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Candidate Statements

Hi, I’m Ann McKeown and I am running to represent you in Assembly District 36. We the people need to make sure that the leaders and candidates we select and elect have integrity and honesty, and run and lead with transparency. As a community activist, I am committed to working hard to improve the local, state, and federal Democratic Party so that together we may all thrive. My commitment to work for this change began with the grape boycott in the 1960s! I was in elementary school and worked to organize our church to participate in the Farm Workers’ Grape Boycott. As more and more people joined, I got to see that individual people taking collective action can truly make a difference. When I met one of my childhood heroes, Dolores Huerta of the United Farm Workers, in Palmdale in 2018, I could hardly believe we were standing together. That is what it takes; good, honest, hardworking people standing and working together for all of us. I started volunteering with the LA county health van in Palmdale to bring health care to those who needed it more than twenty years ago, organized food drives and toy drives, registered voters, worked on campaigns. With friends I started Building the Base Face to Face, a group that has canvassed for the past 30 months, listening to people’s hopes and concerns, organizing precincts, and looking for good local candidates. I want to take the hopes we heard and help turn them into policy with party leaders who will represent us. I want to work with the future candidates we find and help elect them. Because it matters. Having health care matters. Having good jobs that pay a living wage matters, renewable energy, jobs in the green sector, a good and affordable education system, sensible gun laws, a just and fair immigration system, having a path to citizenship for our Dreamers matter. Reuniting children separated from their families at the border matters. Black lives matter. Caring for our hungry, our homeless, our heroes – our veterans and our health care workers – matters. When we take all the heart and hope and energy in this community, we can do things together that matter for all of us. Please request a ballot and vote for me so that I can represent you to the California Democratic Party. To watch my video, click here:

Ann McKeown

Enlisting in the Coast Guard right out of High School was driven by my deep call to public service. I had started my military career enforcing environmental law, but 9/11 happened, and I was reassigned to an anti-terrorism task force. The Coast Guard motto means “always ready,” but the unofficial motto is “we have to go out, but we don’t have to come back.” My years of service, and the time immediately after that, have given me a deep understanding of the effects of stress on our veterans. We need to make sure everyone, especially veterans, has access to good and affordable health care. Many of our homeless are veterans, and we need to make sure that our communities and services help them find jobs and have housing. No one should be homeless here.

I moved to California to continue my education, start my production business in Palmdale, and raise my family here. I’m a dad to Rocky, age 3. He is the driving force in my being an advocate for our community. I want him to grow up with an excellent education, in safe schools, where he has health care and clean air, and where people behave with honesty and integrity. I am running to be a delegate to the California State Democratic Party because I want to work on policy to help these ideas become a reality. I want to help support candidates for public office who truly care about our community and will work with me to make it better for all of us.

Eric Andrew Ohlsen

Hi, I am Bob Forshay, and I am running to be a delegate from Assembly District 36 to the California State party. It takes a village. It takes activists to make that village work. I am an activist, a Political and Community Activist. I was a Progressive activist long before that was a popular thing, working with my partner of 50+ years, Andy, on LGBTQ+ rights, providing food and assistance to friends, colleagues, and community members living with AIDS, fighting against Proposition 8, and making sure our community had a voice at the table.

I am the current President and founder of AV Progressive Democrats, where we are active finding, endorsing, and helping elect good Democratic candidates at all levels of government. We also organize participation in community parades, inviting all Democrats to join us, and host a booth at the Antelope Valley Fair for the past 13 years so that the community can meet our Democratic Candidates! Governor Brown appointed me a Director of the Antelope Valley Fair in 2015, a position that allows me to help create a wonderful week-long event for our community. I am a Member of the LA County Democratic Party and serve as Chair of our 36 AD Delegates. I serve as President of the Filipino Association of San Bernardino County.

I have fought for the rights of all people in our diverse community as a member of the AV Interfaith Council and as past vice-president/vice chair of the AV Human Relations Commission. I was honored as the 36 AD Democrat of the year in 2012, the 2018 Pat Eastman LA County Democratic of the year, and was a Volunteer of the year for the LA County Human Relations Commission

As a resident of the Antelope Valley, I look forward to serving my community wherever I can. I truly love this valley and the people living here. I ask for your vote to allow me to keep serving my community. I am Bob Forshay

Bob Forshay

Hello, I’m Alan Henkin and I am running to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party. As a rabbi, and as a human being, I care deeply about universal health care, climate change, and disability and LGBTQ+ rights. Having served a synagogue of deaf Jews for ten years, I have seen first-hand how the Americans with Disabilities Act is flouted, and what a difference it could make.

I began in progressive politics in 1968, going door-to-door in the Chicago area for Eugene McCarthy. It was the beginning of my work to make a difference in people’s lives. As a rabbi, I have served synagogues, graduate educational institutions, and national religious bodies. My family and I lived in the Antelope Valley from 1990 to 2000 before moving to Brooklyn. Since returning to the AV in 2017, I have volunteered on congressional campaigns for Bryan Caforio, Katie Hill, and Christy Smith.

As a believer in diverse community, I have been a leader in interfaith and interreligious programs, including being a founder and chair for many years of the Antelope Valley Interfaith Council. This led to my work as a member and then chair of the Lancaster Community Shelter for the Homeless. It is scandalous that in our county unhoused citizens are denied the safety, security and dignity of a home. We need humane and effective ways to provide the homeless with housing. Also, as a rabbi and a chaplain, I have waited with people in emergency rooms, prayed at their bedsides, and sat with people at the end of their lives. All this has made me firmly committed universal healthcare. For this reason, I chaired the Chaplaincy Steering Committee at Antelope Valley Hospital, because everyone in our healthcare system need care themselves.

I worry about the emergence of white supremacy in all its ugly forms, especially Holocaust denial and violent antisemitism. I am a strong advocate for the separation of church and state and am deeply disturbed by the many breaches caused by religionists on the Far Right. As a progressive Zionist who lived for a year in Israel and has visited many times; I still hold out hope for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse.

I am the father of three adult children and six grandchildren, and I do this work because I want them to live in a world where all people can thrive.

Alan Henkin

I am a lifelong Democrat dedicated to increasing community participation in our party. I am running to be a delegate because I believe political involvement should not take place solely during election season. As the lead organizer of Indivisible Antelope Valley, I have worked to engage our members in volunteering on local campaigns. In addition, I am a co-facilitator of the CD 25 Action Council, a consortium of Democratic, liberal and progressive political groups throughout the 25th Congressional District that meets twice monthly to coordinate our community engagement efforts. In 2019, I was appointed as a CDP Central Committee delegate. In that role, I currently serve as a member of the Voter Services Committee and the Black Caucus. I also volunteered on Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s 2019 presidential campaign by forming AV for Kamala Harris and holding phone banks into Iowa. Subsequently I volunteered on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. I worked with the Biden campaign’s state organizers to plan events and was selected to serve as a Biden delegate at the DNC. One of my highlights of 2020 was working as a volunteer leader on Christy Smith’s congressional campaign from the time of her announcement in early 2020 until after Election Day, helping the campaign’s ballot curing activities. The Los Angeles County Democratic Party selected me as AD 36’s 2020 Female Democrat of the Year in recognition of my ongoing work. My goal is to activate Democrats in AD 36 who may be new voters or jaded by the political process, or who may believe that their vote doesn’t make a difference. We can see from our own local elections that every vote does matter. The more Democratic activists we have, the more capacity we have to educate voters and overcome the local GOP’s voter suppression efforts. We AD 36 Democrats come from many different backgrounds, and we often have different points of view on how to reach our goals. As VP-Elect Kamala Harris has said many times, there is so much more that unites us than what separates us. Embracing our diversity is how we win! We have to work together to promote qualified local candidates who represent the best of the Democratic Party. We want our elected officials to be representative of our community. Getting to that point is an ongoing process, and I’ve proven that I’m willing to do the work. I hope to earn your vote!

Tiffany Countryman

Hi, I am Waunette Cullors and I am running to represent our community as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. I have devoted my life to being a positive role model for youth and being involved in any way that can help better their lives, from becoming PTA president at Cottonwood Elementary School to being a 4H leader, Girl Scout Director to my current position as a member of the Board of Trustees of Keppel School District. Education matters, and the education of our children is the responsibility of all of us. I love to share my culture with the community, as well as with younger generations.

I have served on a multitude of executive boards committed to advancing the African American community, including being Vice-Chair of the NAACP, President of the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park, and Director of the Antelope Valley Black Chamber of Commerce. Serving my third year elected to the Littlerock Town Council, the first African American Councilwoman in the town’s history.

My life mission is to focus on the education, heritage, culture, and wellness of our community, while adding a “WOW factor” to these lessons. I’m the founder and Executive Director of The WOW Flower Project, a non-profit organization to bring that world to the children of today, with the primary objective of introducing our youth to the world of Arts, Wellness, Education, and Horticulture through WOW field trips and college visits that the youth may not have otherwise been exposed to. We have already partnered with LA Sparks, LA Clippers, and UCLA Women’s Basketball for a variety of WOW experiences.

Justice for the underserved is the base for all I do. Currently the Regional liaison for Justice LA, Black Lives Matter, and Dignity Power & Now for the Antelope Valley. A proponent for Measure R – LA Jail Reform bill. A proud alumni of The Women’s Policy Institute & Women’s Federation. A fellow of the University of Southern California SOL Price School of Public Policy.

I would be honored to receive your vote and represent you as a delegates and party leaders in the Antelope Valley and across the state for continuing positive change working together for our commUNITY.

Waunette Cullors

My name is Andy Giest and I am running for ADEM delegate for the 36th Assembly District.

Since my first campaign for John F Kennedy as a teen, I have been an active & deeply committed Democrat.

I am a LA County Central Committee delegate for the past 19 years and have participated in strenuous voter registration efforts in the Antelope Valley which has brought about changes that have resulted in a more comprehensive & robust political presence in the Antelope Valley for Democrats.

As the recipient of Democrat of the Year twice and honored as the LA County Commission on Human Relations volunteer of the year I have been both humbled and encouraged to continue the fight against voter suppression while educating voters and nonvoters to have their voices heard through voting.

I have attended the past seven Democratic State Conventions as a 36th Assembly District Delegate and honored to have attended the 2008 National Democratic Convention. As your delegate, I will continue attending our State Convention to support and endorse our Democratic candidates.

As a founding member of the Antelope Valley Human Relations Task Force & the Hate Crime Task Force and the Sunrise HIV/AIDS Coalition Food Pantry with Bob Forshay, our mission continues to bring awareness of these serious issues facing our community through the dispensing of information on prevention, care and guidance relating to this terrible disease.

As a member of the AV Interfaith Council, the International Heritage Festival and the September 11th Memorial Committee, it has enabled me to experience & have a broader perspective on the needs of our communities.

I would be honored to have your vote for Delegate for the 36th Assembly District.

Andy Giest

My name is Alaina Brooks, I am a state delegate candidate of the 36th Assembly District seeking re-election. I have served in the capacity as ADEM State Delegate & Seiu Local 2015 Union Delegate representing the IHSS program for the past 4 years.

Some of the work that I’ve directly been a part of was raising California’s minimum wage to $15 hour. Supporting and defending the Affordable Care Act against countless attacks from the republican party. Advocating to “Repeal & Replace” Rep.Steve Knight(R), from the 25th Congressional District! Together we have elected Champions of California values. However there is still more work to be done. Seiu Local 2015 has passed a Social Justice Resolution that includes Housing Justice, Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Immigrant Justice and Criminal Justice Reform. If re-elected, I will utilize every opportunity to collaborate with strategic partners on behalf of the Antelope Valley. Most ADEM’s engage the candidates at endorsement time. As a Union Delegate we engage our elected representatives daily. Holding every elected official to account while building strong relationships and community trust. Lancaster and Palmdale have an abundance of land and potential. I believe we can build affordable homes here. I believe we can bring mortgage paying jobs here to buy those affordable homes. The good paying Union Jobs of clean energy and infrastructure. Jobs promised by the BIDEN-HARRIS administration. I believe that the Antelope Valley has been under represented as part of Los Angeles County for far too long. With your support, I stand and stay ready.

I am not a professional politician running from race to race. I have no desire or plan for public office. I earn my living as a care provider and will continue to care for and about others. As a Labor Leader representing over 400,000 union members, I have a platform. Being aware of the issues the agenda’s and priorities is a constant. I believe that I am strategically and uniquely positioned to be the voice at the table representing our community to our elected officials. Stay with me, VOTE UNION!

Alaina Brooks

I am running to be a convention delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP), representing AD36. I sincerely believe that Jobs & Education Matter, Dreamers Matter, Black Lives Matter, Health Care Matters, Honesty, integrity, and transparency Matter, and Persons with Disabilities Matter. With 25 years experience, I want to continue helping candidates who support these beliefs and working with the appropriate CDP Caucuses.

Active in politics in the East San Fernando Valley since the Stop the Recall campaign, mounted to thwart a recall effort by the gun lobby against Hon. David Robert, I have since worked professionally for several elected officials, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and in 2016 for the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV) as part of the campaign headquarters’ team. More recently, I joined Democratic Alliance for Action serving as co-chair of the Bylaws committee. In 2020, I was appointed to the CDP resolutions committee by Chair, Rusty Hicks. I have just concluded my term on Hon. Christy Smith’s Small Business Advisory Committee. I hope to earn your vote. Please contact me at

Marilyn Grunwald

I, Nashon Mitchell, am a proud Black American woman, a contributing member of the Antelope Valley community, and an advocate for the people in need in our communities. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the 2021 ADEM elections—dedicating over 20 years of working experience in social services to moving our community forward.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Sociology and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. I’ve been a hardworking member of the Antelope Valley community for over four years. I am advocating for people who have barriers to employment and healthcare.

Changing lives is my superpower, which I will continue to grow to save many more precious lives in the community. I work directly with previously incarcerated individuals, under proposition 47. My mission is to improve positive health outcomes, increase self-sufficiency, matching my re-entry program clients with jobs in high-growth industries while reducing recidivism.

I’m a member of SEIU Local 2015, a liaison with The WOW Flower Project and collaborator with Dignity Power & Now, for the Antelope Valley. I’ve had experience as the Secretary for the Democratic Club of the High Desert. I have served as an Alternate Member with the Los Angeles County Central Committee and am an active Community Activist.

My strength as a leader is in developing relationships with community members, local businesses, school districts, city officials, and government agencies. My mission is to provide lifestyle and wellness services utilizing Healthcare workers to heal people in need of self-care while minimizing anxiety, stress, aggression, and other triggers the population experiences.

I will continue to serve the community with forward-thinking and life-changing initiatives. Vote for change… Vote for a person for the people… and vote for someone who will continue to dedicate her life to changing lives for the better.

If you live in the Antelope Valley? This year the vote will be by mail, and only people who request a ballot will get to vote. Request your ballot at and Vote Nashon Mitchell as a delegate for the 36th Assembly District for the Democratic Party!

Nashon Mitchell

My name is John (Jack) Johnson. I am running to be an assembly district delegate for the 36th assembly district. I am a longtime resident of the district, having graduated from high school in Palmdale and having lived in the Santa Clarita portion of the district for the last 7 years or. I am a teacher. I have taught high school in both the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys for the last 14 years. I high a B.A. in political science from Cal State, Northridge.

I am a lifelong Democrat and a firm believer in progressive policies. I am running for a simple reason. I don’t believe we have a platform problem. I do believe we have a messaging problem. I believe the down ballot struggles the party had this last election were a direct result of the poor messaging. The biggest example I can give is the idea of “defunding the police.” That single statement cost several suburban elections to be lost for our party. Again though, this wasn’t a platform issue. It was a messaging issue. We allowed the movement of reallocating resources to help police officers do their jobs they are trained to do, and let the other professionals do the jobs they are trained to do. But that isn’t what came out. What came out is “defund the police.” It was so easy then for Republicans to latch onto that statement, rather than focus on the actual policies that a majority of Americans support. I see my job as helping to craft more effective messaging, rather than trying to invent new platform issues. The platform is solid. We just need to get people to see how it benefits them.

This is my first election of any kind. I became a high school teacher because I saw it as the best and most efficient way to effect change. I am still a firm believer in that as I have seen first hand how much my students have grown over the years, far outpacing what we as adults have done. But I can no longer solely focus on those kids. Us adults need some pushes in the right direction. I would like to help with that push. Elect me, and I will pledge to do my best to steer us where we need to go.

John (Jack) Johnson

I am Noah Sveiven (he/him pronouns), and I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate to continue my work for a more just and peaceful California. If elected, I will strive to support candidates who will serve our community ethically. I will also work to build the political infrastructure for year-round community engagement, candidate recruitment, and civic organizing.

I am a former student member of the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board of Trustees currently attending Stanford University, where I study subjects like climate science and public policy. Lately, my studies are primarily focused on evidence-based approaches to improve our state. Important policy achievements that I support include guaranteed basic incomes, housing guarantees, single-payer medical care, stronger worker protections, improved sex education in high schools, legal protections for natural objects like trees and rivers and expanded legal rights for animals, and stronger crackdowns on corporate misbehavior. Nationalism, climate change, income inequality, and other forms of human cruelty keep me up at night.

To me, California Democratic Party politics should be centered on human rights. Our party already stands for equality and justice, but with the leadership of evermore compassionate Democrats, including delegates-to-be like me, our party can become a more moral & more effective organization.

A final thought: the welfare of human society in coming decades will be determined in part by whether we human beings can muster the strength to reckon with our history honestly and, with compassion, collaborate with one another for a more just and peaceful world. If elected, I will strive to represent this vision as one among several Assembly Delegates.

To contact me, email me at or call me at 661-361-8868. Stay safe & may joy be with you.

Noah Sveiven

Hello voters,

The Democratic Party has always said we welcome everyone. As a Democratic businessman who believes in ensuring employees get a fare wage and healthcare, I ask for your vote to ensure this goal is met. I will deliver this message to the business community that is leaving California in large numbers. I am asking for your help to stop this exit. No businesses mean no jobs. Vote for Dr. Ollie M. McCaulley for 36th ADEM Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

Dr. Ollie M. McCaulley

My name is Dr. John (Jordan) Goines and I am a lifelong Democratic party activist and advocate for issues related to education and social justice. I have spent my entire 16 year career in education working to serve the resilient students of the Antelope Valley, as a Teacher, Principal, and a District Administrator in the city of Lancaster, through that time I have gained valuable skills in the areas of public outreach, project management, and organizational leadership . I have worked and made it my life’s mission to strengthen the voices of the people I have had the pleasure and honor of representing. The time that we are currently living in warrants leadership that is unwavering, yet open to listening to those who must live with the decisions that are made. The voices of those who are underrepresented need to be heard, and Democratic activists are the people to ensure that this happens. It is my position that the government truly serves the people, and that the only way for this to happen effectively, is by bringing local issues to the table to be heard. This is the catalyst as to why I have decided to become an engaged member in our local Democratic Party and on the political stage within our community. It is my firm belief that the hope that people provide, and the general goodness of the people need to be reflected in the decisions that are made. It is for all of these reasons that I intend to represent the people of AD 36 as a Delegate to the state convention.

Dr. John J. Goines

My name is Carol Thomas. I am a candidate running for the position of State Delegate representing the 36th Assembly District. I am a life long democrat that has raised my family in the Antelope Valley for the last 21 years. The last 8 years I have been a proud member of SEIU 2015. As an Executive Board Member I serve on several committees which includes the following: IHSS Captain, Democracy Captain, Host and Design Committee, Bargaining Committee, AFRAM Committee and assistant for the VP of the In-home Care Providers (WHIP). I was instrumental in speaking to the BOS on several occasions regarding the minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. I am a proponent for change and I am very proud of the work I have been engaged in when representing my union. I ‘ve have done everything from phone banking, canvassing, to Repeal and Replace a certain official. We supported and defended the Affordable Care Act, Fast Food Restaurants, and many more. I am always available to volunteer or campaign for any candidate endorsed by our union. I have invited neighbors and union members to my home for coffee and on one occasion, along with Federation of Labor, I organized a Coffee in my home while campaigning for one of the officials who had been endorsed by both the Federation of Labor and SEIU 2015.

I am active in my community and an advocate for the 36th district. I support my community by providing resources, registering neighbors to vote, handing out PPE’s, participating in food drives and providing clothes, blankets where needed. I recently adopted a homeless family for Christmas. To provide them with food, toys and blankets, to meet only a few of there needs. I am more than happy to make myself available during these extreme times of needs.

I am an provider and I take care of my daughter. I am the mother of 2, the grandmother of 8 and the great grandmother of 2. I am compassionate when it comes to the well being of children. I devoted a few years as a foster parent.

We have some difficult challenges ahead of us, and I am looking forward to helping my community especially with Evictions and Rent Control. In solidarity with my elected officials, SEIU 2015 Union, church family and other community leaders. I am optimistic and excited about the future. This is why I want to represent the 36th District.

Carol Thomas

I am pleased to announce that I am running for California Assembly Delagate. I am a probation officer, and have served as board member for the Eastside Union School District for 7 years now serving my second term. I am committed to serving the families and students within my community providing support and advocacy as it is needed so desperately. As a board member and officer I see the necessity to have one like myself who understands systems especially those systems providing services in education and juvenile correction to serve as delagate . The school to prision pipeline is real and our children and youth need advocacy unyielding to status quo and maintaining trends proven to be counterproductive to the work needing to be done. I am that candidate and I will advocate passionately, challenging status quo and other isms which stifle the growth of our future generations. Our children need a conscious voice tuned in to their existing current needs. Vote for me Doretta N. Thompson; 36th District Assembly Delagate.

This election will take place via vote-by-mail ballots that will be sent out to all registered Democrates that register by the first week of January 2021. Please be sure to register as I look forward to continuing the mission of advocating for our student, fighting for our future. Together We Stand and Divided We Fall.. We will not fall. Thank you!

Doretta N Thompson

I am pleased to announce that I am running for California Democratic Assembly Delegate.

I am an educator, pastor and long-time community leader. I am committed to service, advocacy and speaking up for my neighbor and our youth. I am a leader in Antelope Valley and mentor a thousands of young people aspiring towards goals of going to college or pursuing careers in education.

I currently serve on the various boards and organizations, advocating for affordable housing, educational resources, redevelopment services, services for the homeless, foster youth, and LGBTQ. I was honored to be awarded Author and Motivational Speaker of the year. I also was awarded the 40 under 40 Award.

I am running for the 36th assembly. This election will take place via vote-by-mail ballot that is ONLY sent to Democrats who register for this process by the first week of January.

I am excited about this opportunity to represent the 36th Assembly District for the California Democratic Party. Please feel free to direct message me if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support.

Christian Green

I am excited to announce that I am running for California Democratic Assembly Delegate.

I am committed to service, advocacy and speaking up for those who wouldn’t have the chance to speak for themselves.I’ve lived in the Antelope Valley for 20 years.I am a well known in the community with pastors and leaders. I have dedicated my time and put forth passionate energy towards this community.

I currently am a political activist, leader and organizer. Currently an undergraduate studying law in hopes to become a public defender. Leadership, service, community are focal points in a transparent and trustworthy society. I was honored to participate in all the political organizational movements that occurred after the death of George Floyd , Robert Fuller, Michael Thomas .

I am here to represent the underrepresented and I am here to sustain and help promote a healthy, fair society.

I am grateful for this opportunity to represent the 36th Assembly District for the California Democratic Party. Please feel free to direct message me if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Isabel Flax

Greetings to my fellow Democrats in Assembly District 36. I am running for a delegate position in the upcoming Assembly District meeting and am humbling requesting your vote. I am a life long Democrat and Community Activist who believes protest and voting are intersectional. I have voulenteered for Biden Presidental, Kamala Harris, Christy Smith for Congress Campaigns. My goals as delegate is to increase voter registration and civic engagement in my community.

Raquel Derfler

Hello brothers sisters . As a result of the success as a candidate for Palmdale school District, I have .decided to run for the 36th assembly district as a delegate. We are the constituents . 2020 has been extremely challenging to all, We must work together to keep our leaders in this community to remain honest and full of integrity and with a transparent approach. More than ever, healthcare has Challenged our entire community. We must partner with all entities to minimize further spread of this horrific virus. Dreamers and a pathway to citizenship is an ongoing but very critical and important topic. LGBTQ rights have always mattered. In this challenging year, health and safety and people that experience disability, services have always fallen behind. More than Ever black lives do matter. Finally our jobs and our education is priority in this community and we must work together in partnership with all Antelope Valley entities that will result in equitable distribution. I continue to work as an eligibility worker for LA County Department of social services. I am also a leading shop steward representative for local SEIU 721 and have helped many members. I would be honored and excited to run as a delegate for all of you, for all of us.

Marco T Alvarez

Giovanni Christon Pope is a community activist and youth advocate serving as the youngest commissioner in Antelope Valley history as the Commissioner for Social Equity in the City of Lancaster, he also serves as the Political Director of March for Our Lives California. He has served in electoral politics as a campaign manager, intern, communications director as well as many other positions. He believes that change is multifaceted and the status quo cannot just be changed in electoral politics or activism solely but it takes both of them in conjunction to make change. He is running for Delegate as he believes the best way to make the CA Democratic Party work better for working families and previously disenfranchised communities is from the inside by raising the voices of others both at the table and at the ballot box. We can flip the CA 36th Assembly district blue but it’s power will only be shifted if community members and political activists alike work together to elect and nominate the right candidate for the job. Together with all factions of our party we can advocate for fairer elections and getting money out of politics as well as police reform and accountability, a green new deal, and so many other policies. 2021 can be the year of restorative justice for all people that call CA home but it takes all of us. So join this campaign and help us build back a better tomorrow for California at large and the 36th Assembly District. You can find out more information on Facebook at Giovanni Pope for Delegate on Instagram @giovanni.pope .

Your Voice, Your Power, Your Party

Vote Giovanni Pope

Giovanni Pope

Looking to represent the needs and desires of the often overlooked people of this great district.

Donald “Doc” Massard

I am running for ADEM because I believe change begins in your local community & ADEM is just that . I am a proud union member with SEIU UHW serving as a Campaign director & working In the labor movement for the past 12 years . I have lived in this district since 1989 & have been active in my community as a union organizer , parent , healthcare advocate & immigrant rights leader . I have fought to save healthcare for over 60,000 ACA recipients in the district , worked on securing safe protocols & working conditions for local healthcare workers during a pandemic & have lobbied & marched for TPS & DACA renewals . These are few of the many issues that affect our community . This is why I am asking for your support in electing Grísell Rodríguez as a delegate for the 36th AD. El cambio de mañana comienza con las decisiones de hoy .

Grisell Ariana Rodriguez

Today our community faces many challenges. We need leadership that understands our needs and will work tirelessly to find solutions. As a proud labor member with SEIU-2015, I have been actively engaged in meeting the needs of our community and supporting our Democratic leadership. I’ve worked on several campaign’s including re-electing President Obama, helping to inform voters about medical expenses through Obamacare, and countless rallies throughout the State of California. My experience as an avid activist gives me insight into which leadership will best represent us. A vote for ME, is a vote for US. Vote for Connie Slaughter, 36th California State delegate.

Connie Slaughter

Greetings Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita residents. My name is Tonya Alenna Schofield, affectionately known as Alenna. As a native Washingtonian, I was born and raised in a political climate. In high school I marched on Washington to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a national legal holiday as well as participated in anti-Apartheid demonstrations on the steps of the Capitol Building.

After high school, I relocated to Southern California where I married and raised a family. Later I decided to attend college and earned two Baccalaureate degrees in Liberal Studies and Religious Studies. Additionally, I successfully navigated through an MAED, MBA, and a MS in Project Management programs and am currently a few courses away from earning a Master’s in Religious Studies.

This past election year, I was a 2020 Mayoral candidate for the city of Palmdale. Although I did not win the office of Mayor, I am proud of my accomplishment and I gained first hand experience in the political arena. I plan to run for Mayor for the election year of 2022. As an African American female my desire to serve as a state leader is to bring diversity and a much needed voice and representation for people of color in the Antelope Valley. I promise to fight for social justice and equal opportunities for all residents.

During the wake of Covid-19 and civil unrest across our nation, there is a tremendous need to accommodate the growing demand for change due to a time of shifting societal norms. I believe that my leadership will make a vast difference for the Antelope Valley region. In the past, I have successfully been involved as an Educational Consultant, Educator, Credit Specialist, Mentor, Caterer, and Business owner of a Housekeeping service.

There are great needs in our AV community. We need more mobility, improvement in healthcare and education, increased job opportunities, better roads, an upgrade in technology, an institution of higher learning and so much more.

Remember Vote for me and I will fight for you.

Alenna Schofield


I am Alonzo Braggs, a four year Antelope Valley (Lancaster/Palmdale) resident. I have the experience of 43 years as a Methodist Clergy, 20 years as a soldier, and 40 years of serving the greater community through; civic, religious, social, and government organizations. My involvement has been as a member, committee chairperson, officer, and leader. I am very passionate about the mission, ministry, and messages of all entities , who labor and engage for the healthy advancement, and qualitative representation of all citizens.

A few of my career areas include; Army, Methodist Pastor, Methodist Presiding Elder, Corrections Officer, City and State Substitute Teacher, and Life and Health Agent

Some of the organizations I have served include; (Secretary) Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, (President) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (President) Rotary International, (Vice Chairperson) Habitat for Humanity, (Secretary) Martin Luther King Jr. Commission), (Member) National Action Network, (Member) Southern Christian Leadership Conference, (Charter Member) Young Men’s Christian Association, (Chaplain) Sheriff’s Department, and (Chaplain) Hospital

Politically, I have ran as a Town Councilman and Mayoral Candidate. I have also served as a Precinct Chairperson and member of the State and County Democratic Party.

North Carolina is the place of my birth, and I have lived short and long term, on five continents. My wife Laurice and I have been married for 31 years, and we have four children, 13 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

I presently serve as Pastor of Peoples African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Palmdale, California and Saint James Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Alaska. Additionally, I preside over all of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Churches in the States of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, and in the County of Los Angeles. My present community involvement is as the Political Action Committee Chairman and a Candidate for Branch President of the AV NAACP.

Thanks for your prayers and support as we collectively improve our communities.

Alonzo Braggs

Lourdes T. Everett, Candidate for ADEM Assembly District Delegate and EXECUTIVE BOARD

I currently serve as an elected ADEM Assembly District Delegate for the CA Democratic Party; I humbly ask All registered Democrats in the 36th Assembly District to allow me to continue to serve by voting for me as an ADEM AD Delegate and as an Executive Board Member.

I have lived in Palmdale since 1994; I am a Real Estate Broker and hold a professional membership as a REALTOR. I manage the litigation department at the law firm I am currently associated. I am an advocate for Equity, Equality and Justice; I help serve the Homeless Community. A member of ACLU of Southern CA Antelope Valley Chapter and Consumer Attorneys Association Los Angeles; I also volunteer with the National Lawyers Guild.

A vote for me as a CA Democratic Party ADEM AD Delegate, I will continue to serve you and our District at the State Level. During my service as an ADEM Delegate, I accomplished the following:

I was appointed and served as a Convenor and successfully ran the candidate pre-endorsement process; I pushed and sought to make changes in the process of selecting and endorsing our State and National candidates during the Convention, the by-laws was successfully amended during one of the Executive Board meetings; I was involved with some Democratic Party social events in the AV; I assisted the Regional Director to successfully implement the duties; I am familiar with the duties of the Executive Board member because I was trained, served, assisted and later became an advisor to the late Hon. Darren Parker during his term as Executive Board Member and Regional Director.

I am ready to take on this role; I ask that you vote for me Lourdes T. Everett for ADEM AD Delegate and Executive Board Member. Please register to vote today for the January 2121 elections at Thank You.

Lourdes T Everett