Assembly District 38

The top 7  Assembly District Delegate (ADD) candidates are the winners highlighted in bold.
Executive Board winners are the highest vote-getting ADD that requested to run for  Executive Board.
In the case that there is a tie, both candidates will have an * at the end of their name. Those candidates will be contacted for a drawing to decide the winner.

Executive Board

Phil Loos


Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Mai Nguyen Do 1381
Jodie Cooper 1136
Michelle Kampbell 1127
Juliana Sheldon 1113
Mary Platt 1102
Hilary Hall 1018
Leanna Brand 1003
Ruth Luevanos 886
Shawnee Badger 725
Rebecca Albarran 719
Gracie Pekrul 668
Jane Arakawa Fowler 647
Cassandra Douglas 630
Navroop Maan 620
Andrea Nunez 253
Kaitlyn R Silvey 234
Karla Mejia 221
Sandy Keaton 150
Kim Olsen 120
Dorothy O’Donnell 110
Jeri Boyd 98





Other Than Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Phil Loos 1295
Brandon Zavala 1175
Jerry Danielsen 1110
Andrew Taban 1061
James Webb 1058
Bryan Banuelos 943
Andrew Munson 915
Sebastian Cazares 816
Kameren Chase Neal 733
Byron Williams 682
Sage G Rafferty 636
Ankur Patel 592
David Barlavi 394