Assembly District 55




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

55 Wesley J Smith No OSIF
55 Keri Kropke No SIF
55 Lyndsey Lefebvre No SIF
55 Linda Freedman No SIF
55 Kevin T. Hayakawa No OSIF
55 Gregg Fritchle * OSIF
55 Layla Abou-Taleb No SIF
55 Mansfield Collins No OSIF
55 Bill Rawlings No OSIF
55 Jerry Knox No OSIF
55 James Gallagher * OSIF
55 Verronica Clements * SIF
55 Allison Thuang No SIF
55 Iris Mann No SIF
55 Sanobar Baig No SIF
55 Andrew Chou No OSIF
55 Rachel Kirk No SIF
55 J.B. Afoh-Manin * OSIF
55 Ana Maria Rodriguez No SIF
55 Priya J. Shah No SIF
55 Gabriel Alfaro No OSIF
55 Andrew Fahmy * OSIF
55 Jon Portez No OSIF
55 Lauren Barnes No SIF
55 Diane Kanne No SIF
55 Greg Diamond * OSIF
55 Natalie Estrada No SIF
55 Emmett A. Brock No OSIF

Candidate Statements

In this era of such a strong disconnect between residents and representatives, it is important for members of every generation be brave enough to run for any office they can. This is my contribution. Being born and raised in Orange County has prepared me for this day. I’ve been a resident of the 55th district area for 23 years, since I was 2 years old. With a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Hawai’i, and a Master’s in Public Policy from USC I feel I can bring a much needed perspective to the California ADEMs. I ask my fellow California Democrats, vote Wesley J Smith.

Wesley J. Smith

My name is Keri Kropke and I would be honored to represent every citizen in AD 55.

I am a public-school teacher and a recent board member of the Brea Olinda Unified School District – representing the education and welfare of 6,000 children in our community. I have governing, legislative experience and the passion to achieve equitable, shared results.

The California Democratic party is calling activists and volunteers to rebuild our imperiled democracy and implement relevant policy that facilitate hard working Americans.

I have delivered on the dais, at town halls and will continue knocking on doors to broaden our coalition. As an elected, I tackled renaming a Ku Klux Klan affiliated school, voted and implemented districting, and put a bond on the ballot – all requiring compromise and collaboration.

I have a proven, track record in transparent, relatable leadership. As a member of the California Health and Financing Authority team, I have ensured our taxes are allocated to the health and welfare of our California communities, especially during this Covid 19 crisis. I have taken leadership positions in the California Teacher’s Association (CTA) and am a member of the California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, Chicano Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, Native American Caucus, Environmental Caucus, Senior Caucus, Disabilities Caucus, Labor Caucus and the African American Caucus.

I have worked on over 45 local campaigns and have recruited and helped young women get elected in our district to build our future. This is the accomplishment I am most proud of – empowering others. I would be honored to be a part of our Assembly Democrat team. I humbly ask for your vote.

Respectfully and in Solidarity,

Keri Kropke

My name is Lyndsey Lefebvre and I am currently raising my family in the city of La Habra. I am from Anaheim, and went to college in Fullerton. Because of access to health insurance, my spouse kept his position in the service industry at Disneyland while I went to college to get my Master’s Degree.

I am an Adjunct Professor at Cerritos College and Irvine Valley College, a member of both unions, and a participant through both the California of Federation of Teachers annual conventions and union actions, and I have also served as a delegate to the Community College Association annual conference where I have advocated for contingent academic faculty and the impact on students and future educators. Within this capacity of a unionist and educator, and even sometimes local substitute teacher, there are glaring issues of inequity that need to be addressed in our education systems.

As a Contract Organizer for CIR-SEIU, I am working with front line doctors through the COVID-19 pandemic. In this work I facilitate and organize with workers on collective efforts for safety, staffing, testing, and constraints of the overwhelmed medical system in California. Workers up and down California need people in office to fight for our Democratic Values.

I am also an organizer in my community. When we organize and talk to each other – we win. Through the participation of endorsements, campaigns, and grassroots organizing around issues that impact our neighborhoods, it would be an honor to advocate for Assembly District 55 and my city to the state party. As an organizer for the Democratic Party of OC, I am entrusted to help elect Democrats to municipal elections – and we had a successful year holding and increasing Democratic majorities on school boards and city councils, running more Democrats for local elections than ever before and in spaces we have not had Democrats run. AD55 is a unique corner of southern California, and I believe in the progressive vision for California’s future and believe in the absolute importance of everyday people participating in the political process. I hope you will honor me with your vote and also work with me to make progress that builds from the bottom-up.

Lyndsey Lefebvre

I have been a delegate for Assembly District 55 since 2016. It has been an honor to represent the people of our district. I have lived in Walnut for the past 17 years and was elected to the Walnut City Council in November. My campaign platforms included supporting small businesses, protecting open spaces and promoting mental health awareness in our community. I have been a public school teacher in the Walnut Valley USD for 34 years and believe that providing equal access to education and promoting inclusiveness of all students within our school system is critical to the success of our children.

Linda Freedman

My name is Kevin T. Hayakawa. I’m a Professor of Physics at Moorpark College, a Ph.D. Candidate in Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCLA and I successfully flipped one of the five Republican-held seats on the Walnut Valley Water Board blue in 2020. I’m running for California Democratic Party (CDP) Delegate to ensure that my generation and future generations have equitable access to higher education, quality affordable healthcare, and clean air and drinking water. I believe that I represent several constituencies that were instrumental in electing Joe Biden, yet often overlooked, including millennials, LGBTQIA+ individuals, Asian Americans, scientists, teachers, and students.

As a research scientist, I understand the importance of evidence-based decision making and will bring that approach to the CDP. As a teacher, I understand that education is the great equalizer and that our schools were severely underfunded even before the pandemic. As a student, I understand how crushing student loan debt is and how it holds us back from truly starting our careers and families.

I would be honored to represent this district, because this is the community I was born and raised in. I attended our local public schools in the Rowland Unified School District, and am so proud to have received the support of several of my former middle and high school teachers in my previous race.

I believe it is important for our elected officials to show that they have put in the work. I have canvassed, phonebanked, and textbanked for our local Democratic candidates and helped flip from red to blue the 39th Congressional District in 2018 and 29th Senate District in 2020. I knocked on hundreds of doors this year for my own Walnut Valley Water Board race.

BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in Rowland Heights, Kevin is a proud International Baccalaureate (I.B.) graduate of John A. Rowland High School. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Physics and Astrophysics. Kevin holds a Master’s degree in Astronomy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCLA. He has had the privilege of teaching in the Earth Science Department at Santa Monica College, the Natural Sciences Division at El Camino College, and the Physical Sciences & Career Education Division at Moorpark College.

Kevin T. Hayakawa

I was the Democratic nominee for the Assembly in 2010 in the 60th District, and the Democratic nominee for the Assembly in the 55th District in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018. I led the entire field of candidates by 13,000 votes in the 2016 open primary.

I’ve previously served as a CADEM delegate from 2003-2020, attending every CADEM convention during that time, while also a member of the Children’s Caucus and Labor Caucus throughout that time. I was also a delegate to the Los Angeles County Central Committee from 2002-2020. Additionally, I was an ex-officio delegate to the Orange County and San Bernardino County Central Committees from 2010-2020. I attended all three County Central Committee monthly meetings, and fellow delegates can tell you that I was a consistently active and vocal participant in the monthly meetings in all three counties. My first priorities have always been for us to remain true to Democratic values, and for us not only to do the right thing, but to do it the right way, maintaining principles of fairness and consistency with established procedure.

I’m a 29-year labor activist for SEIU Local 721 and one of its predecessor locals, Local 535. I served as a worksite steward during 28 of my 30 years as a child welfare social worker for the County of Los Angeles, representing front-line workers and conducting worksite Labor-Management meetings. I also negotiated six contracts for LA County social workers, served on the Local 535 Statewide Executive Board from 1994-2007, attending every statewide meeting (4-5 times per year) during that time. I remain a COPE member activist of Local 721 as a retiree.

I’m also a member of three local Democratic Clubs (a founding member and officer of the Tri-Counties Democratic Club, as well as a member since 2010 of both the Chino Valley Democratic Club and Democrats of North Orange County).

I’ve also been a local grassroots activist, participating in two local environmental groups working to protect open space in the 55th AD. I’ve also fought against development of the Prado Regional Park wetlands, and joined fights to remove a KKK member’s name from a Brea public school and to stop privatization of Placentia’s fire/EMT services.

My goal as a delegate is to run the party from the bottom up rather than the top down. Clubs should drive County CC agendas, and in turn County CCs should drive the CADEM agenda.

Gregg Fritchle

My name is Layla Abou-Taleb. I have a masters degree in Community Organization, Planning and Administration.

My career was in Early Childhood Education with the State of California.

I was re-elected this year to Walnut Valley School Board for a second term. My platform is to focus on the whole child. Social and Emotional development must be an integral part of our schools curriculum.

My commitment is to give every child the opportunity and access to quality education. Unfortunately, as a nation and State we fail to make education and health care the high priorities they should be. We have the resources but lack the vision to invest for our future.

I’m a believer that we each have to do our share if we want change and a better future for our children.

I am running for State Assembly Delegate because I believe in change from the bottom up!

Layla Abou-Taleb

•I am an incumbent current elected delegate and third term member to AD55, and current 2nd Vice President to the San Bernardino County Central Committee Executive Board. (SBCDP).

•I am 1st Vice President of the Chino Valley Democratic Club, serving the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, and South Ontario, and member, in good standing, of the Tri-Counties Democratic Club which comprises the 55th Assembly District, the 29th State Senate District, and the 39th Congressional District.

•I have represented AD55 Democrats and progressive residents at the past six Democratic Conventions 2014-2020 and seek to continue to represent you in 2021-2023.

•I am a 30 year Chino Hills resident who advocates for progressive causes in San Bernardino County and our slice of AD55 in the delegate decision making process.

– I am an “on the ground activist” for numerous local Democratic candidates including Andrew Rodriguez, Josh Newman, Gil Cisneros, and Gregg Fritchle, as well as for local down-ballot candidates in cities and schools within our district..

– I ran in 2016 and 2020 as a candidate to the Chino Hills City Council

•I am a Member of the Executive Boards for the CA 39 Action Council – Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County known Build the Bench Program and PAC

•As a SB County Dem Ex Board member, I authored and/or supported and promoted recent multiple resolutions to the State Party:

–Condemning Religious Proselytizing in our local school board, Nestle Water abuse in the San Bernardino national forest, and against unrestricted gun ammo access, which led to the San Bernardino mass shootings.

–Supported a County Union backed Resolution against the TPP Fast-Track.

–Supported and promoted the Resolution in Support of a Green New Deal economic revival.

•I am running as an AD55 Executive Board representative as I have attended and participated in CA State Conventions and Eboards over the past decade. I attend and participate in all the Region 15 meetings that represent our three Counties. I am a dues paying member of the Women’s Caucus, the Labor Caucus, the Children’s Caucus, the Business & Professional Caucus, and the Computer and Internet Caucus.

•I will continue progressive advocacy on behalf of the residents of AD55 in the future.

•Vote for Jim Gallagher ADEM AD55 Eboard.

James Gallagher

Fellow Democrats,

I am seeking a second term as your delegate to the California Democratic Party and would be honored to earn your vote. These past two years have been an incredible opportunity to ensure our local voice is heard within the party at meetings, trainings and conventions. I hope to expand on that through my continued membership in the Labor, Environmental and Children’s caucuses.

As you prepare to cast your vote, please consider the following points that make me a unique choice:

* My experience serving on the Board of Governors for California Community Colleges allows me to bring a special understanding of how to transform our Party platform into functioning public policy.

* As a long-time leader in the California School Employees Association, and having volunteered for dozens of campaigns across the state over the past 25 years, I know the time and hard work it takes to develop new activists and leaders.

* As a local Planning Commissioner and recent City Council candidate, I also have insight into the challenges that our communities face and the opportunity we have as leaders to create positive transformation in the lives of people who need us most.

I am a proud member of the Tri-Counties Democratic Club, Kiwanis Club of Walnut Valley, and a lifelong resident of our community.

Bill Rawlings

The cataclysmic combination of Covid-19 and Donald Trump made me realize how desperately our country needs more ethical leadership at every level. I felt called to become involved in the Democratic Party as more than a voter when I saw Trump and his new Republican party seek to systematically attack our democracy and national decency.

I seek your support as a Party of the People Slate Member to serve as a District 55 ADEM Representative for the 2021 year because I want to fight for justice. I want to work with others to stamp out ignorance, cruelty, and systemic racism.

I have worked as an educator teaching high school literature for more than twenty years. During that time I have been a member of both NEA and CTA. I am currently the Organizing Chair for BOTA. I hold a BA and MA from Whittier College. In my heart I feel what makes me the most qualified is my life history. Being the daughter of blue collar parents I know what it is to struggle to survive. The deck is stacked against working people and I want to see this change.

I am passionate about preserving, perfecting and protecting: the environment, the affordable healthcare act, access to birth control, voter’s rights, ending unfair gerrymandering, police reform, economic growth, LGBTQ rights, teachers rights, women’s rights, restructuring taxes to favor the working class, infrastructure, childcare, affordable learning, and strengthening unions.

Please support me and allow me to help organize and bring candidates to positions of governmental power that will bring a better quality of life to the citizens of California. I ask for your vote for District 55 ADMEN and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate,

With respect and gratitude,

Verronica Clements

My name is Allison Thuang, and I am running as a candidate for ADEM 55. I have spent my whole life living in the District – I grew up in Rowland Heights, attended Diamond Bar High School, and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.S. in Communications, Public Relations. During my years in university, I helped campaign for numerous local leaders such as Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva and Senator Newman and interned at the 57th District Assembly Office under Majority Leader Ian Calderon. Upon graduation, I began my professional career in market research and consumer insights.

My role as a market researcher is to utilize various methodologies and truly understand our audience. Thus, I pride myself on being observant, attentive, and compassionate. As a citizen, I have noticed so much discord within our community, our Party, and our Nation. Conflicting voices should not be ignored – Instead, we as a Party should seek to unify through proactive listening and strategic activism. During the next 4 years under the Biden Presidency, our Party needs to work even more diligently to educate and engage our neighbors about local issues and elections – we cannot be complacent.

Some of the issues I care about include reviving our economy post-COVID 19, endorsing legislation to combat climate change, investing in community programs, and advocating for racial justice reform. I am running for Delegate because I want to see California continue to flourish, but recognize the grievances that plague us. I hope to represent those in our District who share the same progressive views as me and inspire a new generation of young, diverse Democrats in California.

Allison Thuang

My name is Iris Mann. I’m running to continue serving as an ADEM 55 Delegate. I have a BA in Political Science from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate from Western State College of Law. The plague of human indifference to the plights of all others and the anti science, truth and intellectualism movement motivates me to be involved.

I’ve spent decades researching and debating issues I care about. Issues important to me are; equal rights for LGBTQ, women, minorities, global warming, compassionate immigration reform, separation of church and state and fighting to make black lives really matter. The 2016 election and rise of Trumpism forced me to see that debating the misinformed via social media is not enough and is ineffective. The fact free, alternate reality has to be fought in a more proactive, productive way to truly make a difference.

So, I attended the Democratic Convention in San Diego after the 2016 election. I joined the LGBTQ, the African American and the Progressive caucuses. I was inspired to see so many people not just grieving, but actually working to protect people and issues they believe in.

Since than, I have volunteered for many campaigns including for Senate, Assembly, Congress, Dem Party Chair, ballot measures and City Council seats. I’ve made magnates, canvassed, called, texted, wrote postcards, and delivered/posted yard signs. I attend every meeting I can to be involved and get more informed on issues I care so strongly about.

I received an award from Senator Newman for outstanding Civic Engagement, dedication and activism. I received the 2019 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat of the year award for ADEM 55. I am on the LA County Democratic Party Central Committee. I am an Assembly District 55 Delegate and A Vice President of the Tri Counties Democratic Club. I am a member of many Democratic clubs including Progressive 39, Indivisible 39, Democrats of North Orange County, and Democratic Party of Orange County. In addition, I have volunteered for Swing Left, Indivisible Chicago, Flip the West, West coast for Biden, CADEM and Ground Works campaigns.

If allowed to serve again, I’ll again attend all informational and State meetings. I will communicate with other Delegates so we’re all working on and appraised of new and current developments and strategies to protect and strengthen California ideals in line with our values.

Iris Mann

I have been a delegate since 2013.A psychiatrist by profession ,past 2nd Vice President and one of the founding member of my club.Have also been a member of Credentials Committee for CDP. I have actively participated in campaigns for candidates running for local, state assembly, senate and congress positions As a progressive I will continue to focus on healthcare for all including mental health services and eradication of racialism.

Sanobar Baig

To understand why I am running as an AD55 Delegate I need to tell you a little about myself. My father was a humble man who lacked a formal education, but he believed in justice and equal rights for all. As an immigrant, he taught me that since we knew how wrong the stereotypes and unjust the prejudices against us as Mexicans were, how could we then be prejudiced against other groups? He was a feminist. It is traditional for baby girls to have their ears pierced. He said that it was my decision to make when I was old enough. He encouraged me to get a good education, so I would always be able to support myself and my children. My mother was deeply religious and believed in the basic worth and dignity of each person. No one was beyond redemption.

My husband and I married young and worked our way through college. We both became teachers in Title 1 schools working with dedicated teachers and wonderful families. We never stopped learning from the community. They told of their struggles with the agencies that were supposed to help them, family, health, economic concerns, and their hopes for their children.

It is listening to the stories of others and the belief in justice and equal rights that brought me to political activism. I am active in Indivisible 39, TriCountiesDem Club, Progressive 39, SGV NAACP, and Swing Left. I participated in Field Team 6 Voter Registration and organized my own Registration Drives at Mt.SAC. I volunteered for our Congressional, State Senate/Assembly, and City Council campaigns.

When phoning voters, I listened when they talked of their lives and worries. When canvassing, people told me about their fears for our country and their hopes for progress. As activists, it is not just our responsibility to get out the vote, but to ensure that our Democratic Party connects with the people in our districts. At State Convention we need to listen not just with our own ears, but with those of our district. I will speak up for what I believe. I will also listen to people whose experiences differ from mine before making decisions. I think both are important in a Delegate representing our diverse AD55.

Rachel Kirk

Mi nombre es Ana Maria Rodriguez,

inmigrante de Puebla México, tengo ya 31 años viviendo aquí, actualmente soy residente de Brea, y busco apoyar el partido demócrata con mis ideas y ser la voz de la industria laboral la cual, ha sido duramente impactada por Covid. juntos podemos sacar adelante nuestro condado y mejorar.

sin duda, ESTOY LISTA!

Ana Maria Rodriguez

I am an informed, engaged, and proactive 12-year resident of Assembly District 55 and my priorities during this era of COVID and Republican takeover of parts of North OC are: healthcare and housing access, educational support and continued innovation, and racial equity. I am an adjunct professor at a local state university, a long-time PTA member, and the mother of two girls who attend Yorba Linda public schools. In addition to my professional and personal roles, I am a passionate advocate for education, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ+ youth in K-12 and was highly involved in the 2018 campaigns for both the 39th District and local seats, work for which I was honored with the Orange County Young Democrats 2018 Harvey Milk Award.

I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for Equality CA and on the parents’ council for the Human Rights Campaign. Locally, I am joining the Board of His House, a non-profit housing shelter, and I just stepped down after five years on the Board of Orange County Equality Coalition (OCEC), in which time I have organized a number of educational panels on gender identity and sexual orientation and been featured as a speaker at many events. I was awarded the Community Service Award by OC Pride in 2019 for this work.

Over the past four and a half years I have been working with the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District to update their board policies to include gender identity and to implement state legislation that protects our youth and trains staff about gender identity and sexual orientation. I also brought this attention to immigrant and queer activism to the campaigns for the 39th District and to the intersectional work being done in Yorba Linda to create a progressive voice here in the 55th Assembly District. I had the opportunity to serve as an ADEM in the 2019-2020 cycle, and was a member of the Progressive, Women’s, and LGBTQ+ Caucuses. I am committed to an equitable 55th District and believe that together we can return a Democrat to the 39th District, support our newly re-elected State Senator Josh Newman, and turn our Assembly seat blue!

Dr. Priya J. Shah

My name is Andrew Fahmy and I am running to represent District 55 as an Assembly District Delegate. I am running because I am concerned for the future of our democracy. I assume you are, too, as you have chosen to take part in this election. For the past five years I have watched our party become further divided, rallying behind leaders who use their fame to further their agendas, ultimately weakening the Democratic party. This needs to end. It is our responsibility as Democrats to stand up and call for an end to this division, to find unity in our message, and to promote policies that benefit all residents of this District, State, and Country.

The Democratic party has long represented a government focused on supporting the people of these United States. Our job is not to intervene in the daily lives of our citizens, but to make their lives just little bit easier. We lead the world in innovation, military strength, humanitarian efforts, and yet, many of our residents need to make the critical decision every month of buying groceries or paying for rent. No person should need to make this choice and I am committed to finding ways to solve the issues that our community faces.

I am a son to immigrant parents who moved to the United states in 1989, shortly before I was born. I grew up in Orange County, graduated from Cal State Fullerton, and recently purchased my first home in the City of Brea with my newlywed wife. I was a small business owner before switching careers to the nonprofit sector in 2015.

For the past five years I have worked to end child abuse, provide affordable housing to those in need, prevent suicide, promote mental health programming, and have advocated to ensure that the traditionally unserved populations in this county are properly represented. I currently serve as the Director of Partnership and Program Development at the Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies, a 501c3 corporation focused on eliminating racial disparities.

Our party needs strong voices, voices that are representative of the population, voices that are willing to advocate for policies that are critical to our health, wellness, and safety. As an Assembly District Delegate, I promise to be that strong voice. I promise to advocate on behalf of the residents of District 55 and to bring forward policies that can benefit our community.

Andrew Fahmy

I am running for ADEM in Assembly District 55 because I care about my community on having equal access to healthcare, job opportunities, immigration opportunities and education enhancements. I will advocate to our legislative representatives to advance these agenda and serve our community with transparency and dignity.

I live in district AD55 for more 10 years and active in our community. I currently serves as Executive Committee for SEIU-United Healthcare West and work as Hospital Technician in Downey. I am political and labor activist. Most recently, I supported and advocate for our democratic ticket in my assembly, senate and congressional district. I supported campaigns to turn state of Arizona Blue. And will continue to support legislators that supports labor and immigration.

This pandemic clearly made us stronger as a community and nation. We want to make sure that our rebuilding process are equitable for our community and creates programs that will help our citizens from labor workforce to small business owners.

I ask my fellow neighbors and union brothers and sisters to support me by voting. Please vote for Jon Portez/AD55.

Jon Portez

My name is Diane Kanne, and I am a candidate for ADEM 55 Delegate.

Grassroots organizing is the strength of the Democratic Party. I am proud to be a part of those efforts. During the past four years, I walked the 55th Assembly District, the 29th Senate District, and 39th Congressional District from Yorba Linda, Brea, and Fullerton to Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, and Chino Hills. Campaigns I recently walked, made phone calls, and wrote hundreds of postcards for include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Gil Cisneros, Josh Newman, Andrew Rodriquez, Andy Thorburn for Board of Education, and Loretta Sanchez for Supervisor. I stood in front of Wal-Mart and Walgreens to try to stop Josh Newman’s recall. Meeting voters and talking with them about our Democratic candidates has been an honor and the highlight of these past years.

My commitment to the party includes serving as an alternate delegate to a Democratic National Convention. I also helped with the Harley Rouda and Katie Porter campaigns. I marched for women, science, and civil rights.

My professional experience includes work as an environmental scientist on air pollution emissions control, toxic air contaminants, and risk communication. I earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Stanford University and an M.S. in Chemistry from U.C. San Diego. Global warming is the existential problem of our time, and I am fully committed to helping guide our communities to zero carbon emissions and a more sustainable future.

I also am a member of various environmental organizations that are working to protect the amazing resources of our beautiful state. As a 34-year resident of Yorba Linda, I’ve volunteered for numerous community organizations including serving on the board of a community group that, working together with Hills for Everyone, has been instrumental in preventing the building of a development in a high fire risk zone north of Yorba Linda next to Chino Hills State Park.

Diane Kanne

I was raised in OC, returning to it in late 2006 after 22 years away for school and work. In 2010, I became the County Chair of Jerry Brown’s campaign for Governor. (OC became the only Democratic County Party to refuse to participate in the State Party’s “Coordinated Campaign” because its leaders didn’t want to promote Kamala Harris for Attorney General.)

In 2016, I became County Chair of Kamala Harris’s Senate campaign, when OC’s leaders recruited Loretta Sanchez to run against her. That same year, I became the first and main person within DPOC, where I had been Vice Chair, to support Josh Newman for State Senate against DPOC’s chosen insider candidate. My point is that I have a lot of experience with confronting party officials who are unreasonably wrong –- mostly because they (1) are extremely deferential to authority (and donors) and (2) oppose the party’s Left/Progressive wing, with which they do not want to share ACTUAL power. (But they still want support from the Left – and don’t seem to understand that they won’t get it if they treat leftist potential voters – whom they think are OBLIGED to support Dems no matter what they do – like shit.)

I’m proud of my support for Brown and Harris –- and of my supporting Bernie Sanders for President. I’m also proud that I could reach out to scorned voters MORE effectively in support of Biden/Harris because I DON’T bow to party leaders unquestioningly.

This (as some may inform you) has gotten me in trouble with leaders who value their personal advancement within the party without regard to what policies are right and good. But I’ve also been able to work productively with people both to the left and the right of our Party for (what should be) our comment goals –- usually fighting corruption that our party’s “realists” claim that we must abide for political reasons.

CDP has huge problems –- but also some of the best people I’ve ever known in almost 50 years in politics. The party flouts its rules to repress and freeze them out — but they fight on. The party doesn’t need a majority of people like me who don’t sacrifice ethics to ambition — but it DOES need SOME of us!

I’m one of the few who has done it very well –- “knocked down, but I get up again.” If want someone who will push to keep people honest within the party, I want your vote. You can read my political writing at

Gregory Diamond