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Candidate Statements

It has been a great pleasure to serve as an Assembly Delegate for our district over these last 2 years, and I would be proud to earn your support to continue this work into the future. Santa Clarita is my home with my partner, Bryan, and we could not be anymore excited to continue working to elect Democrats up and down the ballots in our community.

In 2020, I had the privilege of serving as Assemblywoman Christy Smith’s campaign manager for her run for the United States Congress. Trailblazing how to campaign in the midst of a global pandemic with an incredible team of volunteers and staff who remain steadfast in their work to flip this region blue. This work has not been a journey of weeks or months for many in this community, but the tireless responsibility of laying the groundwork to elect candidates that can enact progressive policies at the local level. Where the governing the often impacts our daily life the most happens.

If elected to serve again, my focus will be on how the California Democratic Party can equitably distribute resources to volunteers on the ground who wish to register voters, canvass, engage with our neighbors, and win campaigns by connecting with the communities whose trust we wish to earn. My commitment is to do all we can to elect Democrats who are focused on practical policies that improve the lives of people in our community who are struggling to make ends meet and deserve a better quality of life.

I am firm believer that it is about time that the Democratic Party anchor itself in a relentless effort to elect local leaders that reflect our constituencies and work tirelessly to defeat Republicans. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Brandon Zavala

As a queer, first-generation Vietnamese American child of working-class refugees and a lifelong resident of the 38th Assembly District, I’m committed to ensuring that our state Democratic Party remains at the forefront of the fight for an equitable California. I grew up seeing first-hand the negative effects of union-busting as my father and his coworkers suffer from anti-immigrant union-busting. I became deeply aware of the pitfalls of employer-based health insurance when my family’s copays tripled, and I got my first job to pay for my regular doctor visits. I’ve witnessed how fully investing in public education can transform entire communities – like the way remodeling the formerly-decrepit school theater in Newhall gave the surrounding area new life.

With my personal experiences and my professional experiences as a researcher who studies Asian American politics, an educator, and an elected union officer, I understand that progressive policies also often are the most practical ones. After all, it’s practical to ensure we all thrive. Especially during this economic and health crisis, it’s clear that our values must be about more than just abstract ideals. They must be about securing tangible, equitable outcomes. They must be about keeping our lights on. They must be about fighting to defend ourselves and our neighbors from intimidation, whether by authorities or by other people. They must be about fighting against sexual harassment and abuse, as well as the patriarchal structures and norms that oppress all genders – especially within our own local Democratic Party. Now more than ever, we must ensure that we center efforts towards bettering our neighbors’ lives instead of perpetuating cliquish politics that only lead to empty pockets and starved mouths. We can’t just say we’re anti-racist, anti-misogynist, or pro-economic equity. We must act like it.

During my term as a delegate, I introduced language for and advocated for the inclusion of pro-affirmative action language in our most recent state party platform. The language was adopted. Although Proposition 16 didn’t pass, it remains important to fight for measures that are just, are supported by a robust body of scholarship, and are focused on uplifting our most vulnerable community members. I hope to continue to bring my experience and expertise to the table as your Assembly District 38 ADEM delegate.

Mai Nguyen Do

I am running to be elected as the ADEM Executive Board Member for Assembly District 38 because I know I can advocate for the needs of all of those who are struggling during these unprecedented times. As a public school teacher, a working mother, union leader, and youth mentor I have advocated for the needs of our residents during this devastating COVID pandemic and economic downturn. We have faced devastating wildfires and PSPS events but we have also seen new generations inspire our communities with activism supporting Black Lives Matter, immigrants, safety for healthcare and essential workers, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and environmental justice. I am asking for your vote to continue my work as an ADEM and inspire unity and activism in our communities to fight for the issues that matter and impact the us most such as access to healthcare, living wages, affordable housing for our workforce, full funding for public schools, DACA, LGBTQ rights, disability rights, clean up for the SSFL lab, closure of Aliso Canyon, and recognition and protection of indigenous land rights. I am running with on a progressive slate with diverse activists who have dedicated themselves to ensuring everyone has a voice at the CDP table.

As the first Latina and Democrat to be elected to the City of Simi Valley City Council I understand the unique challenges facing working families, local businesses, our communities and our cities. As a labor leader at my school and elected official in my city, I understand the legal impact that our local, state and national laws and leaders have on our communities and on our daily lives. Having been an ADEM for the past two years I have appreciated the opportunity to advocate on behalf of AD38 for the issues that impact us all and I humbly ask for your vote so I can continue to be the bridge and advocate to advocate for resolution to the issues in our local communities in AD 38 to ensure better outcomes for our families so that we can move towards a brighter and more successful future for all California residents. . I will continue to bring the ideals, hardships and issues that most impact working families to the California Democratic Party to make sure the voices of all the residents of our communities are heard.

Ruth Luevanos

My name is Jerry Danielsen, and I’m running for re-election to be your delegate in the 38th Assembly District, where I have lived since Jr. High School.

I’m passionate about the community and it’s more important than ever to be involved!

Trump lost the election, but Trumpism is still alive – we need to relentlessly fight for our values, without exception.

– I have been a registered Democrat my whole adult life.

– I recently received 13,109 votes in my campaign for the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees, falling short of election by only 203 votes. ( I was endorsed by the CTA, AFL-CIO, COCFA and more)

– I was vice-president of the Democratic Alliance for Action 2016-2018

As a composer, educator, producer and poet, my work has been published locally, nationally and internationally.

I’ve proudly promoted progressive/liberal causes in media interviews – donated time, money and resources to the Democratic Party, because it promotes solutions to the communities needs.

Common sense issues that I feel strongly about include:

– Civil rights and equity

– Gun regulations

– A woman’s right to chose

– Protecting the environment

– Affordable, high quality education

– Affordable, high quality health care

– Preserve and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

We need to have democrats in office up and down the ballot. It’s also urgent that we do whatever it takes to heal and improve our economy, and create jobs!

Let me know: What would you like from the Democratic party?

Jerry Danielsen

I would appreciate your vote to continue representing Assembly District 38 as one of your fourteen delegates. I have had the honor to be a delegate to the California State Democratic Party (CDP) for the last 4 years for AD38 and have attended all the state conventions. When I lived in the San Fernando Valley I was a delegate for AD45. I am currently an active member of: Women’s Caucus, Environmental Caucus, Progressive Caucus, and Disability Caucus.

My values are very progressive and I work to support progressive candidates across the state. Through all my organizational memberships I endorse progressive resolutions, ballot measures, and push for legislative activity that promotes the platform of the California Democratic Party. I promise to support this platform and work diligently to keep progressive values at the forefront of our political system.

Having served as the Executive Vice President for the Simi Valley Democratic Club for the past five years, I have interacted with many activists throughout the district. During this time, the club has had incredible growth and involvement in local, state, and national elections. I have chaired the Endorsement committee, and participated on other committees during this time. As an AD38 delegate, I have served on the Ventura County Central Committee and attend their monthly meetings. Last term, I was elected to the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV) representing AD38. Previously, I was the club representative to this board. This past term I was appointed to the endorsement committee for DPSFV.

Being a special education teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District is an important part of who I am. I am dedicated to improving the lives of my students, even in these difficult times of Covid-19. I serve on the House of Representatives for our union, UTLA. It is important for me to feel that I am doing all I can to protect teachers and students. I am also a member of California Teachers Association (CTA) and am hoping to become more involved at the state level. I have attended all the CTA meetings when attending CDP State Conventions.

Thank you again for your consideration.

Jodie Cooper

I’m running for re-election to again be one of your delegates to the California Democratic Party. I’m a millennial woman, student, card-holding SAG-AFTRA union actress, Disneyland cast member, human rights, animal rights & environmental justice activist, & dedicated community member who has been working to oust Republicans & elect Democrats (with a focus & target on electing progressive Democrats). I’ve lived in AD 38 since I was 2 years old. I was raised here, educated here (honors graduate from Valencia High & Cum Laude graduate of COC), & have been molded & shaped by this valley.

I have been active since 2015, when I was a campaign volunteer & delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. That & my involvement in the NO Dakota Access Pipeline movement were the 2 experiences that really solidified my passion & need to be involved. I co-founded & currently lead Our Revolution SCV & co-founded DSA SCV. Both groups coordinate together at monthly meetings on events & actions to make our community a home to all.

We have spearheaded many campaigns & actions including working to bring Community Choice Energy to Santa Clarita, end the criminalization of street vendors, stop the criminalization of homelessness, standing against gun violence at the March for Our Lives, standing with our undocumented & immigrant neighbors in support of SB 54, & even co-organized an event with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I spent the year of 2020 raising thousands of dollars for down ballot candidates endorsed by our local Democratic club, DAA, of which I’m a member, by organizing & hosting paint night fundraisers. In addition to marching in the streets, I was able to raise almost $1,000 for BLM-LA & the Minnesota Freedom Fund. I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders to the 2020 Democratic National Convention & I spent a great deal of time texting for Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump. I was SO honored to receive the 2020 AD 38 Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt female DEMOCRAT OF THE YEAR award.

As a struggling, young artist, Medicare for All, housing for all, the Green New Deal, & tuition-free public colleges/universities are all very personal to me. Black Lives Matter. Abolish ICE. No one is illegal on stolen land. I’d be honored to have your vote. Visit to learn more about our progressive slate of candidates.

Shawnee Badger

Hello! My name is Karla Mejia and I would like for you to vote for me to be an ADEM delegate to the California Democratic party. I was born in Los Angeles and raised/lived in various part of Southern California. With more than 20 years of working with various community organizations that strive to build access and wellness in our communities i feel I would bring a well rounded view that would best represent all parties of our diverse community. Working with community organizations that are trying to end interpersonal/community violence, the wellness of our animals/environment, and youth that are part of marginalized communities has given me the lens/knowledge that we are in need of multi layer solutions to deal with imbalances that exist in our state/country. These past years have shown me that we still have a lot of work to do as a state/country. To continue to honor the past legacies that have helped shift the USA in terms of continuing to strive for libertation,freedom, and justice for ALL and continue to do the work toward a better America for all. Work that will need to happen gradually while keeping our communities economically well/stable but at the same time having to build the mechanisms to embrace our differences and to live in harmony.

Also, as a small business owner I know all to well how important it is support local small businesses. To support legislation and programs that will give access so that everyone can get that American Dream. Supporting taxation that will go back to our communities and especially our schools/youth. I’m proud to have graduated from the public school systems and feel fortunate that I lived in an area where the schools excelled in providing the tools for our youth to succeed. But that narrative is not common one across all of California. And I feel the Democratic party is the party that can continue to thrive to ensure that all our youth are prioritized. That there are intervention programs so our youth stay on that good road of success and have the tools to follow their dreams.

I’m a proud to be a United States Citizen and lifelong Californian. I love my state and I feel we have shown what a power state we are. California is one of the top economic leaders in the world and we will continue to strive to keep getting better. I want to be part of this journey of moving the USA towards the next level.

Karla Mejia

Thank you for taking the time to be involved in the democratic process.

My name is Kaitlyn Silvey and I am a progressive Democrat. I support the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, criminal justice reform, union organizing, immigration reform, removing money from politics, and enacting science-based legislation.

I have a long history of working to improve our society. In high school, I founded the Academy of the Canyons chapter of Human Rights Watch Student Task Force. I campaigned against Proposition 8 that would have denied same-sex couples the right to a legally equal family. I educated my peers about the genocide in Darfur. I petitioned California to stop the sentencing of juvenile offenders to life without parole.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Merced. I am currently pursuing a Professional Science Master’s degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

I attended the Democratic National Convention in 2019 to caucus for progressive values. I was a volunteer in the Bernie 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. I am an active member of the Sunrise Movement, an ally in the Black Lives Matter movement, and a proponent of abolition and community reinvestment. I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a vocal advocate for women’s rights.

The year 2020 has illuminated the enormous challenges that we must overcome as a nation. In January, when a conflict with Iran was on the horizon, I organized an anti-war protest in front of Santa Clarita City Hall. In response to ongoing state violence, I participated in protests and stood in solidarity with communities of color. I have frequently contacted our congressional representatives regarding issues that demand their attention.

I have fought to hold a space in my community that is free from injustice for as long as I can remember.

Now, I am campaigning for the opportunity to bring these efforts into the decision-making chambers of the California Democratic Party. Please join me in retaking our democracy and creating an equitable America. I humbly ask for your support.

Kaitlyn Silvey

About Sage

Sage Rafferty is a disabled veteran and a leader in Democratic politics in AD38. He is currently on the Executive Board of the Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA) in Santa Clarita. He has been a volunteer on numerous campaigns, including Jess Phoenix for Congress, Katie Hill for Congress, Christy Smith for Assembly, and Christy Smith for Congress. Sage ran for Saugus School Board in 2020. He is a strong advocate for progressive policies. Sage is on the AD38 Slate (, which is endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna.

A Better World is Possible

We have representatives in Sacramento and Congress who fail to meet the needs of everyday people and respond to our systemic crises by leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Our community has proven that we are stronger when we look out for each other. Our future is brighter when we commit to healthcare as a human right, unprecedented climate action, and the creation of good jobs. A better world is possible. Now is the time to choose it.

Medicare for All

Coronavirus has shown us how broken our healthcare system really is. Because health insurance is tied to jobs, thousands of people in LA County are facing both unemployment and losing their health insurance. As folks are being vaccinated and we start to returning to normal life, we need to rethink what that means. No one should have to be deal with overwhelming debt because they are sick or injured. Medicare for All guarantees healthcare to everyone, curbs costs, and improves long-term health.

Housing as a Human Right

Sage believes that housing is a human right. So many are facing eviction or foreclosure, making our homeless crisis even worse. We need policies in place that protects homeowners and renters and build new affordable housing.

Expand VA to Santa Clarita and Simi Valley

As a nation, we have a moral obligation to provide the best quality care to those who put their lives on the line to defend us. We spend millions of dollars on the military industrial complex, but not enough taking care of the men and women who return from war. There are currently thousands of veterans in AD38 who have to go into Los Angeles for care. Sage advocates for the establishment of VA clinics in both Santa Clarita and Simi Valley.

Please vote for Sage Rafferty for ADEM.

Sage G Rafferty

I’m “Coach Dave” Barlavi. I am the first male Women’s Studies graduate from UCLA. I have been a Feminist and Radical Progressive activist since the late 1980’s. I have organized dozens and dozens of rallies, protests and actions. I am not afraid of the establishment in either party. I was elected to school board 2 years ago.

Please visit to learn more. Thanks.


• Clean up of the Santa Susana Field Lab as led by indigenous voices of the Five Tribes.

• Close the Chiquita dump.

• Clean & Close the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility.

• Secure full COVID disaster assistance funding for our district and all impacted residents.

• Revoke the racist city council votes against SB54 Sanctuary Law.

• Protect our immigrant neighbors.

• Build VA Clinics in Simi Valley and the SCV

• Support local Black Lives Matter activists.

• End the undue influence of corporations on local policies.

• Protect our local environment from developers and polluters.

• Listen to the needs of local workers and small businesses.

• End houselessness and hunger.

• Push the party (state and county) and upper ballot candidates to better support down ballot candidates.


• Women’s and LGBTQ+ Rights

• Indigenous People’s Rights

• Single Payer Universal Healthcare (MFA)

• Housing as a Human Right

• Green New Deal

• Income For All Economically Impacted

• Free College and Trade Techs

• Support Unions and Labor

• Fight Islamophobia and Antisemitism

• Cancel Student Debt

• Livable Wage

• Black Lives Matter

• Criminal Justice Reform

• Broad Immigrants’ Rights

• Fair Share of Taxes by Corporations & the Wealthy

• Animal Rights, Especially in the Meat Industry

• Remove Money from Politics

• Fight Privatization of Public Works

• Rights of People with Disabilities

• Full Funding for Public Education

• Stop Unlawful Evictions

• Defund the Military Industrial Complex and the War Economy

• Defund the Prison Industrial Complex

• End the War on Drugs

• Stop Deportations and Abolish ICE

• Provide a Broad Path to Citizenship

• End Colonialism and Occupation

• Civil and Human Rights for the People of Palestine

• Abolish Nuclear Weapons Worldwide

• Work for Peace

• Rank Choice Voting

• End the Electoral College

• Overturn Citizens United

• Fight White Supremacy through Proactive Anti-racism

David Barlavi

If our vote is relied on without giving our voice power among the party, our political dialog will continue to move in a direction against our interest. My name is Kameren Chase Neal, and I am an Unapologetically Progressive 33 year old LGBTQ, BIPOC, activist and social justice advocate. I am a lifelong resident of CA-38 and finding new ways everyday to fight for local progressive causes! I ran for the Simi Calleguas Water Board in Nov of this year and while I did not win my race, my campaign for progressive environmental justice connected with more than 15k voters that trusted my vision with their vote.

I have knocked on doors from Lancaster to Oxnard to get big money out of politics and have dialed people across the political spectrum to flip states and end complacent incumbencies.

As a minority, the Dem Party was home before I had a chance to vote. I grew up knowing that this is the party of diversity. I first got involved at the national level volunteering at age 20, early in Obama’s 2008 campaign for the White House. He ran on the passion of change and it ignited in me a desire to demand more of my elected leaders. Bernie Sanders ran on the policy of change, laying out a political blueprint for how the party could shepherd in a new age of politics capturing the growing angst of an increasingly diverse nation. Bringing all walks of life to a united demand that our democracy value the needs of its people over the greed of the elite.

Those with most power, too often have most fear of change. We are the most inclusive and diverse party, but when in power, our leaders are often too timid to enact the change we need to empower marginalized voices. We need to push our elected leaders to embrace the grassroots power of diversity and inclusion before we lose the ability to do so. The youth of our party, with some of the most progressive views among us, have a growing power to shift the conversation and demand a party for and by the people. With strong progressive policy we can capture the energy of a changing nation and focus our party on achieving the change we so desperately need.

I ask for your vote to allow me to represent and serve CA-38 and fight for liberty and economic, racial, social, and environmental justice for all!

Kameren Chase Neal

I am a public school teacher and union leader. In my role as a union president, I fight daily for my students and my members. As a member of the CTA State Council, I fight for public education. I am active in electing pro-education candidates. It is with pride that I ask for your vote for me and AD38 United for a third term.

Hilary B Hall

Roop Maan is a 23 year old grassroots activist who was born and raised in Simi Valley, CA. Her parents immigrated to the states from Punjab, India in the 90’s to create a better life for her and her brothers. She graduated in 2020 from UCLA with her bachelors in Psychology and hopes to go to Law School in the future to earn her JD and help those in need of legal representation. Her post grad life has been dedicated to an organization that she created to address the systematic racism and discrimination against marginalized peoples in her home town called RISE Simi Valley. Through RISE she has fought for resources for marginalized groups in the forms of housing for all, donation drives for local fieldworkers, and empowering her community with knowledge on important issues. Her political inspirations include Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Senator Bernie Sanders, and all those who are dedicated to fighting for the rights of the people who are often overlooked by politics but are most affected by the policies. She is passionate about racial justice, immigrant rights, medicare for all, the green new deal and other progressive policies. Two of the issues she cares most deeply about are dismantling the prison industrial complex and dismantling the migrant camps at the border. As a product of immigration she understands the need for a more direct and efficient path to citizenship in the United States and the value that immigrants bring to this nation. She is on the ground fighting for marginalized people in the front lines and hopes to bring these conversations to the table at the California Democratic Party. To her the fight is more than just politics, it’s about creating an equitable and just playing field that will make a real difference in the lives of the people they represent.

Roop Maan

Cassandra Douglas was born in Simi Valley, California in 1985. She is third generation Chicana, with her family having immigrated to the US in the 1930’s as field workers in Santa Maria, California. The generational trauma and experiences of racism her family experienced have shaped who she has become and solidified her desire to fight for a more fair and just system for BIPOC. Through the experiences of her single Chicana teenage mother, Cassandra saw and experienced firsthand the struggles that many low-income families of color face; including lack of access to food, housing, healthcare, education, and childcare.

Cassandra is a single mother with two beautiful children ages 5 and 7. She has worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power since 2016. She is also the Director of Social Media for Rise Simi Valley, a local organization in that aims to dismantle racism and advocate for the voices of marginalized communities. Cassandra has been an activist in her community with Black Lives Matter since the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. She is a Competitive Powerlifter who has won several medals and is working to bring diversity to the sport with projects focused on inclusivity of Trans athletes and people with disabilities. Finally, Cassandra is an accomplished artist who has shown work around Los Angeles since 2012 and uses her skills to bring to light the strength that Women of Color embody.

Cassandra’s experiences have shaped her passion and desire to change the status quo in a way that will help marginalized communities. Cassandra is running for ADEM to help bring greater awareness and fundamental change to the California Democratic Party in the areas of Healthcare for All, Indigenous People’s Rights, LGBTQIA+ Rights, and addressing Police Brutality and profiling. She has a strong desire to dismantle White Supremacy and misogyny. She is excited to be a part of an amazingly progressive and diverse slate of ADEM candidates at and is looking forward to learning what she can do to earn your vote.

Cassandra Douglas

Hello Everyone! My name is Byron Williams and I live in the Santa Clarita Valley with my wife and son and we have been residents for over 19 years.

Not too long ago, there was a call to action, a call to get involved and speak up! A call to use your voice to hold those in power accountable! If you were like me you heard this and thought, how can I get involved? Let me answer that for you… My wife, Alyssa Williams, ran for the Hart School Board. My wife used her voice to speak up and even gained many major Democratic endorsements along the way. This process showed us first-hand that we can get involved, that we can use our voices as a conduit for progressive change within our community!

On a personal level, in my youth, I was raised in a house that was full of activism. Both my Mother and Father were active in our marginalized communities of Philadelphia, through the NAACP and The National Rainbow Coalition, giving their most valuable resource; their time and efforts! The example they showed instilled 2 major things in me; first was to always do more in your community. The second was to use your voice and speak for your community, especially when they are unable to do it for themselves!

Fast forward to present day and I find myself presented with a major opportunity and a platform to advocate for our Black and Brown communities, Women’s & LGBTQ+ Rights, to speak to and push for Criminal Justice Reform. Gun Reform Laws are also important to me, seeing as how our community has been directly affected by gun violence. Enough is enough. There is still a lot of work to be done to protect our community and our children.

Change does not happen on its own, this position is not about politics for me. I live in this community, I eat here, I socialize here, and my child goes to school with your child. I am passionate about doing the work to create that change and I would be honored to represent and be the voice for all of us.

Byron Williams

My name is Rebecca Albarran and this is my first time running as a delegate. I super excited to be running on the Unapologetically Progressive Slate for Assembly District 38. I am an active member of the Simi Valley Democratic Club, Ventura County Young Democrats, and an elected member of my union SIEU 721, as well as a founding member of Ventura County YIMBY. I enjoy attending planning commission meetings, city council meetings, and learning to organize!

I am a resident of Sim Valley and am committed to progressive values that lead to progressive policies. I’m very aware of how our party and policies have affected/treated the immigrant and undocumented community. I am here to push for a democratic platform that truly includes my community. Ya Basta!

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected brown and black communities, many of who are often left without any insurance or ability to obtain it. I fully support Medicare for All and am looking to fight for candidates/policies that care for people first.

I am ready to fight for affordable housing and to support leaders that treat housing as a crisis. We have unhoused family, friends, and neighbors that demand we act! Housing is a necessity in its most basic form; we need to secure housing/shelter in our district, prevent evictions, and increase the housing supply.

I am not here for the status quo. I am here to raise up the California Democratic Party.

I am here to fight for ALL of Assembly District 38.

I hope that you vote for me and my entire slate of progressive and diverse candidates on

Rebecca Albarran

It’s been an honor to represent Assembly District 38 as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and with your support I will continue to do so for the next two years.

As an ADEM I enthusiastically participated in both conventions held in 2019 (San Francisco and Long Beach) and became a member in the Women’s Caucus and Disabilities Caucus. I also participated in regional meetings as called by our Regional Director.

As a member of the Simi Valley Democratic Club since December 2016 I’ve been very active in growing our membership, was appointed and subsequently elected, as Administrative Vice President with membership responsibilities; past chair of the events committee and participated on several other committees.

In the most recent election, I worked on a campaign to elect a progressive Democrat, Phil Loos, to our local City Council. Unfortunately, he did not win and it was a very close race. Considering how traditionally red Simi Valley has been, I see his results as positive. I’ve also done work to support the campaigns of Christy Smith for CD-25, Ryan Valencia for Simi Valley City Council, and Joe Ayala for Simi Valley Mayor.

I’m a collaborator, an idea person and I work to build consensus. These are skills which I developed throughout my career as an executive in the banking industry and I use them in my roles on the board of directors of Easterseals Southern CA, on the board of The Arc of California, and as president of the board of directors of The Arc of Ventura County and as a member of The Simi Valley Community Council. Over the years I have lobbied at the state and federal level with elected representatives for bills that support people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and their families as I have an adult son with I/DD.

I fully support the platform of the California Democratic Party and promise to promote the California Democratic Party agenda, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures which benefit members of my assembly district.

Mary Platt

I am running for Assembly District Delegate in AD38 because I believe that the Democratic Party is our country’s only hope at averting irreversible climate catastrophe, addressing income inequality, transferring power from corporations to workers, rooting out systemic racism, protecting civil liberties, reforming our criminal justice system, prioritizing affordable housing, welcoming immigrants, and providing healthcare to all Americans. However, it’s also true that too many of our party’s leaders and elected officials fail to treat these issues with the urgency they deserve. While I believe we must prioritize getting Democrats elected first and foremost, I also believe we need representatives who will push the party (and those who bear its flag) to carry out the shared values we claim to hold.

My first foray into local politics was in 2018 when I ran for Simi Valley City Council on a slate with current councilwoman Ruth Luevanos. I ran again in 2020 with the endorsements from the following elected officials and groups:

Henry Stern, California State Senator

Bernardo Perez, Ventura County Community College District Chair & Trustee

Carmen Ramirez, Ventura County Supervisor

John Casselberry, Simi Valley Planning Commission

Service Employees International Union, Local 721

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 805

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 12

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Local 770

Central Coast Labor Council

Ironworkers, Local 433

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Local 4

LiUNA, Local 585

RISE Simi Valley

Simi Valley Democratic Club

Ventura County Democratic Party

Ventura County Young Democrats

Indivisible CA-25 Simi Valley / Porter Ranch

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley

In my most recent race, I went head-to-head against a Republican incumbent in a +9 Republican district, falling just short with 49.3% of the vote. I prioritized affordable housing, racial justice, economic inequality, hiring local, paying living wages, addressing climate change, funding social and homeless services, and government accountability and transparency. You can see my platform at I currently serve on the board of the Simi Valley chapter of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) as one of the chapter’s founding members and as a volunteer for a local food kitchen for the homeless.

Philip Loos

I have been an educator for the past 30 years and my entire career has been devoted to children, which has made me a fierce advocate for their health, safety, and future. The students I worked with were often recent immigrants and those in poverty, so I have seen the destructive nature of draconian immigration policies, food insecurity, income inequality, and lack of affordable health care. I’ve also trained my students in school shooter drills and seen the trauma that this generation of children have experienced because of the lack of sensible gun laws.

In my current role as a district administrator who matches mentors with new teachers, I see the ever increasing burdens that have been put on the shoulders of teachers as they struggle to pay back student loans while also supporting their students emotionally and educationally with ever decreasing resources. Public education has long been neglected and has been under particular attack in this current administration.

And, because I have lived in this district for so long, I see the systemic inequalities that exist for its citizens and the unwillingness of the elected officials to recognize and address it. The City Council members neglect the needs of our most vulnerable populations and instead cater to special interests. They have a long history of ignoring environmental concerns and have valued money over the health and safety of the community.

To advocate for positive change, I’ve been involved in voter registration efforts for 16 years and more recently served on Christy Smith’s Educational Advisory Committee, as a board member of CA25UP, an active member of DAA. I have participated in numerous volunteer and fundraising activities for Civic Sundays, Field Team 6, and Swing Left. In this most recent election, I held virtual cake sales and raised almost $7,000 supporting Christy Smith, DAA, and down ballot candidates, while also phone banking, text banking, postcard writing and literature drops.

I would be very honored to continue to advocate for our district’s future as a delegate, and in particular, I would like to be the voice of those students and families who feel voiceless and who are often forgotten by groups with more money and influence. We’ve made so much progress, but the work goes on, and it would be my great privilege to continue that work as one of this district’s delegates.

Juliana Sheldon

As the youngest elected official on record in our community’s history, I’m running to be your delegate so I can bring the energy, conviction, drive, and vision of our collective movement to the forefront of the Democratic Party.

I’m a lifelong resident of AD-38 who began my passion for public service at Saugus High. There I felt a calling to combat systems of inequity, and at 15 I became determined to dedicate my life to advocacy. I became active in civic engagement and spearheaded campaigns to empower my generation and motivate them to vote. When I moved on to COC, I was chosen by the student body to become their Associated Student Government President in an unprecedented voter turnout, served as a California Assembly intern, and was elected to represent CA-25 at the Democratic National Convention as a delegate for Senator Sanders.

When 2020 arrived, the culmination of years of activism came to fruition, where I led efforts with fellow leaders to organize mass mobilizations locally for racial justice, and channeled that youth energy to power our historic campaign for the College of the Canyons School Board— a victory made possible by an unprecedented coalition: unions, public educators, community members, students, activists of color, and progressive champions.

We did the impossible, and flipped the COC Board which was controlled by the GOP for generations, making me the current youngest elected Latino in the state of California. I am humbled to hold such a title, and I want to bring my passion for equity and uplifting marginalized communities to help shape our party’s future, both statewide and locally.

It would be an honor to represent my home-district at the California Democratic Party, and I’m proud to join fellow progressive activists at, with a commitment to bring our energetic, diverse, and grassroots leadership to build local change and take back our district.

As a working-class UCLA student, as a descendant of immigrants and veterans, as a son and brother, as an activist for a brighter tomorrow, I believe that far too many folks and families suffer from a system of entrenched power that puts the needs of special interests above the people. Now more than ever, we need delegates who will fight for equity, just systems, and a sustainable world where no human being is too poor to live.

I vow to be that fighter.

Sebastian Cazares

Like so many people, what has taken place in our country over the last four-plus years has activated me in a way I never imagined. I have been a registered Democrat since I turned 18 and have always been a well-informed and conscientious voter and citizen. The times we find ourselves in have called me to do more.

Since 2016, I’ve spent countless hours volunteering for local and national political campaigns, and donated to and helped raise awareness for social and climate justice initiatives. In 2019, I was selected to serve on former Assemblywoman Christy Smith’s Committee on the State of Women & Girls.

Beyond that, I am the daughter of a single mother who put herself through college to become a nurse and recently retired from service for the State of CA, the wife of a Latin American immigrant who works with our state’s veterans and became a U.S. citizen in 2019, and mother to two school-aged girls. I work with small businesses on their strategic planning and leadership development, and am skilled at facilitation, collaboration, and process and planning – all things I believe would serve my community well if I were chosen to serve as your Assembly District 38 ADEM delegate.

While I have always supported the California Democratic Party, this is a time for new voices. We must protect and uplift our communities and neighbors by treating the climate, healthcare, and economic crises with the urgency they demand, and by advocating for real and meaningful social justice reform that addresses institutional inequities.

Service is a long-standing value in my family, and working to ensure the California Democratic Party represents the priorities of my community via its platform and candidates as your ADEM Delegate would be an honor.

Andrea Nunez

My name is Andrew Taban and I am running to represent our diverse and amazing community. My love for public service began at the young age of 13 when I began a volunteer role as the Junior Supervisor and Event Coordinator at Heads Up Therapy on Horseback, to provide physical and emotional therapy in a ranch setting for youth and adults with disabilities.

I am proud to say in addition to my volunteer services I was the youngest and first openly gay person to run in the city of Santa Clarita for the William S. Hart School Board. Though I came up short, this inspired me and a team of amazing individuals to found our first ever local youth Democratic Club in our city. Together, we engaged and shaped our local politics and increased youth voter registration. I worked closely with our local candidates and was part of an incredible movement to flip our seats from red to blue. During this time I was also honored and privileged to work under the leadership of Assemblywoman Christy Smith and proudly serve the 38th Assembly District alongside her.

While we have accomplished so much in our district together, I know the work we have done is far from over. We must continue to fight for the values that we all aspire for and the values that are unique to our district. I thank you for your consideration and I hope to earn your vote to represent us.

Andrew Taban

Jane Arakawa Fowler is a first generation Japanese-American born and raised in Kansas. She moved to New York City and graduated from New York University and lived there for 20 years.

Jane met her husband to be, an African-American musician, and she was an actress on Saturday Night Live.

They married and have two amazing girls.

She moved to Granada Hills in the SFV in 2007, just eight years before the northern SFV was hit with the worst gas blowout in US history. She lost her beloved dog Missy due to the gas “leak” and she and her family suffered multiple health effects due to the gas leak. They were forced to evacuate for 7 months. After meeting fellow evacuees and hearing their stories, living in the same hotel her activism was born.

Living in a front-line community, she has continued to fight for justice and a remedy for methane, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and crude oil. She has worked and trained with Food & Water Watch, and Save Porter Ranch. She also brought in Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement and 350 into the fight to back the community’s voice, and has led and participated in many rallies.

In addition, she has traveled to Sacramento numerous times to speak to elected officials, as well as speaking to LA County Board of Supervisors, LA City Council, CASenators and CACongress members, Cal-GEM, CA Public Utilities Commission, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and attended many meetings with LA Department of Public Health.

She has had multiple conversations with Governor Newsom.

Jane has volunteered on campaigns for Katie Hill for Congress, Christy Smith for Assembly, Christy Smith for Congress and Lorraqine Lundquist for City Council. She is also a co-founder of the Aliso Moms Alliance, and started A Time to Heal for blowout victims after they returned home and continued to face health issues and frustrations.

She wants the environment to be a priority because breathing clean air and drinking good water and food are necessary for living well and reducing health problems, leading to more good paying union jobs, and definitely better health care for all. With the environment as my priority I hope to be apart of saving this wonderful planet we call home.

Vote for Jane Arakawa Fowler and her team on UpSlate38.

Jane Arakawa Fowler

My name is Michelle Kampbell and I am proud to be running as a candidate to represent the 38th Assembly District as an elected delegate to the California State Democratic Party.

My passion for politics stems from growing up in an agricultural community during a time when California Proposition 187 would have directly impacted many of my classmates that came from immigrant families. From that point forward I made the decision that I would do everything I could to help and protect those who were disenfranchised.

In college, I became the youngest intern at the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), in Washington D.C., and then spent some time studying International Affairs in Southeast Asia and teaching English at Shandong Middle School, Jinan, China.

I have been living in AD38 for over a decade and wanted to raise my family in a community where our leaders had compassion and democratic values. In a quest for change, I became actively involved in our local democratic club and later was elected to become President of the Democratic Alliance for Action.

One of my greatest achievements was supporting our locally endorsed candidates with a robust field program. We launched weekly phonebanks, implemented a marketing plan, initiated a postcarding program among other strategies. Even as my term ended, I continued helping local candidates through 2020 while facing the challenges of working through a pandemic.

Most recently, I worked for the Office of Assemblywoman Christy Smith, where my responsibilities included managing constituent services by connecting state resources to those who needed it most during this historic time for the people of the 38th Assembly District.

I am running as an ADEM representative because there is still so much work to be done to continue building the party. I plan to support the endorsement of candidates and party platform positions that prioritize:

-Healthcare as a human right

-Workers rights by supporting our unions

-Solutions for our housing crisis

-Properly funding our public education system

-Climate Change solutions that are outlined in the Green New Deal

-Reforming our criminal justice system

I look forward to continuing to build a democratic community that is equitable, just, and willing to protect our people and our planet.

Michelle Kampbell

My name is Gracie Pekrul and I am a 19 year old student, artist and activist. I am a lifelong resident of Simi Valley and a 2020 high school graduate, and I am passionate about using my art to bring awareness to social justice issues. One of the major catalysts for my activism was the Parkland school shooting. I was inspired by all the amazing students who were using their voices to make a difference, so I drew portraits of each of the 17 victims and brought them to the March for Our Lives. This experience changed my life forever.

Since then I have been very active in my community. I am an alumnus of the Giffords Courage Fellowship and was the Regional Director of March for Our Lives Ventura County from 2018 to 2020. I lobbied in Sacramento and on the Hill twice for gun reform, and organized an art activation with MFOL in the Senate where I delivered prints of my art series “This is America” to all 100 Senators. We also staged a sit in protest in Mitch McConnell’s office. My mural for TOM’s #endgunviolencetogether campaign can be seen on Melrose Avenue, and last year I organized an art workshop “Let Peace Live” to provide support for families affected by gun violence. My portrait of Breonna Taylor was seen by millions and shared by Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, and Oprah Magazine.

I am running for ADEM on a progressive slate because we are a diverse and hard-working group committed to the issues that affect AD 38 residents every day, as well as the issues that will determine the future of our country and of our planet. As the youngest member of this slate, I am proud to be a voice for my generation. I am well aware that the decisions we make right now will determine the world we inherit, and that is why I support a Green New Deal and bold climate action. I also support common sense gun legislation to keep our schools, places of worship and streets safe. In the Democratic Party, I plan to be a vocal proponent of Universal Healthcare, free college and cancellation of student debt, defunding the police and the prison industrial complex, immigrants rights and housing as a human right. I plan to address local issues including the cleaning of the Santa Susana Field Lab and closing the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility and the Chiquita dump. As an ADEM, I will support candidates and policies that ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in our district.

Gracie Pekrul