Assembly District 40

The top 7  Assembly District Delegate (ADD) candidates are the winners highlighted in bold.
Executive Board winners are the highest vote-getting ADD that requested to run for  Executive Board.
In the case that there is a tie, both candidates will have an * at the end of their name. Those candidates will be contacted for a drawing to decide the winner.

Executive Board

Alexandra G Beltran


Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Lorraine Enriquez 282
Alexandra G Beltran 274
Sonya Gray Hunn 251
Stephanie Liggins 240
Diana Cosand 225
Talat Khan 198
SanJuana Laurel 192
Kris Goodfellow 141
Julia Vega 94
Danielle K. Little 88
Leslie Udvardi 82
Treasure A Ortiz 79
Nancy J Glenn 59
Natalie Zuk 58
Gilda Gularte 58
Monika Lebrecht 51
Wendy Whitaker 41
Malinda Hurley 17
Nazareth Tesfasilase 13


Other Than Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Frank Garcia 270
Joe Richardson 258
Mario J Saucedo 243
Erick Jimenez 241
Ryan Harsch 228
Curtis S Dison 217
Jacob Kleespies 193
Jesus Medina 105
Tim Prince 81
Christian Thomas Shaughnessy 66
Pesach Lubinsky 56
Michael Tamony 50
Mike Saifie 36
Patrick K Kahler 18