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Candidate Statements

I cherish what new activists including myself back in 2017 brought to the party, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Medicare for All used to be a “radical” idea. Now it’s mainstream. Through working in the Democratic Party, I realized that there are a lot of people who quietly fight for ordinary people every day. Without them, we would be in a much worse place. They deserve equal respect.

This is my third term running and leading an ADEM slate. What I’ve seen time and time again is the same people running for ADEM. Is the Democratic Party serious about building a bench for a new generation of leaders? If so, why do we only have one African American woman in the Senate?

Given that COVID-19 and the George Floyd killing has revealed the fundamentally broken healthcare, economic, and criminal justice systems, I felt the urgency to build a new slate that models the values and diversity that the Democratic Party stands for. It’s not enough to welcome diversity into the party, we have to actively seek it. This is exactly what I did to form the 2021 Democrats for Justice slate. I asked community members throughout the assembly district for people who were young or people of color, willing to do the work in the party. I vetted each member of the slate using a bold progressive agenda. Although we fundamentally agreed on the platform, there were some nuances of detail that we didn’t agree on. That is where this slate shines. We openly disagreed, debated, and came to a consensus. We remained united. If we are serious about building a big tent party and building a bench for it, we need leadership that models mutual respect, kindness, and open communication, especially after four years of division in our country and frankly, in our own party. It’s easy to label people. It’s much harder to listen to differing points of view, and find common ground in order to move forward together.

Please consider all 14 exceptional candidates and our detailed 14-point platform.

I humbly ask for your vote as delegate and as EBoard representative for AD 41.

Tina Fredericks

Mother. Math Teacher. Computer Engineer
Pasadena Unified School Board member
Democrats of Pasadena Foothills, President (2018-present)
ADEM delegate (2017-present)
Claremont Lincoln University, Master in Public Administration Inaugural Advisory Councilmember

Tina Fredericks

Joe Salas
I don’t believe in any form of unjustified extremism. But when a man is exercising extremism — a human being is exercising extremism — in defense of liberty for human beings it is no vice, and when one is moderate in the pursuit of justice for human beings I say he is a sinner. Malik El Shabazz
If anything, the pandemic has exacerbated the already treacherous conditions which many of our fellow citizens live under on a daily basis. Poverty relief, the living up to our national creed for BIPOC in America, and the ending of the pandemic should be the priorities of the Democratic Party. As a delegate I will continue to advocate for a platform that includes establishing affirmative action, reparations, environmental justice, and to a one-state solution for the people of Palestine and Israel. We need to work with the California State legislature to make single-payer healthcare, college for all, broadband and a device for all and, fully funded public schools a reality for Californians.
Nationally, we need to end family separation and unite all immigrant children with their families. A path to citizenship for all our undocumented residents is the better way forward. We need an equal pay amendment in the U.S Constitution. We need to be a party that advocates for the rights of the transgender community.
We need a California Democratic Party (CDP) that reflects the rich diversity of the state. A Black woman should be appointed to fill the U.S Senate seat of Vice President Harris. The CDP needs a scorecard to evaluate whether an incumbent has furthered the platform of the California Democratic Party.
Party and labor activism:
Incumbent, Delegate to the California Democratic Party 2012-20
Founding member and Treasurer of the Muslim Democratic Club
Associate Member of the Los Angeles County Dem Party and Democrat of the Year LACDP 2017
Hosted and organized events for Kamala Harris, Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Connie Leyva, Judy Chu and Chris Holden, Tony Thurmond and Cathrine Cortez-Masto.
Delegate to House of Labor, Los Angele County Federation of Labor
Steward, SEIU Local 721
State Council Alternate to State Council, California Teachers Association
Delegate, National Education Association
Founder, Muslim Caucus, NEA
Chair, Community Involvement, San Bernardino Teachers

Please vote for all 14 members of the Democrats for Justice slate!

Joe Salas

Robert M. Nelson
A.D. Comm Candidate
I was born into a working-class family of immigrants. No one had higher education. Upon completing high school, I was admitted to a tuition free public university. After graduation I earned a doctorate. I was selected for post-doctoral research at NASA’s JPL. NASA selected me to be science team member on the Voyager and Cassini missions. I worked at JPL for 34 years – rising to the level of Senior Research Scientist. I proudly serve our efforts to explore our universe.
This would not have been possible without tuition free college.
My personal life inspired a commitment to peace and justice. In high school, I sat in at lunch counters for racial integration. This created my lifetime anti-racist commitment.
As I studied astronomy and astrophysics, I learned the daunting power of nuclear weaponry. My professional obligation is to educate the public about the dangers of nuclear war.
I bring this commitment to peace and justice to all levels of the Democratic Party.
B.S. Physics. City Coll of NY, 1966
M.A. Astronomy Wesleyan U., Middletown, CT
PhD. Planetary Astronomy U. of Pittsburgh
Post-doc. Nat Acad Sci Resident Research Assoc, JPL
Occupation: Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute Senior Res Scientist, JPL, ret
Founding Member:
Pasadena Foothills Dem Club
Democratic Socialists of America
Progressive Dems of America
The Planetary Society
President, Pasadena Foothills Dem Club 1993-1995
Northeast Dem Club
Arroyo Dem Club
Foothill Dems
Dem Club of Claremont
Past Union Memberships, IATSE – B-183, AFT-2, AFT-3414 AFL-CIO (Exec Board)
Chair SoCal Federation of Scientists 1980-2000
Co-Author of the study, ‘Nuclear War in Los Angeles’, 1982
Radio Show Host, KPFK-FM, ‘The Wizard Show’, 1980-1998
Pasadena Utility Advisory Commission, 1990-1996
Delegate for Reverend Jesse Jackson to Dem National Conv, 1988
Speaker 1988 Dem National Convention on ‘No First Use’ of Nuclear Weapons policy
Pasadena Campaign Director for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign
Delegate for Governor Jerry Brown to Dem National Convention, 1992
Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders to Dem National Convention 2016, 2020
Member of the Board of Directors, Southern California ACLU, 2012- 2016
Lunch Counter Sit-In Demonstrator for the Congress of Racial Equality 1959-1963

Robert M. Nelson

Maro Kakoussian (Climate Justice Organizer)

Maro Kakoussian is an organizer in the greater Los Angeles area where she works on issues ranging from oil and gas extraction, climate justice, sustainability, racial and economic justice, and immigration. She currently works on local and statewide environmental and climate justice campaigns to address neighborhood oil drilling in low-income communities of color. Her efforts helped establish the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office in Los Angeles which aims to protect all residents, especially the most vulnerable, from the health and economic impacts of the climate crisis.

As a first generation Armenian-American, Maro was born and raised in Pasadena. She upholds the idea of universal human rights and has dedicated her life to fight for social justice issues.

Maro is currently a delegate for the 41st Assembly District and is running for re-election. She served on the Green Campus Action Plan Committee at UC Riverside and as Co-President of UCR’s Chapter of the Life You Can Save. She is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and formerly served as the VP of Legislation and Issues for the Democrats of Pasadena Foothills. She studied Spanish at Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and speaks fluent Armenian. Maro holds a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside.

Please consider my entire slate Democrats For Justice and our detailed platform:

Maro Kakoussian

My name is Mindy Pfeiffer, and I am running for Assembly District Delegate in assembly district 41. For the past four years I have served as an alternate delegate, and have attended The Democratic Party State Convention for each of those years. I am a lifelong Democrat, and as a special education teacher of 35 years, I was a proud member of the Arcadia Teachers’ Association (ATA) and the California Teachers’ Association (CTA). I am also a member of the ACLU, DSA, Sunrise, and the Progressive Caucus.

In 2020 I became an alternate in the LACDP, and I was elected to be a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I am running for ADD because I am concerned about many of the issues facing all of us. In particular, I am very concerned about climate change, and what steps can be taken to ensure that we begin to turn around the crisis of global warming. Other issues of grave importance include, but are not limited to, Medicare for All, and how to insure that all people have access to healthcare, especially now, during the pandemic, getting money out of politics, and dealing with the crisis of homelessness as it continues to escalate. I feel it is my civic duty to do whatever I can to fight for the rights of everyone, which certainly includes all of the above, and more than I can list in this short summary. In conclusion, I hope that I have presented myself in a way that will allow me to count on your vote. Thank you.

Educational Background
B.A. Psychology, UCLA and UC Riverside
M.A. Special Education, CSULA
Multiple Subjects Credential, CSULA
Learning Handicapped Credential, CSULA
Severely Handicapped Credential, CSULA

Political Affiliations
California Democratic Party
Progressive Democrats of America
Democratic Socialists of America
Progressive Caucus of the CDP
Feel the Bern Democratic Club
Foothills Democratic Club
ACLU, Common Cause, Amnesty Int., Greenpeace, Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund

Mindy Pfeiffer

As an active Democrat all my adult life, I am committed to the Party’s success in elections. I previously served as a Delegate from 2007-2010, once as an elected candidate and then as an appointed Delegate.

I am a member of the Foothill Community Democrats and serve on the Board of the SGV Chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus.

I ran for local elected office in March 2020. While I was not successful in my run, it gave me an even better understanding of campaigning, elections and fair political practices. I was proud to have endorsements from Congresswoman Judy Chu, State Senator, Anthony Portantino, and Assemblymember Chris Holden.

I was recognized as a Woman of Distinction for the 41st Assembly District by Congresswoman Judy Chu in 2014, and was Citizen of the Year in Monrovia in 2008.

I am proud to vote Democratic up and down the ballot in local, state and national elections. I have volunteered on many levels for the Party, including phone banking, fundraising, and as a poll worker. I have also been a campaign manager for three local Democrats in Monrovia.

Additionally, I was proud to serve as a Union Steward for the SEIU Local while I was employed by L.A. County, having been raised by a father who instilled in me the importance of Union membership and representation.

I would be proud to serve as a Delegate once again.

Donna Baker

In May 2020, I took early retirement from my career in healthcare ethics and compliance. For 6 years, I was the Chief Ethics Officer of Health Net Inc.

In support of the November 3rd election, I volunteered for Gil Cisnero’s campaign making persuasion calls 5 to 6 days a week, assisted the Human Rights Campaign in some of their calls and worked as an election worker at a Vote Center for 10 days. I am currently writing postcards to Georgians to support the election of Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the January run-off contest.

Previously I was on the governing board for MEND Poverty in Pacoima, and currently serve on two non-profit boards, one here in Sierra Madre and another at the CA-state level in nature conservation.

I am in the final phase of qualifying to be a CASA volunteer for the Los Angeles county foster care system, which includes being appointed as an officer of the court.

I have great respect for elected politics and am looking to contribute my talents and expertise to our political future. I know myself well enough, that I work best as a leader in operation-type activities, which is driving my interest running for the Assembly District 41 Candidate. I bring over 28 years of career experience with the last ten years in executive roles to this position.

Vote for me if you are looking for a principled delegate, with energy and excitement for the future we can co-create.

Bruce Anderson

I was born a Democratic, am a founding member of the Dem Club of Pasadena Foothills, served the club as secretary and president, and am a member of several SGV democratic clubs. I helped organize the Rainbow Coalition for the J. Jackson campaign, campaigned for all the Democratic presidential nominees and for Bernie Sanders. I am a founding member of DSA, was an officer of AFT Local 3414. I hold a doctorate in history and taught at Stevens College, UT El Paso, U Utah, and was full professor at Glendale CC where I worked for 28 years with students who could not afford the four year schools, or didn’t know how to apply, Many of them transferred to four year schools! At GCC I taught a course entitled “Rebellious Women in Modern America” and engaged students in the exploration of social movements led by and for women. Revolutions are not just single events, but rather require setting goals, framing plans and campaigning for change-which takes years. At GCC I also was history department chair for 20 years, president of the Academic Senate for 4 years, and the college’s representative to the Academic Senate of the CA Community Colleges. I also was president of the Western Assn of Women Historians, executive director of the Coordinating Council for Women in History, served on the Teaching Division of the American Historical Assn and on the Nominating Committee of the Organization of American Historians. In Pasadena I was President of the Board of Directors of Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association, a member of the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women, a guest columnist for the Pasadena Weekly and am 2nd V.P. of the Historical Society of Southern California. The Democratic Party has been the party of change—Social Security, the Minimum Wage, Workers, Compensation, the NLRB, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and more. But we still have work to do. If elected I will work to make the party platform more progressive: to reduce global warming; to set a living wage standard—not just a minimum wage; to establish tuition free education for all California residents; to restore funding to the public schools; to provide “from cradle to grave” learning opportunities; to establish campaign finance reform; to reform the criminal justice system and eliminate the death penalty.

Marguerite (Peggy) Renner

My name is DeJonaé Shaw, and I’m running for ADEMS, District 41. I’m a Nurse, labor activist, and proud union member of United Steelworkers, Local 7600. I also serve at the pleasure of the body, as my Local Union’s Legislative Coordinator. Becoming a Delegate to the California Democratic Party is important for me because, I want to make strides to create a true seat at the table for grassroot organizations, healthcare for all of us, transform our criminal justice system to include real rehabilitation, and to destigmatize mental health, along with many more critical issues. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your vote is valued, appreciated, and respected. God bless. Please watch my candidate video on Youtube, link provided below

DeJonae Marie Shaw

As an avid member of Sunrise Claremont Colleges, serving my community is one of my top priorities. I have lived in Claremont since I was a toddler, and am now pursuing my college education just down the street from my childhood home. Since graduating high school, I now have the means and resources to fight for the betterment of my community from organizing for environmental justice to sharing resources about the importance of grassroots organizing to my fellow community members. After years of dissatisfaction with the disconnect between politicians and their constituents, I decided to run for office. I believe politicians should stand hand-in-hand with working people and it is what I will fight to ensure. As a lead organizer with Sunrise Claremont Colleges, I worked with many young people passionate about political change and about challenging corporations that value profits over people and their environments. We hosted campaigning events for local and presidential candidates who prioritized environmental justice, grassroots organizing and getting the people back into politics. Now I hope to continue this fight alongside other like-minded delegates in the CA Democratic party. My top priorities as a CA Democratic party delegate will be supporting the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, rent control, criminal justice reform, and funding public education. Together, let’s make tomorrow count. I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you

Larissa Cursaro

My name is Johanna Olson-Kennedy, and I am asking for your vote to represent AD 41 as an Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee. I am a physician practicing at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and an Associate Professor at USC. My history in politics began in 2003, as a Delegate for the 42nd AD. I was a co-founder of the Progressive Caucus and subsequent Chair for several years. I participated on the platform committee for two years. While I recused myself from politics for the past several years, I find myself compelled in this moment to become involved once again. The focus of the California Democratic Party has largely been to get Democrats elected. While still important, we have a new opportunity to turn our attention to addressing the life-threatening issues facing Californians including healthcare, homelessness, poverty and education. Underlying all of these issues is systemic racism that continues to plague all of our institutions. California often leads the country with progressive ideas and innovation, yet nearly 20% of our children are living in poverty. A full two thirds of our 4th graders are not proficient in reading. Despite being the largest economy in the nation, more than 150,000 people sleep on our streets every night. Nearly 2 million are uninsured. The wealth inequities within our state are astounding, and working people are suffering. While progressive ideas are often touted as “wildly radical” and unattainable, the fundamentals are those of the Democratic Party, rooted in social justice, equity, and sustainability. We find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, trying to quell a seemingly insurmountable level of human anguish and economic collapse similar to the Great Depression. Forging a coalition that included small farmers, Northern city dwellers, organized labor, European immigrants, liberals, intellectuals and reformers, Roosevelt adopted sweeping New Deal social programs, including social security and the statutory minimum wage. The adoption of these progressive policies kept the Democrats in control of the presidency for decades, and in the majority of both Congressional Houses for the next 60 years. What I bring to AD 41 is a passion for improving human experience, the drive to get it done, and the fearlessness afforded those who are unencumbered by career politics.

Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD

My name is Michelle Bertinelli and it’s my first time running to serve as an Assembly District Delegate, but I’ve been advocating for justice and fairness in our local and state politics for many years now. Like many, I was first mobilized into political action after Donald Trump’s election in 2016, but I have lived the issues we are facing long before then. As a queer Latina woman who has both experienced housing insecurity and has worked in commercial real estate, I’ve seen both sides of the issues of housing and homelessness. I know the fear that comes with having inadequate access to healthcare, with being uncertain for my safety because of who I am, and with seeing my own human rights litigated in legislatures and courts across the country. I have the experience to back up these values. After the 2016 election, I joined a local council race in Pasadena, where I learned how much change can be affected at the local level. I dug my heels in and started volunteering on local campaigns where I eventually found my way to Senator Kevin de León U.S. Senate campaign. There, I learned the value of dreaming audaciously and fighting wholeheartedly. Since then, I’ve spent my time advocating for LA public schools, working to flip seats in the Assembly, fighting on the ground to help asylum seekers, and, most recently, organizing for the LA County Labor Fed in the November election. Now, I have the honor of rejoining Councilmember de León to serve district 14 and help directly combat the many issues of housing, environmental, and racial justice that our city is so desperately fighting. As an Assembly Delegate, my priorities will continue to be what they always have been: policies that get us closer to full housing access, universal healthcare, environmental justice, a more equitable society, and candidates that reflect the values and diversity of our state and our region. I’m proud to be a Democrat who will always fight for justice, and I would be honored to earn your vote.

Michelle Berinelli

My name is Sam Berndt, I am 26 years old, and I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate.

I am doing this because we are in a crisis. Earlier this year the Bobcat Fire burned through Angeles National Forest. I remember looking outside and not being able to see my neighbor’s house, or the mountains I love so dearly. I remember the taste of smoke and the anxiety of evacuating. In the fire’s path it burned homes, threatened historical sites, and in doing so questioned the longevity of our community. Let me be clear. The Bobcat Fire was a climate driven wildfire. There will be more wildfires and with each year they will continue to get worse. By the year 2050 it is projected that the world will have between 150-200 million climate change refugees. Our community, meaning you and I, through droughts and wildfires have already been affected.

As a member of this community, how are we to react?

One summer in college I read a book “Unstoppable,” by Bill Nye. In “Unstoppable,” Nye breaks down the science of climate change, the problems it produces, and through the lens of an engineer the solutions to solve it.

Nye inspired me to run and be elected to the Board of Directors of the MSU Student Housing Cooperative. There, I became the Sustainability Fellow and started a Green Energy Initiative with the goal of making the 17-house cooperative carbon neutral. Through organizing and fundraising efforts, we have so far reduced our electrical consumption by 17% and installed 10kW of solar panels.

After graduating with my master’s degree in computer science I moved to Pasadena to work at JPL as an augmented reality developer. Shortly thereafter I was inspired by hundreds of young people taking over Nancy Pelosi’s DC office demanding a Green New Deal. The following week I organized a protest at Judy Chu’s Pasadena Office demanding she sign onto the Green New Deal; she later did.

Following the success of other protests, I co-founded the Sunrise LA hub where I served as a hub, data, and outreach coordinator, assisting in organizing other such events, protests, and hubs.

Two years ago I was elected to serve as your Assembly District Delegate. As a delegate, I wrote and passed a resolution for a Green New Deal and assisted it in being on the California Democratic Party platform.

I humbly ask for your vote and your support in saving our species. Thank you.

Sam Berndt

As a lifelong Democrat of the 41st Assembly District, I am honored to run for Delegate to the California Democratic Party. In my role as an Education Policy Advocate, I’ve expanded mental health services in our schools and pushed for legislation expanding early childhood education, K-12 funding, and equity-centered solutions to prioritize vulnerable student populations at our state’s Capital. In my recent candidacy for the Monrovia School Board, I’m grateful to have received the endorsements of the Los Angeles Democratic Party, the Foothill Community Democrats, Congresswoman Judy Chu, and Assemblymember Chris Holden. As Delegate, I will uplift candidates and resolutions that strengthen our opportunities to advocate for disenfranchised communities. I’m excited to be a part of a slate of remarkable community leaders that will prioritize the needs of our diverse communities in the Democratic Party. Myself and the Democrats for Justice slate members will push for immediate COVID-19 relief, equitable education policies, prioritizing the mental health of our vulnerable populations, housing as a human right, and additional significant platform policies. The California Democratic Party has made remarkable strides in putting equitable policies forth, and I will continue to do so in advocating for Democrats of the 41st Assembly District. I respectfully ask for your vote. Sashary Zaroyan

Sashary Zaroyan

Charlotte “ Char” Bland ADEM 41 Candidate Statement As a wife, mother, grandmother, and community leader, I know how much families across Assembly District 41 and the nation are hurting in response to COVID-19. I’m a proud lifelong Democrat who is dedicated to making change in our community. Throughout my life, I have been a passionate volunteer for various Democratic causes and community efforts, including: -Chair of the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women -Board Member of the Los Angeles City College Foundation -Board Member of Peace Over Violence -President of the Eaton Canyon Homes Homeowners Association -President of Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement -Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workgroup 3 of California Community Colleges Earlier this year, I decided to take my passion for social and environmental justice to city hall when I ran for Pasadena City Council, where my family and I have called home for over 20 years. Because of my record as a leader with progressive values who takes action to deliver results for our neighborhoods, I earned the endorsements of then-U.S. Senator and current Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, ACT and the Arroyo Democratic Club, Democrats of Pasadena Foothills, National Women’s Political Caucus of the Greater Pasadena Area and San Gabriel Valley, as well as labor unions. While my campaign for city council was not ultimately successful, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to run a Democratic-backed campaign with a platform of healthier families and healthier communities, because that’s what I stood for then and it’s what I stand for now. Now more than ever, our party needs bold leadership that will take a stand to fight for human rights, racial justice, social justice and environmental justice, and I am committed to being part of that leadership. I humbly request your vote for AD 41 delegate, and I hope you will support all 14 candidates so that we may truly have a party that will work for Justice for All:

Charlotte "Char" Bland

Stephanie Schoen is a Citizen Activist, who believes it is “Never too late to ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’”

She became a Democratic activist when Bernie Sanders announced his first Presidential run in 2015. She was the Lead Organizer for Pasadena/Sierra Madre/Monrovia for Bernie Sanders and canvassed, tabled, and phone banked to promote Bernie’s platform in 2015 and 2020.

As a result of her involvement in those campaigns, Stephanie was inspired to remain engaged in the political process and campaign for candidates and policies that addressed the needs and championed the rights of average citizens. She worked to get SB 562 passed, which would have brought Single-Payer Healthcare to California. While that effort wasn’t successful, she’s committed to the realization of Medicare for All at the state and federal level.

Because Stephanie believes, in a democratic society, that elected officials should answer only to their constituents, she also believes it is imperative to remove the corrupting influence of money in politics and that elections should be publicly financed. Toward that effort, Stephanie worked with Alhambra citizens to get a City Council election and finance reform Measure (V) on the 2020 ballot, which passed by more than 75%.

Stephanie also believes that it is important that ordinary citizens be able to run for elected offices and was part of a grassroots team that successfully elected a first-time candidate to a local School Board.

In the California 2020 Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders won in Stephanie’s Assembly district. If elected, Stephanie will advance and support the values and platform which Democrats in AD41 voted for in that election. In addition to the issues mentioned above, Stephanie will also focus her efforts on the establishment of Public Banks, and our responsibility to mitigate the impact of the Climate Crisis by resolutely working to achieve 100% clean and renewable energy reliance.

Stephanie Schoen

We have achieved a great victory by taking back the White House, thanks in part to the efforts of all of us at the Pasadena Area United Democratic Headquarters (UDH) as we worked the swing states. Now we must be united to take back the Senate by winning the two seats in Georgia. I’m ready to do what it takes standing side by side with all of you! My experience supporting my community and progressive causes and candidates spans over 30 years in roles including:

•UDH Chair
•California Democratic Party Executive Board
•Delegate to 29 state conventions and one national convention
•Assembly District Democrat of the Year (twice)
•Arroyo Democratic Club President
•Claremont Colleges Democrats President
•Neighborhood President
•Land Conservancy Board Chair
•Professional environmental engineer
•City Commissioner
•School Bond Campaign Committee
•one of many phone bankers on a weekday evening

I am a lifelong Democrat, and was taught these values by my mom, who was a union member. Let’s put out country back on the path forward, together!

Tim Wendler

My name is Josue Barnes, I’m a 28-year-old biomedical research student at Weill Cornell Medicine, and a resident of Claremont. Growing up in Claremont there were not a lot of people who looked like my family and me. We looked different — we were and are treated differently. This spring after the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, I knew I could not stand idly by. I grew tired of the harassment, racial profiling, and killing that was happening in our own backyards like the killing of Anthony McClain in Pasadena this August.

That’s why I started Claremont Change, a grassroots organization working to bring racial justice and protection to the most vulnerable in our community. We brought our own chair to the table.

We held demonstrations where Black residents could share their experiences. We brought that dialogue to City Council and Police Commission meetings and to community organizations across the city. As a result of this community effort, we were able to expand the Police Commission and add more diversity, adjust language to policing policies, and galvanize the progressive community. However, that work does not end at the borders of Claremont. If we want to see widespread and sustained anti-racists policies, then we must hold our elected officials accountable and find a way to further amplify our voices.

That is why I am running – to amplify the voices of my peers and so many others that look and feel the way I do. I am running for those that are frustrated and disheartened by a system that seemingly ignores their concerns and fails to address core issues across California. We must talk about racial justice and equity, affordable housing, Medicare for All, climate change, immigration reform and many other key policy areas. It is a moral imperative that we protect the most vulnerable among us.

I am prepared and motivated to represent you. That is why I am running for a Delegate position in the California Democratic Party’s 41st District. I hope to earn not only your consideration but your vote as well for myself and the 13 fellow community leaders in the Democrats for Justice slate.

Josue Barnes

I’ve lived in the San Gabriel Valley for 16 years, two-thirds of my entire life. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve watched the prospects of remaining here and building a family dwindle. Housing affordability has plummeted, wages have stagnated, we’ve experienced two recessions, and our public education system is starved for funding, all the while our climate has been rapidly deteriorating in the background. To put it in three words: things kinda suck. Despite the laundry list of challenges we face, I have a hopeful outlook on our future.

For every obstacle that impedes our progress as a community, there are clear solutions that will help move us forward. To combat homelessness, we must invest in affordable housing, end land speculation, and guarantee living wages. To save our public schools, we must reevaluate our current state funding methods and demand millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes. And to fight climate change, it is beyond imperative that we fully transition to clean and renewable energies. AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE.

The implementation of these changes will lead us towards a brighter future, but in order to see them come into fruition, we must first elect responsible public servants to guide these policies through our government. As an ADEM delegate, I will only vote to support local and state officials with the courage and capacity to fight for our community. I will work day in and day out to ensure that our representatives are working for us to repair the broken systems that have troubled the SGV throughout the years.

The past decade has been characterized by crisis. Recessions, housing shortages, and climate change have rocked regions around the country, and the San Gabriel Valley is no exception. But there is hope. All the tools necessary to build a better future are at our disposal. By coming together and demanding positive change, we can assure prosperity for generations to come.

Jonathan Horton

My name is Cindy Montoya, I am a lifelong Angeleno and a proud first-generation Mexican-American college graduate from UCLA. I’m a former professional dancer/choreographer, a single mom, and an educator for 20+ years. As an educator I have led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, designed diverse and inclusive curricula, and have used multimedia art to break racial and cultural barriers. I am also a gun violence survivor and a passionate advocate for common sense gun laws. I have volunteered endless hours, and worked with our district leaders – Congresswoman Chu, Senator Portantino, and Assemblymember Holden to help pass laws that will save lives. In 2019 I was awarded Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Woman of the Year, representing the city of Sierra Madre for my work with gun violence prevention. As a gun violence survivor spokesperson I had the honor to join Senator Cory Booker and Mayor Eric Garcetti as a panelist for a live Los Angeles City Violence Roundtable broadcast. I can clearly remember the heartbreaking and overwhelming emotions I experienced when I heard the news of the 2019 El Paso mass shooting, the deadliest anti-Latino attack in modern American history. As the daughter of working class parents from El Paso, I recommitted that day to not only honor all the El Paso victims with political action, but to also raise my voice, and bring more awareness to gun violence as a public health crisis and a racial justice issue. I now serve as the California Survivor Co-Lead for Moms Demand Action and was selected as a 2020 Everytown Survivor Fellow. As we deal with our present public health crisis it’s time to unite and fight for the social issues that matter most to our struggling communities, especially black and brown communities, marginalized communities, the disabled community, and LGBTQIA+ communities. Covid-19 has not only caused much strife in our communities but it has amplified the racial and economic inequities Americans have faced for years. The inequity gap has only widened and people’s basic needs are not being met. As a delegate I will work hard to address those needs, fight to uphold our progressive core values, and hold our elected officials accountable. Thank you in advance for your support. I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote, and would be honored to represent you as a California Democratic Delegate.

Cindy Montoya

A 10-year Claremonter, I’m the Director of Learning at a university-based social enterprise. My work equips public sector agencies, corporations, nonprofits and individuals with tools to improve their effectiveness for the benefit of society. In the past, I’ve also taught high school humanities, designed curricula for youth and adults, worked to secure voting rights and public welfare reform, and performed as an actor.

I’m a lifelong Democrat and a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists. I volunteer as an instructor with Claremont’s Department of Human Services and am also a registered proxy for our city’s Emergency Senior Lunch Program.

In my view, the Democratic Party should be a champion for all while being committed, above all, to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. My priorities include:

•addressing the complex issues of affordable housing, specifically its impact on fixed-income seniors and working families, and the latter group’s impact on public school enrollments and budgets;

•reforming law enforcement—and especially its standards of accountability—to address racial disparities in policing and sentencing; to re-center police culture around guardianship; to become anti-racist, anti-classist, and anti-sexist; and to seek long-term structural resolution, not just situational mitigation, for crimes rooted in social issues like addiction and homelessness;

•and, increased public school funding, including for 21st-century career-tech and skilled trades education to help students become both college- and workplace-ready, preparing them for opportunities in entrepreneurship or jobs that offer not only economic security and mobility, but also careers of contribution and personal dignity.

Volunteer Service 2018-2020
•Co-Chair—Christine Margiotta for Claremont City Council
•Committee—Bob Fass for CUSD School Board and a local ballot measure
•Social Media Lead—Jennifer Stark for Claremont City Council
•Field and digital volunteer—Harley Rouda, Catherine Cortez Masto and Christy Smith

I’m glad for the opportunity to be part of both the most racially and generationally diverse slate for ADEM and of a more inclusive and representative Democratic party. Please consider all 14 of us. We’d be honored to earn your votes. Thank you!

Learn more at:

Phalana Tiller

My name is Jordan Vannini, and I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate in AD-41 where I have lived since 1982. As a lifelong Democrat I have worked in national and mid-term election cycles since 1980. My activities have included voter registration, canvassing, phone banking at the SEIU and California Nurses Association, GOTV campaigns, erecting yard signs, staffing information booths at farmers’ markets, carpooling elderly and disabled voters, and a rotation as a local Block Captain. I am the current Co-President of my Neighborhood Association and an active participant in local affairs. I am a member of the ACLU, Common Cause, DSA, and Progressive Caucus.

Today I am ready to continue my commitment to my community as an Elected Assembly District Delegate and I am asking for your vote. I have spent over 40 years in the local construction economy and understand the needs of working people. I am particularly concerned about the shortage of affordable housing and the impact of families living on the fringe of the economy. For this reason I am a strong advocate for living wages, rent stabilization, health care as a human right, and a guaranteed minimum annual income to provide a safety net for all members of society during times of economic upheaval such as we are experiencing now.

Finally, I am seeking an opportunity to help re-focus our public dialogue and policies to better address our collective needs, not just those of the powerful few. With your help I will take the next step on that journey. Thank you.

Jordan Vannini

My 3 year daughter and her future is most important to me at this point in my life. My drive to improve our cities and State is a priority for the benefit of Sora and all of our other children. I want to lead by example (a characteristic sorely missing from the Trump Administration) and encourage them to learn about the importance of representative government, checks and balances, and the power of the people to work towards the principles inherent in the ideals of the Democratic Party: to achieve life, liberty, and justice for all in an equitable manner.

I humbly ask for your vote as an active member of the Democratic party as a voter, local elected official, and activist for more than 20 years. I am a proud Pasadenan and was honored to serve as the youngest Councilmember in the city’s history from 2007-2015 and one of only seven women elected since the City founding in 1886. I am the daughter of two retired union members, Cement Masons and American Postal Workers Union. I am also a member and volunteer of numerous community organizations including as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Chair of the Greater Pasadena Area National Women’s Political Caucus, and Board Member of Abode Communities, an affordable housing developer. I am a 2006 graduate of Former Senator Barack Obama’s Hopefund – Yes We Can Training Program and a 2005 graduate of the Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute.

I have experienced the effects of racism and sexism in literally every aspect of my personal and professional life. It is not something I wish on anyone and it is my hope that though the important work of the Party, together with everyday members of the community and our elected officials, we can work together to achieve racial justice, fully-funded public education, criminal and campaign finance reform, an end to gun violence, and to provide urgently needed COVID-19 relief for struggling families and small businesses.

Thank you for consideration of your vote for myself and the other highly qualified members of my slate, Democrats for Justice. For more information, go to or call/text me at (626) 789-4939.

Jacque Robinson

John Doyle is an accomplished renewable energy professional with more than twenty years of private equity and investment banking experience in the cleantech, media, and technology industries. In addition to running for AD41, Mr. Doyle is a 2024 candidate for City Council in Pasadena, CA. Mr. Doyle is passionate about solving climate change, criminal justice reform, developing affordable housing, providing universal healthcare, ending homelessness, job creation, and investing capital in marginalized communities to solve economic inequalities in Pasadena, California, and the United States.

Mr. Doyle is a founding member of Good Trouble Pasadena, a financial contributor to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, a member of the Democratic Socialist Party and a member of the Sunrise Movement LA. The U.S. military spends 17% of its budget on the military and Pasadena, CA spends 60% of its $200 million annual budget on the police. Mr. Doyle wants to bring police spending in line with the benchmark for U.S. spending and use data to achieve the social outcomes based on tax dollars invested, such as unarmed dignity officers (social workers and mental health facilities), a community bank and substantially expanding the Health Department.

John Doyle

My name is David Estrada and I am a candidate for Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) for the 41st Assembly District.

During my career as a union representative for Los Angeles County employees it was my privilege to sit as the principal delegate to the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) on behalf of my local unions SEIU Local 434 and 535. It was an honor to negotiate side by side with the leadership of all the member unions of the CCU in bargaining and setting the highest standards for union member fringe benefits.

I have been a proud resident of the 41st Assembly District my entire life. My career in organized labor spanned 35 years. I remain active in the labor movement as a delegate to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and the Inland Empire Labor Council for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties AFL-CIO. My message to voters and union members is that “a connected community is a safe community.” As a SEIU division director I oversaw contract administration of 30 Medical Centers and Health Care Units. I finally accepted a position in Washington D.C. as a National Coordinator for the Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership, where I worked closely with Kaiser and 11 international unions to grow the company and administer labor agreements. That is the sort of leadership that I brought to organized labor and a great company on a national level.

I care deeply about the mental health of our community. Someone I love has a mental illness. There is an entire community that exits in the 41st Assembly District and throughout this region who struggle to support family members with a mental illness. I served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors to my NAMI Chapter in this part of LA County.

On behalf of the League of Women Voters of Mt. Baldy Area I serve as an Observer to the Tri-City Mental Health Services Governing Board for the cities of La Verne, Claremont and Pomona.

In January 2020, please vote, by mail, to elect David Estrada to be an Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) for the 41st Assembly District.

David Estrada

Ellen Finkelpearl is Professor of Classics at Scripps College where she has taught since 1988. She has been a politically engaged Democrat all her life, since the years when she organized her childhood friends to raise money for Eugene McCarthy’s campaign and became a vegetarian in response to the violence of the MLK and Bobby Kennedy assassinations. She has become more formally involved in local grassroots activism since moving to Pasadena from Claremont (where she lived for 20 years), particularly via the San Gabriel Valley Progressive Alliance which motivated her to speak out on progressive issues at the Pasadena City Council. She is a core member of the environmental group, Ban Single Use Plastics (BANSUP) which pushes legislation to reduce plastic waste at a local and state level and engages in education and outreach about the plastics crisis. She has also been an outspoken advocate for students in Special Education.
On campus, she has consistently been elected to leadership positions and is known as someone unafraid to speak out, without being offensive. In 1985-86, she served as Affirmative Action Officer at SUNY New Paltz. She has published several books and many articles of an academic nature, but always through the eyes of a leftist viewing the ancient world. She seeks to integrate her scholarship with her social conscience and most recently collaborated with animal rights philosopher, Peter Singer, on an edition of an ancient Latin novel with relevance to animal rights issues today.
Along with others on this slate, she worked hard to help Bernie Sanders win California. Finally, here was a presidential candidate who spoke fearlessly about the national disgrace of growing income inequality, the rights of all Americans to have access to medical care and housing and of young people to a college education without a lifetime of debt—about the unfair influence of the fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries and the need to rein in corporate greed. She is running for ADEM to advance these values in the face of a Democratic party that has moved too far from its original identity as the People’s party. As a delegate on the People’s Action slate in AD 41, her best fit is to work on environmental issues and education, but she would fight for every issue on our platform; they are all connected.

Ellen Finkelpearl

Ryan Bell is a community organizer, political activist, and a proud member of the “AD41 People’s Action Slate: 100% Progressives” for this ADEM election. He works as the Southern California Regional Coordinator with Tenants Together, a state-wide coalition of tenants’ rights organizations. He also serves as treasurer and member organizer with the Pasadena Tenants Union. Previously, he was a pastor for 20 years, including eight years in Hollywood, Calif. He received his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2011.

Ryan has been a housing activist for 15 years, working to protect housing of last resort from corporate investment and building political will for community housing in Los Angeles County. He was instrumental in the grassroots work that won the Responsible Banking Ordinance in Los Angeles in 2012.

Ryan’s activism includes defending our secular government from the Christian nationalist agenda of the Republican Party. He is a member of Secular Democrats for America and, once Biden was the nominee, joined the steering committee for Humanists for Biden/Harris. He also volunteers as the humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.

In 2019 Ryan ran for Pasadena City Council to represent Pasadena’s majority tenant community and the working class in city government. Today he is a Pasadena City Commissioner on the Northwest Commission and serves as Vice President for Legislative and Issues for Democrats of Pasadena Foothills.

If elected, Ryan will work for economic justice for the working class, including a homes guarantee, a living wage, reallocating resources from police departments to community care initiatives, and other protections for working class Californians.

Ryan Bell

I’m Elizabeth Trejo, an Upland resident. I’m a Political Science student in the Cal State University system after transferring from a local community college. Through my experience navigating higher education, I quickly learned to be my own advocate. As a first generation Mexican-American, I’ve seen firsthand the impacts that lack of healthcare coverage, housing insecurity, and police profiling have on marginalized communities. These lived experiences are what drive my unapologetic activism in defending disenfranchised communities.

The 2020 global pandemic has caused grief and loss to so many. Simultaneously, it revealed the pain of inequity that Black Communities have been forced to endure for far too long. This is a moment in history where we must clearly define what kind of values we uphold; a critical moment which future generations will define our legacy by. The Democratic Party has the opportunity to meet this historic moment, where We The People can restore the soul of our nation. Passing legislation such as the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, the BREATHE Act, and Housing as a Human Right will build a sustainable, equitable, and just society.

The California Democratic Party, as the largest state party, is one of the most influential branches of the United States Democratic Party. Therefore, it is imperative we elect progressive representation at every level of the California Democratic Party. I’ve been a registered Democrat ever since I became eligible to vote. I’m a member of San Bernardino County Democrats, California Young Democrats, and Inland Empire Democratic Socialists of America. I’ve organized and volunteered for grassroots campaigns throughout the state varying from District Attorney to city council races. I’ve participated in direct actions organized by Sunrise Movement, The Center for Popular Democracy, and local community organizations.

The Democratic Party leadership and Social Justice Activists have inspired me to step up for my community no matter how uncomfortable it may feel to speak truth to power. My parents have taught me the value of honest work by providing this Assembly District their services as a construction worker and domestic worker. It would be a great honor to have your support in electing the members of the AD41 People’s Action slate, including me, as your 14 ADEM delegates.

Elizabeth Trejo

Velma J. Butler
55 West Mariposa Street
Altadena, CA 91102

ADEM Committee
41st Assembly District

I, Velma J. Butler, a twenty-year resident of Altadena want to be elected as your 2021 ADEM Committee member for Assembly District 41. Our community needs strong leadership, transparency, openness, integrity, and honesty. I plan to uphold these principles. Retired from the Los Angeles Community College District in 2020.

My training and experience include twenty-five years as a proud union member and an active labor leader. As a president, I successfully managed the local’s million-dollar budget, negotiated employee union contracts and medical benefits. I have served on various committees throughout the years: delegate for the Los Angeles County Federation, member of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, delegate for the 2008 Democratic Convention, active on political action committees, member of the Unions’ Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Committee, organized a retiree chapter for the clerical and technical employees and a proud recipient of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute Award.

I’ve volunteered on political phone banking during elections precinct walking, and participant in town hall meetings. I care about this community, this is my home. I am an active church member of FAME Pasadena. I am committed to labor rights, civil rights, diversity, and community activism, spent much of my life championing the rights of working people.

I humbly ask for your vote and support, I want to improve our community, for your family and mine.

Strong Leadership
Velma J.Butler

Velma J. Butler

Steven Gibson is an independent scholar and author, having published twenty fiction and academic books, including an academic book on international ethnic conflict. Prior to that, he served as the Los Angeles Area Program Director for the American Friends Service Committee.  He received his Ph.D. in Education from Northcentral University.

Steven has been a Democratic activist since Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in 1988.  He is an elected AD41 Assembly District Delegate for the 2019-2020 term, and was an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2020.  Steven also serves as the Vice President of Campaigns of Democrats of Pasadena Foothills, Lead Organizer of the San Gabriel Valley Progressive Alliance, and Steering Committee member of the Progressive Asian Network for Action.

Steven’s most recent efforts include: Operating a “Vote2020” Facebook Page to update followers on news about the election; Weekly tabling for the past two years at local Farmers’ Markets and in front of Immigration Courts to further efforts to win Single Payer Healthcare; Working on both national and local Democratic campaigns in 2016 and 2018, calling voters, knocking on doors, registering voters, writing postcards to voters, and visiting local elected officials to support bills in Sacramento and Washington; and helping Bernie win the 2020 California primary as a campaign staff regional coordinator. He is a proud member of the People’s Action Slate: 100% Progressives for this ADEM election. Here is a link to a video asking for your vote:

If elected, Steven will push for redirecting public safety to reduce reliance on police and jails.

I hope to serve you, please contact me with questions or suggestions at 562-900-2834.

Steven Gibson

My name is Tuan A Vo and I am running as an Assembly District delegate. I am a professor at a community college and I have been a CTA/CCA member for 24 years. I came to the US in the 80’s as an immigrant and I am proud to be an American.

Like most Vietnamese Americans, I registered as a Republican when I was eligible to vote because I was told that was the right thing to do. I believe many older Vietnamese Americans automatically registered as Republicans because of the belief that it is an anti-communist party. Over the years, I realized that my core values are as a Democrat and I have been a Democrat for over 25 years. As the events unfolded in the past few years, I feel that I can no longer be a bystander. I must get involved to make a difference for the causes I believe in.

My top priorities are income inequality and affordable higher education. We need to push for policies that narrow the income gap between the top 10% and bottom 10% earners. We need to push for more funding to promote higher education to K-12 students and provide more affordable higher education for all especially for minorities and low-income families.

Tuan A Vo

My name is Rudy Mann. I am an army combat veteran, lifelong Democrat, founder and President of The Inland Communities Democratic Headquarters PAC. I established and worked to finance a Democratic Headquarters for the Obama, Hillary, and Biden presidential campaigns to service the areas of eastern Los Angeles and western San Bernardino Counties. Our Headquarters have sponsored forums for judicial candidates, conducted voter registrations, provided facilities for Democratic Clubs and candidates meetings to organize and phone bank. During the 2020 Presidential election, our Democratic Headquarters provided Biden/Harris yard signs and buttons for Democrats and their supporters, and information for voters in support of endorsed Democratic candidates and ballot propositions. For many years, I have supported Democratic candidates for National, state, and local offices. I have previously served on the Rules Committee for Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and have been elected delegate to The State Democratic Party. For me, election to the 41st Assembly District is an act of service to the Democratic voters in my Assembly District. Therefore, I humbly ask for your vote.

Rudy Mann

I am a proud Mexican American activist, community advocate, and Progressive Democrat. I have lived in Monrovia for about six years. I currently work as a middle school math teacher and have been at this position for the last 11 years. My goals are to preserve and improve our public school system, increase affordable housing, and empower low-income residents by supporting policies, such as Medicare For All. My priorities are to move toward a progressive agenda that prioritizes equity within our district and throughout the State. I will work to make the Democratic Party more accountable, transparent, and effective. I pledge to be a voice for the working class and will work to ensure that our communities prosper and to protect our most vulnerable members: our veterans, elders, and youth. Please vote for me as your AD-41 Delegate Representative.

Patricia Hernandez

My name is Marcos Rodriguez Holguin, and I am seeking your vote to be an Assembly District Delegate representing my fellow residents of the 41st District. I believe my ties to our district, education, and professional experience make me an ideal candidate to represent our district within the California Democratic Party. I am a lifelong 41st District resident from South Pasadena and a proud alumnus of South Pasadena public schools. Throughout my life I have been involved in the governance of the region dating back to the No 710 campaign, and I currently serve as a Commissioner on the City of South Pasadena Animal Commission and an Advisory Council Member for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Air Quality Management Plan. I was also an applicant to fill the City’s vacant City Council seat. I know our 41st District, its residents, and their priorities and concerns. I have long been dedicated to learning about government with the aim of representing our 41st District. I earned a Bachelor’s in Government and Politics, a Master’s in Congressional and Presidential Studies, and a Juris Doctor. This allowed me to study the succusses and failures of politicians throughout history in order to develop the skills of a successful representative. I have also lectured on the California legislative process. I am an Attorney who proudly represents labor unions throughout California. I have seen firsthand how policies decided in Sacramento impact the daily lives and livelihoods of all Californians. In the course of my work, I also regularly interact with elected and appointed officials on the city, county, state, and federal levels. These connections and familiarity would ensure our 41st District’s priorities and concerns are given the attention they deserve. My platform for the California Democratic Party includes prioritizing the welfare of working Californians, particularly those impacted by the present pandemic; providing a voice for students and fellow recent graduates who may feel unrepresented; advocating for fellow people of color; protecting the environment; and bringing people together to create a better California. Proudly endorsed by Gil Cedillo (LA City Councilmember), International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 94, Danny Miranda (President, ILWU Local 94), Valerie Martinez (CEO, VMA Communications), and more. Thank you.

Marcos Holguin

I have campaigned for every Democratic Presidential candidate since George McGovern in 1972 when I was a high schooler in Vermont. As a former resident of Illinois, I supported President. Obama, first as Senator and then manned the phones on Super Tuesday 2008 at Obama Headquarters. I worked the phones for President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris, wanting to make sure we did not have another four years of tyranny.
My BA is in Political Science from Alfred University in New York (where I met my husband Michael) and I have a single subject credential in Social Studies from Cal State Sonoma.
I am a lifelong volunteer in community and school organizations and currently a member of the Tournament of Roses.
As a mother of two , grandmother of three, and educator, education of our youth must remain a top priority for our country and state. I fully support equal and high standards for all public education. All children deserve a quality education.
As a society we must address our growing homeless population. Bandaids of a free meal or a pair of socks is not adequate. Shelter, food, vocational training, and social services are needed to help the homeless become self sufficient. Home Boy comes to mind as a prime example of how we can succeed in assisting our vulnerable population.
Medical care for all, a clean environment, the ability for a Black person to walk down the street without fear, and a viable infrastructure rank high on my list of issues government needs to immediately address.
We are a country of immigrants. My ancestors came from the island of Curaçao, Russia, Austria, and Germany. We cannot turn our backs on those who wish the same opportunity for a better life. We need a workable immigration policy. What has happened to those trying to cross the border these last years is unacceptable and disgusting.
I welcome the opportunity to work with my fellow Democrats in achieving these goals.
Thank you for your consideration!

Stefanie Gray Livolsi

Hello, my name is Maliha Noamani and I am running to be your ADEM representative to provide more opportunities and accountability into district 41. I am a political activist by heart and have helped organize in leading the fight against the Muslim ban, immigrant detention camps and the border wall.

As a Muslim woman of color and a first generation immigrant I know all to well the struggles my parents endured in order to ensure my sisters and I had a bright future in this country.

That is why I strongly believe that ALL voices should be at the table in order to provide better representation within all of our communities and not just the wealthy.

Currently, I work in the political department at SEIU2015 and sit on our environmental, healthcare and housing committee for our state council who represent our members and all Californians.

Through my work, I have helped lobby different legislation including SB275 and I am currently helping on the Build Back Better Biden Care Plan.

My work with the union has broadened my understanding of the labor workforce from so many different angles and has allowed me to push the envelope in ensuring that long term care workers voices be heard on all levels, especially during these difficult times.

I have had the honor of being a delegate, member and former co-chair of the finance committee for over seven years for the California Democratic Party and would love to represent district 41 again and work with other delegates in our district to improve the lives of the working class and not just the elite.

These next few years will need delegates to lead our district in a direction that represents the different communities that make up district 41 in order to guarantee diversity as a top priority, so that proper representation is heard in all of the conversations held at the local and state levels.

If given this opportunity, I would be incredibly humbled to represent all of you and will work diligently to ensure that everyone has a chance for a more prosperous future, especially coming out of these unprecedented times.

I promise to always be your voice, to have your back and to lead with what is morally right for everyone in district 41. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Maliha Noamani

My name is Joshua Ulises Marmol. I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. I’m the son of immigrants from El Salvador, raised during a trend of American assimilation which largely ignored my Central American heritage, rather than blending or centering it. I’ve worked for the past few years to reclaim my heritage by learning Spanish and working on issues that are critical to the Latinx community, namely immigration reform. I have visited detention centers, corresponded with immigrant detainees, and sponsored an asylum-seeker whom I still accompany through the process. I have learned from and worked with Al Otro Lado, Mateo 25, Friends of OC Detainees, and Freedom for Immigrants. I believe that no human is illegal, that families belong together, and that we should abolish ICE.

I am a licensed barber, which gives me the unique experience of working with a social cross-section of our community. I have worked in both high and low income areas, from Downtown LA to La Cañada / Flintridge and Montrose, from South Pasadena to Echo Park. I love that cutting hair allows me to serve and bond with diverse members of our community from all walks of life, and hear their stories. As an independent self-employed barber, I have also experienced firsthand how the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated small business owners like myself, and widened the gap between the wealthy and the working class. Immediate assistance is needed to provide robust unemployment benefits for the duration of the pandemic, a rent/mortgage freeze for furloughed workers, and free healthcare for all.

As a person of Christian faith, I have the honor of serving as an elder for my local congregation, part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). My work centers around addressing the needs and uplifting the voices of marginalized and oppressed communities, specifically by leading and coordinating committees that each focus on the issues of racial justice, housing justice, sustainability, and immigration. My faith deeply influences and informs my social work and my progressive political views.

I would cherish the opportunity to represent these values on behalf of our larger community, bringing new voices that will speak into these important issues. Please join me in voting for this inspiring cohort of delegates to influence progressive policy in the Democratic Party.

Joshua Ulises Marmol

Susan Castagnetto directs the Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement at The Claremont Colleges, teaching feminist philosophy courses and developing programs on feminism and social justice. For many years, she has focused on prison issues, in both her campus and community work. She is deeply commited to transformative justice.

Working with community organizations has shaped Susan’s views on legislation and policy as tools for making progressive social change. As a volunteer organizer with the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (Consumer Watchdog), she worked on signature gathering, letter-writing campaigns and lobbying for state legislation on energy, healthcare, and money in politics. With FTCR, she served as the proponent and campaigned for Claremont’s Taxpayer Protection Amendment of 2001, an initiative to prevent conflicts of interest in city government. Working to get the initiative on the ballot and pass it, she saw the power of ordinary citizens to make change. In 2007-8, she was a fellow in the Women’s Foundation of California’s Women’s Policy Institute, which trains social justice leaders on developing policy to address gender, racial, and economic justice. With others in the WPI’s criminal justice cohort, she helped develop and lobby for AB 2070 (Bass), a bill to alleviate barriers incarcerated parents face to reunification with children in foster care, signed into law in 2008.

Locally, she has worked with Crossroads, Inc., a transitional residence for women on parole and served on the board. With Crossroads, she organized a symposium at the California Institution for Women (CIW) on aging in prison, to which incarcerated women, community leaders and legislators were invited. She also co-facilitated the Women & Criminal Justice Network, organizing conversations at CIW for incarcerated women and community members to strategize together on making change. Currently, she serves on the board of House of Ruth, Inc., which provides services for domestic violence survivors, and she works with Pilgrim Place, a senior community committed to justice and peace, on intergenerational education and mentoring programs.

As a delegate, Susan would bring her skills and experience to work for government that nurtures the potential of all to be genuinely self-determining and provides resources to lead healthy lives.

Susan Castagnetto