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Candidate Statements

My name is Manuel Magpapian and I am incredibly excited to be a candidate as an ADEM delegate for the 43rd Assembly District!

The 43rd Assembly District has been my home for my entire life. After immigrating here from the Soviet Union, my father accomplished his American Dream of becoming a homeowner when he purchased his first home in East Hollywood where I spent my entire childhood. Afterward, we moved to Los Feliz, where I spent my adolescent years all while attending school there. Then, as an adult, I moved to Glendale. I’ve spent so much of my life immersed in so many neighborhoods throughout the 43rd Assembly District that I’ve learned about my community, I’ve seen what helps this community thrive, and what needs improvement.

With the goal of helping my community thrive, I decided to become an attorney. I have fought for the issues that I believe are incredibly vital to our community including guaranteeing healthcare to everyone as a human right, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and protecting the environment. I believe that in order to resolve the issues that plague our community we need to instill progressive values that caters to the needs of working families. Through partnerships with organizations such as NARAL, Southern California Armenian Democrats, the East Area Progressive Democrats, Glendale Environmental Coalition, and the Glendale Parks and Open Space Foundation, I feel I have gained immense insight into the community and the work that lies ahead.

I would be incredibly proud to earn your vote and would be honored to represent my lifelong home, the 43rd Assembly District, as an ADEM delegate!

Manuel Magpapian

* I am a member of the Forward 43 slate. Vote for our 14 candidates! *

I am a civil rights lawyer and work as a policy staffer for LAUSD School Board Member Jackie Goldberg. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently live in Los Feliz, where I serve on my Neighborhood Council as a District Representative and Housing Committee Co-Chair.

Our society is in crisis—at the local, state, and national level. A deadly pandemic has ravaged our communities and left many jobless and wondering how they will be able to provide for their families. Income and wealth inequality have reached levels not seen since just before the Great Depression. We are falling far short of the actions needed to address the existential threat posed by climate change. And years of institutional racism continue to subject communities of color to the injustices of a fundamentally unfair and destructive criminal justice system.

I am running for Assembly District Delegate and Executive Board Representative because I believe a bold, progressive California Democratic Party can play a vital role in meeting these crises head on. Through strategic use of the Party’s platform and endorsement power, we can help get corporate money out of politics, transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, diminish the influence of police unions on our elected representatives, and encourage adequate spending on education, healthcare, and jobs programs that will meaningfully and tangibly improve the lives of working Californians.

To realize these goals, we must elect delegates and representatives committed to the democratic process, transparency, and ensuring that our party acts in accordance with its stated progressive values. I would be honored to represent the Democrats of the 43rd Assembly District to fight for a truly representative California Democratic Party, and, through it, for a more just, equitable, sustainable, and humane society.

Josh Nuni

Nicole J. Perez was born and raised in Burbank to working-class parents from El Salvador and Guatemala. Her father is a teamster with Local 399 and her mother works for the Burbank Unified School District. Nicole received a B.A. In Psychology and a B.A. in Music Performance from UC Riverside and a Master of Social Welfare from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Her entire life, she has been a passionate advocate for immigrant rights, our unhoused population, especially unhoused youth, and equity in education.

As a Social Worker, Nicole has spent her career advocating for vulnerable youth populations including foster youth, homeless, and undocumented students. She currently serves as the Project Manager for Kids First, An LA City pilot project that seeks to increase academic success for unhoused students in the San Fernando Valley. Previously, she served as a Communications Director in the State Assembly and with Courage California during the 2018 midterm election.

In her advocacy, she has organized for immigrant rights including TPS and DACA, lobbied legislators for bills that increase foster and homeless youth access to higher education, and mobilized over 1 million Courage California members to flip the House. She currently serves in multiple volunteer roles, including: Treasurer for the Burbank Democratic Club; Secretary for the Burbank Library Board of Trustees; Member of the Zonta Club of Burbank.

As a first-generation American, Nicole believes in meaningfully diversifying the democratic party and supporting Medicare for All, higher education access, and housing cost reforms that create true equity for traditionally marginalized communities.

Nikki J. Perez

I am a lifelong Democrat. I have lived in AD43 for 20 years. I serve as VP and Social Media Manager for the Canada Crescenta Democratic Club.

As a member of the Forward43 slate, I am fighting for:

An accessible & accountable party

I am running for assembly district delegate to the California Democratic Party because if we want the Democratic Party to be more like us, we need to be active in the Party. As a delegate to the Party, I will channel your thoughts and suggestions to the Party; and I will report back to you what the Party is doing & thinking about.
All donations to the Party & all Party expenditures must be disclosed. Industry lobbyists & dark money PACs must publish the source of their funding.
The California Democratic Party must not accept donations from industries that are harmful to people & the environment: private prison & detention, weapon manufacturing, & fossil fuel and resource extractive industries.
The Democratic Party should not endorse incumbents who favor lobbyists and industry associates. Each district has its own shade of blue, but the Party should not endorse Democrat incumbents who caucus with Republicans.
The California Democratic Party must build a strong bench, supporting and developing candidates from the grassroots level. Contest every opening!

Housing, Healthcare, and Education as basic human rights

The ravaging COVID pandemic shows us that our safety net is fragile and incomplete.
We must Build Back Better!
Government must be an agent to create public well-being and encourage economic growth. Our schools must be well funded & well-led.
California must innovate Farm to Table programs that support agriculture and deliver fresh food to schools, charities, & families.
California must innovate single payer universal health care for all residents.
I support public broadband that reaches every home and public space in California, to enable distance learning, telemedicine, and collaboration.

Empowering our community

California is great because of the vast diversity of our people.
Every public entity should include BIPOC, disabled, LBGTQ+, people of every faith and age group.
Police must be demilitarized. Gov’t entities must renegotiate contracts with police unions so that police agencies handle their own discipline and record keeping. Community oversight of police must have subpoena power.

Susan Mastrodemos

** I am on the Forward 43 slate. Vote for our 14 candidates! **

I know what it’s like to fight for what’s right in AD 43.

I co-authored Burbank’s first-ever rent control measure. After finalizing it with Public Counsel, I collected 2,000 signatures from voters and went to court to defend its rightful place on the ballot. I co-founded a tenants’ rights nonprofit which holds monthly know-your-rights clinics providing legal guidance from Eviction Defense Network.

My professional background is in messaging, and I am an award-winning communicator. In 2015, I invited Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls to partner with the Television Academy and evolve the conversation on the EMMYs red carpet. With participation from Hillary Clinton, Shonda Rimes, and a long line of celebrities, #SmartGirlsAsk won over hearts and minds as I’d predicted.

My best strengths are strategy-related, and I am a digital native by trade and at heart. I pivoted my organizational skills effectively under COVID-19, managing two separate, successful political campaigns in 2020 using digital and remote-focused tools to mobilize voters. I managed the Burbank City Council campaign that resulted in nearly 25,000 voter calls, donations from over 800 unique donors, and the most votes for a city council candidate in Burbank’s history.

I am VP of Political Action for Burbank Democratic Club and a dues-paying DSA member. I have established relationships with my elected representatives, and I meet with them to advocate for the issues affecting our communities.

California’s most pressing pre-pandemic priority was the housing crisis, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the need to protect our most vulnerable residents – many of whom no longer have the income to ensure a roof over their heads when evictions can be filed again. Meantime, Blackstone just had one of its best years and is positioning itself to cash in on foreclosures that result from our impending economic downturn. It’s time to take the housing crisis seriously: Pressure banks to forbear mortgages, so that landlords can cancel rent. Prevent the eviction tsunami by replicating Judicial Council of California’s Rule 1 legislatively.

Our state party platform and policies borne from it must reflect the political will to stand up for all our residents and not just a lucky, privileged few.

Margo Rowder

Margo Rowder

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Hugo Soto is the second oldest child of Mexican immigrant parents. As a child, along with his five siblings, he worked his parent’s street vending business. After the life crippling injury to his father, and while still in high school, he began to working at a non-union hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

In 2006, one month before graduating from UC Irvine, UNITE HERE Local 11 started an organizing drive at the hotel where he was employed. He became involved in organizing efforts and along with a group of workers they won their first union contract. He became first in his family to earn a college degree, with a double major in Political Science and Criminology, only one month after getting involved with the union. After volunteering for a few months in the organizing campaign, he was offered full time work with the union.

He has now been with the union for over 14 years, and has been part of many organizing fights in all sectors of the union. Most notably, as Field Director, he led a Phoenix coalition to unseat Joe Arpaio in 2016. He is currently a Lead Organizer for UNITE HERE Local 11 overseeing a district of unionized hotel workers, organizing the unorganized, and is heavily involved in immigration and racial justice.

Mr. Soto’s passion for this work comes from seeing how workers achieve a spiritual and conscious awakening through collective struggle.

During his spare time, he enjoys reading activism and spirituality books, long boarding, and loves playing soccer.

Hugo Soto

** I am on the Forward 43 slate. Vote for our 14 candidates! **


In 2020, I ran for Burbank City Council on an unapologetically bold, far-reaching progressive agenda. Our campaign reframed the conversation around working families and our city’s most vulnerable residents. I won that race with more votes than any council member in Burbank’s history. I believe that’s because I’m committed to helping those who need it most.


These are the ideals we need from the California Democratic Party.


As a founding member of Mobile Workers Alliance, I’ve fought for fair pay and employee benefits for Uber and Lyft drivers. I protested the LA County Board of Supervisors’ attempts to legalize the unconstitutional imprisonment of our unhoused residents suffering from mental health issues. I personally collected 3,000+ signatures from voters to put a rent control measure on the ballot. All while raising my disabled son.


These aren’t just political issues to me – they’re personal. As an Uber driver, I watched my wages fall with no union to protect me or negotiate on my behalf. As a formerly homeless Californian, I know the anguish of sleeping in a car every night. Many employers won’t hire me because I’m autistic, and those that do rarely make accommodations. For these reasons, I’ve always been behind the eight ball, struggling to keep up. If not for a helping hand when I needed it most, I easily could have fallen through the cracks.


My political advocacy is based on paying that help forward: From marching with Black Lives Matter to helping recognize Indigenous Peoples Day in Burbank, I have put my talents toward helping others.


I’m a committed Democrat, and I believe in the power of organizing. I’m a member of DSA, Burbank Democratic Club, CA Dem Renters Council, Stonewall Dems, SEIU 2015, and SAG-AFTRA. As an elected Burbank City Council member, I have the experience necessary to fight for a more progressive state party.


Our biggest challenges are the economic shutdown, ongoing housing crisis, lack of universal healthcare, and dependence on fossil fuels. We need to focus on building affordable housing and ending the criminal persecution of our unhoused neighbors. We must do everything in our power to pass a comprehensive single-payer healthcare system and enact the Green New Deal.


We can do all this and more. The Forward 43 slate can lead the way!

Konstantine Anthony

I was born and raised in AD43, and it is an honor to declare my candidacy for Assembly Delegate to the California Democratic Party. Local activism is core to my identity, and I am proud to be a governing board member of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council and a co-founder of a volunteer-led homeless non-profit organization. My love for the community that raised me drives my advocacy and civic engagement work, from ballot measure education and voter registration with the League of Women Voters to advocating for more resources and assistance for my neighbors experiencing homelessness.

As a small business owner, I am painfully aware of the lack of support given to women and minority-owned businesses. As a co-founder of SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, I am witness to the massive public health and humanitarian catastrophe caused by decades of misguided politics and poor governance that have led to inadequate social safety nets to protect our most vulnerable. The pandemic has not created these structural failures, but instead reveals the depth of inequalities built into the system that continues to contribute to crisis after crisis. We need strong, progressive leadership to recover and rebuild, all the while doubling down on our commitment to address climate change, housing inequality, food insecurity, criminal justice reform, labor protections, and universal healthcare. We need to reexamine the state of the Democratic Party and try to understand why it hasn’t been working for everyone, all without resorting to platitudes about accountability and transparency. We need reforms across the board, and I hope that this can be an opportunity for drastic change.

Janet Kim

While our party has made great strides over the years, we have a long way to go on issues of diversity and inclusion, the environment, and building a truly equitable California. As an ADEM, I would fight on behalf of our community for the basic human rights of education, healthcare and a clean environment. These issues have never been more important for our country, our state and our district.

Chuck Bush

I’m running for re-election as an ADEM for the 43rd district because the Californian Democratic Party should answer the demands of working class Californians. 2020 has shown us that a system that values profits over people is broken. Structural racism and mass inequality are evident in who is disproportionately impacted by the healthcare system, the prison industrial complex, the housing crisis, and the impacts of climate change and environmental pollution. It’s not enough for some of us ADEMs to simply criticize racial capitalism. We need to organize coalitions inside and outside of the party, and win governing power for the progressive majority. There’s no time left to wait.

I believe housing is a human right. As a member of a tenants union, my top priority is to unite with other renters in California to fight for aggressive endorsement of renters relief over the next two years such as rent control, eviction control, and the development of public housing in rejection of both NIMBYism and YIMBYism that seeks to protect wealthy homeowners and renters. ADEMs who aren’t backed by real estate lobbyists, need to speak up against the mass gentrification in California as a racial justice issue. The criminalization and dehumanization of our unhoused neighbors is unacceptable. Every Democrat should be a vocal proponent of services, not sweeps. CA Dems should pressure electeds to immediately shelter Californians by any means necessary – whether that be with homes owned by Caltrans, seizing hotels.

I support Medicare for All. COVID-19 has highlighted the greatest failures of our private healthcare system. ADEMs who support Medicare for All need to unite for statewide legislation to guarantee single-payer healthcare to all Californians regardless of their legal status. We must also acknowledge the structural racism that exists in the U.S. healthcare system, even for those insured. Doctors are to Black women as what the police are to Black men. Any Medicare for All proposal must address the centuries-long racism of our healthcare system. Every federal official must also be pressed to endorse Medicare for All. It should be the state party’s official position to support single-payer healthcare.

Brandon Rey Ramirez

I’m a resident of La Crescenta for thirty years, raised my family, and volunteered in the community to improve our access to public transportation, expansion of park space, street safety, and development of a bike lane network. I’m currently serving seven years on the Crescenta Valley Town Council to ensure residents have an opportunity to voice their concerns, views, and services needed as an advisor to the County of Los Angeles Supervisory District 5. As a delegate of AD-43 four years ago, I have gained the experience in providing input into the process that reflects our community’s vision and issues ranging on affordable housing, transportation, and education. I believe my experience will bring value to AD43 to advance our economy and quality of life.

Desiree Portillo Rabinov


Hello from the diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of East Hollywood, Thai Town and Little Armenia. My name is Marco Alarcon, lifelong resident of Hollywood, IATSE union member and proud progressive Democrat.

I am running to speak for the hard-working families of our district.

I support the need to expand affordable housing with TAX CREDITS TO BUILD LOW INCOME HOUSING FOR FAMILIES.

I support the need to address our State’s awful digital divide with A UNIVERSAL BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE BOND FOR OUR STUDENTS.

And, I support a strong, united and progressive California Democratic Party.

Let’s get to work – Vote! Ve y Vota!

Marco Alarcon for AD-43 Delegate

Marco Alarcon

I am on a Mission to change the course of our District, to bring new voices of the next Generation do deal with the issues facing our District and Nation today, as we deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are now at a turning point in our Nation, and I need your support to help me work with our Elected Officials, to deal with the issues that have far to long been neglected.

Our division and hatred will only destroy us, however, our differences will lead us to solutions, when we embrace compromise.

As a Candidate for Congress this past year, I met many People struggling to pay their bills, to put food on their table, as well as paying their Rent or Mortgage. During this Pandemic People feel that Government at all levels have failed them, and I want to work to be able to help our District Representative reach out, and let them know that they are not alone, and that we are here to help them, as we enter the second year of this Pandemic.

As a Candidate here, my concerns are for ending Gun Violence, Immigration Reform, helping Veterans, ending Homelessness, as well as bringing Social Justice for all.

I have lived in our District for over 40 years, and as a Veteran, with experience in Business, the Medical Field, Education, as well as the Chairman of the Kingsley Drive Association for three decades, I am ready to serve our Community.

Your Vote for me, will bring a new and strong voice, that believes that “Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding.”

Sal Genovese

Analisa Swan CA 28 Biden DNC Delegate Fighting For AD 43!

As a proud Democrat, lesbian, attorney, advocate for workers’ rights, & lifelong resident of Assembly District (AD) 43, I’m very EXCITED to run for Assembly Delegate to our California Democratic Party in our beautiful district, AD 43 (Laura Friedman’s district)! It’s such an honor representing CA 28 (Adam Schiff’s district) as a Biden DNC delegate! Kamala Harris was my candidate. When Kamala dropped out, I immediately began volunteering as a grassroots activist for Joe Biden, advocating for Kamala as VP. It’s a dream come true that CA’s Senator Harris, will be the 1st female, Black, South Asian American VP, & that good, honest, empathetic Joe will be our POTUS! I’ll fight for the most progressive policies to BUILD BACK BETTER. I’m committed to CA leading on universal healthcare/Medicare For All; a Green New Deal; strong labor laws & unions; a scientific COVID19 response; expanding Social Security, Medicare, MediCal, social services, state benefits; racial, economic, & social justice; criminal justice reform; pro-choice; women’s rights; LGBTQIA rights; immigration; standing in solidarity with the Armenian community; disability rights; equality; affirmative action; reparations to indigenous & Black people; affordable housing; benefits to the unhoused; eliminating student debt; & increasing public education funding.

I believe in a Democratic Party that works for everyone. We need ACCOUNTABILITY, REFORM, INCLUSIVITY, & DIVERSITY in our party & government. I march, canvass, phone bank, text, postcard, & use my voice as a call to justice. I’m active in our local Democratic Clubs including the Glendale Democratic Club, Stonewall Democratic Club, Heart of LA Democratic Club, & Los Angeles Democratic Club; member of the CADem caucuses e.g., Black, LGBTQ, Labor, Women, Environment, Chicano/Latino, & Progressive caucuses; & member of the nonprofit organization, Glendale Kiwanis Club, helping children. I’m very involved in the labor movement dedicating my professional life to fighting on behalf of workers. All politics start at the local level. Our ideals & strength in CA are a POWERFUL beacon of hope around the world. We must do EVERYTHING we can to bring CA’s vision, leadership, & progressive policies to support Biden Harris, organize, & elect strong Dems!

Fired up to run video

Analisa Swan

My name is Shawn Bush-Castro and I am running for a delegate position in the 43rd Assembly District. I will uphold the Democratic Party platform for the following reasons.

Many issues affect our individual well-being and ability to thrive in our community. My concerns of inequity, which mirror the Democratic Party platform, include access to healthcare for everyone and long term care concerns for our seniors. As a party, we must continue to address the issues which impact all sectors of our society, including LGBTQ, and how minorities are treated across every zip code. We need to continue improvement in the education of our students, as well as their relationship to each other.

As a third generation American, my family history includes stories of immigration and a shared experience of being treated differently. As a gay man, the influence of marginalization and struggle is not foreign. However, I also know we share more than just perceived differences. We all want safe neighborhoods, clean air and water, and a world class education to get good jobs.

As a teacher for early elementary students with autism, I advocate for anti-discrimination, equality, and inclusion that reflects when we should be in this 21st century. Further, inequality in our school system, where students suffer a lack of robust resources and technology to access learning, does not support their growth, or that of our community. Parents of every race and class juggle their responsibilities, while the impact on our students becomes increasingly compounded. Public schools need increased funding.

The events of 2020 have highlighted the disparities in our society and magnified the need to increase the democratic voice in America.

In appreciation of your consideration, I ask for your vote to uphold the Democratic Party platform.


Shawn Bush-Castro
Video Link:

Shawn Bush-Castro

My name is Telly Tse and I am running for a delegate position in the ADEM Elections for Assembly District 43. If elected, I will be a strong voice for students, educators, workers, and public schools. I will continue to work hard to support ballot measures and local, state, and national candidates who represent the ideals and values of the Democratic Party.

I am a father to two young daughters, a husband, and an active part of the Glendale and La Crescenta community through my volunteer work as a coach and board member in our local AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) region, as treasurer of the Dunsmore Elementary Education Foundation, and as Vice President of the Los Angeles chapter of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance.

As a high school special education teacher with nearly twenty years experience in the classroom, I advocated for my students, fellow educators, and public education first as President of the Beverly Hills Education Association, then as a member of the National Education Association Board of Directors, and currently as a member of the California Teachers Association Board of Directors. I developed positive relationships with legislative leaders in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. as well as participated in many campaigns to pass ballot measures and elect school board candidates who supported public education and labor rights.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to earn your vote.

Telly Tse

My name is Sean Brandle and I am asking for your vote in the 43rd AD Election. I have a multitude of experiences and qualifications that make me uniquely equipped to represent you. First, and foremost, I don’t have political aspirations beyond representing our district and, therefore, my only concern is doing the right thing rather than what is politically expedient. Second, I have multi-generational roots in the 43rd AD and my family has owned a business in the district for more than 25 years. As a small business owner, I have an understanding that words are cheap. Don’t tell me what you want to do. Do what you want done.

For too many years I have watched while good Democrats running for office with progressive ideas gain little to no traction because the onerous party rules that favor the incumbent or the fundraising strength of their opponent are too much to overcome. The California Democratic Party is in a unique position, due to our supermajority control of the legislature and governor’s seat, to be the party of ideas and not the party of the status quo. The status quo is not working for our homeless neighbors, our working-class neighbors, or the tens of thousands bankrupted by crushing medical debt. The best ideas to fix our failing health care system may not raise millions of dollars from the insurance lobby. The best ideas to fix our housing crisis may not raise millions of dollars from the developers. The best ideas to fix our climate crisis may not raise millions of dollars from the fossil fuel lobby. The most progressive ideas tend to have the most headwind from the status quo.

California is the most powerful state in the union and, as such, needs to be a shining beacon for progressive ideals for the rest of the country to follow. We need to be a party beholden to the best ideas and not to the most profitable ones. As a small business owner, I am not against profit, but I am against profit that comes at the cost of my employees’ wellbeing. Clean money elections are the only way to ensure that the most valuable ideas come to the fore. Imagine the good our elected officials could do if they are allowed to focus 100% of their time and energy on solving the problems facing California instead of fundraising.

I may be a liberal, but I am a fighting liberal. I would be happy to fight for all of you.

Sean Brandle

I am moved by action, not words or wishes. I am a person who believes in speaking up and speaking truth to power. I am driven by the radical idea that the Democratic Party should be, well, democratic.

As a candidate, I believe that I bring a unique combination of political and professional experience. From 2004-2010, I served as AD delegate to the party, was appointed co-chair of the Legislative Action Committee, and, most proudly, co-founded the Progressive Caucus of the CDP. The Progressive Caucus is now the largest caucus in the party. In my tenure as an officer of the caucus, I co-authored the impeachment resolution against George W. Bush and Dick Chaney which was subsequently adopted by the CDP. I have also been a college professor for over 20 years with a doctorate in Applied Social Psychology specializing in sexuality and gender marginalization and health behavior.

As your representative, I will work to reinvigorate and re-empower the delegates and caucuses to compel the party to fulfill its promise to progressive ideals in California. As your delegate my top priorities are:
Institute universal statewide healthcare,
Establish clean money elections,
Deal with our homeless crisis by reinstating state-wide mental health facilities dismantled by Ronald Reagan.
Ending the systemic inequality in public education by untethering school funding from property taxes, requiring equal funding for all schools.
 And, maybe, after I help to accomplish the above, I’ll work to end Daylight Saving Time. 😉

California is one of only 50 states and yet it makes up 14% of the US economy. We control the 5th largest economy in the world, yet we are 32nd in the US in economic health. This is not sustainable. We have all the power to create change and, yet, we choose to run weak policies that leave many of our neighbors, particularly poor, working class, and minority individuals, behind. The most egregious thing is that WE ARE THE PARTY IN POWER in California. We could create a model state. Somehow we are choosing not to.

I will work through deed, not hyperbole, to create real, positive change in our party, for all Californians. I did it once and I can do it again.

I am Dr. Joye Swan, a fighting progressive. I ask for your support.

Dr. Joye Swan

Reverend Doctor Edward Stapleton JD (he, him, his) is the spouse of a restaurant worker; sibling of 4; and the child of a school teacher, and a civil engineer for the railroad.   Stapleton crusades for social justice, protects the environment, and reforms campaign finance.  Key issues are:  good jobs; universal health care; education; climate change; and restoring the twin American dreams of home ownership and starting a small business.  “Home ownership used to be the path into the middle class.  But recently, the top 1% of the super-wealthy have rigged the system for far too long,” said Stapleton.  “Let us, together, take back our share of everyone’s birthright: real Democracy!”

Reverend Stapleton believes that all people are created equal, with diverse moral or ethical perspectives on Good. After working his way through college and law school, Juris Doctor Stapleton uses his white educated privilege to fight for systemic justice through the legal, political, educational, and fraternal systems.  Commissioner Stapleton oversees a $200 Million redevelopment project at West Hollywood Park, and co-founded the Green City Awards.  Committee Member Stapleton serves on the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee.  President Stapleton led his local Democratic Club toward population parity visibility.  Teacher Stapleton’s students achieved the highest literacy scores three years in a row.  Steering Member Stapleton chaired a 50% increase in membership at Stonewall Democratic Club.  Speaker Stapleton preaches for California Clean Money Campaign.  Secretary Stapleton serves two City of Los Angeles employees associations.  Business Owner Stapleton created jobs and provided housing.  Precinct Chair Stapleton served in the Nevada Democratic Caucuses.  Employee Stapleton serves as a Business Relationship Manager at LAX , authorizing about 3,000 good-paying jobs at LAX as part of the $2 Billion passenger Terminal Renovation Programs.

“As your representative,” Stapleton says, “I hope to continue the fight together, to bring Democracy and a better future back where it belongs: locally, in the hands of ‘We the People!’”

All titles and affiliations provided for identification only, and do not imply organizational endorsement.

Rev Dr Ed Stapleton JD

I recently ran for Los Angeles City Council, on a climate and social justice platform of abundant housing, transit, and trees.

I’m running for Assembly Delegate for the same reasons. I believe our Party should lead the nation on these issues, by supporting candidates and legislation that will do the same.

As Assembly Delegate, I will work hard to ensure we do!

I currently serve as the VP of Communications for Democratic Parents; as a Board Member of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles; and as President Emeritus of the National Women’s Political Caucus, LA Metro.

I’m also a lifetime member of Heart of Los Angeles Democrats and Stonewall Democrats, and an engaged member of both my local club, Democrats for Neighborhood Action, and the Los Angeles League of Women Voters.

I have volunteered for state and local candidates up and down California, canvassed in Florida for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and was heavily involved this cycle making calls, recruiting volunteers, and wrangling poll watchers in the GOTV effort in NE2. (We made history by flipping the district blue and winning NE2’s electoral votes for Biden/Harris.)

Now I’m keeping busy organizing for Georgia.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for more than twenty years. I’m a WGA writer, and my husband and I are the proud parents of four kids, two dogs, and a mean cat.

One of the most exciting days of my life was the day Congresswoman Katie Porter endorsed my City Council campaign:
In this race, I am very grateful to have the endorsement of Los Angeles City Councilmember Nithya Raman.

I hope I can earn your support, too:

Sarah Kate Levy

I’m on Forward 43 slate! Vote for all 14 candidates!

Elect me as an AD 43 delegate to be a voice for a society centered on dignity, not privilege. I believe in the inherent right to the necessities of life: healthcare, housing, food and water. These are secured through the community’s collective effort and should be provided as communal goods.

I have lived in L.A. County for a decade, renting in Glendale with my lovely wife, a soon-to-be educator. I am a first-time candidate for Assembly Delegate.

My parents were nurses in the U.S. Air Force, and as a dependent of service members, I received guaranteed health care through congressionally mandated programs. Growing up, when my siblings or I got sick, my parents never worried about the financial consequences of taking us to the doctor. They never felt powerless or undignified in their ability to get us the care we needed. Among the care I received was treatment for a chronic ear infection that, if left untreated, could have led to permanent hearing damage. Now, I’m listening to my friends and neighbors in AD43. I know we can provide care for all and, by doing so, our lives will be made more dignified.

My political activity has centered on establishing universal single-payer healthcare, an issue I will center as a delegate.

I also believe that we need an anti-austerity voice for the district. We know that the stock market has surged to historic highs and wealth for the already materially rich has doubled. The idea that material resources don’t exist for the working people of AD43 is a bold lie. I will not accept narratives of scarcity for the working class while working people build a world of luxury for others. I will support the full funding of programs that are universal and solidaristic.

I am a card-carrying member of the Glendale Public Library, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, and the Democratic Socialists of America – Los Angeles.

Sean V. Broadbent

As a multi-disciplinary Artist, Community Organizer and Activist, I would be honored to represent the voices of our young voters and utilize my term as a delegate to fight for and support socially conscious and
progressive policies that would enable our communities to thrive.

This would include supporting policies such as Universal and Single Payer Healthcare, the Reform and Elevation of Public Education, the Mitigation of Income Inequality,
Environmental Justice, a Green New Deal, the providing of Housing, Education and Food Security as Human Rights to all.

I have supported these movements in my past organizing and advocating for grassroots non-profits such as The Public Interest Research Group, The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Students for Education Reform, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and many more…

As an Armenian-American, I am acutely aware that this country has provided me with the greatest life and opportunity that myself and my family have ever known.
I have also had my fair share of experience both witnessing and experiencing the profound effects of systemic inequality, ethnic discrimination and extreme poverty.
Therefore, I know how deeply important it is to have communal support and beneficial policies that allow us to elevate ourselves and each other out of survival and into a meaningful and fulfilling future.

I am not alone in this resolve, I’m running as one of 14 members of the Forward 43 who are committed to advocating along these lines and I encourage you to vote for us all!

Armen D Gendjian

I have been a resident of the 43rd district for over forty years. When my children started school, I became very involved in our schools and our community. I have served on the PTA Board at the elementary, middle school and council level and am currently the PTA President at Palm Crest Elementary in La Cañada. I served six years as a Director of the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation including one year as President. In this role, I was able to help our school district raise over $12 million. In the community, I am a member of the La Cañada Junior Women’s Club, the La Cañada Chinese Club and am a proud member of the Kiwanis of La Cañada. Through my experiences, I’ve gained a broad view of needs across the 43rd District and I am eager to bring my grassroots energy to policy decisions that best advance the interests of the 43rd District.

Caroline Que Anderson

I grew up gazing at the beautiful mountains we are nestled in, you could find me staring out the car window on the way to school. I began my understanding of the area at Mountain Avenue Elementary, then it was off to Rosemont Middle School, until I was finally in the big leagues at Crescenta Valley High School. While at CV, my understanding and appreciation for this community flourished. Following my Mother’s footsteps, I joined CV’s PTSA board, grasping the intricacies of PTA and challenges facing our community. I then went on to join our local Youth and Government of the foothills! My time in Y&G gave me the opportunity to build knowledge of local and state government, improve upon my leadership ability, and make wonderful friends along the way. While I now study International Relations at American University in Washington, D.C, I could never forget my foundations. So much so that I pursued working with Representative Adam Schiff at his office in D.C. this past January!

But the real question, why should you vote for me? Because I listen. I weigh all sides, think decisions through, and create consensus amongst a diversity of perspectives. I believe I am worth your vote because I see the present as the opportunity to create a better future. We have decisions to make, conversations to continue, and a community to cultivate. I am Sean Russell, and I am running to be a delegate for the California Democratic party 43rd District Assembly. I would be honored to receive your vote.

Sean Russell

My name is a Diana Abasta and I am a public high school English teacher with 39 years of experience in education. I have been active in the Burbank Teachers Association and have worked in Burbank to advocate for our schools and for our community. I believe that when we come together and stand up and speak out, we all rise. Please consider me as a delegate for AD43.

Diana Abasta

My name is Neda Farid. I have been an engaged, involved, active community member in the 43rd Assembly District for almost 30 years. I am passionate about public education, the arts, social justice, and equity. I have a long history of volunteerism and community service particularly serving our immigrant and special needs populations.

I am professionally trained in Restorative Practices and believe that they provide a clear blueprint to ensure that on the path to social justice we model that justness in our own behavior, most specifically toward people and systems we hope to change in order to bring dignity and respect to our communities.

AD43 deserves the best and if elected, I will continue to invite and engage voters by showcasing a just and equitable democratic party that is relevant and inclusive. As a parent, a professional advocate, and a respected community collaborator, I am prepared to tackle the issues facing our communities and help us turn the page for democracy by addressing healthcare, public education, mental health, social justice, and our deteriorating environment.

I respectfully ask for your confidence and humbly ask for your vote to proudly be the voice of our rich and diverse AD43 community.

Neda Farid

I am a life-long Democrat, raised in a family of Democrats, and I have lived in AD 43 for over 40 years. I run the Operations of a law firm of over 40 attorneys, and thus, I have experience dealing with a myriad of issues ranging from insurance needs and coverage issues to employment issues, and interpersonal difficulties, which are endemic to any environment closely populated with strong and differing personalities. Outside of my professional obligations, I have extensive involvement in the Glendale Unified School District as a school-site council chair and as a high school president of a PTA, as well as being the president of the District English Learners Advisory Committee. Previously, I sat on the School Board of the Chamlian Armenian School, from which both my daughter and son graduated. I have spent the last many years caring for my elderly parents, which has provided me with an understanding of the intricacies of dealing with both physical and mental disabilities.
By way of background, I was born of Armenian parents in Lebanon, and as a young girl moved to the United States/Glendale, California in 1969. Thus, I have an understanding of the liberties, privileges and obligations of citizenship, and have always been very proud to be an American. I want to give back. I see the Democratic Party as best reflecting the noble principles this country was based on, and as the best hope for our collective future.
I would be thrilled to be elected as a Democratic Assembly District Delegate and thank you for your consideration.

Aline Babaian

I have been a resident of the 43rd district for almost two decades and am very involved in our community and our party’s representation of the district. I’ve worked with candidates on various levels within our district and the region, always helping more democrats get elected. In my earlier years of engagement in politics, I worked in President Biden’s Senate office in the late 80’s and also on his first presidential campaign so this year’s win has a special meaning for me. In the 90’s I worked closely with Jody Powell, President Jimmy Carter’s press secretary, in support of issues important during the Clinton-Gore presidency. More recently, during this election cycle, I was the national co-chair of Armenian Americans for Biden and am proud to say that effort delivered crucial votes in key battleground states. The votes mobilized in those key states made a difference in this election which shows how much our involvement in the democratic process here in California also matters on the national level.

I am running for delegate in the 43rd district because I believe this new chapter in our party’s history is going to need leaders who will devote themselves to not just maximizing participation among existing voters. We must go further by taking the valuable lessons from the last four years and applying them by actively engaging and recruiting a new generation of democrats to participate in our democratic process. We need to remind America that this is the party of the people, by the people, for the people, and that inclusivity is one of our core values. Citizens of this great nation, both on the local, state and federal levels need to know that there is a place for them at this table. That means coalition building must be one of our core attributes; we must endeavor to build bridges into every community, and to engage every citizen from every background and every walk of life, all throughout our district and our great state. This year has been one of the toughest in a generation in so many respects. We have a lot to rebuild and accomplish in this next cycle and I am committed to working hand-in-hand with my fellow democrats to serve all citizens of the 43rd district in achieving new milestones to benefit all.

Zanku Armenian



I’m a 21-year resident of Burbank, a small business owner, a parent to three teen and adult children in a multicultural family, and an active community member. I have been in the non-profit sector for over 10 years. I care deeply about my community in Burbank and our neighbors in the SFV and LA.

Some of the issues that are important to me for our district and state:

HOUSING – Increase housing security and availability, especially for our workforce, seniors, young adults, and low and middle income households.

SMALL BUSINESS – Supporting local small and micro businesses, with policy that doesn’t favor large corporations or stock holders.

COVID RECOVERY – Helping residents, workers, local businesses, and non-profits recover from the pandemic shutdown, and keeping our residents safe and healthy.

REDUCING GREENHOUSE GASSES AND WASTE – Looking for innovative ways to move to 100% clean energy and being at the forefront of addressing climate change.

DIVERSITY AND EQUITY – Ensure that our systems and services are truly equitable and fair, and that we take an honest look at how systemic racism and sexism affects creating and implementing policy.

UPDATED STATE BUDGET – Prioritizing schools and infrastructure, increasing healthcare access, increasing housing and community development funding, and modernizing our business tax structure are some of the important adjustments we need to make to our budget.

I am a life-long California Democrat, trained with EmergeCA, and a local activist. I serve on boards and commissions such as the Infrastructure Oversight Board, the Magnolia Park Merchants Association, and the Friends of the Burbank Library board. As a candidate in our recent Burbank city council election, 400 votes shy of winning, I’m ready to continue the work to improve our district and our state in 2021 and beyond.

I humbly ask for your vote for Tamala Takahashi for CADEM delegate.

Tamala Takahashi

My name is Sevana Zadorian. I am a lifelong resident the 43rd assembly district; I was born here, raised here, attended our public schools and renown community college, and after a couple years in the Bay Area to earn by a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, I came back to set down my roots in the only place I’ve called home.

I’m a proud Armenian-American female who has devoted herself to the service and advocacy of her community from a young age. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m committed to the ideals of the party, not the political agendas set by those in power. I believe in people’s power, and I believe in helping your fellow wo/man. I believe when elected to this body, I will represent our district and our communities the way they should be represented. I will care about the needs of all and not the few.

As the executive director of an established and long-standing non-profit in the community, a political consultant who has helped Democrats get elected in various parts of the state, and as the Chair of the Arts and Culture Commission in Glendale, I am an active voice and leader in our district and I know how important local politics is.

I am running to be a delegate in the 43rd assembly district and I am running as an E-board member because I believe my background as an advocate, activist, and community leader equips me well for these roles. I’m not a politician with an agenda; I’m just a girl from your neighborhood who listens and knows how to help. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Sevana Zadorian

Tara Peterson has been leading the YWCA Glendale since 2016. She is responsible for the executive and administrative leadership of the YWCA Glendale, which strives to eliminate racism and empower women, and has played a pivotal role in revitalizing the agency’s 95-year legacy of supporting local women and girls by expanding programs and reach, and igniting a change in the culture and conversation around gender and racial equity in Glendale and surrounding communities. Likewise, she is responsible for ensuring high quality outcomes, financial sustainability, organizational viability, and exceptional service delivery and has grown the organization’s operating budget from 1.3 million to 2.7 million. She also leads the Coalition for an Anti-Racist Glendale, which helped draft the City of Glendale’s resolution apologizing for its racially exclusionary history as a “sundown town.”

Tara brings more than 20 years of experience addressing domestic violence, youth violence, sexual assault, and reproductive rights. She spent a decade working at the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, including five years as its Executive Director, leading statewide policy, legislative, and budget advocacy efforts. Tara is a fierce advocate and has a long track record of successfully advocating for legislative change on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children and leading system change initiatives to increase access to domestic violence services to underserved communities. Tara obtained her bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sacramento in Ethnic Studies while on a full-ride softball scholarship. She also holds a master’s degree in Multi-Cultural Education.

Tara Peterson

I’ve been a regular volunteer and contributor to various candidates including working in the Chicago Headquarters for Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign as a Regional Leader in GOTV. I have, however, found the California Democratic Party not an easy group to even find let up alone work with. As an Assembly District Delegate I hope to work with the party to make it a more transparent and accessible organization. This year I’ve spend a large amount of money supporting candidates. In the future I want to be more involved in how we make the best use of people who have less to donate but want to help out. For example I would ask that every email or text that asks for money also provides a link to volunteer opportunities.

Emmy Davis

As an advocate for social and environmental justice, it is my goal to ensure all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect, and that all communities are given a voice.

As an Advocate for Women Right, it is my goal to ensure that women of our community are treated with dignity respect and equals in wages and jobs.

As an Advocate for the public education and healthcare for all, it is my goal to ensure that our community are treated with respect, dignity and that all community has given a voice.

I will continue to represent my communities at the county level and cast my vote towards progressive policies and candidates who will fight for our most vulnerable communities and causes.

What exactly am I running for? The LACDP is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in the County of Los Angeles. The LACDP works in cooperation with the State and National Democratic Committees. LACDP is the largest local Democratic Party entity in the United States, representing over 2.7 million registered Democrats and a population larger than 42 other states in the 88 cities and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County

Juliette Minassian