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Candidate Statements

Progressive/Labor Slate Member

I am seeking reelection as an ADEM Delegate and your representative to the State Executive Board. I have worked tirelessly to elect Democrats at all levels from President to School Board. In the past election, I even managed the successful campaign for two local school board trustees. As your E-Bd member, I have been appointed by the Chair of the CA Democratic Party to serve on the 6-member Compliance Review Commission and Co-Chair of the Credentials Committee. These positions, while not glamorous, are important. The CRC hears and resolves appeals from conflicts across the state. With your vote, I hope to continue volunteering my time and efforts in all of these roles.

Tim Allison, ADEM Delegate and E-Board Member.

Tim Allison

Progressive/Labor Slate member:

My name is Josh Donner and I would be honored to be re-elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I am an activist and former President of the California College Democrats. I’ve been involved in politics and my community since I was twelve years old making calls for Julia Brownley’s first campaign. I organized the first Ventura County high school Democratic Club and was its President for 4 years.

In College I became active in the California College Democrats, organizing students across the state to fight for a more progressive future. I was elected President of the California College Democrats where I organized all College Democratic Chapters in the state. I reached out to organized labor and to the California Democratic Party to ensure that College Democrats have a seat at the table and are given a chance to lead.

I was the Field Coordinator for the Oxnard Federation of Teachers and school employees and helped elect 2 outstanding educators to the Oxnard Union High School District.

I have worked to mentor Young and College Democrats to build a better future for our party and our community. We need to nurture the next generation of progressive activists so that when the torch of leadership is passed to a new generation we will not stumble, we will not fail, but we will move forward boldly into the future. I was proud to represent you for the last 4 years, and I hope I can earn your support.

Josh Donner

As part of the Progressive/Labor Slate I am seeking reelection as an ADEM to continue advocating for Ventura County Democrats. For the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to serve our community working with local legislators and more recently as a Councilmember in Oxnard, both of which have allowed me to work on issues that are of high importance to Democrats locally and statewide. Together we can ensure our party works to represent the diversity of our region and our state.

Vianey Lopez

Progressive/Labor Slate

It has been my honor to be ADEM Delegate the past 2 years and I’m asking for your support in reelection.

Labor creates Wealth! Those who work hard daily deserve a piece of that wealth. I feel all Essential Workers laboring daily either in construction, teaching our kids, delivering our products, working in groceries stores or medical facilities, deserve a good wage with benefits! I’m a strong advocate for Labor, good paying jobs and benefits!

I’m a proud Local Union Carpenter Representative and have always been active in Local and State politics. I would greatly appreciate your support in reelection. Any questions feel free to contact me

Mercy Urrea

I am Dr. Nina Wells, DNP, RN, PHN, currently running as a delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee in AD-44. I am a lifetime resident of assembly district 44 and a registered nurse for 18 years. I am running for this position because I think it is important to give voice to the essential workers on the front line in order to shape the decisions that impact our community.

As President of SEIU Local 121RN I currently represent nurses and health professionals throughout the district and deeply understand the needs of working families within our diverse communities.

If given the opportunity to serve as a delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee in AD-44, I promise to treat this position with the utmost dignity and respect; and enter every decision with honesty and thoughtfulness in order to best serve the communities I would be chosen to represent. I ask for your vote.
Thank You.

Dr. Nina Wells

We live in challenging times. A country split, our natural resources being used faster than they are replenished, our thoughts increasingly on how to protect the ones we love. I am one of you. A father, a husband, a son, a man with deep convictions that the way forward through these challenges is by addressing each of these issues head-on.

My grandparents lived in occupied Netherlands during WWII. As Jews, they were part of the underground, creating and distributing false papers to others. They lived in fear that at any moment, they could be found and shot. Yet they persisted. And they prevailed. I think about their story and I wondered how I would act. I do not live in the daily fear they did, but our cause and our success or failure, will echo to the next generations.

I am following the example set by my grandparents by rising up and doing my part. And so I introduce myself to you:

I am a champion of progressive values, including the elimination of fossil fuels towards a renewable energy future, support for public education including free community college, pre-k, and after-school programs, advocation for social justice for all, and rebuilding our strong middle class that includes the strengthening of our unions.

I am a small-business owner and fellow for the Ventura Democratic Party. I hold an Executive MBA, am a husband to a wonderful elementary school teacher, father of two boys, and a proud Democrat. My name is Jonah Rudy and I am running for the constituents of Assembly District 44.

Jonah Rudy

Progressive/Labor Slate Member.

It has been an honor to serve as an appointed delegate representing CA Assembly District 44 the past two years. I am now seeking election as an ADEM delegate and hope to earn your support. I work hard to support Democrats at the local, state, and national level by recruiting and organizing campaign volunteers, in addition to fundraising. I am a co-founder/director of Indivisible: Conejo and a member of the leadership team of Conejo Together, the organization that helped progressive candidates secure five seats on the CVUSD school board over the past two years. Additionally, I was elected to serve as a 2020 DNC Biden delegate.

I moved with my family to Thousand Oaks 22 years ago and all three of my children attended CVUSD schools. I have been a volunteer for seven years with CASA Ventura County working to support foster youth. I also serve as a board member of Play Conejo, the charitable organization that supports the Conejo Recreation and Park Department.

I hope I can count on your support! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Gina Muscatel

Gina Muscatel

Progressive/Labor Slate Member

Dr. Martha Martinez-Bravo is seeking election as an ADEM. She was born and raised in Oxnard, California and is the oldest of nine children, from a first generation Mexican-American family. During her childhood, her father worked as a farmworker throughout Ventura County and she has great respect for that hard work. She was the first in her family to attend college and she attained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Social Behavior and a minor in Educational Studies from the University of California, Irvine. In addition, she holds a master’s and a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University.

She has worked as a behavioral therapist for children with autism and other developmental disorders. She has served on the board of kidSTREAM Children’s Museum and is currently the Executive Director of the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County. She recently joined Clinicas del Camino Real as a board director. Dr. Martinez-Bravo is the founding member and President of LULAC de Camarillo and is also the interim Director of Women for LULAC District 17. She has served as the lead organizer for historical county-wide immigration marches.

Dr. Martinez-Bravo is a proud member of the American Psychological Association, the NAACP Ventura County, and of AAUW Camarillo where she coordinates the Women in History program. She serves as the Cultural Inclusion Advisor for Parents Against Santa Susana Field Lab and was recently invited to serve on the PVSD Equity Committee and Ventura County’s Latino Disparities Reduction Committee.

Dr. Martinez-Bravo has a passion for serving her community and follows evidence-based practices and research when advocating for change within her community. Through her work, she has built strong partnerships with the Anti-Defamation League and Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc, and is a frequent organizer who helps meet the needs of the farm working community in Ventura County. She envisions a healthy community that is the result of strong relationships within community institutions, including law enforcement. As a practicing Catholic and catechist for her parish, she believes in living God’s love through her service and through her voice for people of color, LGBTQ communities, the poor, women, and all marginalized communities.

Dr. Martha Martinez-Bravo

Hello Democrats!
I am running on the Progressive Labor Slate

My name is Anthony Mireles, Business Manager, Sec-Tres for the Laborers, Local 585 – a 1,000 member construction union.
I am running for an A Dem seat to be a voice for working families. We need Labor at the table to advocate for issues and platforms that lift workers up.
President-Elect Biden has a new Build Back Better initiative and all building trades will be on the front lines building this country back up – including thousands of charging stations, solar farms, battery storage facilities, for example.
We need to make sure that working families ARE NOT left behind as we grow the green economy.
I sit on the Workforce Development Board, I chair the Clean/Green Committee, and we’re training our union members in green technology and infrastructure. I sit on the Housing Trust Fund and we’re working on building affordable housing for working families – nurses, teachers, law enforcement, and farmworkers. I’ve been a Democrat all of my life and we need a stronger partnership between the Democratic Party and Labor. Together we can move this county, state, and country forward, and like President-elect Biden says, Build Back Better.

Thank you and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Anthony Mireles

Progressive/Labor Slate Member
My name is Rebekah Daniel. I am a third year Biology and Sustainability student at Pepperdine University and I am seeking election as an ADEM. This past election cycle I worked as a fellow with the CADEM Coordinated Campaign to help candidate campaigns across the ballot. I helped to organize voters in Oxnard and Simi Valley for critical positions. I am passionate about working to make our district better for everyone who lives in it. As a Progressive/Labor Slate Member, I hope to advocate for the voice of the younger generation in politics.

Rebekah Daniel

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that every little action counts. From knocking on doors, educating my neighbors about Black Lives Matter, and bringing my four teenage kids to protest… I see the ripple effect of a kinder and more engaged community. I want to lend my love of leadership and advocacy to the DNC and my community. I want my voice as a Black female married mom to be heard. I want to be an advocate for all who value progressive values.

Shauna Robinson

Progressive/Labor Slate Member

My name is Orion Tripodis and I am seeking election to be your ADEM representative for the 44th district. I am the Lead Fellow of Ventura County CADEM, the President of the Ventura College Political Science Club, the Membership Director of Ventura County Young Dems, and most importantly an activist and community member. These positions gave me the opportunity to join forces with Democrats all around California in our movement for change. From virtual rallies to postcards, I met so many amazing volunteers whose passion and commitment to the betterment of our lives inspires me every day. Despite the success we had from the Water District to the White House, there is still more to be done. As your representative, I will work to put the voices of our community at the forefront of our party. Our victories are merely the beginning of a bright future.

Feel free to contact me at any time at (805) 428-8752 or I would be delighted to listen and answer any questions so we can continue the fight for change and progress! Vote Blue!

Orion Tripodis

I am an Architect and a mother of two. As your delegate I will ensure that the Democratic party chooses candidates who support issues that you are concerned about and endorses propositions and makes resolutions that affect your lives.
Over the decades I have seen the effects of global warming and as a mother I am concerned about the future. As an architect and LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) environmental issues are my passion, professionally and personally. Implementing sustainable design is part of what I do every day. I will support protecting the environment, conserving our natural resources and building the needed infrastructure for renewable energy for future generations. The Green New Deal is not an idealistic option but a necessity for our future that requires urgent action.
I support raising the minimum wage to provide better living standards for all. A prosperous population bolsters economic growth for all, everywhere.
I strongly believe that everyone has the right to access a comprehensive and affordable healthcare system. California has always led the country in moving towards progressive reforms defying skepticism. Medicare for All is where we can lead the country once again.
As the richest nation in the world, we should be able to provide affordable college and higher education to all of our citizens. As your representative I will work towards making College education for All possible and reducing or eliminating financial burden on students pursuing higher education.
It is sad and embarrassing to have homelessness at all in our country and having half a million homeless people should not be acceptable. I will support candidates who work towards ending homelessness and expanding associated social and mental health services.
Only half of Californians can afford to own a house. I will strongly support all measures to make affordable housing available to all and to strengthen Fair Housing Act.
With my nearly 30 years of experience that includes working for the private and government sectors I have a sound understanding of how a change can only be brought about with the right people in the right place at every level of the process by the support of public and their representatives.
Elect me to help make the change we all want to see.

Naveed Subhan

My name is Alessandro Neri
I am running to be a Delegate because I want to show the young people of our District that their votes do matter
I have been active in Democratic Politics since 2008
I have held club positions in various clubs
Such as The Conejo Valley Democratic Club and am currently serving as Admin Vice President of the United Democratic club for Progress
I have been a two time elected Delegate in past Adem elections.
I have volunteered for Races up and down the Ballot
I fully support A women’s right to choose
And am in full support of President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris
Back in 2016 I traveled all the way to Nevada in support of Hillary Clinton
What matters most to me is equality and justice for all Americans.
The Democratic Party is the party of The People
I believe this with every fiber of my being and hope to have your support so I can continue the fight in protecting equality and justice for all Americans and future generations to come
Thank you and I hope to count on your vote

Alessandro Neri

As a granddaughter of farm workers and niece of civil rights activists, I have been a proud social justice advocate. I am a lifelong Democrat and would be honored to have your vote for District 44 delegate. As a Latinx community leader and Master of Public Health student, I believe in increasing representation in party leadership and ensuring policy decisions are reflective of community voices. The pandemic has demonstrated how important it is to build long-term solutions that prioritize health and basic needs for all of Ventura County residents.

I organize and advocate for political inclusion, quality healthcare access, farmworker rights, equal pay, digital inclusion, affordable housing, environmental justice, and education opportunities. This year, I supported grassroots campaigns for Democratic candidates in Ventura County who were successful. I also serve as the Chair of Legislative Issues for the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats to inform community members about local, state, and federal policies.

I draw on my life experiences and work alongside Mayor London Breed’s Opportunities for All initiative in San Francisco, Mayor Libby Schaaf’s Digital Inclusion Legislative initiatives in Oakland, and the CA State Senator’s office to aid my political activism. As a Public Health researcher at UCSF, I witnessed the disparities among historically underserved populations, including farmworkers. I value giving back to the community and mentoring young leaders. I hope I can count on your vote. Vote for proven community leaders, vote for me.

Michaela Perez, MPH Student,

Michaela Perez

My name is Leslie Madrigal and I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Cal Lutheran. I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy and Administration.

I volunteered for city council and school board candidates in Oxnard since I was a freshman in high school; I dropped literature and spoke to community members about the importance of their vote. I also volunteered during the Oxnard Recall Election of 2018, and recently during the 2020 election.

While in college, I interned for Safe Passage in Thousand Oaks where I worked with underprivileged at-promise youth who are at-risk of gang recruitment. I worked with first through fifth graders and it was the highlight of my college career. Not only was I a tutor, but I also served as a mentor; I saw a lot of myself in the kids while I was working with them. Most of them have parents who only speak Spanish, so often times I would help translate. Through this internship, I realized I wanted to work with youth through a prevention program in order to better help and make sure they know that they can accomplish any goal they set for themselves. This program made me realize my passion and goals and these kids are the reason I want to accomplish them.

During college, I became very aware of policy making, especially regarding education, at the state and federal level. I had the opportunity to travel and speak to our representatives in D.C. and Sacramento. I was part of a TRIO program, Student Support Services (SSS), which assists first-generation, low-income, and/or students with a disability; I had the opportunity to go to D.C. and speak to Congressmembers on the importance of continued funding and support for TRIO Programs. I also had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento and speak to Assemblymembers and Senators on the importance of Cal Grants. Being involved and sharing my story inspired me to learn more about higher education policy. Currently, I am a student representative for an advocacy program through AICCU where I use my voice to represent over 380,000 California college students who attend independent institutions.

My future goals include working with underprivileged youth in Oxnard who may not have the same access to opportunities as other kids. I want to serve as an inspiration to girls of color who hope to run for office one day.

Leslie Madrigal

I am James Patterson, running to be your Delegate for the Democratic Party. I will work to ensure your Democratic Party endorses people who value integrity and transparency, while supporting positions that have positive impact on our community.

Recently, my role as Deputy Campaign Director for Roseann Mikos for Moorpark Mayor ended. The values we stood for did not. Environmental protection is an issue I believe strongly in as climate change continues to be a problem in California, growing in scale. I support smart, effective environmental reform that will help build up our state while providing high paying jobs. It is time we update our infrastructure and how we interact with the environment.

I helped found the Nature’s Finest Club at Moorpark College. The impact of having places for students and communities to interact with nature is priceless. It is a connection with nature that, unfortunately, not everyone shares. Food deserts and a lack of nutritional education in metropolitan areas are contributing to child obesity rates. Supporting school and community gardens to improve nutrition, and awareness programs for people, are among the kind of policies I seek to be a leader for in the Democratic Party.

While at USC, I participated at a leadership conference at West Point on U.S. Foreign Policy. We worked as teams analyzing global affairs, and how they affect us. California has large amounts of trade every year with a variety of countries. These international relationships are important to California’s economy and our quality of life. If elected, I would provide the Democratic Party with support for policy and fostering relationships with foreign investors who support our communities and grow an economy that works for all of us.

I believe that everyone should have access to a basic level of healthcare. We cannot ignore shortcomings of our medical system. No one should be turned away because they don’t have health insurance.

As a Delegate, I will be working towards a more inclusive government, economy, and society – one that works for everyone, not just a select few. Integrity is a value I hold dear. An elected position is a trust by the community, to serve the community. It is something I do not take lightly and seek to build upon that trust. These are the perspectives that I would bring as your Delegate for the California Democratic Party.

James Patterson

I would like to ask for your vote in the upcoming ADEMS election. The reason I wish to run for a delegate position is because I believe the California Democratic Party needs to be more inclusive and not exclude ANY Democratic Central Committee members from the opportunity of becoming delegates to the CDP. I believe the California Democratic Party needs to be more democratic! I believe that Club Presidents who do the real work of the California Democratic Party should ALSO be given automatic Delegate status. Democrats are always talking about expanding voting rights, so we need as a party to practice this ourselves. Request a ballot by December 11th at this link

Here is a list of my qualifications:
•Founding President of United Democrats for Progress of Ventura County.
•Former Secretary of the CDP Business and Professional Caucus
•Former Secretary of the CDP Environmental Caucus
•Current Acting Secretary of the CDP Business and Professional Caucus at their November E-board meeting
•VCDCC Resolutions Committee co-chair
•Producer of Eye on the Issues TV show, 2006-2012
•Organizer of the 2020 “Candidates of Color” Zoom Fundraiser that raised $2000 for minority candidates in Ventura local elections
•BA in Business Communications

Thank you for your consideration

Sue Gunther

Erica Rood Lundy is a veteran educator whose career has been dedicated to serving all students. Having worked to diligently foster the love of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math principles for students in low socioeconomic communities and students with disabilities, Erica strives for inclusive education policy to be front and center in the Democratic Party’s ideals. Working as an educator in both LAUSD’s elementary schools and at the college level as a professor in CSUN’s teacher preparation program, Erica’s passionate voice for what’s best for our students speaks loudly in all she does. As an Assembly District Delegate, using her in the classroom experience, she will focus on inclusive policies that put students first, while being mindful of what teachers really need to facilitate success. As a winner of the Presidential Award for Science Teaching, given by President Obama, Erica hopes to continue to impact her Assembly District by valuing kindness, inclusivity and science in her pursuit of democratic ideals!

Erica Rood Lundy

Dear Democratic Friends,

We all worked hard to help elect Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President, but we continue to face a challenging period, and we need a united, big-tent, Democratic Party.

We have all been deeply concerned by the continuous attacks on our democratic norms and institutions during the Trump Administration. This motivated me to become involved in the Biden campaign as a volunteer. I worked as a precinct captain during the Iowa and Nevada caucuses, and canvassed for the Biden campaign in California during the primaries. I phone-banked throughout the campaign, was honored to serve as a California DNC 2020 delegate.

The election and its aftermath have revealed deep fissures in our society, and serious challenges lie ahead. We have seen many in the Republican Party ignore fidelity to fact, science, democratic norms and institutions in favor of dangerous loyalty to Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies. Because Democratic margins around the country are so narrow, we will need to work to expand our support at every level.

In California too, we will have to do the work to ready our Party for mid-terms and convince the American people that our candidates and policies on the economy, jobs, healthcare, infrastructure, housing, the environment, and tackling racial injustice will bring benefit to average Americans.

My thirty-five years’ experience as a U.S. diplomat and federal civil servant have given me wide experience in government and governance. I have served in the past as a 44th Assembly District delegate, and as President of the Democratic Club of Camarillo. I am currently the Ventura County Vice Chair of the Clean Power Alliance’s Community Advisory Committee.

I would be honored to receive your vote and serve as an AD 44 delegate at this critical time. As a delegate I would represent you and other AD 44 district Democrats, and would be happy to discuss any matters of concern with you. Please feel free to email me at:


Angus Simmons

Angus Taylor Simmons

ADEM District 44 Candidate Statement
I am proud and honored to be considered as a candidate for California Democratic Party Assembly district delegate.

The events of the past year are yet another illustration of the serious inequities and injustices confronting our communities, our states, and our nation. As heartbreaking as they are for our country, for me they are particularly saddening because I began my professional career as a police officer. While I am proud of my 18 years of service to the community, the systemic bias built into the system that I have witnessed firsthand, demands both critical and systemic reforms in order to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally.

Until we, as a society, recognize that the system is broken, the half-measures and incremental steps forward that have been offered will continue to be wholly inadequate. We must recognize that the entire mission and focus of the criminal justice system must be re-evaluated.
As a lifelong Democrat I am eager to continue supporting the Democratic Party’s long-standing tradition of fighting for equality and fairness for all people, and look forward to the opportunity to represent Assembly District 44 in this coming year.

I am currently the Executive Director for a southern California teachers union as well as an adjunct professor and have spent much of the past year advocating for the health and safety of our local teachers and educational staff and students as we have all struggled to navigate the uncharted waters of this global pandemic. Throughout that time the value of strong legislative support led by Democratic leaders has never been more clear, or more important. As a long-time member and leader of organized labor I recognize that any success we have had in this trying time would not be possible without the loud and persistent voices of the California Democratic Party and the candidates we support.

To that end, I am asking for your vote in this upcoming delegate election so that I can continue to advance the critical mission of the Democratic Party by supporting the candidates who most represent the fundamental values of equity, justice and fairness woven into the fabric of this party in the hopes that the systemic change that is so desperately needed can finally occur and where all people can truly receive equal treatment and opportunity in our society.

Michael Sheetz

I am thankful to have grown up in the 44th Assembly District. I’m forever grateful to the people I’ve met, the opportunities I was given, and the formative experiences that shaped who I am today. Unfortunately, there are many in our community who are not as privileged. Certain groups in AD 44 lack essential services and resources the rest of us take for granted. This is why we need to elect representatives to the California Democratic Party who are willing to fight for these community members of ours, including our young people, the unhoused, the elderly, people of color, and LGBTQ+ persons, creating a Party that works for us all.

We need to be a Party that focuses on creating affordable housing, caring for the environment, fighting for living wages, and representing the working class. I will be a representative that will work as hard as I possibly can to build a Party that reflects these values, which are not only widely supported by those in the Democratic Party, but by those all across the US. As a young person, it is long overdue that the Party have representatives like me and my peers. As a gay person, I deserve a seat at the table in shaping what our Party looks like. As someone who works with middle and high school students, I want to ensure the platform advocates for their best interest, as they are the future of our Party & society.

This year, I had the opportunity to run for Thousand Oaks City Council. I was endorsed by the Ventura County Democratic Party, as well as many Democratic clubs in Ventura County. Through this experience, I got to meet people from all walks of life. They supported our vision for the city, which in many ways is the Democratic vision. They wanted to vote for someone who viewed housing as a human right, someone who considered the environment to be sacred, and someone who cared about the lives of the working class–not wealthy campaign contributors. This is who I was during my city council run, and this is who I am today. I hope I can earn your support to represent Assembly District 44 to the California Democratic Party.

Danny Chulack

Progressive/Labor Slate Member.

I am seeking election as an ADEM delegate to represent Assembly District 44. As current Chair of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee and President of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley, I have worked tirelessly to elect Democrats at all levels from President, to County Supervisor, to School Board. As an active member in the community, I find myself working toward finding equity for all, protecting the environment, and promoting Democratic values. My goal is to do the same at the state level. If elected, it will be an honor to represent the people of the 44th Assembly District at the Democratic State convention.

I have lived in Thousand Oaks with my wife and family for 18 years. I am currently General Manager, VP of Operations for U-PIC Shipping Insurance. Thank you for your consideration. I hope I can count on your support.

Henry Montalvo

Chair, Ventura County Democratic Central Committee
President, Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley
founding member of LULAC of Conejo Valley,
founding member of Indivisible: Conejo,
President & Board Member of the Westlake Highschool Instrumental Music Boosters
Former President and Current Board member of the Conejo Valley Cyclists.

Henry Montalvo

Arthur has been an activist with the Democratic Party since 2012 when he first interned for the California Democratic Party to elect Ventura County’s first Democratic Congressmember in over 70 years. Since then, he has grown into several leadership roles within the Democratic Party.

Arthur first got involved in the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats – GOOD Club in 2013 and was eventually elected President of the Club. During his tenure as President, the GOOD Club was successful in defending the Democrats on the Oxnard City Council during a Recall Election. This was made possible thanks to his organizing efforts for it to have its Democratic Campaign Office Headquarters; a tradition that continued after he left leadership.

After being termed out President of the GOOD Club, Arthur continued his Democratic Party work with the Ventura County Young Democrats to mentor young activists and build youth power in the community. VCYD was successful in adding 100 members and successfully electing Democrats across the County.

Outside of the Democratic Party, Arthur has engaged in other forms of activism for the Latinx community. He served for 5 years on the CAUSE Action Fund board which prioritized reaching out to low propensity Latino voters. Arthur was also responsible for leading a potential lawsuit that formed District Elections in Oxnard that summed up with having two Latinas being elected to represent South Oxnard. He was also a co-founder of the Steering Committee that pushed for the City of Oxnard to become the first Safe City for non-citizens in the California central coast before state legislation passed.

Arthur currently works as a Casual Longshoreman at Port Hueneme in which he aims to be a Registered Longshoreman under ILWU Local 46 in future. Previously, he worked as a Field Representative in the California State Assembly in 2016 and as a Field Organizer for the California Democratic Party in 2014. Arthur received his Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and a minor in Feminist Studied from UC Santa Barbara in 2015.

If elected, Arthur aims to continue pushing for legislative and political staff to be unionized, advocating for a Green New Deal in California, and supporting legislation that demands public housing over private housing.

Arthur 'AJ' Valenzuela Jr.

Jacob is a life-long, born and raised, Oxnard resident. He hopes to make a positive impact for his friends and family who span the ranges of age, experience, and socioeconomic status across Assembly District 44. Whether it’s young people seeking housing, single mothers in need of childcare, college graduates wrestling debt, farmworkers seeking labor rights, or family and friends seeking to rebuild their lives upon exiting the justice system, Jacob hopes to be a fighting voice for them within our party. During his first election in 2016 he was influenced by the integrity of the Bernie Sanders campaign and its platform based on medicare for all, campaign finance reform, and standing up to corporate influence and corruption in US politics. During that election he made an effort to organize and educate his community about these issues. Deeply disturbed by the DNC’s action against the Bernie campaign in 2016, Jacob hopes to pursue integrity and transparency within the California Democratic Party. On January 10th of 2020, four years later, in a pivotal moment he walked from his grandmother’s home in Downtown Oxnard to the historic opening of the Bernie Sanders campaign office, the first of its kind despite Oxnard being the largest coastal city between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Since Bernie’s defeat in the primaries, Jacob has remained inspired and driven to find ways to serve his community and contribute to grassroots progressive organizing and joined the Ventura County Democratic Socialists of America. With the VCDSA he is currently taking part in cooperative efforts with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) to establish independent police oversight committees across the county and improve accountability and confidence within our local justice system. As a member of AD44 Jacob hopes to uphold absolute integrity and transparency within the California Democratic party. He also seeks to try and make a difference for the marginalized people of AD44 and beyond. As a member of AD44 Jacob will be a resource for his community and young people like himself to have a transparent view into the California Democratic Party. He plans on inspiring his peers and the young people of AD44 to become politically active and increase representation and engagement among the marginalized people of AD44 and his hometown of Oxnard.

Jacob Travers

I am a lifelong resident of Oxnard and advocate for a better community. My experience as a former district representative for Senate District 19, gives me the knowledge and ability to make well informed decisions for a better California. I will work vigorously to ensure safety and advocacy for our farmworkers that work so hard for our communities. I will lead through public service, integrity, and above all, honesty. I look forward to serving you and our community.

Angel Garcia

As a woman of color, I am running because I believe that California needs to keep setting the example for the rest of the nation and keep having a strong party that will represent the values of the people. As a progressive state, California more than ever needs to stand up and fight against policies that affect immigrant communities and women. As a community organizer for a social justice organization CAUSE, I have fought alongside with community members to promote a healthy environment, fight against injustices, and improve the lives of immigrant communities. I have worked on campaigns expanding access to healthy food at schools, protecting the environment, improving transportation in low income communities, and advocating for the working conditions of our local farmworkers by protecting their rights. I have been working locally since 2010 in both Oxnard and Santa Paula. I also had the opportunity in 2012 to work for the Julia Brownley for Congress campaign. My contribution was key as I was the only Latina Spanish speaking person on the entire campaign. Currently, I work as an organizer for SEIU Local 2015 in Ventura County. Home care workers are very important essential workers as they care for the most vulnerable population is California. During this difficult times during the pandemic we have fought to make sure they have the PPE needed to be safe at work. I am a member of Santa Paula Latino Town Hall I work on issues affecting the Latino community in Santa Paula. I’m also involved with the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats. As a progressive state, we need state representatives to fight and protect policies around immigrants’ rights, protect the environment, healthcare, affordable housing and disabilities rights.

Aracely Preciado

Hello, my name is Karen Stevens and I would be honored to have your vote in this ADEM election.

I am passionate about a Democratic Party that puts people, not corporate donors, first; where healthcare is a right, labor is rewarded with a living wage that provides a good quality of life within our society, our youth are well educated, engaged and prepared to lead, racial and economic injustices are fully addressed, as well as a planet that can sustain our children and future generations. I am a single mom of two adult children. My concern for the future of all of our children provides the passion that continues to drive my political work.

I was born and raised in the NYC metro area, and have been a resident of Thousand Oaks for over thirty years. While I am currently retired, I have worked as a psychologist in school districts and county jail systems; most of my work has been in serving historically marginalized communities. For decades, I have worked on State and Federal elections and issues, and have been a Democrat since I first registered to vote many years ago.

In recent years, I have worked on the Our Revolution political research team as well as serving as a national text team trainer, supporting candidates throughout the nation. In the last two Presidential election cycles, I served as a delegate to the DNC Conventions. This year, I was elected to the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee (VCDCC). As a co-leader of Our Revolution Ventura County, I worked with other VCDCC members and statewide networks to train local candidates for municipal offices throughout Ventura County. I am proud of this work that engaged young Democrats in the political process and pledge to continue in this effort.

Thank you for your consideration, and hopefully, your vote.

Karen Stevens

I Rick Gunther, PhD, am committed to the ideals of the California Democratic Party, including Environmental and Economic Justice, equal rights for all citizens, and creating a Green Economy. As a Business Professor, a former Democratic Club President and a Union Member of California Faculty Association (C.F.A.) I am uniquely qualified to understand the complex issues facing California today.

Rick Gunther

Danielle first got started in local county government through an internship with former Ventura County Supervisor Kathy Long in 2016. During which, she focused on various projects, like Supervisor Long’s Drug Take-Back initiative, as Supervisor Long phased into retirement. Since then, she’s volunteered through phone banking and advocacy work in a number of ways. Most recently, she helped phone banked with Planned Parenthood on behalf of Sara Gideon during the election season. As a University of Maine alumnae, it was important to Danielle to help her college community elect Sara Gideon to the U.S. Senate. Danielle also recently joined Ventura County Young Democrats in 2020.

Danielle currently works as the sole Marketing Associate for SaverLife, a San Francisco-based non-profit whose mission is to help low to moderate-income individuals and families achieve financial independence and stability. As of December 2020, she will have been there for 18 months. Apart from her job, she is also just a few months away from earning her Master’s degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management from Norwich University, which she hopes will be another stepping stone toward her career in public and foreign policy. Danielle received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs in 2017.

If elected, Danielle’s goal is to help advocate and support well-funded publication education efforts, better climate policy, increased access to healthcare and healthcare affordability, and a living wage.

Danielle Moorea Bautista

Maria Navarro has been an active participant of the Democratic Party since March of 2020. During the 2020 elections, she volunteered with various local democratic races- especially the District 5 Ventura County Board of Supervisor race, where Carmen Ramirez was elected as the first Latina Supervisor.

Maria was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She immigrated to Oxnard, CA in 2003 where her family was granted political asylum. As an undergraduate at UCSB, Maria became active in CALPIRG where she collaborated with the Democratic Party to elect Salud Carbajal to Congress in 2016. She also volunteered for grassroots organizations Pueblo and CAUSE to reach out to Latino voters in Santa Barbara County. After graduating, Maria joined the Ventura County Young Democrats for a year before becoming a naturalized citizen of the US in 2017.

After becoming a citizen, Maria fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer and served in Guanacaste, Costa Rica from 2018-2020. When she returned to Oxnard, she joined the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats and became an active volunteer for Carmen Ramirez’s campaign where she led the Spanish phonebanking group. Maria also had the opportunity to rejoin the Ventura County Young Democrats where she aided in election activities and became Vice President of West County.

Maria currently works as a policy advocate at the non-profit Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE). Her work focuses on organizing local residents around issues such as housing justice, immigrant rights and worker’s rights. She is focusing on passing rent control legislation for the City of Oxnard as well as ensuring that tenants are protected from COVID-19 related evictions. Maria also works in organizing and educating the Latino community in Oxnard around environmental initiatives. Finally, CAUSE Action Fund endorsed various Democratic candidates in the 2020 elections, and focused on the prop 15 campaign. Maria actively participated in this campaign with other local partners.

If elected, Maria will continue to work for housing and environmental rights. She aims to advocate for the Latino community by pushing for legislative protections for farmworkers, for environmental justice initiatives and for housing affordability.

Maria Navarro

As a nonprofit leader, policy researcher, and activist, I’ve focused on protecting the most vulnerable among us. I would be honored to bring that focus to the California Democratic Party as an ADEM delegate representing Assembly District 44.

While California leads on progressive issues like the environment, equity, and immigration, one in five Californians live in poverty–the highest rate in the country. As an economist, I have found that poverty is rooted in policy choices: choices to exclude the poorest from assistance programs, to prevent people from moving to economic opportunity, and to raise the cost of living by forbidding the construction of multifamily housing. With better policy choices, California can lift millions out of poverty.

My experience in nonprofits, technology, and activism will help us get there. I am the founder and president of the UBI Center, a global research organization that models universal basic income policies–unconditional cash grants to all members of society. I also founded Ventura County YIMBY, a grassroots group that advocates for more abundant, affordable, and sustainable housing. I serve on the legislative committee of the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats, and I am a member of Ventura Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Previously, I worked as a data scientist at Google and YouTube, where I saw firsthand how technology can improve lives and create economic opportunity. I have volunteered for over a dozen Democratic political campaigns at all levels of government.

I consider poverty eradication a moral imperative, and if elected, I will vote to endorse candidates and platform language reflecting that urgency. But I will also rigorously study all issues before me as a delegate, ensuring the Democratic Party considers our region’s unique challenges, while also addressing the needs of all Californians and promoting the interests of the country and the planet.

To learn more about my background, stances, and campaign, please visit Thank you.

Max Ghenis