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Candidate Statements

My name is Roxann Nazario and I am running to represent Assembly District 39 in the California Democratic Party for a second term. I take my role as a Delegate very seriously and I make a point to be as active as possible. Over the last two years I have been a member of the Chicano Latino Caucus and the Women’s Caucus. I have attended conventions, E-Board meetings, & Regional Meetings. I also served on the Voter Services Committee for the last year, where I focused on recruiting volunteers to phone & text banks for CDP endorsed propositions.

As a single-parent living in Assembly District 39, I understand the struggles that my community faces. Poverty, homelessness, struggling schools, and lack of resources; which Covid has only exacerbated. As a Delegate, I take every opportunity to advocate for the families living in AD39 and I strongly believe that families in our community deserve the same resources, if not more, than what affluent communities have.

There are many avenues that I use to advocate for my community and since last February, one of those ways has been, serving as a Board Member on the Sylmar Neighborhood Council. With my work on the Neighborhood Council, I serve on the Community Engagement & Neighborhood Services Committee. The Neighborhood Council has supported several different nonprofit organizations and their work, throughout the year. Per my request and advocacy, the Neighborhood Council approved a grant to support the El Grito Toy Drive, hosted by the S.F.V. LGBT Community Center.

Another avenue of advocacy is my work as Parent Engagement Coordinator, with a nonprofit organization. I work with parents and community members, who have children enrolled in public schools in the Northeast Valley. I provide parents with resources and workshops that equip them with the knowledge, they need to be a strong advocate for their children. I also write blogs where I bring awareness to some of these issues.

Over the last two years, I have witnessed the weaknesses & strengths of the party. Having the right leadership is key to creating positive changes in the party but who the Delegates are, also matters. We need a party that consists of everyday people, not just people with political ties. We need a party that reflects the people. And we need representatives that are committed to showing up consistently. That is why I am running to represent AD39.

Roxann Nazario

My name is Xitlali Castro, I am a grass roots volunteer. A community member of the northeast San Fernando Valley that wants her community to be known for more that violence, graffiti or poverty. Because the community that I know and love is full of hard working individuals, parents invested in finding the best education and opportunities for their children. Activists working hard for social, economical and environmental justice. I am proud to be part of this community, I am proud to volunteer much of my time trying to make a difference for all. Being a role model for my 14-year-old son. Even though I do not have an answer to the problems that afflict our community, I do know that by getting involved and serving others I will contribute to find those answers. If re-elected my promise to you is that I will continue collaborating with all of my community members. I will continue learning and sharing with my community about the values and platforms that our Party stands for.

Xitlali Castro

My name is Michal Menjivar, and I’m running for re-election to serve as a representative to the DSCC. Born and raised in AD39, I have committed my life to developing the skill set necessary to effectively represent and lead my community. I come from humble beginnings – my parents immigrated from El Salvador, worked manual labor jobs their entire lives, and instilled in me the values of hard work, compassion, and integrity. They bought a home in Sun Valley, raised 4 boys, and built a life that I am so proud of. In my 30 years I have not accomplished what they accomplished, but I’m actively working to better myself to help my family and community continue climbing the socioeconomic ladder. The youngest of 4 boys, we attended local LAUSD schools. The first in my family to graduate from college, I loved my time at UCLA where I earned my Bachelor’s in Biology. I decided to pursue opportunities that allowed me to more closely work with my community. I want and believe in systemic change, and so I have pursued professional opportunities that work towards systemic progress. I worked as a fundraiser for UCLA, supporting key initiatives like student scholarships and scientific research. I then became an Organizer and Field Director, working on several campaigns with the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, delivering wins every time. Following the housing and homeless initiatives that we passed, I committed to the implementation and became an Organizer advocating for affordable housing in Los Angeles. Working alongside people who have experienced homelessness advocating for solutions to address the homeless and affordable housing crisis reaffirmed my commitment to systemic progress for LA. I currently work for LAUSD in the Office of Board President Kelly Gonez, representing Board District 6, my home district, supporting our community engagement efforts. Working with the schools that I attended and students who share my story has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s also a persistent reminder of how much progress we have left in front of us as a society. I am inspired by those that I’ve learned from, and I thank every advocate I’ve worked alongside for empowering me to want to lead my community. A vote for me is for a progressive from the community, with deep knowledge and experience in housing, homelessness, and education policy, who will work hard for all of us.

Michael Menjivar

My name is David Bernal. I am a life-long resident, community activist, Veteran and Union representative from the Northeast San Fernando Valley. I have seen many changes in my lifetime, but unfortunately, Assembly District 39 has remained severely under-served.

I want to help change that. I represent a majority of folks in Assembly District 39. Hardworking, blue-collar people that care and want to see change. Too many people in AD39 struggle from a lack of well-paying jobs and economic opportunity. The poverty cycle reigns due to a lack of representatives willing to champion working people’s issues. The LA County Democratic Party must endorse candidates who are fierce advocates for our core progressive Democratic values of equal opportunity, public education, healthcare, environmental justice and civil rights. We must hold elected officials accountable if promises are unfulfilled.

As a second-generation U.S. Marine, the tireless work ethic, leadership qualities and passion for my community instilled in me will be on full display if elected. I have served as a Planning and Transportation/Safety commissioner for the City of San Fernando and have volunteered countless hours organizing community members around Open Streets, Homeless Connect Days and National Night Out among others. While running for the San Fernando City Council, I was proud to be endorsed by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, IBEW 11, UFCW 770, Painters District Council 36, CWA 9003 and CWA 9504. I will leverage my 21- year old labor relationships towards employment opportunities, job training and apprenticeships. Access to gainful employment and a strong public education can break the cycle of poverty that plagues our community.

Now is not the time for us to sit and pat ourselves on the back for electing Joe Biden as president of the United States. We must remember that over 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump and we lost congressional seats. We must increase our outreach and spread the message that we are the “Party of the People”. That message has been lost over time and needs to be resurrected and pushed. The number of Republicans in the Latino community is ever-increasing. That boils down to one of two things. We are either not working hard enough, or we need to work smarter.

David Bernal 

Hi. I’m Amy Sue Fall. I have lived here in District 39 for 12 years now. I am a teacher slash artist. I own a home here in the Valley and am single with no kids. I have plenty of time to work for you. I am not a staffer nor am I employed by a political person, elected or appointed. I am an alternate member to LACDP (Los Angeles California Democratic Party) for congressional candidate Angelica Marie Duenas. I want to work for the people not politicians. I want to work towards what is best for District 39 not just congressional districts, a city council district or SoCal. I’m “on your side 39”. I proudly announce I am endorsed by Congressional Candidate Angelica Marie Duenas and San Fernando City Council Member Cindy Montanez. I believe a few more endorsements will be coming soon. Check out myself and my slate mates who will also always be ‘on your side 39”. Thank you for looking at me.

Amy Sue Fall

My name is Michelle and I am running for ADEM for LA’s 39th district. I am a resident, business owner, and homeowner who cares deeply about contributing to my community and city. I served my country as a medic in the US Air Force prior to college, and I have volunteered on democratic election campaigns since I was 18 years old. I have and will continue to pour my time, energy and resources into ensuring progressive voices get elected to office. I think this is a crucial moment for the democratic party and I want to actively take part in moving it in a progressive direction. I look forward to helping ensure that our government works for the majority of Americans and that California continues to lead the way on the important issues of our time – fighting for COVID 19 relief for our citizens, working to mitigate climate change and safeguarding the rights of our citizens.

Michelle Boley

Hi, Voters! I am Emilie Hill, a Sun Valley resident for the past twenty years and I want to represent our assembly district to advocate for greatly needed changes. Over the past two decades, I have seen our East San Fernando Valley community deteriorating, with few opportunities for families living in poverty to secure better paying jobs. We can and must do better.

I have worked in the local Los Angeles Unified School District since 2007, and I know how our students are being short-changed with lack of funding and ongoing support. And because our families are struggling financially, our students are often working or taking care of siblings and their learning outcomes are suffering as a result. In order for students to be successful, we know their basic needs have to be met first. We can only do that if we are willing to provide attainable pathways out of poverty for the entire family.

Before the pandemic, many of our students received their healthcare at school-based health clinics or in school nurse’s offices. Now our families are struggling to access healthcare, at a time when they need it most. We need a robust healthcare system that functions so all people can access medical treatment. This should be our top priority.

There is room for improvement in our criminal justice practices that disproportionately target Black and Latinx men. We need to shift focus towards restorative justice practices and give people the opportunity to repair the harm they caused. I am so committed to restorative justice as an alternative approach to punitive discipline that I left my role as a classroom teacher to work as a Restorative Justice Coordinator. We know this approach works.

While California is certainly ahead of most states in its progressive stance, we have a long way to go before we can call ourselves fully just and equitable. Let me use my voice to put pressure where it’s needed to achieve our goals.

Emilie Hill

I’m Niki Mohr, and I’m running to be a voice for all Dems in my district. I believe healthcare is a human right, that no human is illegal, and that love is love.

Although I am a lifelong Democrat and a longtime progressive activist, this is my first time running as a delegate. After volunteering at the last state Convention, I realized I want to use my voice to advocate for progressive values within our party. I have enjoyed doing legislative advocacy with groups like Moms Demand Action, ACLU, Indivisible CA-State Strong, and Equality California.

I grew up in Simi Valley, and in 2018, I helped with efforts to elect a Democrat to the Simi Valley city council. I’m a member of the Simi Valley Democratic Club, where I chair the advocacy committee. I’m also a member of the North Valley Democratic Club and a DPSFV board member. I live in San Fernando. I am chair of the Transportation Commission for the City, and I also serve on the San Fernando Education Commission.

As an alumni of Equality California’s Leadership Academy, one of my biggest priorities is to push for justice and full equality for LGBTQ people.

I am a teacher at Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in San Fernando, where I have taught English, history, and theatre since 2008. In 2016, I was named Somos Familia Valle’s “Educator of the Year.” I deeply believe that investing in public education and excellent teachers should be a priority, so that we can close the achievement gap.
Amongst the hundreds of students I’ve taught over the past 12 years have been scores of dreamers, and for the sake of my alumni and so many others, I yearn for a clean Dream Act.

When I first joined my local Democratic club, I was overwhelmed by all the acronyms and procedures. As I’ve learned the ropes, I’ve tried to always make sure club meetings are welcoming to new members and visitors, as I know we are a stronger party when more of our party members are involved at the local club level. Although I’m too old to be a member of Young Democrats clubs, I believe deeply that our party should fully embrace youth and young adult involvement in party politics, and my two children are frequent attendees at club meetings, where they feel their voices are valued, even though they aren’t old enough to vote.

I humbly ask for your vote, that I might be a voice for all Democrats in our community.

Niki Mohr

JOE2020 Presidential elect campaign from Day No 1

Attended the virtual DNC Convention in August

California Biden Delegate at Large No. 80

Marched in the BLM Women’s march

My father was Business Manager of UA LU 80 Steamfitters and Pipefitters in Wilmington, DE. He served on the New Castle County Council in Delaware with President Elect Biden.

At the California Long Beach DNC Convention, A premium price was paid to obtain the BIDEN stand-up immediately for maximum display output during the convention’s peak activities.

I generated the agenda, recruited participants, and ran weekly National Zoom meetings for ten continuous weeks up to Election Day entitled Brainstorming to Get Out the Vote for Biden/Harris Campaign. These zoom meetings included National Anthems played on a violin by a visually impaired immigrant, “I know JOE2020” stories from Delaware residents, current political events topics (e.g. the Debates), and an open discussions to GET OUT THE VOTE.

Participated in canvasing in Las Vegas Nevada primary elections for three consecutive weekends until the precinct elections were held where I was a Biden Precinct Captain.

Presidential election phone bank, text messages, wrote post cards for the Victory2020 and Pasadena Democratic Headquarters.


Thomas M. Golden is a Mechanical Engineer/MBA/EMBA with over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, aerospace, nuclear, and shipbuilding industries. Mr. Golden has extensive experience in both management and team player roles in ; FDA, NASA, DARPA, DOE, and DOD regulations. He has excellent oral and written communication skills and is an innovative leader who believes in teambuilding while meeting quality objectives, budget requirements and schedule constraints.

Communication capabilities are from CEOs to Craftsmen level.

•B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1982), University of Delaware, Newark, DE
•MBA International Business (1992), St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA
•Glendale Community College, Real Estate Certificate (2007), Glendale, CA
•Executive MBA (on-Line), Pharmaceutical Marketing (2010), Philadelphia, PA
•Global Strategies Independent Post Grad Study, St. Joseph’s University, residency in Dublin, Ireland (2014)

Thomas M. Golden

I am a proud public school teacher for the Glendale Unified School District. For the past 5.5 years I have served as the president of my local teachers union. Serving as a the president of nearly 1,300 educators has been the highlight of my life. The other highlight of my life is being a proud mom to my two daughters who are young adults living purposeful lives.

As the president of the Glendale Teachers Association, I support and advocate for public school educators. I help educators help students expand their knowledge and understanding of grade level standards and curriculum. I help educators help students develop character and ethics while meeting their social and emotional needs. I think we should all help educators help students. I am a strong believer that all students deserve a quality public education not just Tk-12, but also higher education, so that they may grow and develop into purposeful, productive, and happy citizens of the world. I do my part to help promote this in the classroom, in my school district, in my state, and in my nation.

I have been a past Democratic Party delegate in a different Assembly District and have experience in fulfilling the duties of delegate. I have also served delegate roles in the National Education Association Representative Assembly and the California Teachers Association State Council. I have attended several Democratic Party conventions. I have been a registered Democrat since I first registered to vote at the age of 18 and have felt honored to participate in every election since then as an informed voter.

My philosophies are progressive and I believe in helping those that cannot help themselves. I also believe in empowering people to help themselves. I promote social and human rights. I believe in inclusion and value diversity. People have the right to live their true lives and love who they want to love. What I cannot tolerate is hate. Hate has no place in our hearts and lives.

I have no hesitation engaging legislators and holding them accountable to serving constituents instead of donors. I believe legislators should work collaboratively with stockholders to truly meet the needs of the community. I would be honored to serve and represent the 39th Assembly District at ADEM. Thank you for your vote.


Taline Krikorian Arsenian