Assembly District 28






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Candidate Statements

Fellow Democrats,

I would be honored to have your support for E-Board and Delegate.

I am the current E-Board and Delegate of this district.

I am a progressive Democrat, and current Councilmember of Saratoga in my 2nd term. I was re-elected with the most votes in city history for tackling the tough community challenges. I bring fiercely independent leadership, a do-the-right-thing people-centric approach to politics.

I recently ran for the United States House of Representatives district 18. Thanks to our grassroots team and the unprecedented voter engagement in this district, we succeeded in getting the support of 127,000 neighbors (37%) – the most compared to any other challenger in the last 28 years of this district – while holding the progressive flag fluttering high. I rejected all PAC money during this run.

As a person of color, I have long spoken for civil rights and stood up for disadvantaged communities of Silicon Valley. I launched the no-charge Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for youth across Silicon Valley, benefitting thousands of disadvantaged students. We were able to implement this pathway to empowerment and learning through STEM in many disadvantaged areas of Silicon Valley. I have also hosted the no-charge Lego Robotics Bootcamp for many years to teach robotic design and programming. As a member of the California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel, a California Department of Education initiative, we rolled out a K-12 Computer Science curriculum for every K-12 Public School student in California, to go-live in 2022. If we can begin to provide opportunities to all youth, regardless of their family’s income level, we can begin to level the playing field and reduce the income inequality gap. That is my agenda.

I have a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and work in the Valley high-tech industry. My wife Seema also works in the tech industry. We team up with everything I seek do politically and in the community, and we are raising two boys in Saratoga.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rishi Kumar

Current Executive Board Member and Delegate AD28

Rishi Kumar

I, Priya R Shastri, resident of Saratoga CA would like to represent the community from AD 28 as their Delegate. I am a Software Engineer by profession and been living in the bay area since 2004. I have been fortunate to work in the tech companies in the Bay area like Oracle, Intel, VMWARE. I have been exposed to lot of different ethnicities and people from diverse backgrounds as part of my professional career. I carry the rich experience from those exposures in my career to the Delegate run. I am extremely passionate about the causes concerning the people and come up with new ideas to resolve their problems.

My husband and 2 kids aged 14 and 9 have greatly influenced the type of problems that I want to work on. During the pandemic we were slapped with the problem of the lack of funding in schools and the possible closures. I got the opportunity to be the voice for Blue Hills Elementary as part of the PTA representative and come up with ways to persuade the parents and the residents of the CUSD to approve the parcel tax addendum to ensure the constant monetary supply to the district.

As part of the Rishi Kumar campaign for Congress in 2020, I was instrumental in leading the activities related to technology. This effort introduced me to the youth thinking process and their needs and wants in this fast paced work environment. My main goal is to empower the youth to reach their full potential and support them emotionally and mentally to get through their regular life. If we can capture the youth voters in the nascent stages we will be successful in molding the kind of nation that want to create. This is a huge step to build the future of the youth and the country as a whole. I seek your support in this crucial run, to be the voice of your district. Thank you for your sincere support in this regard. you can read more at:

Priya R Shastri

Working with the SBLC and UDC, I was twice awarded the COPE Campaign All-Star Award. I am currently serving as Co-Chair of the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, and as Director of Communications for the SCCDCC. As Director of Communications, I modernized the Web site to improve timely maintenance and messaging.

Over the last four years, I have acted as a liaison from the SCCDCC to various Resistance groups in Santa Clara County, establishing a valuable channel of communication and bond of trust between the SCCDCC and the Resistance. The relationships I have established with Resistance activists have been mutually beneficial. Several of these people have taken roles within SCCDCC, enhancing the cooperation between the Resistance and the Party.

I have contributed to the campaigns of Jim Beall, Ami Bera, Jerry McNerney, Josh Harder, TJ Cox, and others. I am also a contributor to the recurring donor programs of California Clean Money, SCCDCC, and CADEM.

In 2012, I worked extensively with the Jim Beall for State Senate Campaign, visiting more than 3000 doors during the Primary and General Elections. In 2014, I logged more than 94 hours of precinct walking for Mike Honda, Dave Cortese, Michael Eggman, and Ami Bera. I appreciate the opportunity to meet voters face to face and learn about their concerns, and have benefited greatly from the physical exercise, as well. I look forward to resuming in person canvassing, when we can.

I have served as an AD Delegate three times before, attending the California Democratic Conventions as an AD Delegate in 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2019 and 2020. I was appointed as a delegate by the SCCDCC in 2017 and 2018. I attended the Convention as an Observer in the intervening years.

The Delegates you elect come from the grassroots of the Democratic Party. Independent of party officers and elected officials, they represent you, and no one else. They make important decisions about the leadership and direction of the Democratic Party. I would be honored to represent you and humbly ask for your vote.

John Comiskey

It is my honor to request your support for my candidacy for delegate of the Democratic Party.

I have been a Democrat since I became a citizen in 1997. As an engineer by training with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering, I was drawn to Silicon Valley & have lived here since 1987. I came for the opportunities here. But the Valley means much more to me as I have found an incredible community.

I am a mother of three young women & raising them has motivated me to do my part in leaving them a better world than we were given. I am an activist at heart, dedicating my extra time to volunteering & using my voice to make a change. I have worked on Democratic Party campaigns since 2008 through phone banking & letter writing. I have also been very involved with the local politics of the City of Cupertino since 2015, hosting campaign meetups, contributing, & campaigning for resident-focused candidates. Currently, I serve as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Cupertino.

In addition to political action, I serve as a homework helper with the Santa Mateo library, teaching underprivileged kids English and Math in an after-school program. I am a proud member of the Lions Club. I also volunteer for PAWS (Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford), a pet therapy program at Stanford Hospital.

As a delegate, I hope to advance the causes of Bay Area residents. A problem I believe has reached its breaking point is housing affordability. Homelessness is not only a problem of big cities, but it is hitting us here in the suburbs. The recent fires in California have revealed another critical and urgent problem, climate change. I will represent the community in our desire for clean air & water.

Although I believe these are some issues that are top of mind for the district residents, I will not assume they are, so I will be reaching out to citizens groups, to understand the issues of most concern & work diligently to ensure the party focuses on the issues that affect us most here in the Bay Area.

I believe our country’s democracy has been severely tested this past election cycle & has reawakened us to the value of democracy. I am motivated by the election of Joe Biden that we can come together as Americans & work on the issues that concern people of all races, colors, beliefs & national origins.

I look forward to your support in becoming an ADEM 28 delegate.

Sashi Begur

David Fradin, Distinguished Professor, teaches and consults on product management and product marketing worldwide, teaching product success based on his experience and books.

He began his career in 1970 by forming a nationwide student organization supporting science and technology and lobbying Congress for the Space Shuttle and Energy independence.

He organized the first Soviet/American student exchange and National Energy Youth Conference culminating in being one of the 23 finalists for the White House Fellows program out of 1800 applicants.

He was one of the world’s first environmental mediators and resolved some of the nation’s most contentious environmental, economic, and energy conflicts.

He was the principal author of the Independent Republican Party of Minnesota’s 1978 platform on taxes, business climate, environment, and energy. He then was the campaign chairman for a successful governor’s race and an unsuccessful presidential bid by former Texas Governor and Secretary of Treasury John Connally.

He holds a BSE from the University of Michigan and has been a resident of California since 1980.

He worked at Hewlett-Packard and was a business unit manager at Apple at the same management level as Steve Jobs at that time, plus several other companies and startups.

He left the Republican party over Newt Gingrich’s President Clinton’s impeachment and joined Move On and has voted Democratic since.

In 2012 he ran the IT for the Obama Los Gatos phone bank enabling over 15,000 calls to voters in swing states.

In 2000 he called or texted over 4,000 voters in swing states for the Biden/Harris ticket.

As a delegate, he will focus on the party coordinating with the national party and Silicon Valley to develop and enhance digital tools to help register voters, identify supporters, and turn them out for the vote.

David Fradin

I am a first generation college educated woman from a family of working class immigrants from Mexico. I am the only one in my extended family that has received a graduate degree. I served on active duty in the US Navy and continue to serve in the Navy Reserves for over 20 years. I believe in the power of community and grassroots organizing. As a professional in the Human Resources field, I see the impact that policies have in real world situations.

My priorities are focused on ensuring that my community is able to achieve its full potential. This includes affordable housing, quality education to include affordable post-secondary schooling, healthcare, and food security. Another way of maintaining the health of the community is combating global climate change and racial inequities. I want to be a champion for positive change.

Angelica Cortez Woodward

As the mother of two young red-headed daughters, I want to do everything within my power to build a better future for them. The ideas pushed by the right threaten the foundational principles of our democracy; all humans should be treated equally, very vote matters, the government is for/of by the people. I’ve worked he’d in my local community to uphold these values and will serve faithfully as a delegate to ensure our endorsements reflect the progressive ideals of our party.

Heidi Owens

Dear CA AD28 community:

My name is Jason Park, and I am a candidate running to be your next AD Delegate. I am a longtime resident of this District, and I call the South Bay region my home: I attended Eaton Elementary School and Lawson Middle School in Cupertino and graduated from Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. Currently I am an undergraduate student at Occidental College. I am also a child of the IT boom here in the Silicon Valley, which has made us a global leader and heart of innovation and ingenuity.

From serving two Democratic Members of Congress to becoming one of the youngest CA delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, I have a stellar record of not only serving people and communities but also bringing people together and establishing long-lasting partnerships. It is one that has been recognized by many outstanding leaders, including President Obama and CA Secretary Padilla, who awarded me the President’s Service Award and the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Award, respectively.

As AD Delegate, one of my priorities is to ensure that the state levels of the Democratic Party hear youth voices on policy issues that are important to us, such as climate change, gun reform, campaign finance reform, racial justice, and more. Students and young Democrats like myself will be the next generation of elected leaders, civil and public servants. As the future of our Party, it is my belief that our voices should be heard in our Party loud and clear. Another one of my priorities is to represent the voices of AAPI communities here in our District. I am a proud first-generation Korean-American immigrant, and I am honored to have not only nominated our own Senator as the next Vice President, but also mobilized AAPI communities across the country in support of the Biden-Harris ticket through the campaign’s AAPI for Biden coalition.

My pledge to you is that as your next AD Delegate, I want Party business and the future of the CDP to reflect your vision, concerns, and views. I will use my position as Delegate to vote for State Party leadership who will serve you and for CDP endorsements of elected offices and propositions that align with values that you feel are important.

To learn more about me & my candidacy, please go to

Jason Isaac Park: Your Delegate, Your Voice.

Jason Isaac Park

My name is Rahul Vasanth, and I am finishing my first term as an elected delegate representing Assembly District 28. I would be honored to have your support and continue to serve as a Delegate.

I am a Progressive Democrat and currently serve as a Library Commissioner in my hometown. Speaking only for myself, COVID-19 has revealed a digital divide, where so many that reside in the heart of Silicon Valley do not have internet access and rely heavily on their local library. The severe isolation our senior citizens face has been exacerbated by the pandemic; we cannot allow them to fall through the cracks.

Far too many feel that their voice is not being heard, from Washington to Sacramento, and as someone that has been blessed to grow up in a community with many individuals with disabilities, I feel that so much more can be done. Though I have advocated for the construction of ELI disability housing and all-inclusive playgrounds, I saw how being an elected delegate opened new channels that were more effective.

The first thing I did as a delegate was join the Disabilities Caucus, where I was able to learn from and connect with longtime activists and leaders that have been working tirelessly for decades. At the California Democratic Convention, I engaged in discussions with elected officials and public servants that design and implement policy, specifically on how state bills and agencies impact the construction VLI and ELI disability housing at the municipal level.

The pandemic has magnified a number of issues; a local school district is considering closing multiple schools and this is putting immense strain on parents, teachers, and students. Legislators and party leaders need to hear how the 3rd grade student in a SDC program feels about potentially losing her school and what many parents think about an arcane funding model that slashes per-pupil funding.

To me, this is what being a delegate is about; engaging with party leaders, public servants, and grassroots activists to ensure that your voice is being heard.

A vote for me is a vote for accountability, transparency, and reform. I believe in government that puts the people first, a government that empowers the disenfranchised, and a government that stands against the corrosive effects of dark money in politics.

I would be honored to have your support.


Rahul Vasanth

Current AD-28 Delegate

Rahul Vasanth

I am a Democrat, born and raised in the Bay Area. Having worked professionally as a Creative Producer in the film industry and a Project Manager in Silicon Valley, I’m now pursuing the opportunity to effect change in my community through civil service and uphold the values of the Democratic party. As an Indian American and daughter of immigrants, I look to support those whose voices most need uplifting in the name of social progress, while we are in the midst of one of the most devastating health crises of our time. I have always held an interest in holding a public title and am honored to seek a Delegate role with the California Democratic Party.

Esha Rao

It is my honor to request your support for my candidacy to serve as a Democratic Party delegate. I am a long time Democratic party activist having worked on local and national campaigns in California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, supporting Democratic candidates through canvassing, fund raising, letter writing, phone banking, and opposition research. I have served as a Precinct Leader and Precinct Leader Coordinator for Congressional Campaigns in California and as an appointed Precinct Leader captain in Pennsylvania.

As your delegate, I will strive to represent ADEM 28’s diverse interests, something I am well placed to do given my extensive political and work experiences as well as background as the son of immigrants from Asia and Europe. I look forward to representing our district’s interests, while supporting our party’s many ideals and constituencies and strengthening our party locally. I will continue to be an energetic Democratic Party worker in advancing the election of our candidates and endorsing resolutions and ballot measures. California is a progressive state and I look forward to ensuring that our district’s voice is heard at the state level and that our state’s voice receives appropriate attention nationally.

I plan to support bridge building among different caucuses, measures that promote environmentally-sensitive and equitably beneficial growth, and California’s continuing engagement with the wider world.

I am the Executive Director of a California-based non-profit think tank and a Distinguished Professor for a top university in China. I have extensive experience in the education/research field as well as international education with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley. I also have a background in investment banking and banking regulatory work for the US federal government.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to giving you my best as an ADEM 28 delegate!

Jean-Marc Yonghui Blanchard

Alexia Worsham is a resident of AD 28 for over 20 years, moving here after receiving a master’s degree in health services administration. She lives in Redwood Estates with her husband and twin sons. Her primary areas of interest are health care and education, systems that are being stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Alexia is running to represent families like hers — people with disabilities, their family members, caregivers, and service providers — because their voices are too often missing from discussions of public policies and legislation that impact them. Alexia was elected to the executive committee of the California Democratic Party Disabilities Caucus in 2017 as an At-Large Member, and again in 2019 to her current position as Recording Secretary. She has attended every CDP E-Board meeting and convention during the past four years.

Alexia retired in 2015 after 16 years of service with the County of Santa Clara, to better advocate for the special education needs of her children. During her employment with the County, she worked as a manager and analyst for several different departments of the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System. She was a member of the County Employees Management Association, and is now a member of the Retired Public Employees’ Association of California. She is employed by NAMI Santa Clara County, the local affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness, in the position of Deputy Director from 2017-2019 and now as a teacher and speaker.

Alexia’s history of volunteer work includes: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) through Child Advocates of Silicon Valley; School Captain for Lexington Elementary School with Los Gatos Education Foundation; social media intern for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte; and social media for Bay Area Women’s March. She has served as a Member of the Board of Directors for two nonprofit organizations that provide services to adults with developmental disabilities, Hope Services and Greater Opportunities.

Political volunteer experience includes support for Democratic candidates for President, Governor, State Assembly, and State Senate, as well as campaigns for local offices and for ballot initiatives. Alexia was elected as an At-Large Member of the Executive Board of the Silicon Valley Democratic Club and is currently running for re-election.

Alexia Worsham

To my fellow progressive warriors,

I am seeking your honorable support for delegate. In 2019, I was elected as the youngest delegate at 18 years old, tied with the highest number of votes. I am humbled to have gained the trust of my community and fellow progressive champions.

Being a local community college student who recently transferred to the University of California Berkeley, my education in political science has enabled me with a great understanding of the disparities in our community through various fronts. For the past few years, I have worked with our local/national elected leaders to advocate for the values we believe in.

Seeing and working on many community projects and serving in leadership roles from the prime age of 11 years old has increased my hunger to serve the public. As a 20-year-old young woman of color, I have always stood up against injustice in our society. And I want to continue to use my passion and fire to make sure our voices are heard while creating a positive impact.

The world needs us. The world needs warriors like you and I to take the torch of compassion forward. Making a difference takes dedication, hunger, and hard work. I want to raise awareness of issues like mental health, gun control, human rights, and education and bring a stronger youth perspective to the Democratic Party and beyond AD28. With a strong plan and a positive attitude, nothing is impossible!

Thank you and I hope I have your support.

Anusha Kondiparti

Hi! My name is Heather Wright, and I am a proud healthcare worker and union member of SEIU-UHW West.

My earliest memories of being involved in politics was going door knocking with my dad and placing signs in people’s yards for Norm Mineta when he ran for Mayor back in the mid 70’s. I also have fond memories of doing the same for Zoe Lofgren and watching my former principal Mike Honda rise-up through the ranks, representing the Democratic Party.

I have used my position as a leader within my union to amplify the voice of my fellow healthcare workers by engaging and building relationships with our elected officials. Most recently as we saw SB275 pass, which ensures that medical facilities have the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) stockpile necessary that allows our frontline healthcare workers to do their job without unnecessarily risking their lives.

I am a part of SEIU-UHW’s AFRAM (African-American) caucus and serve on our Executive Board, and both are committed to serving not only our union members, but also reach out to support communities both inside and outside of California. I recently, along with my union brothers and sisters, phone banked to “flip Arizona,” in the Presidential Election, which we did successfully, and now we are phone banking and speaking to Georgians in support of Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to win back these very crucial Senate seats.

I am proud to be a front-line worker that truly puts our patients’ needs first. I work in the OB/GYN department scheduling procedures that have long-lasting effects, and so to be that welcoming voice of comfort, helping to dispel some of their fear and anxiety, really means a lot to me.

I am running for ADEM, District 28 because I want to continue being the voice for others. Those that are not comfortable speaking up for themselves, but still have the right to be heard.

So remember, return your ballot by Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

You cannot go wrong when you vote for Heather Wright.

Heather J Wright

My name is Ray Buyco and I am a candidate for Assembly 28 District Delegate.

I am a history instructor at San Jose State University and a professional musician. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the California Faculty Association-SJSU chapter as Political Action and Legislative Chair. I am a CFA SJSU delegate to the South Bay Labor Council. I am a member of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 6. I am proud to have volunteered over many election cycles to help elect California Democratic Party endorsed candidates to local, state, and national offices.

I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I want to help ensure that our party pushes hard to raise working people’s standard of living, improve, fund and support public education, public health and safety, and infrastructure improvements. Democrats should prioritize policies that help build a California that is affordable for all, especially for young people, who are the future of our great state. We must address the housing shortage more quickly and effectively than we have done so far. Of course, all of our future work to improve the state and the lives of its people must be done with great care for our environment.

Thank you for reading my statement. I humbly ask for your vote.

Thank you,

Ray Buyco

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I would be honored to have your vote of support for delegate. I am a current Councilmember in Cupertino and the past chair of the Planning Commission and Environmental Review Committee. I am the proud mom of two sons who have graduated from our local schools through university level.

My background is in Civil Engineering, land development, and I support a rational approach to development. As Chair of our Planning Commission, I have advocated for residents’ interests. Applying my Civil Engineering background to complex planning issues, I have brought sound reasoning and accountability through training, policy changes and thorough evaluations of statutory requirements.

I support inclusive and varied housing to balance jobs and decrease commutes, but first and foremost, I will ensure residents’ interests are not derailed by special interests. We need to support our workers and families while the region is challenged by the pandemic and economic pressures. Students need to be supported while they have had a huge shift in their education delivery.

We all have much in common, and we need progressive leadership that works to recognize our differences while doing the difficult, thoughtful work of bringing us together honestly.

I will ensure accountability, fairness, transparency, and rational decision-making which protects the interests of our community to tackle challenges regarding employment, equity, transportation, housing, the environment, family health, and education.

I would be humbled and honored to have your vote.

Kitty Moore

Sharon Wan is a computer engineer, a research scientist and an entrepreneur who has been working in the tech industry for over 25 years. She and her husband are raising two children in Saratoga.

As a new delegate, Sharon will strive to be a strong voice to make our party reflective of our values. She’ll continue to prioritize growing a strong middle-class economy, ensuring high quality free public education, protecting women’s rights to equal pay and reproductive freedom, protecting our air and water, protecting our immigrant, minority, and LGBTQ communities against bigotry and prejudice.

Sharon would be honored to receive your support and vote.

Sharon Wan

Fellow Democrats,

I would be humbled to have your support for E-Board and Delegate.

I am a progressive, and a grassroots activist who has worked for a variety of campaigns, office holders, and advocacy organizations.

From my experience I have realized the need for progressive change in the community. Working in the constituent service departments in elected offices has taught me how normal people are left behind by the politcal process, and are disadvantaged in favor of the donor class and big corporations.

I have seen how marginalized minority communties are being priced out of the bay area, and face increased difficulty in every aspect of daily life. In my career, I have had the oppurutnity to work with these communities especially on issues like civic education, public housing, and healthcare.

As a college Freshman, my youth has imbued me with a yearning for political change. Pairing my youth with my experience in politics, I will champion ideas that will make a difference in the lives of the working class, and specifically low income communities of color. I believe that we as democrats ought to reject special interest money, and embrace ideas like UBI, and fight to eliminate corporate welfare which helps the powerful and prey on the defenceless.

Sathvik Kaliyur

I am running to become an Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee to be actively involved in the California Democratic Party and support its local activities in Assembly District 28.

I transplanted myself from the Upper Midwest to Northern California over 25 years ago and this place still amazes me for the opportunities available to everyone living here. Overcoming the challenges of putting-down roots here has never been easy, and I’ve become increasingly concerned over the years about these challenges becoming even more difficult for the generations who will follow.

Our regional economic security is increasingly impacted by income inequality. Systemic racial, justice and homeless issues emerge and take hold as communities segregate economically. Our environmental security is threatened because regional planning is fragmented and difficult when it comes to urban development and public transportation systems.

As an infrastructure planner in tech, I’ve learned that policy choices are difficult when it’s necessary to scale solutions across competing jurisdictions with entrenched interests. People need to be actively engaged in make conscious choices and influence outcomes that benefit their communities. Such policy choices cannot be passively left to “market forces” or we will all be victims in the long run.

I want to get involved with the Party and use my voice and my energies in representing my local community to shape the policy choices being advanced both regionally and statewide.

Joseph Ramsey

Hello South Bay Democrats! My name is Winston Taylor Vo and I’m a lifelong resident of Saratoga, though I fondly consider all the communities in AD28 to be my home. I’m running to be a CDP Delegate for our district because I understand the unique set of values we Democrats cherish here and the continuing local and state challenges that we must address so that we remain a land of opportunity.

As the son of Vietnamese refugees who has found a budding career at a local biotech company, I am fortunate to have experienced the American Dream here in AD28: beautiful nature preserves, a melting pot of cultures, a strong productive economy, and a quality public education that began in the Saratoga Union School District and culminated with my attendance at UC Berkeley. However, I have also witnessed local issues that have endured since my childhood: lacking transportation infrastructure, rising home insecurity, greedy for profit utilities, fierce debates over zoning, and an ever increasing cost of living that threatens to price out the new generation and with it, the undermining of our public schools and local economy.

I would be honored to represent my hometown and the surrounding areas as a delegate to the CDP. As someone who was born in and intends to permanently reside in the South Bay, I can be a crucial political voice to ensure that current and future generations in this great state can have the opportunity to enjoy the quality of life we in AD28 are privileged to have today and see that the challenges we face find resolutions that work for the common Californian.

Winston Vo

My name is Rakasi M Reddy, I studied and graduated with M.S in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru, Karnataka state,India and B.S in mechanical engineering from OsmaniaUniversity, AP, india. I worked as senior scientific Officer at National aeronautical Laboratory, Bangaluru, karnataka, India for some time. I was interested to pursue higher education for PhD program in Mechanical Engineering, at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA,USA. I have received another M.S. degree in mechanical engineering and worked as Senior research engineer at NASA Langlely, Hampton, VA for some time. In search of a suitable job, I moved to Bayarea of California, lived and worked for many more years. When I got citizenship, and becaus of policies of the Democratic party, I registered for Democratic party, I voted for all elections, in primaries of Generel elections and Midterm elections for 25 years continuosley without missing any elections. I also worked for many community programs, with peoples, parents of school childrens, and school district teachers during these years. Now I am asking your vote for me to get elected as a Domocratic delegate of District #18, of Santa clara county, CA.

Thanking you,




Hi, my name is Ángel! I’m the youngest of three boys, all born and raised in San Jose. My parents immigrated from Mexico in the ’80s and lived in different areas of the Bay before settling down in San Jose. (AD28). I enjoy reading political theory, playing competitive pokemon, thrifting, and as of today, I’m working my dream job as a Community Relations Aid for a city council office.

I was really pushed to develop a political lens after my stepdad was deported when I was 9. Having the lived experience of such a traumatic event and seeing how my community and elected officials came together to help my family made me want to embrace local politics and community service. I ran with those experiences to gain my degree in Politics & Education from UC Santa Cruz. I think my working background in public policy and educational pedagogy, as well as lived experience, makes me a well rounded and empathetic candidate.

I’m passionate about Economic Justice (i.e. small business relief, UBI, waiving student debt, Pandemic Assitance) Racial Equity (reconciling racial injustices, reparations, introducing/mandating ethnic studies), Immigration Reform (abolishing ICE, amnesty, pathways to citizenship for DACA recipients), and Health Policies (tackling racial bias in healthcare systems, equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine).

I hope you consider voting for me; thank you!

Angel Madero

I am Olivia Navarro and I am running for re-election as your AD28 Delegate. I am a proud woman of color, daughter of immigrant parents, mother of 3, and labor advocate. I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to get a seat at the table, but together with passion and determination, I know we will continue to make change happen.

It has been my life’s work to empower those that didn’t have a voice in our community. I have forged working relationships with Democratic party clubs and organizations and built great relationships with many of our party leaders. I have founded the Stonewall Democratic Club to empower our LGBTQ community and founded Movimiento Democratic Coalition of the South Bay which advocates for people of color, where I am currently the chair. I have served as a co-chair of the endorsement committee for the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee.

I have organized volunteers, fundraisers, precinct walks, and phone banks to support Democratic endorsed candidates, measures, and propositions. I have supported elected Democrats and the policies they are trying to implement to help out our working-class families. While we all have worried about the White House, we must not forget about our local communities. Our neighbors have been impacted greatly by fear and we must work together to reverse the damage that the previous administration inflicted on many innocent people.

Our party needs strong, independent leaders that will not compromise their values while working to revitalize our party. I have championed for change against the status quo and promise to continue to advocate for our party to embrace diversity and for it to become more equitable. I fight vigorously to implement our party’s platform which is about equality, opportunity, and environmental protection.

We need to keep on fighting for a health care system that is available for everyone! We have to protect and stand up for our immigrants, working class families, and victims of assault and bullying. It is my hope that together, we will spread our California vision to the rest of the country. I would be honored to continue to serve you and I kindly ask for your VOTE as your Delegate for our California Democratic Party.

Olivia Navarro

A 21-year resident of Assembly District 28, I am passionate about serving my community, protecting democracy, and advancing equity. Growing up in a progressive Quaker family, I was taught from an early age the core values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. I strive to live out these values on a daily basis, living lightly on the Earth and resolving conflict with a win/win spirit.

In my first career, I taught high school Spanish teacher for six years and then served as an educational therapist for 20 years. One of my favorite roles was teaching a bilingual “Amigos del Algebra” class for East Side Union High School District and Franklin McKinley School District.

After I got woke to the climate crisis, I began to advocate for climate action, volunteering with Citizens Climate Lobby and 350 Silicon Valley. I found my sweet spot with Mothers Out Front, a national movement of mothers and others mobilizing for a livable climate for all children. In 2016, I cofounded Mothers Out Front Silicon Valley, which was named San Jose’s 2019 Climate Smart Champion of the Year.

I now work full time as Mothers Out Front’s Senior California Organizer, empowering parents, grandparents and youth to advance climate policies in their city, county and state. Under my leadership, our Silicon Valley team played a key role in convincing the San Jose to adopt Community Choice Energy, craft an ambitious Climate Smart plan, declare a Climate Emergency, preserve Coyote Valley, and adopt a strong building electrification code. We’ve also advocated for setback limits to protect fenceline communities.

My volunteer service has included:

• tutoring English as a Second Language

• teaching Sunday school

• serving on the Board of International Dyslexia Association-Northern California Branch

• coaching Math Olympics

• volunteering with SURJ at Sacred Heart

It would be an honor to serve as a Delegate for AD 28. I would bring to this role my passion for justice and equity, speaking truth to power, and a deep understanding of the intersection of climate justice and resiliency, equity and empowerment, and public health—plus my first love, education.

As a delegate, I’d work with party leaders to advance progressive polices and candidates committed to creating a world that works for all—and one which we can hand on to our children and grandchildren.

Linda Hutchins-Knowles

Our state stands at a crossroads. Do we continue to stumble on common-sense issues that plague us every day? Or can we be a party that rises to the occasion and meets the challenges that face California?

Unlike other circumstances, the California Democrats handle a decisive mandate to represent the people of California. Our citizenry trusts representatives and this party with a wide margin to seek a more equitable way of life for all of us. Our themes resonate with the people of this state- fairness, opportunity, entrepreneurship, sustainability- these qualities of life reverberate among voters from Shasta to San Diego.

We must pave the way for these themes to represent our platform. And that is what I intend on doing. My name is Manit Sripadam, and I am running as a candidate for the California Democratic Party because I believe in the message that Californians strive for- our way of life in this great state be tied heavily with the values of justice. It is these values I think speaks to me as a young person.

My age doesn’t imply a lack of sagacity, but rather a member that is willing to seek bold solutions to our problems. One that won’t shy away from an argument, who will remain accountable, who will keep the dynamics of this party turning. That is my solemn promise.

The COVID-19 epidemic has driven a stake into every Californian man, woman, and child. It has exposed deep cracks in our system. I will fight to make sure the platform devotes resources to our over-burdened health system, our tired health care providers, and adequate resources for those seeking care. This epidemic is not just a temporary nuisance on how we need to do more for health in California, but a deep exposé into the continued flaws in our system.

The COVID-19 epidemic has not just exposed a health crisis, but in our economy, housing, and environment. An unaccountable party would ignore the plights of small businesses, evicted individuals, victims of circumstance cast aside. I say that an inclusive party must instead stretch an outreached hand to people bereaved for months to come. We must prevent the closures, the evictions, the personal bankruptcies. We must be both compassionate and forward-thinking.

As your representative, it is my promise to fight for a change to these inadequate and unjust structures. Because the current system isn’t cutting it.

Manit Sripadam

My name is Neil—I am a full-time social justice organizer and lead of a Housing Justice group based in Cupertino. I’d be honored to have your vote to represent our district in the California Democratic Party—to bring an unapologetic, left, and informed Gen Z voice to a process that is often guided by insider politics, instead of the pursuit of justice. I am running because I refuse to sit on the sidelines as our planet slowly burns and the rich get richer, damning me and my future family, all the while knowing that our state party has endorsed candidates that have continuously provided incremental change. I have never felt at home in the Democratic party, but I strongly believe that it’s our best shot at overcoming a system that has continuously failed those who are most marginalized—so much so that the Republican party has somehow cultivated a dystopian image as a working class party.

I know you are ready to continue to rebuild our party from the group up. I am too. So let’s do this.

Neil Park-McClintick

I was born and raised in Saratoga, graduated with a Computer Engineering degree and a minor in Business from University of California, San Diego. I am currently a Solutions Consultant for a Robotic Process Automation(RPA) start up called Automation Anywhere and want to bring technology to the political process. As technology advances, it is up to us to ensure we put up guard rails for our most vulnerable and to do so, we need to have an understanding of that technology. I hope to be a voice that can speak to the different risk and benefits of leveraging modern technology for the masses.

I currently serve as a board member for the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Party where we raise awareness on issues that affect our local community. I am also a member of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats and have been previously appointed by Assembly Member Evan Low to represent our district as an ADEM Delegate(2016-2018). During this appointment, I voted on important bills to endorse and who we wanted our party leadership to be. I am running for ADEM because I think it is important to voice my story as a South Asian American and bring more South Asians into the political process through showing them that we can do it too. Furthermore, as technology becomes more advanced, I want to be able to give my expertise so we can anticipate any potential problems that arise. If elected, I will continue to push issues that may be overlooked by the majority but are deeply relevant to our community. I will lead by example to show those who look like me that our voices matter too. I will highlight the importance of having someone with a technology background that can anticipate future outcomes and mitigate against them.

I enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking, doing magic, specifically card magic and dancing. In fact, I am a professional Bhangra(Punjabi folk dance) dancer and have performed at countless Warriors game halftime shows, weddings and run classes for kids and adults in Saratoga. I am excited to bring this energy to ADEM and look forward to your support!

Please visit to see more information about the AD-28 Equity Slate

Sameer Kausar