Assembly District 62




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

62 Robert Pullen-Miles No OSIF
62 Deana J Becker * SIF
62 Linda C Lucks No SIF
62 Duane Muller No SIF
62 Dionne Faulk No SIF
62 Elissa Underwood No SIF
62 Ernesto Castillo No OSIF
62 Greg Dina No OSIF
62 Shannon Thomas Allen  No SIF
62 Nilo Vega Michelin No OSIF
62 Gary A. Farwell No OSIF
62 Karla Salazar No SIF
62 Jody Little No SIF
62 Jillian Hegedus No SIF
62 Carma Chinyere Love * SIF
62 Marc Saltzberg No OSIF
62 Michael Anthony Guynn * OSIF
62 Nickolas R Ballard No OSIF
62 Nate Kaplan No OSIF
62 Jose A Cuevas No OSIF
62 Mezhgan Samady * SIF
62 David Rogers No OSIF
62 Rahwa GhebreAb No SIF
62 Daniel J Coles * OSIF
62 Estefany Castaneda No SIF
62 Betsy Butler No SIF
62 M. Ahmanise Sanati No SIF
62 LaMarr Deuce Lubin No OSIF

Candidate Statements

Born in Los Angeles, I was raised by a single immigrant mother who instilled in me hard work and perseverance. I put myself through Occidental College on scholarships and loans, earning a degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs. With a keen interest in politics and civic engagement, I moved to Washington, DC following graduation and spent 20 years working in Congress and federal government agencies focused on climate change and poverty alleviation. At night, I earned my graduate degree in Political Management and I joined the Women’s National Democratic Club where I served as vice-president for membership.

In 2015, I moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles seeking to have a greater impact in my community. From 2017-2020, I was a member of the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club’s Executive Board and served two terms as President. During my tenure as President, I helped to increase the visibility of the Club by organizing monthly educational programs, building up the Club’s membership base, and forging relationships with local elected leaders. I also served on the steering committee of the Westside Democratic Headquarters and worked to mobilize voter outreach efforts, which resulted in flipping key Congressional seats during the 2018 mid-term elections.

Addressing climate change has always been a priority for me, both personally and professionally, and in 2018 I participated in former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Training program. California is experiencing record temperatures, devastating wildfires, and environmental injustice, and as a delegate I will insist we address these critical issues.

Currently, I work as Assistant Director and Government Liaison for UCLA’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. This program is a Chancellor-led initiative and my job is to advocate for climate and sustainability research, educate government policy makers, and raise the visibility of the program. Through my work at UCLA, I seek to create an equitable, resilient, clean, and healthy Los Angeles that can serve as a model for cities across the globe.

A lifelong Democrat , I would be honored to serve another term as your Assembly Delegate for the 62nd District and ask for your vote. Thank you.

Duane Muller

My name is Elissa Underwood and I have been a Lead Phlebotomist, currently working at Kaiser Permanente, for 20 years. I draw blood, process specimen and train, old and new employees. I am also a proud Executive Board member of my union, SEIU – United Health Care Workers West (SEIU-UHW), where I am currently serving my third term.

Fighting for health care justice, job security, better wages, and respect for all working people is my passion. I have worked alongside fellow union members, community organizers and elected officials to advocate for working families to support their ability to put food on the table and provide themselves a place they can call home. I have been active in running phone banks for President elect Joe Biden, and Holly Mitchell (newly elected to the LA County Board of Supervisors). In 2018 I ran the phone bank for Proposition 8 (The Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act). I also, phone banked for  Governor Gavin Newsom that same year. In addition, I have lobbied our state legislators on various bills to improve healthcare in California.

The reason I am running for Assembly District 62 delegate is to continue advocating for my community and improve healthcare, education, and the standard of living in California. I also want to help perpetuate and bolster the party platform, endorse candidates who represent the highest of values, and endorse measures that transform our communities for good. It would be an honor to receive your vote.

Elissa Underwood

I am excited to be running for re-election as delegate in the 62nd Assembly District! I a resident of Westchester, a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and work as a marketing manager for an architecture/engineering firm in their Los Angeles office. I have proudly served on the board of the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club since 2013 in various roles and primarily handling our communications and will serve as Recording Secretary for the 2021 term.

I am a proud Democrat dedicated to advancing the ideals of justice and equality for all. Our country faces enormous challenges restoring our democracy and repairing the damage done over these past four years. Our state and region face challenges related to income disparities and racial, economic, housing, transportation and health inequalities.

I believe the 62nd AD can be a model for the state and Los Angeles region in working to propose and implement solutions to address these issues and create a healthier home for us all. There are exciting times ahead with the opening of the Crenshaw-LAX light rail line that bring the promise of increased mobility and access to LAX that will reduce some traffic strain on our LAX-adjacent neighborhoods. The continued development of Hollywood Park including SoFi and Clippers stadiums is a reminder of our district’s important and growing role in the Los Angeles region. Along with the influx of tech companies, it is important for us to remain vigilant regarding housing security and ensuring residents are not displaced.

I look forward to serving as a delegate for the 62nd AD, am a proud resident of this diverse and progressive district and ask for your vote. Thank you!

Greg Dina

Hello my name is Shannon Thomas Allen. I am running for reelection as a delegate for Assembly District 62. I have been a proud Democrat all my life. While serving in this capacity for 2yrs. I have been able to not only serve in my community of Lennox but all the communities that this district represents. We tend to say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But we all know it takes the people to build communities. I want to continue to serve in this capacity. By keeping the people of this district concerns main topics. Such as homelessness, Healthcare for all. And mostly building bridges between schools and communities across the board. Thank you for allowing me to serve in this district. I hope to receive your continued support.

Shannon Thomas Allen

I have been a Democrat since about 1980. I have voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in every election since then.

I am a lifetime member of the New Frontiers Democratic Club, one of the oldest Black democratic clubs west of the Mississippi.

I meet with elected officials regularly in Los Angeles and Sacramento to discuss needed and proposed legislation that will improve the lives of the least of us. Solving homelessness has been an issue for me since the eighties.

Presently, I am on the Police Accountability Task Force of the John M. Langston Bar Association where we work on legislation towards ending police abuse in the Black community. I am a past President of Langston and the California Association of Black Lawyers. I was unsuccessful in my run for the City Council of Inglewood in 2000. My first job upon college graduation was as an aide to San Diego City Councilman Leon Williams. I also worked as an aide to State Senator Loni Hancock when she was the Mayor of Berkeley, CA. I look forward to pushing our party to adopt legislation that will make sweeping improvements in the criminal justice, homelessness and job development.

Gary Farwell

Karla has been living in the Del Rey/Mar Vista community since 1997 (over 20 years). I love this community even though as a woman of color on the west side we are less represented, including my Latino [Spanish] speaking community. I want to change that. As Democrats, we should all be working together to improve this.

Karla is a mother, small business owner, labor leader, and a very proud Democrat. After working on campaigns and in the labor movement for the past 15 years, she decided to launch her own political consulting firm in 2018 called “Pink Wave Campaigns,” while in business school. With a mission to help elect more Democratic women to public office – with a focus on progressive and pro-labor candidates.

She holds a B.A. in Political Science from California State University, Los Angeles, and an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall School of Business.

Passionate about democratic politics, workers’ rights, women’s rights, social impact, and uplifting communities of color, Karla believes that electing the right people to office is essential, as is getting involved locally, and pushing the envelope.

Karla’s earliest political efforts were as a community organizer on affordable housing and creating green jobs with POWER in Venice and in the Mar Vista Gardens (where she grew up), and SCOPE/AGENDA in South LA. She has also worked extensively on political campaigns on behalf of AFSCME International and the L.A. County Federation of Labor, AFL CIO; in Iowa on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and many others here locally; in addition, she most recently was helping elect Joe Biden for President by organizing one of the affinity groups at the national level, “Salvadorenos Con Biden” – which ended up voting for Biden/Harris at 70% nationwide. Yeah!

Karla volunteers with Girls on the Run, L.A. Unions Cooperative Initiative (LUCI), and Barrio Silicon, a new startup and social enterprise in East L.A. She’s also the co-founder of the L.A. Young Workers (LAYW) and is a proud card-carrying union member with AFSCME Local 741.

As a delegate, I will continue to be that voice for the voiceless in our district, build coalitions with the community, democratic leaders, labor unions, and social entrepreneurs. I hope I can count on your support and vote. #SiSePuede #VoteforChange

Karla Salazar

My name is Jillian Hegedus and I am a proud Democrat running to represent District 62. I am a former educator, public diplomacy scholar, and public & government relations practitioner who is passionate about local politics and how they impact our district.

During my studies of Public Diplomacy, I learned that the best leaders are those who are the best listeners. Sometimes it seems like there is a lack of listening and understanding happening at the highest levels of government and those of us who elect our representatives–sometimes lose our voices the moment they arrive in rotunda shaped spaces.

As a delegate, my goal is to listen to those I represent and become a voice for them so that the needs of District 62 are heard by those in power. I know what I believe and what I want to see for our district–but it’s not just my opinion that matters. Social justice issues, affordable housing, LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive rights for women are just a few of the top-level issues I care about and I can’t wait to learn about what the priorities are for others in AD 62.

I, like so many others in Los Angeles, am a renter. Owning a house in my district is a dream but it might not be possible if the state doesn’t do something about the obvious housing crisis that is affecting our district and others. Access to affordable housing is a right and in a district where the median monthly income can barely cover the cost of rent, it is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.

I am a former middle school teacher and a proud Leaders in Educational Equity member. As a delegate, I will also work with my fellow delegates and our Assemblymember to advocate for policies that ensure the students in our district have access to the best education.

I might not be an experienced delegate, but I don’t see this as a weakness, rather a strength. With a fresh pair of eyes and ears willing to listen to all, I see myself as a progressive and new perspective for District 62.

I hope that in the final weeks of this campaign, I can (virtually) meet more of those who live in my district and earn your vote for AD 62 Assembly Delegate.

Jillian Hegedus

I hail from Indianapolis, Indiana, the oldest of four, and father of two. I have resided in Los Angeles for over 27 years. For 25 of those years I was employed as a social worker with Los Angeles County in the area of children welfare services. I am the current President of the Association of Black Social Workers of Greater Los Angeles and Board Member of the Southwest Area Neighborhood Development Council within the City of Los Angeles for the past 6 years. Currently I’m the 2nd Alternate (Delegate) for the 62nd AD. I am a life-long Democrat with a passion for improving the lives of those less fortunate. My “lived” experience has allowed me to understand what “Community” really means and my ability to effect change in the most useful way. My focus is economic equality, healthcare access, and racial justice. If elected I will ensure that some of our most important issues will be addressed in additional to my stated position. Now is the time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and to complete the “Task” of making this county a more Perfect Union!

Michael A. Guynn

This state, country, and world are being confronted with profound crises. 2020 exacerbated the challenges that people and the planet already endured, poverty, inequality, militarism, environmental degradation, racism, and sickness.

The future demands better politics then what we’re used to. A political party, when not consumed by self-serving and indifferent leadership, can be a powerful force in opposition to suffering. The Democratic Party can play that role if its members have the courage, persistence and moral clarity to take it on.

I’m running for California Assembly District Delegate in support of movements that assert that everyone has the right to health, housing, education and a life of dignity. For years I’ve worked to protect Black communities from gentrification, counteract police malfeasance, and empower working class and marginalized people. My objective as a delegate would be to complement and supplement the grassroots work by influencing statewide policy to benefit the greater good.

The Democratic Party can be a force for good if we want it to. Too often it capitulates to powerful and wealthy interests at the expense of vulnerable people and our ecosystem. Let’s do something about it!

Nick Ballard

My name is Jose Cuevas. I am running to become a delegate because I would like to be part of the change that our state and nation needs now more than ever. These last four years have inspired me to become more active in order to better understand our political system and just as important, help educate others on the importance of strengthening our Democratic Party. Being a native Spanish speaker of Mexican origin, I want to actively engage to build our party up in this fast growing demographic. I seek to build more engagement in order to encourage voting beyond 4 year cycles. Down ballot and local elections are just as important and are the building blocks of civic engagement.
I have lived, worked and raised a family in this district over several decades. My 2 college aged children were products of local schools within the district and as parents, my wife and I have always given back to our community and been roles models to others besides our children.
I am so proud to be a life long Democrat in our United States , where people have political freedom and equality. I will advocate for voting rights, minority rights, social equality, labor unions and protecting the environment.
My abilities to connect, drive, empathize, and communicate with people, have always been a strength of mine. I respectfully ask for your support.

Jose Cuevas

As a refugee of war to the US, my family and I are examples of the success that comes with social services. Through hard work, education, and government help, my siblings and I grew to be productive citizens of this great country. I am sincerely blessed. Now, I want to give everyone the opportunity to be able to rise to their potential as I was able to. This includes general human rights, health coverage, financial assistance, lowering college tuition and so much more.

I am not a politician. If anything I am very tech and number oriented. And that gives me the advantage of having a different view point on issues around us. I am active in understanding political issues. I send letters to my congress people on subjects I am passionate about. Throughout my life, I embraced being out of my comfort zone in order to learn and help the world. I believe being a AD delegate will be the same.

Our society is more than ever divided. We need to find the common good amongst us and work through it. This needs to happen with dialogue and meeting each other. At the same time we have to hold ourselves and others accountable for what this country stands for. We have some things we need to work through and difficult conversations to have. However, I am passionate in these causes and NOW is best time then any to get to work on them.

I have been in California for all I can remember and lived throughout the state so I am very aware of the different cultures and societies we have in our wonderful state. Currently I am residing in Los Angeles and appreciate the diversity this city has to offer.

I humbly ask and thank you for your VOTE!

Mezhgan Samady

Hello, my name is David and I’m asking for your vote. As we’re all aware, the last 4 years of have presented significant hurdles in advancing progressive ideas both nationally and within the Democratic Party. Watching the disarray and disfunction in Congress when they’re needed the most has been more than a disappointment— it has cemented my belief that change is driven by those who participate directly. I’m asking for your vote so that I may represent my fellow Californians in pursuing a more equitable, kind, and progressive California through direct participation and activism within the Democratic Party.

David Rogers

Hello my name is Daniel J Coles II

I’m running for Assembly district 62nd delegate 2021.

Because I want to represent the City of Inglewood and the community and I want to work with the my fellow workers and help build up the democratic party. Also, want to share my ideas with my fellow democratic party Assembly district 62nd delegates.

I’m a current United for Respect organization Delegate Leader.

Thank you GOD BLESS you Daniel.

Daniel John Coles

My name is Ahmanise Sanati, and as a first-generation Iranian-Mexican woman, to have this opportunity to serve as a delegate is an absolute honor. I’m a mother to two young children, and a social worker at the LA County jail, where I’ve been for the past decade. Although the demands of work, community organizing, and motherhood are intense, they infuse my unwavering passion to ensure voices like mine are heard, as it is vital and crucial in the democracy I envision.

Over the past few years, I learned first-hand how the saying goes: if I wanted to see change, I was going to have to be the change. Since that time, I became the Regional Director with the National Association of Social Workers, which gave me the opportunity to engage and organize within our profession and my community. Thirsty for civic engagement and activism in our community, I co-founded Westside Activists and created family-friendly opportunities for everyone to get involved. We’ve organized social justice demonstrations and GOTV efforts for several months leading up to the 2020 election, and now to support Georgia. Through this work, I’ve also had the immense pleasure to work with our Congresswoman Maxine Waters; I am thrilled and eager to continue.

Lastly, I was recently elected to the board of the Westchester/Playa Democrat Club. I intend to bring the collective voice of our fellow Democrats in my future endeavors as I continue in the fight for a better country for us all. As a lifelong public servant, when I became a social worker, I solidified my commitment to stand up to social injustice and to be an advocate for everyone, including the silenced voices of too many. When I became a mother, I acquired a new sense of obligation to do this work until the day I die. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to continue to fulfill my duty and obligation.

M. Ahmanise Sanati


My name is LaMarr Deuce Lubin, I was raised in a small town called East Palo Alto. There I learned about culture community and how you could be anything you wanted to be if you worked hard and applied yourself. At the age of 11 my Great Grandmother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said a Pastor or the President. She thought because of my color I was talking crazy. She died never seeing Obama become the 44th President but at that moment I realized that my dreams as a child maybe not for me but could be achieved because of our Democracy.

When I went to college at Southern University in Baton Rouge , Louisiana I had tuned 18, it was first time voting. David Duke a former Klu Klux Clan Grand Wizard was trying to be the next Governor of Louisiana. I helped with others develop a voter drive and stood in line for 4 hours to make sure my vote counted and prevent him from winning that race. From that day on I have voted every election.

After college I become an entertainer and signed with Capitol Records with the multi platinum group DRS. We wrote a song about our homies being killed by each other it was a very controversial song but even then I knew that i had a voice that needed to be heard and that I had a duty to speak about the atrocities of this world.

I was blessed to have a play Aunt that was my Grandmothers best friend named Senator Diane Watson. As a kid living in Sacramento I used to listen to her broadcast when she would explain bills and amendments that were on the ballots for every election. At that time she would tell me I should get into the politics but at the time I felt like it would have been to intrusive in my life . Now with me being on SSD I have time to devote to the democratic party.

Currently I am volunteering with a non profit called Feeding in Motion a 501c where we feed homeless and the less fortunate by delivering food from several food shelters in the Los Angeles area. I have also helped in several local campaigns in Los Angeles for Democratic candidates. I volunteered this year for Joe Biden helping with campaigning and social media.

If I can become a delegate for the Democratic Party I will make sure I help all candidates for the party and help disseminate info to help voters.

LaMarr Deuce Lubin