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Candidate Statements

David is a Certified Public Accountant and has lived in Palm Springs for over 16 years. A lifelong Democrat, I believe that the Democratic Party should represent all of us, not just those with “connections.” David has been a volunteer for numerous election campaigns and local organizations such as Desert Stonewall Democrats and Equality California, among others. David has also spent time on the ground doing precinct walking, registering voters, and volunteering at the DSD booth on Thursday evenings at the Palm Springs VillageFest (in the Before Times). I am proud to be running once again to be one of your grassroots Assembly District Delegates to the California Democratic Party from AD42. Key political concerns for me include Medicare for All, racial and judicial equity, immigrants’ rights, and gun control.

David Weiner

Karen Ickes is a longtime San Bernardino County resident and homeowner, nonprofit leader, working professional, wife, mother, and grandmother.

As a non-profit leader, she has dedicated her life to provide assistance and outreach to disadvantaged individuals and communities across San Bernardino County. Karen has been on the front lines in the fight to tackle San Bernardino’s mounting homelessness crisis and has worked tirelessly to help provide access to housing, clothing, and services for many underserved individuals with a goal toward self-sufficiency.

Karen has worked for the County of San Bernardino for 20 Years as a manager in Human Services.

Her passion is to serve the community and those who don’t have a voice of their own. She cares deeply about social justice and equality for all.

Karen Ickes

Hello Democrats!
I have just finished up my term on the Morongo Unified School District Board of Education after 8 years serving the residents of the Morongo Basin. What a honor it was to serve the community and students. I have been a national delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and past candidate for the 42nd Assembly. I want to join ADEM as someone who hasn’t just said “cliche statements” but followed through on promises for the respected unions of the district. As a member of SCTA, and currently half way through grad school pursing a MA in Special Education, I hope to bring children and disabilities awareness to the front of the party, while not forgetting our values, the Salton Sea, our LGBT community and hoping to see real diversity in leadership roles.

I am asking for your vote and if you’ve ever supported me in the past, thank you for your trust.

Karalee Hargrove

Karalee Hargrove

If elected to serve, I will advocate for a progressive Democratic Platform, including a National Single Payer healthcare plan and a Green New Deal.

I will continue my work to promote restoring and improving voting rights, and to increase progressive Democratic voter registration, engagement and turnout. We need to energize and mobilize these new voters by fighting for what’s important to THEM.

Some of my other goals are fighting election interference, to advocate for a fair redistricting process, to hold Democratic leadership accountable and to fight for a truly democratic process in party platform, resolutions and governance.

After establishing a Field Team 6 Chapter for CA-08, I, along with many amazing volunteers, had great success with the Field Team 6 model registering progressive voters in the High Desert. We had registered over 300 new progressive voters in just a few months when Covid-19 hit. We have since, like everyone else, pivoted to online voter registrations. It is a challenge! Fortunately, I was able to convince our San Bernardino Democratic Central Committee members and some of our Democratic Clubs to customize and embed the Field Team 6 progressive voter registration portal “Voterizer” on their websites, so that new voters registering online can be reminded when and where to vote as well as who to vote for! Clubs who partner with Field Team 6 can also collect data on voters who registered through their embedded portal. We continue to look for new and creative ways to grow our progressive voter rolls, with or without a pandemic.

I currently serve as:

Chair, Voter Registration Committee, San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee.

Field Director, Field Team 6 CA/08

Founder, Vote Morongo Basin, a community service activist organization dedicated to increasing voter registration, engagement and turnout in the Morongo Basin

VP, Democrats of the Morongo Basin and

Chihuahua rescue Mommy

I ask for your vote and pledge to fight hard for progressive values if elected.

Jo Ann Bollen

We have been through quite a time these past four years but because we have worked together, we were successful in turning the page for our democracy and our world. There is still work to be done, however, and I would be honored to continue representing our beautiful Valley as a delegate from the 42nd State Assembly. I would appreciate your vote and thank you for your consideration.

Elle Kurpiewski

Our California Democratic Party needs our help. We, Democrats, hold all of the electoral power in the state and yet big ideas cannot get done. Why is that? Maybe it’s lack of will or lack of policy or lack of vision? Whatever the case may be I am running in this election to re-energize, refocus and reform the CDP so that a local, sustainable, renewable and humane California can once again lead the nation in shaping the future.

My main focus for our state and our party will be:
— Make California a 100% Renewable Energy leader.
— Build out Broadband Internet to every home and business in California, as a Public Utility with unionized workers in good paying jobs.

I was a co-founder of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party. Our original platform is still relevant and that work is largely unfinished and needs our commitment as well:
• Universal Healthcare
– Privately provided and publicly financed healthcare for all
• Election Integrity
– Election Protection (count every vote as cast)
– Clean Money (public financing of campaigns)
• Poverty
– Eliminate its causes
– Alleviate its affects
• Reduce Military Spending

I have been working in Democratic Party politics for decades, from local elections to presidential. I served on the original board of the Progressive Caucus from 2004 to 2010. I was member of the DSCC, from 2000 to 2012. I have been a prolific political writer and speaker in Progressive and Democratic Party organizations. My book, “Left Turn Only: Dispatches From The Progressive Underground,” came out in 2010. It chronicles the rise of the Modern Progressive Movement. It also includes a blueprint for Progressive Economics.

Professionally, I’m a recording artist, songwriter, producer and musician. Recordings of my music have earned me numerous awards in countries around the world with sales in the millions. Cher has recorded one of my songs. Richard Page, Edgar Winter, Karla Bonoff, K.T. Oslin, Ronny Cox, Hurricane and many others have as well. I have produced and written hits for artists around the world including Andy Lau and Ekin Cheng in Hong Kong, M. Nasir in Malaysia, Jaya in the Philippines, and Eleanor McEvoy in Ireland.

I’m Brad Parker and I am running in the ADEM election from the 42nd AD. I ask for your support and thank you for your participation in our democracy…

Brad Parker

I am a mother, a wife, a high school science special education teacher, a college professor, and a Doctoral student. I have seen, firsthand, what this pandemic has done to our working-class families, our children, and our communities. I can no longer simply stand by and wish changes would be made to our government. I refuse to continue to sit idly by as the needs of our citizens are ignored or placed behind the greed of the large corporations that have done nothing to help our people during this challenging time and the government that should be working for us and not them. Our small businesses are suffering, our people are suffering. We need change and we need it now.

Please allow me to be your voice, the voice of the people of this amazing district, of our incredible communities, to help shape the democratic party into what our people need and deserve. I will help to keep our assembly members accountable for their actions and their promises and I will represent our communities as the working-class citizens we are. I will help to shape the platform of the democratic party to what our communities truly need. Change does not happen from the top down – it happens from the bottom up. I am an ordinary citizen, at the bottom, that wants to make a difference and to be a part of that change.

I truly believe in equity, that Black Lives Matter, in LGBTQIA+ equality, in physical and mental health care for our citizens, that no child should go hungry or be deprived of a free and appropriate public education, that everyone should pay their fair share in taxes (even corporations), that no one deserves to be in cages and no child should ever be taken from their family when seeking refuge in our fine country, that our country was built on the diversity of our people and each and every one of us are worthy, that science is real, that art and music is necessary in our schools, and that higher education should be available to everyone.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michelle Hilario

I am a retired communications professional who has lived in Palm Desert 21 years. My first career was as an administrative assistant at several companies and Duke Business School. At 32, I returned to college, and earned a bachelor’s in journalism at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I worked in communications/public relations at Duke Medical Center and several companies, including: GTE (now Verizon); and MasterCard.

After moving to the Valley in 1999, my husband and I founded a marketing communications agency. n 2003, we won an Addy Award from the Advertising Federation for a public-service commercial we created for La Quinta Arts Foundation.

A Democrat my whole life, I became active locally 16 years ago. I first served five years on the Democratic Women of the Desert board and as its president in 2012. That year, we helped Dr. Raul Ruiz win a seat in the U.S. House.

I am completing a two-year term as president of Democrats of the Desert (DOD), one of our area’s largest clubs. Under my leadership, DOD added three board positions to formalize and increase focus on Candidate Development, Citizen Lobby Days, and Community Outreach. This year, DOD donated nearly $3,000 to non-profits to help others in our community, and donated to 12 Democratic candidates running for City Council. As a public service, DOD led an effort to fund, write and produce voting awareness radio ads, in English and Spanish. We produced two companion videos that were posted on YouTube and distributed widely for social-media use.

I also served on the Blue Election Strategy Team (BEST) that successfully registered enough Democrats to ultimately outnumber Republican registrations in our area. BEST held a fundraising event for Senator Boxer; and helped fund and promote Democratic Headquarters of the Desert. In 2015, I founded a local chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

If elected, I will take my responsibility seriously, and will participate to the best of my ability in research and decisions on candidate endorsements and ballot propositions. It is exciting have input into the California State Party Platform. Using my knowledge and experience of local, state and national politics, plus my relationships with local Democrats, I will work hard to ensure that the platform reflects the wishes of California Democrats.

Dori Smith

Eleven years ago, when my husband and I returned to California with our young daughter in tow, running for political office was not on my mind. But that was before December 14, 2012. On that day, I kept thinking, “Where are the ambulances?” They never came. Hours later in a nearby firehouse, twenty sets of parents learned the devastating news. Their babies were never coming back. They had been murdered in their first-grade classroom. Wails of grief were heard outside the building. On April 17, 2013, the U.S. Senate outrageously failed to pass the Toomey-Manchin bill. It was the one of the most disappointing days of my life. It was a national humiliation. Like so many Americans, I knew I had to do something. I was not sure what that was. My husband said, “California Democratic Party, Riverside County Democratic Party.” I called.

Currently, I am serving as a Trustee on the Board of Education for Morongo Unified School District. This past November, I was elected to a second term. In 2014 and 2016, I ran for the U.S. Congress in CA-42. In 2015, I was a finalist for the special appointment to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors made by Governor Brown.

I care deeply about children. We must protect them. All of them.

Climate change is real. We have seen the destructive consequences up close here in California. For future generations, we must put all our efforts forward to slow the climate crisis down.

Diversity is our nation’s strength. I will continue the fight for equality.

I care about women. A lot. I will never stop fighting for political parity.

I care about our veterans and service members. They deserve so much better. I support the Military Justice Improvement Act. I will continue to demand change and fight for justice.

I have a long history of volunteering. Right now, the pandemic is causing food insecurity for millions of families. Food banks and distribution centers urgently need our help.

I am motivated to solve problems. I am compelled to help others. I served as a delegate several years ago. I would be honored to do it again. Thank you for your consideration.

Kerri Condley

As a life-long Democrat, I have been involved in community, Labor Unions, LGBTIQ and Democratic Party activism. In my community I serve on the Boards of Democrats of the Desert , Courageous Resistance of the Desert and Los Compadres Neighborhood Organization of Palm Springs or PS1. As the Chair of Community Outreach, DOD and The Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee of CR. We have supported the Homeless, LGBTIQ, Latino and Black communities with food, money donations and volunteering during this difficult time in 2020. As well as attending rallies and demonstrations sponsored by BLM and protests against Trump policies.
Over 30 years I worked in the field of health care as a Certified Nurse Attendant, Home Caregiver, Hospital Unit Secretary, Medical Receptionist and Central Supply Tech. While working at UCSD Medical Center, I won a seat on the Board of AFSCME 3299 PCT, AFL-CIO.
As an ADEM 42 Delegate I authored a Resolution on “Reducing the Influence of Corporate and Political Action Committee (PAC) Money in the California Democratic Party (CDP).” And was a member of the LGBT Caucus, Progressive Caucus, Muslim Caucus and Senior Caucus.
Volunteered on the campaigns of Joy Silver for California State Senate in 2018 and 2020; Raul Ruiz for Congress 2018 and 2020; Christy Holstege for City Council in 2017 and Grace Garner for City Council 2019, Deni Mazingo, Hemet City Council 2020, Joe Biden For President 2020. Doing texting, phone banking, door hangers, check donations and GOTV. As well as current post carding and calling for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia for US Senate.

While the Democratic Party has championed civil rights for all. We can do more to make sure there is an equal economic playing field for all. Many today have to work 2 or 3 jobs to support themselves or their family. We can start now in California to make changes for working class families and the dwindling middle class. By having universal health care if medicare for all is not enacted in Washington. The Democrats need to be the party that ensures that the homeless, poor and dwindling middle class prosper and thrive. By transitioning to a new green economy, protecting pensions, social security, rent control, affordable college education as well as equal and quality education for K-12. Please VOTE for me so I can fight for you and keep progress moving.

Patrick Weiss

Hello my name is Peggy Molloy. As a candidate for ADEM in the 42nd Assembly District, I wish to continue advocating for issues, policies and ideas that are central to the foundation of the Democratic Party, both locally, regionally and nationally. I grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, my dad was an Italian immigrant who revered Franklin Roosevelt, and my mom was a first generation Italian-American who had to leave school in the 8th grade to work in the family produce store and help to support her 7 brothers and sisters.

My family had a strong work ethic and installed that ethic in each of my 4 siblings. We were taught to value an education, work hard, and always stand up for our beliefs.

After graduating from college in 1970 I moved to Washington DC and marched in my first peaceful demonstration. Finding a way to be involved and contribute to many different causes and campaigns became a way of life for me. One of the highlights was heading up the volunteer program for a Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build, building 10 homes in 10 days for previously homeless people living in Washington DC. I had the good fortune to work with President and Mrs. Carter and I couldn’t have been more grateful to see community activism in real time.

I’ve been a resident of Southern California for 10 years after 30+ years in the Washington Metro area. Eight years in Los Angeles and 3 here in Palm Desert. Living in LA I volunteered for an organization that worked with homeless women on skid row and personally witnesses the huge problem of homelessness and hunger in LA in particular and in our country overall. I would like to have a voice in what policies we as Californians are going to put forward to deal with homelessness, climate change, education, and income inequality just to name a few.

Now more than ever with the devastation that 4 years of the Trump Administration has wrought and the need to be hyper vigilant to preserve and protect our Democracy, I feel that it is important to be connected and involved. Additionally, it is imperative that we develop a path to try and bridge the huge divide that has pitted citizens against one another, and caused a massive amount of distrust within all facets of our lives.

I hope as an ADEM I can help in whatever small way to effect change and to be a part of the conversation and I ask for your support.

Peggy Molloy

I am grateful for the the honor and privilege of serving as a delegate for Assembly District 42 and participating in last year’s California Democratic Party’s Endorsing Convention in Long Beach which remains an inspiring and impactful event. As my mother’s primary home health caregiver, I also currently volunteer my time by serving on the City of Palm Springs’ Human Rights Commission, steering committee of Desert Stonewall Democrats, and organizing team of Bayanihan Desert. I am committed to working on issues of racial and social justice as I have been working closely with diverse residents in the Coachella Valley and beyond. As a gay son of Filipino immigrants, I am proud to represent progressive, underrecognized, working-class LGBTQI communities of color to build stronger coalitions and better, more thoughtful levels of inclusion and engagement.

Edwin Ramoran

My name is Ubaldo Boido and I am a Queer, Latinx progressive Democrat living in the 42nd District.

I am a first-generation child of immigrant parents. I am a human right’s advocate and work closely with LGBTQ people seeking asylum. My partner and I have created a support network for migrants in the Coachella Valley and have opened our home to individuals going through the immigration process. We offer various levels of support from legal service referrals to food and shelter.

I was raised with the belief that the United States celebrates diversity and is the land of opportunity for anyone. I have spent 2020 working with the LGBTQ community in the Coachella Valley to create safe spaces for people of color, immigrants, activists and artists. I strive to uplift marginalized voices by offering a platform where people can share their experiences, strength and hope.

I am excited and honored to be running as an ADEM for the 42nd District of California in order to speak for the community I represent and to give back to our nation.

Ubaldo Boido

Kimberly has spent her entire career in service to her community. She has worked for United Way for more than 15 years and believes strongly in the mission of improving lives and uniting people. Kimberly is proud to serve on the board of directors for the Inland Empire Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals as the Chair-Elect and as the mentorship chair for the chapter. She previously served as a board member for the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Committee for the City of Beaumont.

The driving passion behind her work is twofold: her belief that everyone deserves a good life, and her desire to make our world and community a wonderful place for her children. She cares deeply about racial justice, women’s rights, labor rights, and LGBTQI+ rights.

Kim Starrs

John Siegel, a keen strategist, expert in making connections, and former AD delegate, to insure progressive values are heard.

John recently helped direct Karina Quintanilla’s impressive win as the the first Latina elected to the Palm Desert City Council, exceeding all projections, beating a former mayor by over 22% and even over-performing the presidential numbers. In Karina’s win, values were key, that everything flows from the health and representation of her neighbors.

He has always said he was lucky, that he was just in the right place to help invent life saving medical imaging, start major Silicon Valley operations creating jobs, and to help direct a number of winning California Democratic campaigns.

John is driven to promote the success of Coachella Valley communities, health and medical access, education at all levels based on talent rather than income, and rewarding the merit of every person. He believes the future is here, that it will take the competence of our brilliant, diverse team to solve modern, complex problems.

He also feels an essential obligation to pay-it-forward, and he thanks the Democratic leaders of previous generations he never got to meet, for school meals as a kid facing homelessness, for the financial aid for his degree at Cal Poly, and for the investments the country made in medical and high technology that has made California the global powerhouse that thrives by tapping the talent of every one of us.

John Siegel

I would continue to be honored to receive your support and vote to represent our 42nd district at the next California state Democratic convention where we will decide who will lead the largest state party in the country. I want to help the party continue on its path of ensuring that all of our communities receive the vital help that they need especially during this tumultuous pandemic time.

I have volunteered my time, and with the help of fellow Democrats, we made sure to turn out the blue vote in typically red cities in the 42nd district. I am so proud of our progress and members of the 42nd district who have bravely stepped up to fill leadership positions and volunteered their energy and time. As a queer Chicana activist and advocate, I want to continue helping in creating safe spaces and ensure there is representation in our communities. We have more work to do and by working together, we can continue making progress. Thank you once again for voting and keeping our progressive movement alive.

Lorraine Salas

Pablo Ariza is a proud son of immigrants and has lived in San Bernardino County for ten years.

As a first-generation student and first-generation professional, Pablo has worked in areas of higher education and workforce development, while also providing mentorship to student leaders. He received an MBA with a concentration in organizational development.

He has volunteered in election campaigns, including going to the state capital to advocate for affordable housing. Pablo also enjoys volunteering with various non-profits dedicated to college and career success among low-income and first-generation students; and, he has volunteered with organizations working with people who were formerly incarcerated and young men aging out of the foster care system.

Pablo believes the best way to generate a positive impact in our communities is by centering the voices of marginalized groups, speaking truth to power, and building collaborative relationships.

Areas most important to him include education, immigrant and LGBT+ rights, affordable housing, and voting rights. Pablo would be honored to represent his community as an Assembly Delegate for District 42.

Pablo Ariza

Like you, I was thrilled that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected to lead our nation for the next four years, but there is clearly much work to be done. In spite of the voters being with the Democratic Party on nearly every issue including the economy, equality, and protecting our environment, we suffered another year of devastating down ballot losses. Put simply, people agree with us but don’t believe we’ll do what we say. We as a party need to do a better job communicating our message to voters, being responsive to their needs and desires, and following through on our promises. I’m running for ADEM because I want to be part of the solution where we create a Democratic Party that works for all Californians and Americans. Thank you for your support.

Brad J Napientek