Assembly District 64




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

64 Jawane Hilton  * OSIF
64 Ayanna E. Davis No SIF
64 Michelle Chambers No SIF
64 Moises Aglipay No OSIF
64 Johnny Baeza No OSIF
64 Elvira (Vera) Robles DeWitt No SIF
64 Victor Ibarra No OSIF
64 Irene Huerta No SIF
64 Joseph Luis Piñon * OSIF
64 Fatima Iqbal-Zubair * SIF
64 Katherine Huynh * SIF
64 Julian Burger * OSIF
64 Yvonne Wheeler No SIF
64 Alene Harris No SIF
64 John Jones III No OSIF
64 Tiffanie Noelle Smith No SIF
64 Nancy Salas Silva No SIF
64 Shannon W. Lawrence No OSIF
64 Brandon Molina Berrios  Yes OSIF
64 Margaret Hernandez  No SIF
64 Carson R Malbrough * OSIF
64 Dinorah Hernandez * SIF
64 Emma Sharif  No SIF
64 Hernaldo Gutierrez * OSIF
64 Eric Scotty Palmer DiMaggio * OSIF
64 Micah Silver No OSIF
64 Karyssa Harris * SIF
64 K.W. Tulloss  No OSIF
64 Ricky Hicks No OSIF
64 Marvin J. Stovall No OSIF
64 Nicole J. Jones No SIF
64 Dante Valenzuela No OSIF
64 Esperanza Romero * SIF
64 Ernesto Villaseñor, Jr. No OSIF
64 Jesus Alex Cainglet No OSIF
64 Angelo Cartas No OSIF
64 Elias Acevedo * OSIF
64 Robert Todd Emmanual Jackson No OSIF

Candidate Statements

I am Dr. Ayanna Davis, a lifelong resident of Compton and delegate for ADEM 64. For the past 27 years, I’ve worked in the field of public education. I sit as the Policy chair of the California Early Care and Early Education Collaborative and member of New Frontier Democratic Club. I am seeking support to continue doing the work as a delegate and being a representative for this assembly district.

As a current delegate, my participation on the Children’s Caucus, brought forth awareness and advocacy to the California Democratic Party on the digital divide of black and brown students during this pandemic.

My commitment is to ensure that my fellow citizens are more involved in the democratic process and electing candidates that represent our interests. There is much work to do in effort to support our leaders with policies improving police reform such as Assemblymember Gipson’s end to the choke hold. In addition, I am running for this position to help increase support for policies that will improve the quality of life for residents in our community, such health care and job trainings.

I am eager to continue supporting our community leaders and their move to remedy matters that impede upon the ability for our community to thrive.

Dr. Ayanna Davis

As we saw in our recent Presidential Election, our country is divided. This division is a statement of the work ahead of us to ensure that we can bring our country together, fix the problems created by the Trump Administration and serve the needs of those who most need our help. We cannot afford to keep a political climate that creates 2 Americas. That work will fall on us all, but it will be an effort that we Democrats must lead if we have any hope of building bridges of hope throughout our country.

That ideology is at the foundation of what has driven my personal commitment to service. Whether it was when I began my career as a small business owner, or when I began my public life of service as Mayor and Councilmember for the City of Carson and now as President of the Water Replenishment Board and Director for Division 5, I have ensured that I could be a key player in ensuring that our community’s needs are being met. Unfortunately for many, that is a political issue. We can’t see safe communities as a political issue. We can’t see access to quality healthcare as a political issue. We can’t see the need for access to clean, affordable water as a political issue. They are American issues.

Moving forward, we are thankful to have a new administration that leads with science and facts and not by fear and baseless rhetoric. We will see true leadership that looks to be a problem solver at a time when we have many issues that threaten the fabric of what makes our country so precious. And as is the case very often, the eyes of the country will be placed on California for us to take a prime role in these efforts and carry the wave of hope that our great state has been known for.

It would be my honor to be your voice for the 64th Assembly District within the Democratic Party so that we can set forth on a journey to restore the symbol of hope that has helped our nation shine bright for so long. We can make that happen… together.

Vote Vera Robles-DeWitt!

Vera Robles DeWitt

Hello Democrats,

My name is Joseph Luis Piñon and I am a proud Progressive Democrat running on The People’s Voice slate to represent you at the Democratic State Convention. Please take a look at a brief list of my contributions to the Democratic Party below, as well as a link to a video statement. I hope that I can earn your vote for myself and my slatemates. If you have any questions about my candidacy you can reach me at:

Progressive Democratic Club Treasurer*

MLK Jr. Democratic Club Corresponding Secretary*

Feel The Bern Democratic Club Parliamentarian (Former)*

CA Brownie Mary Democratic Club E-Board Member*

AD-64 Male Democrat Of The Year (Former)

Bernie Sanders Delegate to the DNC (Former)

Volunteer on progressive Democratic candidate campaigns

*Titles for identification purposes only.

Joseph Luis Piñon

Hello! I hope you are well during these trying times. I hope I and all those on the slate I’m on- The People’s Voice of AD64- will earn your vote!

I am a Carson resident, mother to a son with special needs, an immigrant, & a public school teacher in Watts. In the fall of 2019, I went from being a teacher & CTA union member who created an award-winning Robotics team to a candidate for Assembly. It was an honor to receive the support of over 40% of our district.

During my campaign, I learned even more that the AD64 community includes some of the most active & compassionate citizens.

That’s why I decided to run. My own journey as a mother fighting for my son with autism, as a teacher in a low income community and as a community advocate showed me that the system is not working for all of us. I saw a highly engaged citizenry, yet I saw basic human rights not being met because our politicians chose to represent moneyed interests over us. Here is a video outlining my candidacy and values:

California has the most wealth of any state, yet we have the highest rate of homelessness, and the largest gap between the rich and working class that exists in the nation. Far too many times, we have heard false words that aren’t backed up with action. I’m sick of waiting and I know you are too.

It’s time to create a Democratic Party that serves all of us.

Beyond just for myself, I ran for Assembly to bring a politics that listens to community over special interests. This is why I have helped create a slate that reflects exactly this- delegates that are regular working class people (and some students!) who will fight for you because they are exactly like you.

Our slate is “The People’s Voice!” I urge you to vote for everyone who is part of this slate!

I and everyone on my slate will fight for getting money out of politics, a clean community, good paying jobs, good schools, affordable housing, healthcare as a human right, tuition free public college, and real criminal justice reform. We stand for communities that don’t just survive, but that thrive.

We can create a California that is a beacon of hope for all of us, not just for the select few. This is why I humbly ask for your vote for not only me, but for every single person on AD64’s “People’s Voice” slate.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

Why is it that so many politicians talk about leading with their values but fail time and time again, for decades even, to achieve halfway decent outcomes for ordinary people? During this COVID-19 crisis, millions of Californians are struggling to pay their bills/rent, find employment, and ensure their kids receive basic education. Scientists say we must stay at home for the greater good, but why are our leaders making it so difficult to do just that? People are being forced to choose between risking their lives and providing for their families. How can our leaders claim success when they have settled on economic austerity for working class Americans?

It is far past time to end the catch-22 situations created by the political establishment. We need to hold our politicians to a high standard and demand commonsense outcomes, such as single payer healthcare that is free at the point of service, emergency income, decent jobs with decent pay and safe working conditions, and housing for all people. Anything short of guaranteeing such basic outcomes is an abject failure of our government.

My name is Katherine Huynh, and I am an AD64-Harbor Gateway resident who is interested in getting results for the people. I am not a career politician. I spent most of my life as just another politically disengaged citizen until I first heard Bernie Sanders speak truth to power about the grotesque balance of power in our nation. I volunteered in his 2020 campaign, knocking on doors, phonebanking, and tabling at community events in the LA South Bay and beyond. I am proud to have been elected as a Bernie delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, representing CA Congressional District 43.

However, it is not about me, but all of us, because in all truth we need each other to survive and to continue our struggle to end the exploitation of working families and the poor. If elected as an assembly district delegate, I vow to vote for party leaders and policies that directly benefit working class people, not corporate/special interests or my political career.

If you would like me to represent AD64 as part of the ongoing fight for the people, I would be humbled to receive your vote for Assembly District Delegate. In addition, please vote for the other excellent members of The People’s Voice slate who are in this fight together to achieve a just society for all.

Katherine Huynh

Hello Progressive Democrats!

I am Julian Burger, proud President of the Progressive Democratic Club. I am a lifelong Progressive Democrat and I am running with a team of awesome grassroot Progressives. We all believe in putting the needs of the people first, not corporate, and special interests. I am a strong supporter of Medicare For All, A Green New Deal, and helping young people navigate the Democratic Party.

Please vote for myself and the rest of the People’s Voice slate!

Progressively yours,

Julian Burger

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” As a lifelong activist for working families, civil rights, and the community, I have been on the frontline fighting for the rights of working families and those in our disadvantaged communities.

As a proud Democrat, I was privileged to serve as a delegate to the 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020 Democratic National Conventions. Being elected and appointed as an ADEM delegate, I understand the importance of our voices at this very moment. Therefore, I am a current member of the African American, Labor, Progressive, and Women’s caucuses.

Working as the National Representative with the American Federation of Government Employees Union, I thoroughly understand our everyday workforce’s reality. In addition to serving as a Vice President and Delegate within the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, I served as the AFSCME California Area Director, AFL-CIO Area Field Services Representative, and elected as the first African American President of CWA Local 9586. Additionally, I served as the President of the Los Angeles Chapter, President California State Chapter, and served on the National Executive Board of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

The agenda of our party should always reflect the interest of the people it serves. If elected as a Delegate representing the 64th Assembly District, I am committed to ensuring that the needs of working families and the needs of our communities are at the forefront of the Democratic Party agenda which includes, affordable healthcare, income inequality, educational disparities, good middle-class jobs that pay union wages, and criminal justice and police reform that is so desperately needed.

Yvonne Wheeler

Hello Democrats,

My name is Alene Brown Harris. I am a graduate of Alcorn A & M University and a retired Laboratory Supervisor/Relief Plant Manager at El Segundo Refinery for over 37 years. I am a longtime community activist for human rights and dignity for all involved in the betterment of the Democratic Party and its political agenda. For over 30 years, I have participated in many grassroots organizations such as Progressive Democrat Club, NAACP, MLK Club, National Women Political Caucus, and Chair of National Congress of Black Women, and LAC. Few of my recognitions over the years are 2010 Female Democrat of the Year; 2012 Extraordinary Woman of the 55th Assembly District; California Delegate for the 44th Democratic National Convention. In 2019, I was elected as delegate for 64th district.

Over 20 years, I have registered new voters, phone banks, volunteers for candidates running for office, and contributed financial donations along with canvassing the streets, knocking on doors to obtaining support for them.

Some of the critical issues that are essential to me are:
Health Care for All
Criminal Justice Reform
Immigration issues
Support the repeal of bias laws
Equal Pay
Climate Changes

In closing, I believe in working hard on fighting for a brighter future for everyone. Therefore, please evaluate my character and what experiences I have attained in Carson and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

VOTE – VOTE -VOTE For ALENE HARRIS and The People’s Voice Slate!

Thank You!

Alene Harris

I am a teacher of students with special needs. I raised my son as a single mother. I am a union member with UTLA, the union chapter chair for my school and an alternate for UTLA’S House of Representatives. I have lived in North Long Beach adjacent to Compton for 21 years. Here is a link for my video, copy and paste to view.

I have been teaching for 27 years, most of that time, I’ve taught special needs students. I organized the teachers, nurses, councilors, etc. at my school as we navigated the recent huge strike in LAUSD. The strike succeeded with agreements from the district for smaller class sizes, more councilors, a nurse at every school and more psychologists, all these improvements to help our students navigate their complicated lives. These and many other amazing victories came out of our strike. I’ve always been interested in righting wrongs. Our societal policies’ need to help and heal. Why have a society if it is not to aid the people in it by making systems that support people in achieving their highest potential? Shouldn’t this be the measure of the quality of a society?

I am running with a group of like-minded people from all over our assembly district, we are called, The People’s Voice. We come from diverse backgrounds, we have banded together to serve our communities in ways that people who are enmeshed in the establishment, no longer can. We need your vote for every person running together as The People’s Voice. It is truly sad that so often big money is able to deceive the voters through manipulative, misleading information, expensive ads on TV, media that refuses to go deep enough into things to lay the truth bare. We are about the truth. We are here to get what the people of our communities need. We stand for getting money out of politics, a clean and healthy community, good public schools, affordable housing, healthcare as a human right, tuition free public college, and real criminal justice reform.

Let us be those people who can serve you by making those bold votes for you that others don’t dare to make. Empower us with your votes so we can empower you by working together with other truly progressive people all over California who are ready to work for real change. Voting for us is voting to empower the real people. We are your sons and daughters, your mothers and fathers, we are from you, we are for you.

Tiffanie Noelle Smith

Hello my name is Brandon Molina Berrios, I am a community activist and a college student currently attending UC Riverside. I was born and raised in the Harbor Area, as I was raised in San Pedro. I graduated from Port of Los Angeles High School in 2016 and then began going to Los Angeles Harbor College that same summer. While attending I began my community activism with Communities for a Better Environment in the city of Wilmington. As a core youth member, I helped address issues within the community in respect to Environmental Justice. At the same time, I got involved with LAHC by becoming a student government senator and a leader within different programs. I currently am a resident of the Wilmington area.

I believe in community power and service. I believe that with community advocacy we can create powerful changes in our community that will last a lifetime. Being someone who was raised with asthma, seeing the injustices and impacts of faulty representation I decided I wanted to step to the plate and run to represent you.

To those who seek a leader that will not give into corporate interests, I am your leader. I believe in the strength of local power. The state of California is the 6th largest economy in the world, yet our policies reflect otherwise. We must move away from policies that create the conditions we are in right now. The gap between the wealthy and the common person is far too wide and it is going to take us to change that. While this movement to create positive change for future generations is much bigger than I am, it starts with you and I. Vote for me, and my fellow slate, The People’s Voice, so that we can continue the work of those that came before us.

Brandon Molina Berrios


My name is Carson Malbrough. I’m a lifelong resident of the Willowbrook neighborhood here in our district. I’m an advocate for social, racial, economic & environmental justice and I believe that real change is possible for our community if we work together. We must work to: address inequities in our criminal justice system, to address pollution in our air & water, to provide universal healthcare to all people, to provide services for our homeless neighbors, to build more affordable housing and to uplift our small businesses & working families who were hit hardest this year. I believe my experiences have prepared me to help lead on these issues and more as your delegate.

I currently serve as an Organizer at the Grassroots Law Project, an advocacy organization that aims to protect civil rights & transform the U.S. criminal legal system. In my role, I have a hand in our national campaigns, policy advocacy & crafting legislation around issues of mass incarceration & police brutality. Living in LA County, the largest jail system in the world, changing the criminal justice system will have a direct impact on our people here in AD64. I previously worked on highly competitive campaigns as well, having served as campaign manager for Irvine City Councilmember Melissa Fox in her race for the 68th Assembly District seat. Although this was not our district, working closely with a local elected official taught me how the California Democratic Party operates, and how important it is to prioritize the interests of people in your community rather than special interests. I’ve also worked on highly competitive political campaigns across the country, having previously served as a Senior Field Manager on Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate in Texas and as a Regional Field Organizer on Governor Roy Cooper’s 2016 gubernatorial campaign in North Carolina. These experiences showed me what is possible when you build people power in a robust way and I’m excited to do that here in AD64.

My priorities as a delegate are to engage with the people of AD64, especially young voters & new voters and work together with all of you to pursue lasting structural changes for our community. That starts with talking to one another, listening to each other and working towards a better future for our district day in and day out.

Carson Malbrough

My name is Dinorah Hernandez. I am a first-generation college student studying Environmental Science and Policy and minoring in Political Science at the University of California, Irvine. I was born in Gardena and raised in the city of Compton. Growing up, I memorably remember making a game of counting the oil pumps we passed by when I drove around with my parents, not understanding the harm those pumps had on our District 64 families. My lived experiences in District 64 have shaped the way that I now envision my community. I envision a community where everyone has a right to grow up in a healthy environment and where our community is invested in. I believe that as a lifelong Compton resident, Latina, and first-generation college student I have a social responsibility to show up for my community and create this change.

These reasons are why I am a member of the Sunrise Movement at UC Irvine. A youth-led movement fighting for a Green New Deal and creating millions of jobs in the process. I am passionate about building a healthy and equitable community. I am passionate about delivering environmental, educational, and housing justice to our community. I plan to take these passions with me as a Democratic delegate. During the 2020 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, I served as a volunteer. Here I was able to have conversations and turn people out to vote I plan to take this hope as a delegate.

I am proud to be running with my slate mates of The People’s Voice to represent AD64 as a California Democratic delegate. I hope to earn your vote, thank you.

Dinorah Hernandez

Fellow Democrats,

My name is Hernaldo Gutierrez, but my friends know me by Ernie. I humbly ask for your support for “The People’s Voice” slate for the 64th district delegate candidates.

I am a Compton resident that migrated to the U.S. from Nicaragua when I was about 10 years old due to the Contra War. The same war that was partially funded by the DEAs’ cocaine trafficking in the streets of Compton and other inner cities of the U.S.

Politics was never something I saw myself involved in. I was caught up in getting my own house in order. Like so many Americans I was concerned about living paycheck to paycheck while putting myself through college. Once one graduates, you begin to think about how to pay off the student loan & create financial stability. I thought I didn’t have time for politics & if there was any time available, I rather do something that would bring me instant joy in my life like dancing or hiking.

We assume that elected officials that represent us have the best interest for their constituents or that things will work themselves out eventually. Unfortunately, that is not the case with some elected officials. I became involved in the 2019 Compton run off local elections after hitting one too many potholes & seeing a spike of constant tagging in every other corner. I started to show up to the city council meetings every week. This is where I began to learn about the 3-voting bloc & how it was affecting us which eventually made the news (

The experience of getting involved in local government politics has made me realize how important it is to participate in the democratic process. It has made me realize & confirmed how efficient & effective we become when we come together to make our community better. There is a lot more to do in Compton. However, we manage to not only block a possible 4-voting bloc but dismantle the existing 3-voting bloc.

As Stacey Abrams once said, “Democracy only works when we work for it. When we fight for it, when we demand it.”

As the 14 elected delegates we will represent our communities, shape the platform of the Democratic Party, and keep the assembly members accountable. We can create a California that works for all of us, not just for the select few. Therefore, I humbly ask for your vote for not only me, but for every single person on my slate.

Thank you!

Hernaldo (Ernie) Gutierrez

Fellow Democrats, my name is Eric DiMaggio. Please feel free to watch this brief video about me>>

I am a devoted husband and father of 2 preschool daughters. I was born in Lakewood and raised in North Long Beach before my mother and step-father moved to Apple Valley, where I graduated high school. I honorably served in the United States Navy. I studied radio and television at San Diego City College and have worked in broadcasting for 20 years. My wife and I bought our first house together in the Unincorporated area of Rosewood, Compton in 2015.

Throughout my life, I have supported nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross.

In 2017, I organized my department co-workers at DIRECTV after we began experiencing AT&T’s corporate greed, following the merger. Despite the major corporation’s best union busting efforts, we won our election to be represented by NABET-CWA Local 53. I remain actively involved as a member of the Union negotiating committee while we continue to fight for our first contract. Protecting workers’ rights and expanding workplace democracy has become very dear to me. We must not allow major corporations to continue their assault on the working middle class.

Like many, I was inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders and supported his presidential campaigns. My life experiences have led me to become committed to his same Progressive values. I will support candidates, legislation and propositions that carry these principles. Please vote for me and my running mates on The People’s Voice slate. I look forward to being your passionate Progressive voice within the California Democratic Party.

Eric DiMaggio

I moved to the “LA Strip” area of AD64 a couple years ago, a few hundred feet from the 110 freeway. Like the rest of AD64, Harbor Gateway is a part of LA County that has been a dumping ground for toxins and radically underfunded compared to the rest of the County. It’s been a place where financial and development interests of benefit to the wealthy are privileged over the 2000 gallons of air we each need to breathe every day to survive. Our health, our children’s health, the earth’s health is ignored- goods are carried North from the port, oil is pumped out with refinery fumes on our breath.

I’ve been involved with politics and political dimensions of culture production since I was a teen. At 17 I was elected to the Massachusetts State Board of Education as the voting student representative. Along the way I co-authored legislation relating to student rights and social equity.

As an adult I’ve worked in non-profit arts and music institutions for decades in different ways because I believe in the necessity of public spaces for people to explore their subjectivity, peek through windows into the humanity of others, to know the cultural richness of their own community.

LA County is unique in a global context for its messy, massively multi-cultural, multifaceted communities. Cultural spaces are how these communities come together to build collective identity and power. A lack of public funding for lasting, non-profit culture infrastructure is another way in which citizens of AD64 are isolated and underserved. As just one example: of the $4,113,000 granted in the Organizational Grants Program for LA County in 2020-21 only $7,000 went to AD64.

All economies are designed and managed, especially one as complex and global as ours. The question facing Americans today is for whose benefit is our economy managed not whether. Even “no regulation” is a form of regulation! We need an economy that is designed to eliminate poverty, fund vibrant public schools, and build healthy and vibrant communities. Democrats will either embrace building a multiethnic working class movement or be irrelevant.

Since I’ve lived in the Gateway I see that there needs to be a vision for AD64 that serves everyone who lives here and advocates for policies and ideas that will bring lasting investment- this is why I am proud to be a part of The People’s Voice slate and ask for your vote.

Micah Silver

Hello! Here is a link to a video about my candidacy, 

As a lifelong Carson resident, I have learned about the ups and downs of the 64th district. I believe my experiences as a college senior, double minority, and environmental advocate provide me with a unique perspective on issues in AD64.

My time in college has taught me how to critically examine the community around me. I grew up about 1.5 miles away from the largest oil refinery on the West Coast. It was not until college when I realized how much of a negative effect it had on our community’s health. Since then, I have been researching various local cities to publicize environmental and health hazards through a social media platform, @EJ4LAC. Through this, I have been able to identify and connect with local organizations and politicians. Starting conversations and making connections are key factors to initiating change.

As a double minority, I have seen and experienced a number of other social injustices in our community. I believe it is so important to address the systems that perpetuate these injustices. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, many of the district’s cities are ranked in the 95th or higher percentile for proximity to hazardous waste. Statistics like this are what motivated me to run and try to enact change at a local level.

I believe in the power of community. I will never be able to make change on my own. I have experienced the power of diversity and believe that everyone should be acknowledged and heard. The slate that I am running with, The People’s Voice, is passionate about hearing from you and fighting for you. Together we can help progress our community into one where everyone is respected and listened to.

Our goal will be to both inform and listen. Everyone deserves to be aware of community issues and have access to make change. As a 21-year-old I am passionate about influencing young voters to be more involved and speak up. I will work to ensure that every AD64 constituent is represented and receives the rights they deserve. The People’s Voice is invested in fighting to get money out of politics, a clean community, good paying jobs, good schools, affordable housing, healthcare as a human right, tuition free public college, and real criminal justice reform. Our greatest goal is to make sure everyone is heard.

Karyssa Harris

My name is Nicole J. Jones, and I seek your support to become a 64th Assembly District Delegate.

I am a loyal Democrat, and I strongly support the Democratic platform. I have dedicated my professional career and civic involvement to strengthening families, workers, and our community. For more than 25 years, I have advocated, served and worked hard in an effort to make a difference, including my service at Crystal Stairs, Loyola Marymount University, the California Community Foundation, and the California Wellness Foundation. Currently, I serve on the staff of State Controller Betty Yee, and previously I served on the staff of former Assemblyman Kevin Murray.

I also have extensive Democratic Club involvement and experience. Currently, I am a member of the Black Women’s Democratic Club and a life member of the New Frontier Democratic Club. My involvement in New Frontier began in 1995, and I have served in many capacities, including as an officer, over the years. During the 1990s, I often served as an AD delegate, and as an alternate AD delegate….so I am familiar with the ADEM, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and the California Democratic Party.

In addition, I have deep roots within this community. I am a long-time resident of Willowbrook with deep family roots in the neighborhood, residing two doors from my father’s childhood home. I remain connected to programs serving the communities of Watts/Willowbrook. In addition, I am a former appointed member of the Compton Community College District Board where I served as Board President.

Given my proven track record of service to the community and sincere dedication to the Democratic Party, I request your vote! As we face 2021 and beyond, there will be lots of work for each and every Democrat! I am fired up and ready for this next era of service – so please choose me to represent you as a 64th AD delegate!!

Nicole J. Jones

My name is Dante, and I am running to be a delegate representing AD 64. Born and raised in the city of Compton, I believe representing our district within the California Democratic platform requires persistent advocacy to ensure our voices are heard and that we empower our organizers after election victories and losses.

During the past two years, I worked at a nonprofit as an advocacy intern ensuring immigrant rights were protected while the Trump administration launched endless attacks on our communities.

During California’s 2020 primary election, I worked with Reform L.A. Jails to speak with voters about the importance of Measure R. The results of that measure were very clear: our community wants prison reform and civilian accountability of our police departments.

As an advocate, as a community canvasser, as a field organizer, I have direct experience working with voters in our district to pass measures that benefit our community. Moving forward, I want to represent our community to ensure the Democratic Party has a strong platform advocating for working families, migrant rights, Black lives, a green environment, jail reform, and other matters that affect our district directly.

I am proud of my hometown, and representing Compton while a student at UC Davis brought me immense joy. I have lived in this district for 20 years now, and I think I would be an excellent delegate for our community. I would be more than happy to answer any questions via email at

Thank you for your time, and I hope to have your vote representing AD64 within the CA Democratic Party so we can build a better California together!

Dante Valenzuela

My name is AJ Cartas and I’m a first-generation immigrant, a person of color, LGBTQ+, and a college dropout — all of which I’m proud to be part of. I understand how it feels to be underestimated, and I want to uplift members from those communities to show them that they have the spark to make the change we need.

I’m currently the Founder of a non-profit, Our Damn Time. Our mission is to uplift those that come from underrepresented communities. We do this by supporting leaders who will push for progressive policies that put people first before corporate interests.

I also spearhead a minority-led social media agency with an apprenticeship program that taps into underrepresented communities and transitions them into remote, digital opportunities. We do this by partnering with another company that trains individuals to gain the necessary digital skills needed through digital courses. Once our apprentices complete their program, those who excel are transitioned into a paid position. We prepare our apprentices for real-world skills such as time management, organization, leadership, emotional intelligence, and being able to think outside of the box.

I will fight for change that’s been long overdue to prioritize environmental justice, healthcare, education reform, and criminal justice reform. Our party’s policies need to reflect the people’s interest that put elected officials into their seats. We need accountability rather than performative participation more than ever.

I believe that my diverse experience from untraditional paths is the difference we need to make actionable change. I firmly believe that the majority of Californians are not satisfied with the status quo.

If elected as a Delegate to represent Assembly District 64, I will champion solutions to issues that weigh heavily on the youth and future generations to come. The right time isn’t in 10, 20, or 30 years; the time is now.

It’s our damn time.

Angelo Cartas

Fellow Democrats-

Hello my name is Elias Acevedo of 46 year old male and born in Los Angeles, I’ve been a longtime resident of Compton for about 30+ years. I’m the son of immigrant then turned American Citizen father from Michoacan, Mexico. I grew up with my Mexican-American mother, a home maker (house wife), and my father, a former construction worker. And now as a qualified and accepted ADEM/ADD 64th District Candidate. I’m humbly asking for your vote to represent our district as a delegate to the party. I believe my contributions as a former poll worker (in many elections), local activist, current Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton Board-member and passionate democrat make me the type of delegate you want representing our communities. I currently serve as Vice-President of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton as an advocate for business owners in the beautiful City of Compton. I am committed to a platform of criminal justice reform, social justice, ending mass incarceration, immigration reform, universal healthcare, addressing our climate crisis. I am running also to represent seniors and the disabled. I want to be sure that the party supports programs that will enable the elderly and disabled to remain in their homes. The party must recognize that too many of the victims of the corona virus (COVID-19) were in nursing homes. We must stand for the rights of all persons to have adequate housing, not just the elderly and the disabled but also those living in the streets today. As your Assembly Democratic Delegate to the California Democratic Party I will give our district a voice and represent your best interest. Now is not the time for us to sit and pat ourselves on the back for electing Joe Biden as president of the United States. We must remember that over 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump and we lost congressional seats. We must increase our outreach and spread the message that we are the “Party of the People”. That message has been lost over time and needs to be resurrected and pushed. The number of Republicans in the Latino community is ever-increasing. That boils down to one of two things. We are either not working hard enough, or we need to work smarter. I will answer all your questions to earn your vote. Please email me at or text/call me at (424)381-7879 or (310)438-8212 if you have any questions.

Elias "Elijah" Acevado