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Candidate Statements

Candidate statement in English:

Declaración del candidato en español:

Local Endorsements (titles for identification purposes only)

Karen Araujo, Chair, Monterey County DCC

Alan Haffa, Vice-Mayor of Monterey

Bill Monning, Senate Majority Leader Emeritus

Coco Raner-Walter, Chair, Santa Cruz County DCC

Mark Stone, Assemblyman AD 29

Tim Willoughby, President, Democratic Club of North Santa Cruz County

Statewide Endorsements (titles for identification purposes only)

Norma Alacala, Vice-Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus

Lester Aponte, Chair, LGBT Caucus

Derek Devermont, DNC

Becca Doten, DNC

Delaine Eastin, former Superintendent of Schools

Carolyn Fowler, CADEM Executive Board

Emilie Gatfield, CADEM Affirmative Action Committee

Brandon Harami, CADEM Executive Board

Brigette Hunley, Chair, Computer and Internet Caucus

Michael Kapp, DNC

Andrew Lachman, DFI, DNC

Sandra Lowe, DNC

RL Miller, Chair, Environmental Caucus

Jillynn Molina-Williams, Chair, Veteran’s Caucus

Christine Pelosi, Chair, Women’s Caucus

Melahat Raiei, DNC

Dean Rewerts, Rural Caucus Regional Chair

Deborah Skurnik, DNC

Joy Sterling, Chair, Rural Caucus

Lise Talbott, Rural Caucus Regional Chair

Igor Tregub, Sierra Club

Juan Vasquez, Rural Caucus Regional Chair

Laurence Zakson, DNC LGBT Caucus Secretary

Manuel Zapata, CADEM Executive Board


Glenn Glazer

I come from a family of Union tradespeople and teachers and as a carpenter, am no stranger to hard, physical work. As an organizer and the son of a teacher, I’m also no stranger to the even harder work of motivation and inclusion. As with any difficult project, success depends on having the right team, and I have had the honor of being included on an amazing team that is the AD 29 Progressive/Labor Slate comprised of people bringing a broad array of backgrounds and perspectives, but all unified in the goal of ensuring that the Democratic Party continues to improve outreach and responsiveness, mobilize voters, elect candidates who are willing to set aside personal and corporate interests, and always put people first.

As a Carpenters Union Representative, I’ve had the privilege to work with a large segment of our population who are dedicated to their families, their communities, and our democracy, but who’ve never been engaged in the political process.

These are the people who suffer workplace abuses, who are exploited by our banks, who are victimized by law enforcement, who live in food deserts, who are poisoned by our pesticides and our waste, and are left out of our digital infrastructure. These are the people who I represent every day, and these are the people whose voices I promise to lift if you choose to allow me to continue to represent them, you, and all of AD 29 along with my fellow Progressive/Labor Slate candidates (found here: )

In Solidarity,

Sean Hebard

Sean Hebard

My name is Arlene Haffa and I am running to serve a second term as one of your delegates in Assembly District 29. I am a scientist. My work efforts are dedicated to research in sustainable agriculture and to educating the next generation of scientists. The definition of sustainability that I hold includes the protection of the environment, economic interests, workers, and society. I am working with both grower partners and other agencies to optimize on-farm management practices. We are seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large conventional and small organic commercial farms while reducing water and pesticide use and improving soil health.

My students are highly diverse and motivated, and it is an honor to serve them on their pathway to becoming our nation’s next scientists, medical practitioners and educators. I am a beneficiary of strong public K12 and university school systems and support funding education. Therefore I have chosen to work for a state university, and to give back what I am able.

I volunteer as the Political Action Chair and delegate to the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council for my union, the California Faculty Association. On my campus I serve as the chair of both my department and the Educational Planning and Policy Committee of the Academic Senate. These opportunities have given me a greater understanding behind the logistics of getting collaborative work done, as well as how policy is moved forward.

The pandemic has exposed how the inequitable access to the pursuit of happiness has made us all fragile. I believe in listening to all stakeholders before setting policy, but have a firm commitment to the environment, access to education and healthcare, and the protection of civil rights. I think that without interweaving these multiple components we will not find solutions to the challenges that we face. For example, environmental problems can’t be solved without affordable housing near public transit, or, job sites or supporting the hardware and infrastructure providing access to remote work. And, we can neither realize widespread affordable housing nor healthcare availability without a strong educational system that has seats at the table for all.

I would be honored to have your vote and to represent this environmentally and economically important region on your behalf.

Arlene Haffa

My work includes work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and administrator. My activist experience is extensive. During the past 4 years I served as lead for Swingleft Santa Cruz. I organized 125 events over the past 2 years. These included 4 trips to Arizona providing voter registration and door to door canvassing prior to the pandemic. 1 of the 4 events included 35 Santa Cruzans traveling there to help flip the Senate and White House. I am really proud of our effort. In addition I organized many letter writing party/actions where we ultimately mailed 60,000+ personalized Get Out the Vote letters to all the swing states. These organizing actions started out in person then I shifted to online. I also organized many phonebanks to Arizona and other states including South Carolina . Further I facilitated the Democratic Party providing support to Native American organizing in Arizona. In the end we helped elect Mark Kelly to Senate by 2.4% and Biden/Harris by .3% 10,457 votes. The Santa Cruz Sentinel gave us front page coverage for our accomplishment. I am continuing to work hard to elect the remaining two vital Senate Georgia elections. which includes phonebanks , letter writing and fundraising.

In 2017 and 2018 I organized big carpools of up to 100 people to canvass door to door in the Central Valley and to successfully flip Congressional Districts 10 and 21. This was part of the overall effort to flip the House in 2018 which was so important to put a check on the administration.

I believe the Democratic Party has the potential to organize people to a much greater degree than it historically has. The Democratic Party needs to put more resources into organizing people into action and community rather than expensive television ads. We really need to be better prepared for 2022 and 2024. If I receive the most votes I will also be able to serve on the State Executive Board which gives us a greater ability to influence the Democratic Party. I take my volunteer political work seriously and will give it my best. We need to build a greater we. If you have suggestions or questions I am ready to listen and engage. Thank you for taking action for the change we need.

Rene’ Bloch


60,000 Personalized Letters mailed to Get Out the Vote

Rene Bloch

As a candidate for AD 29, my principles include the following:

– California must be a beacon of hope for the nation.

– California must continue to lead the way for progressive reform.

– California should work toward the elimination of the Electoral College, so that EVERYONE’s vote counts.

– California should work toward a Single Payer Health Care System: let’s level the playing field for quality health care for ALL Americans.

– We must continue to work towards securing additional funding for public schools.

– Health care on the central coast is one of the MOST expensive markets in the entire nation: we must hold health care providers accountable to the people.

– California must work to UNITE the nation and the work starts here.

I am running with 13 other candidates on the Progressive/ Labor Slate and would appreciate your vote.

Kati Bassler

My name is Darin Compton, I am a lifelong resident of District 29 and running for ADEM District 29 Delegate. I was born here, educated here, and together with my wife Tami, an elementary school teacher, raised our family here. California and specifically our district are very special places. They are the heart of the democratic party, and the heart of the labor movement. It is no wonder that the beauty of the bay area and its innovative economy has attracted folks from all over the world. I have worked in the construction industry my entire life, and as a representative for labor with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and a delegate for the Santa Clara-San Benito Counties building and construction trades council will continue to fight for working families. Representing hard working folks of all backgrounds and demographics, some of whom have been left behind by the incredible challenges of the pandemic, will be a challenge for some time to come. If we work together, I feel that affordable housing, affordable education, affordable health care and a living wage are not only achievable but essential. Your elected delegates will play an important role by:

•Voting on official Democratic party endorsements

•Voting on resolutions

•Adopting a platform

•Electing Regional Directors

•And electing CDP officers

Your vote is important, and I appreciate your consideration for ADEM District 29 Delegate along with the entire progressive and diverse, labor friendly slate of candidates running together in the Democratic Assembly District Delegate Election AD29. For more information please visit:

Darin Compton

Every Democrat deserves an equal voice in the local political arena. I am deeply committed to Democratic values, youth civic engagement, voter education, women’s reproductive rights, good environmental stewardship, and effective governance. I am currently serving my second term on the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee. Since 2017, I have been part of a weekly postcard group asking for support across the country for state and local Democratic candidates as well as urging them to choose to vote by mail to combat voter suppression and increase voter participation rates. I am also active in the group “Breaking the Glass Ballot,” to get more women to run for office in local and regional elections.

In mid-2017, I wrote a grant for the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party and was able to fund and organize the first Civics Summit for high school students. The second Civics Summit was held in January, 2020, and funded entirely by local sponsors. These collaborations with the County Office of Education and the Santa Cruz County Elections office gave local high school students a better understanding of our local government, the importance of voting, how to register and vote, and ways to get involved. In 2018 and 2020, I served as the Campaign Coordinator for the local Democratic Party, reaching voters via postcards, texting, door hangers, and emails. Listening to our community and working towards consensus and common goals is how I approach any outreach and local activism.

The Democratic Party is at a critical point now. We have survived four years of regressive and incompetent policies by Trump supporters and toadies. Our democracy has been undermined by ideologues more interested in destroying democracy than working for the people they represent. This has to stop and Democrats of conscience have to step up.

In times like these, with the flagrant disregard for the rule of law in the national political realm, and increased negativity and political polarization, I believe a diversity of opinion, willingness to work together as a group, and creative problem-solving are essential qualities to have in a Democratic governing party. I would appreciate your vote for the Assembly District Delegation.

Gigi Kelbert

My platform in two words: Green. Growth.

Green: Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to protect and enhance our villages, cities, county, state, nation, planet.

Growth: Business friendly. Especially small business, the cradle of prosperity.

We welcome Blue-Green blending as well as Red-Green to create a broad, center-sensible movement. We reject Wing Nuts of any hue.

We reject PACs, Dark and Corporate Money, especially Citizens United.

Green Growth embraces Grass Roots organizing.

Green Growth embraces planting for mudslide prevention, reforestation.

Green Growth welcomes innovation like a sprout seeks sun.

I guarantee if you give me your vote, your individual vote WILL count. Your vote will find a voice. Loud. Intrusive. Not always polite, when people are hurting.

I guarantee it as an entertainer (Doc Holliday Presents, Mountain Community Theater) as a networker (volunteer efforts across the county) and as a guy who is not afraid to go down in flames, if some of that fire can be directed at predatory, dysfunctional systems.

Vote for Scott Deal, District 29 Delegate, California Democratic Party.

Your vote will find a voice.

Scott Deal

It would be my honor to represent you as an Assembly District Delegate to the CA Democratic Party, ensuring our local perspectives are voiced and reflected in the State Party Platform. My family has lived in Monterey County for nearly 60 years. I am a graduate of North Monterey County High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from New York University. My career has included programmatic and organizational leadership roles in human service organizations in Monterey County, New York City, and San Francisco. I currently serve as Chief of Staff to Monterey County Fifth District Supervisor Mary Adams; where I focus on issues related to Racial Equity, Health and Human Services, Economic and Workforce Development, Education, and Regional Transportation & Traffic. In January 2021, I will transition to serving as Chief of Staff to the incoming Fourth District Supervisor, enabling me to focus even more intentionally on the issues of import to our party. Prior to my work at the local government level, I served as Vice President, Community Investments for United Way Monterey County. This non-profit work is where I developed a deep understanding of the many needs in our community which require strong democratic response. As an elected member, and current Chair, of the Monterey Peninsula Community College District Board of Trustees, I under the processes of governance and the importance of strong policies to guide action. Additionally, as a member of the Board of the Democratic Women of Monterey County, I will be well positioned to leverage local party members in my service as your ADD. As you consider casting your vote for me to be your representative, you need to know that I am mother of two school-aged young children; creating a California, and world, that is worthy of them, is what fuels my every action. Finally, I encourage you to consider casting your vote for the slate of progressive democratic candidates I am proud to be a member of. You can find the slate information at

Thank you for your consideration.

Yuri Anderson

I am a lifelong Democrat who has lived the majority of my life in CA Assembly District 29. I love California, both the inimitable physical environment, and the diverse, inventive, forward-looking people. As a flower farmer, I am in daily touch with the environment. The day we evacuated from the CZU Complex Fire is indelibly etched in my mind as a reckoning and a call to action. The hazy orange skies rained ashes and chocked our lungs, a snapshot of failing to act as the earth becomes uninhabitable to us and our fellow creatures. Trying to figure out where we could flee without encountering another wildfire highlighted our interconnection. Assessing where we could safely stay during a pandemic reminded of the inequities COVID-19 has revealed and exacerbated, in housing, healthcare, education, job opportunities, and the undertow of systemic racism that pulls continuously against a just society.

I will represent the environmental concerns of our district and support solutions for fire recovery and future fire management. I will keep equity front of mind in addressing urgent concerns like affordable housing and universal, affordable healthcare. As I did with parent-teacher groups in my children’s public schools, I will advocate for schools and educators, so they can afford to live in district. Stories of children sitting in parking lots to garner WIFI for homework must sear our consciences and give us determination to make education and digital access equitable. As a small business owner, I will support policies that prioritize a thriving local economy and expanded opportunities for well-paid, rewarding, local jobs. I also believe that essential workers, especially farmworkers, need to be at the center of economic discussions. I will listen to and support those who are leading on issues of systemic racism and reform.

I believe that the Democratic Party should welcome a diverse coalition of people who want to work together to build a better society for all. I commit to:

•Base decisions on the democratic ideals in the Democratic Party Platform

•Support, and insist upon, civil discourse with fellow Democrats

•Show respect and listen to a diversity of opinions

•Listen and take direction from individuals and groups who have been historically marginalized

•Look beyond slogans to carefully analyze the complexities of issues that affect daily lives in District 29

Laura Gonzalez

I Jovita Dominguez, am placing myself on the Democratic Delegate ballot for 2021. I have been voted for two terms and I feel it is my obligation more than ever to continue my duty as a delegate, and make America better informed. I have been a Registered Nurse for 29 years and am a mother of three young adults. I care for the ill and I see what they face with lack of insurance and knowledge to care for themselves. I want all ages to be knowledgeable voters. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jovita Dominguez

Hello, my name is Maggie Duncan-Merrell. I have spent my life advocating for Democratic Party Policies and am grateful to have been elected a CADem delegate in 2018-2020 as a member of my local Democratic Central Committee. I was honored by the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party in 2019 when I was awarded “Democrat of the Year” for my efforts volunteering in the 2018 midterm elections.

I have been an active participant in politics and local organizations since high school. My first foray into activism was as a clinic escort at a local women’s health clinic, assisting women seeking an abortion to safely access the path from their car to the clinic’s front door. I have been a member of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, The Santa Cruz County Democratic Women’s Club as well as both a Santa Cruz City Parks & Rec Commissioner and now currently the Chair of the Santa Cruz County Parks & Rec Commission. I’m dedicated to giving back to my community while assisting many different candidates, volunteering to be on their campaign committees, walking precincts with candidates as well many literature drops and even traveling out of state to canvas for Democrats who have gone on to win their seats.

In 2020 I wrote 1000’s of postcards and organized other members of my circle to be on my team to reach to potential voters. I phone banked to Pennsylvania to assist Rep. Susan Wild who just barely held onto her seat. In addition to calling PA, I added Texas to my phone banking schedule in the final four weeks of the election. We didn’t win in TX, but our extensive outreach efforts in 2020 will surely help us secure wins in 2022

It would be an honor to represent our great state of California as a delegate once again and to be a part of helping choose our next Senator from CA. As we overcome this life altering pandemic our state will need dedicated participants in rebuilding local economies and governments and it’s important to pick candidates who will fulfill that goal.

As the great Paul Wellstone once said, “Everyone does better, when everyone does better”, which is why I’m a Democrat, why I assist Democratic candidates to get elected and why I am focused on elevating Democratic Party Policies whenever I can. Our party is truly the party of the people and I’d be honored to have your vote to become an ADem.

Maggie Duncan-Merrell

Being a Democrat isn’t about serving one segment of our population, nor should it be about one perspective/point of view. We need a space where all feel welcome to debate the issues, but in the end fight and promote the rights, opportunities, and safety of all Californians together. Though we have the majority of registered voters, there are still minority voices among us, and must do all we can to make sure all are included; it’s what democracy is all about! If you elect me as a 29th Assembly District Delegate, my #1 priority will be promoting democracy with civic participation at the core of advancing the party’s platform.

In an effort to achieve social/economic equity, I’ll work for the rights of not only under represented groups I belong to (BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community), but also those where I stand as an ally (Women, People with Disabilities, and Immigrants).

I’ll demand transparency and accountability for both party and government. Elections need to be at the center of our efforts, requiring us to support voting rights and remove barriers so that all eligible voters have every possibility of casting their ballot. I support efforts to the declare Election Day a holiday. We need to get corporate money out of politics, overturn Citizens United, and abolish the electoral college!

As a Monterey City Councilmember, I fight for all residents to have clean, safe, and assessable housing that is affordable in our community. I’ll advocate for policies that increase housing stock, particularly for families and individuals with low incomes. This also needs to be paired with transit-friendly zoning and walkable, bikeable neighborhoods to encourage sustainability, affordability, and accessibility. Additionally, I’ll work to protect the renter community, which makes up over 60% of our residence in Monterey.

I support single-payer healthcare, higher funding for teachers in the education system, a Green New Deal, gun violence prevention, unions and good paying jobs, criminal justice reform, advancing world peace and international partnerships, and our veterans and military families. Issues need to be the core of our politics, supported by a fair and transparent democracy. I respectfully ask for your vote to represent our district in the CA Democratic Party!

Check out the slate:

Tyller Williamson

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a 29th Assembly District Candidate. I began my political involvement as a Teen for Kennedy, evolved into a conservative military spouse, and in my 30s, began participating in liberal causes once more. Women’s equality and equity were my heart and soul, having been a divorced mother working my way through UCSC and piecing together welfare checks with my financial aid. I know what it is to depend on the kindness of strangers. When I finally got on my financial feet, it was time for me to give back.

I’ve served on many non-profit boards, including as president of the Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz (now Housing Matters). I’m currently affiliated with a social research organization that supports communities working toward racial equity, universal access to health care, non-violence, early childhood education, reducing homelessness, and other causes.

Previously, I was involved in transportation policy research, working with Congressional representatives, Secretaries of Transportation, Caltrans, and transportation agencies in China and South Korea. I learned to work hard, follow protocol, and keep my head low.

But when Donald Trump was elected, I got pissed. (Can I say that in a statement? Well, I did.) I joined the Women’s March, met up with some women who were equally fired up, and we started writing postcards to legislators, cabinet members, and corporate leaders. We read the news, picked our causes, and made our voices heard. Our group of a dozen women eventually teamed up with similar groups across the country… like Postcards to Voters, and Flip the West.

We knew that we were stronger when working together.

Soon, we were skipping over the legislators and heading straight for the voters… because that’s where it counts. As our chosen candidates won… or at least closed historic gaps… we cheered and were re-energized. After nearly four years of dedication (and writer’s cramp), we wrote and mailed out more than 30,000 postcards at our own expense. And that was just our group of a dozen rock-willed women working in concert for a cause.

Joe Biden’s election has emboldened us. It’s emboldened me. I know we can change things for the better… because we’re doing it already. And I want to keep doing it. Together. With you.

Donna Maurillo

I am a biracial Latina who serves the families of Monterey Peninsula as a bilingual speech-language pathologist in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District and a member of the California Teachers Association. As someone who works with some of the neediest families in our district who have students with communication needs, I hope to bring their voices to the forefront of the conversation on equity and racial justice. As a delegate I hope to bring the following issues to the democratic party: affordable healthcare, environmental protection, creating pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, putting an end to childhood separation and ending our dependency on fossil fuel in exchange for clean energy. I am running as part of a progressive slate of fourteen individuals that represent our district’s diverse community ( Together, we hope to bring more progressive values to the democratic party. Thank you for your support.

Stephanie McGuinness

My name is Justin Cummings and I am running for re-election as a delegate for assembly district 29 democratic party. The democratic party is in the process of going through a generational shift and we need young diverse representation that, through working collaboratively will ensure the success of the democratic party. As a millennial, I hope to promote and work on the many issues that young people face in this country. Access to housing, overwhelming student loan debt, and good paying jobs are what we need to see in order for young people to be prosperous. As a scientist, I will help inform decisions that will protect our environment and fight against climate change. As the Mayor of Santa Cruz during 2020, one of the most challenging years in our city’s history, I was able to bring our community together during a time of crisis and my hope is to use these skills to continue helping lead the democratic party in a progressive direction. We need candidates that are going to fight for things like universal health care, student loan forgiveness, closing the wealth and income inequality gap, prison and criminal justice reform, an end to the war on drugs, affordable housing, new programs to address mental health and homelessness, and so many other programs that will uplift marginalized communities. I will continue fighting for changes to policies in these areas, as I have for the past two years. I am also running with 13 other individuals who share these values and you can find their information by following the link below. I thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve as a delegate and hope that we can count on your vote.

Justin Cummings

I am a millennial who has faced the harsh reality of growing up in a California that doesn’t work for my generation: unaffordable housing, homelessness, and seeing my friends move away for better opportunities. We need to fix this before young people are priced out forever. I’m committed to creating new opportunities for affordable housing, policies to end homelessness, to improve public transportation, and to protect and preserve our environment. I am a leader in the pro-housing movement in Santa Cruz with organizations advocating for new affordable housing like Housing Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz YIMBY, and I’m working to permanently preserve land for affordable housing through a new community land trust, the Coastal Commons Land Trust.

Ending homelessness is one of my passions: I currently work as a manager for a homeless shelter in downtown Santa Cruz, and am a member of the county’s Homeless Action Partnership: the HUD-designated homelessness continuum of care organization for our region. I’m also on the board of a non-profit working to help people suffering from homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges by offering day center services: the Recovery Cafe Santa Cruz.

I’m also involved in the California public banking movement as a leader with People for Public Banking, and an active member of the California Public Banking Alliance. We’re working to bring a public bank to the central coast to put people before Wall Street profits: to strengthen our local economy, to improve access to financing for affordable housing projects and green infrastructure, and to increase opportunities for small businesses run by women, people of color, and Native Americans.

The California Democratic Party needs to hear from people like me.

Rafa Sonnenfeld

Hi My name is Steve Espinosa and I am a representative for the Bricklayers & Allied Craft Workers Union Local 3 an organization that I have been a member of for thirty two years.

I am also a delegate with the Santa Clara & san Benito and Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties Building Trades. Being a part of these organizations has taught me that solidarity and organizing are essential to accomplishing any goal.

Typically I have never been a very politically minded person until this recent Presidential election when americans from all across this country used the most powerful right they have, THE RIGHT TO VOTE and see that their voices were heard because when we speak collectively we cannot be muted. I am proud to be part of a union that allows my voice to be heard but equally as honored to have been chosen to run on this slate card with a diverse group of labor progressive people. I look forward to working with the ADEM 29 and hopefully do my best to make a difference now and for our future Democrats. So please give a new guy a chance and Vote for me Steve Espinosa, Thank You

I would be honored to have your vote and I ask you to vote for the whole ADEM 29 Progressive/Labor Slate:

Steve Espinosa

My name is Ethan Sanchez. For over a decade I have been a public school teacher in San Jose, California and a member of the California Teachers Association and of the San Jose Teachers Association. I am running to be elected as an Assembly District Delegate in California’s Assembly District 29 because I believe our community deserves adequately funded schools and access to affordable housing. As an Assembly District Delegate, I will bring these priorities to our party leadership and be a voice for families, students, and educators in order to help strengthen our community.

I have long resided in our beautiful District 29. I went to Valencia Elementary School, Aptos High School, Cabrillo College and after completing my degree at Cal Poly, I returned to our district and started a family.

I am a proud father of two, a committed community member, and a dedicated public school teacher. I humbly ask for your vote for Assembly District Delegate this January, so that I may speak up for our teachers, families and students. Thank you.

For more information please visit:

Ethan Sanchez

I am running to become a Delegate to the California Democratic Party in order to more actively promote our platform. I believe the California State Democratic Party Platform is the most progressive in the nation and, when advanced, can secure the more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful democracy that California Democrats know is possible. Diversity is our strength as a party, as a state, and as a nation. It is important that all Californians are provided the opportunity to see that the California Democratic Party is inclusive of everyone – including immigrant and indigenous communities, communities of color, the LGBTQ community, veterans, artists, children and seniors. It is equally important that all CADEM endorsement recommendations and other decisions made by Delegates always promote the rights, opportunities, and safety of Californians. The challenges we face in our state are great. We must recover equitably from the Coronavirus pandemic, strengthen our public education system, empower our youth to reach their full potential, improve access to quality health care, create more good union jobs, build sustainable communities, reverse climate change and protect our environment. My background includes local party organizing and a history of volunteer work aligned with the role of a California Democratic Party Delegate, including serving the past two years as President of the Democratic Women of Monterey County. I would be honored to receive your vote.

Kate Daniels

I grew up in a union household and was taught that the Democratic Party is the party of unions. As an environmental activist, I have always believed that the Democratic Party should be the party that champions bold solutions for environmental protection.

I am concerned that certain factions of the Democratic Party have forgotten its role as the party of the people. I would like to make the Democratic Party more progressive and ensure that our government is not beholden to giant corporations or the millionaire class.

I want to see a Democratic Party that fights for bold solutions like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and robust renter protections. I want to make sure working folks aren’t left in the cold by the COVID epidemic, and I want to guarantee that folks sleeping outside get not only the services they need, but dignity and respect so they can rebuild their lives.

I am a public school, chemistry and environmental science teacher. I have tried, my whole life, to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. I have not owned a car since 2004. I bike everywhere and started my activism working on sustainable transportation campaigns. As a long-time renter in Santa Cruz, I have fought for renter protections. I am an elected representative of the Democratic Central Committee of Santa Cruz County, and I am also the vice chair of the Santa Cruz County ACLU Board.

I am excited to work with a slate of progressive folks who want to take the Democratic Party left.

We will fight for compassionate solutions to some of our country’s most pressing problems.

Stacey Falls