Assembly District 32






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Candidate Statements

As part of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, I support Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. Because both are interconnected, we must tackle them together. A minimum living wage is a gIven necessity to help shrink income disparities. And free higher education will break the cycle of servitude that students face with decades of paying off loans. Our state party has the most progressive platform of any other state Democratic party. I will work with others to try preventing it from attempts to water it down. But we also need to work with our endorsed candidates to honor that platform.

Paul Linfesty

Hello, My name is Tasha Hall. I have been part of the Democratic Party for 12 years. I have volunteered in many Democratic Candidates Campaigns. I recently canvassed for TJ Cox Campaign. I’m a member Jimmy Carter Club, ACLU & NAACP. I was an intricate part in “Get out the Vote! I want this opportunity to run as an ADEM because I’m a valuable advocate, and a grassroots progressive.

Tasha Hall

Hello everyone, my name is Maricruz Ramirez (she/her) and I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Throughout my life, I have worked with various groups to protest racial injustice, tutor schoolchildren, and feed the homeless.
In the last few years, the Bakersfield police department was named the deadliest force in the nation, Kern County has had the highest illiteracy rate, and the homeless population has increased 19% in my city in the last year alone. These statistics display how much work we have to do in the 32nd assembly district and coincidentally, these are some of the issues that plague our country as a whole.
On its official website, the Democratic Party commits to fighting for a better, fairer, and brighter future for its people. As candidate for delegate of the 32nd assembly district, I pledge myself to the people of my community and I will do everything in my power to ensure that our voices are heard.
Currently, I am a member of the Kern chapters of Sunrise, DSA, and Our Revolution in hopes of being an active participant in the fight against the climate crisis and to be a voice for the working class. I spend my Saturdays distributing meals to homeless community members at Martin Luther King Jr. Park with grassroots organization In The Field. Due to this work, I have seen firsthand what working one-on-one with the community can do.
As somebody with a B.A. degree in sociology, I am immensely passionate about social work, welfare, and policy. I will be a delegate who asks the community what they want to see in the CADEM party and then I will use everything in my ability to make it happen. After all, actions speak louder than words.
As somebody who has grown up in the working class in “undesirable” neighborhoods and underfunded schools, I know what it feels like to have a government neglect your needs and point of view.
2020 has been a tough year for us all, but I am hopeful that 2021 will be a year of amazing change and positive progress.
I am proud to be a Californian and I am proud to be part of the 32nd district. Together, we can accomplish great things within the Democratic Party. I may only be one voice, but I can guarantee you that as a CADEM delegate, I will be loud as hell.

Maricruz Ramirez

I am a first generation college student and proud daughter of immigrants. My advocacy work began as I entered my junior year in high school. I have participated in efforts with local organizations to mobilize young people to transform our communities. Some efforts include voter registration amongst high schools, and advocating for equitable access to clean and safe environments. I support the fight for Immigration Reform, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal.

Biviana Camacho

Resident of Kings County for 20 years.

Kings County Democratic Central Committee District 3 Elect

Kings County CYD Representative

CADEM Veterans Caucus Secretary

Local participating activists in BWOPA, NAACP, and ACLU

Shelisa Williams

“I look forward to serving with my fellow Democrats and working to strengthen our party and our Democratic team. I have served as the President of the North Kern South Tulare Hospital District for over 13 years and was on the board for over 17 years. This is an elected position. In that time I have contributed to the following: expanding the district boundaries; adding a much needed Rural Health Clinic to the district; growing the revenue stream from 3 million to over 20 million a year; adding much needed jobs to the community. I am looking forward to putting these skills to work in this arena. I am a proactive leader who puts the needs of the community before my own.”

Jaime Mendoza

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and fierce rural advocate who got his start registering new voters in rural Fresno County during my years in college. Fast forward a bit, now on my second term, I serve as Mayor of a small farm working community in rural KERN COUNTY. In my day job, I help run a small family business – a medical billing company. In 2020, I was appointed to the Board of Directors for Kern Health Systems – a managed care group with nearly 225,000 members receiving medicaid. I strive every day to represent my vulnerable and underserved neighbors. I will dedicate equal effort to representing my Democratic brothers & sisters in AD32. I appreciate your consideration & support of my candidacy for ADEM delegate.

Alex Garcia

My name is Flor Olvera, I’ve gained several years of business experience as a young professional and a business leader at a Fortune 50 company. My plan is to leverage my skillset of effective decision making on behalf of my party. My goal is to create an environment of collaboration. We will need to work together to make serious progress and I’m looking forward to serving my party as we work to engage voters, new and old, in this very important process and unique time. I will bring my experience in business and community service to this task and I would be honored to have your vote.

Flor Olvera

I am Yolanda Chacon-Serna. I am a candidate for Delegate of Democratic Assembly district 32.

I am a lifelong democrat, who believes in the Values of the Democratic Party devoting 26 years of my life as a Labor, Community & Political Organizer & Activist.

I learned early the power of political & direct action, growing up in the UFW movement in DelanoI learned Politics has the Power to affect & Change Lives!

I’ve, registered, walked, called, educated, engaged & empowered voters.

I managed the campaign of Assembly & Senator, Ed Hernandez.

As a Senior field representative I assisted & supported community members, working closely with City officials & government entities.

I’ve lobbied in Support of Workers safety, & equitable pay, The affordable care act, Immigration Reform, LGBTQIA, & Women’s rights, End of Life options act, environmental issues that include clean water, air and to ban hazardous pesticides, and a fair budget that includes funding services for the Disabled, Children, Veterans, Seniors, Education and many other issues.

AS a national Organizer with the AFL-CIO, I’ve worked with many industries winning collective bargaining agreements, that secure equitable pay, workers rights,

safety, and health & welfare,

As a Community Organizer I’ve volunteered in many disenfranchised communities to support them with information on how to access services during the drought, walking to each home to speak to and listen to their needs, to empower them to use their voice in the solution.

I am currently the executive secretary of Omni Family Health board of directors serving for 6 years, working to bring quality, affordable & accessible healthcare to our most vulnerable communities.

I am an advocate for my Family, Community, youth, Seniors, Veterans, & working People.

I am asking for your vote and confidence to advocate and represent you.

I humbly ask for your support, Vote Yolanda Chacon-Serna for Assembly District 32 Delegate to the democratic party.

Yolanda Chacon-Serna

As a lifelong resident of McFarland, Ivan has witnessed and experienced the economic, health, and educational disparities that haunt Central Valley communities. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Ivan was selected to represent the United States in Germany as a Cultural Ambassador. Upon returning home, he joined the Bernie Sanders campaign as a Regional Field Director. He spent his days phone banking, training volunteers, and knocking on doors throughout the Central Valley. After the senator’s win in California, the campaign redeployed him to New York where he focused on Latino outreach in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district and on Staten Island. In the general election, Ivan managed a successful grassroots campaign that saw a first-time political candidate elected to his city council. He is currently a volunteer at food distribution events held by the UFW Foundation.

Ivan Sandoval

I have been a lifelong resident of Delano, California and have deep roots within the United Farm Workers Movement. I have five generations of family who have served the community as farmworkers and as labor rights activists. I became a county social worker after interning with Congresswoman Barbra Boxer and graduating CSU East Bay with a Masters in Social Work.

I have been working for Kern County as a social worker since 2007. I was entrusted with advocating for my peers, which led to my involvement with the Service Employees International Union, Chapter 521 (SEIU 521), where I quickly became a passionate advocate and activist for workers rights. My hard work led to victories in labor contract negotiations gaining her wide recognition within my chapter. I have remained the chapter president of SEIU ever since I was elected in 2017.

I became involved with the Kern County Democratic Party in 2016 as an Assembly District Delegate to the State Democratic Party. In my position, I advocated for the values of my constituents at Democratic State Conventions. Earlier this year, I was elected to the county central committee in Supervisorial District 4 and as of December 7, 2020 I was sworn in as the new Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Delano starting a 4 year term as a Councilwoman. I would be honored to receive your vote and represent assembly district 32.

Veronica Vasquez, MSW

I am a longtime community advocate and am passionately involved in the rural areas of Kern county. Food insecurity is a growing concern and will unfortunately continue to be a concern for awhile, due to the pandemic. I am determined to work with other delegates to address the needs of the rural communities in our state. I am ready to work and promise to do so.

Ana Vigil

My name is Yolanda Vega, I am an Internal Auditor for a Financial Institution and a community advocate. In the last few years I have volunteered in our community for a multitude of organizations and issues. I have donated time to local youth programs and have also helped with several campaigns over the years. Most recently I was incredibly involved with Sal Solorio-Ruiz and Veronica Vazquez’s races for Delano city council. We were able to flip Delano’s city council to a progressive majority council!

As a community member in Delano I have attended many City and District meetings where I have advocated for our community. Our community deserves to flourish and our children need a voice. As a delegate, I will promise to advocate for our community at the state level. Most importantly our community needs more progressive representation that will listen to people and issues of our community.

I would be honored to receive your support

Yolanda Vega

My name is Oscar Camacho and I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley, where I recently transferred from Bakersfield College. I’m the first person in my family to attend college and I was raised in a low-income household by a single mother, and my lived experiences while growing up in Delano have made me more passionate about civic engagement and social justice issues. I’m running because I feel that communities like my own continue to experience a lot of injustices and inequalities that need to be addressed at all levels of government. Recently, I’ve been involved in advocating for local issues in Delano through volunteering with Councilmember Bryan Osorio and I’m also involved with the non-profit journalism organization, Kern Sol News, where I write about issues and events that affect Kern. I’ve also worked towards starting an LGBTQ+ Alliance in Delano. While at UC Berkeley, I’m also a Health and Technology Fellow through the School of Public Health, where I’m learning about public health issues and working on interdisciplinary teams to address technology problems in innovative ways. All of my experiences have made me passionate about the possible impact I can make in the future by working with others and I’m ultimately interested in pursuing a career in public service where I can give back to the community that raised me.

Oscar Camacho

As a lifelong resident of Bakersfield, I have seen first hand how many communities are treated as second class citizens and have to endure many forms of suppression. Despite our city being filled with many folks with different backgrounds, I have been witness to the Sikh community and other marginalized groups being treated like second class citizens. My love for our community has inspired me to dismantle existing structures of privilege, power, and oppression in our communities to ensure our voices and demands are heard and met in AD32. I stand to support all marginalized communities and cannot wait to uplift one another! I know we will achieve equity while building everlasting infrastructures of support for the future generations to come. Thank you. For more information or insight please feel free to reach out to me @harveens.

Harveen Kaur

My name is Monike Reynozo and I am running for ADEM district 32. I was born and raised in Delano and I am the daughter of immigrants. I recently graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. I am currently working for my graduate degree at CSUB for Master’s of Public Administration.

This election cycle I worked closely with progressive candidates for Delano City Council. Working as a campaign manager we succeeded in flipping the city council to a majority progressive council. In addition, I had the opportunity to work at a local affordable housing non-profit where I was able to interact with many individuals living in rural areas of California. I have a strong passion to ensure every individual has the basic needs to survive. I want to advocate for issues such as affordable homes, medicare for all, farmworker and immigrant rights.

I humbly ask for your vote and support.

Monike Reynozo