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Candidate Statements

Just over 2 years ago I was asked to run to become an Assembly District 33 delegate as well as AD33 E-board Representative. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the weight of the office or the true value of its purpose. But, at the very minimum I knew that I could use that platform to help grow the democratic pool in the high desert just based on outreach and engagement alone. After educating myself on the true impact of the office I graciously took on the challenge, ran for both positions, and in January of 2019 was elected as a Delegate and your AD-33 E-Board rep.

Since then, I have spent countless hours developing my knowledge of the inner workings of the state party, attending different democratic meetings both across the high desert and state of California (I even attended the National Convention), and obtaining strategies to help improve better outcomes in High Desert elections. I believe that I have acquired skills and tactics to help move us in the right direction.

But make no mistake, it’s going to take all of us. I am asking for your vote for re-election as a delegate and to be your AD-33 E board rep for the next 2 years. As we continue to move the high desert forward it’s imperative that we continue to build on the momentum we have gained over the last 2 years. Moreover we must be diligent in tackling and defeating the divisiveness in our region and the party alike. Together, I am confident we can meet the moment.

So I humbly ask for your vote for delegate in Assembly District 33 and to continue as your AD-33 E board rep. Thank you so much for your time and more importantly your support and your vote.

Stevevonna Evans

LeRoy Navy For Assembly District 33 Delegate 2021

Candidate Statement

My name is LeRoy Navy. I am an independent businessman and former Assembly District 33 Delegate. I have lived in our district now for over 14 years and in this great state for 44 years. Born in Louisiana in the late 50’s and graduated high school in the mid 70’s.

When I came to California, I attended South Bay College of Business where I graduated in 1977. I have been in the Insurance and Automotive sales industry for over 30 years.

I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate again because as I believed when I first became a Delegate that we must stand up and fight for what we believe in and one way to do that is to get off the sidelines and make your vote stand for more than just a vote. This 2020 election proved that if you get off the sidelines and fight which we saw from the marches and the record voting numbers that every vote counts, not to mention this was done in the middle of a pandemic and a major effort to suppress the vote.

If chosen again, I will once again fulfill the duties of delegate by attending conventions and meetings both virtual and in person when we are back to normal. I will represent my community and the issues we face. I want to help close this division that we are facing in our communities. Together as we already know we are strong, yes we are, but divided we can fall.

Thank you in advance for your support.

LeRoy Navy, former Assembly District 33 Delegate

LeRoy Navy

I have been an active Democrat my entire adult life working on many campaigns. I was a Democratic nominee for Assembly in 1980 and 1988. I served as a city council member from 1982 to 1994. I was a field representative for a Democratic member of Congress from 1994 to 1998. I currently am a grassroots organizer for Consumer Attorneys of California, working to elect Progressive candidates to the California Legislature.

Mark Wirth

My name is Yvonne M Molles; I am an early childhood special education teacher at San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools. I also serve as a president for my local San Bernardino County Teachers’ Association. I have over 15 years of public education experience and have served on various committees within my local and SBCSS. I am a very proud Hispanic woman who believes in advocating and working hard to make California a better place for all families and individuals. My family were some of California’s early settlers and have given back to every community they have worked or lived in. I want to continue that for the next generation of Californias and my family.

I want to make a difference for all who live in California, starting with protections for local unions, fair wages, and expanding healthcare access, so all Californians have access. If I am elected to this seat, I will attend scheduled events, trainings, and conferences as an Assembly District Delegate.

Yvonne M Molles

Hi! My name is Luke Rodriguez, and I am a second year law student at the UCLA School of Law. I grew up right in the High Desert, in Apple Valley, CA.

I left the Republican Party because of Donald Trump. The party has transformed itself into something unrecognizable. I once held out hope the party would come to its senses, but after 4 years of an institution shattering by Donald Trump, the Republican Party is beyond hope. I changed my registration to proudly cast my vote for Joe Biden in the California Democratic Primary on Super Tuesday, and am excited by the possibilities of the future of this country under the leadership of President-elect Biden.

I am incredibly passionate about public service. I went to law school because I wanted to be a public defender and provide criminal defense to those who cannot afford a lawyer. This drives my political philosophy: respect for the rights of all, even those who so many in society view as unworthy of our respect.

I believe there is great hope for the Democratic Party, which I am newly a member of, and the California Democratic Party has no doubt reaped great success in this state. But there are some troubling signs. We need to refocus our message so as to not push unpopular culture wars that the electorate has no appetite for. Our party should be embarrassed for supporting Prop 16, a measure overwhelmingly rejected by Californians, including in majority-minority counties that voted overwhelmingly for President-elect Biden. We need to focus on what’s important: healthcare, public transit, rezoning reform, etc. I’m only 22 years old, and I look forward to being able to bring a young voice as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. I will not apologize for the centrist voice I intend to bring, because I am a centrist Democrat. This is true for many Democrats in the 33rd Assembly District. They deserve a voice within the party, and I hope to be that voice. As someone who has changed from a #NeverTrump Republican to a proud centrist Democrat, I hope to earn your vote.

Luke Rodriguez

My name is Maria Okpara and I am running for a position of DELEGATE in the 33rd Assembly District. I am a mother of five adult children and grandmother to eight. I am a retired educator after having served for over 30 years in the public school system. I currently supervising teacher candidates at the university level.

I became involved in social and political activism during my education career as a teacher union representative. When President Barack Obama was running in his first presidential campaign, I organized meetings and registered people to vote. I signed up with and held several campaign events in my home. I joined in voter registration and organized house meetings for his campaign.

In 2018, I ran for the first time in my local school board election and earned their vote to serve as a School Board member. I am one of the founding members of the Reimagining Our Community (ROC) in the ,Victor Valley area. I am an active club member of the Victor Valley Democratic Club and High Desert Progressive Club.

As a delegate, I want to foster quality and equitable education especially for the minority and the marginalized. I want to see real climate change issues addressed, quality jobs creations, police reform and addressing the homelessness in our community

I am asking for your vote to represent you in the 33rd Assembly district. I will work to improve the awareness of what the party stands for. As a delegate, I pledge to work as a team member, to foster the beliefs of the Democratic Party, to present progressive views in our challenging world, to be respectful of one another, and to serve the Democratic Party platforms with the best of my abilities. I will work tirelessly in building the party membership and to increase voter registration.

Maria Okpara

Fernando Hernandez for Eboard

Greetings Fellow Democrats,

If elected, I pledge to attend each of the two annual e-board meetings as well as schedule meetings with the other delegates immediately following e-board to keep them informed. I will also meet with the other delegates to form standing committees and caucuses that address the needs of our district, and elect members to the DNC. These are the responsibilities of this position that have gone unfulfilled in the past.

I am a native Californian, born and raised East Los Angeles. After High School I enlisted in the US Army and served our country in Vietnam. I am retired from LA-METRO, a Union job that I helped organize and worked for 28 years.

I have lived in the High Desert for 25 years and see the desperate need to organize and help Flip This District Blue. Si Se Puede! I will work hard for us and keep those that seek our endorsement accountable to the Democratic Platform and our dire and unique needs in AD33

I have worked hard within the party to bring the changes that our district needs as a community activist, Labor Organizer, Director of a non-profit Community Based Organization and current member of the San Bernardino County Democrat Central Committee, Veterans Caucus, African-American Caucus, Latino-Chicano Caucus and Life member Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9415

We have endured a drought of humanitarian policies these last four years. A worldwide pandemic, a crushing economy, and a divided nation. Let us move forward with a new administration and a clear message, I am supporting progressive policies and progressive candidates to bring back a better and stronger community and nation.

It Is Time For ACTION, Vote Fernando Hernandez

Fernando Hernandez

I’m Angie Mayo, a long-time resident of the High Desert of Southern California. I’ve been lucky enough to work at Silverado High School in Victorville since 2005, and I have worked closely with my union. Working with and expanding the Democratic Party in our very red area has given me hope and has been a lot of fun. I’ve met many people who have inspired me, and I hope to continue to work with them to spread our message and to get our candidates elected at all levels of government.

The reason I’m applying to be an ADEM is because I have some experience with organizing and social justice. I was involved with grassroots campaigns locally for Chris Binder and nationally for Bernie Sanders. In addition to my abilities to organize, I’m relatively well aware of the concerns of our local citizenry. I’m a fighter and ready to vet candidates to find the right people to represent our community. As a member of the People’s Action Slate, I will work with our diverse population to help select the candidates who will work for us and are not bound to big money donors.

As an ADEM, I will be planning and attending meetings and working with other DSCC delegates to represent our community. It will be my responsibility and pleasure to vote on behalf of our community. Democrats in our area have been overshadowed in our very red district. If we can get the Deomcratic Party to move toward more populous positions, we can break that trend.

I am part of the People’s Action Slate. We would appreciate your vote.

Please go to to register to vote. Thank you for your time and I look forward to moving the Democratic Party forward!

Angie Mayo

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Stevenson, and I am a 36-year-old mother to 5 boys. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca. but I was raised in Rancho Cucamonga where I lived until I was 16. I have been residing in Victorville, Ca with my family since 2011.

I graduated from Brandman University in 2013 with a bachelor’s in business administration. I absolutely love learning new things, so I went back to Brandman University in 2013 to pursue my master’s degree. In 2015 I received my master’s degree in Business Administration Accounting.

Over the past 7 years I have been the Director of Online Sales at LA REED FAN SHOP. I just recently launched an online company offering financial services to small businesses, owner operators and individuals.

This is my first time running for a delegate spot in our 33rd State Assembly. I got encouraged to enter after this past election, seeing how every vote counts. I am passionate about the fight for racial, and gender equality, making higher education affordable, reforming the criminal justice system, and finding a solution to decrease the growing homeless population. I look forward to attending all meetings and conventions as an Assembly District 33 Delegate.

I just want to thank you in advance for your vote.

Jacqueline Stevenson

Should you elect me to serve as one of your delegates, you will find an advocate for progressive policies and someone deeply involved with education and unions.

Teaching mostly minority students in public schools for 16 years has allowed me the opportunity to see first-hand how our youth are the greatest hope for progressive change like pushing for social justice in and out of educational and environmental policies that adhere to long-term help for our environment as we continue to battle increased global temperatures and extreme weather.

I will seek out and work with other Democrats to increase voter turnout because this is one of the biggest issues our party has, and it will become increasingly difficult if we fail to meet the challenge head-on, well before election years comes to fruition. Energizing these potential voters is key to passing progressive policies, and that will require great work and time.

I am passionate about the education of our youth, so I support the rights of unions to establish themselves, negotiate, and bargain for health and safety of staff and students, especially during this pandemic.

For 13 years, I have been a teacher association representative and advocated for our union members in that capacity. I have also been a union negotiator for 11 years (four of those years as the lead negotiator), and as I continue to pursue avenues that support the membership, I transfer that trait to progressive agendas of our Democratic party.

I canvassed for some of our Democratic candidates, going door-to-door prior to the pandemic, filling out hundreds of postcards, and hanging hundreds more door hangers. Like many of you, I was relieved that the Biden/Harris ticket won the presidency, but many of our local candidates and those seeking positions in the state as well as across the country were lackluster, and I believe that we need to look to Democrats like Stacey Abrams to increase Democratic voter turnout.

I am a proud member of High Desert Progressive Democrats and have been a life-long Democrat who trusts that our party has the best chance to endorse and fight for real progressive policies that will lead to a safer environment, educational practices that acknowledge intersections of oppression and privilege, income equality, and social justice.

Please vote for me, a candidate committed to advocating for progressive values.

Michael Brian Mayo

My name is Alexis DeJesus and I am a 22 year old Latinx woman. I am currently a student attending college pursuing a degree in Ethnic Studies, focusing on topics like education, democracy and justice.

I have years of experience with social justice issues, from planning and attending protests, to organizing community events to gathering supplies to hand out to the unsheltered/less fortunate. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, a proud Latinx woman, and a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

I am highly educated on topics affecting our society today such as police brutality, immigration, women’s rights, poverty, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, and much more.

As a 22 year old growing up in our current climate, I have seen and experienced so much that it has changed me forever, and I strongly believe that our government needs to reflect the needs of the people it represents, not just the 1%.

I am running to be an Assembly District 33 Delegate because I want to make changes in our community as soon as possible. I have a strong voice and the motivation to make sure every community member has their voice represented. If elected, I will hold politicians accountable to their word, and have the best interests of all in mind. I will be a delegate for the people.

Alexis DeJesus

My name is Lesley Carver-Byerlee, and I hope to serve you and the Democratic Party as a delegate for Assembly District 33. I was born and raised in Southern California, and have lived in our district almost continuously since 1987. I am employed as a public high school counselor in the High Desert, and serve as a site representative for our district teacher’s union.

Assembly District 33 is not only one of the largest in the state, but also one of the most red. As a Democratic Party Assembly Delegate, I would be your voice in advocating for opportunity and justice for all Californians, including children, seniors, veterans, undocumented residents, the homeless, and the LGBTQ+ community.

I believe everyone should have access to: sustainable wages; quality healthcare, including mental health and substance abuse services; affordable childcare and housing; and a model education system that supports students through college and job training programs, without leaving them in debt from student loans.

We have been through very dark times this year, but there is light on the horizon. I humbly ask for your vote, so that I may serve as your elected advocate through this time of healing and recovery. Thank you for your time!

Lesley Carver-Byerlee

Blanca Gomez is a Mexican American who lives in Victorville, California. Ms. Gomez is a candidate for Assembly District Election Meeting. She is a second term Victorville councilwoman and a doctoral student at California Baptist university. She is that new voice in the realm of transparency that will offer insight and bring you closer to the internal happening of the party while voice the communities needs and desires. She offers public engagement and accountability. As a leader in the community, she vows not to ignore blatant bad behavior and integrate the public through fairness, respect, dignity and upholding the oath of office under our constitutional rights. Blanca is committed to being a champion for promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of her representation of you at the state level and in any leadership capacity she holds. Her goals include to create accountable and transparent governments that are representative of the ideal grassroots endeavors. Blanca Gomez will ensure that as your representative, your voice is heard. Ms. Gomez is a solid progressive committed to the fight for social, economic, racial, gender and immigration justice, as well as human rights and the environment. I vow to do the will of the people of this region and to ensure that our elected officials in California are doing just that. It is in California that we have most of our democrats and we, as the leaders of the party, understand that putting people first is important.

Blanca Azucena Gomez es Mexicana Americana y vive en la ciudad de Victorville. La senora Gomez es regidora del palacio municipal de la ciudad de Victorville y esta estudando en su doctorado en la Universidad California Baptist. Ella ofrece acontabilidad y transparencia reconociendo que el poder de hacer los cambios esta en el pueblo. Como lider ella traera respeto, dignidad, y justicia en decisions estatales. Esa es progressiva y se compromete a pelear por una mejor economia, justicia imigratoria, derechos de seres humanos, el medio ambiente, el genero, y por motivos raciales. Ella se compormete a hacer los la voluntad de la comunidad y a asegurarse que nuestros servidores publicos en California esten hacienda la voluntad del pueblo. Ella comprende que poniendo al pueblo primero es importante.

Blanca Gomez

My name is Roger La Plante, I am a retired Army veteran and I am a longtime Democrat, 2 time elected San Bernardino County Central Committee member, Chairman of the San Bernardino County voter registration Committee 2017-2020. 2016 Democratic National Convention delegate for Sec Hillary Clinton, Candidate for the 33rd AD 2020. Here in San Bernardino county locally we have registered progressive and liberal voters in the tens of thousands more than our Republican colleagues and we need to organize to take back the High Desert. Assembly District 33 in our last election there were no Democrats on the ballot and that needs to change. In San Bernardino County we have a 100,000 registered voter advantage over the Republicans and we need to maximize our efforts to “Get Out The Vote” and I will be a champion to make that happen as Delegate. Thank you very much and vote for Roger La Plante for CDP Assembly District 33 delegate.

Roger La Plante

I am LaRon Whitfield, and I have been a resident of District 33 for the last 17 years. In my time here I have been active as an educator, and I have also taken an active role in the community, assisting with school board and county elections and campaigns. The varied initiatives and communities I have been involved with since moving here have given me a sharp perspective on how to best serve our district.

More specifically, I have worked as a teacher and administrator for the Apple Valley Unified School district for the last 17 years. I have also been an active member of the Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association and the Victorville Homeless Task Force, as well as canvassing for and helping with the campaign strategies for people running for school board positions and San Bernardino County elected positions.

I will be a good fit as a District 33 delegate first and foremost because I care about the people in this community, and I will continue to take action on their behalf. The last four years have seen a great division within and between a number of our local communities and I believe that directing our focus toward initiatives and candidates that will bring us together will be the best way for us to move toward a better and brighter future.

LaRon Whitfield


My name is Dedrick Whitfield and I am excited to work with other delegates to serve our communities, both in District 33 and throughout the state. I have actively participated in a number of campaigns in our district and I am running for this position to help increase support for policies that will improve the quality of life for residents in our community.

I have been involved in the aerospace industry for over 30 years and I want to use a lot of the life experience that I have gained to help our community. I have also dedicated a lot of my personal time to volunteering to help members of our local community by canvassing, helping out with our homeless population, and with campaign strategies for people running for school board positions and San Bernardino County elected positions.

I pledge to continue to strengthen the Democratic party, to attend all informational and state meetings, and work closely with others so that we can present an informed and united front. I am anxious to support our community leaders and find equitable resolutions to the obstacles that prevent our communities from thriving.

Dedrick Whitfield

California Assembly District 33 has many issues that need to be addressed and I am running to tackle those issues such as healthcare, jobs, housing, diversity, senior care, veterans issues, and education. As an elected delegate, I will work hard to improve the lives of the residents of AD 33. I am a lifelong Democrat, and in my personal and professional life, I have dedicated myself to furthering the principals of the Democratic Party.

I started my political career as part of an advance team for George McGovern and after that became an aide to a Democratic Congressman. I was elected for 24 years heading a California community college district. I served on the California Student Aid Commission appointed By Assembly Speaker John Perez and served in the Gray Davis Administration for 4 years. I am retired,serve on a state board appointed by Jerry Brown, and am the Vice President of the Democratic Club of Big Bear Valley

I believe we need to cultivate and support Democratic candidates for nonpartisan offices. This is how Orange County turned from red to blue! We need to support strong vocational programs in the district for our students. Unions have great apprenticeship programs. I will work hard to turn our mountain and deserts communities from red to blue. I ask for your vote.

Brian Conley


Hello, my name is Sabrina Tonanzin Cisneros. At the age of 16 I was pre-registered as a Democrat and now at 19 I continue to be proud Democrat.

I am currently a college student in my second year. However, I attended one of the local high schools that is infamous for racism and discrimination in our area. As the ASB member I was elected to represent students on the school board where I introduced a resolution. The resolution Safe Areas For Everyone (S.A.F.E), was designed for the purpose of providing inclusion and acceptance for all students regardless of their Color, Ability or Sexual orientation. This resolution when passed also forced the school district to admit there was a problem. It was finally passed 4 months later and resulted in the hiring of the school district’s very first African American Principle.

I share this with you because I want you to know that if given your vote I will work vigorously for our communities in AD33.

Thank You

Sabrina Cisneros for Delegate

Sabrina Tonanzin Cisneros

I Valentin godina , want to unite the communities vocies, to the needs of. Progressive community services, libraries, boys and girls clubs , senior citizens services and activities.

these are basic community building blocks that prevent crime and insures a healthy future for all.

Valentin Godina

My name is Martin Gonzalez. I have been a resident of Hesperia for 18 years and have been a teacher at Hesperia Unified School District over the last five years. I am a Spanish teacher and work mainly with native Spanish-speakers in order to help with the conservation and proficiency of my students’ first language. I care deeply for the advancement of my community and heritage. It is for this reason that I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate for California District 33.

As a teacher I have found my most powerful voice to advocate for students through our union, Hesperia Teachers Association. I have spent two years as a site rep and have started my first year as the Organizing committee chair for Hesperia Teachers Association. I am a frequent voice at our school board meetings where I advocate for teacher safety, student equity, and responsible spending that focuses on our students’ needs over frivolous, anti-union spending.

As a first-generation American, affordable higher education and job training is also very important to me. I am always encouraging my students to follow their dreams but that often comes with an ever-increasing price tag that makes it very discouraging, especially for low-income and minority families.

Funding for the arts is also an issue that is near and dear to me. I have participated in more than 50 theatrical productions over the last twelve years. I believe that we need to provide funding, support, and accessibility to these outlets to make better communities. In 2018 and 2019 I partnered with Hesperia’s parks and recreation district in order to produce and direct free Shakespeare in the park to conclude our Hesperia Days parades. Post-covid I will continue to endeavor myself in bringing free, accessible, outdoor theatre to my community.

As an Assembly District Delegate for California District 33 I intend to endorse candidates who will be advocates of education, the arts, and opportunities for minority and marginalized populations. Thank you for your consideration.

Martin G. Gonzalez

My name is Stephanie Vida Pazarin, and I am running to become an Assembly District Delegate for the 33rd District. I am a daughter of immigrants that grew up in a border town and eventually made my way to the Inland Empire. As a young, Latinx women, who grew up in very disinvested communities, I have lived the consequences that poor political decisions have on everyday people.

My past has influenced how I envision the future of our communities. My goal is to work towards building an inclusive and progressive Democratic Platform that gives future generations a fighting chance. I will support candidates that fight for basic human rights policies such as housing for all, access to clean water and healthy food, climate change policies, and provide space for our voices to truly shape the process.

If elected to serve as a delegate, I will work to ensure that those elected truly represent our district needs. I will support where needed and ask the tough questions to ensure accountability.

Stephanie Vida Pazarin

Application for Assembly District Delegate for the 33rd District.

My name is Valerie Little, and I am running to become an Assembly District Delegate for the 33rd District. I am a wife of 44 years, a mother of two adult children, and grandmother of 2. I am a registered nurse of 40 years who recently retired, having worked many years in the Emergency department.

I have been a political activist since the first Bill Clinton campaign and administration. I have completed hundreds of phone calls and knocked on hundreds of doors. I was also a team leader for the second Obama campaign.

I was drawn to activism because of my deep belief in the values espoused by the Democratic party and, in the past, I interspersed volunteering between a demanding nursing career and raising children.

I now have more time to give towards making these values reality.

Importantly, I want to see Affordable Health Care for all happen. I care about police reform and believe that Democrats are the party that take climate change seriously. I think the party members strive to be the party for improving the lives of working men and women.

I am not a politician, while I do believe in the platform of the Democratic party and believe that most members enter into politics with strong motives to improve people’s lives, I wonder if the celebrity and perks that come with elected office sometimes causes our representatives to lose their focus.

I pledge to be a delegate with a focus that remains squarely on the needs of the people.

Valerie Little

My name is Mark Melendez, and I am running to become an Assembly District Delegate for the 33rd District. I am a resident of the Victor Valley for over 20 years and first-generation college graduate of the University of California, Riverside.

I have been drawn to the Democratic party’s values since I could remember. As life-long Democrats, my parents have instilled the Democratic values of social equity, protecting the environment, and strengthening the social safety net of all Americans.

The 2020 election was the first election cycle I became politically involved by helping Democrats all across the Victor Valley run for a chance to represent our area. I called hundreds of households, wrote hundreds of postcards, and knocked on hundreds of doors for candidates Chris Bubser for Congress, Kipp Mueller for State Senate, and Seta Ghazarian for VVUHSD School Board.

If elected to serve, I will advocate for a progressive Democratic platform that fights for Medicare for All, Green-New Deal, and police reform. I will continue my work of getting Victor Valley Democrats out to vote and registering new generations of young voters who will not only shape the party, but also our nation.

I ask for your vote, so I may continue the fight for progressive values for generations to come.

Mark Melendez

My name is Harold Hines, and I am running to become a delegate for Assembly District 33. I am a father of three: two adult sons, and one beautiful teenage daughter. I am an ordained minister and Pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Center located in the city of Adelanto, CA. For the last twenty-six years, I have also owned a small full-service life insurance agency.

A large part of my ministry work is social justice focused. This has included organizing voter registration and community education forums, meeting with the Captain of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department to address issues concerning police reform, and sponsoring an annual community day event focused on bringing the community together around issues of employment and affordable housing, just to name a few.

My political involvement began in college, when I volunteered to work on Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaign. I received valuable training and experience in door-knocking, phone-banking, and especially in GOTV (Get Out the Vote). I have served in the following positions:

Lead Pastor – Kingdom Life Christian Center. Adelanto, CA. Current.

Board Member – Measure JJ. Victorville, CA. Victor Valley College. Current.

Executive Board Member – NAACP. Victorville, CA. Three years.

Board Member – Victor Valley Rescue Mission. Victorville, CA. Three years.

Board Member – Women’s and Minority Owned Business Commission. Fairfield, CA. Two years.

If elected to serve, I will advocate for a strong Democratic platform that will include the following:

Restoration of all parts of the Voting Rights Act

Passage of HR7120, the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act

Strengthening and improving the Affordable Care Act, with the goal of Universal Healthcare

Developing strategies and policies to address issues of poverty, homelessness, and mental illness.

Immigration reform

I ask for your vote, and pledge to fight for progressive values if elected.

Harold Hines

Twice, when no one would run, I did. I spent less than $20K and forced Republicans to spend almost a million dollars to defend their hold on SD16 which includes AD33—about as red as CA gets but 95K voted for me (35%). In 2012, I attended a scoping meeting in Santa Margarita, spoke against the Orange/LA county attempt to heist our precious desert water and ignited the opposition to the Cadiz Water Heist. Since then I have founded 2 Democratic clubs and worked hard to write or help prepare no less than 18 important resolutions pertinent to AD33 to get much needed legislative change though we weren’t winning in AD33. Eight of those resolutions were passed and approved by the CADEM EBoard, a couple pertained to stopping the Cadiz water heist, after which related legislative action spun off and that project was roadblocked. Coming in second at our last A-DEM election, there is no greater frustration than the cost and travel then NOT being able to defend resolutions on the Eboard floor. In my case—I was not allowed to speak with regard to my East Mojave monuments amendment to Goldkorn’s “Protect Our National Monuments and Public Lands.” I had to scurry about and find an Eboard member who could quickly understand and speak on my behalf—we won’t always be so lucky to get the Environmental Caucus Chair to rescue us. Eboard adopted resolutions that I wrote: Rural Community Rights: Equal Access To Justice (stop court closures); Oppose Trump’s Rescission of Federal Permit Requirements For Cadiz Corporation’s Proposed Water Mine, Pump and Pipe Project; Resolution Opposing Trump’s Federal Overreach to Dictate and Control California’s Statewide Water Distribution System; Deficit Zone Radio; Mount Baldy Safety Signage. Adopted resolutions I helped prepare: Stop Nestle’s Water Raid; Expressing Opposition and Outrage of the Democratic Party for Human Rights Abuses, Negligence, Unlawful Detention, the Forcible Separation of Children from parents at our Southern Border; Demand For Humanitarian Intervention In Myanmar (Burma). My Brown Act complaint against the Supervisors exposed their illegal secret meetings and caused a delay filling a vacated seat with a Republican. Resulting litigation drew us closer to a hoped for Democratic appointment by Newsom. Thank you for your vote, elect me and watch what we can accomplish together.

Ruth Musser-Lopez

I was born and raised in Needles, CA, San Bernardino County, the third of four Santa Fe railroad employee generations. I am part Native American and I grew up near the river next to the Mojave village and enjoy the many friendships I made there. I attended Needles High School and was trained by Southern California Edison as a journeyman welder working at their generating plant in Laughlin for 35 years. I joined the AFL-CIO and experienced what many of those in our party know—what it means to take a stand, to strike for fair wages and benefits. My political journey has evolved over time but there has been nothing like the last four years to cause me to take a strong stand for the Democratic Party, the only party representing the ideals of American Liberty to use the words of Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project. I understand ideologically where I am, what I am and what I am against. We just observed the most appalling deliberate intentional poisoning and trampling of our political system. We need to repudiate those who don’t believe that people are sovereign and those who think that elections are for the elite, conservative, autocrats; those who believe that pardons are for those who do the illegal bidding of their corrupt leader. On the contrary, I want my grandchildren to grow up in a country that holds free and fair elections, with the peaceful transition of power. Emphatically, I believe in Democracy, full stop. My politics have evolved over time but the mature view is coalition politics. There is so much yet to be done—universal healthcare and access to vaccines, education, quality teachers receiving pay and benefits not less than other public employees, safe infrastructure including repairs on bridges of RT66 to be used as an emergency backup highway, equal access to justice and the courts, environmental conservation, economic stimulus and development in AD33 for which we need our water resources here, not piped to car washes in Orange County, progressive tax structures, not the flat rates with the poor paying the same as the rich land lords, taxes imposed on us illegally by Republican supervisors without our vote. With my offer to serve as A-DEM representative, I am expressing my belief in coalition politics and my faith in what we can achieve if we work together. Please elect me as your AD33 ADEM representative.

In Solidarity,

Bob Lopez