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Candidate Statements

I had the great honor of being elected as an Assembly District Delegate two years ago. Since then, I have done my best to honor the trust you placed on me by working to make our party stronger, more progressive and more inclusive. I serve as the Co-Chair of the LGBTQ Caucus, where I have worked towards including and supporting LGBTQ leaders across the State. As Co-Chair of the Platform Committee, I authored the Equality of Opportunity plank and drafted language supportive of LGBTQ community that was included across several other planks. I also served as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Standing Committees, which advised the Party Chair on the party’s committee structure and increasing diversity at all levels. I currently serve as a member of the A Way Forward Working Group on sexual and racial harassment, which recently made its preliminary recommendations on changing, refining and clarifying the California Democratic Party’s Codes of Conduct, and its processes for investigating and deciding complaints.

I have been volunteering in political campaigns since the 1980’s. During this election cycle, I called and texted thousands of voters in several swing states and volunteered on the ground in Arizona the week of the recent election. I am proud of being a member of the most progressive state democratic party in the nation and of everything we have accomplished these past two years. I pledge to continue my efforts to strengthen our party, to help elect candidates who will fight for all Californians and to make our state more equal and more caring and to support and to hold them accountable when they are in office.

Lester Aponte

After being a lifelong democrat and activist, I decided to become more actively involved in local party politics following the 2016 election. It’s been an honor to serve as one of AD46’s elected delegates, and it would be a privilege to serve for the next two years.

During this current term, I’ve invested an enormous amount of energy toward pushing the state party to focus on, and advocate for, progressive action and legislation. I co-wrote, garnered widespread support for, defended, and helped pass a resolution forcing the California Democratic Party (CADEM) to take a stand against noted anti-feminist, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-labor, Catholic health provider Dignity Health. Because of this work, CADEM now condemns affiliations between public hospitals and religious institutions. I continued my advocacy by co-sponsoring a resolution to keep Corporate PAC money out of the Party and soon became a member of an ad hoc Financial Subcommittee in charge of building a proposal for an overall fundraising strategy, including placing limitations on corporate donations and a grading scale of said corporations.

On the local level, as an elected member of the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV), I sit on the Political Action Committee, voting on resolutions and legislation to move our city forward. In recognition of my work in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, my colleagues nominated me to receive the Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s Roosevelt Award for Female Democrat of the Year for AD46. Since then, I founded and remain Co-President of Democratic Parents, a Democratic club affiliated with Los Angeles County.

This year has brought so many new challenges. Yes, we’ve won the most important presidential election of our time while surviving a global pandemic, but having a new administration will not automatically rid our country, state, or city of the problems that exist today.The pandemic highlights some of our most glaring inequities and emphasizes the need to act on our more pressing problems.

I believe:

1. In Medicare for All

2. In a Green New Deal

3. In quality, equitable education

4. That Black Lives Matter

5. That love is love

6. That families belong together

7. That change starts here.

Lauren Perotti

I am running for Assembly Delegate AD 46 and commit to supporting and advocating for progressive leaders and candidates that support Medicare for all, reallocate the police budget, progressive immigration pathways, Green New Deal, environmental justice, support Black Lives Matter, end wars, promote policy for equitable education, push for fiscal transparency and accountability, housing justice for renters, local affordable housing, COVID-19 relief monthly payments, LGBTQIA+ rights and justice, racial justice, small businesses relief, cancel debt, and advocate for resources for teachers and students K-12 and in higher education. I will fight for justice for our communities.

I ran for office the first time as a people powered candidate in the 2020 General Election for the LACCD Board of Trustee Seat 1, to push for fiscal accountability and advocate for student’s basic needs. For too long, LACCD students have been experiencing chronic housing and food insecurity, which affects their ability to meet their educational goals. Thanks to the people power supporting my campaign, I earned 2nd place with 290,000 votes.

I’ve dedicated my career to serving folks. I was part of NEW Economics for Women Family Source Center, Van Nuys. I have been an educator for over 13 years: as an EOP Peer Advisor in College, High School College Advisor, Special Education Assistant, LAUSD Teacher. I worked with small businesses, churches, and libraries in AD 46 to provide services as a Covered CA enrollment counselor.

Currently I’m part of EmpowerLA, where I train and advise Neighborhood Council leaders who work with the City to address the needs in their communities. I help lead Citywide Elections Outreach projects, focusing improving outreach to all stakeholders including marginalized voices such as formerly incarcerated and undocumented folks. I am part of the Citywide Homelessness Liaisons work group where I help facilitate meetings to provide NC leaders resources from the City and community organizations.

In my personal time I’m a member of the San Fernando Young Democrats, Feel the Bern SFV Club, and Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of LA County, Volunteer Coordinator at Urban Partners LA Food Bank, Coordinator with the South Central Mutual Aid Team. vulnerable. | 818-835-3502

Karen Hernandez

Serving to represent AD46 as a California Democratic Party delegate over the last 2 years has been an honor, and I have worked hard to make the most of this opportunity. Since being elected as a delegate I have taken an active leadership role in our party as Lead Chair of the Voter Services Committee. I’m working to reform our committee and help focus our work as party activists by empowering grassroots volunteers both inside and outside our party to be more effective. I’ve been doing this work locally as well, serving as Elections Committee Chair for the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley. I am eager to continue this important work and keep building our collective power. I began my activist journey in Jan. 2017 with the grassroots organization Swing Left, first as a volunteer and then as Southern California Field Director and Swing Left National Training Manager for the 2018 Midterms. Currently I produce and Co-Host Swing Left’s podcast, “How We Win” and serve as National Training Director. I have the great privilege of connecting with thousands of volunteers from all over the country to help give them the tools to take action. We’ve won a historic election and are sending Joe Biden and California’s own Kamala Harris to the White House, but this election also showed us how much work we still have to do. We are a country being ripped apart by systemic racism, staggering inequality, and the unchecked affects of climate change. We need to put people over profits. Fully-funded public education should be a priority for all of our communities. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the glaring inequities with access to health care in our country and I believe Medicare for All is the answer. I’m fighting for the protection of voting rights, a Green New Deal, compassionate immigration reform, common sense gun laws, housing justice, and criminal justice reform. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. Last year I was honored to be recognized by the LA County Democratic Party as their male “Democrat of the Year” for AD46. I’m excited to continue this work and I humbly ask for your vote and support of the AD46 Unity Slate.

Steve Pierson

I’m a current delegate from Assembly District 46 running for re-election on the Unity Slate, which combines members from 2019’s winning Grassroots Slate and the Progressive Slate. I’m proud to run again with a group of committed, hardworking activists. In our last term, we worked together to put on community engagement events on healthcare and on the environment. We were planning a third on democracy reform when COVID hit. I attended both Democratic state conventions in 2019, and spoke in front of the legislation committee, getting the party to support legislation to prevent surprise emergency medical billing. I worked on many fronts with the goal of educating voters and getting rid of Donald Trump. First, as co-leader of East Valley Indivisibles, a progressive activist group that wrote nearly 14,000 letters to voters and called and texted well over 300,000 voters in the run up to the election. Second, as the VP for Political Affairs for Los Angeles’ newest Democratic club, Democratic Parents, where I brought in candidates to speak to our membership and vie for our endorsement. Third, I was an extremely active volunteer for Nithya Raman’s successful City Council campaign – writing postcards, sending texts, making calls, stuffing literature bags and dropping them at people’s homes, and working closely with her campaign manager to find support for her progressive campaign wherever I could.

I’m a longtime resident of Assembly District 46. I’ve lived here for 20 years and I love my neighborhood and my home. My son attended Kester Avenue Elementary and is currently an 8th grader at Walter Reed Middle School. My husband and I got married in our backyard 18 years ago and shot a film in our home 9 years ago. We both work from home so our house is also our office. During this quarantine it has been so comforting to live in a place with a true sense of community. It has made a bad time better. I know our community, our district, our state, and our country have a lot of healing to do – from COVID and the devastation it’s created and from the political divisions deepened by this immoral President. I want to be a part of that. I want to represent our community to the Democratic Party and make sure the party fights for us as we make our way through and soon out of this difficult time. I’d be honored to have your vote.

Suju Vijayan

I am Daniel Tamm, Executive Board Representative for AD 46. Repairing our democracy, and building a just and compassionate country and world is the work we are all called to do now. Today, I ask for your vote for re-election as a 46th Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee, to answer that call, along with all of my remarkable colleagues on the AD 46 Unity Slate (

Since being elected in 2019, I worked with a small group of AD 46 Delegates, to organize a Medicare for All Forum and the SFV Climate Town Hall to engage these two crucial issues. Before Covid-19 curtailed community engagement, I shared sustainability practices throughout Los Angeles. I also organized a zoom gathering of leading policy makers in L.A. City and County to focus on what can be done to protect the most vulnerable among people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. The forum can be found here,, and it starts at 14:54 of the video.

In the November 3 election, I helped organize voter contact for the successful Measure J, whose main purpose is to start dismantling systemic racism in L.A. County. I also led actions to support environmental and housing justice bills in the last state legislative session.

I want to be your Delegate to vote in the upcoming election of CDP Officers. Repairing democracy starts right here. It is crucial that we have people with clear moral clarity guiding the work of the party, and that power be shared. In voting for CDP Endorsements for legislative and statewide offices, I’ll prioritize those who have a record of serving the common good. For ballot initiatives, putting people before profits is my criteria. I am grateful for your vote for me and for each candidate of the Unity coalition.

Daniel Tamm

Democracy is like a garden. It must not be ignored. It must be attended to constantly or it will go to weeds. I have worked my entire life to further the cause of Democrats. Working to register voters, turn out the vote, fundraising, event hosting, canvassing, shaping policy and electing good progressive Democrats and then pushing them to act in our interests and needs. During the time of Trump, the pandemic and the economic downturn it is even more important that we work and serve. Our country and state are suffering and it is essential that help be given to our fellow citizens. It is my goal to see that these needs are met and that new activists have the tools and means to succeed in our Democratic goals. That our party continue to expand transparency and access to our neighbors and that we continue to inform and empower voters.

I was a a founding member of Valley Grassroots for Democracy and served as it’s President, been a co-chair of The Endorsement Committee of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley where I was elected to be a member of the Executive Board, been an elected member of the LA County Democratic Party and was a member of it’s Resolutions Committee, been an elected and appointed Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I was awarded The Volunteer of the Year by Valley Grassroots for Democracy at The Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley Truman Awards. Volunteer of the Year for AD46 at the LA County Democratic Party Roosevelt Awards.

It would be my honor to serve again, to earn your vote and hear your concerns and needs and then do everything in my power to see that they are met.

Adrienne Burk

My name is Nick Roth. My pronouns are he/him/his. I’m a former middle school Latin teacher, a current union film and television writer, and a progressive organizer.

I ran for Delegate in 2019 and lost. Here is what I got done anyway:

I ran successfully for a board seat at the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV), where as Co-Chair of Fundraising I raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Party and for progressive candidates like Loraine Lundquist for LA City Council. I also spearheaded an effort to increase the board’s diversity and brought in groups like the Korean American and Muslim American Democratic Clubs.

I authored several resolutions that helped shape the conversation at the local and state level around opposing corporate PAC campaign contributions and those from private prisons, what it would mean to have a Green New Deal for Los Angeles, and opposing clearcutting in California forests (resulting in a motion from the LA City Council that is currently in committee).

Language matters. That’s why I argued with Party leadership at club, regional, and state meetings to stand with the Movement for Black Lives in calling for “defunding the police” and rejecting calls to water down that language, ultimately resulting in a co-authored Resolution endorsed by the California Democratic Party in support of defunding — not reforming — the police.

I texted and phone-banked with Open Progress and Sunrise Movement, I helped organize a nonprofit called YEA! (Young Entertainment Activists), and I advocated for Prop 17.

That’s what I got done having lost. If I win, I hope to focus on (1) democratizing power within the Party, including by-laws reform that restructures responsibilities outside of the unilateral power of the Chair, and (2) develop Party infrastructure to recruit and mentor young progressives of color to run for local political office.

I’m a democratic socialist and supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 primaries, but I haven’t shied away from building coalitions between the socialist wing and the rest of the Party. I have always supported Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, but as a Delegate I am focused on what matters locally: supporting progressive legislation and candidates, fighting to reduce the influence of corporate money in politics, and defunding the police.

For more info, go to

Nick Roth

I became part of the “Class of 2016” immediately after Trump’s election by founding the first Indivisible Chapter in the San Fernando Valley. We are now EAST VALLEY INDIVISIBLES with over 300 active members and one of hundreds of groups in Los Angeles. In 2019, I became a Delegate for California District 46.

These past four years of intense activism have expanded my world, taught me many valuable lessons and shown me some enduring truths.

I know now how truly fragile Democracy is and that democracy is actually a verb. If each and every citizen of a democratic country doesn’t actively engage with the democratic process, the vacuum will be filled by those who seek to subvert democracy for their own profit. I have seen how hatred and cruelty as political policy destroys everything that this great country represents. I have seen how exploiting people’s hatred and distrust of government is easier than explaining how government functions to improve lives. I’ve seen how destroying the institutions of government and perverting those institutions to benefit political cronies, political ambition and personal profit is much easier than running them for the benefit of the people of the country.

I’ve learned that the people we elect represent We, The People. They WORK FOR US. I’ve learned that our votes matter, and that we must hold them accountable. If our elected representatives commit crimes or enrich themselves while pretending to represent us, we must hold them accountable. If they only look out for corporate donors and cronies or make decisions based on political calculation instead of fighting for our welfare, we must not send them back. We can, and should, fire them.

I understand now that constituent participation in the Democratic process cannot be limited to election season. When we take action, it works. When we raise our voices and advocate for the things that matter, we are heard. When we vote and show others how they can engage, it works. When we mobilize, we win.

The grassroots movement brought millions of new activists into the political arena. During my two years as both a grassroots leader and a Delegate, I’ve experienced how merging the two separate but parallel roles is powerful. I want to continue to build that bridge, enhance our mutual power and promote a commitment to a liberal, progressive, unified vision.

Carolyn Chriss

My name is Greg Wright and I want to make change happen! It has been a hard fight to get this far. We have much longer to go and I want to help drive that change by ensuring our party pushes this country forward through progressive planks in our platform and electing the right leaders. Additionally, as a gay business owner and neighborhood council board member I understand the unique issues and challenges facing our communities today. I hope to have your vote for delegate. Thank you.

Greg Wright

Dear CADEM Assembly District 46 Brothers and Sisters,

As a 66 year-old retiree, I fully appreciate just how important it is for seniors, everyday working people, and small business owners to have an effective voice in government and policy-making, particularly during these challenging times. And if we’ve learned anything from the past four years it is that democracy is not a spectator sport. We must all be actively involved if we are to have a government that truly works for all the people, not just the wealthy few. That is why I became more involved in CADEM over the past few years. Presently, I belong to the CADEM Senior and Labor caucuses whose emphasis right now is securing a US Senate majority so as to allow progress versus obstruction.

If given the honor to serve as a 46th Assembly CADEM delegate my priorities will focus on ensuring affordable health coverage, affordable college, protecting social security, addressing the housing crisis, campaign finance and criminal justice reform . Our first priority needs to be obtaining badly needed relief for small businesses and working people so adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to my retirement I served for decades as a senior executive on behalf of UCLA Health, heading up human resources, patient affairs and marketing. I originally left my native Wisconsin to come to California in 1977 to become a union negotiator with the Service Employees Union, AFL-CIO. Throughout my career I have been dedicated to the belief that it is the worker who provides value, versus those who profit from that work. Honoring and rewarding that principle is the foundation of a vibrant middle class and by extension a fair and just society. That translates into working for, supporting, and reinvigorating unions and public education, especially teachers. Both have been overlooked and undervalued for far too long.

Although retired I remain active, working with several non-profit organizations, including residents at the Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles. Both my spouse Angelina and I have canvassed for local Democratic candidates, most recently up in the CA-25 congressional district. We are both members of the West LA Democratic Club, and contribute to Democratic candidates and causes.

So I hope you support me. Win, lose or draw I’m all in for CADEM.



Mark Andrew Speare

Hi! My name is Samantha Dorf and I’m a delegate for Assembly District 46 running for re-election with the Unity slate. My career in grassroots activism began in 1989 during a teachers strike. I was in 5th grade and organized a school wide sit-in, in support of the teachers. That was 30 years ago and since then, I haven’t stopped community organizing and fighting for what I believe is right.

Now, as a mother of 2 young boys, I want to do all I can to make the world a better place. It is not just about me, it is about my kids. It’s about all of our kids and the planet we leave to them.

My enough is enough moment, the moment that really got me to step up into activism on a larger scale, was the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016. It was then that I realized I could no longer sit idly by waiting for someone to do something. I had to help be a part of the movement for change.

I have a responsibility to teach my children to check their privilege and stand up for what’s right. I want them to understand that if you know something is wrong, you cannot stay silent. Silence is complicity. You must fight to change it.

I decided the only way to do this was to lead by example. It’s why I co-founded the San Fernando Valley Moms Demand Action for Gun Violence Prevention group. It’s why I then became the California Chapter Lead of Moms Demand Action. And it’s why, most recently, I co-created Democratic Parents – the only chartered Democratic Club that specifically supports and represents the interests of parents, caregivers, educators and families in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to make politics for our members easy by helping them engage in the issues most important to them.

The last 4 years have been rough, to say the least. We are all exhausted and broken, but also hopeful and we have a lot of healing to do. Our community, our world, needs more justice and humanity. Equality and equity. Hope and love. I want to be a part of that healing process, which is why I am running for delegate on the Unity Slate. I hope I can count on your vote. Thank you!

Samantha Dorf

My name is Sybil Azur and I’m running for election as a delegate in Assembly District 46 with the Unity Slate.

Activated after the 2016 election, I chose action over despair. In the past four years, I have spent countless hours volunteering for local and national political campaigns, raised thousands of dollars for social and climate justice initiatives, and have spearheaded tangible change here in Los Angeles.

I am the Chapter Chair of Climate Reality LA’s 100% Committed Committee, and led the team that succeeded in getting LAUSD to commit to transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy. In addition, I’m proud to be on the Board of Directors of Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, a non-profit organization focused on the goal of racial equality.

As a parent of two young children in public school and a long-time Angeleno, my driving force is to make our city a better place for our kids. I lead with the values of truth, justice, liberty, equality, community, and unity. I believe that Black Lives Matter, love is love, and that people power is the key to preserving and improving our democracy .

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sybil Azur

My name is Colleen Evanson and I’m a delegate for Assembly District 46 running for re-election with the Unity slate.

I’m a TV writer for Disney so I know the importance of setting a good example and that communication is key to progress. I am also an active member of The Animation Guild Union (IASTE local 839). Before being a delegate the most experience I had with politics was being an intern on The West Wing. Then 2016 happened and now I’m making up for lost time.

I’m a founding member of a volunteering based non profit called resisterhoodLA. We resist complacency by volunteering where there’s a need in our communities whether it’s painting houses in Compton, cleaning up the LA river, or throwing a birthday party for families in bridge housing. This past year we focused on people experiencing homelessness and have an annual hygiene & menstrual kit drive called Flowvember that creates hundreds of kits for our unhoused neighbors.

In the 2018 midterm I text banked and canvassed for the first time for Katie Porter and Katie Hill. For the 2020 general election I wrote hundreds of postcards to voters for various Senate and down ballot races, as well as helping with Nithya Raman’s campaign for LA City Council.

Over the past four years I’ve learned that democracy is messy, and sometimes frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting. But despite that, it’s worth showing up for. And win or lose I’m going to keep showing up — so you might as well vote for me. Thank you for being active voters!

Colleen Evanson

I am seeking your support to become a 46th Assembly District Delegate so that I can continue to advocate for the progressive causes I am most passionate about. These policies include healthcare for all, immigrant rights, and racial equity. I support Black Lives Matter, my Latinx community, and the expansion of diversity within our Democratic Party.

I currently serve as an At-Large Executive Board Member with the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DP-SFV), where I help to lead the Political Action Committee (PAC) as the Co-Chair of the Rapid Response Sub-committee. Based on my contributions to the organization, I was nominated to receive the Roz Teller Outstanding Volunteer Award at the 2020 Truman Award Ceremony. Recently, I sat on the board of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats as Regional Board District 3 representative.

Professionally, I am the Government and Community Relations Manager at a federally qualified health center, where I advocate for increasing healthcare access for the uninsured and underinsured residents of the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys.

Brian Gavidia

When I was younger, I dreamt about being a part of the change I believed America needed. I lived in China after the Tiananmen Square riots to teach English. I wrote letters to free political prisoners when I interned for Amnesty International through my college base. I was twenty-five and wanted to go to law school to help people in marginalized communities. However, somehow after graduation, like many individuals in the United States, reality hit, and so did the pressure to provide for myself and other family members instantly. Yet, as time passed, I paid attention to the growing and dated masked issues that surrounded me.
The election of 2016 brought to light an America filled with injustices and the marginalization of people based on their ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Since 2017, I have served as a founding member of Northridge Indivisible and Co-Chair. I have been active in the community, registering voters, policy advocacy work, working on local campaigns, hosting fundraisers and events, and getting media attention for community activities. In 2018, I was honored to be a delegate. There I was given the tools and confidence to realize political work was an aspect of my life that I wanted to focus on. I had the opportunity to work for a Democratic Presidential campaign and further saw the campaign community’s power to effect change in society. I am an elected Neighborhood Council member and serve as the Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee and as a member of the Homelessness Committee. At this local level is where I see change occurring in our communities as we reach across the aisle to solve issues like homelessness.
I genuinely believe that grassroots organizations and individuals can effect change in society. While great change has occurred and we have taken back the Presidency, we still have a long way to go, and that is why it is my earnest desire to serve once again as a Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate to continue to harness the power of the people and the Democratic Party. I want to continue to work on central issues such as Racial Justice, Healthcare, Homelessness, Gun Violence Prevention, Environmental Issues, Minority, Women and LGBTQ Rights, Immigration, and Voter Suppression. I look forward to serving as one of your Democratic Party Assembly District Delegates and value your vote.

Colleen Toumayan

Hello. My name is Lauren Hoeflich and I am a non-practicing attorney who works in the field of conflicts of interest and professional responsibility. After volunteering with the CADEM voter protection team this past election, I realized I want to be more involved within the party, and I hope you will consider voting for me as a delegate for AD46. I have been a lifelong Democrat, and I support the following:
· increased funding for improvements to our public education system. Education is a fundamental cornerstone to our children’s futures, and to democracy in general. Unless we fix our educational system, I worry for the future of our nation.
· social justice and human rights. We need to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all. None of us can truly succeed unless we all succeed.
· climate action and equity. We must continue to lead the nation in actions to counter climate change, with a focus on ensuring our BIPOC communities do not bear the brunt of unhealthy conditions.
· Medicare for all, as well as the elimination of medical debt. Our level of bankruptcies due to medical debt is unconscionable in an advanced society.
·elimination of student debt and of predatory lending practices.
·reduced influence of lobbyists/special interests and big/dark money. People’s voices need to be heard over corporate interests; the 99%, not the 1%.
·expansion and protection of workers’ rights (I have been a member of SAG-AFTRA since the 90’s and am proudly #unionstrong.)
· increased efforts to decrease homelessness and provide assistance and dignity to our unhoused neighbors.
·continued leading on immigration issues and recognition of the valuable contributions immigrants make to our state and nation.
·criminal justice reform and addressing the associated racial and economic inequities.  
·building a more informed electorate. We have seen the dangers of people lacking a basic understanding of how our system works, and of falling for disinformation.
·increased efforts to build our grassroots support and GOTV.
·stricter enforcement of ethics, professional responsibility, and conflicts of interest rules. We must hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct.

Thank you,
Lauren Hoeflich

Lauren Hoeflich

As a young girl, I experienced living on many diverse continents. I lived among some dozen different languages and managed to learn 4 myself. I co-existed with over a dozen different religions and found much in common with all. I grew up first in Whittier, California, then in Persia, yes that’s what it was called in the 70’s, then in the South of India, and finally in Europe before I returned here to SoCal where I call home. My exposure to the world and it’s cultures and people is an attribute to my present day ideologies. I choose to be here in California and I choose to be a Democrat. As a female, a mother, a wife, a community leader and a human being, my choice to be a Democrat feels natural. My adult world revolves greatly around kindness, opportunities and equity. I feel grateful to be a community leader and a community volunteer. I make sacrifices to have this experience. I get out often and meet my community at their front doors while bringing projects, causes and safety. I make time to represent my community to government and speak on behalf of our needs. This drive to create a future we all can participate in has a deep meaning in my heart. I believe we all have purpose. I believe we all have fears. I believe we can all achieve what we want if we work, focused and intentionally towards a goal. Whatever that goal may be. I enjoy finding that common goal and working towards it. As an ADEM, I know I can represent my community, it’s needs and it’s future by continuing to reach out, listen and participate in solutions together and I’m willing to do the work. Those who know me recognize a driven, honest and caring Democrat. Vote for me and you will be voting for a voice that represents community, people and their needs.

Yvette Chambers