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Candidate Statements

My name is Leslie Hee-Yeon Shim and I’m running for ADEM delegate because I am passionate about bringing progressive values to the Democratic Party. I am the first to graduate from college and I come from a single-parent, immigrant family that taught me early on if I wanted to break generational cycles of inequality and poverty, I needed to take action to be part of the change I wanted to see. I believe that public education, healthcare for all, affordable housing, clean communities/safe environments, and public transportation are human rights.

As someone who comes from a community that has been continuously underrepresented, I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the political process. I intend to use my experiences to elevate progressive policies and activities that foster dignity and center justice for all. I am committed to resilient, safe, and sustainable communities that have equitable access to opportunities. As your representative, I will focus on engaging and empowering the community leaders and members of Assembly District 53 so that we all have a meaningful voice that shapes the CA Democratic Party’s actions and agenda. I will help build a stronger and more inclusive Democratic party and collaborate with other progressive leaders that will champion for a future where we can equally thrive together.

I respectfully ask your support for my candidacy for ADEM delegate. Thank you for your consideration.

Leslie Shim

I was born and raised in Boyle Heights. I am lucky to be a homeowner in the neighborhood I grew up in, in spite of the housing crisis our community is facing. As a mother of three children, I know firsthand the struggles that we face trying to raise a family in this economy. That’s why I believe it’s important to make sure that our communities have the same fundamental resources and opportunities that other communities have in affluent areas.

I am a Progressive Democrat and activist willing to stop at nothing to ensure that our government is accessible to all and that our Democratic leadership represents the strong values and beliefs our party upholds. That’s why I have dedicated over 8 years of my life in ensuring that strong Democratic Candidates are elected. I have done so by knocking on hundreds of doors throughout LA County to talk and motivate voters to take action, and guarantee that our voices are heard at the polls, even the countless millions that don’t have a voice.

As the Executive Board member for Assembly District 53 of the California Democratic Party, I will continue to make sure that our values and beliefs are upheld and that our voices are heard and represented throughout the state. I will stand up and make sure that the people we elect are going to fight for workers rights, a living wage, and ensure that people are treated fairly.

During this time, I have done my best to help our community by raising funds to donate food to families who lost their jobs and are struggling. I have volunteered my time to many food distributions in my senate district. In early December I organized a toy drive to bring a bit of happiness to a few children who might not have received a toy during the Holidays.

I believe in and have a strong commitment in making our future is better for all of us now and for those that come after us. My name is Veronica Casarez and I am seeking your vote to be a delegate for the California Democratic Party because I strongly believe that a vote for me is a vote for us!

Veronica Casarez

As a community organizer and the Executive Director for a pedestrian advocacy non-profit, my goal as an Assembly District Delegate is to bring greater focus and party support for public transit: our buses and subways. Especially in a City as car-centric as Los Angeles, our party has much we can do when it comes to supporting our bus riders, our students, our seniors, and those stuck in their cars trekking 2 hour commutes. We can and must reimagine what a modern City’s transportation system can be, one that is more connected and less congested. And like so much we see, this will take systemic change and what better place to begin than with the largest Democratic state party in the nation?

I have been a life long Democrat, an early supporter of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and have over a decade of experience as a community organizer. I currently serve on as the Treasurer for the CADEM LGBTQ Caucus and also serve on the Board of the Korean American Democratic Committee. I’m also an appointee to LA City’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) and work actively daily with victims of traffic violence in my work. If elected as ADEM, I firmly believe that it is our job as delegates to continue to push our party’s world view to be more inclusive, equitable, and progressive.

John Yi

ANTONIO GALLO is a full time faculty member in the Chicano/a Studies Department at California State University, Northridge, since 2002 and was also an adjunct faculty at Southwestern Law School

He also serves as statewide Chair of Contract Development and Bargaining Strategy for his Union the California Faculty Association’s, and is also a member of the American Association University Professors/CBC-at-Large Executive Committee.

Antonio is currently the Chair for the Board of Directors for Navidad en el Barrio that feeds more than 20,000 families during the Christmas Holidays. Antonio has served as a member of the Board of Directors for Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission which serves the Boyle Heights Area and on the Advisory Board for Homeboy Industries that helps former gang members.

Antonio is also licensed to practice law in California. The Law Office of Antonio Gallo represents client in many sectors of the law such as Civil Rights, Tenants Rights, Family Law, Immigration and most Civil and Criminal case.

Antonio Gallo

My name is Graciela Ortiz, and I am running for ADEMS in AD53. I was born and raised in Huntington Park where I attended all local schools. After graduating from Huntington Park High School, I attended my dream college, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Upon graduating from UCLA, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW), which I earned from California State University, Long Beach. For the past 14 years, I have been a Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor for LAUSD. I am a proud United Teachers Los Angeles Union Member and an active voting member of the UTLA-PACE Committee.

I was elected to serve on Huntington Park’s City Council in March 2015 and re-elected this past March 2020. I am currently serving as the Vice Mayor of Huntington Park. I strive to build communities through education. I strongly believe that if our school system and communities work in collaboration, our society will strengthen and in turn improve the quality of life for all. I am a life-long Democrat and if elected I will ensure that our communities have a voice in the Democratic Party. I humbly ask you for your vote and support of the United Progressive Democrats for AD-53. Thank you!

Graciela Ortiz

My name is Marilyn Sanabria and I am a life-long democrat, daughter of working-class immigrants. Through their support, I became the first in my family to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, from California State University in Long Beach.

I have dedicated my career to assisting families, veterans, and individuals by advocating and connecting them to resources. Assisting them to better their quality of life and to reach the American dream.

In 2015, I was elected to the Huntington Park City Council and re-elected in 2020. During my tenure, I have worked hard to bring resources that include the first city Senior Food Pantry, grants for fixing our city streets, and additional resources for our city parks.

I am running to become a delegate to continue the fight for a better California and for a better future for all communities. I humble asking for your vote and support of the United Progressive Democrats for AD-53.

Marilyn Sanabria

My name is Andy Galan, I have lived in 53rd District all my life.

I was to bring attention to the issues that are most important to the residents of our district. These issues are consistent and have only been reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic: wage security, housing affordability, public safety, education, and opportunity. I have an intimate knowledge of the issues facing our district. They are the same issues that I, and many others in our community have had to contend with throughout our lives.

I grew up in a low-income, single parent household; am a life-long renter; and a first generation American. I know the people of the district, and they know me. The City of Los Angeles and my community have raised me, and I want the opportunity to create the same community for others.

I have served on a local neighborhood council, with my local YMCA, and in a professional capacity as a legislative analyst for the City of Los Angeles. And now I would like to ask for the opportunity to serve in a new capacity. To bring a new, yet familiar voice to the process. I would like to reaffirm the priority that Democrats have always stood for: the people themselves. The people who reside in and are the basis of what makes our community the diverse, powerful community it is.

Andy Galan

Fabian Fuertes (he/him) is a native Angeleno and first-generation Latinx with a passion for equitable education and social justice. As a Manager for YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) with the LA Phil, he is proud to be a part of an organization that engages young people from marginalized communities through free music experiences and creative youth development to inspire belonging and membership, autonomy, civic and social abilities, and stronger lifelong learners.

As an Assembly District Delegate, important issues Fabian will seek to address include education, health care, income inequality, housing, and greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across sectors. Fabian will work in creating a profound societal renewal in our generation and the next through his actions for positive change within the CA Democratic Party across communities within District 53 and beyond.

Fabian Fuertes

Greetings village. I am asking for your vote to become one of your Assembly District Delegates. While this may seem like a small or insignificant role it still is an essential part of our democratic process. As an educator I will work to support candidates and issues that are dedicated to increasing equity, inclusion and access for all students, families and stakeholders. I will also strive to embrace diversity, sustainability and reform. Even though we are experiencing a period of time of great polarization and divisiveness, I believe we are STRONGER TOGETHER. In the spirit of collaboration, I will actively listen, and work with community members and party members to help make a shared vision, actualized within our district. I understand that there is a wide selection of worthy choices to choose from and that you must take care in making your selection. I would appreciate your vote for me as one of your Assembly District Delegates. Thank you for your consideration. In Solidarity, Nicole Reese.

Nicole Reese

Since moving to LA from NYC in 2015, I have worked hard to become involved in local and state-level government and Democratic politics. In 2017, I left my previous law firm to become a Coro Fellow, where I had the chance to meet people from across the public and private sectors in Southern California and to learn about the history and complexity of California politics. After Coro, I helped elect Katie Hill in the 25th Congressional district, handling GOTV logistics and voter protection. In late 2018, I went to work in the district office of Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, before returning to the practice of law last year. I have also worked hard to elect Democrats across LA, including Christy Smith, George Gascón, and others.

I am an working as attorney in the Government & Regulatory group at Manatt Phelps, and am a member of the LACYD and Miracle Mile Democratic Club. I am passionate about the need to develop housing across the income spectrum, improve access to services for our most vulnerable, and ensure that California remains a progressive beacon for the nation.

Jake Itzkowitz

I believe that I would be most beneficial as a public servant. I will be quite extendable to serve the people by informing them about about the Democratic Party, Secondly, I would persuade the people to make better choices into developing a better social reform. Lastly, I will contribute my time and energy to participate in any democratic duties.

Vince Cadena

I am running as an ADEM Delegate for Assembly District 53 to create greater support for those most vulnerable in our area. The pandemic has underscored just how vulnerable some communities are, especially communities of color like ours. We have to reimagine what it means to have safety nets for our society.

It is time for the party to join together around our shared core values for a healthy and safe environment for all. That includes clean air, clean soil free of any contamination, and clean water.

With an unwavering focus on equity and inclusion, I plan to fight for environmental justice, fairness and a brighter tomorrow. It would be an honor to have your support for this election.

Veronica Polanco

I am a constitutional lawyer who has spent the last four years suing the Trump Administration: fighting for asylum seekers, DACA recipients, and immigrants and families excluded from federal programs and benefits. A daughter of an Indian immigrant mother, I know how important it is to support all communities, including the immigrant community. And after four years of fighting the Trump Administration, I am looking forward to building a better, more equitable society in the next administration. California is poised to be a leader for a progressive future. I stand for progressive values and will especially support candidates from underrepresented communities who will implement policies to serve all communities. I would be honored to have your vote.

Marissa Roy

FELIPE AGREDANO (pronouns he, his, him/they, their, them) is a professor of Political Science at East Los Angeles College, (ELAC) and an elected Executive Board Member of the American Federation of Teachers, AFT local 1521 labor union, and serves on the Committee for Political Education (COPE) committee. Felipe Agredano, a life-long progressive democrat served as president of the Eastside Democratic Club, which honored Felipe with the distinction of “Democrat of the Year”. Felipe Agredano has presented at the CA Young Dems Convention and the National Young Dems Convention. Felipe has deep roots in AD 53, born in Boyle Heights in the City of LA and having grown up in Huntington Park, ELAC’s headquarters LACCD are in Downtown Los Angeles. Felipe also enjoys spending time in Koreatown and Pico Union and currently resides in Boyle Heights, which are all in the 53rd Assembly District.

Felipe Agredano was named “Young Hispanic American Leader” and during the 80th anniversary of La Opinion Felipe was profiled as a “Future Leader”. Felipe Agredano served as an elected officer, President of School Board, President of the LA County Commission on Human Relations, Chair of CA Democratic Party AD and is a proud Founder of HonorPAC, the first Latinx LGBTQ+ political action committee in the nation. Felipe’s service in public life, started as Senior Field Representative for the Chair of the Higher Education in the State Assembly and State Senate of the State Legislature.

Felipe Agredano earned an Associate of Arts at East LA College; dual Bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley in Government and Chicano Studies, a Masters from Harvard University with Fellowships in comparative religion at Oxford. Felipe has taught academic courses in the History of World Religions, US Political and Social History and Religion and Chicanos at East LA College, Los Angeles Trade Tech College and Cal State, Northridge. Frequently an invited guest at local and national UNIVISION programs like “Aqui y Ahora”, Felipe has appeared on CNN, FOX, NBC/Telemundo and has been quoted in The LA Times, La Opinion, and The Harvard Crimson.

If elected, Felipe promises to serve all democrats of the 53rd Assembly District. Vote Felipe Agredano for Delegate of AD 53.

Felipe Agredano

California is facing a housing and homelessness crisis that’s only gotten worse during the pandemic. My goal as a potential delegate is to ensure that the California Democratic Party is responsive to the needs of low-income tenants and our unhoused neighbors in AD53.

Professionally, I am a researcher and a writer. I am also a co-founder and Policy and Education co-chair of Ktown for All, a neighborhood organization doing outreach and advocacy with Koreatown’s unhoused community members. When we started doing that work, it quickly became clear that solutions to such a huge problem would require more than just small-scale projects.

We need to reimagine how we provide housing in Los Angeles and across the state, and we need to urgently scale up programs that are working to get people housed or keep them housed. As a delegate, I want to ensure that the party’s candidates and policies align with what my neighbors need from their government.

It’s not just about housing, though. Every issue the California Democratic Party cares about is interwoven with the problem of homelessness. When our healthcare system is fragmented and difficult to navigate, people who may not even have access to a phone are left behind. When we consider criminal justice and policing, we need to keep in mind how unpaid citations turn into criminalization, and that 1/3 of the time that the LAPD uses force, it’s against unhoused people. The legacy of racial injustice is seen in the disproportionate Blackness of the unhoused population. And those without windows and doors face the worst impacts from pollution and air quality issues.

While I am privileged to be housed, I hope to bring the perspective I’ve learned from my unhoused neighbors to the California Democratic party.

Mike Dickerson

Juan Portillo (he/him) is a first generation Latinx product out of Koreatown, Los Angeles. Juan has shaped his career championing equitable education in Washington DC, LAUSD, as well as in the non profit sector working with data and community outreach. As your Assembly District Delegate, Juan will act to unify democratic goals that represent his community and be a voice for District 53.

Juan F Portillo

As our nation simultaneously grapples with the deadliest pandemic in 100 years, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, police violence that has produced the largest movement for racial justice since the 1960s, and a climate crisis that has already produced orange skies and fire tornadoes, the time for incrementalism in the Democratic Party is over.

I am running because I refuse to accept a system where millions of Americans have been kicked off of their health insurance during a public health crisis that is showing no signs of abating. Even before the coronavirus ravaged the world, experts estimated that as many as 80,000 Americans died each year due to a lack of affordable health care. In the richest country in the world, I believe it is imperative we fight for Medicare for All.

I am running because I refuse to accept a system where the airlines receive billions in aid, only to lay off thousands of workers and use that aid to enrich their executives through generous stock buybacks. In the richest country in the world, our working class deserves a Universal Basic income, and our students deserve to have ALL of their debt forgiven.

I am running because I refuse to accept a system where there is no money for schools, more affordable housing, improved mental health services, or reparations for the descendants of slaves, and yet our leaders spend more on the world’s most expensive military than the next 7 nations combined and give the police seemingly every dollar they ask for. We must reverse our system of mass incarceration, decriminalize drug use, and defund the police.

Lastly, I am running because I refuse to accept a system that continues to subsidize fossil fuel companies when we should be working towards abolishing fossil fuels entirely. Billions will soon be displaced as societies near the equator become uninhabitable and as major coastal cities like New York and Miami become submerged underwater. Instead of subsidizing the contributors to the crisis, we must instead subsidize solar, wind, battery, and hydropower–all of which are cheaper now than ever before and provide our only hope to stave off catastrophe.

If elected, I will fight every day to transition away from the current system that is failing us, and I will not stop until we achieve the bold, transformative action that is necessary to solve the many crises we face.

Michael Daurio

My name is David Kim, and I’m proud to be running for ADEMS AD-53 on The People’s Slate.

I recently ran for U.S. Congress in CA’s 34th Congressional District this past November 2020, with a 100% grassroots campaign against a corporate/PAC-funded incumbent who raised at least 7-8 times more money. Despite everything stacked against our campaign, our campaign won at least 47% (96,554) of all votes cast in our CA-34 race.

Now, it’s time to reform our Democratic Party from within. I am an ADEMS candidate grounded and connected to and within my community, who can co-govern with the people and articulate and represent their needs, concerns and issues. We have over 40,000 unhoused neighbors in the City of Los Angeles alone, and over 60,000 unhoused neighbors in the County of Los Angeles. Something’s systemically wrong, in so many areas, and it doesn’t help if our Democratic Party continues to do the bare minimum, stick to status quo, prioritize corporate interests, and protect incumbents regardless of their competency and effectiveness. We need a Democratic Party and California base that prioritizes the people at all costs.

That means making a Homes Guarantee a priority. Making Medicare for All a priority. Making the Green New Deal a priority. Making Universal Basic Income a priority. Making Clean Campaign Finance Reform a priority. Banning Corporate PAC money a priority. Making Immigration Reform a priority. Making Criminal Justice & Police Reform a priority. We must move our party towards the direction of prioritizing and loving the people, before it’s too late.

Change starts from bottom up, and it’s time to organize, mobilize and fight with our lives. Vote for me and The People’s Slate of AD53 to safeguard our interests as the People and to grow and expand our movement, for US.

David Kim

“We used to laugh at comedians and listen to politicians. Now we laugh at politicians and listen to comedians.”

As a performance artist and comedian, November 2016 was my wake-up call to deploy my creativity and humor to forge the leadership and change we need in some very dark times. In addition to a body of artistic work that touches on social issues, I have a twenty year record of creating original theater work in collaboration with community organizations that include the members of the Bus Riders Union, undocumented immigrants with the Dream Resource Center, Skid Row residents with LA CAN, young workers at UCLA Labor Center, and the formerly incarcerated of API RISE. These projects have given me the tools that empower communities to tell their own stories.

I am currently the elected representative of Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council Sub-District 5 where I sit on two committees– Planning Land Use and Housing and Economic Development. My proudest accomplishment is co-authoring a Community Impact Statement supporting the Abolition of ICE, and symbolically leading our immigrant community to stand in support of all immigrants. Incidentally, you can watch my journey from artist to local elected rep in my show “Kristina Wong for Public Office”.

I believe that politicians are artists whose “clay” is votes and legislation. The key to innovating change is find ways to use these seemingly “dry” mediums to make dynamic communities. As an artist/ elected rep, I use my resourcefulness to make change. In this pandemic, I founded the Auntie Sewing Squad. We’re a national collective of volunteers who have been sewing face masks for the most vulnerable of communities. We still sew over nine months into the pandemic and our work has expanded to relief drives to Indigenous communities, farm workers, migrants at the border and more communities made vulnerable by systemic racism. This work led to my nomination as a 2020 KCET PBS SoCal “Local Hero”.

As your ADEM delegate, I am committed to addressing Climate Change, Affordable Housing, Immigrant rights, and Economic Justice. Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. I am a member of Democratic Socialists of America. I am a leader who is bold and revolutionary because we cannot settle for anything less.

Kristina Wong

I’m running because I want the Democratic Party to reflect the values of the working people who make up District 53. As a neighborhood council member, LGBT+ activist, community organizer, urban planner and lifelong Democrat from a working class family, I am well-positioned to ensure that our party listens to and delivers for LA. I want to make the Party as dynamic as we are.

While our party has worked toward social justice since the 1960s, too often our goals take a backseat to keeping politicians and their wealthiest constituents comfortable. We should not have to protest and give up countless hours of time for our leaders to listen to marginalized people. They should be reaching out to us and fighting tirelessly for our communities. I want to make sure the Party listens to and is in tune with the pulse of our community, not just the wealthy few who often have politicians’ ears.

As I spent my teens and 20s as an activist and community organizer, I learned that many elected officials privately agree with the progressive movement, but are often afraid to take a stand. That attitude has held us back too long, and we must be bold and courageous in everything we do. Leaders are not elected to be barometers of what’s politically palatable according to public relations consultants, leaders are meant to lead. I want to make sure the Party is a party of leaders.

More recently, working toward a more sustainable and just system of housing and transportation in MacArthur Park, I see that most politicians are unwilling to deviate from the status quo, even as the housing, eviction, climate, and other crises spiral out of control. If you breathe, walk, commute, pay rent, or simply exist in California, you know how dire the situation is. Yet, many of our elected leaders are perfectly happy to keep things more or less the same forever. This is unacceptable, and I want to make sure the Party acts with the urgency this moment calls for.

I will always have working Angelenos in mind when I take actions and votes as a delegate. I will draw upon my own experiences, the experiences of my neighbors – housed or unhoused, and the voices of our community when I think about the issues before me. And most importantly, I will make sure the Democratic Party hears and works for you.

Watch my video statement:

Tom Bellino

After life-long activism at the civilian level, I made the jump to government office by joining the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council in hopes that my community’s best interests might be better served. Currently, I serve as a Business Representative and on the Economic Development and Safety & Public Transportation committees, as well as a liaison to the LGBTQ+ Alliance. As a queer, Korean-American womxn, the pursuit of equality and justice is my foremost mission, and my passions are focused around ending systemic racism, bringing about gender equality, and stopping climate change. This means that I believe in and fight for things like ending police brutality, increasing government transparency, providing affordable housing, instituting Medicare for All, and supporting public transportation.

I am running to be an Assembly District Election Meetings representative because I want to ensure that those who have been historically denied a voice have someone who is willing to speak up on their behalf. While I am a lifetime Democrat, I do not have a political agenda: I simply want to make the world a kinder, more compassionate, and equitable place.

Lynn "Jeong" Stransky

Angie is a documentary film producer. As a 30+ year resident of the district Angie wants to give back to all the wonderful neighbors who have made the district so vibrant and exciting. In her career as a TV producer she has been to 47 states and knows how lucky we are to be Californians. There are many challenges ahead and she wants to help make the kind of changes our district needs and preserve what works. Healthcare, strong public schools, housing and living wages are issues that are at the top of her list. Many of the tax payers in the 53rd are immigrants and cannot vote, their concerns are her concerns. She is running to be an Assembly Delegate so the issues her neighbors have an advocate and a positive conduit for their voices to be heard, in the city, county, state and country. Being elected as an Assembly Delegate would be an important way she can give back.

Angie Brown

As a proud, lifelong Democrat, grassroots activist, parent, feminist, writer, and non-profit professional, I bring a call for equity and justice to my candidacy for Delegate of AD 53. It would be an honor to help represent this diverse and wonderful district to the CA Democratic Party and have a hand in making decisions to help all Californians.

California and the US have not yet lived up to their promise, and will not, until we eliminate systemic discrimination of all kinds. The Democratic Party of CA has historically helped to move the national party to the left and has always been on the forefront of progress. This must continue, but with a heavy push toward equity and justice for all people.

This starts with a diverse and inclusive group of delegates. I come with a feminist point of view, as well as one that supports those who are disadvantaged and discriminated against in our communities.

I have been an activist my entire life. I most recently was a lead volunteer on Senator Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. During that campaign, we understood that “Justice was on the ballot,” and the various types of justice that needed to be addressed included: economic, environmental, health care, educational, reproductive, children’s, housing, immigrant, and gun control. These are ideals I continue to fight for.

After Senator Harris left the race, I volunteered on the Biden campaign, and then as a lead organizer once Senator Harris was chosen for the ticket. (Imagine my unbridled joy!) I organized phonebanks, letter writing campaigns, rallies featuring political luminaries, and large fundraising events. It was thrilling to be a part of their winning campaign.

I am continuing my efforts by working on the GA Senate races, organizing on a grassroots basis with both an absentee ballot application letter-writing campaign, and helping to produce Giggles for GA—a weekly comedy and music show that benefits the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns.

As a delegate to the 53rd Assembly District, I will continue to fight for the myriad types of justice that need to be fought for in this country and equity for all. Crucial in the fight for equity in California are policies to make housing, transportation, and health care available and affordable to all people. We can have a thriving democracy and a thriving economy when all people are lifted up and supported.

Lisa Cassandra