand the incredible challenges our children are facing while learning and developing at a physical distance. I also understand the challenges of working families navigating impossible choices during a global pandemic. These are experiences and perspectives I will bring to help shape the future of the Democratic Party.

I am running to ensure that we stand up for our students and families, and I humbly ask for your support and vote.

Click here to meet me!

Renata Sanchez

I’m Lucy Shen, a lifelong Fremont resident. I’m running for ADEMs because I believe that civic engagement on a local level is the most effective way to create change and build towards a more equitable future. I had the honor of running for Fremont School Board this past November, and my experience on that campaign convinced me that we can do better when it comes to engaging our younger voters.

In 2018, I served on Fremont Unified School District’s sexual health curriculum task force, and later became a founding member of the Fremont LGBTQ+ Task Force. As a huge believer in youth mentorship, I’ve previously volunteered and mentored for youth-focused organizations such as the Spark Program, Girls Who Code, and StandUp for Kids. I’m also an active participant in what I consider the “team sport” of local organizing, and our merry band of organizers has been vocal in various local issues ranging from Fremont’s housing navigation center to the Fremont school district’s recent decision to remove SROs from our high school campuses.

As a queer, bilingual child of immigrants, I’m excited for this opportunity to diversify our representation and amplify the multifaceted voices of our local communities. I would be honored to receive your support and your vote. Thank you!

Lucy Shen

*Please view my candidacy video at and FB page @AD25CADEM

I would be honored to have your vote to serve a third term as a California Democratic Party Delegate for Assembly District 25. I have been actively involved in the Democratic Party and on numerous campaigns. I was also elected this year as a Bernie Delegate for the DNC.

I stand for progressive values and am part of the People Power Progressive ADEM Slate. For over 15 years, I have been serving as Government Relations Coordinator for a Muslim civil rights advocacy group working on legislation impacting civil rights, privacy protections, and an equitable society.

In my meetings with Bay Area elected officials, I highlight issues including hate incidents and civil right complaints received by the office. I have worked on passing legislation protecting the rights of those who are undocumented and privacy rights against invasive surveillance technology.

I actively work to build bridges with communities, conduct interfaith dialogue, educate youth, and empower the community.

I also serve as a board member for both Secure Justice and Sacred Heart Community Service.

I am a proud mother of two children and two ginger tabby cats.

Please vote for me to represent Assembly District 25 for the California Democratic Party.

Sameena Usman

My name is Ganesh Balamitran and I am a long-time AD-25 (Fremont) resident and a Progressive Democrat who knocked doors and made calls for Bernie during the 2020 CA Primary. For the General Election I coordinated Voter Registration by Mail campaigns for They See Blue (a South Asian organization focused on electing Democrats up and down the ballot).

In May 2019, I organized a Green New Deal Town Hall Forum in Fremont to help educate and open the discussion on the Green New Deal among Fremont Residents. I am running for AD-25 Assembly District Delegate so I can do my part to bring to reality many progressive policies that I strongly believe in – The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Federal Jobs Guarantee, College Debt Cancellation and Free Public College, Immigration Reform, ending Mass Incarceration, among others. I hope to win your vote to be able to start to take concrete steps towards this vision within the California Democratic Party. This is also why I am running as part of the ‘People Powered Progressives’ Slate with other like-minded Progressives from AD-25.

At the State level, I want to push for increased funding for K-12 education to bring California into the top states in per-pupil funding and resourcing. I want to push CADEM for policies and real solutions that address the crisis of the unhoused in California. I want to work for growth and prosperity in California post-COVID, and share that growth and prosperity equitably among all Californians.

To enable all of these goals, I will do my best to move policies away from Austerity/PayGo and towards more fiscal spending, with a better understanding of macroeconomics based on Modern Monetary Theory.

Ganesh Balamitran

I am a former aerospace engineer, attorney, son of immigrant parents and raised by a single mother, and currently a father of two (twins). I am a life-long Californian and a bay area resident for that last 14 years.

I have spent the last 20 years fighting for social justice from helping to end reverse bussing policies that impacted vulnerable students, mentoring students, speaking at schools, helping to develop DACA workshops and providing them in urban and non-urban areas, helping to provide legal representation to children who immigrated without parents, providing after school programs for historically underserved youth, working with school districts to reprioritize mental health, reimagine school safety including restorative practices, to participating in the support of democratic candidates.

As a Progressive Democrat, I would fight for education equity and to fully fund our public education, sustainable infrastructure, healthcare for all, income equality, criminal justice reform, reimagining public safety, and to address the realities of climate change. As a Delegate, I would want to amplify the voices of our community and to endorse candidates who will do the same.

For more information:

Thai Le

I’m running to become an elected Delegate for the 25th Assembly District because I want to help lead California to create the best health care and immigrations policies in the United States. I’ve lived in the Assembly District for 35 years and I’ve worked at Kaiser Permanente’s Milpitas clinics for 22 years. I am represented by SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, and I began taking leadership roles in my Union in 2013-14 when UHW ran many health insurance enrollment events in the South Bay. I was proud and happy to help people in my community gain health insurance, all because Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act into Law and implemented it well in California. My bilingual skills made me effective in that work, and I felt valuable. It made me want to continue taking action. Since then, I’ve been in many campaign phone banks for Party-endorsed candidates in tough campaigns like Assemblymember Ash Kalra and State Senator Dave Cortese. I’ve helped inform State Legislators about priority health care Bills with other health care workers, and I’ve been on many committees which have interviewed candidates for State and local offices who wanted UHW’s endorsement. And I’ve collected signatures to qualify Statewide ballot initiatives, including the $15 minimum wage with COLA initiative which became State law. My leadership gained the attention of Assemblymember Kansen Chu, and he appointed me as a CDP Delegate for the last two years. I learned a lot at the State Party Conventions and am excited about the idea of putting my experience to use to represent Democrats in our Assembly District. Please vote to elect Alma Cruz as an ADEM Delegate!

Alma Cruz

I like to help people’s and Do some good community works with your help and helping me we can make it difference .

Thank you

Mahesh Patel

My name is Huy Tran, and I am running to ensure that the voices of immigrants, workers, and communities of color are represented in the Democratic Party, particularly as we rebuild our communities and economy in the aftermath of COVID-19.

As the child of Vietnamese refugees who was provided for by parents that worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for years, I saw firsthand what it took for immigrants without a command of the English language to break out of the cycle of poverty and carve out a living. My parents provided for my family through manual labor and providing personal care services to those who could afford luxuries such as manicures and pedicures. Today, my mom has had to shut down her nail salon multiple times and has prayed regularly for an end to the pandemic and that her small business can survive.

As a former union organizer who mobilized hotel workers in Biloxi, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., and here in Santa Clara County, I saw firsthand how low-wage workers struggle to pay for things that many of us take for granted – housing, food, clothing, and healthcare. Working families across the country face the same challenges, and many have found ways to survive on their meager earnings. During this pandemic, many families have been pushed to the brink as they must continue to work, but expose themselves to COVID-19, or cannot work and are forced to find other ways to take care of their families.

As a worker’s rights attorney, I saw firsthand the challenges that our civil litigation system poses to those who do not have the resources to hire lawyers to validate their rights at work. I have represented workers who suffered through wage theft, sexual harassment, and discrimination through a system that can be daunting and terrifying to the people who need the justice system the most. This pandemic has caused painful delays in the administration of justice for those who are in the worst position to have their days in court delayed.

As we navigate through this pandemic, we must ensure that we come out of it stronger. We must fight to rebuild our State and its economy on the principles of equity and anti-racism. This is why I joined the People Powered Progressives Slate, and I and my colleagues hope to earn your support!

Huy Tran

Dear District 25 Voters,

My name is Jeffrey Dixon I am running on the The People Powered Progressive Slate District Delegate A-Dem #25. I am a lifelong Democrat raised by 100% strong Union members, my Mother was a nurse at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco, she belonged to Local 250 (Health Care Worker’s) and my Father was a warehouseman at Van Waters and Rogers in Brisbane and belonged to the Teamsters Union. I remember being on the picket line with my Father in the mid 70’s and learned at an early age what Unions stand for and how United we stand and divided we fall.

I believe in the Democratic Party; I am about hard work and advancing this party moving progressively forward to the true meaning of Democracy where all people can have an opportunity to succeed not just the wealthy.

I am a thirty-three (33) year member of Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local 483 where I served my apprenticeship. I spent 27 years working on jobs in the Bay Area in the roles of an Apprentice, then Journeyman and Foreman. I got involved with my Union. I started on the negotiating committee in 2008 and have helped negotiate our last three (3) contracts. I also served on the Executive Board for two (2) terms, then President for two (2) terms before being appointed as a full-time Officer/Organizer. I sit on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and have for the last six (6) years. I am a U.A. Certified Instructor and teach at our training facility for our Apprenticeship program. I am a Trustee for our HRA program (Health Reimbursement Act). I am a board member of the Construction Trades Workforce Initiative (CTWI) which is an arm of the Alameda County Building Trades Council and the sole purpose is to advance economic and social justice by strengthening pathways to families sustaining Union construction careers for underrepresented communities

I look forward to being a part of the work to bring change

Jeffrey M Dixon

My name is Tejinder Dhami and I am a lifelong Democrat who has been active within the Democratic Party. I have served as your Delegate since 2012. I have also served as DNC Delegate in 2012.

During this time of pandemic, we need solid Democratic leadership to ensure that we help those that need it most. As an immigrant, I understand the struggles of our immigrant communities. As a Human Relations Commissioner, I understand the struggles faced by our seniors, youth, LGBTQ+ issues, and homeless concerns. I believe in inclusiveness and value the diversity of our community. I humbly request your support and vote in this important election.

Tejinder "TJ" Dhami

My name is Shiv Salwan, proud member of AD25. This past year has reaffirmed my belief that energetic, young advocates are critical to galvanizing our communities and to improving outcomes for all, especially for our most marginalized members, by means of intelligent data-driven policy. Despite our activism, young people are underrepresented at the local, state, and national level and we are experiencing the effects as we continue to be excluded from decision-making processes. Although I have felt frustrated in the past, I am an optimist and I feel obligated to contribute in a meaningful way. I have applied for this position, because I am confident that I can represent the values of my community in this local capacity.

Over the past six years, I have advocated for progressive policies by canvassing door to door, phone-banking, and dropping literature for candidates like Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, and my dad Fremont Councilmember Raj Salwan. And throughout this time, in my conversations with my neighbors and peers, it has become clear to me that we generally agree that we should live in a world with equal opportunity, environmental protections, and an emphasis on individual and social responsibility. A major role of the assembly district delegate is to vote for the endorsements of the California Democratic Party for legislative and statewide offices and for positions of ballot propositions in CA. One of my core beliefs, as clichéd as it may be, is to try to be the change that I wish to see in my community. And that means approaching problems with a bottom-up approach. Although I am one individual, having the ability to support the right policies and candidates is an important step for young people to gain leverage at the bargaining table. If elected, it is my hope that I can work collaboratively with other members of the delegation and operate ethically and in the best interests of AD25. Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your support. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Shiv Salwan

My name is Victoria Chon and I am a public school educator and a newly elected Trustee to the Santa Clara County Board of Education. I additionally serve on the Executive Board of my local teacher’s union.

As an educator, I thought about what more I can do to impact the lives of the students in my classroom, the students in the community, and educators in the state of California. The pandemic has led to an unprecedented time, especially within education. This is what had led me to run for my newly elected position on the Santa Clara County Board of Education and now as an Assembly District Delegate. Change in our society starts with the students in classroom, but more must be done by our community in order to bring about real change to the state of California.

As a member of my local teacher’s union, I believe in the rights of workers and labor groups. Everyone should be given equal and fair opportunities to fight for their rights within their working environments. My experiences in and outside the classroom, a newly elected trustee, and as a labor activist, will all play a part in my role as a delegate.

I want to do more to represent educators, students, and community members. I will be honored to serve as an Assembly District Delegate for the CA Democratic Party. I will be a passionate advocate and representative for the voices of our community in AD 25.

Victoria Chon

As a lifelong Democrat, I am proud of my work to build and support the Democratic Party for over 2 decades. I have served in every capacity in Democratic politics from local Democratic clubs, to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, as a state Delegate, and as your Fremont City Councilmember. I have enjoyed volunteering for Abode Services and Kidango.

During this time of pandemic, we have an economy that works for a few but leaves many behind. The federal stimulus and PPP have primarily helped the rich, but has done very little to help those that are most suffering. I would like to see programs that help improve the safety net for all those that are struggling.

Having grown up poor, I understand the struggles that people face when they don’t have anything. Both of my parents were immigrants and had to work odd jobs to support our family.

I have championed and voted for policies to improve lives of those that are most vulnerable within our community. I have voted to increase the minimum wage, support Sanctuary city policies, rent stabilization program. cap delivery fees for third party apps that hurt our mom and pop restaurants, and voted to invest in green technology to combat climate change.

I will continue to support Democratic values as your AD Delegate. I humbly ask for your vote and support so that I can serve you as your Delegate.

Raj Salwan

Fremont Councilmember

Elected Central Committee Member

Alameda County Democratic Party

Raj Salwan