Assembly District 61




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

61 Corey Jackson  * OSIF
61 Darrell A. Peeden No OSIF
61 Angelo Farooq No OSIF
61 Maya Rodriguez * SIF
61 Christine Roberts No SIF
61 Gregory A. Hagans No OSIF
61 Ricardo Cisneros * OSIF
61 Benjamin Soto No OSIF
61 Blanca  Lopez No SIF
61 Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs No SIF
61 Jonny Miller No OSIF
61 Brandy Quarles-Clark No SIF
61 Mitzi Archer  No SIF
61 Erlan Gonzalez No OSIF
61 Anabel Nevarez No SIF
61 Virginia Cheney * SIF
61 Gregory Hutchins No OSIF
61 Alma Ruiz No SIF
61 Nina Ramos Hiers * SIF

Candidate Statements

Representation matters. I have spent the last two years as your delegate as a member of the parties Platform Committee and on the Executive Board of the Black Caucus. In those positions, I have gotten the party to declare Racism and Police Brutality a public health crisis and declare an end to the school to prison pipeline.

If you give me two more years, I will do even more to bend the party towards justice. I not only represent you in the Democratic party, but I also represent you on the Riverside County Board of Education and the Riverside County Democratic Party. I am here to serve you and fight for you. I am ready for that fight.

Corey Jackson

My name is Darrell A. Peeden and I am seeking re-election as a 61st District Assembly Delegate to ensure the Democratic Party is representing our community and moving towards justice. It would be an honor to earn your vote and support. I am a husband, father, social entrepreneur, community activist, school board member, and the Treasurer of the Children’s Caucus for the California Democratic Party. I was born and raised in the Inland Empire and have been a proud resident of Moreno Valley for over a decade. I have spent most of my time contributing to the development of a local non-profit whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty and violence through mentoring, education, and community organizing. I hold a master’s degree in public policy from the School of Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside, where I was an Abraham Rice Scholar. I also graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in public policy.

Darrell A. Peeden

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I would be honored to earn your vote for re-election as a 61st District Assembly Delegate. I am now a proud father of a baby girl, Maya, and I have never been more motivated to ensuring that our community has an opportunity to realize its potential under a vision of progressive values. My wife, Vessy, has been an SEIU 721 union member since 2013 and I serve as the Director of Economic Development & Innovation at UC Riverside. I have had a lifelong dedication to education attending local public schools, earning a Bachelor’s Degree at UC Berkeley, Executive Master and Doctorate of Policy, Planning & Development degrees at the University of Southern California.

I have been not only focused on helping elect Democrats in our community but also advancing our policy priorities such as reproductive justice, advancing the labor movement in workforce and addressing equity in public education among many other issues. I have been effective on championing these topics by demonstrating leadership in capacities such as serving as the Chairman of Planned Parenthood Action Fund for Pacific Southwest (including investments to electing Riverside County endorsed candidates), appointee of Governor Gavin Newsom as the Chairman of the California Workforce Development Board (funding job training apprenticeship investments statewide in partnership with CA Labor Federation and Building Trade affiliates) and locally elected on the Board of Education for Riverside Unified School District (our district boasts the highest graduation rate in the County at 97%).

Let’s continue to meaningfully collaborate together and I would be grateful to earn your vote for re-election as a 61st district Assembly Delegate.


Angelo Farooq

Angelo Farooq

I have been lucky enough to serve the 61st district in multiple ways over the last few years and I humbly ask for the chance to continue that work. I am an alternate to the Central Committee and a board member of both Riverside and California chapters of National Organization of Women. I maintain membership with several clubs, I have managed campaigns and volunteer wherever I can. Yes, these credentials will hopefully win you over but they are also me being open with you. If someone were to ask how I coped with the rollercoaster of 2020 the answer would have to be that I stayed busy and helped where I could. Being useful to those around me is a good panacea in such a hard world. So I ask you, please, reward my hard work with more work.

Maya Rodriguez

We know the Democratic Party is the party of big ideas, of big hearts, and big ambitions to fulfill the promise of this “great experiment.” However, somehow we have let the opposition control our image and our message. If we want equal treatment, justice and opportunity for all people, we can’t let Democrats be misrepresented nor bullied. As Californians we have shown strength and determination through very dark years, but the work is on-going.

As a teacher I know the reality of inequalities in education; I have seen which schools get the extra funding and support, and, too often, it isn’t the school with the diverse student body. Through my students I have seen the results of poverty, lack of health care, food insecurity, limited job opportunities, racial inequality and an unevenly applied justice system. As a mother of three, I worked two jobs for most of my career. I know the burden of finding quality childcare and then paying for it, of deciding which bills need to be paid first, and the uncontrolled cost of a college education. As a woman I know what gender inequality and sexual harassment look like in the workplace and in the world at large. These are all local and state issues, not solely national. As a resident of the Inland Empire for over 40 years, I also know we have been overlooked and/or taken for granted for too long; it’s time our challenges are addressed and our contributions are recognized!

I have served as Communications’ Chair and currently as Secretary of Democrats of Greater Riverside for over four years. My experience includes doing voter registration drives, texting and phone banking for local and national candidates and incumbents, and serving as a volunteer at the California Democratic Convention. I am also now in my second year as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Riverside, seeing firsthand the challenges of growth, homelessness, transportation needs and attracting good-paying, non-polluting jobs to our area.

As our state recovers from a pandemic, economic disaster, and a destructive presidency, I would be honored to serve as one of your Assembly District Delegates and work alongside my fellow slate members to represent you.

Christine Roberts


I am running for Adem in Assembly District 61. I have been a Registered Democrat all my Adult Life. I have held this position in the past and I am very aware of the Responsibility that comes with it. I am a former Executive Board Member of SEIU721 now retired. I am also the President Emeritus of the City of Riverside Chapter. I am still heavily involved in Local Politics in Moreno Valley, Riverside and Jurupa Valley. If you are need of Fresh Ideas for the betterment of our District and Party I can fulfill that need. Thank you for your consideration of me to Represent you once again.

Gregory Hagans

Brothers & Sisters,

My name is Ricardo Cisneros and I’ve been involved with the party through Labor for over 25 years always working on electing progressive pro-labor candidates. I believe we are all in a crucial moment and we need to build the Democratic Party as a movement and strategically organize ourselves locally and change our local politics. We might be blue at the state level, but we are red locally. My plan is to work with our County’s Chairs and Regional Director to bring more resources to our region for local races. As the head of the Inland Empire Labor Council AFL-CIO we’re already working that plan and will be the bridge to have Labor and the Party locally work together.

I’m asking for your support in this election to help move this plan forward and help build a Movement in the IE.

Together we’re Stronger!

Ricardo Cisneros

Hello fellow Democrats,

I am Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs and I am honored to run for ADEM Delegate for the 61st Assembly District. Before making Riverside my home over 15 years ago, I grew up in Diamond Bar & Pomona, California. Raised by a single mom and RUSD educator, she made sure my Brothers and I understood the importance of education, diversity and equality. I attended UCLA and Chaminade University of Honolulu with an emphasis in Theology, Kinesiology, Dance, Business & Non-Profit Development.

Presently, I hold a VAPA credential through the State of California and am a life long Democrat. Since 1998, I have volunteered for every Presidential campaign. My husband John and I are the proud parents of 5, two of which have gone through the Riverside Unified School District. Our blended family is diverse and filled with amazing young women. After making Riverside our home, I opened a performing arts school and developed a non-profit ballet company for underserved youth and professional dancers within the Inland Empire.

Currently, I sit on the board for two non-profits. One advocates for women & children, the other for the Performing Arts where I serve as President and Vice President respectively. I am an active member of the Riverside Woman’s Club, Executive Director for the Miss California Organization and a recipient of an “Unforgettable Hearts Award”, for my fundraising efforts in breast cancer research and Performing Arts Scholarships.

My family and I are active participants in many causes and frequently attend parades, rally’s and marches. Most recently, “March for Our Lives” after our 8 year old daughter escaped harm following a hostage situation on her Elementary schools campus on Halloween, 2017.

I am loyal, focused, hardworking and determined to make sure children, women, the BIPOC and LGBTQ community’s are heard and given a fair chance. With my vast and vested interest within the community, I understand the needs and pledge to work together collectively to ensure all voices are heard.

I am a business owner, activist, philanthropist, artist, bonus mom, mommy, daughter, sister, wife and advocate for Artists, Women, Children, the LGBTQ, BIPOC Communities and all those that are continuously underserved.

I look forward to having your support and serving you as a representative you may rely on.

Thank you,

Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs, (she/her)

Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs

As your delegate I will fight for working class power in the Democratic Party, and for candidates and policies that represent real structural change. I will push for Medicare For ALL, a Green New Deal, Housing For ALL, and Free college!

I phonebanked and knocked on over 500 doors to help Bernie Sanders win the 2020 CA Democratic Primary. Along with my fellow members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), I canvassed, phonebanked, and knocked on doors with California nurses to organize the fight for Medicare For ALL. With California teachers and local labor unions, I phonebanked and helped organize to get out the vote for Prop 15, to TAX THE RICH to fund Schools And Communities First.

I was elected treasurer of Inland Empire DSA, and when I’m not organizing campaigns with DSA, I volunteer mutual aid with Food Not Bombs Riverside, raising funds and preparing and distributing free food to the unhoused and the needy. I was born and raised in the Inland Empire and I’m proud to be a member of this diverse and hard-working community. I will carry this same passion and empathy with me as your delegate for AD 61. Vote for change, equality, and diversity.

Jonny Miller

Mitzi Archer has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage and banking industries. She currently serves as the Director of real Estate Origination at the Firefighters First Credit Union. Since joining the Credit Union, she has built a team that brings in eighty-percent (80%) of its current revenue, exceeding the department’s 2020 goal of $282 million so far within the first half of the year.

Mitzi’s experience and wisdom in leadership and manage-ment has brought her a multi-faceted approach to handling teams and organizations, to best deliver on expected outcomes with excellence. She is a well decorated executive, receiving awards and recognitions in every position that she has taken the helm. Mitzi is the proud mother of three adult children, Ryan, Thomas Jr., and Sydnee. Ryan, a UCLA graduate in Theatre and Film, is an aspiring actor and voice over actor and is currently ghost-writing for artists in the Los Angeles region. Thomas Jr. received his coding certificate from UCR’s coding program and currently works in low voltage cabling and coding programs for small to mid-size businesses. Sydnee is a recent graduate of California State Monterey Bay with a degree in Biology and is currently preparing to take the MCAT to enter into medical school. Mitzi currently holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology from California Southern University. She also holds certifications in Organizational Change, Creating High Performance teams and Organizational Structure. She is a newly inducted board member of CCAEJ. She is the wife of the late Thomas Winbush, who served the Inland Empire and San Diego as an IT professional. Mitzi is a Southern California native, born and raised Los Angeles, and has lived in Moreno Valley for over 30 years. As a community member in the Inland Empire for the last three decades, her passion to enhance the livelihoods of her fellow residents, has provided a new trajectory. She believes that it is time for her to give back to the community in the form of a servant leader. Understanding the magnitude of the work needing to be done in the region, her main focus in bringing awareness and action surrounding envorn-

mental injustice, youth mentorship, and equity among Black residents in the community, she hopes to empower her constituents to hold leaders accountable and ensure positive change is experienced by all in the Inland Empire.

Mitzi Archer

Fellow engaged voters,

I would be proud to serve as your link to direct democracy to the party so we can push it to be more democratic and to get behind policies that benefit the working class and not the corporate class. I am a Mexican-American daughter of immigrant parents, and currently reside in Perris with my father and our farm animals. I am running to hold the party accountable to the people it represents, and to support policies like Medicare for All, affordable housing and canceling student debt, while I continue to organize outside of the party. In organizing for ADEM, our region will have people who will vote according to progressive values that will draw back in disenfranchised voters. I want to support those doing the organizing work within the party, since it complements the organizing that must be done in the community.

I am proud as my job as a field organizer and director, since I have worked on many successful democratic campaigns, from local city council to congressional races that flipped from red to blue. I am especially proud of my work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, where I was in charge of the region covering Perris, Moreno Valley, and Riverside. I heard people’s stories going door-to-door, and I want to continue building on that movement from the bottom up, and contribute to ensuring that the party advocate for those voices. In a democratically-controlled state, we need to push for a clear vision of what the party can do for its constituents.

In solidarity,

Anabel Nevarez

To my fellow CA Assembly District 61 Democrats,

Our party is now at a crossroads after going through one of the most divisive elections in our history. Four years ago, a joint statement by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and then-Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León in a response to the 2016 election said that “California was not part of this nation when it began, but we are clearly now the keeper of its future.” Those words were true when they were written, and they are true today. California served as a leader in the 2018 midterm elections that secured the House of Representatives for the party, and while we have suffered some setbacks during this election, we have made inroads into districts that have been long abandoned.

Paving these inroads to be wider, to advocate for continued progressive policies and justice, is something I’ve dedicated myself to in multiple fields. I am the son and nephew of public-school teachers and am an educator myself at the University of California, Riverside. During the past four years I have served as the Riverside County Young Democrat’s Political and Policy director. Under my chairmanship, RCYD Political and Policy Committee has helped a number of local candidates win office—from the Water Board to helping flip the Riverside City Council. In addition, for the past two years I have served as the President of the Inland Empire Truman Club which has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for local progressive candidates. Including, most recently, helping a candidate in our neighboring district win a seat on the Norco City Council. If elected as an assembly delegate, I plan to continue these efforts within the party, pushing for those progressive policies but also to bring back attention to communities that do not receive needed attention.

I humbly ask for your vote to be a delegate for the 61st Assembly District

In Solidarity,

Gregory B. Hutchins

Gregory B. Hutchins

My name is Nina Ramos Hiers and I have been working in Politics for most of my life. I have lived in the district for 34 years. Activism is a huge part of who I am.

*kissed by Carter as a baby

*marched in the fields with Chavez

*my first election was Mondale/Ferraro

*was paid staff for Clinton/Gore

*I helped run a camp for months with Occupy

*Steward for Laborers Local 777 for 15 yrs

*I have attended every CA Convention since 92

*Current President of the Democratic Club of Moreno Valley

*Current Member of Riverside County Democratic Party Central Committee AD 61

I am a proud Native Latina and I am passionate about Labor, Disability, and LGBTQ causes. My commitment to serving the Democratic Platform is a huge part of my world.

We can not get complacent. We have so much work to do over the next few years to guarantee that Democrats are elected locally, statewide, and in The Senate. Joe and Kamala need help to rebuild and institute the progressive agenda the people voted for.

California can be very influential in Covid19 recovery, defunding and reforming police departments, implementing Medicare for all, relieving student debt, and so many other areas of social reform. I would be dedicated to working on making sure progressive policies are incorporated into the platform.

Being elected as a delegate representing our district is an honor and I am asking for your vote. Thank you for your consideration.

Nina Ramos Hiers