Assembly District 63




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

63 Ulises Aldahir Medina No OSIF
63 Malcolm Johnson * OSIF
63 Christina Montalvo No SIF
63 Lee Haywood * OSIF
63 Tom Henkenius No OSIF
63 Janine Schaefer No SIF
63 Antonio Chapa, Veteran No OSIF
63 Jose De La Paz * OSIF
63 Mark Flores No OSIF
63 Brenda Olmos No SIF
63 Lynn V Dymally * SIF
63 Patricia Camacho * SIF
63 Charity Chandler-Cole * SIF
63 Terry Joseph Cole No OSIF
63 Jose Gonzalez * OSIF
63 Fidencio Joel Gallardo * OSIF
63 Monica Arroyo * SIF
63 Edwin Saucedo * OSIF
63 Kali Muralidharan No SIF
63 Hilda Gaytan * SIF
63 Flor Aguiluz * SIF
63 Maria Teresa Del Rio * SIF
63 Robert Montalvo No OSIF
63 Tevina Quintana No SIF
63 Edwin R. Jacinto * OSIF
63 Maria Estrada * SIF
63 Robert L. Burke No OSIF
63 Linda George No SIF
63 Natividad Castillo No OSIF
63 Carlos Juan Alvarez No OSIF
63 Jennifer Osorio No SIF
63 Hattie Herring * SIF
63 Nestor Enrique Valencia * OSIF
63 Joe Cabrera Zermeno No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Christina Montalvo I am a community leader and lifelong resident of South Gate. I believe in the grassroots efforts and therefore I am running to be a CADEM delegate. I have been an alternate member for the Los Angeles Democratic Party for the past year and a half as a representative for my Assembly District 63. As a past blue collar worker and union member for over 11 years I understand and connect with the many issues that affect our SouthEast Los Angeles Communities.

Just like my fellow neighbors I am a mother, wife, student, essential worker, volunteer, and advocate. I currently sit as a committee member for City of South Gate’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee and as a Board Member for a local non-profit, Strong Women. I work as a Domestic Violence Monitor at a confidential shelter. As a student at East Los Angeles College, I am enrolled in the Addictions Studies Program in the process of becoming a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. As you can see a large portion of my life is spent giving back to my community in many capacities. It is my goal as a delegate for CADEM AD 63 to serve as a voice for our community. Our work as democrats is not finished. Gaining a Democrat in the White House, in Congress, or Senate is only 1 of many steps that we need to take to move forward.

Christina Montalvo

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I am a Small Business Owner, Navy Veteran, and IT Engineer who is dedicated to civil service and serving the needs and interests of Californians and in many areas, I feel we can do better. While currently serving as Alumni Board Chair for Year Up Los Angeles, a workforce development nonprofit that assists young people in training and placement into corporate careers. I have been apart of a change to redistribute financial and social equity as our efforts redefine the workforce serving over 1000 young people in Los Angeles alone and I will continue fighting for the redistribution of financial equity to bridge the opportunity divide and rewrite the narrative of the workforce. I am a staunch environmental advocate who works to fight against special interests like oil and gas corporations who seek to pollute the natural environment that we should be preserving for future generations of Angelinos to enjoy. I believe that our water conservation and improving upon the legislation for water capture and retention is of the utmost importance, and because Southern California is often deemed a drought-prone area we must do all we can to make sure we can retain a significant water supply in California for Californians.

While enlisted in the Navy, I had the honor of serving in the intelligence community, and among other areas of expertise I was trained to be adept in signals intelligence, cyber defense, and information security and upon transitioning to civilian life I was shocked to see the lack of importance being placed upon cyber defense and the lack of investment in the cybersecurity apparatus especially among key institutions like hospitals and universities. I advocate for more investments into our cyberinfrastructure to stop or deter major cyber threats that could disrupt the digital lives that we invest so much more into on a day-by-day basis. California politics are as diverse and varied as the people who reside here and there are many issues that require more serious attention to ensure the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in Los Angeles and as a delegate, I will fight for equity and change that works for all Californians.

Thank You.

Lee Haywood

Hi there,

I’m a teacher and lifelong resident of AD 63. While my partner and I have not been blessed with children yet, I’m an active uncle and Godfather. And that’s why I’m running in this election; I want to make a better life for the young people around me.

My Goddaughter, who inspired me to participate in the BLM protests this Summer, is a college freshman at UCI this Fall. She’s struggling to afford college and housing. We need to do something to make college affordable and attainable.

My nephews are both in primary school and are now in their second year of distance learning. There is going to be so much we need to do to get their generation back on track.

Before the pandemic my students struggled with equity, mental health, student debt, access to healthcare, lack of affordable housing, fair immigration pathways, access to technology and so much more. And now that Covid has made clearer the real inequities in society, I see some of them struggling even more, while others appear almost unaffected.

For a society built on equality, we sure have an equity problem.

It’s time to look at new ways to address the challenges we’re confronting because the old ways sure aren’t working. That’s where I come in, I’ve spent my life creating new solutions to problems and being innovative. I think now is the time to bring that creative energy to the Democratic party and the California voters. I’m asking for your vote because I hope you’ll agree that I’m one of the people in our district that will find and create the innovation we in California can generate.

You can learn more about me by watching this video:

Tom Henkenius

As I write this, the world around us is in turmoil.

The people in our community are facing the challenges of contracting COVID, lack of healthcare, loss of jobs, unaffordable housing, racial injustice and an uncertain future.

So much is at stake at this critical time for our nation and the planet.

We can and need to do better.

We are at a turning point in our state. We need policies and legislation that put people and the environment first.

I hope to represent District 63 and join the team that rights the wrongs of the past four years.

Janine Schaefer

Hello, my fellow Democrats, I am Antonio Chapa, Deputy District Director for LA County Supervisor Solis, 2020 Democratic National Convention Delegate representing the 40th Congressional District (CA), Assembly District Delegate representing the 63rd Assembly District, a resident of the City of Cudahy, and a Marine Corps Veteran.

My involvement in advocating for quality-of-life issues began during my time in service. Being stationed and attending trainings in different locations in our Nation, especially in CA – I witness the lack of opportunities and resources in our communities.

Today, I continue my advocacy on healthcare, environmental justice and the importance of education. I participated in voter registration campaigns, canvassed and phone banked for our fellow Democrats – to include the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign. I traveled to Sacramento to speak on improving the quality of life for all Californians.

As we move forward, we as Democrats, not only in California but throughout our Nation, need to ensure our communities that have been left behind, have affordable quality healthcare and an equitable path to an education.

Together, we can achieve to bring these basic rights, and many others, to the 63rd Assembly District communities and to our fellow Californians.

I am Antonio Chapa, Marine Corps Veteran, and I look forward to continuing to represent you as your Assembly District Delegate for our great 63rd Assembly District. Thank you for your time and vote. Please take care.

Antonio Chapa

Fellow Democrats, I’m running to be your next Executive Board Representative to ensure our district is represented with dignity, integrity, and respect.

As the oldest son of Mexican immigrants, I saw how hard my parents worked and the sacrifices they made to provide my siblings and me with a better future in this great State. Before I was even conscious of political parties during my childhood, my mother taught me the importance of giving back, helping others, caring for the less fortunate, social equality, and fundamental human rights. She was my most influential Democrat, and some might say that I was a Democrat before I even knew it. I believe in economic opportunity, living wages, immigration, public education, affordable housing, technology access, and free health care for all. As a father of young children, I know the importance of creating safe and clean communities.

I have previously served two terms as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee. I’m an energetic community leader, currently serving as a Planning Commissioner in the City of South Gate. As an Executive, operating for over two decades in the technology sector, my passion for helping our communities has led me to create hundreds of jobs for our intercity youth.

I would be honored to earn your vote and represent you as your next Executive Board Representative.


Jose De La Paz

Lynn Dymally is a retired Associate Professor of Legal Studies in Business at California State University, Long Beach where she taught for fifteen years, researched and published on the topic of securities regulations, and served as a Faculty Fellow and Associated Students, Inc. Faculty Advisor. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Congress of Black Women, as well as an Arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a not-for-profit organization authorized by Congress to protect America’s investors by ensuring the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly.
Having an esteemed family legacy in public service, Lynn was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Water Replenishment District of Southern California and she was elected to the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees. While in law school, she was selected to be a Judicial Extern for United States District Court Judge, the Honorable Terry J. Hatter and she worked as a Law Clerk for the Los Angeles County Counsel Office in the Special Services Division. Also, Lynn has served as a member on the Long Beach Bar Association Board of Governors.
She has volunteered her time by providing tutoring to children who participated in a golf program for at risk youth in the city of Compton and served on the Long Beach Unified School District Superintendent’s Roundtable, as well as on two LBUSD School Site Councils and numerous PTA’s. Lynn served as an instructor for the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans in Washington, DC, Appointee to the Los Angeles County Task Force on Teenage Pregnancy, Member of the Board of Advisors for Whittier Law School, and she was selected by the Hon. Yvonne Burke to participate in the American-Swiss Foundation’s Young Leaders Conference held in Switzerland.
Born and educated in Los Angeles County, Lynn attended public schools and graduated from Hollywood High School, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at San Diego, a Master of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands, and a Juris Doctor degree from Whittier College School of Law. Lynn is the daughter of the late Hon. Mervyn M. Dymally (California’s first and only Black Lieutenant Governor) and the proud mother of a son who is a LAUSD P.E. teacher and basketball coach.
Thank You.

Lynn V. Dymally

Hello fellow Democrats, I am Fidencio Joel Gallardo, a 30-year South Gate English teacher and an Adjunct Professor at California State University, Los Angeles where I train new and aspiring teachers in the Teacher Credential program. I currently serve as the Educational Innovation Deputy for LAUSD School Board Member Jackie Goldberg providing support to schools in the South East Los Angeles area. Additionally, in 2015, I was elected to the Bell City Council and I currently have the honor of serving my community as a Council Member. I grew up in Huntington Park and I am a proud resident of the City of Bell since 1994.

As a middle school and high school teacher I always encouraged my students to learn more about local government and to get involved; over the years, I have focused on passing this value on to my students.

I believe that an education and stable employment are the two elements that provide all people access to opportunities and a better future. I know that without my education and my father’s union landscaping job, my siblings and I would have had very different lives. My parents’ second and sixth grade education, coupled with their limited English skills, would have limited our trajectory.

This is why I am so passionate about ensuring that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, language ability, or learning difference, have access to a high-quality education and why I took a leave from my teaching career to help improve the schools in my community.

Over the years, because I believe in our Democratic Party values, I have volunteered for numerous local, state, and national campaigns political campaigns. This engagement began as a teenager in Huntington Park and continues through today.

We are emerging from a dark period in our nation’s history and this is why now, more than ever, we must push for the basic rights and services that all residents of the 63rd Assembly Districts, that all Californians deserve. Access to the best education, quality jobs, and health care services are the foundation for paving a better tomorrow.

I am Fidencio Joel Gallardo, a lifelong teacher and proud resident of AD 63, and I would be honored to receive your vote to serve you as your Assembly District Delegate. Thank you for your consideration and please take care of yourselves and your families during these unprecedented times.

Fidencio Joel Gallardo

Hello fellow Democrats, My name is Monica Arroyo. I am a mother and an educator currently working at elementary and middle school grades. I have devoted most of my life to my vocation: teaching English and Spanish. I love what I do and leave part of me in every lesson and with every student. In April of 2020 I was elected to the Bell City Council where I currently serve my community. Now I want to serve you AD 63.

I am a person who believes in and represents the values of the democratic party in my life. Values which are reflected in my decision making and way of living, being kindness and generosity basic principles from which many our ideals develop. As a teacher I understand the value and respect each person deserves as a unique individual and the diversity in our society. I foment in my students the ethic of giving back starting with our community. Setting an example through volunteering, charity work, and civic involvement. I also encourage my students to pursue a solid education that will enable them to be future leaders who care, help those in need, protect our environment, and contribute to the protection of social equality. Now more than ever these ideals must echo in every corner of our country with solid actions. As a mother who raised children on her own, I have struggled with adversity to make ends meet while procuring shelter, and a safe, loving environment for my sons. Therefore, I believe that women play a pivotal role in the development of our society and should be ensured equal opportunities to thrive ending gender descrimination in every aspect of life and working force. As a Council Member I serve my community with love and diligence making decisions based on the common welfare, caring for our economic development, the need for small businesses to thrive, the urgent need to preserve green areas and natural resources, safe streets, and keeping a healthy environment.

Being the daughter of immigrants from Mexico: a fruit picker and a stay at home mother, I know what it means to have been given opportunities for a better life. Now is the time for me to play an active and solid role in the future we want moving ahead. So, here I am asking you to consider and vote for me to serve you as your Assembly District Delegate. I will do it with kindness, generosity but above all keeping your vote of confidence in mind.

Thank you

Monica Arroyo

Hello Democrats, my name is Edwin Saucedo and I am seeking to gain your support to be a Delegate and Executive Board Member to the California Democratic Party from Assembly District 63. I am a community advocate, young professional, and ardent public servant. I grew up here in the District in the City of South Gate and attended our local public schools.

Since a young age, I have witnessed the inequities and lack of opportunities that have plagued our education system. Passionate about making a difference and defying the barriers stacked up against young people of color, I became the first in my family to attend college. During my time at USC, I was elected as the first first-generation Latino Student Body President. In this role, I helped the university address racial injustices, support our most marginalized, and make education more accessible to low-income students.

Upon graduation, I accepted a position in the California Legislature. I worked on critical legislation to prevent unjust evictions, ensure protections for student athletes, and create innovative solutions to homelessness. While working in the legislature, I completed my Masters in Public Administration to better serve and advocate for my community. Since leaving Sacramento, I have continued my work to support vulnerable populations by building a new non-profit that empowers and uplifts first-generation college-goers.

I believe my wide range of experiences make me an ideal candidate to represent you as an AD 63 Delegate and Executive Board Member. I have dedicated my life to serving our community and will work to ensure that the issues that matter to us are front and center.

If elected I will work tirelessly to make the issues of housing affordability, environmental justice, health equity, criminal justice reform, and access to a quality education top agenda items within the CDP and ensure that low-income and minority communities have a seat at the table. I will aim to make the party more accessible to young people like myself and increase opportunities to expand the Democratic Party. I want to give a voice to all of our community members, not only to those with political connections. I humbly ask for your vote to represent AD63 at the CDP.

Edwin Saucedo

I am proudly serving as the newly appointed Councilmember of Hawaiian Gardens. I was elected to the Hawaiian Gardens City Council on November 3rd, 2020. Grateful for my community who believed in my campaign and put their trust in me.

I am the product of our public education system I attended local schools; Ferguson Elementary School, Fedde Middle School and Cerritos High School. I have earned an Administration of Justice Associate in Science degree from Fullerton College. Currently working in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Cal State Fullerton. I am a mother of two children, whom I adore and consider to be the motivation behind everything I do.

Aside from being a full-time student and a mother, I am the Project Manager of an Outpatient Treatment Program that provides rehabilitation services for individuals that have substance abuse problems and/or suffer from drug addiction. I am passionate about helping others and believe that everyone deserves a second change.

I am proud to say that I am American, with Mexican roots. Both of my parents immigrated from Michoacán, Mexico as young adults. I am the oldest daughter of three. I owe much of my success, passion, work ethic and drive to my parents, who have been active members of the Hawaiian Gardens community for over 20 years and continue to contribute to date.

As we live through the detrimental effects of global Coronavirus outbreak, we must continuously work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. I am confident that we will get through this together. We must aggressively protect our vulnerable communities, improving our healthcare system in both macro and a micro level, fight to keep our families together, support our businesses and help shape the next generation of leaders and fight for equality.

I look forward to engaging all democrats across the spectrum to join in our fight. I commit to continuously fighting for the people’s best interest. It would be an honored to earn your vote to serve as your Assembly District Delegate.

Maria Teresa Del Rio

Hello my name is Robert Montalvo I am a United States army veteran and served during the Global War on Terror . I am a community leader and an influencer in the City of South Gate. Currently I am a Parks Commissioner for the City of South Gate. I also serve as the First Vice Commander for the American Legion Post #335 representing veterans in South Gate. I sit on the American Legion Executive Board and hold a position on the Executive Board for Kiwanis which is a community service based organization that helps and mentors our youth. In addition, I am a Certified Merit Badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America and a member of our local boy scout troop where I guide and mentor our youth in various community projects and service. I am also involved with our local Girl Scout troop here in South Gate. One of my biggest accomplishments is setting a positive and productive example for my 7- yr old daughter. Teaching her to give back at a young age and appreciate her community.

I am a life long Democrat and a proud veteran that believes I can serve and represent our Democratic party with honor as I did during my service to our country. My goal is to to help our Democratic party prosper in any capacity I am able to. I thank you for your consideration and hope I have earned your support.

Robert Montalvo

My name is Tevina Quintana and I was raised in Cudahy Ca. where I continue to live, raise my family and serve my community. I am a Special Education Caseworker for MUSD. I am a Cudahy commissioner for parks and recreation and Vice president of the Cudahy Youth Foundation. I also serve my community by leading our Girl Scout troop 2475 in the cities of Cudahy and Maywood. I spend my free time helping to organize in my city and fighting environmental and social injustices.

I am a progressive candidate and support progressive policies for our communities. I want a brighter future for the youth in our cities and I want them to grow up in nice neighborhoods surrounded by rich cultures and diverse backgrounds. I don’t believe in gentrification and big corporations coming into our cities and taking over. I believe in grassroots movements and the people coming together to make our surrounding environments better for everyone.

I am a strong advocate for public education and feel the need to invest in our educators and schools. We must build back our public schools and fund them to get the best quality education. I pledge to always push for progressive candidates who will place us ahead of corporate donors who only seek to harm our communities.

Tevina Quintana

Mi nombre es María Estrada y me postulo para representar al Sureste de Los Ángeles con el Partido Demócrata de California para apoyar a candidatos y asuntos que afectan a nuestras comunidades y para luchar contra los intereses morales que nos afectan adversamente. Gracias por su consideración.


Maria Estrada

My name is Natividad Castillo, born in Del Rio, Texas and have lived in Long Beach / Lakewood since 1962.

I was employed by St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach Public Transportation, with the majority of forty seven years with RTD / Metro, as an exemplary employee serving the public of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Zobie for fifty eight years. we have two daughters, four grown grandkids and three great grandkids whom we are very proud of.

Now that I’m in my retirement I have been called to represent the residents of Southeast Los Angeles County District 63 as an Assembly District Delegate.

I have always been very interested in the politics of our state and country and have always supported causes that are for the betterment of our communities regardless of where and who you are. But remember to be sure to register and vote and make your voice heard.

As the saying goes:



IT’S NOT PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natividad Castillo

As a public high school Social Studies Teacher since 2003, I have the honor of seeing each day the thirst for knowledge and self-improvement in my students, and their intense desire to make their communities a better place through service because they are informed and empowered. As your ADEM representative I will serve as a conduit of information and empowerment for you and members of our community.

We come to this ADEM election with hope for more sensible and compassionate leadership at the national level, however, as Californians we demand more. We want more political equality, social and environmental justice, police reform, high quality public education and criminal justice reform. I am proud to be on the front line with you on these issues, but our work is far from completed. Winning the Presidency must not create complacency for us Democrats. We must collaborate to protect the values, platform and programs that we in California hold sacred and with your support as an elected ADEM I pledge to continue to protect and nurture our most vulnerable citizens, the commitment to protecting the environment, and implementing social justice reforms. This is the time when we need to galvanize our supporters and use the momentum to build an inclusive party with integrity to stand as examples for the rest of the country and that is what I will bring as an elected member to the California Democratic Party as your local representative.

Far too many registered Democrats are unaware that corporations and special interests groups fund the campaigns of elected officials in exchange for legislative and regulatory favors. As your ADEM representative, I will collaborate with you to ensure that transparency is present at all levels of government, beginning at the party level. I look forward to being a watchdog in this movement with you to ensure our elected representatives adhere to the will of the electorate; not just the wealthy and powerful.

Endorsements: Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club & the Yes We Can Democratic Club

Building better communities through equal opportunity, service, education and unity is my passion. For more information about me: 

Jennifer Osorio

Council Member Nestor Enrique Valencia was born in Cihuatlán, Jalisco, Mexico. Through hard work and perseverance, his parents could bring their children to live with them, first to the City of Compton, then deciding to raise their family in the fine City of Bell. His father worked in the same factory until a chronic illness forced him to retire, and his mother worked at home raising five children. They instilled the foundation for education, hard work, honesty, a spiritual life, and above all, integrity.

Raised in Bell, Council Member, and former Mayor, Valencia has attended all the local public schools in the area and graduated from Bell Senior High School. He attended San Jose State University and earned a Baccalaureate of Science in Health Science with an emphasis in Health Care Management which has afforded him the opportunity to become an Health Care Delivery industry leader. He is currently employed with a large hospital operator in the City of Los Angeles. Mr. Valencia has owned his own consulting services business for several years specializing in managed care, administration, government affairs, communications, regulatory compliance, corporate and legislative communications, and contracting. Through his constant need to improve himself, he has attended various post graduate courses. These courses include the Harvard-Kennedy School of Executive Leadership, a course in Leadership, Action and Organizing, the University of Southern California, School of Public Policy, and a Municipal Management course from State of Utah University.

In March of 2011, Council Member Valencia was elected to the City of Bell Council after a very difficult period for the City. He was selected Mayor by his fellow council members in 2014, and then re-elected in 2015. He sat and served on various appointed regional government committees, Boards and districts:

•The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (Supports the academic success of the 647,000 students of Los Angeles Unified School District by improving their Health.)

•Los Angeles County Sanitation District

•710- Local Advisory Committee

•California Contract Cities Association

•Independent Cities Association

Nestor Enrique Valenica