Assembly District 6




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

6 Michael D Burckhard No OSIF
6 John Shaban No OSIF
6 Tiesha Tallman No SIF
6 Ann M Bowler No SIF
6 Rebecca Friedman No SIF
6 Susan Gutowsky * SIF
6 Lisa Larkin No SIF
6 Cydney Jones No SIF
6 Gary Miller No OSIF
6 David Brame * OSIF
6 Evan Minton No OSIF
6 Laurence T Hufty No OSIF
6 Jasmine Partida No SIF
6 Gladys Deloney No SIF
6 Lynne R. Snyder No SIF
6 Michelle Wright No SIF
6 Kristina Bas Hamilton * SIF
6 William E Lauritsen No OSIF
6 Terry Brady No OSIF
6 Michelle Sutherland No SIF
6 Sameer Kazim No OSIF
6 Jasvir Sidhu * OSIF
6 Margaret Fortune No SIF
6 JaRita Booker-Pichon No SIF
6 Victor Monjaras No OSIF
6 Em Ward No OSIF
6 Casey Mills No OSIF
6 LaMills Garrett * OSIF

Candidate Statements

As a labor staff leader in SEIU Local 1021, and member of CWA 9404- I hold fast to trade union values, and will fight for working Californians in every decision and endorsement I make. I am running for the ADEM AD-06 delegate seat to have a voice in the California Democratic party process. I am a non-profit Director with Organize Sacramento, and very involved in maintaining a progressive agenda in the AD-06 region. I will support siblings in the LGBTQ+ and especially the Trans community, lift up and center BIPOC voices, work for the ‘Green New Deal’ and push the party away from corporate takeover at every possible step. Together we will fight for Healthcare for all, social housing, rent control, and allow younger voices into the room for access to power and decision-making. Please vote for me and my slate, ‘Blue Wave Rising’, as we work to move into ‘purple’ counties and win seats for Democratic candidates running in local elections in rural and historically moderate districts.

John Shaban

I have taught in California public schools for over 10 years, and I have a doctorate in education. I want to be a delegate because I have always been passionate about the democratic process. I will represent California’s public school teachers and K-12 students.

Tiesha Tallman PhD

Before the 2016 elections, I was confident that America had a strong, well-designed democracy which could withstand poor leadership and challenging times. That belief wavered as Trump was allowed to cause much harm to people, the environment and our democracy.

I was compelled to act. Over the last 4 years, I’ve volunteered for Democratic candidates, hosted fundraisers, led letter writing drives, protested and helped lead Catalyst, an action oriented Democratic Club. I served our region as an elected Delegate and by working with PCDP to grow our local progressive base.

About me: I taught all grades kindergarten through third for 16 years. As an educator, I worked hard to serve the needs of my students and their families. I left teaching to write children’s books. I published 15 children’s books on multi-cultural and environmental topics and visited many schools to share my love of books and cultures with kids. These experiences helped me to develop a deep understanding of kid’s needs and of educational systems.

My family and I purchased the Flower Farm in 2004; we’ve worked together to develop this historic Loomis farm into a beloved, environmentally friendly destination. As successful small business owner, I bring advertising, social media and event planning experience and conflict resolution skills to my work as a delegate.

I volunteer for and sit on the boards of many non-profits including Child Advocates of Placer County, Alliance for Environmental Leadership, Auburn Sustainability Committee, Martin Family Foundation and Visit Placer. My familiarity with complex social challenges and local non-profits are an asset.

Key issues: I have a serious pre-existing condition. I understand that HEALTH CARE is an important issue for many in our region.

I treasure our natural world. I am deeply concerned about climate change and the effects it will have on all. I am a member of the ENVIRONMENTAL and RURAL CAUCUS.

All children deserve a solid education that prepares them to deal with our complex world. I am a member of the CHILDREN’S CAUCUS.

As a delegate, I promise to continue to work with kindness, honesty, transparency to engage more people in the political process and to be as inclusive as possible with the goal of developing a more progressive base in AD06. Thank you for voting for me and for the entire Blue Wave Rising Delegate slate!

Annie Bowler

A lifelong Democratic, Rebecca Friedman consistently volunteers for local and national campaigns and engages others to volunteer, donate, and participate. Her professional qualifications enhanced by her strong personal commitment to her community and the Democratic Party have prepared her to represent Assembly District 6 as a Delegate for the CADEM’s and uphold values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Rebecca is the Founder and President of a woman-owned small-business focused on improving the business of government through communications, and business development advisory services for technology and professional services firms that deliver government technology services. Her professional experience includes working in the private and public sectors and for not-for-profits. She has worked at a leading consulting firm delivering government technology transformation projects. She has a proven track record of building stakeholder trust and mutually beneficial relationships with volunteer leaders and elected and appointed government officials and their staff. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has a demonstrated history of managing projects from start to finish, with a strong focus on project delivery outcomes.

Rebecca has served as an appointed member of the Sacramento County Fair Oaks Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC) since 2016 and currently serves as the Council Chair. Rebecca is a Sacramento County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), where she proudly serves as a trained community volunteer appointed by a juvenile court judge to represent the best interests of a youth placed into the protective custody of the child welfare system.

Rebecca Friedman

I am running for re-election as a delegate in AD-6 to continue my advocacy and activism for Democratic principles in our very conservative district. As a life-long Democrat and former union officer, I have worked hard to recruit, train, mentor and support local progressive candidates. I work full time for the American Cancer Society as a planned giving directror, and also serve as a board member of Placer Food Bank. I am currently serving as Co-Chair of Catalyst Democrats, and was a co-founder of Placer Women Democrats as well as past president of Roseville Junction Democratic Club. I ask for your vote and I pledge to continue to be a strong advocate for policies that promote economic and social justice.

Susan Gutowsky

I grew up in CA and have been a resident of Roseville for 20 years. I have a Liberal Arts degree, but have worked in tech for 30 yrs. In 2008, I followed my passion and went to work as a Technology Trainer/Application Architect for one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country. I support healthcare as a right, workplace equity, Unions, moving BLM protest to policy, women’s rights, renewable energy, standard broadband utility, citizenship for Dreamers, affordable housing, abolish Citizens United & the electoral college system, recruiting & supporting local, honest, transparent, & diverse candidates, & educating/building our voter base. My local and surrounding community service work includes the Placer Food Bank, Relay for Life, helping homeless, ground support during natural disasters like the Camp Fire including emergency animal shelter work, organizing fundraisers, & pet reunification efforts.

After getting involved in a local grassroots Federal campaign, I was disheartened to see that money and party ultimately pick our candidates which is not always best for us. I was also frustrated with the lack of Dem candidates on our ballots. Becoming an elected ADEM was the first step to try to change that.

As an elected ADEM delegate, I am seeking re-election. I am also an elected Placer County Democratic Central Committee (PCDCC) member where I currently serve as Vice Chair of Governance, while also serving on Campaign Services, Community Engagement, & Fundraising committees. I also created & Chair the Ad Hoc IDEA committee to develop a plan towards becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive party. I am a member of the Children’s, Women’s, Black, & Environment Caucuses, as well as Catalyst, PAN, & Roseville Junction Dem Clubs. I serve as the PCDCC observer at Roseville City Council meetings, and monitor Board of Supervisors meetings. I have fought for a Roseville Independent Re-Districting Commission, body cams for police officers, and environmental protections. This election cycle, I have knocked on 4400 doors for 3 campaigns, phone & text banked for CADEM coordinated campaigns/propositions, & created & worked fundraising events to name a few.

I walk the talk and you can count on me to serve Assembly District 6 well as your elected delegate and I ask for your vote!

Lisa Larkin

Politics begin in our local communities. As we decide how our neighborhoods and communities will be formed and supported, we are building the foundation for how our state and country will be formed, supported and grow.

I believe in creating strong communities were everyone is included. These past elections have shown me that all of us need to step up and work together to create strong vibrant communities. The Covid-19 crisis has reenforced this need to work together and support each other.

I have been a Democratic voter for many years. Now I would like to step up and work harder to make our communities stronger and thrive.

Cydney Jones

“I’m a proud liberal Democrat. Liberal Democrats have brought us Social Security, the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, civil rights laws, and the minimum wage. All of which Republicans opposed”. I spoke those words over 50 years ago to a high school assembly encouraging classmates to vote for Lyndon Johnson over Barry Goldwater in the mock election we were going to have at the school.

We thought Barry Goldwater was the most extreme candidate the Republicans could think of to nominate for president. But that was before we knew of Donald Trump.

Today I could add to the list. Liberal Democrats believe “Black Lives Matter”. We believe in marriage equality, Medicare, and voting rights. We believe in the dreamers being given an opportunity in the only country they know. Liberals believe it is morally wrong to separate children from their parents and lock them up in cages. All these things are opposed by conservatives.

My background includes:

*Active in the LGBT community since 1968

*Active in Democratic Party since 1964, including chair of a county committee and a Bill Clinton delegate to the national convention

* Elected official for 30 years

We helped to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

But we still have much work to do. We have to learn how to win at home. I know. I lost re-election to my local school board because the Republicans out-smarted us. We have work to do at home.

Why spend millions of dollars trying to defeat Republican incumbents only to lose when we could spend a few thousand and get Democrats elected to city councils or school boards? How do we do that? Encourage people to start running for office NOW. Not two years from now. Build your data base. Find ways to communicate with voters today. Send birthday cards out. Attend board meetings beginning now. I would like to have your help in electing more Democrats in Assembly District 6. Yes We can.

Email me and let me know I can count on your help. Email me to let me know if you want to run for something in 2022. We must start NOW!

Visit my website at, for more information.

Gary Miller

I am David Brame – Candidate for California Assembly District Delegate. As a long-time Californian and a nearly 7 year resident of Assembly District 6, I ask for your vote.

CAD6 is changing but some of our politics haven’t. CAD6 isn’t Bay-Area progressive, and shouldn’t be. Our priorities are different. But our core values aren’t – Affordable Health Care, a safe environment to raise our families, etc. And despite recent events, we share many of these values with our political opposites. However we don’t always do as good a job of getting that message out in this conservative area.

When my wife and I made the hard decision to leave San Francisco, we knew how difficult things can be for a family of color outside the bubble of the Bay Area. After searching the entire country, we chose Rocklin as our new home for its great schools, more-affordable housing, and a hostof other reasons.

We knew there is some long-established thinking that would be hard to overcome. But what we really saw was the hope and promise of this area. We’ve seen families just like ours – looking for a great place to raise our families. The time is right for us to bridge that gap between the old CAD6 and the CAD6 of the future.

I’ve spent my entire life straddling different worlds and these experiences have given me insights that can bridge this divide. A 10 year military career taught me leadership but also what it’s like when everyone comes together for the common good.

After a long, successful career in sales bucking stereotypes, the pinnacle of my work was teaching sales associates in many industries across the US and Canada for one of the most well-regarded leaders in the industry.

Volunteering in the community as a Scout leader and school volunteer has shown me that most families want success and opportunity for our children. My work with the kids in our community shows me that our future is bright with these young people.

Working the phone banks for CAD6 and House District 4 has shown me that we can broaden our coalition when speaking with independents and many republicans.

Serving as the Sacramento area Be SMART lead with Moms Demand Action has shown me that we can broaden our coalition and make progress.

These are just some of the reasons why I should be one your choices for Assembly District Delegate. See more here – 

David Brame

Many people recognize me as the person who was denied medical services by a local Dignity Health hospital because I am transgender and who fought back (I filed a lawsuit with the ACLU and my court case is now in front of the United State Supreme Court). Other people know me as one of three Americans who was singled out by the Trump Administration’s Justice Department as a reason why hospitals need to be protected (I was honored to be able to share my experience in front of the United States Congress in early 2020). Suffice to say, I know what it feels like to be targeted, vulnerable, and left out. I’m proud of my advocacy in the aftermath of such painful circumstances. It hasn’t been easy.

What I’m most gratified by, though, is my fight and work everyday. I strive to ensure that all those who have traditionally been sidelined are represented and fought for. An important part of my volunteer work is serving as a delegate and on the boards of the Legislation Committee and the LGBTQ Caucus within the California Democratic Party (the Party).

Some examples of my work:

– Working to secure the Party’s endorsement of multiple federal and state legislation and ballot measures that advance justice, equity, and combat climate change

– Creating successful policies to ensure fair representation of LGBTQ+ people on the Party’s leadership bodies and creating trans+/non-binary affirming environments at Party functions

– Taking on entrenched interests to ensure that there was more representation of BIPOC people in leadership positions within the Party

If you vote for me, you will be allowing me to continue my work to:

– Fight for the Party’s endorsements on ballot measures and legislation that will help struggling people and ensure we have a more livable planet

– Fight for a Party that represents us all and is accountable to us all

– Ensures that the Party’s internal operations is inclusive to populations too easily overlooked

I ask for your vote in order to continue to do my work to make the Democratic Party even better and even stronger.

Thank you for your consideration.

Evan Minton

I’ve had the honor to serve as your ADEM delegate in AD6 for 2019-20 and am now running for re-election in 2021. I’m currently an active member in multiple Democratic clubs in Placer County, an active board member for the Catalyst Democratic Club, and an active member of the Placer County Campaign Services Committee. I also take active roles in local issues like City Council re-districting, City Charter Updates, local elections, etc. Since 2018, I have attended all the Democratic CADEM Pre-Endorsement Conferences and Democratic State Conventions. Since 1998, I have lived, worked, and raised my two daughters in AD6. I feel that I have a unique understanding of the specific needs of this district. I also have over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. I feel that my experience can help our Democratic Party to use technology more effectively. If I’m re-elected as your ADEM delegate, I will continue to recruit and promote quality Democratic candidates and help to grow our Democratic base. I have thoroughly enjoyed representing you over the past two years and it would be an honor and privilege to continue representing you in 2021-22

Laurence T Hufty

My name is Gladys Deloney. I am soliciting your support in my run as a candidate for the California Democratic Assembly District #6 Election. As a resident of Placer County for 25 years, I have seen the city grow from mostly rural to a bustlingly city. My daughter attended public schools in Roseville and later graduated from California State University, San Bernardino. I most recently worked as Census Enumerator for the 2020 Census.

As a delegate, I will serve the values of the Democratic party for Placer County. I worked 35 years as a civil servant for Sacramento County. My father served in World War II and started a long tradition of public service. I currently serve on the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission for Placer County. Currently, a member of the American Association of University Women. My parents were from Wilcox County, Alabama of the 1930 – 1960s. This was a difficult time for African Americans in the Southern United States. They were able to succeed through strong determination and work ethic. They were able to vote through the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and continued to vote in every election until their deaths. I have voted in every election since turning 18. I attended public high schools in Sacramento, CA and then graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

During college, joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc a public service sorority and currently serve as the co-chair for Community Service Committee, Sacramento chapter.

While working in Sacramento County, served on the Reduction in African American Child Deaths Steering Committee. The Steering Committee was later renamed, Black Child Legacy Campaign (BCLC). As a member of the steering committee helped establish the Black Child Legacy (BCLC) Community Incubator Leads. The Black Child Legacy was established in the seven neighborhoods that had the highest percentage of disproportionality of African American Child Deaths in Sacramento County. I was also appointed to the Disability Advisory Commission and Human Service Coordinating Council for Sacramento County before retiring in November 20118. As I look for your support, I continued to be humbled by our values and ability to serve our community.ild welfare system.

Gladys Deloney

As a California attorney for 45 years, my career clients were primarily children and families from communities of poverty and color.I have served as a volunteer attorney for the Party organized presidential year Voter Protection programs in Ohio,Virginia,Nevada,California.I was raised in a family that still honors a picket line.

Our caucus and conventions should present a diversity of ideas and resolutions. Our discussions should be open and tolerant of all points of view.My community goal is to facilitate such discussions. I am called upon as a resource on the operation of government.I am dedicated to Voter Education and Voter protection projects.

Because of COVID I have restricted my participation to phone and virtual measures in 2020 to continue my work for candidates and causes.I am actively phone banking to Georgia.I have sent post cards/letters and phoned in local and national campaigns.I am a 30+year member of League of Women Voters and present board member of my local League.

Thank you for your support and vote.

Lynne R. Snyder

Unfettered capitalism has negatively affected workers by pitting them against each other while the wealthy steal the profits from increased worker productivity. It is high time we support policies that better the life of common people, and our party stop submitting to the will of the corporate elite.

I believe in community, collaboration, and compassion. Cooperation, not competition, will allow us to achieve prosperity for all. Our success shouldn’t be measured by GDP and the state of the stock market, but by worker happiness and quality of life. All individuals should have access to housing, healthcare, high-quality education, and a living wage to ensure they have the opportunity to thrive.

This summer has highlighted the injustices experienced by BIPOC in this country. There are terrible examples of this in our own district that we can no longer ignore. We must advance policies that seek to reimagine the way we create public safety, protect our loved ones, and provide security and aid to the members of our community. Systemic racism is real, and our justice system is furthering the oppression of BIPOC through racially disparate treatment and laws that seek to uphold the status quo. Our focus should be on investing in prevention and combatting the root causes of crime — poverty and trauma.

We have already begun to see the early effects of climate change, and need to prepare for the future that is in store for us, while attempting to curtail further damage. There is a breaking point on the horizon, and we must act now to salvage our environment as quickly as possible. This means enacting broad policies that increase sustainability at all levels — through infrastructure overhauls, land use considerations, retrofitting, the expansion of clean and renewable energy sources, and the retraining of fossil fuel industry workers.

I will seek to elect and encourage recruitment of BIPOC, queer, and transgender candidates for officer, director, and representative positions.


Michelle Wright


My name is Kristina Bas Hamilton. I am a full time working mom who lives with my family in Folsom. My two young children attend our local public schools. I am a progressive Democrat who has spent two decades in service to the labor movement.

For the last six years, I have worked as the legislative director of a statewide union that represents home care and child care providers. Based on my personal and professional experiences, I strongly support the concept of Universal Family Care. We must create a sustainable, public insurance fund to help California’s working families pay for their caregiving needs across the lifespan.

The child care and long term care systems currently in place in our state are in crisis. They are failing to meet the needs of working families. These systems need new investment and transformation. This will only be possible if we engage with Californians from diverse populations in regions all around the state to build alliances and win campaigns in support of these policies. This is the job that lies ahead of us as a party.

The California Democratic party must not only support but fight for broad based solutions that address the challenges facing working families. As your delegate, I will push to make this happen.

Thank you!

Kristina Bas Hamilton

I am a lifelong Democrat. I grew up in New Jersey in a union family with both parents and a sibling being union members. I am currently a retired member of a federal employees’ union. After receiving a B.A. from Rutgers University, where I majored in history and Political Science, I went on to earn an M.B.A. in finance, also from Rutgers. Originally, I worked in accounting and became a CPA. In 1985, I joined the Foreign Service and began a career with the U.S. State Department as a finance officer. Serving in various parts of the world, I developed an understanding for different types of governments and an appreciation for our own democratic values. My last experiences with the State Department included spending time on Capitol Hill managing documents relating to Benghazi and coordinating overseas Congressional travel. I currently serve on the Lincoln City Council having just been elected thus providing governmental experience at the local level. I am a member of the Northern California chapters of the American Foreign Service Association, the Sierra Club and Phi Beta Kappa.

Even before coming to California, I canvassed for Democratic candidates in Virginia knocking on doors, making phone calls and registering voters. Since moving to California, I have continued with these activities working for local candidates for state and federal offices. I joined the Lincoln Democratic Club serving as its representative to the Placer County Democratic Central Committee and I have been a PCDCC representative to the California Democratic Convention for the past two years. I belong to the Labor, Senior and Progressive caucuses. This year, I became a District 2 representative to the PCDCC. My priorities are affordable housing, fire safety and controlling the current pandemic. Also, if elected as an ADEM delegate, I will continue advocating for immigrants, particularly DACA recipients. Immigrants are an important part of our economy and we need to move them to citizenship status as soon as possible. I also believe that the party needs to attract more recruits to run for public office especially here in this part of Northern California. We need to build a bench of public servants who will be able to compete for higher office.

I ask for your support to become an ADEM delegate to the CDP convention.

William Lauritsen


I am seeking your support and vote to re-elect me as one of your AD6 Delegates to the California Democratic Party

I Started my Democratic activism at the 1968 Convention in Chicago. I have been a strong supporter of our Democratic Values, objectives and goals.

Over the past several years I have been an active member of the Placer County Central Committee currently serving as the Chair of the Communications Committee. I am also an active contributing member of the Governance, Finance, Fund Raising and Budget Committees.



•Retired Firefighter Paramedic

•Retired Manager Hewlett Packard Corp.

I have been an active and strong supporter of Healthcare for All which is critically needed during this time of Pandemic.

My goal is to represent the interests of the residents of AD6 through effective Communication, Education and Transparency.

I ask for your vote for a second term as a Delegate representing AD6 at the State Democratic Party. Thank You.

Terry Brady

I’ve lived in our Sixth Assembly District since childhood, and have grown to greatly appreciate the diverse, active, and tolerant community we have cultivated. As a speaker and advocate for school safety, I have worked and will continue to work in advancing these goals as a community member.

As a student of our district’s public school system and now virtually at UC Berkeley (BA in Political Science & Economics), I understand the importance of creating opportunity for our community. Considering this, my platform consists of three pillars:

1. To increase investment into public schools and institutions. The Democratic Party has an obligation to uphold the interests of teachers and other public servants, especially in the context of the pandemic. Our statewide budget can be reallocated to benefit our public institutions and further support initiatives such as maximizing school safety.

2. To strengthen large-scale job security while also supporting a green energy transition. California is the leader in investment into green technology, and the Democratic Party should be working towards building a sustainable future for all. I’m a firm believer that this does not have to harm job security, and that these long-term goals can work in tandem. The party, and the world, is in a crucial position right now to guarantee a clean environment and healthy planet for future generations. Young Americans are important stakeholders in our environment, and I am proud to represent their interests within the party. Together, we can properly invest in the American worker and the American future.

3. To further expand access to healthcare in a fiscally responsible way. Our district has been subject to increasing costs of treatment and frequent visits to the hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My vision is to expand the Party’s platform to include greater financial support for vulnerable members of our community, especially our immunocompromised and elderly. In addition, I believe we need to continue to protect those with pre-existing conditions, as they have not only been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, but by the general healthcare conditions in this country. We don’t need to raise extensive new funds, we need to spend them the right way.

Together, we can create a positive future which works for all of us, and I hope you will join me in this first step.

Sameer Kazim

I’m jasvir s sidhu I’m running delegate for cadam party because Democratic Party for the people i like to be part of the party

Jasvir Sidhu

California is my home. I was born in Oakland, grew up in Palos Verdes, and now reside in Rocklin. I believe that this state is a leader of our nation and I want to be a part of the force that continues to push us forward. Though I am a first-time candidate to become a delegate in AD-6, I am a lifelong Democrat who will bring a fresh perspective to the role as a woman of color and young professional in Placer County. As a public health practitioner, issues such as the social determinants of health (e.g., education, socioeconomic status, employment/income, and environmental policies) and racial and gender equity are of paramount importance to me. The current Covid-19 pandemic has further magnified these issues and we need strong advocates more than ever to fight for our safety, health, and prosperity. I am committed to doing just that on behalf of AD-6 and ask for your vote to ensure that I may amplify your voice in the future of the California Democratic Party.

JaRita Booker-Pichon

I live up in the rural foothills of Placer County advocating for progressive change in not only our policy making but our culture here that accepts those that are different from each other from who we love, who we identify each other as, who we worship, what we make ends meet, and what land we own.

As Vice President of the Auburn Area Democratic Club, it is important to note that as our community increases in population, we need to make sure we are ready and willing to help those in need and lend them a chance to make a difference.

There is a certain similarity in our community that we want our elected leaders to make a difference for the people and not those that only want to hurt our communities and profit from it.

I write to you all that I will continue to do my best to represent the foothills of Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado County in the Democratic Party of California.

Criticizing our elected leaders when they go against their own words and promoting the future leaders of our community to not only run for office but to be involved in the community.

Thank you for your consideration and let’s continue the good fight here.

Victor Monjaras

My name is Em Ward and I’m seeking re-election to be a Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I was fortunate enough to become your Executive Board member with top votes received in 2019.

In my two years being on the Executive board I have co-chaired a committee on ADEM Election reform, elected new party officers, supported the Democratic Party’s position refusing to accept contributions from law enforcement, and drafted curriculum for modernizing our Party’s use of gender-affirming language.

I’ve also been a part of the senior leadership on 2 Congressional campaigns in the 2019-2020 cycles.

We have to fight for Medicare For All state-wide, affordable housing, further inclusion of trans and gender noncomforming people, dignity and accessibility to our disabled siblings, allowing DREAMERs and undocumented people to be delegates to our State Party, and to decentralize the Party structure. There is still much work left to be done and I am eager to work with Democratic activists and community members throughout the state in efforts to make California the most progressive it can be. I ask for your vote to continue this fight.

Em Ward

I’ve spent the past several years organizing to fight climate change in Placer County. As a member of the local Sunrise Movement, I helped lead the charge for a local Green New Deal in Auburn. As the current Chair of the Placer County Sierra Club, I have helped establish an environmental scholarship for local high school students and pushed for sustainable transportation projects in our region. I continue to fight locally for renewable energy, green jobs, and a future my two young daughters can thrive in.

As a teacher for six years in Placer County, I saw first-hand the need to ensure everyone in our state has access to basic human rights like housing, health care, and high-quality education. The economic inequality in this state must be addressed, and I want to fight to make sure it is.

An active union member during my time as a teacher, I attended school board meetings and let my fellow educators know about the decisions that impacted them. I maintain involvement with the union, working on statewide campaigns to get our schools the funding they deserve.

As a delegate, I pledge to fight hard for economic justice, labor rights, a quality education system, and action on climate change. Thank you for voting for me and for the entire Blue Wave Rising Delegate slate!

Casey Mills

I’ve served in this community for the past 20 years. Former PTC President, Executive Committee of Sacramento NAACP, Board member of Placer Food Bank and RPAL, and sat on the City of Roseville Charter Review Commission. I became involved in supporting other candidates in 2017 and since that time have worked to make the Democratic Party more relevant in Placer County and Roseville.

My current focus is to ramp involvement of young voters and to initiate issue-based campaigns among local residents and elected officials that drive important values without fear or antagonism.

In doing that, it’s critically important during these times to advocate for individuals who face financial jeopardy and to expose how elected officials and municipalities are addressing their issues. Likewise, it’s to the benefit of all to collaborate to build local jobs in trade fields connected with growth in South Placer and El Dorado Hills. There’s no reason for carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, and others who live in the Northern California to be overlooked for people being flown in from other states.

Lastly, I’m focused on assessing the performance of elected officials at all levels year-round. Doing so, will help voters to be aware of how their tax dollars are being used and what issues have been of importance to elected officials without the noise of campaigns. As the saying goes, “what gets measured- gets managed.”

LaMills Garrett