Assembly District 52






52 Ruben Duran No OSIF
52 Frank C. Guzman * OSIF
52 Stephano Padilla No OSIF
52 Eduardo Cabrera * OSIF
52 Ron Wall No OSIF
52 Randall Ceniceros No OSIF
52 Melissa May * SIF
52 Noel Wiggins No SIF
52 Frank Carlos Guzman Jr. No OSIF
52 John Mendoza * OSIF
52 Lisa Kanani Sarish * SIF
52 Ruth Goldman * SIF
52 Raymundo Gonzalez No OSIF
52 Diane Boudreaux * SIF
52 Denise Ellis No SIF
52 Esmeralda Santos No SIF
52 Richard Enriquez No OSIF
52 Socorro Enriquez No SIF
52 Jocelyn Betancourt Herrada No SIF
52 Elvia Rivas No SIF
52 Jacqueline Elizalde No SIF
52 David Angel No OSIF
52 Brenda Morris Shultz No SIF
52 Miguel Garcia Ramos No OSIF
52 Ahjamu Makalani * OSIF
52 Mansi Patel No SIF
52 Vivian Yoshioka No SIF
52 Sonia Alvarado No SIF
52 Ion Puschila No OSIF
52 Chara Nicole Swodeck No SIF
52 Victor Preciado * OSIF
52 Sergio Diaz No OSIF
52 J. Steve Garcia No OSIF
52 Angela Miramontes * SIF
52 Marisa Victoria Ortega * SIF
52 Matthew Torres No OSIF
52 Eva Thielmaiz No SIF
52 Eric Angel No OSIF
52 F Marian Arguello No SIF
52 Crisol Mena No SIF
52 Octavio Guerra * OSIF
52 Phillip Meza No OSIF
52 Natalie Chaidez No SIF
52 Julissa Espinoza No SIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Ruben Duran. I am a lifelong proud Democrat! I have lived here in the 52nd District since 1976 when moving here as a child with my family. I have had previous experience as a delegate and would like another opportunity to, again, serve as a delegate in the 52nd District.

I have been happily married for 35 years and have three wonderful children. We have also been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren. Our entire family lives in Chino. We love our community and have always done everything we can to support the schools, church, and local businesses.

I am a Business Representative for Teamsters Local 396. I take pride in what I do for a living. As an organization, we work hard to raise the standard of living for all of our members. Many of our members work in this community.

Overall, I would be proud to serve the community once again as a delegate. I have always been committed to the ideas and principals of our great Democratic party and hope that you will allow me to serve again by giving me your vote. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Ruben A. Duran

Dear Fellow 52nd Assembly District Democrats,

During these challenging times, our community needs strong advocates that will address our most pressing issues and promote progressive solutions. As the son of working-class immigrants and the proud product of local schools, I understand the challenges that many families in our community face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected our middle- and working-class families and further widen our state’s social-economic gap. Our community needs meaningful policy solutions from the state Democratic Party more than ever. As the Party of the People, our Party needs to continue to focus on expanding economic opportunity and supporting our vibrant communities.

My plan is to advocate for a community centered Party platform and support candidates and ballot initiatives that promote the well-being of residents over special interests. I support the following endeavors:

•Combating Climate Change and Promoting Sustainable Practices

•Creating Incentives for Local Small Businesses

•Fully Funding K-12 Education and Expanding Post- Secondary Opportunities

•Investing in Physical and Social Infrastructure

•Supporting Affordable Child Care and Wage Increases for Working Families

I am committed to pursuing positive change and will fight for a better tomorrow for all residents in the 52nd Assembly District. Through my professional experience as a public affairs representative for our local air pollution control district and involvement in local, state assembly, state senate and congressional campaigns, I have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for our community at the state level.

It would be an honor to earn your vote and represent our community. Vote Stephano Padilla for 52nd Assembly District Delegate!

Stephano Padilla

It will be a great experience to serve as a delegate .

Eddie Cabrera

Melissa May was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. The granddaughter of Mexican Immigrants, and the daughter and granddaughter of British Immigrants, Melissa May understands the deep and profound issues surrounding immigrant families, and the systems of poverty affecting immigrant communities.

Currently, Melissa May serves as the Executive Director and Chairwoman for the Art and Science Cultural Center – a nonprofit organization dedicated to building children’s science museums, interactive art galleries and cultural centers in the Inland Empire. Melissa May also works to promote STEM education initiatives in Assembly District 52.

In 2013, Melissa May moved to the Washington D.C. metro area and served as a Science Teacher. She was promoted as a Science Instructional Coach, where she designed and developed customized instructional programs, and curriculum for ELL and SPED students in grades K-5 Title 1 science classes and intervention programs, while coaching teachers through the implementation of these programs. These programs demonstrated significant school wide improvement (in less than a year) following the introduction of the initiatives using district benchmark and state assessment data as evidence of success – leading underperforming and failing schools to gain full accreditation status in science instruction during that same year. In 2019, Melissa May’s Science program – developed for Alexandria City Public School District – won the “Programs that Works” award granted by the Virginia Math and Science Coalition.

Melissa May has also served on various committees in education – creating systems and policies for new and innovative initiatives for her former school district with success which include: Blended Learning, GLAD, Cultural Competency, Virginia Department of Education Science Committee and various committees supporting English Language Learners.

After moving back to the Inland Empire in 2019, Melissa May now serves on several local committees which includes IE Rise’s Redistricting, Racial Justice, IE Rise Workgroup, Youth Empowerment and Philanthropy committees. She also serves on the Growing Inland Achievement (GIA) Equity Action Team – developing policies and programs that help low-income communities within the Inland Empire thrive with the creation of new initiatives to create prosperity for the people.

Melissa May

John Mendoza’s last recollections of the State Democratic Party Convention was one of a physical fight of one faction against another that took place. John Mendoza is against behavior that undermines the Democratic Party Conventions. Issues such as health care, COVID-19 relief, jobs, senior citizens protection and basic human rights issues should be the candidates platform not the internal Democratic Party faction bickering.

The State Democratic Party Delegate selection process should not be a repeat of the past. Another government shut down of COVID-19 may only delver a $600.00 relief. Unemployment, evictions and hunger loom.

As a candidate John Mendoza asking for your vote.

John Mendoza has a history of advancing the progressive agenda of the Democratic Party.

In The 70s John was active in the student movement to address issues as education reform and affirmative action.

John was active in immigration reform in the 70s as a member of Immigrant organization who organized mass protest against the Rodino Bill.

John circulated a petition in Pomona in the early year 2000 to pressure MTSAC and Pomona Unified school district to establish Trustee elections instead of at-large elections that diluted the vote of disadvantage community members members.

John was voted Democrat of the year in 2000 by the PVDC under the leadership of the late Dewain Kaiser and appointed to a City Of Pomona task force in 2015 representing District 6 in order to address issues of toxic waste and pollution. The Ordinance was rejected and some council members who objected were eventually voted out of office.

a elected water board member John advocated for water projects and technology to keep cost low.

John participated in the Chino Basin OBMP (Optimum Basin Management Plan) a one year process done every 10 years with water agencies in Fontana, Pomona, Chino, Montclair and Ontario to address ground water issues.

John supports Governor Newsom and the Water Resilience Portfolio of 2020 to address issues of climate change and local ground issues. John also supports the Cadiz water project study being conducted by progressive environmentalist.

To help save the Bay Delta project in Sacramento against a earthquake John spoke in favor of Governor Newsom single tunnel at Metropolitan Water District in December 2020 .

John Mendoza

I am Lisa Sarish. I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate for district 52.

Representation is the cornerstone of our healthy Democratic Party. My experience on university health boards, as an executive board member of chambers of commerce, and as a non-profit community liaison has taught me that representation is about listening. It’s really very simple. One meets the people where they are and asks them what they need, then one takes that information and makes sure it’s heard. Sometimes this looks like town halls, sometimes it looks like surveys, but often it looks like a conversation.

As a Delegate for the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona and portions of unincorporated Fontana, I will bring the voice of our region to the CA Democratic Party at our CDP Regional Meetings, the Democratic Party Convention and, when applicable, to the Executive Board meetings.

Our dynamic district seeks continued improvement in racial and gender equality at every level, accessible healthcare, robust development of our community planning, and a thriving economy. Employing so many people in retail, food service, health care, education, small business, travel, public service, shipping, and the arts, our district faces unique challenges both regularly and especially in the face of the pandemic.

An area as enterprising and multifarious as ours must do things a little differently. Delegate responsibility to champion the needs of these industries and the people they support is key in making sure our party is accurately representing the Democrats here so that our goals regionally and throughout the state can be achieved. I am dedicated to budget transparency and mindful of wise and responsible spending, so that those goals can be met without a heavy tax burden to our people.

I am a Hawaiian-American who has spent 20 years in this area. I graduated from Citrus College with an AS in Social and Behavioral Studies and went on to study Literature and Sociology at Oregon State University. I own a home in Montclair where I live with my spouse and our pets. I work in risk management for Allstate. I am a working artist and have had the pleasure of showing at the Ontario Festival of The Arts. I play viola in Ontario’s Southland Symphony Orchestra.

It is my wish to serve our great district by representing its intentions to the Democratic Party.

Lisa Kanani Sarish

Soon, our nation will engage in a much needed healing process. We will rid ourselves of a deadly virus and the unprecedented nightmare of the soon to be previous administration. I am proud to be a candidate for ADEM 52 because I want to be a small part of history in setting policy that is thoughtful, factual, and fair. My background as a teacher and parent gives me a passion for the gift of quality education to all future generations regardless of the economic standing of their parents.

During the campaign, I enthusiastically gave of my time and money. I felt pride in being a delegate in the virtual convention. During the convention, Democrats showed creativity, skill, and high moral character in the use of media never used in a previous campaign.

My core values are based on three principles: safety, equity, and truth. Our highest priority right now is safely distributing the covid vaccine. Citizens need to be safe in their daily lives which entails an end to senseless gun violence. Our country needs to be more gender, racial, religious, and sexual orientation equitable in terms of healthcare, law enforcement, wealth and education. We also need policy based on facts and science. With legislation based on these broad principles, we can move forward.

Ruth Goldman

I am running for ADEM because, as a healthcare worker of 24 years, I believe it is critical to have a voice in politics and have representation at all economic levels regarding healthcare, education, safe communities, and proper representation for dreamers and immigrants. I am a proud member of SEIU-UHW and a third-generation union advocate. I serve on the Executive Committee for my union representing the Kaiser Division. I have lived in my district for 45 years. This year, I was focused on volunteering on many local and state races in addition to the presidential. I sit at many bargaining tables to fight outsourcing of good jobs and to help negotiate fair and livable wages for my fellow workers. Most recently, I have been active in fights with my employer, as they are moving jobs to “Right To Work States” that offer lower wages and no benefits, which ultimately hurts our communities. I am passionate about representing the folks who live in our community, and I have proven experience as an elected delegate. My top-line issues include education, affordable housing, helping the homeless, and expanding access to healthcare. I am a proud mother of 3 with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. My goal is to attain my Juris Doctorate and to represent workers in employment law and immigration. As a proud Democrat, I ask that you vote for bold and positive change. Let’s take back the power for the people. I ask you to vote to elect Denise Ellis by January 23rd!

Denise Ellis

My name Ahjamu Makalani I’m President of DLC 703 SEIU Local 1000, in addition, a member of Progressive Democrats of America, Black Socialists of America and pass eboard member of CDP Progressive Caucus and a advocate for the Poor People’s Campaign.

I’m running for delegate of AD 52, with the intend to make good on the statement of Henry Wallace one of the architect of the New Deal when he promulgated “the 20th Century is the century of the common man” This I say holds true for the 21th century. As a delegate I will organize and work with others to make California the 5th largest economy in the world to have a single payer health care program. Secondly, for California to have a State owned bank , thirdly, to have tuition free higher education and for California’s wealthy elite to pay their share of taxes and move the tax burden off of the backs of the multiracial working-class. These are the concerns that California’s multiracial working -class are adamantly in favor of and desire, I humbly ask for your vote.


Ahjamu Makalani

My name is Vivian Yoshioka and have lived in Pomona since 1992. I have worked for the Los Angeles County Superior Court for more than 30 years and am a life long Democrat. I am also a proud Union member of AFSCME Local 575 and currently serve on the Executive Board as Recording Secretary. I am also a delegate to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor for my local.

As a Democrat and a Union Member, I have phone banked, walked precincts, attended rallies, voter registration, walked picket lines, passed out flyers (all in and out of CA), and have worked on GOTV and many campaigns.

I was a member of the LACDP for more than 15 years and was honored with being voted Democrat of the Year in my Assembly District. I also served on the Resolutions Committee, Labor Committee, Candidate Interview Committee and Judicial Interview Committee for LACDP.

I also have been a delegate to the California Democratic Conventions and have attended e-board meetings.

I have also been privileged to attend two Democratic Conventions as a delegate (Boston and North Carolina).

I am asking for your vote to once again serve the people of Los Angeles County and California. I will attend and participate fully in all meetings whether they are held in person, online or by phone. I will share information with others to help grow and strengthen the party.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my qualifications.

Vivian Yoshioka

My name is Sonia Alvarado. I have lived in Ontario since 1992. I am a proud wife and mother of 4 boys which of 2 currently attend OMSD schools. I am currently a board member with the Ontario-Montclair School District. I have for many years been a parent volunteer and PTO member. I am an alumnus of De Anza Middle School and Ontario High School. As a local real estate professional with over 19 years of experience, I enjoy helping families, giving back, and serving my community.

Sonia Alvarado

I am Chara Swodeck; a wife and mother, business owner, community collaborator, problem solver and dreamer supporting ‘ideas’ with goals, milestones, and conditions of satisfaction.

I am grateful to call the City of Pomona my home. My community efforts have been focused towards the forward movement, safety and successful development of our neighborhoods, businesses, and culture; something we create collectively, working together. Over the years, I have collaborated with several City departments, non-profit organizations, small businesses and residents. Those who know me know when I “have an idea”, I work to connect-the-dots, build relationships and pull together the most effective resources to see an idea through.

I believe Community Changes Everything!

The phrase “Imagine the Possibilities” has been my mantra for many years, and has led me to imagine, lead, and manage what have become annual and monthly community events like the Pomona Children’s Festival, Kwanzaa Joy Celebration at the Farm at Fairplex, Pomona PTAs Summer Training, 500BlockPomona Art Walk, Shop Downtown Pomona, G.I.R.L. Takeover at LA County Fair (Girl Scouts), and support others’ ideas like the Pomona Placemaking workshops, 2020 Juneteenth POWER Parade, Pomona 5K/10K, and have served as Volunteer Coordinator of the last nine Pomona Christmas Parades.

Our family has been committed to not only give back, but also engage and fully immerse in advocating for equitable policy for our neighborhoods in art, business, education, housing, and public safety. This moment in history is bigger than any one of us individually. Together, we have the opportunity and responsibility to build an impartial and just future for our entire district. I would be honored to represent my community.

Chara Swodeck

Hello, my name is Victor Preciado and I have the honor of serving as councilmember for the City of Pomona. I now humbly request your vote to serve as an ADEM in our district.

I have had the pleasure of being a vote counter for ADEM elections, organizing and registering new Democrats to be involved in all voting practices , and I have conducted voting study sessions with community members. I have helped my local Democratic club to increase membership and to begin updating its infrastructure.

As a Councilmember, I have increased equity and accessibility through community involvement, improvement of parks, and expansion of art throughout the city. I am helping champion housing rights and affordability standards. During the COVID pandemic, I have helped with small business assistance, rental relief for residents, and proper quarantine locations for first responders and their families. I have also taken the lead in creating a food delivery system of volunteers throughout the city that feeds 700+ families a week, about 2800 people.

I want to offer my assistance and expertise in collaboration to everyone in the Assembly District for the benefit of everyone. I believe we need voices in place that will continue to reach out and be accessible in building a bridge between the Democratic party and our communities. When we work together we win together. As an immigrant who was raised in Pomona with an impeccable work ethic and connection to the diverse communities in AD-52, I am the best choice for this position. Again, I humbly request your vote to become an ADEM.

– Thank you

Victor Preciado

Victor Preciado

I was born and raised in the City of Pomona by a single mother who did her best to lift my siblings and I out of poverty. I knew not to ask for luxuries when minimum wage was not enough to even put food at the table. She showed me and instilled in me the value of hard work, perseverance, and kindness to others. I put in hard work of my own and became the first in my family to graduate from college and enter the professional world hoping to improve the daily lives of families just like mine. I have done what I can to contribute, working directly with unaccompanied children traumatized from being forced to flee unexplainable violence in countries throughout the world, giving them and their families hope in the laws of California and the United States. I also worked directly with low-income high school students and families to ensure that every student I come into contact with had the resources to overcome a bad hand in life like my family has been so fortunate to have. Each day I see a bright future ahead of families like these. Because of this, I want to ensure that every person has the resources to get ahead. In the coming years under the Biden administration we must work to ensure that laws not only rebuild our country after the COVID-19 epidemic, but that the needs of marginalized communities are at the forefront of reform. I have always firmly believed that our leaders should do their best to ensure that everyone succeeds and has good living conditions regardless of their income or background. If a person works 40 hours a week at minimum wage they should not be struggling to pay the bills; no person should have to be forced to return to certain death; and absolutely no one should fear insurance premiums more than sickness. I believe that working to improve our daily lives in this way will strengthen our society. This is why I believe in the Democratic Party. In a world with so much uncertainty the Democratic Party has stood by these values and supported sustainable public policy that will lift others out of difficult situations. We have to work together as Democrats to ensure that every single person, has a shot at the American dream. I will continue to fight for what I believe in and I will continue to support and strengthen our Democratic Party as your ADEM representative.

Also watch my candidate statement video at:

Sergio Diaz

I am honored to be considered an ADEM candidate for the 52nd Assembly District. My purpose to serve in this capacity stems from a belief that representation and equity for our most vulnerable citizens is greatly threatened during this pandemic. In order to restore our economy, we must create employment that provides a livable wage, maintaining a world-class education and sustainable growth industries, so we can improve the quality of life for all Californians. This requires delegates that can endorse candidates who are globally-minded and capable of negotiating with all stakeholders to attract responsible industries to strengthen California’s tax base to fund public programs that can provide economic opportunities for those who are economically displaced by the pandemic and those historically marginalized due to racism and discrimination.

I have served as a County Planning Commissioner, County Regional Parks Commissioner and a Field Colleague/Consultant for the California Department of Education. In addition, I served for eleven years as a Board Member for the Ontario-Montclair School District, where I advocated for the rights and equitable compensation of both unions. This experience allowed me to become involved at the state level on many issues concerning equity in literacy instruction, teacher competency and student wellness.

My educational background is the following: B.A. History, B.A. Political Science, M.S. Educational Counseling, and a Master’s of Public Administration.

Please give my application your sincerest consideration. I would be honored to serve in the capacity of a Delegate for Assembly District 52.

J. Steve Garcia

My name is Angela Avelar Miramontes and I have the privilege to have grown up in Ontario and be a life-long resident of District 52. I studied Sociology at San Francisco State University and returned back home almost ten years ago to volunteer locally with nature and permaculture organizations. I am an avid California Naturalist. I work locally and I’m also a mother of two young children, the eldest of the two will soon be starting school in OMSD. I’ve seen this region transform from grape vineyards and orange orchards to the international transportation hub it is now and want to couple this economic progress with the progressive values needed to benefit our city residents.

We have an opportunity to form a grassroots coalition and build the bridges necessary to enact systemic change in this region. We can create a forum for environmental equity, diversify job opportunities through green initiatives, advance affordable housing, expand education about our indigenous peoples and native plants, and create an array of resources and hands-on STEAM training and education for both our children and their teachers and administrators.

I would be honored to serve our community and help meet the varied needs of all our members with a pragmatic and visionary eye towards the future.

Angela Avelar Miramontes

Hello, my name is Marisa Victoria Ortega. I have been a democrat since I pre-registered to vote at the young age of 16! I have attended many rallies and protests, these include workers’ rights, women’s rights, and special education awareness. I have been a member of Greater Ontario Democratic Club for several years now and I have devoted much of my free time to fighting against inequalities whether it be in the work force or for student’s rights. I have done a lot of canvassing, phone banking, texting, and mailing out post cards in favor of candidates that I believe rightfully reflect our democratic ideologies. I ran for Chaffey Joint Union High School District, despite losing the election, that will not stop my fight to help support low-income and disadvantaged youth that I grew up with.

Please support me in being a Delegate for Assembly District 52, thank you.

Marisa Victoria Ortega

Hi, my name is Eva Thiel-Maiz and I’m running to better represent our community in AD 52. In the last four years, we have seen many laws take place that have impacted our communities in a negative way. Barriers have been created between race, gender, wealth and political parties. Our communities have asked for change yet, they feel unheard. As a lifelong democrat and a 4 year public servant, I have heard the community’s voice. I believe now is the time to make a difference for our community and our democracy. With your vote, I will be that voice to help bring change to our community. By supporting criminal justice reform, equal rights for all, affordable housing and working towards a better environment, we can make a difference!

Eva Thielmaiz

I’m an active Democrat, who is committed to the Party’s success in elections. I am currently a member of the Greater Ontario Democratic Club.

I ran for school board in November of 2018. While I was not successful in my run, it gave me an even better understanding of campaigning, elections, and fair political practices. I was proud to have endorsements from Senator Connie Leyva, IBEW Local 47 AFL-CIO, CWA AFL-CIO Southern California Council, CSEA AFL-CIO, Greater Ontario Democratic Club, San Bernardino County Young Democrats, Foothill Communities Democratic Club of San Bernardino, West End Democratic Club, Inland Empire Latino Coalition, Ruben Valencia- City of Ontario Council Member, Alfonso Sanchez- Ontario-Montclair School Board Member, and Sam Crowe- Former Ontario-Montclair School Board Member.

As an involved community volunteer. I have volunteered in a myriad of committees where I served as a President and the leadership board. I recently phone banked for the last election, text banked, and did door to door precinct drop offs due to the pandemic. I have also been a campaign treasurer for two local Democrats in Ontario.

I firmly believe in the power of unity. I am running because we need a Party that puts human need before corporate greed, which is why I have always placed a strong emphasis on addressing education, health, and worker’s rights issues.

It would be an honor to serve as a Delegate for Assembly District 52!

Crisol Mena

Hello Democrats.

My name is Phillip Meza and I’m humbly asking for your vote to be your AD 52 Delegate.

I have lived in Ontario since 1988, where I have raised my two sons with my wonderful wife, Margarita. As a life-long democrat and dedicated dad, I’ve committed myself to improving, uplifting and representing my community through my activism and beyond.

I’m also a proud union member. I joined the United Food & Commercial Workers in 1991 when I started working at Albertsons. The 2003 Grocery Workers Strike propelled me to participate more in my union, and in 2011, I joined the ongoing fight to unionize Walmart workers. In 2014 I began working for UFCW 1428 as a Union Representative and I’ve served my members and our community ever since.

Being a Labor activist has also strengthened my resolve as a Democrat. The values I stand for are Democratic values. The fight for Workers’ Rights is fought hand in hand with the Democratic Party. I have been a proud Delegate before and would be honored to be your delegate again. We all must stand on the side of justice and equity–together, we can make our community better, stronger, and the place where my grandchildren (shout out to my beautiful granddaughter Briella!) and yours will continue to call home for generations. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Phillip Meza

My name is Natalie Chaidez and I am a proud resident of Chino since the age of 3. I am heavily involved in the Pomona Valley community. Having developed a strong interest in politics and community leadership during my time at Chino High School, I further explored these interests as a student leader at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA.

While attending Wellesley College, I majored in Latin American studies with the purpose of returning to my community and aiding in creating change that would support the needs of residents and open doors for others – just as many mentors had done for me. Since returning to Chino in 2011, I have actively volunteered with community benefit organizations throughout the Pomona Valley focused on providing resources to community members around healthy living, mental health services, and literacy.

Currently employed by a major regional non-profit facility used year-round to host a variety of educational, commercial, and entertainment such as trade and consumer shows, conventions, and sporting events, I work to connect community with opportunity and available resources. In 2019, I completed the Pomona Leadership Network, continuing to grow my leadership skills in fostering collaboration in the community. As a board member of local nonprofit, Cafe con Libros, I further support community collaborative efforts by ensuring safe and accessible spaces are available.

As a lifelong Democrat, I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I remain committed to the community that raised me and offered me so much support and opportunity throughout my life. I am aware of the potential for growth of our region and furthermore I am aware of the needs of many of our community members in our region – particularly, in building equitable policy in business, education, housing and public safety. I want to ensure that we support leadership that not only identifies the needs in our region but also pushes forward sustainable and inclusive solutions for the betterment of our communities.

Natalie Chaidez