Assembly District 30






30 Dominic Dursa * OSIF
30 Carissa Purnell No SIF
30 Felipe Hernandez No OSIF
30 Kyle McElroy No OSIF
30 Steven P McDougall No OSIF
30 Larry Carr No OSIF
30 Swanee Auna Edwards No SIF
30 Marisela Cerda No SIF
30 Dolores Hernandez Morales No SIF
30 Sandra Martinez No SIF
30 Rebeca Armendariz No SIF
30 Claudia Rossi No SIF
30 Juan Cabrera No OSIF
30 John W Hughes No OSIF
30 Yvonne Martinez No SIF
30 Matt Huerta No OSIF
30 David Kong No OSIF
30 G. W. Devon Pack * OSIF
30 Carla Viviana Gonzalez No SIF
30 Jerrianne Hernandez No SIF
30 Patty Padilla-Salsberg No SIF

Candidate Statements

It is important that rural communities like ours have representation that will speak up on the important matters that face our region. The inequities that already existed before COVID-19 have only increased as the pandemic has gone on. Delegates elected to represent our community will have the opportunity to speak to candidates for higher office and share the issues facing residents in our district. It is important that candidates seeking higher office and the endorsement of our party hear these issues and share how they will offer solutions to the challenges our district faces.

In addition to vetting candidates, delegates have the opportunity to raise issues through resolutions, through caucus meetings, and by proposing changes to our party platform. I am proud to have worked with community groups in Assembly District 30 and throughout California to bring attention to issues such as the deportation of veterans and have worked to amend the party platform to better reflect environmental justice concerns.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate on local efforts such as farmworker relief drives, mask distributions, and grassroots organizing for local campaigns. Our party operates best when it reflects the diversity of our community. I will continue to work to expand opportunities for people to become involved in the California Democratic Party so that all voices are heard.

I would be honored to have your vote to serve as the Executive Board Delegate representing Assembly District 30.

Dominic Dursa

For over a decade I have been committed to improving the quality of life through education and advocacy for our communities in need. I very much believe access to dignified and affordable housing, broadband connectivity, and medicare for all are ways in which we can do just that. It is our responsibility as leaders in neighborhoods to be deliberate in building equity across our systems.

As the pandemic continues to impact our most vulnerable families it has shed light on the inequities in preventable care, access to services, and the protection of our essential workers. Our agriculture families need additional provisions and protections to not only ensure the safety of our food supply, but each worker and their entire families.

With the economy struggling to meet the needs of families, we have to push collaborative efforts and relief dollars to support the very basic financial needs of our families, small businesses, and community agencies that continue to work to be present, serve, and provide resources throughout this pandemic.

Housing continues to be a battle and without intentional efforts from local governments, it will continue to be. Cities and counties need to hold developers accountable. It is our moral obligation to build safe houses and communities for our families to grow into and call home.

As an educator I will continue to push for policy that builds opportunities for our students with the most need. Monterey County has the second highest homeless student population in the state, and it is our responsibility to help those students and their families with the comprehensive care needed.

I will remain committed to serve. I am committed to do the work. I am very well aware that everything from systemic racism and oppressive policies continue to harm our families, but recognize the potential of our democratic collective to push forward with legislation and best practices in alignment with community need, wants, and dreams.

Dr. Carissa Purnell

2020 has been a challenging year. The Trump presidency and the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted vulnerabilities that many of us have long been working to address. We’ve seen the challenges that our farmworker communities, frontline healthcare workers, grocery clerks, and so many others have faced in trying to hold our society together in the face of the Corona virus. George Floyd’s murder spotlighted longstanding racial injustices. The need to provide housing and food security for an increasing number of our community continues to be a challenge. Underlying all of this remains the urgent need to provide universal health care to everyone in our country. The California Democratic Party plays an important role in seeking solutions to these challenges. The elected delegates to the party are critical in making sure that party leaders, and our elected officials, continue to understand and address the challenges faced by vulnerable communities in our state.

Elected delegates are the voice of the people into the party.

As a delegate and as Vice President of the South County Democratic Club, I have sought to listen to the voices of our community and work with elected officials at the state and local level to ensure those voices are heard. I have had the courage to call for the resignation of a popular local elected official following domestic violence charges, to stand in front of a hostile crowd of NRA activists and support common sense gun reform, and to remind our city council that it is not enough to talk about housing, we need to prioritize providing shelter to those who need it.

I’m seeking another term as an ADEM to build upon the relationships I’ve built so that we can deliver meaningful progress on healthcare reform, racial justice, narrowing the gap between the wealthiest and everyone else, and to protect our environment. While at times this year has been challenging, by coming together, we can solve our must urgent challenges. I appreciate your support and look forward to amplifying your voice so that it is heard by party leadership.

Kyle McElroy

This will be my third term as an AD 30 delegate to the California Democratic Party. I have been an activist on the Central Coast for a number of years. Having been raised by an activist parent, serving is in my heart, body, and soul. Serving the Party at this level is a natural progression for me. I served my country in the U.S. Navy, students in my community as a public educator, my colleagues as a union leader, and the community that I reside in as an elected member of the school board of trustees. It would be an honor to serve in this capacity once again. My resume includes grassroots campaign work at the local, state, federal levels; twenty-one years as a public school teacher; local union president for six years; chief negotiator for my union for almost a decade; political director for my local union; and a union official at the state level. I humbly ask for your support. Thank you.

Steve McDougall

My name is Marisela Cerda and I am a Latina daughter of farm workers, born and raised in Salinas, California. I am an educator and political activist. Since I was a child I have been concerned about social and environmental justice. I am innately empathetic and care deeply about wildlife. I also understand the struggles people go through. I come from a modest family. My mother struggled with mental illness and I took care of my elderly parents until they passed on. I am a Science Teacher in the Salinas Union High School District. And, I am an active member of my union.

I understand systems and the interconnectedness between human behavior and our impact on Earth because I hold a doctorate degree in Organizational Systems. I actively seek participation in organizations that protect human rights and promote environmental sustainability. I am a member of Protect Monterey County, an organization that fights to protect our most vulnerable and precious resource, water. I am also a member of Safe Ag Safe Schools, an organization that fights to protect farm laborers and children from pesticide exposure. And, I serve on the Basin Management Advisory Committee, a group of scientists, activists, and land owners who make recommendations to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors on how to protect our waterways.

As a current delegate, I am there when we need protestors. I volunteer to speak at meetings and write letters to urge elected officials to vote for the things we care about. I am proud to be running for re-election. Vote for me because I promise to elect honest and dedicated individuals to serve as worthy representatives of the California Democratic Party. I also promise to continue being a voice for people who might not be able to speak up.

Marisela Cerda

I am seeking your vote as a returning delegate for AD 30. For the past 15yrs I have been a community activist thru my involvement in my union, National Nurses United.

I have learned to connect the impact between policy and economic/environmental justice, as well as foreign policy on the everyday working citizen. I believe strongly on grassroots representation in the party. I come from a rural area which needs to have their voice represented. My experience as Vice President of the Monterey Labor Council has thought me the value of enhancing and protecting policies that promote our labor force. As a nurse I see the need for a single payer healthcare system. My experience as a child of an immigrant has thought me the importance of inclusivity and that tolerance to diversity is not based on words but actions.

As an delegate I can bring forth and vote for changes within the party that best suit our diverse district. Thank you.

Sandra Martinez

First, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Party and considering me for your selection.

Like many of you I am a lifelong Democrat and member of my local South County Democratic Club. I also helped co-found Movimiento Democratic Club, a chartered club of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee. I am very proud of this as it gives a much needed voice to the Chicano Latino community of our Party.

I am also very proud to have been elected this past November to the Gilroy City Council, only the 2nd Chicana to ever hold this post. My campaign engaged and focused on youth and other non-traditional voters, and was led by women.

My goals for the Party include the investment of robust resources into the ongoing and substantive engagement of working class BIPOC to develop progressive policies and make systemic changes on an ongoing, long term basis, not just during Election years.

As the mother of three kids and a Union organizer, I know that we have lots of hard work ahead of us. I will continue to roll up my sleeves and do what is just to move our Party forward, together. Si Se Puede!

Rebeca Armendariz

My name is Claudia Rossi, RN- I am seeking to serve as your Assembly District 30 Delegate.

As a daughter of immigrants who grew up in poverty, I recognize the imperative of activating our communities to support our Democratic Party not only by voting for our candidates but also supporting voter registration and candidate recruitment efforts. I feel this commitment ardently because the policies our party has historically championed provided my family with the means to obtain an education, access healthcare and benefit from higher education in order to rise out of poverty.

Recognizing our party is strengthened by diversity, I ran for Morgan Hill Unified School Board in 2010 where I served for four years. In that role, I led civic engagement initiatives to encourage youth to seek change through the political process.

Seeking to serve the needs of my community and advance our party’s agenda of social justice, I ran for Santa Clara County Board of Education in 2014 where I now, after being elected to a second term, serve as president.

My current position has enabled me to recruit passionate progressives to run for school boards, campaign for progressives running for State Senate, Assembly, city councils and community college boards. I am particularly proud to have canvassed, called, texted, and campaigned through social media to support the campaigns of many who have been elected to serve and, importantly, to advance our party’s priorities.

Moved by the plight of my community after the racist regime of the outgoing administration, I sought to serve on the Santa Clara County Democratic Club’s Central Committee where I will advocate for the migrant community that serves our state as well as the working poor disproportionately devastated by this pandemic.

Latinas are the frontline workers in agriculture/food chain, healthcare and service industries- so too must we be in the front lines of public policy and governance.

Our Democratic Party embodies the values and champions the policies that lift families out of poverty to achieve and enjoy their fullest potential.

As a lifelong Democrat who applied for citizenship to have the honor of voting, I would be honored to earn your vote to serve our party as Assembly District Delegate.

Thank you!

Claudia Rossi

My name is Yvonne Martínez Beltrán and I am seeking your support to serve as your AD30 Delegate. I am a community leader, a trained Urban Planner, and ran a grassroots campaign to earn a seat as Councilwoman in Morgan Hill, my hometown.

The proud daughter of hard-working parents, who grew up working the fields, we broke into the middle class when my father became a journeyman carpenter. I was the first to graduate from University and it was a family effort to ensure all 3 sisters followed suit. After college, I was a youth mentor, a union organizer, and worked on Democratic campaigns walking precincts before I earned my Masters in Urban Planning in Housing and Economic Development at NYU.

As a mother of twin 1st graders and a toddler, I’ve experienced the stress of COVID-19 on families worried about housing costs and job security, while trying to be teachers, playmates and coaches. Yet, others face homelessness, abusive and dangerous situations, and the digital divide. Seniors’ lives are being lost to COVID-19 through infection or depression. And finally, our economic engine of businesses and all essential workers will not make it without real help. We have to work harder to stop the virus, advance equitable policies, and provide needed resources.

As Mayor Pro Tempore and Councilwoman, I endorsed and helped elect Democrats locally and statewide. I consistently advocate for actions of equity for Women and Women of Color, People of Color, LGBTQ, Disabled, Youth, and underrepresented groups in my policy decisions.

Some of my efforts include championing a natural gas ban for new development and supporting environmental policy to reduce carbon emissions as a Silicon Valley Clean Energy Board Director. I have advocated for more diversity in City efforts and leadership. I co-founded the Latinx Coalition group, to create community and celebrate culture, and the South County Women’s Equality Series, to engage and celebrate Women. I also helped create the Morgan Hill Disaster Fund during COVID-19, which enhanced local not-for-profit capacities, enabling over $300k in rental assistance.

My experiences have motivated me to work for opportunity for everyone, and not just some. I respectfully ask for your vote to advocate for ideas with party leadership to bring about fair, equitable and smart policies. Thank you

Yvonne Martínez Beltrán

I am honored to submit my candidacy to represent our community as an Assembly District 30 Delegate. It has been a pleasure over the past two years to serve in this capacity. I have focused on collaborating with dozens of other community leaders, candidates for office, and elected officials to move forward with a progressive political agenda focused on affordable housing development, climate change action, expanding healthcare access, and supporting community policies initiatives. I have helped lead the efforts to win several hundred more affordable homes, helped build the strategy to focus on Climate Action Planning, successfully canceled the destructive Salinas Live PD Show, and supported efforts to deliver emergency food, shelter, and healthcare resources during the pandemic. These issues have become even more critical during our extraordinary health emergency and economic recession. Democrats must help lead our progressive agenda which must address systemic racism, the systemic racism across all sectors that has led to dramatically disparate life chances of people that reside in the same general area but different neighborhoods with access to vastly different resources. The time for admiring the problem is over. Join me and other progressive leaders to mobilize and make the changes necessary at the local, regional, and state level to create a more equitable economic recovery over the next two years and beyond. Thank you for your vote and solidarity. Be well and stay safe.

Matt Huerta

My Name is David Kong. I am a lifelong Democrat. I have spent most of my life living in the Salinas Valley. I have spent the last 20 years living in South Monterey County, first in Soledad, and now Greenfield. I am a graduate of Salinas Schools and Hartnell College. I currently work at the Monterey County Office of Education but I have spent 32 years of my life in Education. I am a proud California School Employees Association union member. I serve as a school board member on the Greenfield Elementary School District. I am on the executive board of the Monterey County School Boards Association. I serve as a director for the Greenfield Public Recreation District. I had started to volunteer as tax preparer to help low income families before the pandemic hit. I have volunteered as an election poll worker. I have attended the California State Democratic Conventions in the past and would like to attend as a delegate again. As a former member of the State Democratic Services Voter Services Committee, I feel that the Democratic Party needs to communicate more with voters in rural communities that often feel that they are being left out, using the latest high tech tools. As a member of the State Democratic Asian Caucus, the party needs to continue to reach out to minority voters and share with them our Democratic values. As an executive board member for four years on the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee, I have helped raise over $120,000 to help fund local party operations, elections and voter outreach. I believe that the state democratic party needs to continue to support and help County Central Committees grow. I have worked on past campaigns to elect Democrats to local and state offices. I have been very fortunate to have been voted by my fellow democrats to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and 2020 representing Monterey County. The State Democratic Party needs to continue to educate their delegates and have more training and outreach events. Being a resident of South Monterey County, I feel I that I understand the needs of the voters living in South Monterey County. This makes me to better advocate for their needs and share their concerns. As a person of Asian decent, I would also represent minority voters. I humbly ask for your vote again to return to the State Democratic Convention as your delegate.

David Kong