Assembly District 47

The top 7  Assembly District Delegate (ADD) candidates are the winners highlighted in bold.
Executive Board winners are the highest vote-getting ADD that requested to run for  Executive Board.
In the case that there is a tie, both candidates will have an * at the end of their name. Those candidates will be contacted for a drawing to decide the winner.

Executive Board

Rafael Trujillo, Jr.


Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Daphne Hawkins 400
Linda Gonzalez 386
BarBara L Chavez 360
Christina Marquez 358
Lynn Summers 357
Carolina Verduzco 343
Laura A Mancha 335
Ana Gonzalez 258
Kimberly Calvin 215
Patrice Brown 213
Esmeralda Vazquez 210
Mary B Sandoval 207
Angela Wilkinson 195
Hafsa Sharafat 139
Rocio Aguayo 121
Michelle Maria Heard 74



Other Than Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Rafael Trujillo, Jr. 405
Dan Flores 353
Edgar Montes 348
Victor Quiroz 335
Rey Acosta 324
Jacob Randolph 300
Upminder Jeet Singh Sandhu 285
Samuel J. Casey 205
Kelvin Moore 193
Kareem Góngora 192
Daniel Peeden 176
Ivan Aguayo 168
Johnny Ramos 162
Anthony Aguirre 143
Misael Tovar Diaz 85
Edward C McMillon II 78
Demedre Lane Barnes 50