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Candidate Statements

My name is Caroline Torosis, and I am running for re-election as an AD-50 delegate to the California Democratic Party on the Progressive Slate.

I currently serve as an elected Commissioner on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board. I believe that protecting our neighbors in their housing protects the integrity and diversity of our community. On November 3, I was re-elected to the Board by the voters of Santa Monica, and with the endorsement of the Democratic Party.

I am honored to have served the constituents of Assembly District 50 as a delegate to the CA Democratic Party for the past two years. I am an appointed member of the Party’s Platform Committee, where I work to craft the Party’s platform as a statement of our values as Democrats.

I am a Democrat because I believe that our best days are still ahead of us – that together we can build a more inclusive, more equitable County, State, and Country where all people receive equitable treatment under the law, where honest work equates to fair pay, and where every person has the ability to achieve economic mobility. I believe in creating a level playing field for all, in lifting up those who otherwise would not have a voice, and in reaching carbon neutrality through every economic decision that we make to ensure we leave our planet cleaner than we found it. As a first generation American, my parents have always instilled in me the importance of seeing all people through the same lens, no matter their background or personal history. I believe this is what the Democratic Party stands for. I have dedicated my life to public service as a Government Affairs Attorney, from representing low-wage workers in cases of wage theft to tenants in their power-imbalanced relationship with landlords. Currently, I serve as the Director of Economic and Business Development for the County of Los Angeles, crafting local policy and developing programs promoting economic mobility and affordable housing. A strong supporter of labor, I helped author the County’s minimum wage enforcement ordinance and worked with stakeholders to establish a regional approach to minimum wage enforcement.

I would be honored to be re-elected as a Delegate, along with my Progressive Slate members, so that we can influence key decisions to push the Party in a more inclusive, more progressive direction.

Caroline M. Torosis

Anastasia Foster is currently an elected Delegate to CADEM from AD50 and is running on the Progressive Slate. She was just re-elected to her second term as a Commissioner on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board. Her extensive work on the Board has improved the lives of tenants in Santa Monica through regulatory and policy changes, like capping tax passthroughs, mitigating construction issues experienced by tenants and stopping the misuse of our housing stock. She is a frequent panelist and moderator at “Housing California” in the field of Rent Control.

Anastasia is part of the Right to Counsel Coalition of Los Angeles, working to provide legal counsel to tenants all over LA County in order to stem the tide of preventable evictions. She also serves on the Housing sub-committee of Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights where she helps form policy goals affecting affordable housing for the City of Santa Monica and the region.

She serves on the Executive Board of Meals on Wheels West, is Chair of the Legislative Committee at Santa Monica Democratic Club, and she is a mother and small business owner, which gives her a unique opportunity to put her Progressive values to work in her employees’ lives, 37/40 of whom are women.

Anastasia is a 20-year union member who has marched with the teachers of UTLA, protested with the United Farmworkers in support of the overtime bill in the California legislature and has been an advocate of workers’ rights in Santa Monica, supporting numerous actions of Unite Here 11.

Please vote for Anastasia & the entire Progressive Slate. Thank you!

Anastasia Foster

There are massive wealth and opportunity gaps in our country, and it’s our duty as Progressives to offer solutions that provide relief from social and economic systems of oppression, especially for traditionally disenfranchised communities.

COVID-19 has exacerbated inequities based on the color of your skin and your gender identity. This is why representation matters, and it’s why I’m proud to be running from West Hollywood as a gay adopted immigrant and as part of a statewide effort to elect PROGRESSIVE SLATES. When diverse voices come together to make decisions, we will arrive at more equitable conclusions.

Since 2014 I have served as your Delegate to the Party, advocating for more representation for young people, LGBT people, and people of color just like me. Active in the LGBT, Progressive, and API Caucuses, our message of change now reverberates through the halls of government due to our efforts. Since 2019 I have been serving on the CA DEM Affirmative Action Committee, which promotes our many communities of color statewide.

As Communications VP of the Stonewall Young Democrats I’ve mobilized young people of color to become more engaged in our party.

I currently serve as the Public Policy Organizer for the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH), where I advocate for Affordable Housing for low income families. Housing is a human right!

Growing up in Vermont and having worked for Sen. Bernie Sanders on The Hill in D.C., I know how important campaign finance reform, SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE, and environmental justice is.

Earning a Master’s Degree in Political Theory from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), I focused on the theory of liberalism and was simultaneously named the Pat Brown Institute Fellow in 2012. PBI encourages civic engagement.

We must purge big money from politics and our Party! Earlier this year I was 1 of 20 delegates statewide to provide recommendations to the CA DEM Party which rejected dark money donors and embraced the small donor model.

I married a Central American immigrant who fled to this country for a better life and came here with nothing. Reforming and broadening immigration laws, ending homelessness, and protecting our LA beaches and forests aren’t just boxes I check to garner political support; they are my core values.

Please consider voting for me and the Progressive Slate!

Christopher Nikhil Bowen

I am running for re-election as AD50 delegate as part of the Progressive Slate. Thank you for considering me. I am a cardiologist at Harbor UCLA hospital, a publicly funded LA County safety net hospital where I primarily take care of uninsured and Medi-Cal patients. I am also the immediate past President of the LA County Medical Association (LACMA). This year, I’ve helped lead our county’s effort to confront the COVID19 pandemic with a focus on PPE distribution and disparities in access to healthcare. 

I also serve as an elected trustee at Santa Monica College and am a past President of the Santa Monica Democratic Club. As one of your current AD50 delegates, I serve on the Finance Committee for the California Democratic Party where I am focused on budget transparency and fundraising efforts on behalf of our state party. I am a proud union member as an LA County employee and have served as a delegate to the LA Labor Federation.

I’m committed to quality healthcare for all, including the undocumented immigrants I care for at Harbor UCLA on a daily basis. I’m also committed to environmental justice, equity in education, housing as a human right, rent control, LGBTQIA rights, gun control, anti-poverty measures, the living wage, progressive immigration reform, and protecting reproductive rights. Please vote for me for AD50 delegate as part of the progressive slate, so I can continue to bring progressive values to our state party’s leadership.

Sion Roy

My name is Jennifer Barraza and I am an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party from AD50 and an appointed member of the party’s Platform Committee where I have chaired the Immigration plank for 4 years and help craft the most progressive platform in the country. I am running on the Progressive Slate.

Currently, I am the Chief of Staff to Councilmember Kevin de León at LA City Hall and previously ran the west coast program for the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, where I helped lead the electoral work and mobilized teachers in targeted states like CA, Nevada and the state of Arizona which went Democratic for the first time in decades.

In the past decade, I have worked as the Organizing Director for SEIU Local 99 where I led the efforts to organize child care workers to form a union. I also worked for the CA Senate Democrats to secure a Dem Supermajority which allowed the state legislature to pass ambitious legislation around sanctuary state, clean energy and funding for affordable housing.

I was proud to be elected by voters the 50th district in the last election and it has been my honor to serve and represent you at the state party level. I would appreciate your vote for me and the entire progressive slate. Thank You!

Jennifer Barraza

Councilwoman-elect Sepi Shyne/The Progressive Slate

I am proud Iranian-American immigrant, small business owner and civil rights advocate.

On November 3, 2020, I was elected to the West Hollywood City Council after running a progressive people powered campaign without taking a single penny from developers.

When I was five years old, my parents and I fled a war torn country to find refuge in the United States where I spent my first 11 years as an undocumented immigrant. In my second year of college, I was thrown out of a coffee shop by a police officer and store manager for holding my girlfriend’s hand. That day, I decided to go to law school to learn the law and stop that from ever happening to others LGBTQ+ people. As an LGBTQ+ and civil right leader for over 20 years, I have helped secure equal rights for all. I have had the honor of leading many boards and organizations including as a past co-president of the LGBT Bar Association of Los Angeles and as a leader and Board Member on the Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles.

My election to the West Hollywood City Council was history making, because I am the first women of color elected in West Hollywood and the first out LGBTQ Iranian elected to public office anywhere in the world. While my election broke several glass ceilings and expanded diversity, including cementing the first female majority on the Council, the reason I ran for office was to bring my progressive values to City Hall.

I am running for ADEM on the progressive slate to bring the same leadership and progressive advocacy to our State Democratic Party as well as expanding diversity. Just like I fought hard for equal rights for all, I will advocate hard as a delegate to help make our party more progressive. I am a progressive advocate for gender equity and social justice reform, stronger protections for renters and rent control, healthcare for all, better protections and a living wage for workers, campaign finance reform and better services for our unhoused neighbors.

I am a proud Democrat and active member of the Heart of LA Democratic Club, Santa Monica Democratic Club, Miracle Mile Democratic Club and The Stonewall Democratic Club. I live in West Hollywood with my wife Ashlei and our fur-babies. I would be honored to have your vote.

Sepi Shyne


The most important thing I’ve learned in the last four years is that we can’t take our democracy for granted.

After the 2016 election, we watched as norms were smashed and lives upended by shocking rollbacks in areas such as healthcare, the environment, and immigration reform – and the economic scales were tipped wildly in favor of the most wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The foundations of our democracy seemed close to buckling. I was spurred to greater activism than I’d ever imagined.

Since then, I’ve fought the abuses of the Trump administration and pushed for progressive change. I became active in “resistance” groups such as MoveOn, Indivisible, and Swing Left. I pushed back against attempts to decimate protections – and to champion progress in affordable healthcare, immigration and prison reform, environmental protection, anti-racism, and ending homelessness and poverty. As a member of Indivisible, I’ve taken part in monthly meetings with our legislators – U.S. Senators, Congressmembers, State Senator, and Assemblymember – to advocate for policies and legislation that could help constituents – and against those that could do harm.

In 2018, I worked through the Westside Democratic Headquarters and other groups to flip seven California House seats blue and help Democrats take back control of the House. I’ve mobilized volunteers in numerous voter registration, education, and GOTV drives. This year, I fought to help Joe Biden win, defend our precious House majority, and pick up two Senate seats. I also stepped up as a GOTV Leader for the campaign of Christy Smith for Congress (CA25). Now, I’m engaged in leading efforts in the two Georgia Senate runoffs that could win us control of the Senate.

As an elected CDP Delegate for two years, I’ve also fought for progressive change from within the party. My proudest accomplishments are:
(1) Championing a bill to make the second year of community college free – and getting it endorsed by the CDP. That bill has since become law;
(2) Advocating for other progressive bills, such as the one which now allows public banks in California.

With a new Democratic administration, now is not the time to relent. I look forward to remaining a tireless advocate for progressive change that brings us closer to our ideal of a truly fair and inclusive nation.

Isabel Storey

My name is Keith Coleman, I’m running for election as an AD-50 delegate to the California Democratic Party on a Progressive Slate with 13 individuals who are values-driven, ethical, intellectually curious, and committed to making things better for all. I’m co-chair of an Intercultural Equity + Excellence Committee of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. An education advocate, I democratize opportunity for all students. I fight for progressive values of residents across Assembly District 50.

As a parent, critical thinker, servant leader – I was endorsed by LA County Democratic Party in a local school board race. It’s essential to empower kids, meet them where they are – to learn + collaborate. I’ve applied my experience as an education innovator, driving student higher education access in STEM, humanities, entrepreneurship + well-being experiences; psychologically safe environments support innovative learning. Mattering, belonging, collaborative practice is key for positive, efficient democratic practices.

In leadership, work w/Millennium Momentum Foundation + U.S. Dept of Education – The White House Young America Series – connected Obama Admin. officials w/community stakeholders to discuss issues & solutions to 21st century challenges. In ed tech, work w/Tesla Foundation emphasized robust characteristics of girls & students of color, where learners embraced critical thinking + policy.

I was raised on ideals + values of a society my parents hoped for me, where people embraced freedom, opportunity, security + responsibility. I fight for freedom to secure healthcare for all, especially mental health (I advise a firm providing positive interventions via smartphone virtual assistants); I fight for opportunity, for individuals to have equal access to the American dream; I fight for security, preserving our environment & prioritizing climate change via cap-and-trade/greenhouse gas fund equity investments in marginalized communities; I fight for responsibility, marshaling accountability for the well-being of communities thru policy.

Diversity of thought, innovative perspective is what Progressivism is all about. I humbly request to be elected as a Delegate with my Progressive Slate, so we may advocate for self-awareness, cultural revision + definitive policies that strengthen the Party for the betterment of all.
Keith Coleman / Progressive Slate

Keith Coleman

I am running to be a Delegate to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 50 and as a member of the Progressive Slate.

I have worked with this amazing group of political activists for many years making things happen in AD 50 and all through the state of California.

I am a lifelong Progressive Democratic Activist and Political Organizer.

I am the Political VP of the Santa Monica Democratic Club, LACDP Santa Monica Representative and Westside Democratic HQ Team Member.

For decades I have been a local community volunteer working especially with young people. Having grown up working class in a poor community I know how important it is for people to have opportunities and a path to a better life.

In recent years I have returned to direct political activism to defend our Progressive California Values from attack by evolving Conservative forces who seek to move this nation in a more Authoritarian, Nationalist and Oligarchic direction which is now threatening our Democracy, Freedom, Equality, and the U.S. Constitution.

I have used my abilities and skills organizing community energy and activism into political action. In 2018 we were able to put a check on the Executive Branch by Flipping the House. The 2020 election has shown us that we are under continued threat and we must prepare for a long fight. Democrats must stay vigilant, unified, and organized. The Democratic margin in the House is razor thin. We must already be planning for the 2022 Mid-Terms.

I have also worked for decades as an entrepreneur and businessperson in the fields of technology and the arts which has given me much operational experience to bring to the political arena.

In this recent era of increased political conflict, I have been part of organizing and developing strategy in California with CADEM, LACDP, DPOC, WDHQ and leaders such as Rep. Karen Bass, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff, and many others.

I am a frontline Progressive Democratic Fighter for:

•Universal Healthcare for All
•Environmental Protection
•High Quality Public Education
•Equal Rights for All
•Affordable Housing
•Criminal Justice Reform
•Affordable Higher Education
•Reducing Economic Inequality
•Immigrants’ Rights

I hope from my record of action and results as a Democratic Party Activist you will vote for me and the Progressive Slate in AD50!

Thank you!

Domi Piturro

Domi Piturro

I am running for re-election as Delegate on the Grassroots Slate in AD50. I believe the Democratic Party is made stronger by melding the grassroots into the established political process, as proven by the Blue Tsunami witnessed across the country.

This is our generation’s civil rights movement. The rights and privileges I grew up with are under assault and it is our duty to fight for our future. As a delegate, I represent our progressive platform and continue to promote and enable participation in our electoral process. This is why I am proud to be running on the Grassroots Slate, which represents the diversity of the progressive arm of our Party.

I am a lifelong activist for human rights who entered the political sphere in 2015. I could no longer sit idly by listening to the GOP’s racist and misogynistic rhetoric. I became a volunteer leader at the Westside Democratic HQ. After the election, I began mobilizing people across the country, working on red-to-blue elections. I dedicated myself to bringing diverse groups of volunteers together to support campaigns’ voter-engagement needs.

I began in 2015 as the National Code Blue Phone Bank Coordinator working on close to 50 state & federal elections. I then became the Co-Manager & Field Director of the 2018 Westside Democratic HQ and managed a team that was instrumental in flipping 7 CA Congressional Seats. I believe year-round early engagement is key to winning elections, which is why I became Executive Director of the 2019/20 Grassroots Democrats HQ. The HQ began as a brick and mortar location and is now a national virtual operation with the mission to Defend the House, Flip the Senate and Take Back the White House. I led a national operation, combining forces with Progressives for Biden and Seniors for Biden Coalition teams, including running the largest California GOTV staging location. In total, we made 5.4 million phone calls, 2 million texts and sent 600,000 postcards. I launched a Fellowship Program, which mentors over 50 young adults nationally and powers the HQ Young Dem Program.

Other positions include: Controller – Democrats for Israel CA; Board Member – Pacific Palisades Democratic Club & Director of 2020 Campaigns – Women’s March Action.

If you care about what Democrats stand for, you need to elect delegates that represent your values and know how to translate those values into action.

Tamara Melzer Levenson

After four years of division and hate sewn by Trump and Republicans, Americans overcame fear, pandemic, and voter suppression to vote for a clear Democratic mandate. Now we must carry out that mandate by holding the Biden-Harris Administration accountable to a progressive agenda centered on justice: the Green New Deal; Medicare for All; affordable housing; ending mass incarceration; reforming the police; responding competently to the covid crisis, including a permanent universal basic income; and protecting renters, seniors, immigrants, and all of our vulnerable communities. This is how we will earn back the trust of the people. This is why I am running for delegate with my friends on the Progressive Slate.

As President of the Santa Monica Democratic Club for four years, I’ve advocated for this progressive agenda. We have pushed our legislators and councilmembers to take courageous votes. We have worked to get progressives elected here in Santa Monica, several of whom are running for delegate on our Slate as well.

As Vice Chair of the Westside Democratic HQ, I converted this progressive energy into electoral victories. In 2018 I co-chaired the first ever midterm Westside HQ, leading volunteers in the successful effort to flip 7 House seats in California. Then we formed a partnership with Arizona Democrats, ultimately flipping their Senate seat and electoral votes into the Democratic column. In 2020 we built a virtual HQ infrastructure which trained hundreds of volunteers every day.

The role of delegate is where I can effect the most change, shaping what our Party stands for. It has been an honor to serve on the CDP Affirmative Action Committee, ensuring that the Democratic Party creates space for marginalized communities and serving as its Social Media Outreach Co-Chair. Through the lessons learned on this Committee, I oversaw the creation of our Democratic Club’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee this year which is already thriving.

By holding the new administration to our agenda, we can finally enact our progressive vision. The defeat of Trump and fascism is no time to return to past ideas of normal; indeed, they must be rejected. We must embrace the fierce urgency of now and respond with a bold progressive agenda. This is my call to action, and I ask for your vote so that together we make sure the Democratic Party is one that will enact this vision.

Jon Katz

I, Dr. Murtaza Mogri, am a member of the Progressive Slate for AD50 and have served as the Executive Vice President of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley for the past two years and will continue in this role in 2021. As a progressive Democratic leader in a purple region — the Conejo Valley includes Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village — I helped develop coalitions with local activist groups, such as Indivisible, as well as with local electeds, to flip down ballot seats in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, including flipping a far right majority on the Thousand Oaks School Board (CVUSD) with clean BLUE sweeps in 2018 and 2020.

An Eagle Scout, I am dedicated to my community and have served on the Planning Commission for the City of Agoura Hills for the past two years, the most recent year as the Vice Chair.

I will advocate for the progressive agenda within the California Democratic Party, including supporting the Green New Deal, Healthcare for All, Police Reform, Ensuring a Living Wage, Ending Poverty and Homelessness, and Pushing for Clean Money & Fair Elections. As a minority myself, I am passionate about defending the rights of immigrants and minorities. It is this passion that drove me to rally with local activists to defend California’s Sanctuary State Law (SB54) in 2018, which provided me with the opportunity to meet (and then support) Dr. Ruth Luevanos, JD, before she decided to run for her successful City Council race becoming the first Latina Democrat on the conservative Simi Valley City Council.

I am an advocate for developing party infrastructure to support the purple and red parts of our state (as well as our country) to build the long-term local relationships we need to flip seats. I also want to see the party develop stronger coalitions with partner organizations, like Indivisible, and am encouraged by the the state party’s 2020 Coordinated Campaign. Finally, we need to reach out and activate Democrats across our community, and I will push for more support for neighbor to neighbor work, which has been a focus for the Conejo Democratic Club since 2019.

More about Murtaza and his Endorsements:

Murtaza Mogri

My name is Steve Bott. I’m a lifelong Democrat and have been a party activist since volunteering on Howard Dean’s Primary campaign of 2003/2004. I have served for over five years as the Operations Vice President of Stonewall Democratic Club, served as an Elizabeth Warren delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2020, and have been elected to three consecutive terms as a California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate. As a CDP delegate, I have served on both the Affirmative Action and Credentials Committees. I have also advocated for – and successfully passed – rules meant to make the delegate election process (the ADEM process) more fair and accessible. As the organizer of the Grassroots Slate ( in the 50th Assembly District, my mission is to cultivate diverse representation across the district and bring new, progressive voices into the California Democratic Party.

I grew up in a Democratic household. A child of the 80s, some of my earliest memories are clouded by negative and hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ+ community by the Republican Party. The darkness of those memories has motivated me to help create and sustain a Democratic Party that will always strive to live up to our highest values: treating everyone with respect, regardless of who they are; being empathetic and open-minded; governing with the intent to elevate and support communities and people; and standing up against racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

I think it’s time that California Democrats lead by example, and transform our progressive platform into impactful change for our state. We need to take aggressive action on climate change, invest in our public schools, fundamentally transform the criminal justice system, build a healthcare system that treats healthcare as a human right, and take bold steps to solve our housing shortage and homelessness crisis.

I’m proud to be running alongside so many amazing and talented grassroots activists on the Grassroots Slate – and I ask for your support so that we can continue to build an inclusive and representative California Democratic Party that will fight for our values.

Steve Bott

I’m Jackie Pepper, a sports journalist whose passion for people and exploring the human condition extends beyond my profession, and into the field of politics.

As a grassroots activist, I’ve worked diligently to hold our elected officials accountable via my work on the Steering Committee of Indivisible CA-33. I also serve as our chapter’s liaison to Rep. Ted Lieu’s office. I’ve knocked doors for candidates across seven California congressional districts, helped register voters across the country and participated in dozens of races (on behalf of Democratic candidates, via phone, text messaging and postcards) nationwide.

I’m proud to be a part of the coordinated grassroots efforts which produced substantial gains in the House in 2018 and led to the most important Presidential Election outcome of our lifetime in 2020.

With a Biden/Harris Administration on the horizon, now is the time for Democrats to not only undo the damage of the Trump presidency, but to seize the opportunity to take historic steps toward progress and justice in all facets of our society.

The California Democratic Party is large in both size and influence, thus the behavior, values and platform of our party has national implications.

Agenda items I’d like to focus on include vastly improving the healthcare system, environmental sustainability, dismantling structural and institutional inequality to ensure equity for all, strengthening our democracy and committing to diverse representation within the Democratic Party.

I’m running on the Grassroots Slate, which is a unique group of innovative activists committed to leading with empathy, moral clarity, thoughtfulness and the tireless determination of our grassroots spirit. Please check out our website to learn more about me and my fellow slate members at

Jackie Pepper

My name is Jennifer Miner, and I’d be honored to be a delegate for my assembly district. I moved to LA from NYC in 2003. While my kids were young (they are in college now) I worked as a travel writer and was thrilled to introduce them to different parts of the world, their cultures, people, history. This all changed in 2016 when I was shocked out of my complacency by the election results. I quit almost immediately and decided to change my life. Since then, I have joined Grassroots Dem HQ and Heart of LA Democratic Club, taken my family with me to marches, and once my daughters were in college, taken friends with me to marches. I organized a rally for the US Post Office (MoveOn helped a lot!) as well.

Before the pandemic, I organized and hosted several fundraisers in my home for politicians such as Congresswoman Haley Stevens (MI) and Senator-Elect Mark Kelly (AZ). I continued to do these online since then, hosting and cohosting many, many “zoomraisers.” These included events for Ted Lieu and more afield candidates like Lauren Underwood, and Sara Gideon, Jaime Harrison, and others that sadly didn’t win their races.

In 2017, I became a founding member of a hyperlocal activist group, One Monday at a Time. We are currently writing postcards for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I’m also an active member of our Future Now Fund group, Red to Blue.

Back when I lived in NYC, I worked as a counselor (I have an MA and MEd in Psychology and was close to a doctorate). I worked with dually diagnosed homeless people and, later, formerly homeless people in Section 8 housing, along with being a counselor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice while in grad school. Something that has struck me, since the move to Los Angeles, is how much better NYC is in terms of planning and funding for the cities’ homeless populations. We donate to Jovenes here, which works to help young homeless people find safe and secure housing. I’d love if LA could emulate NYC’s plans to reduce homelessness; it’s multifaceted but rooted in law, not just relying on nonprofits. Last, I was invited to join the board of the California League of Conservation Voters, and I will become said board member soon.

I now have many activist contacts, associates, and dear friends in my district and in wider Los Angeles. To be a delegate would be an amazing feather in my relatively newfound activist cap!

Jennifer Miner

I am running for delegate as part of the Grassroots Slate.

MY VALUES: I believe in the core values of the Democratic party–social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice. I am most urgently concerned with voting rights, climate change, and economic inequality.

MY EXPERIENCE: I am the CFO of the Grassroots Democrats HQ; I was one of the founders of the Westside Democratic HQ, and I ran the California team for Code Blue for the 2018 midterms. I have organized field teams across California, state-wide activist conferences, and given presentations on voter engagement to multiple resistance groups.

MY SKILLS: I’m a management consultant by trade – I know how to build coalitions, lead groups, and gain consensus for action. I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates for jobs, and so I will know how to interview candidates as part of the endorsement process. I can analyze data and communicate to a lay audience.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I bring an unusual skill set to the delegate position – someone who is passionate about core Democratic issues, but has the skills to evaluate candidates, analyze information and build coalitions to get things done. I’m a results-driven progressive.

WHY VOTE FOR MY SLATE: My slate has a diversity of backgrounds, but we share values, have proven experience in grassroots organizing and politics, and are committed to being responsive to the needs of voters.

I appreciate your consideration.

Brian Colker

My vision for what is possible for public education compels me to act. As a product of the Las Virgenes Unified School District & now a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with a M. Ed. in Leadership & Policy Studies, I believe that educational justice is social justice because the legal implications of policies created at the local, state, & national level are profound on those in public education.

Our decisions will have a serious impact on future generations. We must consider the safety & well-being of our constituents, whether it be issues of education, housing, transportation, climate change, healthcare, immigration status, gun control, LGBQT+ rights, familial leaves, utilities, discrimination, criminal justice, reproductive health, equal pay, or the insidious epidemic of racism. The intersectionality of these issues is as relevant to our community as they are in my classroom.

Trips to Sacramento and DC for educational initiatives such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act have given me policy experience. As an elected leader within United Teachers Los Angeles & the California Teachers Association, I have represented the needs of communities through the Racial Justice Task Force, protected collective worker rights in the Negotiations Committee, & taught anti-racism as the Women’s Coordinator for the Equity Team. Similarly, my continued advocacy has landed me the CTA Human Rights Award & several LGBQT+ grants. As a high school teacher, I’ve sponsored clubs & teams such as Future Democrats of America, GSA Diversify Our Narrative, & Mock Trial. As a participant of the English Learner Leadership & Legacy Initiative & a member of the San Fernando Valley Young Democratic Club, it is evident that I believe in empowering the youth.

Challenges throughout life have only made my voice stronger to fight for a more just society. With Black Lives Matter at Schools, we studied The Combahee River Collective’s “A Black Feminist Statement” which contains words that now define my life’s work & remind me that continuous advocacy is necessary to ensure civil rights for all.

As an advocate for racial & social justice, I know I can represent this community with integrity & passion. As a community member of Assembly District 50 for the last twenty-four years, it would be an honor to represent AD 50 as your delegate. Thank you for your consideration.

Kyna Collins

I will take this position seriously. I will act with integrity and honesty. I will show up, I will be involved, and I will work to the best of my ability.

My name is Adam Britten, and I have lived in Los Angeles almost my entire adult life. Before that, I lived in Orange County. I take pride in my community and my state, and if you do as well, I would appreciate your vote of confidence.

Adam Britten

I am a grassroots community leader with a passion for building just and sustainable communities. As Chair of the Mid City West Community Council for the last 6 years, I have brought many new diverse voices into the political process. This engagement has led to real progress on important issues facing Los Angeles, including homelessness, traffic safety, and access to public space. As your delegate to the California Democratic Party, I want to continue the work of raising up new voices in service of progressive aims.

In addition to my leadership at Mid City West, I am the founder of the Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition, a nonprofit working to connect our unhoused neighbors in the Midtown region of LA to services and housing. I also serve on the boards of the Miracle Mile Democratic Club and the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance. I earned a Master of Public Policy degree from Georgetown University and work as a COVID-19 contact tracer at UCLA’s Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center. I am currently running a people-powered progressive campaign for city council in Los Angeles’ 5th district.

I am exceptionally proud to be running with a diverse group of civic leaders and activists on the Grassroots Slate. Our slate brings a wide variety of personal perspectives and professional backgrounds, but we share core values. We all believe that we have work to do to ensure that all Californians have access to high quality education, health care, housing, and public space. We all believe that climate change is an existential crisis, and that we need to act quickly and boldly to reduce emissions. We all are all committed to the work of anti-racism, including transforming our criminal justice system. And we all believe that progress on these issues demands true grassroots engagement. Thank you for your consideration, and we’d be honored to earn your vote.

Scott E. Epstein

As the publisher of Addemplus, a blog devoted to promoting social justice, social responsibility, and transparency in politics, government, financial markets, and policing, and as an attorney, Army Reserve JAG Officer, union member, and entrepreneur, I am excited to run with the Grassroots Slate to become a Delegate to the California Democratic Party.
I believe in building coalitions to support my policy priorities. Right now, my most important policy priority is to protect our community’s health and economic security from the ravages of coronavirus. Until vaccines are readily available to all, our community’s health and economic security are at more risk today than ever before. That’s why I advocate for social justice, social responsibility, and transparency through my blog, AddemPlus, and through my work with like-minded organizations, leaders, and individuals.
I support small business owners, as well as restaurateurs, travel, tourism, and hospitality industry professionals, medical professionals, and many others whose financial circumstances have been decimated by coronavirus. I support meaningful economic stimulus and relief now, today, for these and other industries who are suffering such catastrophic economic devastation. I believe in protecting our environment, civil and voting rights, veterans and servicemembers, and union members. And I am a passionate advocate for responsible, community based, local policing reforms and forgiving student loan debt.
I support candidates and organizations who work tirelessly to overcome the many challenges caused by coronavirus. For example, health care professionals must have adequate supplies of PPE. And front line, essential employees, who drive our trains and buses, and make and sell us food, water, and yes, toilet paper, deserve better protection, pay, wages, and benefits.
Today, many Republicans have stood idly by and done nothing to stop the disinformation that has destroyed trust in our democratic elections, science, government, and the media. To minimize this damage, we must work like never before to promote social justice, social responsibility, transparency, accountability, ethics, and the rule of law to protect American Democracy.
The Grassroots Slate believes in social justice and social responsibility. Vote for Charles Taylor and the Grassroots Slate.

Charles J Taylor

I am running on the Progressive Slate for delegate in the 50th Assembly District. As an African American woman and United States Navy Veteran, I understand why freedom, opportunity, and social equality requires collective action.
My appointment on the Public Safety Reform Advisory Committee (PSRAC) involves addressing criminal justice reform from macro- and micro-levels by reimagining community policing in Santa Monica. I believe safeguarding civil rights requires civilian oversight, restricting use of force, banning tear gas, and acoustic weapons when exercising First Amendment Rights. Instead of criminalizing homelessness, enhance alternative response using more mental health professionals assisting police on “non-emergency” calls.
Participating in Santa Monica Democratic Club’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee allows me to develop diverse voters. Encouraging civic service and cultivating leaders amongst California’s Black Greek Letter Organizations is also pivotal to creating an inclusive body of elected officials. My Steering Committee position on Divine 9: Trusted Voices Coalition enables me to serve under Congresswoman Karen Bass and Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson championing legislation like police reform and immigrant rights, upholding importance of using “clean money” and fair elections.
Advocating on Committee for Racial Justice means fighting for healthcare rights, sustainable housing and ending mass incarceration. Through Social Justice work on Santa Monica Black Agenda Steering Committee, I’m ensuring a level playing field by addressing rent control and affordable housing shortages, demanding decent living wages, and accessing public health. Participating on Santa Monica’s Economic Recovery Task Force (Local Hiring and Job Training) allows collective efforts to stimulate economic growth, improve access to job training/hiring, and entrepreneurship opportunities for low-income residents.
I have three kids and believe all children should have equal access to a high-quality education. I’m passionate about closing the opportunity gap and participate on Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District’s Intercultural Equity & Excellence District Advisory Committee, Special Education District Advisory Committee, and Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS).

Angela Scott

I’m thrilled by the opportunity to serve as a Delegate to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 50. If the past few years have shown us anything, it is that our apathy delegates the power to make life-altering decisions on our behalf to those who don’t empathize with our struggle. We limit our potential when we neglect those opportunities right in front of us, happening at the state and local level, primed to be seized. To me, being a Delegate means having a seat at the table. It’s a seat that allows me – allows us – to be architects of California’s future. To do right by communities of color. To do right by people experiencing homelessness. To do right as global citizens. This seat will make space for all people, of all backgrounds. I made a commitment to public service when I went to work for the City of Los Angeles upon entering law school a few years ago. I will bring the same advocacy and moral clarity that I brought to City Hall – advocacy that led to the opening of a new homeless shelter, the passage of the right to counsel law, etc. – to the California Democratic Party to meaningfully address homelessness, systemic racism and inequality, climate change, gun violence, and promote a foreign policy that is centered on diplomacy and mutual respect and understanding that upholds democracy and human rights. That is why I’m running. To be a better advocate for those lacking a champion. I hope I can count on your vote.

Daniel Bral

Chelsea Byers is the daughter of a tile-setter from Arizona who grew up without the wealth that could guarantee her family access to housing, healthcare, or education. She spent her youth participating in local community programs and volunteer efforts where she witnessed the ways people could come together to care for one another. This connection to community and the ability to change people’s lives through meaningful action put Chelsea on an early path towards deeper issue-based advocacy and organizing for social justice.

Chelsea earned a degree in Political Science and Gender Studies from Northern Arizona University. In her work as a community organizer and social impact strategist, Chelsea focuses on activating the broader public around issues affecting marginalized communities. Her leadership within the anti-war and anti-sexual violence movements has led her to work with and through media to raise the profile on critical and overlooked issues, create activist training camps and advocacy programs ushering thousands of people into resistance and solutions work, and put her body on the line for justice. For nearly a decade, Chelsea has been an ongoing contributor to Beautiful Trouble: Toolbox for Revolution where she supports campaigning at the intersection of arts and politics around the globe.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Chelsea coordinated 2014 midterm election efforts as Director of Arizona’s Coconino County Democratic Party and led a university program that resulted in a historic number of students being registered to vote. Now as a renter on the Westside, Chelsea is dedicated to ending the criminalization of poverty by building people-power in support of eradicating the root causes driving LA’s homelessness and housing affordability crisis through United Way’s Everyone In campaign. She serves as Director of National Women’s Political Caucus LA Westside and Vice President of the Westside Young Democrats. She is also the founder of Mural Map LA – a free, online resource created for public art access and education.

Chelsea is proud to be running as a first-time candidate for AD50 Delegate with the Grassroots Slate. A California Democratic Party with quality leadership rooted in the realities and experiences of the most marginalized is essential to the future of our local communities, our state, our nation, our planet and all living creatures.

Chelsea Byers

My Name is Barry A. Snell and I am running for Re-Election as a delegate on the Grassroots Slate for the 50th Assembly District. I am a CPA and Santa Monica resident who have been involved in the city’s local politics for over 20 years. Currently I am in my second term as an elected Trustee at Santa Monica College where I served as Board Chair during the 2018-2019 school year. In May 2020 I was elected by my fellow Trustees to serve on the California Community College State Trustee Board. In addition I served on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District K- 12 Board from 2006-2010. I have always had a passion to improve our K-14 educational system. I have focused my energies on improving educational outcomes for students by, 1) setting policies that promote easy and low cost access to community college and 2) reducing prerequisite courses so that students can transfer and complete the require courses. I am a strong advocate for student housing and believe that it will help with our student homeless population. I am a board member and treasurer of the Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. which is responsible for management services and operations of the property-based business assessment district in Downtown Santa Monica. I have always been an advocate for smart growth, workforce housing, and right size development while reducing traffic through new innovative means of transportation in Santa Monica. In May of 2020, after the death of George Floyd and the civil unrest in Santa Monica’s downtown, I along with a group of African American residents at the request of City Council form the Santa Monica Black Lives Association to address systemic racism in city of Santa Monica. Our efforts have given a voice to residents in Santa Monica who previously felt left out and unheard. If elected, I will continue to push the party platform for equity, and social justice for minority voices. I respectfully ask for your vote for Re-Election as a delegate, along with my Grassroots Slate members. Thank You BARRY A. SNELL

Barry Snell

I am a journalist-turned-activist who organizes for social justice causes. As Administrative Director for the CDP’s 2020 Coordinated Campaign, I helped coordinate the pivot from a ground-based campaign to a 100% virtual operation. As a delegate, I will build coalitions for change and create opportunities for all voices to be heard in our party.

I will advocate for renters’ rights and access to affordable housing, and also be a voice for a population who has no voice in our political process – children and youth in foster care. As a CASA volunteer, I’ve seen first-hand the need to reform the state foster care system to better meet the needs of transitional age youth and to put an end to the fostercare-to-prison pipeline.

I am proud to be part of the Grassroots Slate for AD-50, among the most passionate, progressive and impactful Democrats in our district. The entire slate deserves your vote, because we are committed to working as a unified force to advance a progressive platform in the state party.

The Grassroots Slate in the 50th Assembly District seeks to represent the grassroots heart of our district. We are a diverse group of progressive activists committed to building the California Democratic Party from the bottom-up –- always leading with empathy, moral clarity, thoughtfulness, and the tireless determination of our grassroots spirit.

The Grassroots Slate is:
Ana Maria Jara
Andrea Morgan-Chun
Aura Vasquez
Barry A. Snell
Brian Colker
Charles Taylor
Chelsea Byers
Daniel Bral
Jackie Pepper
Karen Andros Eyres
Scott E. Epstein
Steve Bott
Tai Esteban Sunnanon
Tamara Melzer Levenson

Find out more about the Grassroots Slate at:

Karen Andros Eyres

I am Andrea Morgan-Chun, running for delegate in AD50 on the Grassroots Slate. Currently, I serve on the Steering Committee of Indivisible CA-33. My involvement with Indivisible CA-33 is the natural progression of years of advocacy and volunteer work with grassroots groups including, Health4all Coalition, Tax March, Lawyers for Good Government, and Election Protection-Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Following various workplace incidents early in my professional life, I decided to study law to learn about my rights as a woman, an employee, and someone moving through a world where others held power and resources. At Fordham Law School, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the International Law Journal. Later, I practiced law in New York and Los Angeles with two top-50 law firms, which allowed me to do Pro Bono work for the Democratic Governors Association. My law career made me acutely aware of the importance of who serves in the judiciary.

I left corporate law to open an independent bicycle shop in Santa Monica with my husband. While I am the wife and daughter of Asian immigrants, I am also a native Californian in love with our natural ecology. As a local entrepreneur, I am invested in supporting our community’s mandate toward environmental sustainability and fortunate to actively contribute to environmental responsibility – not just preach it.

Elsewhere in the community, I served as a Deacon and an Elder at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica, where I am a member. I was one of many voices in the church advocating for the welcoming inclusion of LGBTQ+ members in the clergy and all aspects of church life, including marriage, before it was approved at the federal level.

I have been serving on the PTA Executive Board at my child’s public school for over a decade. As a longtime proponent of quality public education, I will advocate to increase funding for our schools, decrease the student teacher ratio, and eradicate student loan debt.

Each chapter of my background highlights an area that continues to be of importance to me: ensuring a qualified, well balanced judiciary; working as a community toward ecological responsibility; advocating for inclusivity for the disenfranchised and the voiceless; and nurturing a sustainable school system that benefits all. I look forward to serving as your delegate. Thank you for your consideration.

Andrea Morgan-Chun

My name is Michael Barth. As a delegate, I hope to build on the work I’ve done as a Young Democratic leader l to support progressive policies and build up platforms against harassment and police money influence in politics. I have a concrete record of furthering these goals as former President of the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats. Whether it came to standing up to former party leaders and legislators who abused their status or rethinking paradigms on racial justice and demanding an end to tolerating police union campaign contributions from the campaigns we endorse, I was proud to join and lead with other young activists in pushing the envelope.

I’ve also been proud to work as a Field Organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign and carry the flag for her message of big, structural change in the LA area while engaging in the essential fieldwork and volunteer building that strengthens our whole party. After Sen. Warren’s campaign ended, I took to heart her message to keep seeking righteous fights by co-authoring a statement with dozens of other Warren staffers to declare our new support for Bernie Sanders’ campaign in an act of progressive solidarity. And of course, while disappointed with those losses, I continued to act as a team player by organizing with the United Democratic HQ to fight for Joe Biden and our House Democratic majority.

In my activism, I try to keep myself grounded in the communities and people we serve. As a new attorney who’s worked in legal aid settings to advocate for low-income workers who have struggled with wage theft and consumer fraud, I carry those stories with me as well.

I humbly ask for your support.

Michael Barth

Iam a 50 yr homeowner in Santa Monica, my children went from k-12 in SM. First Latino receptionist of the Ford Foundation Minority scholarship. Ive voted Democrat my whole life. I chaired MECHA at Santa Barbara City College a Latinx student organization. Participated in the organizing of the Union of the Homeless. Was member of the National Laborers Union.

David Silva

I’ve spent 25 years as a political strategist for Democratic and Grassroots candidates and policies across California. My activist journey started because my parents instilled incredible values of Community service, Collaboration and Compassion. This was especially amazing, coming from my mother who immigrated from Ecuador and my father from Thailand who met, married and had two children without being able to speak much English! (Meet Tai video:

Growing up in poverty in Los Angeles only fueled my fight for homeless, immigrants and affordable housing rights. I’ve been to the US/Mexico border 10 times to help reunite children separated from their families. But just as these policies have divided Democrats and Republicans, so too has there been division within our Party. That needs to end. Especially when an economic stimulus plan is desperately needed.

Now more than ever, our Party must unite to push for recovery efforts. AD50 residents want a Delegate who will not only stand up for our values, but who will also help reunite us to ensure that job growth, affordable housing and proven leadership are in place asap.

My Democratic, community-driven work includes:

•25-years of running Grassroots political campaigns
•20-years of running ballot/prop measures
•Chair Appointee of LA County Dem Party
•Chair of West Hollywood Public Facilities Commission
•E-board member of BH/WH Dem Club
•At-large Board member of Stonewall Dem Club
•Member of ROAR, Indivisible LA Chapter
•Lieutenant in the United States Air Force

I’ve been endorsed by over 50 community leaders, including West Hollywood Mayor, Lindsey Horvath. I’m a proud member of the Grassroots Slate and would appreciate you voting and endorsing all 14 of us. It would be my great pleasure to represent you as a Delegate to the CA Democratic Party. Let’s do this! (Meet Tai video:

Tai Esteban Sunnanon

I am an internal medicine resident physician at UCLA Health and Southern California Regional Vice President of the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU, a local that represents physicians in post graduate training programs. As a healthcare provider on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, I see the continued need to advocate for my patients and my community through political activism. Most recently, I organized a unity break where over 50 doctors came out and spoke publicly about inadequate frontline worker safety policies, a situation that endangered all healthcare providers and our patients. I have also advocated to expand MediCal access at UCLA to help our surrounding communities most vulnerable.

I am running for the position of ADEM delegate to build a transparent and grassroots-led Democratic party that can deliver real gains to working people. I have particular interests in advancing healthcare equality, building labor union power, increasing access to affordable housing, and tackling environmental injustice. Please vote Mark Kelly for ADEM in Assembly District 50.

Mark Kelly

I am Ana Maria Jara and I am running for ADEM. I am lucky to have lived in Santa Monica for almost 40 years – 36 of those in the same rent-controlled apartment – and to have worked at Santa Monica College, International Education Center for 30 years. I have been an advocate for smart and inclusive solutions to issues of inequity in Santa Monica. I bring my life experience and skills in working with a diverse community, particularly multicultural and multiethnic groups, and am a strong supporter and advocate for Labor. I combine my passion and community expertise to make visions a reality.
I have served on numerous boards and organizations, playing a vital leadership role to impact the lives of youth and families in Santa Monica. My first entry into civic engagement was as an advocate with The Quiet Minority. Since then, I have served on the PTSA as a member and co-chair. I have participated as a District Advisory Committee member for multiple groups and co-founded various district-wide committees (i.e., Equity for Education). Citywide, I have served as Chair for the Commission on the Status of Women, Vice-Chair on the Social Services Commission and in January of 2019 was appointed to serve as Member to City Council of Santa Monica.
As a strong supporter and advocate for Labor, I have represented my membership at Santa Monica College as: Former President to Classified Senate; Recording Secretary and Treasurer for CSEA Chapter 36, and as a member of CSEA since 1990. I have served as an Executive Board Member from 2001 to 2006 for Santa Monicans Allied for Responsible Tourism, where I worked to pass a living wage. As a member of the City Council, I voted to pass laws to protect hotel workers.
On a broader scope, I have served as Co-Chair for NAFSA: Association of International Educators; Chair for the Latina Youth Conference Committee; Council-President at St. Anne’s Catholic Church and Shrine; Board Member at LA Voice/Pico and as Representative in Leadership Assembly to Pico National; Executive Board Member to Santa Monica Democratic Club; and currently am a member of the Human Relations Council.
I am proud to have served on the Santa Monica Democratic Club Executive Board from 2000 to 2006, and am prouder still to be running for ADEM on the Grassroots Slate, and I humbly ask for your vote.

Ana M Jara

I am K. Latrice Gwin, a proud lifelong Democrat, Los Angeles County born and bred, and a current 15 year resident of Mid City. I am a seasoned and experienced benefits communication specialist. I partner with public and private sector entities to educate their employees on their benefits options to make an informed decision for themselves and their families.

In 2018, I founded the United Empowerment Foundation. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, family-centered, community-oriented resources that support and enable children and their families. Through this foundation, I live out my passion for serving others.

I am fully engaged in my community and it’s progression. I chair the Community Engagement Committee, an agency that provides culturally relevant, community-based services to children and families that preserve the family, prepare foster youth for successful emancipation, and strengthens the community.

I am a proud single mother of two. My daughter is an Airman serving our great country in the United States Air Force; my son is a sophomore in high school. Through these uncertain times, I am committed to keeping our family safe and healthy.

Your support will help cultivate the new leadership and ideas we need to re-imagine a more inclusive vision for 2021 and beyond. I am committed to doing the work in the California Democratic Party by working on the following issue areas:

Affordable housing and homelessness
Social justice and equity
A sound and responsible COVID-19 response
Rebuilding our economy
Protecting our seniors
Closing the wage gap
Empowering youth and young adults

I’m a proud member of the New Frontier Democratic Club and the Black Women’s Democratic Club. I am prepared and equipped to represents Democrats of the 50th assembly district within the California Democratic Party. I humbly ask you to support me K. Latrice Gwin and the New Deal Slate, and together we will build the party we all want to see.

K. Latrice Gwin

My name is Doug Boney (he/him) and I am running to be your delegate in the 50th District. My background in the labor movement, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, and pay equity make me the ideal candidate to represent you and all constituents in this district.

Moving to California from Mississippi 20 years ago helped me find my voice. I found the diverse, progressive environment of my chosen home of West Hollywood inspiring and welcoming, allowing me to become a truer version of myself. This growth gave me the courage and drive to be active in causes near and dear to me, leading me to become a respected leader in my union, the IATSE.

As chairperson of my local union’s diversity committee, I helped formulate the local’s in-depth examination of the pay equity issues its members face. This led to the creation of Reel Equity, the first organized campaign and study regarding pay equity for behind-the-scenes workers in film and television production. In addition, being a member of the IATSE Pride Committee has given me opportunities to connect with organizations such as Color of Change and the LA Black Worker Center for mutual collaboration. This work is all part of my passion to push for social justice.

This personal growth further opened up the opportunity for me to sit as a member of the National Executive Board of Pride at Work, where I fight for the overall labor movement, especially LGBTQIA+ workers, which is one of my proudest achievements.

When you vote for me as a delegate, you will be selecting a proven advocate and representative for all voters in this district. From being a forceful representative for members of my local union at the negotiating table and on the job, to fighting for the rights of LGBTQIA+ workers in the public and private arenas, and to the strong support and voice I give in helping my kin in their fight for pay equity and social justice, I pledge that I will bring that same enthusiasm and purpose to being a delegate for you.

California has felt like my true home the moment I arrived here. Being a delegate would give me the opportunity to give back to my adopted home state, but more importantly know that your vote for me will mean a strong, dependable advocate for all.

Vote Doug Boney for delegate of the 50th Assembly District.

Doug Boney

Aura Vasquez is a Colombian-born immigrant and business owner who embodies the values and future of the Democratic Party. She uses her skills as a community organizer and her political experience to rally Americans around the most important issues of their future: economic, social and environmental justice. Aura will secure our nation’s future by protecting affordable housing, investing in energy infrastructure and creating the jobs that will build the 21st Century economy – where she already has a history of success. As an organizer, she championed immigrant rights in California by mobilizing communities to end unfair impoundment laws targeting immigrants. When elected to the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, Aura fought predatory developers trying to push out affordable housing and replace it with luxury condominiums. Her leadership in environmental justice is unmatched. She helped pass the ban of single-use plastic bags in Los Angeles, established the country’s largest solar panel program and ended legislation that would force residents to pay utilities for revenue lost due to the use of that solar energy. She also led the Sierra Club’s ‘Beyond Coal’ Campaign, securing a commitment from Los Angeles to go coal-free by 2025. As the youngest-ever commissioner and first immigrant on the Board of Commissioners to the LA Department of Water and Power, she guided the utility to be more equitable, sustainable, and affordable. She brought the first solar for renters program in the country to LA and retired three coastal gas plants polluting communities of color, replacing them with renewable energy – the country’s first real taste of the Green New Deal. Her dedication to advancing Democratic ideals led to her 2018 work with the National Democratic Training Committee. Around the country, Aura used her skills as a community organizer to train Democratic candidates to run for elected office, helping flip the U.S. House of Representatives to a Democratic majority. Aura’s professional and life experience led to her beliefs in the need for environmental protection, comprehensive immigration reform, and affordable housing protections for renters. Her top priority is the development of communities through investment in sustainable energy, which brings a dignified living wage in new energy jobs and environmental protection for the future for all Americans.

Aura Vasquez

We have encountered a time of opportunity, opportunity for change. It is time for us to build a state the gives every person, every child the right to have housing, food, comfort, true access to healthcare, and access to quality public schools. This is now the time for everyone to have access and equity, not only a few. There is no reason why some should have so much while so many have so little. Covid-19 has shown the disparities among individuals and communities. It is time we lift up our most vulnerable populations.
These are the reasons why I would like to become a CADEM delegate. It is important to have politicians and measures in place that will push for equity in society. I would like to help support the RIGHT candidates and measures.
I have been a teacher since 2005 and have seen overcrowded classrooms, schools without nurses, not enough desks and books for each student. Yet, right across town, there are schools with state-of-the-art equipment and buildings, individual student attention, enrichment for all students. A student’s zip code should not determine their quality of education. Every child deserves a quality, top-notch PUBLIC education. Let’s show all of our children that they deserve the best.

Beth Clark

My name is Alex C. Smith and I’m running for more than Assembly District Delegate. I’m running for those everyday Californians in my district who work tirelessly and yet still cannot make ends meet. I’m running for those who struggle with food and housing insecurity. I’m running for those who do not see the point of engaging in the political process, because they haven’t been given a reason to. Finally, I’m running to inject the party with fresh ideas and perspectives. I’ve had the chance on many occasions to speak with my neighbors. They spoke to me about their fears as well as their hopes. People do not just open up to you about those aspects of their lives. What happened is that we built a relationship and the first pillar of that relationship was trust. When trust happens the facade comes down and you really get to know your neighbor. My desire is to represent them as a delegate to shape the direction and policy of the Democratic Party. My upbringing and the values instilled in me by my parents are what moved to pursue being a delegate. There may not be a nobler job than to represent your neighbors. I’m not a party insider or a well to do donor. I’ve spent quite a bit of my adulthood working two jobs. I know the people who have fallen through the cracks. I’ve seen the rising cost of living price out those of the place they’ve called home for so long. I want to be their voice to the California Democratic Party. We must not rest on the fact that California is solidly blue or that we are one of the most progressive states in this country, we need to engage more people who are not involved in the process. If elected, I will dedicate myself to bringing the concerns of the 50th district and bring along more of our fellow Californians to be apart of our political process.

Alex C. Smith

The California Democratic Party needs to evolve in order to continue to maintain its diverse coalition. As an 18-year-old who voted in my first election this past year, I watched politically active and informed friends not vote in protest, calling one party regressive and the other an extension of the status quo. I know Democrats have long fought for progress. But to invigorate the next generation of voters in the coming decades, we must urgently adopt more progressive stances on issues such as housing, the climate, and social justice reform.

Having personally organized phonebanks for statewide propositions this past November with numerous youth-led advocacy organizations such as March For Our Lives, GenerationUp, and I Am A Teen Voter, I’m in a position to act as a sounding board for a large network of youth voices. For over two years, I’ve served on the Policy Committee of Abundant Housing Los Angeles, a non-profit advocating for climate-friendly solutions to the housing crisis. I also worked as a Projects Co-Supervisor, where I wrote countless advocacy letters to elected officials and spoke at city council meetings regarding housing policies and projects. With CAYIMBY, our statewide partner, I’ve been sponsored to speak directly with state politicians in Sacramento, discussing how the climate my generation will inherit is significantly affected by California’s sprawl-inducing housing policies. Moved by the events of this past summer, I co-founded a new advocacy group that unified all nine student unions at my school, intending to advance inclusionary academic policies for historically marginalized groups. To support the party, I’ve been campaigning since the eighth grade for progressive city council candidates, state senators, and most recently, the Georgia Senate races.

I believe in the message of the Democratic Party. But I also recognize that the climate and social justice movements cannot wait for the slow gears of progress. These issues need to be acted upon swiftly and decisively both for my generation’s survival and to ensure a unified party for years to come.

As the youngest person to ever run for ADEMs, I hope to have a role in the party’s necessary evolution for the next generation of voters.

Thank you for your consideration.

Zennon Ulyate-Crow

I am an urban policymaker and political activist dedicated to finding solutions to the climate crisis and expanding access to affordable housing. A Santa Monica native, I am running in this ADEM election to ensure the California Democratic Party reflects the progressive values of our district and that the party welcomes diverse voters into its ranks.

Young Californians are mobilizing in unprecedented numbers against racial injustice, the climate crisis, and for tenants’ rights. It is time for the California Democratic Party to embrace these values, earn the trust of our youth leaders, and work together for a fairer, healthier, and greener state.

I have worked at all levels of government to advance solutions to our changing climate that also facilitate equitable economic development. As housing and environment policy deputy for Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian, I develop policies to reduce our region’s dangerous reliance on fossil fuels, protect frontline communities from harmful pollution, expand access to affordable housing for working families, and create good paying, green jobs. There is far more to do in tackling the climate crisis and bold action is needed across the State.

I have volunteered on more than a dozen local, state, and federal elections, and worked as a field organizer on the 2016 general election for Hillary Clinton. I am a member of the Sierra Club, the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a Switzer Fellow, and a member of Coro’s Lead LA initiative. I have a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a BA from UC Berkeley. I am a proud Jew and member of the LGBTQ community.

Aaron Ordower

Pamela Sparrow | Organizer and Disabilities Advocate

I am honored to serve our nations’ Veterans by managing the in-house clinic at the California Veterans Home – West Los Angeles, where I was presented a State of California Award in September for exceptional service during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

As a member of Foundation Fighting Blindness and Special Olympics where I severed as a delegate to South Africa during the World Games here in Los Angeles, I continue to advocate for those of us with disabilities to have full access to independence through education, transportation, healthcare, training and sustainable employment.

I am a transplant Californian who has organizing in her blood. Growing up on the eastern shores of Virginia trailing behind my grandmother who secured sidewalks and streets lights for our neighborhood, I learned the importance of standing for those who either cannot, will not or are fearful to rise up and fight for themselves.

It is this foundation and tenacity of spirit that allowed me to serve as the Deputy Travel Director for the Obama |Biden re-election team in 2012 escorting over 10,000 volunteers to Nevada and as an Organizer (Las Vegas) and Regional Field Director (Inland Empire) for Secretary Hillary Clintons’ 2016 bid to be this nations’ first female President. Where in San Bernardino | Riverside Counties we turned out the largest percentage of first time voters in California.

I believe in equality, freedom of speech, full access for all and the right to live and choose the life you want for you and those that you love, no matter who that might be…

I am a proud Democrat active in the Black Women’s Democratic Club, West Los Angeles Democratic Club, New Frontier Democratic Club and Stonewall Democratic Club.
In addition, I serve on the People’s Council for the 37th Congressional District and volunteer with Team TO Rise and Resist. I traveled to Georgia to support Stacey Abrams and to Arizona to turn it blue this past November campaigning for Mark Kelly and the Biden | Harris team. Never quiet, I am headed to Georgia on January 1 to campaign for Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

We are a diverse nation ever changing and I would like to see that represented in Assembly District 50.

Therefore, I ask for your vote and will be honored to represent you as your delegate to the state Democratic Party.

Pamela Sparrow

My fellow Democrats:

Our party stands on the precipice of history. We have an opportunity to roll back the divisiveness, discrimination and oppression of the last 4 years and to build a better future for the millions of our fellow citizens who have been so disproportionately hurt by COVID and the recession – where communities have been savaged by decades of neglect, now pushed further into debt, hunger, hopelessness, sickness and yes, death, by the catastrophic failure of Trump and the Republicans.

It is for this reason that I ask for your support as an ADEM delegate, so that I can use my passion, energy and experience to help engage those who, for so long have been alienated from the success and wealth that too few have benefited from. We need real change to provide renewed hope to the millions of people who voted for us; and also, the millions of people who did not.

Real change. Unashamedly organizing around issues that all Americans – and not just the wealthy few – can buy into and support with enthusiasm. “Kitchen table” issues like universal healthcare, a decent minimum wage, infrastructure projects, climate change, the cancelation of student debt, gun control, criminal justice reform, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and ”dreamers”, the protection of LGBTQ rights and, of course, addressing the deep seated stain upon our society and region of the impact of race and systemic discrimination.

I am a co-founder of an employment agency. I understand first-hand, the challenges faced by those seeking work. My company partners with multiple agencies to help those, particularly from minority and disadvantaged communities, position themselves to find work and opportunity. We were also recognized as a leader in the community for making Diversity and Inclusion real in the workplace.

If elected, I intend to use my position, to inspire and engage, to bring more people into the process and to generate levels of confidence in our party that makes us meaningful and relevant. Because without that, what are we?!!

I thank you in advance for your support!! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. And I’ve provided a short (imperfect) video statement for your review if you wish to hear a little more about me and my candidacy.

In hope and with optimism!!

Ingram Losner

Ingram Losner

I am Noemi Torres, a realtor, activist and Public Facilities Commissioner. Born and raised in Mexico, our family immigrated to Seattle, Washington at 13 years old. I pursued studies in the Arts and Economics while working full-time to afford tuition at several places including at the Mexican Embassy in Seattle. I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 and spent 15 years working in telecommunications. Also earned my real estate license and began working with Compass. I am dedicated to helping lift people out of poverty and out of homelessness. I have volunteered with Project Angel Food for over seventeen years as well as at the Downtown Women’s Center. I also served on the board of Ascencia, which provides services and affordable housing to homeless individuals and families. In 2014, I became involved in the City of West Hollywood’s Women’s Advisory Board, supporting women’s rights, pay equity, and advocacy for women. In 2017, I was appointed to the Public Facilities Commission by West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath. Because of my volunteer work and advocacy with numerous community organizations, I was named Woman of the Year in 2017 by Congressman Adam Schiff.

I am running to become a CADEM delegate in oder to provide transparency, and change that our district deserves. I believe in the power of community. Our campaign activates new opportunity and perspective. I’m supporting education to help small businesses and constituents to survive the COVID-19 crisis. As a realtor, I have the knowledge and expertise about the community and housing supply must be increased. We also have to encourage responsible development and keep them accountable on their projects. It is vital that we also push rent stabilization and zoning reform in order for the housing goal to become a reality. Being a LGBTQ ally, I would strongly encourage working with our constituents to support each other and have empathy to one another, specially to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. During my seat as a delegate, I will also make it a priority to dramatically reduce homelessness by increasing housing, mental health support and have post housing placement maintenance assistance.

Noemi Torres

Having waited in (inspiringly) long lines in Santa Monica to vote in previous ADEMs, I’m excited at the prospect of voting by mail this time — and of submitting myself for consideration.

For the past 11 years I’ve been VP, Communications for the Palisades Dem Club, having joined the board to stay politically engaged year-round. I’m an unabashed progressive and believe we need FDR/LBJ/Elizabeth Warren levels of sweeping reforms in every corner of American society and policy. I campaigned for both Sanders and Warren in the primaries and voted for one of them, he said diplomatically, then fought all-out for Biden/Harris and (D)/progressive candidates and props in the general.

Though bold solutions are key to remaking — and saving — the world, progress through compromise often beats stagnation through absolutism. That said, holding firm for a just cause can also be strategic. Did I just flip-flop? Nah, just saying that life is full of context-dependent nuances. Best to keep an open mind and treat all people with true kindness and their opinions, if fact-based, with respect.

Vigorous debates are healthy, but intraparty antipathy harms our cause. After all, it’s the corporatist, oligarchic, fascistic, plutocratic, kleptocratic, entrenched power structure we’re here to battle, not each other.

I’ve been co-manager of the Westside Dem HQ, co-chair of the PaliDems Political Courage/Human Rights Awards, and a Truman Award recipient. Have called, texted, postcarded, trained, registered, captained a bus, and had doors slammed in my face for campaigns in CA, NV, and FL. Serve as co-chair of the Human Rights Watch L.A. Film Club Committee and on the HRW L.A. Advocacy & Executive Committees. Spent a year as an elected DPSFV E-board member and as an alt to the PP Community Council. Have volunteered with CA Clean Money, Health Care for All–CA, the Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence, and Palisadians for Peace.

When not politicking I’m a creative consultant, having been a TV exec at HBO Digital, Disney/ABC, and MTV. First paid gig post-college was pretty non-Hollywood: speechwriter/lobbyist for MA Citizen Action, a Boston public interest org. Wife’s a comedy writer; our kids are in college in NYC after attending local public schools, and our cats are ruining the furniture.

TMI by now, so thank you very much for reading this, and for considering me to be an ADD.

Adam Harris Wolman

Mike Rose – The New Deal Slate

Watch my video candidate statement here:

My name is Mike Rose and I’m a 27 year old political organizer in Hollywood. I’ve spent the last year volunteering on Nithya Raman’s City Council campaign and Bernie Sanders Primary Campaign. I organized the first West Hollywood Canvass for Bernie Sanders in February. After the primary I volunteered for Nithya’s fundraising team and as the social media organic outreach lead. Our message reached thousands of people across social media platforms and we beat the record for the most money raised for a city council campaign in a single filing period. The results of the primary and general election show that Democrats in AD50 and the state at large support progressive grassroots funded candidates.

Young people will carry this party into the future and we need to invite them into the decision making process. I moved to L.A. in 2012 from a small town in New York to attend Loyola Marymount University. Since graduating in 2016 I’ve worked as a Freelance Casting Associate Producer on television shows. As a freelance worker without guaranteed healthcare I know the urgency for Medicare For All. As a renter I know the urgency for rent control. As a gay man I know the urgency for LGBT+ rights. As a young person I know the urgency for a Green New Deal and student loan forgiveness. We need to support these programs not just because they are morally right, but they are also supported by the majority of voters under the age of 50. I will never endorse candidates on any level who take funding from the fossil fuel industry, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, weapons manufacturers, real estate companies, or Police PAC money because this is a clear conflict of interest.

I hope to use my voice to continue to elevate progressive, diverse, and uncorrupted voices in the state like Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Ro Khanna, and Rep. Katie Porter. With major races coming up with the Senate and Los Angeles Mayor in 2022, we need the CA Dems to endorse and support candidates who represent our values and interests and reject corrupt campaign donations.

Mike Rose

Assembly District 50, and indeed all of Los Angeles, is plagued by run away development, gentrification, and displacement. Irrevocable climate change is bearing down upon the region. Meanwhile, our local Democratic-controlled governments are burning over half of their discretionary budgets on wasteful police spending, instead of much needed services for our people. Angelenos of all stripes need help.

I’m running to be an Assembly delegate to represent marginalized, working class, and progressive Angelenos to the California Democratic party.

My goal is to help platform and communicate the priorities of our community’s leading thinkers and social justice organizations.

I’m a former Communications Director of the Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles, of Housing is a Human Right, and the recent Proposition 21, Rental Affordability Act campaign. I’ve held field organizing positions with Dan Brotman for Glendale City Council, Unite Here! Local 11, and Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy (CASE). My background is in art and media production and PR.

I’d be honored to help represent Assembly District 50 for the California Democratic Party.

Joshua Smith

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and the melting-pot communities where I grew up shaped me into a curious and empathetic teenager. When my family moved into a significantly less diverse, less accepting neighborhood north of LA County, I experienced a jarring culture shock that influenced the way I felt about race, religion, and social justice for the rest of my life.

Since then, I have worked and volunteered on progressive campaigns throughout my teens and twenties, eventually landing my first real-world “gig” as a labor union organizer for healthcare workers in LA. This job taught me a deep respect for the work of community organizers and advocates, which I have used to push for changes around issues I care about, including homelessness, immigrant rights, gender equality, and access to quality education- including the arts.

I have been lucky enough to find a second family in the Democratic Party, serving two years as the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats’ President, during which time our club took leadership in pressuring local elected leaders to be responsive to the communities they served and to improve their policy positions when necessary. When I came forward in 2017 with my #MeToo story, I was relieved to receive immense support and allyship from the people I have come to know since joining the party at 18 years old. I now serve as a founding board member of Work Equity, a 501c3/501c4 working to build a national network of survivors of sexual harassment and assault through grassroots organizing.

Today, it is time for Democrats to take inventory of what it means to be progressive. We must remind Americans and leadership who we are fighting for and ensure that our actions affirm our platform. If elected as a delegate, I will work to build consensus among stakeholders and defend some our most fundamental values: commitment to cultural equity across all genders and sexual orientations, accessible and affordable health care and educational opportunities, and policies that protect sustainability and environmental health for many generations to come.

In 2021, let us remind the country who we are in this state. California Dems must guide the principles of the Party at-large- one that stands for inclusion, fairness, equality, compassion, and empathy. We will lead together because we are stronger together.

Jessica Yas Barker