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Candidate Statements

My name is Janet Hurtado, (pronouns she/ella) running for AD48 DSCC delegate. I’m running because Capitalism has let me down, I don’t want to live in fear that a job change, a prior illness, the cost of medication, the generosity of my insurance company or who our politicians are determines whether I have access to affordable health care.

I volunteered for Bernie Sanders and impressed his campaign staff so much, they hired me as FO to win AD48 for Bernie. Elected DNC Delegate for Sanders and currently LACDP Central Committee alternate. I had the honor of receiving the LACDP Democrat of the Year AD48.

I understand the profound need right now to change the system as we know it. Without radically transforming our government to one that is less influenced by corporate greed, there will neither be room for equality nor for a healthy environment. The Democratic party must do better in accurately reflecting the values and interests of its everyday base, not its donors.

As soon I joined DSA, I began recruiting people I met during the Bernie campaign into the organization, so we could continue the fight for a more just society.

Many fear for their lives and jobs because thousands are sick with COVID-19. The people in my community have been the worst hit by the inequalities of capitalism that were exacerbated by the pandemic. Especially since I come from a city that has a population that is deeply affected by the hardships of capitalism that have been laid bare by the pandemic.

Mi nombre es Janet Hurtado y estoy corriendo para ser delegada para representar el 48 distrito de la Asamblea Estatal.

Tenemos la oportunidad de cambiar el sistema, el cual está diseñado para mantener a la gente pobre especialmente la de color abajo. Las opciones son aceptar el sistema del establecimiento creado y mantenido por la gente rica o votar por cambio.

Todos sabemos cómo la mala salud y la asistencia médica afecta desproporcionadamente a los latinos, los afroamericanos y los pobres. Es una obligación moral de esta nación cuidar de su más vulnerables y negociar eso con los que no lo ven como tal es inconcebible.

Tan pronto como me uní a DSA continuó la lucha por una sociedad más justa. La lucha por la clase obrera, los ancianos, los enfermos y los pobres. Aliviar la deuda de los estudiantes y ayudar a nuestros hijos a alcanzar una educación accesible.

Janet Hurtado

I have spent my entire career advocating for workers rights. As a union organizer, I have contributed to advocating for workers’ rights, patient safety, expanding medical and workplace violence protections. During COVID-19, I have worked for the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU and worked relentlessly to secure free hotel rooms, free child care, personal protective equipment, and other safety and financial support for healthcare workers and their families.

As a part of AD 48, I can best advocate for our community of working people who have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. I would be proud to represent our assembly district and will continue to advocate for a California that serves all people, instead of just the wealthy elite and holds politicians accountable to their constituents. I strongly believe in uplifting the middle class, closing the wage gap, Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, universal child care, and immigration reform. Please vote to elect Marisa Szeps for assembly district 48

Marisa Szeps

I am a son of immigrant parents. I lived in poverty my entire life, and I have been homeless, but I continue to motivate myself to fight for the people. I am now a UC Berkeley student, a community activist, an organizer with DSA-LA, and a powerful voice for the voiceless, because believe me there are so many more people who believe in the same things I do, they just have do not have the platform that I have right now to speak on it. I am not a regular educated person. I am just a product of my environment. I come from the ghetto and I plan on speaking on behalf of everyone in my community.

I am someone who is not afraid to say that I am for reallocating funding from the police and putting it into social programs. I am not afraid to say that healthcare should be free for everyone in California. I am not afraid to say that Public Colleges should be free in California. I am not afraid to say that housing is a human right.

There comes a time when change is necessary in the face of injustice. Throughout the recent years, we have seen Democratic elected officials give into the interests of private equity firms, the fossil fuel industry, big real estate, the prison industrial complex, big tech, and nearly every corporation that they can get a campaign donation from. I want to make it known that you cannot say that you are for helping your constituents while receiving massive campaign donations from big corporations.

It is imperative that the Democratic Party hold these elected officials accountable. It has been too long in California that the Democratic Party stays quiet when some elected officials take money from big corporations and lose their interest in the constituents. People want a more equitable society and we cannot have that if corporations are buying our politicians.

The reason I ran is because I wanted to restore integrity to our government. I thought that if I did not run then someone else who doesn’t have our best interest at heart will win and I am confident that with your support we can make a difference in our communities.


Osirus Polachart

My name is Nicole Pirshafiey, and I’m running to be an ADEM Delegate for AD-48 because I am an optimist. I believe in the best of people, and I believe that if we work together and support each other that there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Maybe it’s because I’m a first-generation American and the daughter of an immigrant, but I see this country and our community for the promise of what it can be if we work together. I was raised to always reach out a helping hand and stand up for those in need, and that’s why I feel drawn to devoting myself to represent our community’s best interests—so that I can bring that same spirit of generosity, empathy, and equity and help us create a future that is bright for everyone.

Instead of asking “why is the country torn apart,” I want to bring people together to solve the problems that divide us: poverty, inequity, fear, and lack of opportunity. By putting ourselves and our communities first, over business and corporate interests, we all win: those businesses will do better in a community that is thriving. All boats rise when we take care of each other.

I’m passionate about ensuring all our neighbors have equal access to wellness, healthcare, safety, education, and opportunities to succeed. I want to hear from all voices, not just the loudest and the wealthiest. I want to amplify underrepresented voices and help forge the connections we need to acknowledge the challenges our neighbors face, so that we can work together to lift our entire community up. I want to be a voice for progress and growth to make a better future for our kids and our neighbors.

I am a helper by nature. From being the oldest child in a large family to being a leader at work, in everything I do, I want to help people, solve problems, and make lives better. My parents raised me to always take the initiative and go the extra mile to do the right thing–even if no one is looking, even if you get no credit, being the best version of yourself and making a positive impact in the lives you touch is reward enough.

So, I’m asking for your vote to represent AD-48 as an ADEM delegate who will represent our community with integrity and passion, who will push for progressive and equitable growth, and who will focus on what representation and policy change can mean for people like you and me.

Nicole Mojan Pirshafiey

I am Aaron Simental (he/they), running with and for progressive Democrats within AD 48!

As a product of Bassett, a small, low-income, and under-resourced community, I have dedicated my developing time in advocacy for marginalized community members. I am a first-generation graduate of Rio Hondo College and UCLA, where I have learned a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by many of our community’s own.

With that, I have taken a progressive, social justice approach to my rising professional work. From roots in college-career advising to my current occupation as a student affairs administrator, I pride myself for being in the service of others. I try to bring out the best in my students’ through fostering growth in their strengths. As a delegate, I want to do the same with local community-based organizers and the Party.

I am running in the ADEM Elections to be part of the collective voice of those traditionally left out of decision-making. Through supporting the efforts of community leaders, I plan on emphasizing the needs of our working families before corporate, establishment interest. Now more than ever, we need elected officials at all levels of government who recognize and prioritize our needs with the urgency they deserve.

As a delegate and part of the progressive wave throughout the San Gabriel Valley, I wish to see the Democratic Party further its platform to:

Support working-class families with direct and immediate financial assistance and relief, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Protect our neighbors from bigotry and violence on account of their immigration status, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/ or gender identity.

Stand up for Black lives and other people of color from systemic racism, violence, and injustice in all forms, from police brutality to lack of access to health care, housing, or transportation.

Fight for legitimate and powerful police accountability measures, accessible and free health care and public education, and community-involved environmental justice efforts.

Redirect public money from overfunded policing programs to severely underfunded social services from homelessness prevention, mental health/ crisis response services, and programs for those formerly incarcerated.

Elect Aaron Simental – A progressive Democrat.

Aaron Simental

Todd McGuire is a lifelong Democrat and proud United States Air Force veteran who resides in Covina in the Charter Oak community with his wife and two daughters, one in middle school and the other is a freshman at UCLA studying neuroscience.

He has previously served as delegate and attended the CADEM convention in San Francisco in 2019.

Employed as a health care staffing manager, Todd has seen first-hand the impact COVID 19 has had our health care systems. He played a pivotal role at ensuring adequate staffing levels at the start of this pandemic. He’s served as a nurse advocate, working to ensure that nursing staff at all levels is diverse and treated fairly and with respect.

Todd is an advocate for veterans’ services, affordable health care, and education equity.

Todd volunteers his time to organizations that serve young people such as the Coral Center and the Reading is the Way program. He has also spent numerous hours volunteering with his local PTA.

Todd McGuire

Councilmember Mark Breceda was first elected to the Irwindale City Council in March 1999, and has been re-elected in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2020. He has the distinction of being selected by his Council colleagues to serve as Mayor a record 9 times.
He is lifelong resident of the City of Irwindale and continues a family tradition of service to his community as did his father, brother and sister before him. Councilmember Breceda is a local business owner and is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents of Irwindale
He also served as CA state delegate from 2019 to 2020
His current term of office expires November 5, 2024

Mark Breceda

My name is Denaee Amaya and I am a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, a long-time resident of the San Gabriel Valley, and a passionate public servant. I am running for Assembly District Delegate, to amplify the voices of our constituents and fight for social justice in our country. I currently serve as the youngest Parks and Recreation Commissioner and Library Trustee for the City of Covina and Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee for our district. In these roles, I advocate for youth empowerment and fight for working-class families and communities of color. Throughout my term, I’ve secured resources for public entities, advised COVID-19 protocols for our City’s recovery plan, and supported progressive leaders running for office.   If elected, I will continue to deliver for our community, vote towards policies and positions that enhance our constituent’s quality of life, and ensure our Democratic values and agenda are progressing with the needs of the people.

Denaee Amaya

Hello, my name is Alejandra Avila from the City of Baldwin Park. I am running for Democratic Party Delegate for Assembly District 48. I have lived in Baldwin Park for 45 years. I have worked for the Baldwin Park Unified School District for the past 27, was elected City Clerk from 2009 to 2018, Council member for two years and currently hold the seat of Mayor Pro Tem.

As an immigrant, I understand the challenges our communities face and the division and obstacle they deal with on a day-to-day basis. I vow to continue to work for the working families, children, immigrants, and elderly. As a Democratic leader I will make my voice and actions heard to provide opportunities to all. I am not only committed to my community but to everyone. We need to come together to make a positive change in this world. I will fight for the environmental crisis, human rights and continue the fight to end the homeless crisis, as well as so many other issues the hinder the growth and success of our community. I would be honored to be selected as a Democratic Delegate. Please join me in the fight to unite our country with justice for all.

Alejandra Avila

I have been a resident of California’s 48th Assembly District for 22 years. My hometown is Covina, where I have lived since I was 6 months old. My experiences as a low-income Latina, and daughter of immigrants have driven my commitment for social justice and public service. I hold a B.A. from UCLA with a major in Political Science and minors in Chicana/o Studies and Global Studies. I have acquired more than 4 years of experience in community engagement, advocacy, and policy research through managing political campaigns, working with nonprofits, and organizing multiple voter engagement efforts.

I am running to be a delegate for the Democratic Party and to represent AD-48, because I am a homegrown leader who is invested in her community and cares about the future of our district and communities throughout California. I am especially concerned about intensifying racial and class disparities and how they restrict access to educational and economic opportunities. As a delegate, I will work towards promoting an inclusive Democratic Party, approach decisions from an intersectional lens, and center the voices of those who have been historically underserved and disproportionately impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jocelyn Correa

Hello Everyone, my name is Joanna Valenzuela and I’m running for Assembly District 48 Delegate and would appreciate your support. I want to be a California Democratic Delegate because I want to ensure that a diverse representation is continuously displayed
within our party and community. I was born in the City of West Covina and raised in the City of Baldwin Park and I’m currently growing my own family here. As an immigrant rights advocate and organizer, equal rights supporter and special needs advocate, I have always believed in the power of our community. I have extensive volunteer work at the local and state level and have assisted some of our most needed families during this pandemic by volunteering with organized food drives and donating to organizaron public and private to help bring smiles to children and elderly during this holiday season. Vote Joanna Valenzuela for CA 48th Assembly Delegate.

Thank you,
Joanna Valenzuela

Joanna Valenzuela

Giselle Sorial is running for E-Board Representative in the 48th Assembly District because she wants to focus party priorities on the most critical issues facing the country: affordable health care, comprehensive immigration reform and equitable access to the 21st century economy for all Americans.

Giselle is a San Gabriel Valley native who spent years on national, state and local issues. Her grassroots experience includes the Pasadena Mayor’s Office, campaign work for Barbara Boxer and the California Democratic Party, where her local roots and work in voter outreach flipped counties across the state.

She has always been on the front lines of today’s toughest issues, seeing firsthand the impact of policy on everyday people. A daughter of Egyptian immigrants, her mother is a lifelong public servant and her father worked odd jobs until he started his own business. One of her first jobs was at a low-income clinic, where she learned how critical access to medical care can be.

Her concern for healthcare led her to a degree in Public Policy from the University of California – Riverside and a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on healthcare policy. She moved to Washington to help implement the Affordable Care Act, enrolling Americans for health insurance, many for the first time.

After helping the DNC presidential effort in Florida, Giselle returned home in 2016 to work on behalf of Californians. She has since used her ties to community leaders to work on state and local issues in the Inland Empire and currently in her home of the San Gabriel Valley. In 2020, she was elected as a delegate for the 32nd Congressional District, proudly voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

She has a rich understanding of her home community and an affection for the issues that most affect it. She watched her father work to put food on the table as a young immigrant and saw how important access to medical care is for every person. Most importantly, she knows what it means to have economic equity in America’s market, as she saw the transformative power of her father starting and struggling to own business.

As a woman of color and internationalist with a comprehensive understanding of domestic issues, Giselle Sorial hopes to shape the future of the Democratic Party.

Giselle Sorial

As a resident in the City of Baldwin Park for over 30 years. I understand the needs of the community and the challenges it faces in these hard economic times. We need a strong leader that going to work hard to put the common good of the people first.

I am that strong leader. This is why I am running for re-election as Delegate for the 48th District to continue working hard for the families in the San Gabriel Valley.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Ricardo Vazquez

As a resident in the City of Baldwin Park for over 30 years. I understand the needs of the community and the challenges it faces in these hard economic times. We need a strong leader that going to work hard to put the common good of the people first.

I am that strong leader. This is why I am running for re-election as Delegate for the 48th District to continue working hard for the families in the San Gabriel Valley.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Cesar Andres Garcia

Hello California Democrats

My name is Ralph Galvan, I live in Baldwin Park and been a resident for 28 years. I sit on the Board of Directors to the Valley County Water District.

In the midst of the pandemic I have volunteered at multiple Drive Thru Food Giveaways providing food to those families affected by COVID 19.

I am running for the Democratic Party Delegate AD 48 because we need to fight for working families, and fight for our children better life of living.

We need to better our education system, Bring notice to climate change as it poses a threat. Work for immigrant rights, and as a gay male I want to see for more equality and betterment of LGBTQ+ rights.

We all must ensure a better quality of life for the generations to come and seek improvement in our world, our state and in the San Gabriel Valley Communities.

Ralph Galvan

Kristin McGuire is a proud Covina resident and newly elected Governing Board member for Charter Oak Unified School District.

She resides in the Charter Oak community with her husband, an Air Force veteran, and two daughters, one in middle school and the other is a freshman at UCLA studying neuroscience.

Kristin is the Western Region Director at a national nonprofit that focuses on higher education and health care policy for young people.

Kristin is a long-time champion for health care and higher education equity. She’s played a large role in shaping laws that benefit people who need it most; from smoke free parks and multiunit housing in Compton to the Student Borrowers Bill of Rights and the Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act.

Committed to public service, Kristin currently serves as a steering committee member for the California Asset Building Coalition, a member of Los Angeles African American Women in Public Policy, and is a member of California Workforce Pathways Joint Advisory Committee.

Kristin McGuire is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. Her favorite quote is “I am and always will be a catalyst for change.” -Shirley Chisholm

Kristin McGuire

I am running for Democrat Party delegate to support workers, immigrants, the environment, Democrat Party principles, and outcomes. My name is Laura Santos. I have a Political Science degree from UCLA and law degree from UC Davis. I am the first Latina elected to the Mt San Antonio College Board of Trustees, and I was formerly a Board Member on the Bassett Unified School District. I represent Baldwin Park, Irwindale, and portions of Bassett and West Covina. My area includes many low-income workers, immigrants, and first generation college students. I’ve always been a registered Democrat and previously served as an appointed delegate for Senator Susan Rubio and her predecessor. My most recent Democrat accomplishment while I served as board president was in October 2020 when a long and hard fought for Project Labor Agreement was approved for Mt SAC’s billion-dollar construction program.

As part of my public relations career, I’ve also have more than 30 years of experience in community and grassroots outreach and organizing. This includes working in communities of need to address equity and justice issues in education, health, poverty, and access to parks and open space. I have strong skills in building strong working relationships with leaders, recruiting and engaging stakeholders, and volunteers. I specialize in developing strategies that inform, educate, build support, and generate a call to action. November 2020 Nature for All recognized me and gave me a Champion of Water Award. I am currently working on a few stormwater capture/park projects in the community (ie Bassett HS Stormwater/Park, Baldwin Park/Francisquito pocket park, Flanner Wish List).

Laura L. Santos

My name is Francisco Gutierrez and I am running for a seat as a Assembly District Delegate because we need new 21st century leadership, accessibility, and to continue our fight for social change. We need the new generation to step up and be on the table of decision making so together we can create progressive change for now and for the future. We need to push for our leaders to be accessible and be open to dialogue with their constituents. Also with a new year and era coming to our country, state, and communities, we need strong leaders and advocates that will push for social change, economic equality, and inclusiveness for all. As your party delegate, I plan to work together with our communities and local leaders, to ensure that we achieve these goals and bring 21st century changes.
I work as an immigration paralegal, serve as a Board Member for the Los Angeles Paralegal Association, a member of the National Association of Legal Assistants, and served as a Student Board Member for WCUSD from 2016-2017 where I graduated from Edgewood High School. I have been a resident of West Covina for over 10 years. As a former candidate for West Covina School Board, I pushed for new leadership and ideas that would benefit our students the most. Now, I continue to advocate for our families, children, and communities.
As your elected delegate, I plan to continue my activism for our children, families, and immigrant communities. I will be empathetic, compassionate, and fight fearlessly for all members of our communities. I will be transparent and accessible to all. I will be your voice and listen to your concerns always; because together we can create positive change for generations to come. Please vote Francisco Gutierrez for Assembly District Delegate via your vote by mail ballot!!

Francisco Gutierrez

Manuel R. Garcia

I understand that the actions of today impact our families and future generations. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Delegate for the Democratic Party for two terms. As a lifelong resident of the City of Irwindale, I am familiar with the region. I have seventeen years experience serving the public as an Elected Official. I have recently been Re-Elected for another term as a Council member for the City of Irwindale. I have a vision for the San Gabriel Valley. The experience I have allows me to make informed decisions for the benefit of the community. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Manuel R. Garcia

My name is Frances Torres, and I am a candidate for Delegate in Assembly District 48. I am a Democrat who recognizes the challenges our communities face and how our elected leaders play a role in the decisions that impact us. The catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our community especially hard, leaving many on the verge of eviction, jobless, sick, and tragically dying. Now more than ever, we need to endorse leaders who will fix these problems head on. We need delegates who will hold those leaders accountable. I am a public school Special Needs Educator serving our students since the age of 18. I was encouraged to serve my community, co-workers and our party by my late sister Barbara Torres, a Democratic Party and Union leader. She taught me the values of service and the need for us to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I served on the executive board of SEIU Local 99 working to protect public school workers’ rights and to preserve the integrity of a member driven union. I have volunteered for the Los Angeles County and California Democratic Party, and I was one of many who helped get Maria Elena Durazo elected to the State Senate in 2018. This year I led the outreach team that delivered the victory for El Monte Mayor, Jessica Ancona. But I am most proud of the work I have done for the most challenged in our communities; I have participated and helped organize: Back to School Drives to provide students with the tools needed at the beginning of the school year, Holiday Toy Drives because kids deserve a little joy, and Food Drives for our neighbors who are experiencing the insecurity of hunger. I seek your vote in this ADEM Election to be your voice in the California Democratic Party. Delegates play a critical role in deciding the direction of our party through the power of endorsements of candidates and party platform to getting folks elected who put people’s interests first. I bring the experience needed to be your delegate, but more importantly, I share your values because I am that child who received Backpacks, Toys and Food from community drives, I am that worker that stands up and makes a change, and I am a fellow Democrat ready to serve you. With the blessing of your vote, I will represent your interests and hold our party accountable to ensure that politicians work for us. Vote Frances Torres, ADEMS for Assembly District 48

Frances Torres

As a self identifying female BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People, of Color) policy associate, and community activist, I have spent most of my life, and career supporting people’s liberation, civil rights movements, with a large focus on advocacy for incarcerated people within California’s carceral system, and ICE immigration detention centers, people experiencing houselessness, women’s/children’s rights, and access to mental health services. Some of the additional spaces I have worked in, and am passionate about include; schools and communities first, victims and survivors of domestic violence including human trafficking, criminal and immigration reform, Veteran’s rights, and environmental justice reform, among many others.

I am a highly progressive member of the National Lawyers Guild’s National Executive Committee, National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles Chapter, ACLU SoCal, and several Black Lives Matter Chapters.

Becoming an Assembly District Delegate is multifaceted, and would further allow me to serve the Progressive activism I was born into, while representing my Assembly District, and California Democratic Party. 

I am committed to the betterment of the lives of those defined within our collective AD-48 communities. Given the unprecedented times of Covid-19, I first handedly recognize the financial crisis that the pandemic has placed so many people in. I am committed to solutions that revolve around climate change and the Green New Deal, protecting housing rights of the housed and unhoused, and advocating for economic relief, stability programs and respective supporting Legislative policies. 

I will wholeheartedly accept the opportunity as Assembly District Representative to the Executive Board, if selected. 

-Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon


Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon

Jazzari (Jazz-ERR-ee) Taylor, known by many as “Jazz”, prides herself on being an environmental steward and education advocate; as well as, increasing community engagement through public policy. Jazzari was born in Los Angeles and has called Covina her hometown for over 25 years. Jazzari has obtained her bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from the University of California, Riverside. Furthermore, advancing her education in a Masters of Public Administration with National University, with an anticipated graduation of 2021. Jazzari began advocacy at an early age as a “Volunteen” for the City of Covina extending her service by participating as a referee for West Covina’s AYSO and Little League. Impart, this was a stepping stone for her career, as Jazzari began working at the age of 15 1/2 for the City of Covina as a Lifeguard and Assistant Pool Manager. Jazzari is an advocate for education and has worked alongside educators for outdoor and traditional education programs. This has encouraged her to obtain a “California Basic Educational Skills Test” certification. Jazzari currently works for the city of Baldwin Park for their Parks & Recreation department as a Program Specialist. Jazzari has lobbied at thee California’s State Capital on behalf of higher education nonprofit funding. Jazzari is an environmental steward with The National Park Services, Nature For All and Latino Outdoors, all while encouraging community grassroot organizations. She currently holds a “CA State Park FamCamp” certification that provides equipment and services for camping to underserved areas of our communities. She prides herself on building her network and furthering her education to better provide and understand those of different demographic backgrounds and economic status to increase the equity of our entire district. She prides herself on providing an inclusive space to listen to the voices and needs of our communities. Jazzari is currently an Administrator for a grassroot social media page to maintain a strong relationship with members, city officials and local small businesses. Jazzari will lead with the highest moral and ethical principles to serve our public needs. Jazzari is currently a resident of Covina and looks forward to serving District 48.

Instagram/ Facebook: @JazzarisGlobalCenter

Jazzari "Jazz" Taylor

My name is Michelle Parias, I’m a Latina proud to be born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley.

I was a Bernie Sanders Delegate at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and believe in the progressive movement to push the CA Dem Party to adopt bold change in the best interest of the people, such as: getting corporate money out of politics, Medicare for All, affordable housing, fighting for a Green New Deal and more. I believe there is no room for corporations to influence our elections and that’s why I will fight against corruption and greed in all levels. I’m also an environmental justice advocate and think it is critical for elected officials to reject money from fossil fuel companies for us to have a habitable planet.

If elected, I would only support corporate-free grassroots candidates seeking endorsement from the party and push for accountability and transparency.

Michelle Parias