Assembly District 4




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

4 Robert J. Van Der Velde * OSIF
4 Stephanie Pahwa * SIF
4 Andy Sabherwal No OSIF
4 Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald * SIF
4 Kris de Porcel No OSIF
4 Rachele Wurr No SIF
4 Logan Legg No OSIF
4 Aurora Schunemann No SIF
4 Rachael Fulp-Cooke No SIF
4 Maite Iturri No SIF
4 Perrin Swanlund No OSIF
4 G. Anthony Phillips No OSIF
4 Desiree Rojas No SIF
4 Ines DeLuna * SIF
4 Dave Griffin No OSIF
4 Valerie Opry No SIF
4 Nichole Arnold No SIF
4 Sean Raycraft No OSIF
4 Jerry Castanon Sr * OSIF
4 Karen Rosenkilde-Bayne No SIF
4 Jennifer Rindahl * SIF
4 Joshua Jones No OSIF
4 Natalie Higley No SIF
4 Daniel Salgado No OSIF
4 Skyler Blakeslee No OSIF
4 Melissa Johnson-Camacho No SIF
4 Jonathon Howard No OSIF
4 Joaquin Chavez No OSIF
4 Joe Romero Jr. * OSIF
4 Kelly Hurst No SIF

Candidate Statements


“The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.” – Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1980 Democratic National Convention

I started as a Young Dem, and now I’m an old one. I am a life-long progressive Democrat with 40+ years campaign experience in local, state, and national elections. I have been a Delegate to three Democratic National Conventions (Udall, Kennedy, Dukakis). Before becoming an educator, I was the youngest shop steward in AFL-CIO and represented Carpenters Union as a lawyer.

I am Senior Dean of Arts & Sciences at Napa Valley College. As a community college educator, I continue to work to make college affordable and accessible to all. I also support health care as a right, not a privilege, and support Democratic Party efforts towards dismantling systemic racism and creating a more just and equitable society.

Locally, I am the Co-chair of the Voters Choice Napa committee, an active member of Napa Community Leaders Coalition, and the Faculty Adviser to the Napa Valley College Democrats. I pledge to continue to be a strong voice for progressive values.

Robert J. Van Der Velde

Right now, I’m fighting Covid-19 on the front lines as a respiratory therapist. Free time for me consists of phone banking in swing/red states, championing for labor, and serving as an active member on my county’s DCC and in grassroots campaigns. The most painful part of working the covid-19 frontline has been to witness the disparities in healthcare, especially amongst minorities. I have watched the Latino community, the laborers and field workers, the backbone of this country, dying at disproportionate rates. Many contracting Covid-19 due to being essential workers in substandard working conditions an no PPE. We are one of the richest countries and we can do better for our people. Covid taught me that if we can bailout big business, we can afford our citizen’s proper medical care. And without saying, the current administration failed all of us Americans in this pandemic, failed to warn us, failed to deliver contact trace testing and PPE to essential and frontline healthcare workers and we are still out of PPE and continue rationing and reusing what we do have. And as I write this statement, the HEROS act has not been passed. This is unacceptable.

Climate change is happening at an alarming rate and many of us have been evacuated multiple times. I evacuated the Valley fire as my neighbor’s homes burned to the ground. Much of our district has been ravaged by wildfires and we need elected officials who will take climate change seriously. Rent and housing have gone up exponentially but wages have not. The housing crisis needs a solution- homelessness is at an all-time high. It’s a sad reality that California has one of the largest economies but affordable housing is darn near nonexistent. We should not have to wait for pandemics and ravaging wildfires to start thinking ahead and out of the box. California can and should be the template for the rest of our nation on healthcare reform and green energy, which is why we need to vote in electeds that will get stuff done and stand behind the promises they make! I will vote for candidates who look for innovative solutions, and incentives for a cleaner greener future. I will continue to stand up and fight along with my union brothers and sisters for healthcare justice, living wages and improved worker conditions.

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Stephanie Pahwa


I am Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, I am a Union Member, and candidate for Assembly District 4 (AD-4 Delegate and

AD-4 E-Board Representative). I would be honored to have your vote!

The position of Assembly District Representative to the Executive Board shall be offered to the highest finishing Assembly District Delegate who has indicated their willingness to serve if elected at the time of filing their application.

•I am a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) mom;

•I have traveled to and spent time in St. Louis, Missouri and Reno, Nevada to serve as volunteer coordinator and to register voters, recruit volunteers and get out the vote (GOTV) for Democrats!

•I have served as Delegate two previous times and I am ready to work hard and serve again to help build our Party.

We must BUILD our Party!

I have advocated for:

•Fairness, equity, and inclusivity in children’s education,

•Healthcare for all,

•Affordable housing for low-income families,

•Social justice, civil rights; and

•Elimination of the use of toxic chemicals in our parks, as a former Parks Commissioner.

I currently serve as a Police Accountability Commissioner and believe that our Party must continue to speak up for social justice and civil rights as we continue to build and diversify our Party. We must also continue to register and educate voters as we build our Party and be willing to stand up and speak up for JUSTICE, because it truly is what sets us apart as Democrats!

I would be honored to have your vote (along with your vote for my slate – The Progressive Justice Alliance) , work with you to register more Democrats and support candidates that hold true to Democratic Party values and inclusivity to make our Democratic Party even stronger!

Democratically Yours,

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald

As a data analyst, I am regularly identifying problems and proposing solutions to yield the greatest benefit. I believe childcare for Californians is one of the most pressing issues that demands attention. Childcare is an extremely expensive necessity that working parents rely on. With subsidized childcare we can support our most vulnerable families and pave the road for a brighter future for our children and economy. As your delegate, I will fight for Democratic policies that provide the greatest benefit to the people and will support leaders who will spearhead our state’s fight for equitable reform in all areas.

Kris de Porcel

As someone who works with stem cell research at UC Davis and comes from a working-class background, my path is a testament to the range of opportunities a college degree can provide. However, the rising costs of tuition have only increased the systemic barriers families like my own face in deciding whether college is an even option for their kids. The fear of accumulating student debt has only hindered those struggling to escape poverty and worsened economic inequality in our state.

I am running to be a delegate because I believe that, as residents of the fifth largest economy in the world, Californians should not be forced to choose between accepting low-paying work or a lifetime of student debt! With your vote, I wholeheartedly pledge to keep issues related to higher education at the forefront of policymaking in our state. No one should be denied access to education because of their background, and I will fight to keep education affordable for those who are willing to work and improve their lives.

Rachele Wurr

I am Logan Legg and I’m running for Assembly district delegate 4. I have chosen to run for the position as I have been a lifelong resident of Dixon, Ca. an area that has historically seen a dearth of representation when it comes to the assembly table; It is in this vein that I have advocated for low-income and minority communities for the past few years. As a student of UC Davis, I have also been involved in student government that have further nuanced my insight within politics and contiguous areas. Previously I have ran for city council, in which I fought for improved curriculum reform, police accountability, an emphasis on combating climate change, and housing. Outside of the direct invovlement of running for elected office, I currently work for a firm structuring a state wide K-12 educational data base, I have worked with the National Lawyer’s Guild, Climate Reality Project as set up my Al Gore, and am looking to start a non-profit to address environmental racism and the residual effects of redlining.

A few things I would love to bring to the table are the discussions on labor unions, diversity and equity as it pertains to education and occupation, climate change, police reform,

I would be honored and elated to have your vote as well as hoping to see you vote for the entirety of the slate (those within the Progressive Justice Alliance) so that we can have forward thinking candidates fighting for institutional progressive reform that will lend itself to a stronger party. Check out the rest of the candidates at and at

Logan Legg

Hello California Democrats! My name is Rachael Fulp-Cooke, and I am proud to be a delegate candidate for Assembly District 4 (AD-4). I am a lifelong Democrat and I am committed to the fights for racial, environmental, reproductive and social and economic justice. I am a Democrat because I believe in our party’s principles that prioritize bettering our communities and society; it will be my life’s work to get Democrats elected to local office. As an African American woman, I commend the value our party places on encouraging every day peoples’ views being incorporated into policy and decision-making processes that work for all Californians. It is this core principle – that all voters should have an equal voice – which will allow us to create a democracy that serves us all. The Democratic Party is the entity that foremost supports the work to take care of our most vulnerable community members. Because AD-4 is a rural district, there are many unique needs embedded within, including supporting and providing protections for immigrants, particularly migrant farmworkers. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as a delegate, I will work tirelessly to address the following issues:

1.Ensuring that public health and wellness is prioritized; particularly related to Covid-19.

2.Ensuring that the issues central to rural-living Californians are addressed with the same fervor as other communities.

3.Tackling and addressing systemic racism in our society through a social justice framework.

4.Ensuring that all students have equitable opportunity to achieve and fully closing the achievement gap.

5.Addressing climate change as an imminent threat to our health, communities, and way of life.

6.Addressing poverty and income inequality and the ever-widening opportunity gap.

I believe that party programs should actively engage, educate, and empower voters in all of our diverse communities; including increasing membership and registering people to vote. Party initiatives should work to identify, assist, train, and support democratic candidates, at every level of government, who are dedicated to progressive values that better the lives of all Californians. I want our Democratic Party to be the vehicle to organize for progressive change.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Rachael Fulp-Cooke

My name as registered is Gerald Anthony Phillips but I go by G. Anthony, Anthony, or as many of my friends and co-workers call me, “G”.

I am a senior citizen who has been a Democrat before and after reaching voting age. Although I was too young to vote, the first campaign I worked for was in 1968 for Hubert Humphrey against George Wallace and Richard Nixon. I have voted in every election since then. I am the son of one of the first Army officers in the desegregated Army. I am a Navy veteran. I am opposed to war.

I am currently the Chair of the Napa County Democratic Central Committee and the President of the Napa Solano Central Labor Council. I am a member of two IATSE (theatrical workers) locals and have been a member of Reno Local 363 since 1978 and San Francisco Local 16 since 1996. I served as President of Local 16 for one term 2010-2013. I am also a member of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay. I am a member of the Veteran’s Caucus, the Labor Caucus, the Senior Citizens Caucus and the African American Caucus of the CD)P.

I believe the structure that the California Democratic Party has for its delegates is strong with 1/3rd of the delegates coming from the ADEM, 1/3rd coming from the Central Committees and the final 1/3rd coming from our elected officials and their appointees. I believe the CDP is the leader for progressive values in the US because it evolves. Even though I am a senior citizen, I support our young, current, and future leaders and their visions. I was appointed to serve on the CDP Rules committee at the Winter E-Board in November 2018.

I support Medicare for all and Single Payer, comprehensive Immigration reform with a path to citizenship, campaign expenditure reform, Women’s right to choose, minimum wage reform, equal pay for all, I believe we should be working towards living wage not just minimum wage and workers right to organize.

I chose to be a part of the Rural Progressive Alliance (RPA) because I believe that the Democratic Party is the best avenue to bringing about the changes we need and want. I believe that is what RPA offers. We can get the candidates that support our vision, but it starts with putting those that share that vision in a position to work together to bring about the changes needed into the platform of the party. I believe that the inclusiveness and diversity of the RPA is the best for AD4.

G Anthony Phillips

Desiree Rojas for Assembly District 4 Delegate:

Progressive Justice Alliance Slate:

I am a labor organizer and President of the Labor Council for Latin America Advancement Sacramento Chapter, AFL-CIO and Change to Win.

My experience spans 45 years and includes organizing in the US and Mexico in support of farmworkers, rank and file workers/unions, and indigenous communities. My parents, Al Rojas and Elena Bates Rojas, co-founders of the United Farm Workers Union, took the 1968 Grape Boycott to Pittsburgh, PA. I began organizing at age 6 during the Tomato strike Yolo County.

-Key Organizer – annual May Day, and Immigration marches in Sacramento

-Key Planner – 2nd 2018 BiAnnual “No NAFTA” Conference on the effect of NAFTA on women/human immigrant rights, and single payer healthcare with major unions and over 100 organizations from the US and Mexico

-Driscoll Boycott Organizer-70k indigenous farmworkers harvesting Driscoll berries, low wages, forced migration as result of NAFTA

-Labor Organizer in support of 3k IHSS workers in Yolo County/AD-4 – advocated for fair contract between Yolo Co and SEIU 2015

-Campaign Volunteer Yolo County for Bernie Sanders 2016 – coordinated teams that canvassed over 20,000 households in Woodland, CA, and successfully gained public support of Senator Bernie Sanders for farmworkers picking Driscoll berries. See,

-Co-founder – Yolo Poor People Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare – partnered with California Nurses Association on SB 562 Healthcare for All

People need help from our government NOW, especially during this difficult time with the Covid Pandemic. Members of the Progressive Justice Alliance slate have been on the front-line, fighting back and organizing for JUSTICE! Check us out at:

We organize and fight back in AD4 for families, workers/union jobs and fair wages; farmworkers and all essential workers; to end mass incarceration, private and ICE prisons and the separation of families; for food security; Healthcare for All; clean water ending fracking; activating and investing in the California Conservation Corps for effective fire prevention; student debt forgiveness; fair housing, rent moratoriums and mortgage payment suspension; and the end of grotesque inequality caused by racism and economic disparity.

Desirée Rojas

My name is Dave Griffin and I’m running for re-election as an ADEM Delegate for District 4.

I am a disabled artist and my priorities are elevating Disability issues and providing equity and access for people with disabilities in the political arena. As well, our artistic communities are suffering from neglect and poverty and need to have a seat at the table.

Universal Health Care is a moral imperative that must be tirelessly fought for until it becomes reality. As someone who is intimately familiar with the mental health crisis in our nation, I have seen first hand how abdicating our responsibilities to our vulnerable populations have created larger problems that strain our judicial, housing, employment, and health care systems. We must do better for those who are suffering and provide them a dignified existence instead of prolonged, senseless agony.

It is critical that we address poverty in the wealthiest nation on earth. Our economy is rigged against most of our population. When money equals speech, those without money are never heard. We must ensure that their issues are represented and voices heard at all levels of the party.

Finally, as an incumbent ADEM and member of the Disability & Rural Caucuses, I’d like to thank those of you who entrusted your votes to me in the last ADEM cycle. Serving Democrat voters in District 4 has been a tremendous honor, a great responsibility, and an education in how our democracy operates and the role the Democratic Party plays in that process.

I look forward to continuing the work I started 2 years ago in building the Communications, Outreach, and Fundraising infrastructure of our local party (AD4 delegates are voting members of 2 County Central Committees).

Thank you for your consideration, your support, and your vote.

Dave Griffin

My name is Valerie O’Pry and I am a native Californian living in Napa County for 23 years. I am a mom to one teen and one tween, and I work in healthcare with patients that suffer from addiction and mental illness. Much of what I do in life is seen through the lens of advocacy to the underserved in our community. I am also a US Army Veteran and am very active in mental health, healthcare, and other issues concerning our veteran population. And yes veterans are also progressives! I wanted to clear up that misnomer.

Although this is my first time running as an Assembly District Candidate, I have been deeply involved in politics for many years as an activist and grassroots organizer. I am the co-founder of Indivisible Napa and work as the liaison to our passionate and committed community of progressive activists. I believe my biggest strength is the ability to work effectively with other people and to work as a team to search for solutions to complex problems. I am deeply committed to listening to the diversity of voices that make up our district and representing those voices to the utmost of my ability.

We face unique challenges in Northern California, with the destruction of our beautiful valley and surrounding areas to wildfire, families displaced, and the lack of affordable housing. I am committed to working on important issues, such as climate and healthcare as a human right. Our current healthcare system has enabled COVID-19 to cripple the most vulnerable because, not only are individuals facing unemployment, but also many have lost their job-related health insurance. Undocumented individuals, who also fill so many of the essential jobs that have kept this area going during COVID, have been especially affected. It is past time to make undocumented individuals full members of the country they call home.

I also believe in a universally well-educated population. California students must have access to quality public education that will prepare them to live, work, and thrive in a multicultural, multilingual, and highly connected world. I believe if we prioritize our education and make it affordable, students are prepared for the future and for good jobs, which is a benefit to everyone.

I am so proud to be a part of the most diverse slate in the district and I humbly ask that you will consider casting your vote for us! We are committed to serving you!

Valerie O'Pry

I am running to serve as an ADEM Delegate to the Democratic Party because I believe I can bring unique experience and perspective to the party establishment. I understand from personal experience the challenges many of us face and the importance of Democratic values.

Growing up, my family struggled with financial survival. My mother became sick with cancer when I was young, and I took care of her while holding down two jobs to make ends meet. She died when I was just 19 years old, and I became the guardian of my younger sister. The fight for a living wage, greater housing support, and quality healthcare for all are personal to me.

I am now the mother of three children, two of whom have disabilities. My oldest son has a developmental disability and attends public school with a paraeducator at his side and has an individualized education plan (IEP). My daughter has a physical disability, has undergone multiple surgeries and receives physical therapy. The fight for stronger public education, greater support and civil rights protections for people with disabilities are personal to me.

As a Black woman, I have faced discrimination and harassment, even in my own community. The fight for civil rights, justice reform and against poverty and persecution are personal to me.

We face challenging times. But I don’t run from challenges. I face them and conquer them. I would be honored to bring my experience, passion and dedication to the service of the Democratic Party.

Please see a brief ‘hello’ from me and my kids at

Nichole Arnold

I have dedicated my life to materially improving the lives of working people through the labor movement. As a rank and file union member, I was a leader in the #FightFor15 movement, the fight for overtime for farm workers, and paid sick leave for every single California worker.

Now, I am a District Union Representative for UFCW Local 8. If I am fortunate enough to be elected to represent District 4, I will continue to advocate for workplace safety, dignity and respect for working people in the workplace, health care for all, living wages, affordable housing, paid family leave, protecting seniors and pensions, and social justice for all Californians. Please be kind to your grocery store workers, it is a difficult time for them.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sean Raycraft



When I think of the Democratic Party, I think of fearless conversations. I think of Kennedys, Lewis, Obama, and King, of Chisholm, Ferraro, Kamala, and Bern. We walked arm and arm across a river bridge, single file up a dry and dusty highway, placed flowers down a gun barrel, and wore pink beanies on our heads. We brought you Social Security, Medicare, Unions, and a man on the moon. We gave you Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and a White House bathed in rainbow light.

My name is Karen Rosenkilde Bayne and I’m not afraid to have fearless conversations. Nine years ago, as a mom with two school-aged children, I was diagnosed with cancer. I looked death in the eye, and I won. Cancer taught me to be fearless; I’ll be fearless for you, too.

Thankfully, I had good health insurance, but so many in our state do not. Healthcare is a basic human right, and with the pandemic, California must step up.

Four years ago, I ran for school board, where I’ve advocated for more counselors and nurses, better Special Education services, and equity. I’ve campaigned for school bonds, universal pre-school, and run for city council. My husband, a public-school teacher, and I have lived in AD-4 for more than 20 years. We are both products of public education, and our children are, too.

As a life-long Democrat, we stand at a cross roads I cannot ignore. While thankfully, we won the Presidency and gained 8 seats in the State Legislature, we lost 4 seats in the House, 7 of the 11 Ballot measures, and face deep divisions within our party. As the world’s 5th largest economy, with a decade-long supermajority, we’ve failed to create an adequate safety net, provide law and justice reforms, fully protect our environment, and effectively fund education. At times, it seems we’ve lost our ideological way, and as we’ve not addressed money in politics, it’s easy to see that our words and our actions don’t always match.

I am proud to be part of the Progressive Justice Alliance Slate for AD-4.

You can visit our website here:

And *Like* our Facebook page here:

As your delegate, I will continue to make good trouble with fearless conversations.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Karen Rosenkilde Bayne

My name is Jennifer Rindahl, your current E-Board Representative for AD-4. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you in this role, and I humbly ask for your vote for re-election.

Our District is one of the most progressive rural areas in the entire country. Our voices and ideas need to be reflected at all levels of government and within the Democratic Party, from local, to state to the national level.

With an opposition party determined to challenge the very foundation of our Democracy, The California Democratic Party needs to be a national leader in the fight to protect our Democracy and for racial, social and economic justice.

With a Democratic Administration, California can make a new push for our own, Medicare-for-All like healthcare system, we need to implement a state version of the Green New Deal, and we can and must heed the demands of activists from around the country for police reform, and racial and environmental justice.

The pandemic has increased the power of a few large monopolies and made billionaires richer. California must fight back. As your E-Board representative, I put together a panel on state anti-trust issues for the 2019 State Democratic Convention, and in 2020, I co-authored the successful Resolution to Strengthen Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly Regulation to Protect Our Democracy, Empower Workers and Repair Our Economy.

I have worked in progressive politics for nearly 20 years. I have helped pass hundreds of local ballot measures to fund cities and schools, elect progressive candidates to local office, served as the Director of Advocacy for the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and am currently working to pass a Bill to guarantee Back-up Childcare for working parents.

As a first generation college graduate, I am deeply grateful for my father’s union, the American Postal Workers’ Union. After my father’s death, his union benefits helped my mother keep our home and helped me pay for college. I think it is quite clear that the rise and fall of the middle class directly correlates to the rise and fall of union membership in our country.

As your E-Board Rep, I will continue to both represent and fight for the needs of our local communities and for a bold California Democratic Party. I hope I have earned your vote.

Please join me and Vote for the RURAL PROGRESSIVE SLATE.

Jennifer Rindahl

Josh Jones served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

Josh has been involved in activism for many years, working for decades to remove trans-fats from our food in the 1990s and 2000s, and they were finally removed from our food supply in the U.S. in 2018

Josh campaigned for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, eventually traveling to Reno, Nevada for many weeks as well to help campaign and turn Nevada blue. On an aside, is useful to bring many volunteers to Arizona as well, since AZ has 11 Electoral votes, while NV has 6.

In 2009 Josh Jones described a constitutional basis for Single Payer Healthcare in a letter, citing Article 1, Section 8, ‘that Congress shall have the power to levy and tax…to promote the general welfare of the United States’. This letter was sent by him to every U.S. House and Senate member, as well as the Vice President and President. Eventually this helped the ACA or Obamacare become a reality.

In that letter, and others, Josh also pointed out the historical fact that John Adams, a signer of the Declaration of independence, 1st Vice President and 2nd President, initiated the beginning of Universal Healthcare via the Marine Health Service Act of 1798. There is a strong historical precedent for universal healthcare.

This program has expanded over the years into the current United States National Health Service Corps, or USNHS, which is part of HHS, of which the CDC is a part, and over which the Surgeon General presides.

Josh championed that “corporations should pay their fair share of taxes” and campaigned for Sen. Bernie Sanders from May of 2015 to May of 2016. Skyler Blakeslee and Josh were the co-founders of Davis for Bernie Sanders in May of 2015 This was our first big step into public politics, we gained 300 volunteers along the way. Desiree did the same work in Woodland. Together we won Yolo County.

I will continue to advocate for progressive values in the future, and for the Democratic Party. On that note, it is quite a relief that Democrats will finally reside in the White House once again.

Please vote for Josh Jones, Assembly District 4. I would be honored if you voted for me, and for my slate – The Progressive Justice Alliance.

Josh Jones

My community in Lake County is one of the poorest in the state. Generational poverty, racism, sexism, frequent natural disasters, low access to health care, decent-paying jobs, and education make life very difficult for the vast majority of our residents. It is heartbreaking to watch (and experience), which leads to a lot of anger as many of our peoples’ issues can be solved with seemingly simple solutions.

My first elected office was as a 2016 Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I was angry and loud and really did not understand how to achieve what I wanted to do. It was a really eye-opening experience.

I ran in my first ADEMs cycle in 2017, hoping to fight against our electeds to demand what our county needed. Myself and my slate ended up winning with some of the highest vote totals ever had in our district. I discovered that, firstly, none of the solutions are simple. Secondly, you will get twice as far by building coalitions and fighting for issues instead of against people. No singular person is responsible for the state of our government right now, and no singular person can fix it on their own. There’s no point in coming to the table with problems without coming with comprehensive solutions.

This is now my third ADEMs cycle and my third slate. I’ve since gotten heavily involved in the labor movement advocating for project labor agreements, expanding training programs in schools, and fighting for better working conditions and wages. I’m now the Political Director for IBEW Local 551, a delegate to the North Bay Central Labor Council, North Bay Building Trades Council, and the Humboldt Labor Council. In the most recent election cycle, I was also elected as a School Board Trustee determined to fight for safe conditions for teachers and students and reinstating extra-curricular classes. I’ve learned more than I can ever explain in 500 words and I am even more deeply committed to the working class, progressive values that I started with five years ago.

I’m proud to be running with the Rural Progressive Alliance, the most diverse slate in this race with representation across our entire district and a variety of progressive viewpoints.

Respectfully, I ask for your vote for myself and for the Rural Progressive Alliance slate so that we can continue this work and continue learning how to best serve the needs of our communities.

Natalie J Higley

My name is Danny Selgado. I grew to understand the value of Labor and labor jobs through my mother. She was a single mother of three young boys and had to find a way to provide for us. Through her work with the Union she was able to provide for us and even get us healthcare. She was able to eventually move us from an apartment into a home that she owned. She’s one of the strongest people I know. I remember very clearly what that struggle was like for her and I want to help others avoid this struggle by strengthening and expanding our Unions.

Labor has been under attack recently and an attack on Labor is an attack on all of us. Through my work with Unite Here I’ve been able to be a part of some serious victories for the working class in our area. I’ve worked at Cache Creek Casino for 13 years. I’ve been on the ground fighting for those workers to ensure that they have safe work environments and fair pay to help support their families as my mother supported ours. I was able to be part of a fight to stop another casino from receiving a 30 million dollar tax break that would not have helped workers or our local economy. I spent 3 years working to help unionize the Graton Casino workers, and also fought to expand OSHA protections to housekeepers and stewards, whose professions are often looked down upon despite that they are the backbone of keeping these Casinos and Hotels functioning. I was also able to aid the fight for SB 17 to limit the price increases on life-saving pharmaceuticals. I am now with AFSCME 3299. I represent UC Davis workers from the main campus to UCD Med Center. I am fighting for Frontline medical workers to have increased worker protections and Covid 19 leave. I fight to make sure they are being provided proper PPE and training when dealing with patient care which keeps us all safe from this deadly virus. I am so proud of my work and wish to expand it within the Democratic Party. I hope to strengthen the influence and protection of Unions and the working class, and to ensure that our Elected Officials are standing along with us. I ask for your vote so that I can continue this work and I ask for your support of the Rural Progressive Alliance so that I may have allies alongside me.

Daniel Salgado

My name is Skyler Blakeslee. I work as a substitute teacher in Yolo County. I am running on the Progressive Justice Slate to continue the movement to make our party more reflective of working-class needs and values. I co-founded Davis for Bernie Sanders in May, 2015 and campaigned extensively for Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. In 2020, I served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I have been active in movements for social and environmental justice since graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Community Development.

Our country has gone through a difficult period, and we have work to do. Progressives, liberals, and even moderate republicans must join in opposition to white supremacy and right-wing populism and work to combat rampant disinformation and anti-science propaganda. These are grave threats to our republic, which require us to put aside our differences, but should not be used as an excuse to abandon progressive values. Rather, we must recognize that progressive policies, which are broadly beneficial to working-class Americans, are essential to combatting right-wing populism.

We need to tax millionaires and billionaires to properly fund our government and reduce inequality. We need to address the pandemic on all levels and put people to work making our economy better and more sustainable. This is how we fixed the Great Depression. Now we need a Green New Deal.

Health care is a human right and a public good. For-profit health insurance is illogical and backward. Covid-19 has made this clearer than ever. We need Medicare for All.

We must face the reality that the problem of slavery didn’t truly end with the Civil War; it morphed into Jim Crow and ultimately our current system of racial voter suppression and mass incarceration. We need to decriminalize addiction, poverty and mental illness. We must also massively reform policing and sentencing and abolish private prisons. We need to guarantee and defend voting rights everywhere in this country.

This is just a start. I recognize these are big problems, but I will do my best to advance real solutions as a delegate for AD4.

Please vote for all members of our Progressive Justice Alliance Slate. More information available at

Thank you

Skyler Blakeslee

I am asking for the honor of your vote because I want to represent the people in Assembly District Four. I have been a Registered Nurse for twelve years. I have seen the devastation of a dysfunctional for-profit healthcare system firsthand. We need Medicare for All! Now, on the frontline of covid-19 this immoral system is even more glaring as I watch my colleagues and I fight for the protections we need to care for people in this pandemic. This pandemic has peeled back and shone a light on the realities that oppressed people face. I want to be a voice to speak truth to power for equality. Growing up in Yolo County and being a single mother is where I learned to speak my truth as an activist for parents like myself on welfare. This advocacy is something I continue in the hospital as nurse, and a mother of a neurodivergent son. Black Lives Matter. Period. Boycott Driscoll!

As your delegate I will fight for the Democratic Party of the people!

You can also watch this video clip of me at 6:56

Melissa Johnson-Camacho

My name is Jonathon Howard, and I am asking you to support me as an Assembly District Delegate for AD4. Currently, I advocate on behalf of Californian’s 6 million plus students at the Capitol as a Legislative Representative for the California Department of Education. Everyday in my work I see the harms that our politics and policies are having in our schools and communities. I see the real damage caused by racial injustice, economic injustice, and climate injustice. Pope Paul VI said, “if you want peace, work for justice.” That is what I intend to do. If I am fortunate enough to have your votes and be elected I will fight for health care for all, social justice for all Californians, living wages for all Californians, affordable housing across the state, workplaces that respect the dignity of workers, and a thriving, sustainable, green economy.

Thank you,

Jonathon Howard

Link to video statement:

My name is Joaquin Chavez. I’m a labor movement activist, a university worker, and Vice President of my union of 16,000 members, UPTE-CWA 9119. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood of Oakland and lived for a time in Guatemala while I was young. My experiences seeing hardship and poverty in these two places deeply affected me. Graduating college and starting my career in the depths of the last recession, working two and three jobs for years on end, clarified for me just how much our politics needed to change.

I’ve been organizing with other working people for the past decade, and my mission is to build power for the whole working class so that we can win governing majorities for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a permanent rollback of the corporate takeover of the last forty years. The disastrous events of the last year have only underscored how urgently we need these policy solutions to the problems we face.

I believe that the only way we can bring about such changes is with an inside-outside strategy that links our movements together in order to hold power accountable and to make fundamental reforms to our political system. We had a taste of that in my union’s fight at the University of California, where we used five massive, statewide strikes along with the inside game lobbying UC’s Board of Regents to win a historic contract victory.

From the New Deal to the Civil Rights movement, it was organized, working-class people who have made the great victories of our history possible. They didn’t band together just to make their voice heard or to speak truth to power. They came together to challenge power and to take it from those who shut them out.

We’ve done it before. Let’s organize and make it happen again.

Further Summary of Experience:

• UPTE-CWA 9119 Systemwide Vice President (2018-present)

• UPTE Davis Local 6 Chapter President (2016-2018)

• CWA National Committee on Civil Rights and Equity (2020-present)

• Executive Board, Sacramento Central Labor Council AFL-CIO (2014-present)

• Campaign Co-Chair, Raise the Wage Davis (2013-2016)

• UC Davis alumnus, 23-year Davis resident

Joaquin Chavez

I am Kelly Hurst, a progressive Democrat and I am running as an Assembly District Delegate for AD4.

I am a Napa County Democratic Central Committee Member, Treasurer of the Democrats of Napa Valley, DONV Executive Committee member and Captain for the CADEM 2020 Coordinated Campaign Texting Program, were I helped create, manage and execute the program that contacted over 2 million voters in California. I helped lead the Democrats of Napa Valley grassroots activists reach over 4 million voters in the 2020 election. I helped run the Napa County Census Committee texting program as well as the NCDCC program for our endorsed candidates.

Becoming an Assembly District Delegate will allow me to continue to work to support our communities and candidates, while working to advance a more progressive agenda. In 2020, Democrats were successful in winning the White House but there is so much more work to be done. We must convince rural voters that our ideas and policies are not radical but practical, without compromising our progressive values and the core principles of the Democratic Party. We need messaging that expands our voting base and creates a stronger democratic coalition. As an Assembly District Delegate, I would like to continue working on the defining issues of our time. We must focus on climate change, racial and social justice, economic equality, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, immigration reform, affordable housing and free access to a public education.

I am proud to be running with the Rural Progressive Alliance and I ask for the privilege of representing you in Assembly District 4. Thank you.

Kelly Hurst