Assembly District 45






45 Amy Wiwuga * SIF
45 Erin Seinfeld * SIF
45 Richard Mathews * OSIF
45 Christopher Manabe * OSIF
45 Noah Sachartoff No OSIF
45 Kayson Verne * OSIF
45 Renay Grace Rodriguez * SIF
45 CJ Berina No OSIF
45 Dan McCrory No OSIF
45 Gregg Solkovits * OSIF
45 Victoria Solkovits No SIF
45 Micha Liberman * OSIF
45 Daniel B. Spitzer * OSIF
45 Michael Goldman No OSIF
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45 Cary Brown * OSIF
45 Geoffrey D. Plourde No OSIF
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Candidate Statements

If you let it, the state of our government and moreover the world can break your heart eight days a week. Knowing that, and as crazy as it sounds government is also what gives me the most hope to push through that despair-specifically being a California Democrat. While there is no doubt we are a beautifully imperfect group, when California Democrats are united we can accomplish anything!

In that spirit, I’m proud to run with the Valley United team (learn about us at! We are a team of activists, students, educators, and labor advocates that have been doing the work in the arena to make our communities stronger and our party thrive. My development of a balanced team that has the diversity in age, ethnicity and ideology that best reflects the community we want to serve speaks to the leadership and inclusiveness I will bring to CDP, which in addition to my community leadership is why I should earn your Eboard vote as well.

I am a single mom living in Tarzana with my two kids. I have been a community organizer for the last decade. I started my career with President Obama’s issue advocacy group OFA championing the administration’s agenda. In later positions I worked at meeting challenging moments with impactful solutions. During the Syrian refugee crisis, I helped pass legislation to strengthen education for refugee children. During the EpiPen crisis I helped on a state law that forced the strongest price transparency law on PHARMA in the nation. During the Trump administration I lead a SoCal coalition of groups like Health Access, SEIU, Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Indivisible to stop the repeal of the ACA. This paved the way for amazing leaders like Katie Porter and Mike Levin. I’ve pushed for equity in education, employment opportunity and the tax system. Most meaningful to me was getting MediCal access to undocumented young adults.

As a delegate in my first term being a good ally was important to me. I helped stop the removal of the two-state solution from the party platform, I stood up for criminal justice reform, animal rights and climate solutions. If your heart is good and your intentions are true, you have an ally and fighter in Wiwuga! We have the capacity to do so much good, that is my hope, that is my mission to do the most good.

So AD45, please pick me, choose me, vote for me! To everyone running, Godspeed in this important work!

Amy Wiwuga

I am a West Valley girl.

I grew up in Tarzana. Worked retail in Woodland Hills. Rented in Reseda. Earned my Bachelor’s Degree at CSU Northridge. Became a Domestic Violence Counselor in Canoga Park. And chose to settle down with my husband in Encino. The 45th Assembly District is, and will always be, my home.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people that do not have the privileges or resources to overcome challenges. I am running for ADEMs because I believe that litmus tests and politics have gotten in the way of helping people. While far too many spend their time talking ad nauseam, I believe it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get down to the real work of bettering the lives of those most in need.

For nearly 3 years, I have had the honor to use my social service background to work in public service in the Office of AD 45’s County Supervisor, Sheila Kuehl. Together with the Valley United team, I am running to represent you in the California Democratic party, to work on your behalf to make the changes that we know need to be made. We believe that when California Democrats are united, we can accomplish anything, not only for our community, but for all Californians.

Erin Seinfeld

As a scientist/engineer, I have worked many years to promote progressive policy based on sound science. I went from astrophysics at Caltech to developing computer components and software. I have been a Chief Technology Officer and Senior System Architect. And I’ve lived in the district essentially my whole life. I am now devoting all of my time to improving our district through political action.

I’ve made a difference for our community in serving on the state party committee and executive board, and I ask that you send me back to keep doing good work for you. I’ve been advocating for everything from better wages to LGBTQ rights to cleanup of the two biggest environmental disasters in this area.

I wrote the party platform statement calling for shutting down the Aliso Canyon natural-gas storage facility in Porter Ranch that caused our terrible disaster. Aliso Canyon is not a source of energy, it is dangerous, and it isn’t needed.

I wrote the party platform language calling for a complete phaseout of nuclear power.

I wrote the party resolution calling for increasing the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation.

I was the chief sponsor of the party resolution calling for cleaning the nuclear and toxic mess at Santa Susana Field Laboratory to the highest standard (cleaning “to background”).

Serving on the party’s legislation committee and as chair of its Federal Subcommittee, I got the party to list as top priorities overturning Citizens United, restoring Glass-Steagall banking regulations, and eliminating the Gay Panic Defense.

And as president of North Valley Democratic Club for the past decade, I have tirelessly worked to elect great Democrats across the entire San Fernando Valley.

There is so much more to do to get us to single-payer healthcare, provide renters’ protections, and most-of-all fix climate change!

You can trust me to get things done. I have a track record of making the party better and fighting for our community and our shared values.

Thank you so much to all my supporters. I look forward to serving you again. We have so much to do together.

See my campaign video at

Richard Mathews

A vote for Chris Manabe and the entire AD45 Progressives slate is vote for progressive values, diversity, and respect for all. Single payer Medicare For All is my main focus; I support our platform covering the multitude of issues that are currently at hand. Since 2016 the dramatic change in our political atmosphere both worried and inspired me to be motivated and get involved and I’m running to best represent our district through the power of thoughtful care with love and compassion. I’m running because there is an opportunity to bring real change to the Democratic Party through the latest push of progressive candidates running for office or committee, who bring a robust portfolio of progressive values and policies. I’m running because there has been a lack of morally ethical thoughtful policies that fully considers the lives of all people, the working class, the homeless, the uninsured, those killed by gun violence or the police, those killed by the Corona Virus, those who don’t have access to a decent education, with a myriad more it’s simply too much to state. – Visual Effects artist for nearly 30 years, directly involved in attempts to unionize the VFX industry. – A proud progressive community volunteer, organizer, and activist currently seeking to push the Democratic Party to support and endorse all the progressive values we have listed for our slate in AD45. – I’m an Associate Member in the LACDP, and a proud member of Feel The Bern SFV Democratic Club, Healthcare For All, West Valley People’s Alliance, DSA-LA, and People for Democratic Party Reform – Our platform that I fully support is as follows – Medicare for All: Single Payer, End Corporate Personhood, Income Equality – Social Safety Net, Access to Affordable Education, LGBTQ & Immigrants’ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Protect the Environment & Resources, Close Aliso Canyon, Clean Up Santa Susana Field Lab, Election Reform, Green New Deal, Racial Justice, Gun Reform, Reproductive & Women’s Rights, Universal Basic Income, Police Reform, Charter School Accountability, Digital Equity, Diplomacy Not War, Break up Monopolies & Big Corporations, Affordable Housing for Everyone, End Media Consolidation – Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, Israel/Palestine 2-State Solution. Please vote for me and the AD45 Progressives! Find my statement video here –

Chris Manabe

I am proud to be running to represent the west San Fernando Valley as part of the Valley United team. As a lifelong Valley resident, and as a staffer for our own Congressman Brad Sherman, I have gotten to see firsthand what we can accomplish when we stand united as Democrats.

When the Biden/Harris administration takes over in Washington, California Democrats will have an unprecedented opportunity to shape policy conversations nationally, statewide, and here in the Valley. We have an opportunity to make serious progress toward ending our housing crisis, expanding public transportation and infrastructure, and making our communities safer by closing Aliso Canyon and cleaning up Santa Susana.

As a delegate to the California Democratic Party, I will never stop advocating for the values we share as Democrats and as Valley residents.

Noah Sachartoff

The first time I realized this country is not the greatest country in the world was in 2015. I watched Michael Moore’s documentary, “Where to Invade Next” with my family. It told the story about Moore’s travels around Western Europe to educate the audience on the differences in our politics. Watching the documentary sparked a question in my mind. “What can one person do to take action against a country which is incredibly corrupt?” Months later, Bernie Sanders took the challenge against corruption by running for President. I made the decision to become an active volunteer in his 2016 and 2020 campaign cycles. These life experiences have inspired me to continue the fight for all American citizens to acquire the following core issues:

Racial & Religious Equality
Protect and expand the rights of all humans regardless of gender, sex or sexual orientation
Green New Deal
Free Public College/Cancel Student Debt
Medicare for all
Immigration Reform
Criminal Justice Reform
A Federal $15 minimum wage
Housing for all
Money out of politics
My name is Kayson Verne, I’m running as a delegate for Assembly District 45. As the youngest African-American/Japanese male in our progressive slate, if elected, I will bear the responsibility of carrying the voices of both Millennials and Generation Z in my district.

While in college, I co-founded the only club on campus that supported a presidential candidate, the Students for Bernie Club, which organized several on campus events for the Bernie Sanders Campaign. The club gained endorsements for Sanders from the Democratic Club, part of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and San Fernando Valley Young Democrats. However, our biggest accomplishment was gathering signatures for a petition which was granted by the Superintendent to open voting centers on college campuses throughout California. I’m also the current Vice President of the Democratic Club and Social Justice Club at Los Angeles Pierce College. Outside of college, I’m the student lead of Feel The Bern San Fernando Valley Democratic Club and a member of Democratic Socialists of America-LA, Our Revolution LA, Sunrise Movement – LA, and Black Lives Matter – LA. I’m also the current Vice President of the Democratic Club and Social Justice Club at Los Angeles Pierce College.

A vote for me and the AD45 Progressive slate is a vote to move forward and make change.

Kayson Verne

I’m R(enay) Grace Rodriguez, Incumbent delegate & Voter Svs. Commitee and a member of the AD45 Progressives. We are a diverse group of people who have unified on the issues and progressive values! Your vote for the entire AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE, is a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all human beings! –

-¡Somos un grupo diverso de personas que se han unido en los temas y los valores progresistas! Su voto por todo el AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE, es un voto a favor de la diversidad, la colaboración, y el respeto por todos los seres humanos!

-For 22 years, I give pro-bono & low-cost legal svs. as a bankruptcy specialist. During the 2008 crisis, saved over 1000 families homes from financial ruin. Yet, a lack of economic & social justice persists. I knew more had to be done.

-In 2014 I joined the North Valley Democrats, then Feel The Bern -San Fernando, Northridge Indivisibles; Stonewall Dems., PDA, VG4D, and DFI. I registered as many voters as possible. I canvassed, marched, text and phone banked, wrote letter & post cards! I joined the West Valley People’s Alliance to advocate for those whose voices continue to go unheard. And SURJ and White People for Black Lives Matter to grow as an ally anti-racist. I continue to fight for unbought and unbossed progressives to win seats at every table and for all of our voices to be heard.


-I am latinx, female, lesbian with several disabilities. I come from farmworkers & I have worked in those fields. By 19 I was homeless, addicted and suffered with mental illness. Lucky I got a break from a judge who gave me access to free housing. Safe housing meant safe space to unpack the wreckage of childhood trauma, get sober, and get treatment for ADHD, PTSD, and Alcoholism. But PTSD rendered me uninsurable, I sold my soul (Student Loans) to get 27 years sober and a law degree. Many don’t survive. I was lucky, but system is broken. Everyone deserves access to Housing, Healthcare, Education and Sustenance. These are the essential human rights for which I am fighting.

-¡Por eso pido su voto para mí y para los Progresistas AD45! Veo nosotoros a http://www.AD45Progressives.

Vote for me and all AD45 Progressives! Find out more @ http://www.AD45Progressives

R(enay) Grace Rodriguez

Hello! My name is CJ Berina and I am running with the AD45 progressive slate. I got into politics almost 12 years ago and have never been able to turn my back away after seeing so many injustices in the world. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and went to CSUN for college. I was an Asian American Studies major so I learned a lot about how race and institutional racism play a major role in our everyday lives. After college, I opened a store on Reseda Blvd which had a purpose of providing fashion, music, art, and live events to the valley. While doing that, I worked closely with the Councilmember’s office, collaborated with the mayor’s office, and received multiple grants from the City of LA to produce a large annual block party for the community with themes of peace, love, sustainability, and positive change. I also joined the neighborhood council and Northridge Vision, which is a board that did urban planning in the district. With my store we used to host progressive events like United Progressives meetings, informational Cannabis advocacy panels, and acted as the headquarters for 2 progressive campaigns. Since then I became a delegate and ran for congress to make sure that we keep pushing the conversation for progressive policies. These policies include Medicare for All, getting money out of politics, ending homelessness, ending the wars, cancelling student debt, tuition-free college, diverting the climate crisis, and much more. These are just some of the policies that I am fighting for along with the rest of the AD45 progressive slate. If you would like someone that will fight for these, please vote for myself and the AD45 progressive slate. We would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.

CJ Berina

I have been politically involved through my union since the 80s, walking and phoning for candidates, lobbying in Sacramento and DC. I’m a 3-time incumbent, treasurer of the Irish American caucus and former member of the legislative committee.

I became active in the party in the 90s in DPSFV, LA County Central Committee while acting as Chair for CWA’s So Cal locals, training stewards in lobbying techniques and other forms of political action . I worked with legislators on proposed bills. I lobbied at City Council and with Congress on GMO issues.

I ran for assembly in ‘08 and ‘13, interviewed for Political Director of both SEIU-UHW and UTLA and moderated debates in the NE SFV. Worked to elect Bernie Sanders in ‘16 and ‘20. Started United Progressives SFV Democratic club in 2016, passed a resolution for instant runoff voting. In 2019 I Published my book Capitalism Killed the Middle Class as my legacy for the next generation of progressive labor activists. I have hosted webinars on growing the labor movement.

Those of us on this slate are firmly committed to progressive principles such as Medicare4All, a 2-state solution in Israel, saving Social Security, closing Aliso Canyon, as well as other concerns of our friends and neighbors in AD 45. I have confidence in my colleagues on this slate in representing your concerns.

Dan McCrory

I’m Gregg Solkovits and I am running for re-election as an delegate from the 45th AD, on the AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE.
I’ve been fighting for worker’s rights, social justice and preservation of the environment my entire life.
I was editor of the Southern Sierran, the LA/Orange County Sierra Club paper, for 11 years playing key roles in a number of environmental victories. I was an officer of United Teachers Los Angeles for 25+ years, fighting for small class sizes, safe campuses, and educational equity for all students.
As one of your reps in the California Democratic Party, I have worked hard to get our party to support:
– increased funding for public schools;
– public funding for college students/no tuition increases;
– single payer health care/Medicare for all;
– racial and social justice for all;
– developing solutions to get the unhoused housing;
– reform of our criminal justice system/police.
– continued support for a two-state peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, and respect for all who live in the region.
I am an active member of UTLA, the California Federation of Teachers, the California Teacher Assn, various Democratic Clubs, President of Democrats for Israel- LA, PDA, and the Sierra Club.
Please vote for me and the entire AD45 Progressive Slate. We are diverse. We are active. We are strong. We WILL represent you!
Visit our website at to learn more about us and our platform.

Gregg Solkovits

Hi! I’m Victoria Solkovits and I am proud to be running for my third term as an ADEM delegate, along with the AD 45 Progressives Slate! It has been my honor to serve this community and to help push for the progressive changes that we need.

I am driven by the passion to change our world for the better, and believe that grassroots organizing is how to create that change. I am the daughter of two public school teachers – a strong union family. To fight for the people is something I have always considered as central to my being. As one of the youngest delegates in the party, I have focused on amplifying the voices of those who have been traditionally left out of politics, especially in our own community.

These efforts, and the progressive ideals behind them, could not be more crucial as the pandemic continues to deepen many of the problems our society faces, and have demonstrated that we need true reforms to tackle them. I am running for a third term because I have done the work, built the coalitions, and know how to get things done within the party, within our community, and within our state.

As a student at UCLA, my work focused on education advocacy, and teaching my peers about the importance of activism and fighting for change. Through this work, I am proud to have fought for more funding for our public universities and increased financial aid for students of color. I have also worked tirelessly on behalf of the Jewish community, as well as other ethnic and religious minorities. I built programs and organizations to train people how to lobby, and empowered more than 200 advocates to go to Sacramento to lobby for the first time in their lives. I have brought issues of college affordability, youth voter outreach, and basic needs awareness to the party through resolutions and organizing with others. I know the power of working together and know that we can make California more inclusive for all.

Together, we will fight for a healthcare system that puts people over profits, protecting and expanding union representation, access to affordable education, a Green New Deal, police and criminal justice reform, and increasing equity to ensure that our state and our country are changed for the better.

Join us! I am proud to be running on a shared platform — please see our platforms here:

Victoria Solkovits

My name is Micha Liberman and I am running for a third term as an ADEM Delegate representing District 45. For the past four years, I have fought to make sure that California lives up to the progressive ideals that are so desperately needed at this time. Despite all of the hard work, there is still a long way to go.
The pandemic is raging. Our economy has been devastated. Our environment is in crisis. Our educational system is broken. Too many Californians don’t have access to healthcare or safe housing. Our fellow Californians are fighting for their rights and their lives, and I will continue to fight with them. We need a government that stands with women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, the disabled, the young, the old and anyone who is in need. I will continue to represent the will of the 45th district, and I will continue to fight to ensure that our politicians in Sacramento are working for the benefit of all Californians, not just the privileged few.
As an executive board member of Democrats for Israel, on the floor of the conventions, in the legislative, platform and resolutions committees, I have worked to push our shared progressive values and I won’t stop working. I will work to close Aliso Canyon and clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab. I will work to end corporate Personhood and for a fairer economy for all. I will work for a single payer healthcare system and a universal basic income. I will stand by our teachers, nurses and unions and fight for all Californians to have quality affordable education. We need the Green New Deal, We need gun reform. We need police reform and we need so much more.
But in order to accomplish any of these things, we need strong leadership in the party, and those leaders need to find ways to work together. That is why I am so honored to join my fellow progressives on the AD45 Progressive Slate in our shared fight for a unified vision. A vision that will guide us all to a progressive future for California. The party needs bold progressive leadership. My name is Micha Liberman and I am asking you to vote for me and for the entire AD45 Progressive slate, a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all human beings.

Micha Liberman

For as long as I can remember, the Democratic party has always been the party striving to keep America’s promises to all of its citizens. Although we have often, regrettably, come up short, Democrats have always recognized our collective obligation to keep moving forward so as to fulfill the promise of America. Our focus has to be on progress, on the future, and on the betterment of our country, for the benefit of all citizens, not just a few elites.

California has always been in the forefront of change and innovation. As an educator, a parent, and an attorney, I have learned that while our dreams need to be large and dramatic, the concrete solutions to our challenges must be achieved incrementally, step by step. I am seeking to be an Assembly District Delegate from the 45th Assembly District so that the issues I really care about are in the foreground of discussion. Among those issues:

•Healing the divides among us by focusing on our common interests and goals, through cooperative projects in infrastructure, health care and economic growth.
•Managing the immediate problem of homelessness and its longer-term causes, including increasing the housing supply; easing restrictions on development of new and affordable housing; reining in local ordinances which restrict, rather than grow, the housing supply; and enhancing the availability of social services and occupational therapy to ease the transition from homelessness and governmental assistance to independent living.
•Providing the legal framework to insure that policing and the criminal justice system operate fairly, equitably and with accountability.
•Seeking creative responses to the challenges presented by climate change, from forest management to insurance issues to carbon emissions to alternative fuel sources.
•Creating optimal conditions for establishment and growth of small businesses, which are still the primary drivers of job growth, while safeguarding the rights of California workers.

I am a long-time Encino resident, a member of Valley Beth Shalom synagogue, a strong supporter of Israel and a lifelong Democrat. And I believe that the answer to the strife and divisiveness of the last four years is to knuckle down, get to work, and through our individual efforts, make the world a better place.

I hope you will support me – Daniel B. Spitzer – in these exciting efforts!

Daniel B. Spitzer

A member of the AD 45 Progressive slate for the past 6 years, I am running for re-election to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party. Any registered Democrat living in AD45 can vote for me after requesting a ballot. See our website at: . With 35 years as a teacher, coordinator, and elementary principal in the LAUSD and decades of involvement in political campaigns and crusades I bring not youth to the ADEMs, but experience!

My issues are the people’s issues:

•Ensure climate change and the protection of our fragile environment get immediate action at all governmental levels. What kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?
•Implement a single payer healthcare system, decades overdue. Let’s start with California!
•Secure adequate funding for California public schools, including higher education, resist further encroachment of charter schools siphoning funds from our public schools, resulting in less equitable education for other students.
•Protect the dreamers and provide a path to citizenship for immigrants.
•Reform our criminal justice system, and address systemic racial discrimination
•Reduce income inequality working towards a $15 minimum wage.
•Protect and expand the rights of the LGBTQ community, and women, including the right to control their own bodies.
•Provide accessible, affordable, non-discriminatory housing
•Protect the rights of union workers, facilitate expansion of unionized workplaces.
•Protect and expand access and accommodations for those with disabilities.
•Reform our election process so that big money does not determine the winner as it does so often now.

I actively work for these issues, supporting progressive candidates who share my values . A member of the DPSFV Executive Board & DPSFV PAC for 15 years, I’m active in 2 Democratic clubs, & PDA-CA; working on election campaigns for local, state, and national candidates, and hosting fundraisers in my home. My husband Lloyd and I received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the DPSFV Truman Awards in 2019. I have marched and protested in support of many causes, most recently on women’s issues and shutting down Aliso Canyon. I don’t just talk, I do! Your vote for Doris Dent, and the entire AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE, is a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all human beings!

Doris Dent

Vote for Cary Brown and the entire AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE. We will continue to work for you.

For 6 years, Cary Brown has been part of the AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE. Our slate reflects the diversity of our community. With humanity and empathy, we 14 discuss, debate, problem solve, and take positions on issues that affect the lives of our constituents and our families.

Here’s a bit about Cary:

He was born in Chicago, Illinois. His background includes being an Emmy Award-winning writer, producer, director, receiving over 25 national and international awards.

Cary developed the photographic indirect ophthalmoscope; and helped create the Canon Macro Zoom lens that won a Technical Achievement Oscar. Cary’s Oscar-nominated AI program, Collaborator, a writer’s development tool, was twice-voted best software of the year. ( Search: Collaborator story development)

After retiring, Cary had the privilege of teaching children and their families, healthy vegan cooking, for the L.A. County Office of Education.

He wrote and starred in a series of vegan cooking shows, available on the internet, subtitled in 18 languages. (Search: Cary Brown Vegan Chef)

Cary, a lifelong Democrat, currently serves on the E-board; is a member of LACDP, serving on the Legislative Action Committee; as well as, 3 progressive Democratic clubs. His resolution that “all California schools offer healthy food options,” became law. (AB 479)

Cary serves on both the Woodland Hills and the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Patient Advisory Councils, to ensure that patients and family voices are heard.

In 2019, he was honored with both the Roosevelt and Truman Awards.

Cary lives in Encino, California, with his wife, Elissa. His son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild live nearby.

Vote for Cary Brown and the entire AD45 PROGRESSIVE SLATE. Together, we continue to work for you.

Have a look:

Cary Brown

There is a saying in the law that “justice delayed is justice denied”. As an attorney, this is especially poignant to me given the rampant justice gap that exists in this state.

The events of the last year have made it abundantly clear of the need to do justice in every area of our society.

We owe it to each other to make sure we implement sensible reforms that will insure justice for all and we owe it to the voiceless to be their voice.

I am running as a delegate today to make sure our party remains the party of the people and that the policy positions we take are consistent with our heritage of supporting the oppressed and the downtrodden of society.

I am always willing to listen even if we don’t agree and will advocate for those positions that I believe are in all our best interests.

Thank you for your vote and have a wonderful and blessed day.

Geoffrey D. Plourde

Hello! My name is Serapia and I’m running to represent you in the California Democratic party alongside our Valley United Team. Since immigrating to Northridge in 2006, I have felt nothing but welcome in this Valley that I call home. As a Field Representative in the California State Assembly, I’m intimately familiar with state policies. Every day I’m working hard to make sure folks like you are getting the resources and support they need to get through this pandemic. I have helped families receive unemployment insurance, small business owners apply to SBA loans, and undocumented immigrants get food assistance all throughout the state of California—including many in our beloved 45th Assembly District. As your delegate, I will advocate for issues that matter to us, including: • Universal healthcare. Let’s leverage our existing health insurance system (Medi-Cal and Covered California) to make sure we have access to both treatment *and* preventative care. We must make sure that healthcare is not just a privilege—it’s a right guaranteed through good and difficult times. • Environmental justice. Too many of us are intimately familiar with the Aliso Canyon blowout. Let’s continue to work with the County and the State to make sure affected families receive due justice. • Support for community organizations. As a member of the Saint Joseph Korean Catholic Center, I have been leading our Young Adult Ministry’s effort to bring food and supplies to our unhoused neighbors. It’s important for our community to have each other’s backs when we are struggling the most. I’ll continue to show up to make sure we never forget to holds power in our community—us, the people. Only when Californians are focused and united can we be a powerhouse to serve our community. So let’s win this for us! Please visit to keep in touch with our Valley United Team.

Serapia Kim

Having grown up and lived my entire life in the heart of the 45th Assembly District, I truly understand the issues facing the greater district and all communities within. As the son of immigrants and coming from a low-income family, I intend to bring my life experiences to this elected position to fight for the advancement of progressive policies around the areas of healthcare, environmental justice, immigration, and criminal justice to help erase systemic racism.

Juan Becerra

I’m the daughter of an immigrant, a San Fernando Valley Native, and an abolitionist educator. At the very start of my career, I was the proud receiver of the “Making a Difference” award, where I proved myself in my efforts in advocating for our most vulnerable, at-risk students. Since then, I’ve continued to focus my efforts in advocating for our students, especially with racial and social justice, fighting to end systemic racism. My command over content in the classroom is rooted in community activism, where I am willing to fight for what I believe in for the benefit of our students and the school community. Not only do I demonstrate to the youth how important civic and political action is, but have also assisted in organizing protests, & putting pressure on our board to pass crucial resolutions around social and racial justice.

At my workplace, I have taken on leadership roles as School Site Council Vice-Chair, and Board Liaison to better understand how decisions being made impact our educators and students directly. Outside of my classroom, I have worked closely with the United Teachers of Los Angeles, fighting for equity and access in our schools and communities through the Racial Justice Task Force. You may have also seen me at the Women’s March, Black Lives Matter protests, Racial Justice meetings, and City Council meetings.

I feel strongly about entering the political world through an educational lens. As an educator, I have seen first-hand the inequities in our schools, where many issues intersect: racism, poverty, food insecurity, gun reform, public transportation, even climate change. COVID 19 has not only exposed the inequities educators face on a daily basis, but has also exacerbated them. I’m ready to extend my passion, experience, and drive as a delegate for District 45 to continue fighting for our community. Having been born and raised in this district, and now working directly with community members, I want to continue to give back to our community. I know our community well, I know what our community needs, and I know that our progressive slate will do everything in their power to ensure our community is equitable for all. I’m voting for progressive change, and I hope you will, too. Thank you for your consideration.

Yasmine E. Pomeroy

My name is Ethan Castillo, and together with the Valley United team, I am running to represent you in the California Democratic party. I grew up in Woodland Hills, and have called the 45th Assembly District home my entire life.

I am proud to represent the Bruins on this slate as I am currently an undergraduate student at UCLA studying World Arts and Cultures.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve.” Service has been a guiding principle in my life. I’m proud to have severed my community in student government, for the Los Angeles City Council, and even on the school board. As the Student Board Member for my school district, I worked to make sure every student felt represented and heard. I promise to do the same as your Assembly District Delegate.

When elected, I will work to make sure all members in our community feel heard at the state level of the Democratic party. It is especially important to amplify voices that have long been suppressed, including BIPOC and our district’s youth. As a student and young democrat, people like myself will be the next generation of elected leaders and public servants. I believe that our voices should be heard in the Democratic Party. I believe that healthcare is a human right and climate change is real, among other progressive values. I look forward to promoting these issues and our district’s interests to the state party, while also working to strengthen our local party.

I pledge that as your delegate, I will be as transparent as possible and will always remember the values important to our district when voting for state party leadership and endorsements. We believe that when California Democrats are united, we can accomplish anything! To learn more about me and the rest of the Valley United team, please visit our website at

Ethan Castillo

As the youngest female running on my slate and as a first generation Afghan American child of refugees, I carry the diversity that embodies the views of the new wave of progressivism. On a daily basis, I’m faced with oppression derived by ignorance and prejudices from individuals who make me feel as if I don’t belong in the country of which I’m a citizen. Despite these obstacles I’ve persevered. Those trials and tribulations have inspired me to develop ideas to erase this stigma, so I and others like me can affirm we are as “American” as anyone else. The first way I figured out how to manifest this was through educating myself. I then became an active member of my community which allowed me to adopt progressive ideals that countered my elder Afghan generation’s beliefs. This led to an awareness of the sociocultural obstacles in my path from a political standpoint and how it will affect all impending generations.

In college, I organized several protests on campus to promote diversity and social justice, which helped me to achieve a multitude of scholarships for my activism. For example, a protest I held after the New Zealand shooting, prompted me to be one of eight students to earn an “Impact Scholarship” award. Along with my campus activism, I am a student pursuing law and I’ve debated on the nationally ranked, number one overall winning community college debate team, Moorpark. Off campus, I’m a student member of Feel The Bern San Fernando Valley Democratic Club, and Council on American Islamic Relations – LA. Additionally, I’ve worked on countless election campaigns for local, state, and national candidates, which include Bernie Sanders, Katie Hill and many more. Lastly, I practice gratitude as a volunteer for local grassroots organizations such as the Sunrise Movement Los Angeles and Planned Parenthood. These actions have inspired me to continue to stand up for the voices of the oppressed and to fight for the following core values:

Racial & Religious Equality
Protect and expand the rights of all humans regardless of gender, sex or sexual orientation
Green New Deal
Free Public College/Cancel Student Debt
Medicare for all
Immigration Reform
Criminal Justice Reform
A Federal $15 minimum wage
Housing for all
Money out of politics
A vote for me and the entire AD45 Progressive slate is a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all human beings.

Aveista Helmandi

Together with the Valley United team, I am running to represent you in the California Democratic Party. We believe that when California Democrats are united, we can accomplish anything.

Government is the collective power we use to create strong, resilient and thriving communities. I am proud to have served Los Angeles in positions that have honored that purpose. For the past ten years I have strived to encourage inclusion, open communication and transparency within our local government.

I began serving my community at the assembly district level where I worked to ensure the office was meaningfully engaged with the community. Through the media we worked to keep constituents informed about the community’s priorities and progress. After that, I began to serve the L.A. City Council District where I grew up. As the Director of Communications for District 2, I was proud to work for Angelenos at the very level of government that each day serveed their needs.

Currently I am the Chief of Staff to L.A. Controller Ron Galperin, where I’ve prioritized accountability and innovation. To reach our collective goal for all Angelenos to have the ability to thrive in their communities, we must center transparency at all levels of government. I work with a talented team at the Controller’s office to provide transparency through performance audits and reports focused on improving the efficiency and accountability of city government ­­and on delivering quality services. Our audits and reports strive to improve street services, homeless housing and outreach. And through this work we are proud to have brought about more transparency about youth programs, public safety staffing, funding for the arts and airports.

As a delegate, I will continue to prioritize accountability in our government and ensure our party remains the party of opportunity for all. It’s vital we ensure that Californians remain engaged in the electoral process and understand that the California we want for each other can be found in our priorities as California Democrats; Together, we share the same goal of communities reflect the kinds of equity and opportunity for which we all strive and deserve. Together, we can and together we will. Learn more at

Jeremy Oberstein

I am a regular person who left corporate America for full-time activism when our soon-to-be ex-president was elected in 2016. Before that, I had never been politically active and knew nothing about politics and when it was time to vote, I would ask my politically savvy husband what we are voting for. When he told me that California has its own Supreme Court I was surprised. His response was “Oh dear god, please don’t tell people that you don’t know that” so I tell everyone. I share this story because I think it is more common than it is not and I hope to encourage other people who think that they can’t make a difference to get involved with issues that they care about.
Shortly after I left corporate America, I started a grassroots group called Northridge Indivisible. I lead a team of community members, many who are first-time activists, to drive progressive change at every level of government. I have built and maintained partnerships with grassroots organizations across the country including CHIRLA, SURJ, ACLU, Fight Back Table, Swing Left, Field Team 6, Voting Rights Lab, West Valley People’s Alliance, Indivisible, Vote Tripling and more. I am also the co-founder of, Convenor of PRILA Action Council and State Digital Director at Field Team 6.
A vote for me is a vote for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, gun violence prevention, education for all, reproductive justice, housing for all, investing in communities instead of over policing, LGBTQIA+, wealth tax, unions, pay equity, climate equity, student debt cancellation, free college, DACA, social safety nets, economic justice, campaign finance reform, prison reform, universal basic income, public banking, and criminal justice reform.
My interest is in people. All people. I am ok with challenging the status quo because it needs it. As someone with a family full of president 45 supporters, I can emphatically tell you that I love them and have worked hard to keep our conversations on the issues; after which I hear “We have a lot in common.” This doesn’t mean we now agree; it means we should be talking to each other. If I cannot love anyone who is fundamentally different than me then I should not be here. My name is Michelle Manire Fowle – your vote for me and the entire AD45 Progressive slate is a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all human beings.

Michelle Manire Fowle

In a continued effort to promote democracy, I am running to be a voice for those who can not speak or do not know how to speak; the minority, the homeless, the poor, the uninsured, the hungry, the undocumented, the uneducated and the miseducated. The 45th District is changing like the rest of America and we need people at the table who create, introduce and advocate for policy to benefit us all, but more importantly we need people to advocate for the voiceless.

Nichet James-Gray

My name is Thomas Martin, and I am senior at USC from Woodland Hills. Together with the Valley United team, I am running to represent you in the California Democratic party. We believe that when California Democrats are united, we can accomplish anything! As a young person, I want to make sure the leaders of our party are listening to the voices of newer generations. And as we all just saw in November, when Democrats have the support of young voters, we win! I want to ensure that the California Democratic Party will have the support of young Californians for years to come. To do this, our party needs to tackle the issues that affect young people most, like protecting our environment, making college affordable, relieving debt, investing in green infrastructure and transportation, and lowering housing costs. But not only will I fight for those issues, I will also work to ensure that our neighborhoods are taken care of. We need to rapidly escalate our fight against homelessness by providing immediate care to our neighbors living on the streets, and find suitable, long-term housing for them. We cannot stand by idly as our fellow Valley residents suffer. I will work my absolute hardest to sure a better future for everyone in the 45th Assembly District. Thank you very much, and I would be honored if you choose me to represent you and our community in our party. Together, we can create a better CDP and a better California. To learn more about Valley United and our platform, visit

Thomas Martin

My name is Kiyomi Kowalski. I’m a mom, a Marine Corps veteran, a Juris Doctor, a social justice advocate, an anti-racism educator, and a proud Emerge California alumna. After my honorable discharge in 2001, I attended the California State University Northridge where I earned a Bachelor’s in political science. In 2012, I earned a Juris Doctorate with Public Service Distinction from Southwestern University School of Law.

Currently, I serve on the Valley Outreach Synagogue Board of Jewish Education where I created the Anti-Racism Task Force that organizes panels and workshops designed to eradicate racism in our local community. I also serve as a board member and staff advocate at LAW Project of Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that assists individuals with obtaining post-conviction remedies and also advocates for system-involved youth and families. I am an active member of the San Fernando Valley chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc., a national organization, for which I organize events around issues impacting mothers of color. I am also an active parent in Las Virgenes public schools.

I’m running for Delegate on the AD45 Progressive Slate so that I can advocate for Medicare-for-all, racial justice, income equality, digital equity, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights, and gun, police, and criminal justice reforms. I want to ensure that the California Democratic Party creates a platform that reflects our progressive and inclusive values.

Meeting the goals of an equitable and just California requires leadership that is committed to dismantling the systems that uphold the status quo. Delegates have the unique responsibility of ensuring that the California Democratic Party reflects values that not only maintain interest among lifelong Democrats, but also attract those who have yet to identify as Democrats. We can only do that by continuing to challenge our party leadership with bold, forward-thinking, progressive policy platforms that set an example for the rest of the nation. As a delegate, I will hold the California Democratic Party and elected Democrats accountable for meeting our policy goals.

Vote for the AD45 Progressive Slate because we represent varying aspects of the beautiful diversity within the San Fernando Valley. Your vote for our slate and me is a vote for diversity, collaboration, and respect for all.

Kiyomi Kowalski

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and worked to better my community for as long as I can remember.

I’m a Senior at Duke University majoring in Public Policy with minors in Journalism and Political Science. I will be attending law school in the fall to pursue a career in labor law.

As long as I was able, I’ve worked to support the people fighting for our community. I’ve interned for Congressmen Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman assisting with constituent services and community work.

I worked tirelessly in 2016 to elect Senator Henry Stern and ensure the SFV and our environment had a defender in Sacramento. In 2018, I was a campaign fellow for Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel where I helped GOTV efforts and researched legislation. In January 2020, I left school for a semester to work for Christy for Congress and help maintain a Democratic majority.

When the pandemic plunged millions into economic uncertainty, I volunteered for a project assisting UNITE HERE workers file unemployment insurance. Our system is broken with workers who paid thousands into the insurance program receiving nothing back.

This summer, I interned for Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. I worked on health policy and advocated for bills to aid working mothers, reduce Black maternal mortality, invest in foster care systems, and support community health centers.

In June, I ran to be a DNC delegate for Elizabeth Warren. I won and was a founding member of the Young Delegates Coalition. In YDC, I spearheaded an effort urging the DNC to advocate for policies to better protect and support Black lives. I helped craft our foreign policy platform as the lone Israel defender and succeeded in strengthening our coalition’s support of the Jewish state. I wrote policy recommendations to strengthen our economy for working people and the labor movement.

Currently, for my Senior Honors Thesis, I am researching changes in the CA labor movement from 2005 – 2020. CADEM cannot be passive but must push forward to secure a thriving future for working people.

We need voices in CADEM to listen to the community and advocate for vital issues (environmental protection, labor, Israel/two-state solution, racial justice, LGBTQ+ equality, healthcare, etc.). Together with the Valley United team, I am running to represent you. We believe that when California Democrats unite, we can accomplish anything!

Abby Kingsley

I am running for office because there is a significant gap in support and resources available to Black youth in the San Fernando Valley, that helps to ensure their successful completion of academic programs. As a 22 year veteran serving the K-12 public school system, I have supported the varying needs of our Black students. As a Delegate in the California Democratic Party, I will ensure that this marginalized group of Stakeholder have a “Voice” at the table and will bring CULTURALLY RELEVANT experience and ADVOCACY for Black youth to the group.

This pandemic has not been kind to us, but our Black youth are suffering at a larger rate especially in relation to mental health, physically, social-emotionally and intellectually. Youth are our future leaders- our doctors, lawyers, educators and political leaders. We must not ignore these Gems as we develop policy, implement change and begin to rebuild our Country post-Covid.

By electing me as your Delegate for the 45th Assembly District, you can rest assured that the voice of children- your children, relatives and neighbors will be heard; ensuring that our future leaders are being kept at the forefront of the Democratic conversation.

Check out my Candidate Video here:

Charne' M. Tunson

I am running for ADEM delegate because I care deeply about the systemic issues facing working people in our communities.

I grew up in Northridge where my mom has proudly worked for LA County for 36 years. I graduated from Cleveland High School and have a degrees in History and Law from the University of Washington. Since then, I have spent the last ten years working for labor rights organizations where I have coordinated campaigns to support workers in healthcare, higher education, and the grocery industry. I have previously served on the Executive Boards of the Worker Rights Consortium, UW Hillel, IFPTE Local 70, and Jobs With Justice. I am currently the union representative for the resident physicians at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center and LAC+USC, a chapter of the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU. I could not be more proud to advocate alongside our doctors who are fighting COVID in LA’s most vulnerable communities. As a delegate to the Democratic Committee, I plan to champion policies that provide for greater access to healthcare, the tackling of climate change, support for immigrant rights, expanded affordable housing, and investment in our public services.

You can check out my candidate video here:

Morgan Currier

What’s up 818 folx! My name is Nishat Salsabil, and I’m Bengali, a first-generation American, AND a first-generation college student. I’m the youngest independent running candidate for Assembly District 45 delegate position. I represent the 818 the most but am represented the least in our local governments. I genuinely believe that it is always the right time to do the right thing, which is why I am humbly seeking your vote to elect me as your delegate for district 45. As our district’s assembly delegate, I will prioritize to ensure that policies get us closer to full housing access, preserve families by bettering the function of the Department of Children and Family Services, and racial equity and justice.

I truly care about the 818. Northridge is my home. I grew up on Reseda. Going to Winnetka Elementary, Nobel Middle School, and Granada Hills Charter High made me realize how classist institutions can be. This is why I want all-way stop signs and speed bumps in “lower-income” neighborhoods because it promotes safe driving on our streets to keep our community members safe. I will vote for policies that protect children’s rights and victims of domestic abuse by holding DCFS accountable. I want to prevent a case like that of Gabriel Fernandez from ever occurring in our district; we NEED to keep our kids safe and families together.

Something I hold near and dear to my heart is the advancement of women in society. I’m only 20, and I have my whole future ahead of me, but I choose to dedicate my entire life to empowering women. By attending an all women’s college, Mount Saint Mary’s University, I am driven to advocate for women’s rights in our district. The nearest Planned Parenthood is in Van Nuys, so I will use my knowledge to vote for policies that fund services that increase women’s health education and reproductive care; such as building another Planned Parenthood clinic in the West Valley.

My core beliefs, principles, and thoughts on policies are not radical. There is nothing revolutionary to make healthcare accessible for everyone, even those who aren’t privileged enough to have an income above 40k. I want this delegate position as bad as I can breathe because I want to represent us all when making significant decisions for our district. So make sure to register to vote by mail by January 11, 2021, and don’t give it a thought, vote Nishat!

Nishat Salsabil

As a career educator (currently working with the philosophy department at UCLA) I have always been passionate about issues around our children and their future. In nearly 4 decades as a classroom teacher I saw or heard nearly every possible scenario on why children fail to succeed in life. My singular purpose here would be to create both a better future for our children and succeeding generations— as well as streamlining the routes by which they can successfully navigate current conditions to reach that future. This ought to be the first priority of every enlightened civilization. I live with my wife in Woodland Hills, along with my three children— two of whom are currently matriculated at a college or university. My wife is currently a professor and director of graduate education at a local university. Further I have held a strong relationship with unions both inside and outside of education, beginning with UFCW while I was still working my way through school, and then for decades with both CTA and NEA. I have served as a local negotiations chair, Uniserve regional vice chair, state committee chair and delegate to the national education rep assembly on 10 occasions (among a myriad myriad of other positions). Additional interests would include serving as; a regional referee for AYSO, as well as well as assistant and head coach for local youth teams. I remain an avid; runner, cyclist and tennis player, and believe that physical education should be a key component of any child’s education. As part of a blended, interracial family, I strongly that believe black lives matter more today than ever before— if for no other reason that to this point in our history they have been singularly undervalued. As Dr. Martin Luther King stated so eloquently a generation ago, all children should be judged only by the character of their heart— never by the color of their skin. And as I often told my classes, I strongly believe the future is bright, that my students collectively have a wisdom that surpasses that of their grandparents… as they have always tended to be very open minded about differences between themselves and their friends. Above all, the current generation of youth both understand and value the diversity that they represent. It is this diversity that will continue to keep America great in the coming technologically challenging century. Stay safe and be well

Marc Sanschagrin

I am Andra Hoffman and I’m a delegate for Assembly District 45 running for re-election and I am part of the Valley United Slate. I am a proud Union Member with AFT, Local 2276, the Glendale College Faculty Guild. I have been at Glendale College for the past 23 years where I am an Adjunct faculty member in the Political Science Department as well as an administrator in Career Services and & Job Placement. I am also an elected governing board member in the Los Angeles Community College District. I’ve spent my entire life in this district and I know it well. As a life-long Valley Democrat, my number one priority is ensuring that we support candidates, elected officials and a party platform that is 100% committed to ensuring a just and equitable public education for all Californians from pre-K through post-secondary higher education. We need healthcare for all, financial support for businesses and workers who have been impacted by COVID19 and ongoing support and assistance for all essential and front-line workers. We need to enact policies that support racial equity, social justice, environmental justice, and broadband/Wifi for all. The pandemic has exposed the inequities that exist in our communities with access to the internet, healthcare, housing and food. We need to work together to close these gaps for all Californians.

Andra Hoffman

I was 10 years old when my political activism started. In 1994, Governor Wilson and the CA GOP came after my parents and my family’s safety with Proposition 187 that would have denied my parent and me with our basic rights. From that point forward, I understood that the Democratic Party stood with families like mine that were fighting to live the American Dream.
I am a proud LAUSD graduate from Monroe High School. I count myself fortunate to have received a great education and I am just as passionate for free public education. I do not believe in charter schools. I have seen their practices eat into the education of children that desperately need the dollars that Charters hoard.
As an ADem I will press our Elected Officials to work for our communities to find the hard solutions needed to solve the rising crisis in housing, health, and education. I would appreciate your support.

Rosalba "Rose" Gonzalez