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3 David Welch * OSIF
3 Jessica Hanna No SIF
3 Lucas Sarcona No OSIF
3 Jessica S Resendez No SIF
3 Peter J Delle No OSIF
3 Thomas C Reed No OSIF
3 Aaron Haar No OSIF
3 Lauren Kohler * SIF
3 Jessica Gadow No SIF
3 Aaron Draper * OSIF
3 Sisarie Sherry No SIF
3 Benjamin Gheller * OSIF
3 George Gold No OSIF
3 Michael Worley No OSIF
3 Debra Lucero * SIF
3 Jane Oberg * SIF
3 Gin Lawson No SIF
3 Max Porter No OSIF
3 Kathleen Anne Bautista-Ong No SIF
3 Amanda May Reilly No SIF
3 Norma Wilcox No SIF
3 Duncan Ober No OSIF
3 Tanya King No SIF
3 Cruz Mora No OSIF
3 Kate Vanderwall-Cook * SIF
3 Jacob Bendicksen No OSIF
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3 Milton H Whaley No OSIF

Candidate Statements

I am the incumbent executive-board member for AD3 and have served as a delegate since 2009. I came into serious political activism through my union, the California Nurses Association. I was a member of the union board of directors for 15 years and continue to serve on the union’s Political Action Committee. I am presently secretary of the Butte County Democratic Central Committee and Chair of the Democratic Action Club of Chico.

I like to describe myself as a “pragmatic radical” – pretty far left in my policy positions and beliefs, happy to work with more moderate Democrats whenever we are going in the same direction and it makes strategic sense. I volunteered for Bernie Sanders in both of the last 2 rounds of primary elections – and then supported our party’s nominee in the general.

I would like to see our party truly live up to its name and continue to move in the direction of greater democracy and become less “top down” at both the state and the federal level.

I’m a strong believer in the “intersectionality” of progressive issues. Our issues are not a zero sum game. Victories in one area, strengthen us in others. Making gains on income inequality or health care helps us to make gains on climate and racial justice, and so on.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve again as a delegate and e-board member and I ask for your support.

David Welch

A lifelong Democrat, I have been knocking on doors and making phone calls since 1992, way back before we had data-driven lists, meaning I learned to engage with people who weren’t supporters, as well as those who were.

Now, as we are struggling through times of hyper-polarization, I believe it’s more important than ever to advocate for our Democratic ideals while listening and respecting not just those who agree with us, but those whose vision differs from our own.

Jessica Hanna

As a fifth generation Butte County resident, I understand what it means to be invested in our community. And with over twenty years of public service working in education, social services, and county and community college libraries, I also know what it means to serve our community, and what it means to work always with the public trust in mind.

I am running for Assembly District Delegate for the California Democratic Party in State Assembly District 3 because I understand how important place and representation are when it comes to our national and regional collective identities. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that our voices be heard, and that our citizens’ wellbeing–not political or corporate interests–be put first when it comes to making decisions about the future of our state, and of our nation.

While our businesses and schools have been forced to make tough decisions between public safety and their bottom line, our nation continues to battle the coronavirus and seeks to ease civil unrest, all in the glaring absence of any sincere leadership nor real empathy from the White House. But there is hope; the American people have spoken, and come inauguration we can begin the vast endeavor of building back our country better, and working toward healing from the divisive and combative political tone that has overwhelmed the American people for the past four years, and toward our nation’s recovery from a needlessly deadly pandemic that has run rampant across our country.

I continue to be inspired by members of the Democratic Party who have worked so hard countrywide to get out the vote, and to make sure that all Americans have their voices heard in our most sacred of institutional processes: our elections. It is more important than ever that we, the people have public leaders whom we can trust; not only to do the right thing, but to always have the people’s interests at the forefront–not corporate interests, nor personal political ambitions. I hope to work and serve, with this focus in mind, alongside the hardworking people of the California Democratic Party as your Assembly District Delegate for State Assembly District 3. Thank you.

Lucas Sarcona

As a representative for this District, my focus will be lifting the residents up by advocating for their basic needs in terms of economic equity, housing, health care, and education. I am a leader that reflects the diversity of our population from my heritage as well as my life circumstances. Collaboration between residents and government officials is critical to solving the issues we face today. We need new leaders to step up with new ideas. Working class candidates will be more in tune to with the needs of our District. Members of my District express their need for financial assistance due to reduced work hours and layoffs.

I am a lifelong Californian from Sunnyvale. I graduated from Fremont High School in 2002, where I was a member of the marching and concert bands. My family moved often during my childhood due to the high cost of living. I was not able to find a rhythm socially and academically due to changing schools so often. As an adult, I work hard to support myself and do my best to help those around me. I believe my ability to connect with people will be an asset as a Delegate.

Financial stability is an issue for many of those who live in our District. Our residents need relief now. Many residents struggle to make ends meet wondering where their next meal may come from, how they will pay their housing costs, and how to afford other expenses they are falling behind on. I will fight to ensure they get what they need.

Healthcare is a basic human right and it is unacceptable Americans do not have access to comprehensive care. I will fight to accomplish this on a local level with hopes our community can be an example for the state and country. No matter what a person’s economic standing they should receive the same health care access. Senior citizens particularly need lower prescription prices and easier options to access those medications.

I will push to ensure academic success remains a focus in our District. I believe when we educate our children, it not only benefits them, it benefits everyone in the District. I promise to always advocate for policies to truly benefit our residents. I believe every resident deserves their voice to be heard. It would be my honor to represent that voice and to fight to make our District better and lead by example. I believe we can build a better tomorrow with me as a Delegate. We are all in this together!

Jessica Serene Resendez

I’m native to the North Valley. I went to high school in Oroville, and I’ve lived and worked in Yuba City and Chico. For the past several years I’ve worked in advertising.

I’ve worked on campaigns for a Former Democratic Congresswoman, a Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Campaign in 2018 and on a project funded by The California Endowment to target 18-21 years in a voter registration campaign.

Peter J Delle






Thomas C Reed

The work continues, and as delegate I will continue a progressive voting record of only supporting candidates or party leaders that will work aggressively to solve issues of Climate Change, housing, health care, social justice, labor rights, and rural infrastructure.

Aaron Haar

While the nation views California as an absolute entity of democratic progressivism, true progressive representation in rural areas is something the California Democrat party lacks. Though originally born in the Bay Area, I was raised in Butte County. I have experienced the contrast of accessible resources between rural and urban communities. Conservative ideologies take up the spotlight among rural communities, however I believe progressive ideologies in Assembly District 3 are a dormant and untapped political power rather than completely non-existent. Rural communities are often forgotten when it comes to resources in new policies. California needs to be bold in progressive policies and even bolder in rural communities that continue to fall behind. I know I can be a leading voice in this.

My interest in activism began in me creating socially-caused visual art projects and design. I studied and earned my undergraduate degree in Communication Design at Chico State. Graduating at the top of my program, I had the goal of utilizing my refined skills for social change agendas.

Since then, I initiated several projects that tackled human rights issues. My artistic-social justice projects aimed to push for open and tough conversations among deeply conservative groups while raising money for these causes. In Election 2020, I fully immersed and applied what I have learned to local politics working simultaneously on 3 city council campaigns in Gridley. I provided visual art design on logo and campaign literature design and assisted on policy and political strategy. Together we successfully unseated two incumbents and led the town to elect its first Latino and Latina into office.

For decades California has been a leading force in implementing progressive policies that have led the nation in new ideas. With our current democratic holdings in office, we as Californians have the opportunity to pass some of the boldest and nationally popular policies of a generation on a State level. It is imperative that California utilizes its position aggressively to implement policies regarding the nation’s dire needs of Medicare for All, climate change, and more. As your future delegate, I am prepared to be bold in my presence and aggressively push for what I know to be life or death policies for all Californians and especially the residents of Assembly District 3.

Jess Gadow

I’ve lived and attended schools in Marysville and Oroville, and I finished my undergrad in English Literature and Linguistics at CSU Chico. My educational journey will end in May with a law degree from Cal Northern School of Law in Chico.

I believe law school has helped me refine my analytical skills and provided valuable instruction on how to spot issues, dismiss red herrings, identify relevant law and provide an articulate analysis in order to solve problems. I think I would excel at reading the language of ballot propositions and helping the party determine which propositions best align with party objectives.

I’ve worked for years as a professional photographer and I’ve had clients that represent diverse religious, cultural and political ideologies. Despite these differences, we have always been able to find common ground and have thoughtful and spirited conversations about how we see the world and government’s role in it. As my career turned to teaching photography courses at CSU Chico, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to those from younger generations that worry about sustainability, personal freedoms, climate change and other challenges. They have amazing ideas and are active in politics; over the years my students have been a great example to me.

I’ve had the privilege of serving as the California Faculty Association’s representative, as well as serving as a member of the Lecturer’s Council. I really enjoy working with the Lecturer’s Council where, through doing research and networking, we are changing the policy and perception of a lecturer on the Chico State campus.

I want to be more involved in the process that could help determine the direction for the 3rd district. I’m excited about the possibility of serving in any capacity that will help promote ideas and policies that will facilitate the growth and health of our district and those that live within its boundaries. I recently reached out to some of these community members on social media, and their concerns included the following: lack of health care and clinics in the rural areas of the district; lack of high speed broad band accessibility; forest fire mitigation and prevention and homelessness.

I understand that these topics are difficult and multifaceted, but I believe that if we work together, we can find solutions for even the most challenging of issues.

Aaron Draper

Hello friends. My name is Sisarie Sherry and I am a chemistry instructor at CSU Chico. As a scientist and educator, I am reminded daily of the importance of investing in the future, a future in which the young people I educate, as well as everyone else, have a chance to make a better life for themselves.

Poverty is increasing in our state and in our nation. Low wage workers are working more and more, only to find their quality of life to remain the same or get worse. Our streets are increasingly occupied by our unhoused community members, our most vulnerable individuals who have little to no chance of ever making it off the streets.

The elimination of poverty is at the core of my political goals. That is why I am a progressive. I support Medicare for All, so that no one ever has to go bankrupt to be healthy. I support a Green New Deal, not just to fight deadly climate change, but to create new and well-paying jobs. I support increased investment in education, pre-kindergarten through college, so that it can once again be an equalizer. I support Housing First, because shelter is a human right.

If elected to be an Assembly District Delegate, I will work to propel the California Democratic Party into the 21st century. It’s time we leave inequality and suffering in the past. I hope to earn your vote.

Sisarie Sherry

I’m Benjamin Gheller and I would like to be your delegate for ADEM district 3. I’m 26 and an active member of the Democratic Action Club of Chico, Sunrise Chico, and was a volunteer for Bernie’s 2020 presidential campaign.

I’m a progressive and lifelong believer in social and economic equality. This includes universal healthcare, livable minimum wage and benefits, moral solutions to homelessness, and solving climate change with economical and renewable solutions. I’m a mental health advocate and I strongly support our LGBTQ+ communities in a pivotal time of acceptance.

District 3 has had to deal with the unique challenges of the Camp Fire. Our recovery is still occurring during record homelessness, economic depression and a divided political climate. I would be honored if you selected me to take these issues to the CADEM conventions. Thank-you

Benjamin Gheller

American Democracy is at risk. During the last four years we have seen an ongoing assault upon the very foundations of our Democracy. We must be vigilant to ensure we get back to the basic sense of humanity and humility that used to be at the heart of America. I have been a community activist for many years. I am alarmed at the out of control police departments across the country and, right here in Chico, California. Police departments must have civilian oversight. Our police must be held accountable for their budgets and their conduct on the street.


My name is Michael Worley & I am seeking your support for the position of 3RD AD ADEM. I have been active in the 3RD AD for some years- I was the last 3RD AD Committee Chair under the old system that ended in 2006. I have been working to help the needs of Rural Californians become front & center to the State Party. From Water Transfers to Climate Driven Fires, the State Party Leadership must be aware of how 3RD AD Democrats are affected by decisions made w/o our input. I will work with the other 3RD AD ADEMs & ADEMs from similar AD’s to make our voices heard.

Please Vote Michael Worley for 3RD AD ADEM

Michael Worley

In 2018, Debra Lucero, the daughter of a Latino teacher and school administrator, ran for county supervisor in Butte County and was elected. She represents District 2 – North Chico and Downtown Chico – the most urban and diverse portion of Butte County, including Enloe Hospital and CSU, Chico – medical and educational centers in Northern California – as well as the rich agricultural side of Butte.

Her experience includes two decades working in economic development specifically in agriculture, tourism, business, arts and culture.

For two decades, she has worked as an arts administrator, running State/Local arts agencies in Butte and Shasta. In addition to running arts agencies in Chico and Redding for many years, she concurrently ran two public access television stations in each city. She developed these TV stations under the auspices of the arts agencies. Prior to that, she was a journalist for many years and a public information specialist for the National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C., and owned her own consulting business.

She sits on the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Board of Directors; the Latino Caucus of CSAC; the National Association of Counties (NACo) Board of Directors where she is Vice Chair for the Resilient Counties Board and Vice Chair of the Arts and Culture Commission. She also sits on NACo’s Rural Action Committee. In addition, she has served many years on the following boards: California Arts Advocates (CAA); and the Californians for the Arts (CFTA). She formerly sat on a public media board that covered six Western states.

She is a proud graduate of CSU, Chico, and recently was the recipient of a Cahn Public Service Fellowship to attend the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where she received a certificate of completion for the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program in July 2019.

She is a member of AAUW, Butte County Historical Society and Bidwell Mansion Association.

She is married and has three adult children and her first grandchild.

Debra Lucero

I am a 33-year-old Chico resident, educator, organizer, and musician. In the 2020 Democratic primary, I worked as an organizer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign – first as a volunteer and then as the campaign’s sole paid staff organizer in AD03.

Based upon my experiences during the primary, as well as upon Sanders’ victory in the six counties within the borders of AD03, I believe that the Democrats of AD03 want a statewide party that sides with ordinary working people rather than big corporations, with those fighting to preserve California’s natural beauty and keep their communities safe from climate-fueled natural disasters rather than fossil fuel companies, and with renters and the unhoused rather than big developers.

We live in a time of mounting crises – a statewide housing crisis, a climate crisis that has already touched Californians’ lives more directly than people in many other parts of the country, and – of course – a global pandemic that has pushed the US into an economic crisis.

All of these crises represent the end result of a politics that puts corporate profits ahead of the interests of ordinary people. In order to effectively combat these crises, we must be willing to stand up to these corporate interests.

If elected as an Assembly District Delegate, I pledge to use the skills and experience I’ve gained as an organizer to help fight the influence of corporate money in the party and to make sure that the party centers the concerns and priorities of the working class. I would be honored to fight on your behalf.

Max Porter

I am currently a student at California State University Chico. I am an active member and organizer of the Sunrise Movement’s local hub in Chico. As a first generation American, woman of color, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to see more people in power that look and think like me. I will be able to bring in a perspective of minorities and younger groups. I care deeply about achieving equity, racial justice, and a Green New Deal. Through this opportunity, I want to be able to uplift the stories and voices of the members of our community that are dehumanized, displaced, and treated as disposable.

Kathleen Anne Bautista-Ong

My name is Amanda Reilly and I am an progressive organizer with the Sunrise Movement. I am passionate about fighting for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and getting corporate money out of politics. I support policies which will benefit those in our society who have been marginalized by our current systems.

Amanda Reilly

My Name is Norma Wilcox.

I am a registered nurse and have been involved in the single payer movement for over 20 years. I am currently the President of the Butte County Health Care Coalition in Chico and Co-chair of the legislative committee for our statewide organization, Health Care for All-CA. I will use my organizational skills to collaborate with others to educate and advocate for a California single payer healthcare bill, and I will work to preserve Medicare and Medicaid and resist privatizing or cutting benefits to Medicare, Social Security, and the Veterans Administration.

I campaigned for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020.

This COVID-19 pandemic is showing the systemic disparities and inequalities in healthcare particularly in people of color, lower income, and undocumented. It is also showing how our capitalistic profit-driven economic system with a just-in-time business plan has allowed larger hospitals to gobble up smaller rural hospitals creating fewer beds. As more and more people are losing jobs and their employment attached health care, do not have enough cash for necessities and struggle to stay in their homes insurance and pharmaceutical companies are making record profits and their CEO’s are making record millions of dollars in bonuses. The passage of an Improved Medicare for All system would provide equality to all people and the healthcare dollars would go into care rather than profits.

COVID also showed the disparity in children being home schooled with those who had access to computers and broadband and those who did not have computers and broadband. Assembly woman Cecillia Aguiar-Curry has sponsored AB-14, Internet for All Act of 2021. I will support legislation that provides equity in broadband availability.

I am a member of the Progressive, Rural, and Senior Caucus. I would be happy to serve another term.

Norma Wilcox

I currently work in Democratic politics, helping candidates around the country win with smarter digital strategies, and I also organize with Sunrise Chico to make the Green New Deal a reality. I’m equally comfortable in these two worlds, and if elected, I plan on using my position to bridge the gap between them. The CA Democratic Party must be more responsive to progressive organizers fighting for the solutions we need to ensure a just and livable world because it’s good politics–these organizers are the future of the party–but also because passing legislation like the Green New Deal is the ethical thing to do. We need to fight climate change before it’s too late, and we also need to enact policies like an employment guarantee and Medicare For All so that all people can thrive. I want to be a part of making this happen.

I’m also fascinated by the intersection between democracy and technology, and want to ensure that the Party advocates for tech policy that reflects today’s complex, data-rich digital landscape. California is currently leading the way for the rest of the United States with the California Consumer Privacy Act, but the CCPA alone isn’t enough. Technology can do so much good for the world, but the past few years have also shown us that it desperately needs guardrails. The CA Democratic Party must promote smart tech policy that safeguards our democracy and our privacy, and I want to support these efforts.

All in all, I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the CA Democratic Party to build a better tomorrow. I would be honored to receive your vote.

Jacob Bendicksen

As a proud Democrat, labor leader, and Chico State professor, I would be honored to earn your vote to serve as an Assembly Delegate to the 3rd District. Prior to moving to Chico in 1998, I was an active member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL/Dem) Party in Minnesota, party of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, and current US Representative Ilhan Omar.

I am an associate Professor of Intersectional Chicanx/Latinx Studies at California State University Chico and Chair of the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies. I have served as an elected leader for my union, the California Faculty Association (SEIU Local 1983), and for the California Teachers Association/National Education Association. I currently serve as a Trustee for the North State Labor Federation. Previously I worked as a Teamster (CWA) in Minnesota as an election ballot counter and judge.

In addition to frequent legislative visits and testimony at the capitol on issues related to workers’ rights or education funding and equity, I have been deeply involved in voter registration, and candidate and initiative GOTV campaigns, at the local, state, and national levels.

I am running to further my commitment to equity, sustainability, healthcare access, and higher education in rural communities, within the California Democratic Party. I look forward to working with all of you and respectfully ask for your vote.

Susan Gordon Green

Being a lifelong resident of California has instilled in me a deep respect for our environment. From lush forests of the North to the stunning beaches in the South, I have experienced much of what our beautiful state has to offer. I feel privileged to have had these opportunities and wish for their availability for generations to come.

In recent years, our state has started changing at an alarming rate. Poor air quality, plastic pollution, and drought are threatening our fragile ecosystems. Additionally, the rapid increase in wildfires has devastated a multitude of communities and environments, including Paradise, my first hometown.

These changes are too catastrophic to simply sit back and watch. Immediate and efficient intervention is necessary to secure our future and protect our environmentprote. As a Delegate to the California Democratic Party, I would take action to improve the safety and longevity of the state.

I am passionate about preserving the beauty of California. As a recipient of the Sustainability Studies Minor from the University of California Santa Cruz, Coordinator of Chico’s hub of the Sunrise Movement, and an aspiring environmental attorney, I am working to protect our state in every way I see possible. By prioritizing facts and pushing for the implementation of Green New Deal policies, I am confident that we can restore our resources, establish a green economy, and create a flourishing future.

The Democratic Party is imperative to ensuring the future of our beloved state. Having the opportunity to serve a place so valuable to our country and so close to my heart would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It would truly be an honor to receive your vote.

Sonia Hitchcock

My name is Milt Whaley, and thanks for reading my statement.

You can watch my video here:  

I’m an organic farmer in southern Sutter County and have lived in the Sacramento region since 1980. I’m a lifelong Democrat who for many years worked as an editor at the Sacramento Bee, a position that for three decades precluded me from being active in politics.

Since taking a buyout in 2008, I have reignited my political spirit and helped in Bernie’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns, including organizing a Berniecrat dinner during the state Democratic convention during the 2016 campaign while serving as president of the Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento County. It’s my feeling that our state Democratic Party must refocus on the needs of the working class, the environment and how this state can lead the nation, and world, into a new era of politics riveted to the needs of people, not corporations. Health, not profits. More education, less incarceration. People’s needs, not corporate greed. I am unbought and clear-eyed. Our challenges are huge. I believe strongly that as you sow, so shall you reap. And the seeds I want to plant are the seeds of change.

As a delegate to our state convention, I can pressure our party leaders toward more ambitious solutions to our most pressing problems: environment, health, income inequality and racial inequities.

Covered California is leading the nation in expanding health care to everyone, but we can do much more. We can pass Medicare for All Californians. And the California Nurses Association will soon launch a new campaign to do just that. Our state schools are excellent, but far too expensive. And our minimum wage, while better than most, is still too low. Housing is too expensive, whether you are looking to rent or buy. There are too many homeless. We have to realize that capitalism will never solve these type of problems, only a strong people working together can do it. People willing to make sacrifices to move everyone forward together.

I look forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder within the party to make our state a shining example of progress and inclusivity for all to see.

Milton Whaley