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Candidate Statements

As a practicing educator for public schools for over 30 years, I am committed to providing the best education for our students that can be achieved. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, I believe it is time to re-evaluate the policies that have been serving our students and to build upon that excellence, to ensure all students are receiving a high-quality and balanced education. We need to work together with the community and schools to determine a educational vision that serves the best interests of all of our students.

Janet Patton

My name is Jesse Aguilar. I have been a teacher in the Kern High School District for the last 24 years. I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the California Teachers Association. I’m a life-long Democrat and a strong believer in the power of public education and the dignity in work that is made possible through organized labor.

I’m the son of farm workers. I was raised in Tehachapi around the United Farmworker movement by a mom and dad that instilled in me the idea that anything is possible if given a fair chance and a level playing field. I graduated from San Francisco State University in 1992, earned my single subject teaching credential from CSU Bakersfield, and began working in the Kern High School District in 1996. I learned early that my voice was louder when spoken through my union megaphone. I continue to be a proud member of the Kern High School Teachers Association

Over the years, I’ve advocated locally, in Sacramento, in Washington D.C., and in the streets on issues centered around public education and teaching and learning. I’ve advocated against the disproportionate suspension and expulsion of students of color. I’ve advocated against the unfairness of standardized testing, and the inequity of our 19th century school system that often forgets about our neediest students and has become a pipeline to prison for our students of color. In 2016, I advocated against the arming of teachers in our schools. To this day, I continue to advocate for greater equity in funding, greater access to quality education, and better representation in school leadership.

I am a firm believer that all people have a right to live a dignified life. I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that police have no place in schools and that money must be reallocated to support social problems prior to them becoming criminal problems. I believe in a more compassionate world where love is love and people who need help can get it. I believe that every vote should count and believe we should do everything possible to assure every voice is heard. I believe that we must continue to advocate for those most vulnerable, those most needy, those on the periphery of society. We need people who understand this in party leadership. This is why I run, and this is why I ask for your vote.

Jesse Aguilar

It has been my pleasure to support this community as a Registered Nurse for 36 years. I am a union member and proud to serve as president of the California Nurses Association and Vice President of National Nurses United. I take my role as advocate very seriously and stand up for what is right for my community. Since 2017, I have been an elected ADEM Delegate and am the current Executive Board member. I attended the CA Democratic conventions and am a member of many caucuses including: Labor, Rural, Women’s, Progressive and Environmental. My track record includes attending Board of Supervisor meetings and the hearing for the Bureau of Land Management to fight for clean air and water. I hold politicians accountable for their decisions that affect our community. For many years I have canvassed, phone banked, texted and written post cards to support Democratic candidates, along with voter registration.

Being a strong advocate for women’s and worker rights is important to me. I am a founding member of the Women’s March Kern County and a member of the Democratic Women of Kern. As Vice President of the Kern Inyo Mono Central Labor Council, I am active in the protection of workers’ rights and engage in supportive actions to protect jobs that support the community. During this time of Covid-19 it is critical that we maintain worker health and safety protections, especially for healthcare workers, teachers, students, and essential workers.

I am a fierce advocate for Medicare for All, social and environmental justice, along with criminal justice reform. I believe that tuition free college and trade schools are also beneficial for our community. We must continue to invest in public education.

Volunteering with RN Response Network after Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, I went to shelters to care for refugees, and to give care to migrants seeking asylum dropped off by ICE in the Tucson shelter. When the earthquakes hit Ridgecrest, I volunteered through Kern County Medical Reserve Corps.

As an elected California Democratic Party Executive Board member, I attended all the E-board meetings and many caucuses. I voted for resolutions and platform language in addition to voting for DNC members that would stand up for our values and priorities.

I will continue to fight for our community as your ADEM Delegate for AD34 and Executive Board Member. I humbly request your vote.

Sandy Reding

Chris Reding was born and raised in Assembly District 34. As a current ADEM delegate, he will continue to fight for Medicare-for-All, tuition-free public universities, a higher minimum wage, and union rights. Chris will continue to support women’s reproductive rights and social justice that encourages diversity. He also believes in environmental protections with a just transition to sustainable energy practices in order to preserve the beauty and resources of our community.

At both California Democratic Conventions in 2019, Chris attended the environmental, latinx, and rural caucuses as well as the California Young Democrats meeting where he discussed pertinent issues with key legislators.

As the son of a nurse and a teacher, he places great value in supporting healthcare and education for all. Chris has a degree in Human Biology and is currently earning his Professional Science Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the flaws in our for-profit healthcare system and how corporate interests have taken precedence over the millions of folks who are currently uninsured. Chris has been involved in Medicare-for-All advocacy since 2016 because he believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. He has continued to advocate through volunteering with the Bernie 2020 campaign, California Nurses Association, and local progressive organizations in Kern County.

Growing up in Kern County, Chris gained the passion needed for improving the Democratic platform and influencing politicians to make positive change for our cities. He has the drive and enthusiasm to be an active participant in the Democratic party and represent the people of AD34. As a delegate, Chris pledges to hold our politicians accountable. It is for these reasons he humbly asks for your support as we strive to create a better future for our community.

Chris Reding

I am Dalisia Coppersmith and I hope to get your vote for the Central Committee in AD34. As a military officer, federal employee, business owner, wife and mother who has lived in this district for over a decade, I understand the hopes and concerns of our citizens and look forward to representing them in our party’s annual business and platform development. I am passionate about restoring the prosperity of our district as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires and earthquakes of 2019 and 2020. I look forward to being a voice for inclusion, discernment, and teamwork as we promote a progressive Democratic agenda that will guide our endorsement of candidates and ballot measures in the coming years. Thank you for your consideration.

Dalisia Coppersmith

I am a community organizer and activist in Kern County. I first got involved in 2017 advocating for Medicare for All with Our Revolution: Kern County and National Nurses United. I am a strong proponent of early voter education and registration, and have worked to help register hundreds of voters in Kern County. I continued my advocacy work through the 2020 Presidential primary by volunteering as a canvassing lead on the Bernie 2020 Presidential campaign. In September 2020, I joined the California Democratic Party team in CA-21 to campaign for incumbent Congressman TJ Cox. In addition to my work in CA-21, I also helped assure a progressive seat on the Delano City Council through my work as Digital Media Director for Veronica Vasquez for Delano City Council 2020. I currently serve as the Membership Coordinator for Our Revolution: Kern County and the Member at Large for the Kern County Young Democrats. I promise to fight for progressive values as an elected delegate for AD-34 and I humbly ask for your vote.

Megan Russell

My name is Michelle Shaw and I’m the Executive Director of a program for at risk young men. My work with youth is one of the reasons, I’m running for ADEMS because I want to be an advocate for the voiceless. Being involved and working with strong Democrats in the decision making process, as well as advocating for our community and state is important because that is how changes are made. Lastly, voter education and engagement are critical to bringing change to the valley. Working along side strong Democrats is the way we find solutions to engage and educate our voters to be empowered at the polls. I would be honor to have your vote and thank you for your support.

Michelle R. Shaw

I am an attorney and a resident of Bakersfield. I am proud to be part of the Democratic Party because I believe it is the duty of the government to protect the welfare and liberty of the citizens of the United States. I also believe in Democracy and supporting the will of the people. Unfortunately, those values are not universally shared by every party in this country. That is why I chose to become involved and help the Democratic Party protect the welfare of each and every resident.

It is important that the Democratic Party never loses sight of it’s ideals and protect the welfare of all residents of the United States. It is paramount that the party’s message be made clear to the people of the United States.

As an ADem, I will help ensure that the Democratic Party continue to advocate for the welfare and rights of all people. That includes protecting the rights of our most vulnerable residents, to protecting the environment shared by all who walk on this earth. I will also help ensure that the goals of the Democratic Party are made clear to all Americans, in hopes that they will join us in making sure our rights and welfare will be forever safeguarded.

Mo Iranmanesh

I am running as an Assembly Delegate to represent AD34 because I know the needs of my fellow neighbors. I grew up in Bakersfield in a low-income Latino household and experienced first-hand the growing inequities present in communities of color. I graduated from South High and received a full-ride scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles. The opportunities I took advantage of are not available to everyone and I want to change that. I’ve worked as a mentor for the past two years to help guide low-income students of color toward college and university programs.

As an undergraduate, I have served as an elected student officer creating programs and relief measures to help students pay for college. In our community, I interned for Assemblymember Rudy Salas serving the people of Kern County and I recently worked as the Field Director to the newly-elected and youngest Bakersfield City Councilmember: Eric Arias.

I’ve seen and experienced many of the issues facing our community: underfunded public schools, homelessness, health disparities, and environmental inequality. I am excited to work with the Democratic Party as an Assembly Delegate to help create the change our community needs.

Noe Garcia

As a Bakersfield resident for 20 years, I have first-hand experience with the challenges in my community. I attended local public schools and eventually graduated from South High School and I’m currently attending CSU Bakersfield. I’ve devoted much of my time to improving the community, from working alongside non-profit organizations to improve the lives of young foster children, to helping campaign for Bakersfield’s newest and youngest City Councilmember Eric Arias. Growing up here has allowed me to see the issues firsthand: homelessness, gang violence, loitering, distrust of our local law enforcement, high illiteracy rates and underfunded public schools. I am looking forward to working with the Democratic Party of Kern County to bring a fresh, new perspective to our district. I know the needs of my community and I am ready to make a positive difference as an Assembly Delegate in AD34.

Armando Garcia

My name is Dr. Chris Cruz-Boone and I am running for ADEM because I am eager and hopeful about the prospect of helping shape the platform for our party. Where I live, like many places in California, there is a vocal faction of people that have resisted public health recommendations and conversations about race relations. As a result, we have seen violence in our streets against innocent black activists and as I write this statement none of our hospitals have any beds left in our ICU’s. Things may seem dire but I still have hope, because in these trying times I found my tribe with the California Democratic party.

Christine Cruz-Boone

Dedication, passion, love of country and an eagerness to serve is why I have chosen to run. I am a lifelong Democrat and was raised to adopt and adhere to the principles and positions articulated by the Democrat Party; the party of the working class. My decades of experience in serving this party as well as my ability to lead and execute ideas is why I am seeking your support. Truly, there is strength in numbers, and I look forward to working with other strong Democrats to reinforce our party, engage the electorate, and finally, to work directly with our community.

I appreciate your support.

David A. Torres

I am running to serve as a delegate because I believe in the premise of our Party, that everyone deserves dignity, respect and compassion. Those three principles act as a guide in the work to improve the lives of all our neighbors. Democrats are strong and represent our communities because of our differences, not in spite of them. I am proud to be a member of our Party and I look forward to serving if selected.

Louis Gill

I’m Erica Mullins, an educator at a local college and mother to children in our Kern County schools. I believe our party’s top priorities should be sensible environmental regulation, quality public education for all, and an overhaul of our criminal justice system to bring fairness and equity where they are long overdue.

With Master’s degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, I strongly support the application of science and statistics to the development of public policy. As an educator, I know firsthand the struggles of students of all ages working to achieve a quality education in a system while making a living in a challenged economy. I support evidence-based legislation to address this district’s critical public policy issues, including infrastructure development, criminal justice reform, and climate change. We can respect the realities of our economy and society; we must require real solutions to our problems.

I look forward to working for the people of this District and a better California.

Erica Mullins

My name is Chris Holland and I am devoted to the Cubs, both Star Trek and Star Wars, and the Democratic Party. I am running for ADEM because while there were great gains in the last election, there still remains a lot of work to be done and issues to be addressed within our party. I am eager to work with the leaders of the party to find paths that will engage voters and move our party towards viable solutions regarding climate change, health care, and repairing as well as growing our economy. We need to encourage individuals of sound character within our communities and our state to take that step to help with shaping the world we not only want to pass on to our children, but be able to live in as well.

Chris Holland

Asha Chandy is the programs manager for Bike Bakersfield, the only nonprofit bike kitchen and street safety organization serving all of Kern County where she sits on Kern Council of Government’s Regional Planning Advisory Council, and the Asthma Coalition of Kern County. She is also an active transportation planner with the California Bicycle Coalition’s Central Valley Bikeways Project, leading outreach efforts to create a full, low stress bike network in Bakersfield. She has participated in canvassing for Medicare for All and Bernie Sanders, and walks and rides throughout Bakersfield. Asha is a graduate of Stockdale High School and UC Irvine with degrees in Public Health Policy and Criminology.

Asha’s mother is a family nurse practitioner and former registered nurse, and Asha understands the immense impact healthcare workers and the healthcare system have on our society. Asha believes in working to build a world where personal and public health are one in the same, and that ensuring your neighbor is healthy boosts your chances of staying healthy.

Asha Chandy

Ismael De Leon comes from a family of migrants. As a young person he was forced to drop out of high school to help financially support and contribute to his household. After attending night school to receive his G.E.D while working to support his family, he was accepted to CSU Monterey Bay and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in social work. Ismael then obtained a Masters degree from CSU Fresno and choose a career working with the Department of Rehabilitation. He was inspired to help other families that had similar struggles such as language, literacy, and other barriers. Ismael currently works with young people providing pre-employment transition services, such as career development for folks with similar backgrounds.

Ismael’s background in activism in Kern County has also revolved around equality and opportunity. Ismael first became involved as a canvasser in 2016 with the Bernie Sanders for President Campaign. In 2017, Ismael became involved with Our Revolution: Kern County, advocating for Medicare for All, and participating in voter registration and education efforts. Ismael’s love for communicating with his community made him a star canvasser as he was able to successfully register hundreds of community members who later went on to vote in the 2018 midterms. In 2020, Ismael’s activism continued as he volunteered for Senator Bernie Sanders run for president, volunteering weekly as a canvasser and phone banker.

Ismael De Leon

This is the ADEM candidate profile for Pat Maxwell, they are agender, and lifelong registered democrat first voting for Obama in 2008 during Georgia’s Democratic primaries. In 2014 they represented Milledgeville as a delegate to the Georgia Democratic convention, they have been apart of Kern’s community since moving to California in 2016, volunteered for the 2020 primaries with the Bernie Sanders campaign, personally knocking on the doors of hundreds of people, which helped lead us to a victory in Kern county. Since the campaign ended they have invested time into helping local elections and also working retail as apart of our local essential workers during this pandemic. They have worked with the Democratic Socialists of America and became the treasurer of DSA Kern County in the most recent steering committee elections.

Pat wants to represent Kern county’s workers who are in desperate need of a voice during this pandemic, advocating for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, wanting Kern county to keep up with the progressing world and investing in green jobs that will outlast the local industries that have already started being hit by changing public demands. They took part in Bakersfield Black Lives Matter protests and want to see through major policing reforms in the state and local levels, advocating for no more prisons for profit, no more cash bail instead moving to a merit based program, taking burdens of 911 calls off of the police force and shifting those resources to mental health experts and medical professionals, and push for budgets to reinvest in the communities hit hardest by poverty and austerity decisions, which have directly resulted in higher crime rates. These views all come together because of ideals that we’re all in this together, when even one person is left behind it hurts the entire community, and with Kern county being one of the worst in the state in terms of unemployment and poverty this is the time we have to look out for our neighbors and to do so we must create a party policy platform that addresses these issues.

Pat Maxwell

“I’m Melissa Gargan, a lifelong Democrat who has volunteered for several local and national campaigns including President Obama’s and Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns. I’m a passionate activist who has marched and protested for change. I’ve knocked on numerous doors and phone-banked for causes that affect all of us. I was born and raised in Bakersfield, and I attended Bakersfield College and Cal State Bakersfield University where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in criminal justice. Education and reforming the criminal justice system are some of my greatest passions in life. I haven’t missed voting in an election since I turned 18. I’ve been a public school teacher for 16 years, a proud union supporter, and member of the CTA. I have volunteered in highway cleanup litter removal groups, have given senior citizens rides to the polls on election day, and offered assistance in our local libraries. I’m an advocate for Medicare for All, racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice. I’m running for ADEM 34 to further my advocacy within the democratic party and help create equality for all. I’m humbly asking for your vote so I can help ensure the right democrats are elected who will stand up for the important issues that affect us – the working class.”

Melissa Gargan

Hi, my name is Nicholas White, I am 29-years-old and have been a part of the Bakersfield community for over ten years. I am an alumnus of both Bakersfield College and California State University, Bakersfield. With his graduation from Bakersfield College in 2014, I received my Associate of Arts degree in Communications. I then continued my education at California State University, Bakersfield where, in 2016, I earned multiple Bachelor of Arts degrees in the Communications disciplines of Public Relations and Digital Media; as well as a minor in Psychology.

As a Black/Person of Color, Queer Activist, my goal is to see our community get the representation and the voice it needs to obtain the services needed here at home.

My personal involvement in the community ranges from LGBTQ+ resources, mental, physical, and sexual health for all within our community, as well as with an animal rescue.

My love for activism began when I started a Relay for Life team with family and friends in high school. It was my duty to make sure the team had the proper number of registered members, tracked their donations, and organized fundraiser events for the team.

This led me to volunteer for Links For Life while I was a student at Bakersfield College. Links for Life is an organization in Kern County designed to promote breast cancer awareness, provide services and care, as well as support for all those who are coping with and affected by breast cancer. During my time with the organization, I attended health fairs, seminars, and other events educating and empowering the people of Kern County to take ownership of their health. With Links, my favorite event to attend was Bakersfield Pride. It was at Pride that I became associated with The Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity.

Since then I have been a part of the community at The Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity since 2016. I am still a part of The Center and as of July 2020; I have been in a contracted position with The Center to focus on HIV prevention outreach online. This HIV prevention outreach targets men who seek men on digital platforms and allows us to provide information about The Center and the many mental, physical, and sexual health programs available here in Kern County directly to them. Through this outreach, I aim to provide a safe space for those who need it most.

Thank you.

Nicholas White

As an incumbent AD34 delegate, I was involved in the process of putting forth the most progressive party platform in CA history. I am a member of the Progressive Caucus and the Disabilities Caucus of the CDP. As lifelong Democratic activist and volunteer, I have knocked on hundreds of doors to increase voter turnout, made countless phone calls, and registered many new voters.

Our party and our elitist politicians have been beholden to corporate interests for far too long. Through the ADEM elections, Democrats have an opportunity to empower the grassroots of the party by electing a slate of Kern County Democrats who are true to progressive values and will fight for working people. Our job as Assembly Delegates is to push for policy that makes a real change in people’s lives.

I am a strong supporter of single-payer Medicare for All. Healthcare is a human right, and the profiteering of middlemen in the health care industry (big insurance) must be taken out of the equation. In the midst of our current pandemic, as millions have lost their jobs, it has become all too apparent how foolish our current system is that ties health insurance to employment. I am also passionate about economic, environmental, and social justice, and as a delegate I will fight to ensure our party platform meaningfully advances these causes. Not me, us!

I presently work for the County as a finance professional, but I recently completed my J.D. from the local Kern County College of Law, and plan to switch careers soon. My plan is to go into the area of criminal defense, possibly at the Public Defender’s Office.

I am married to a registered nurse and we have three beautiful young children.

I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you for taking the time to read my candidate statement.

Ajaib Singh Gill

Systemic racism and oppression exists in the United States and that is non-debatable. It has been documented in study after study, article after article. This country was founded on it and the genocide of our Indigenous people. The California Democratic Party, as long as I’ve known it, will use Black, Indigenous, Latinx, people of color, youth, and low-income votes to win elections and then institute or be silently complicit in policies that specifically harm the communities that gave them the win. We, for one, are tired of it, and if we win, we will be coming with a mandate from our communities. A mandate to abolish the systems that birthed systemic racism and oppression, and we will be loud about it. We do not subscribe to the narrative that we are led by elected officials, we are led by movements.

Riddhi S. Patel

Gayle is a strong proud woman who is committed to her culture and her profession.

A registered nurse since 1989 her nursing background has enabled her to understand issues of healing and health care in every context. She seeks to promote clarity, tolerance and understanding in situations of tension and conflict.

Some of Gayle’s most outstanding contributions includes her participation in helping to organizing the California Nurses Associations bargaining unit at Bakersfield Memorial hospital. She currently serves as a union representative for ICU, in this role she has been instrumental in bringing about much needed policy changes to include the manner in which information is dissemination to the Inmate population, policy changes that affect nursing care practices. She also serves as the Intensive Care Unit’s Shared Governance Committee to assist Bakersfield Memorial Hospital’s Pathway to Excellence to gain the title of a Magnet Status Hospital.

Gayle continues to demonstrates a strong commitment to the democratic party her life work has focused entirely in the arena of service to the community among working class people while promoting citizenship efforts, inclusion and diversity.

She is an ideal candidate in the context of the highest aspects of personal integrity and character. She consistently carries the interests of the voiceless and vulnerable when seeking improvements in their lives and well-being. She has worked as a leader and volunteer organizer in many elections through voter education, voter registration and “Get Out The Vote” campaigns as a youth organizer with the A Philip Randolph Institute an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between minority communities and the labor community.

Her Mentor, Norman Hill, Executive Director Emeritus, of The Randolph Institute instilled in her a sense of profound history and purpose which is her legacy and signature from her teen years. Her background as a nurse has enabled her to understand issues of healing and health care in every context.

Gayle is committed to furthering the green energy movement and working on solving the homeless crisis. She supports affordable healthcare and education for all.

Gayle has an abiding care for people,.Her Loyalty to Democratic principles and the Democratic Party has been unswerving.

Gayle Claiborne

I am Kellie Pollack, a mother of two college daughters struggling to pay for college, the daughter of cancer survivor struggling to pay for her expensive treatments, and the wife of a retired USMC that understands the struggles most vets face when they return home. I am a data scientist that has witness an assault on science and data. As an ADEM candidate, I promise to put the needs of those struggling ahead of corporate interests.

Kellie L Pollack

My name is Yvette Flores and I am a student at California State University Bakersfield. I am running to be a ADEM delegate because we need to continue the efforts we have made to bring more investment and progressive representation to the Central Valley.

At the age of 18, I became involved with the Kern County Voter Engagement Project where I was able to assist in registering thousands of voters in Kern County and educate countless young adults on the importance of voting. Our efforts have been celebrated statewide and locally, I was honored to be awarded the 2019 youth Wendy Wayne Ethics Award by the Kegley Institute of Ethics for my work with the project.

In 2019, I started working for the Kern, Inyo, & Mono Labor Council as a fellow. During my time with the labor council I organized a variety of labor events and collaborated with many local labor unions. I coordinated the endorsement process for the CLC and was a liaison between the labor council and our community. I was also heavily involved in setting the groundwork for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign in Kern County. I both canvassed and phone banked for Senator Sanders and helped organize outreach meetings and campus events.

Most recently I completed my time with the California Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign as the Field Coordinator for Kern County. During my time with the coordinated campaign, I worked tirelessly for endorsed candidates, statewide propositions, and to assure an accurate Census. Our hard work and determination helped flip the Delano City Council to a majority Progressive Council. In addition, I have been a long time advocate for Medicare for All, leading lobbying initiatives and outreach demonstrations for National Nurses United and The California Nurses Association.

I am currently the President of the Kern County Young Dems and help advise 6 high school Democratic clubs in Kern County. I was recently elected to the board of Our Revolution: Kern County as the Moderator/ Recorder. In addition I currently serve as the political director for the CYD Latinx Caucus, and as an elected Democratic Central Committee representative for Kern County.

I would be humbled and honored to receive your vote.

Yvette Flores

This statement is in solidarity not only with our neighbors and loved ones within our district, but with all oppressed peoples around the world fighting and dying in hopes of one day dismantling these racist, fundamentally anti-life systems of capitalism and imperialism. My perspective is based on my experiences as a first generation American and university graduate raised in Kern County. Many people I know, myself included, are directly affected by our community’s polluted air and water, we find ourselves with hundreds of thousands in student loans, our homeless neighbors are suffering and many of us increasingly face housing, food and job insecurity. We are home to so many prisons and detention centers that exploit Black and Brown immigrants for slave labor. We have so much work to do to dismantle the system that fundamentally disrespects our right to a life with dignity for ourselves and all of the children of the world. We want a healthy earth to live in, healthy food to eat, free healthcare and education for all, and housing for all. All prisoners are political prisoners, Free them All, Abolish the Police

Fabiola Orozco

In order to best serve our communities, we need to do more than rally supporters, secure votes, then stand idly by as violence is perpetrated against the communities we promise to protect. Systemic racism and oppression continue to push our communities down and out and we will not be silently complicit in this harm. We will serve our community by listening to and actively engaging with our community members every step of the way. Transparency, communication, and action will be only some of the tools we will use to ensure the voices of our fellow community members are being heard. Amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, POC, and youth communities will be our priority, along with abolishing the systems that set the stage for systemic racism and oppression.

Kaylee Choe

I’m running to promote the rights of Black, Indigenous, PoC, LGBTQ+, disabled, low-income, youth and other marginalized people, and to find better alternatives to the status quo by abolishing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism and all other systems of oppression. This cannot be done without also defending and repairing our ravaged environment. We must work towards a system that meets everyone’s basic needs of food, water, housing, education, environmentally sustainable power, and healthcare, including ensuring that patients in all communities have access to the medicinal cannabis that they need.

Matt Burnham

I am a leftist. I believe in the liberation of all peoples. The Democratic Party consistently uses the most marginalized members of society — Black, Indigenous, Latino, LGBT+, low-income, and/or disabled voters — to win power with the promise of liberation when all that they deliver is a slower descent into authoritarian capitalism than the alternative, the Republican Party. Currently, a majority of people are made to sell their labor, i.e. their bodies, to earn a wage that simply does not pay for our human needs, even when this work is full time, meanwhile a minority continually reap the benefits of this indignation. I seek to dismantle oppressive structures like policing and prisons, empower community members to step into their autonomy by showing them it is possible to have bold demands like healthcare for all met when we collectively organize ourselves, and ensure that every person has their basic needs met for the sake of being a person.

Stephanie Valenzuela

Jaswinder Ghuman is an experienced accountant and management consultant. She is educated in economics and mathematics. Since the 1980s, she has accumulated decades of expertise working with federal, state, and local agencies in various industries, including transnational transportation, tax services, farming, retail fuel, banking, business development, and insurance. With her husband, Sukhi Ghuman, they have contributed to the Kern County community for many decades addressing homelessness, education, and racial and gender equality. As an average citizen and immigrant from India, Mrs. Ghuman feels empowered to use her knowledge to represent her Kern County neighbors to fight against race and gender inequality, political corruption, climate change, police brutality, and inflation of healthcare costs. For example, she proposes the Democratic Party to speak up against the atrocities by the current Indian government against Sikh, Muslim, and marginalized Hindu people.

Mrs. Ghuman’s greatest joy in life is raising her children in Bakersfield. Her older child, Pinky Ghuman, obtained her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Women & Gender Studies from UC Davis, and her Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. Her younger child, Ajit Ghuman, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Economics and International Relations from UC Irvine. Besides both of her children thriving as local small business owners, they make her most proud by how they live their lives with integrity, humility, and compassion.

As ADEM delegate, Mrs. Ghuman will prioritize women’s issues, healthcare access, equal rights, government transparency, quality education for all, and immigration reform. She believes in equality for all, especially under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly. Without equal opportunity, we cannot give our future generations the best chance to succeed.

Jaswinder Ghuman

Jeff Hienle has lived in Bakersfield for the last 37 years, he first moved to Bakersfield in 1983 to attend Bakersfield College where he played Football, participated in theater and studied sociology. He married his wife Tracy in 1984. In 1986 Jeff went to work as an EMT for Hall Ambulance over the next 6 years at Hall Ambulance he became a Paramedic, Paramedic Trainer and a Supervisor creating emergency driver classes and affecting other policing at the company. He then started his career with the Bakersfield Fire Department in 1990 and retired this last year. Jeff raised one son and two daughters in Bakersfield, all who were adopted as Tracy and Jeff have been advocates for adoption as Jeff is adopted as well. Jeff is a lifelong Democrat and has worked on various campaigns through the firefighter union as well as his own campaign for supervisor in 2018.

Jeff supports increasing the minimum wage, is a huge advocate for Medicare for all, gun control and increasing union membership in the United States. He is a supporter of the black lives matter movement and as an ADEM delegate would vote to make the Democratic Party more equitable for everyone.

Jeff Heinle

After 2 terms of serving as a 34th District delegate for the California Democratic party, I’m running to be reelected because the work that we have started needs to continue.

In the past four years, the CDP has rejected corporate donations from big oil and big tobacco, taken stances in favor of rent control in our cities, added single payer healthcare language to our platform and backed candidates challenging the status quo. These changes didn’t take place overnight; they took place because of our demands to party leadership.

I have created relationships with party board members and those relationships have resulted in support for the Central Valley. This last year, I took on the role of campaign manager for Delano City Council candidate Veronica Vasquez. With the help of the Democratic Party, Veronica was the top vote getter, and we were able to capture a progressive majority on the Delano City Council. If re-elected, I plan to continue to advocate for resources from the CDP to turn the rest of Kern blue.

I have also done the work of holding our elected officials accountable to the Democratic party platform to ensure they are truly representing the working families of our community.

In 2016 I was inspired by Senator Sanders’ run for President, I started to organize volunteers for phone banking and canvassing events. In 2017, I became the Director of the Kern County Voter Engagement project; we focused on educating high school and college students about the importance of civic engagement, helping build our community base for the future. During the 2020 primary, it was given the privilege to serve as the Regional Field director for the Bernie Sanders campaign where we won every District in the Central Valley.

We need more equity in the Democratic Party for all, which is why I support the Black Lives matter movement as well as the movement to divest from the police to fund services and resources towards our community. As a delegate I will advocate for those stances as well as Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, tuition-free public education, true immigration reform, environmental justice, . As a child of immigrants and a life-long resident of Kern County, I believe I hold a unique and valuable perspective that well equips me to represent our community’s needs at the State party level. I would be honored to receive your vote.

Neel B Sannappa

The coming decade will undeniably be defined by disaster. The California Democratic Party has a duty to act radically and swiftly against the numerous hardships facing all citizens of the golden state. As a delegate for Assembly District 34, I will put my voice to use fighting for Green New Deal policy and advocating for the justice marginalized community members demand. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, low-income, and working class people must be at the forefront of every piece of legislature moving forward and every cent allocated by the party. We will not let any more time slip away to middling policy and empty words. The time for a healthier, more just California is right around the corner.

Joseph B Fry