Assembly District 26




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

26 Brock Neeley No OSIF
26 John Coffee No OSIF
26 Ruben Macareno * OSIF
26 Edith Anne La Vonne * SIF
26 Armando Longoria  * OSIF
26 Consuelo Diaz No SIF
26 Jose Sigala * OSIF
26 Laura Hernandez No SIF
26 Rachel Jordanne Eala * OSIF
26 Red Cloud H. Manuel * OSIF
26 Elise Modrovich * SIF
26 Cameron Josiah Forgey No OSIF
26 Carmen Becerra No SIF
26 Amelia Warthen * SIF
26 Marco Becerra No OSIF
26 Adriana M Becerra * SIF
26 Angelica Velazquez No SIF
26 Sal Cazarez No OSIF
26 Luis Sepulveda No OSIF
26 Raul Gonzalez No OSIF
26 Lucia D Vazquez  No SIF
26 Danny Wojcicki No OSIF

Candidate Statements

I am a lifelong Democrat, current Delegate to the California Democratic Party and a member of the Tulare County Democratic Central Committee. I will promote the goals, platform and principles of the Democratic Party. I am Former Executive Board Member of the Porterville Democratic Club. I am a Founding Member of the Tulare County Stonewall Democrats in which I currently serve as Chair. I was appointed as an Elector to the Electoral College representing the 23rd Congressional District in 2020. I have run media efforts and created mail pieces and advertising materials for numerous campaigns. I have created and maintain the Tulare County Stonewall Democrats Website. I was responsible for the distribution of over 150 Biden/Harris yard signs in the Porterville area as well as Kim Mangone for Congress and Drew Phelps for Assembly yard signs. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Brock Neeley

I am a lifelong Democrat and have always worked to further the aims of the Democratic Party. I am now serving as an ADem26 Delegate and am seeking re-election to that office. I am a founding member of the Tulare County Stonewall Democratic Club and served 3 years as the first Chair. I am currently serving as Member at Large. I am also serving as an elected member of the Tulare County Democratic Central Committee. I have served as Chair of the Porterville Democratic Club. I was Chair when we applied for and were awarded a grant from Tom Steyer and NextGen for voter outreach and Voter Registration. The Club voted this year to use part of the left-over funds to buy and distribute free of charge 225 Biden/Harris campaign signs. We as a Club have successfully worked to turn Porterville “Blue”, we are a “Red County” turning “Purple”. I am asking for your vote and give you my word I will always work in the best interest of our Party and the residents of California.

John Coffee

I am Councilman, past county Democratic chairman, once a student leader and founder of college clubs. I have worked numerous campaigns and have also ran for state office. I have a long resume of public and community service that is deep. I live in a red area where the majority of residents go unheard by the red representation. It is important to support youth in their political endeavors and listen to our long time activists to bring concrete change. I would appreciate your vote.

Ruben Macareno

Hello Fellow Democrats. My name is Jose Sigala and I currently serve as a proud and active Democrat and member of the Tulare City Council. As a life-long Democrat I have seen and experienced the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of our Democrat party. I have been involved with the party for almost 30 years and have been fortunate to have gained much knowledge and experience with how to elect Democrats to office, the training and support we need for them and the importance of registering people to not only vote but to get out and vote. I am running for the E-Board to use that experience and knowledge to help improve our situation in Tulare county by electing more Democrats to office. In Tulare county, we are on the crisp of turning the tide in regards to registering more Democrats across our county. We also have the opportunity of electing more Democrats to key positions on school boards, water boards, city councils and supervisorial seats. In order to replace are inept Congressional and state representatives, we need to build a bench of elected officials and prepare them with training and resources to move up the next level in future elections. Over the years of being involved in Democrat politics, I have also gained key friendships and relationships with not only party leaders but key Democrat legislators that can help us here in Tulare county with turning our county Blue. I hope I can count on your vote to represent us on Executive Board of the California Democrat Party. Thank you, Tulare Council Member Jose Sigala.

Jose Sigala

I have been employed with the County of Tulare for the last 18 years and served my community in various levels. In 2013 I graduated from California State University with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and 2015 I graduated with a master’s degree from Fresno Pacific University. I became a proud citizen of this country in 2016 and honored to be part of our Democratic party.

I currently serve on various Labor Committee Social Justice groups with SEIU 521. Represent my fellow Union members as the Region 5 Trustee. In 2019 I was voted in to represent, the General Membership of the Tulare County Employees on the Retirement Board as Trustee. I currently serve as a member of the Tulare County Democratic Central Committee.

Many individuals like myself, continue to see minimal changes in our communities, such lack of employment opportunities, social resources, and increased income inequality. I believe that bringing in more funding, government support, and the right representation in our party, will help reduce these inequalities. I personally have seen the challenges many individuals in the valley experience, while volunteering with my local food bank passing out food to families in need, handing out blankets at our local homeless shelters, and while working as a Census enumerator.

If elected as Assembly District Delegate, I will help our party advance in any way possible and advocate for the community I represent. Support and act as liaison between our Democratic Party, Central Committees and Democratic Clubs. I will work diligently to educate our Democratic family regarding, voting, citizen responsibility, and community involvement.

I believe I represent the rich diversity of the Central Valley and hope that with your vote and support, together we can grow in representation, enhance the quality of life for our communities and help residents realize a brighter future.

Laura Hernandez

I have deep roots in the Kern River Valley tracing back to some of its first settlers, hiking its hills and swimming in its streams since I was a child visiting my grandmother in Weldon. My father, a refugee from the failed 1956 Hungarian Revolution, found his first job in the U.S. as a ranch hand for my great aunt and uncle at Onyx Ranch, where he met my mother when they were both still teenagers. I spent the majority of my childhood in Ventura County, and most of my adult life in the Los Angeles area, with the exception of several years spent at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, obtaining my BA in English Literature and Theater.

I moved to Kernville late in 2014 to open a restaurant with my sister. Having sold the business early in 2020, I am now a QC Administrator with the Lake Isabella Dam improvement project’s joint venture, partnering with the US Army Corps. I’m also a freelance writer and certified Pilates Instructor.

I’m a lifelong Democrat, fueled by my immigrant father’s first exposure to American Democracy and JFK. I had always believed that voting in every single election was the best and most I could do as a U.S. Citizen, but after November 8, 2016, I needed to do more. I reached out to and became involved with as many groups and people across Kern County as I could.

I discovered and joined Democratic Women of Kern in January 2017 because I wanted to be a part of a group of strong, smart Democrats working for change. I was voted to the DWK Executive Board for three consecutive years and utilized my writing skills as Corresponding Secretary. Through DWK I helped organize Women’s March Kern County. I’ve been involved with the KCDCC since 2017, and am currently an alternate voting member, representing 2020 AD26 Democratic candidate Drew Phelps.

I had always believed that if you believe in something, you must do something about it. I founded and remain President of the Upper Kern Civic Club because I wanted to help rally and motivate Democratic friends and neighbors in the Kern River Valley to make our voices heard and presence known. Being a Liberal Democrat, I believe in the ideals and dreams of Democracy. I speak up, speak out, and fight for what it is, but more than that: what it could be. What we could be.

I’m running because I would like the opportunity to further serve and be a positive force for change in my community.

Elise Modrovich

Greetings my fellow Democrats. As a High School teacher during COVID and before, here in VUSD, I have served as a Delegate for several years. Having served as your Eboard member in the last two cycles I am happy to step down and run as a delegate and continue to support Progressive and left leaning policies within the Democratic Party. I have stood up to some of the largest Democratic leaders in the past and will continue to do so, fighting for a Party that supports the Central Valley and stands for everyday people. I hope you will continue to support me as you have in the past. Let’s continue the fight and champion the Central Valley to the State party and make sure we are heard. I stand by who I am, I stand by my record, and I will stand with everyone here in Central Valley where I call home.

Sal Cazarez

As a recent retiree from State service, I have decided that my time and energy should be assisting in the various efforts to help more Democrats get elected into federal, state and local offices. I promise to be proactive and strategize our efforts in placing viable candidates into local public offices. I promise to be proactive and strategize our efforts in placing viable candidates into local public offices. That is why I am seeking office as an Assembly District Delegate. I believe my efforts in CAD 26 would be beneficial to turning the district BLUE. I ask for your vote in order to maintain a Blue state and increase more Democrats in public office.

Thank you

Luis Sepulveda

My name is Raul Gonzalez. I am a kindergarten teacher and long time CTA union leader. I feel that I have the experience and insight to lead with empathy but with a firm focus on justice for all. We must appreciate our differences and respect other perspectives. We must always advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Thank you for your consideration.

Raul Gonzalez