Assembly District 66




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

66 Tony Hale * OSIF
66 Ben Tarzynski No OSIF
66 Susan Goodlerner No SIF
66 Anil Muhammed No OSIF
66 Cathy Familathe No SIF
66 Kathleen Bradford No SIF
66 Alyssa T Watanabe No SIF
66 John C Nelson Jr No OSIF
66 Rachel Pearl Bracker No SIF
66 Tony Salvaggio No OSIF
66 Amy Howorth No SIF
66 Michael Hobbs No OSIF
66 Lorraine E Geittmann No SIF
66 Peter E Aziz No OSIF
66 Andrew DeBlock No OSIF
66 Mark E. Henderson No OSIF
66 Thithien Cao Nguyen * OSIF
66 R.G. Wong No SIF
66 Katherine Venn No SIF
66 Dina Sayegh Doll * SIF
66 Jon E. Munoz No OSIF
66 Ashley Tull No SIF
66 Elsa Gerard No SIF
66 Allen Kirschenbaum No OSIF
66 Vinnie Malcolm No OSIF
66 Richard H. Huynh No OSIF
66 Brian Carolus * OSIF
66 Bill Reynolds No OSIF
66 Kathleen Paralusz No SIF
66 Sara H. Deen No SIF
66 Susan Brooks No SIF
66 Adam Schwartz * OSIF
66 Jimmy Gow No OSIF
66 Kenia Itzel Tello * SIF
66 Jane Affonso No SIF
66 Brian Huang No OSIF
66 Timothy Beyer * OSIF
66 Nicolas Gardner Serna No OSIF
66 Marium Navid No SIF
66 Alexander Clark * OSIF
66 Dianne Wallace * SIF
66 Argentina Rodriguez No SIF
66 Courtney Jerome Williams No OSIF

Candidate Statements

Re-Elect Tony Hale to build a stronger Democratic Party.

Tony Hale and his slate of delegates helped fight and win our victory in 2020. Now it’s time to build on success.

Tony Hale doesn’t just talk about progressive values, he has established them in the Party. As Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s Resolutions Committee and Co-Chair of the State Party’s Resolution committee, Tony Hale has developed and furthered our Party’s commitment to progressive values.

Tony Hale has secured our party’s commitment to:

•Opposing fracking and reducing the threat of destructive climate change

•Supporting universal health care

•Preserving a our local environment and removing toxins from our food, air and water

•Raising the minimum wage and protecting the rights of working people

•Demanding reforms in policing

•Supporting teachers and public education

•Defending the rights of women, people of color and the LGBTQ community

•Increasing our commitment to reduce homelessness especially among our veterans

•Calling for an end to the death penalty

•Promoting the humane treatment of animals

•And, much more

A former chair of the Environmental Caucus, Tony Hale is one of the few environmentalist who has stopped 34 oil wells from being drilled. He ran and won the campaign to stop oil drilling on our coast in Hermosa Beach.

Tony Hale has made the Democratic Party more democratic. He fought to reduce the influence of powerful insiders and their ability to game the endorsement process. The reason why we are voting for 14 Delegates today is because Tony negotiated for more Delegates from the grassroots. He voted for changes to the Party’s Super Delegate system, and new policies that protect all members of the party from intimidation and mistreatment. Tony has made sure the California Democratic Party represents our values of inclusiveness and equality.

Tony Hale is endorsed by Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Ben Allen, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzales and Vice Chair Sergio Carrillo, the Progressive Democratic Club and the Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California.

Please see my video at

Tony Hale

Susan Goodlerner MD

Elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party from Assembly District #66 in 2019, Dr Goodlerner seeks reelection. She has a proven track record as a grassroots leader mobilizing other volunteers on behalf of progressive candidates. “I believe that grassroots activism to elect progressive leaders makes California a better place for all its residents. “

Some key successes and activities

•2018 participated with like-minded activists in canvassing for OC Congressional candidates Harley Rouda and Katie Porter

•Board member of Generation Blue Political Fund where she has brought party resources to facilitate the group’s activities

•Member Beach Cities Democrats

•2020 Campaign Warren South Bay canvas captain, training and mobilizing activists

•2020 elected to the Democratic National Convention from CA #33

•2020 Ran weekly virtual phone banks for at risk CA Congressional seats (CA 25 and 48) recruiting and training >20 volunteers who reached more than 600 supporters for the Democratic Candidates

•2020 Volunteer calling voters for at risk Senate races and Biden

•Volunteer 2018 and 2020 to elect progressive candidates to Manhattan Beach City Council

According to Dr. Goodlerner:

“As a retired physician and a volunteer faculty member at Harbor UCLA I have seen firsthand the deficiencies in our current health care system. The Covid pandemic has brought into sharper relief not only the disparities in health care, but also disparities in access to good paying jobs and education that already existed in our country. The last 4 years have shown us the importance of electing experienced and compassionate leaders at all levels. In my more than 30 years as a physician, and more recently as a grassroots leader, I have developed the skills needed to help make our party more responsive to the needs of all Californians.”

Dr. Goodlerner supports the rights of women, the LGBTQ community and all minorities. She is fluent in Spanish and continues to take Spanish classes at El Camino College.

Endorsements: Lisa Stevenson, Director CA Dem Coordinated Campaign and Hildy Stern of the Manhattan Beach City Council

Meet Dr Goodlerner:

Thank you for your vote!

Susan Goodlerner MD

It would be my deep honor and privilege to serve as your Assembly District Delegate to the CA Democratic Party.

I have a long history of community service in the South Bay. I currently reside in Torrance, and serve on the Torrance Unified School District’s Board of Education. Prior to this, I’ve served on the Torrance Unified School District’s Personnel Commission and the Torrance Cultural Arts Commission. Lastly, I serve as an active board member on the North Torrance Neighborhood Association.

Professionally, I have over 10 years of combined experience in public education, human resources, technology, and leadership. Presently, I serve as the Director of Human Resources Classified at Huntington Beach Union High School District. I also teach business and information technology courses at Rio Hondo College. My educational background consists of an Ed.D. from USC, M.B.A. from UC Irvine, and C.S.E. from UC Davis.

I am committed to the principles of the democratic party and look forward to advancing them as your AD66 delegate.

Thank you!

Anil Muhammed

I am the 2020-2021 President of the Palos Verdes Democrats with 240 active members. I recruited an enthusiastic group of volunteers for phone banking in the election, and after that for the senate races in Georgia. We delivered Biden campaign signs to over 500 south bay voters. We raised and disbursed campaign donations to local, swing state and national candidates. I printed and organized the distribution of door hangers for local candidates. I’m a life long Democrat and eager to learn how I can become even more involved.

Kathleen Bradford

Lisa Watanabe, M.D. – Statement

Dr. Lisa Watanabe is a physician and parent. She is endorsed by Congressman Ted Lieu as a delegate to CADEM (California Democratic Party). She has known and supported Ted since his first run for State Assemblyman in 2005, when she hosted her first political fundraiser. Since then, she has hosted and organized fundraisers on a regular basis for both local and national Democratic candidates. She has advocated in Washington DC many times over the years on health care policy issues in the chambers of our Congressional and Senate representatives.

Her track record in leadership includes Board member of Generation Blue Political Fund, California delegate of the American College of Radiology, immediate Past President of the Japanese American Medical Society, Past President of the American Society of Spine Radiology, Board member of the California Radiological Society, and past Board member of South Bay Cares. She is also Chief Medical Officer of CureMetrix (an AI medical start-up) and Associate Clinical Professor at USC Keck School of Medicine.

Dr. Watanabe is a is a life-long Californian; she grew up in the South Bay and has lived in Manhattan Beach since completing her medical training. She graduated undergrad from Stanford and obtained a medical degree at UCSF. She has practiced medicine at Long Beach Memorial and Little Company of Mary, where she had leadership positions. Locally, she has participated as a volunteer for Heal the Bay, LA Regional Food Bank, Boy Scouts, Peninsula Athletic Foundation, National Charity League, and Grandview Elementary School.

Her perspectives in science, technology, and medicine are valuable as legislatures develop policies to combat illness and improve health care services, ensure ethics and privacy in hi-tech, support businesses, promote diversity, and most importantly, address climate change.

You can also view my 2 minute video at

Please register online for a ballot by January 11 for the CADEM election. Here is the link:

Lisa Watanabe

Do you ever watch the news and wish you had a better way to voice your opinions about the Democratic Party in the State of California? Well, so do I, and that is why I am running to become a Delegate to the State Democratic Convention for Assembly District 66. My goal is to make your voice be heard at the Convention. Your voice will help make the Democratic Party stronger – and we desperately need a stronger Democratic Party. In the past 13 years the Republican Party has tanked our economy twice; and has stooped to unconscionable lows while violating American norms and laws. It’s time for the Democratic party to hear our voices and fight back.

I am committed to helping the Democratic Party fight for a fair and just society here in California and, by extension, the entire country. I’ve volunteered for Democratic candidates since I was a kid, starting with Senator John Glenn’s 1984 run. Lately, I’ve done volunteer work for Senator Sanders in 2016, Senator Warren in 2020 (as a Community Team Lead) and President-Elect Biden in 2020. I’ve also dedicated my time to Congressional races such as Gil Cisneros and Christy Smith right here in LA County. I have taken Senator Warren’s philosophy to heart in my campaign because I believe the California Democratic Party needs to hear it: Dream Big, Fight Hard and Win!

John C Nelson Jr

John C. Nelson Jr

I am a young Democrat and Manhattan Beach Unified School District alumna who is committed to a pragmatic and progressive future for our statewide party. If elected, I promise to advocate for compassionate and practical solutions to our housing crisis, climate change, and racial injustice, and to prioritize supporting efforts to elect Democrats in purple and red districts.

I work in public relations and am the proud daughter of two small business owners, which has given me a practical education about the difficulties that entrepreneurs face, and how the pandemic and uneven government response has exacerbated existing problems for job creators. I was inspired to get involved with the Democratic Party because of my grandmother, a 91-year-old former public school teacher who has advocated for progressive causes in Long Beach for the last 65 years.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2016, I have become increasingly involved with several Democratic and progressive advocacy groups. Most of these groups focus on the intersection of environmentalism, racial justice, housing policy, and transit policy. I am also involved with organizations that advocate for the Jewish community, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights.

Vote for me if you believe our statewide party should embrace and promote proven, effective policies to address pollution and climate change, homelessness and housing insecurity, and systemic racism.

Rachel Pearl Bracker

The guiding principal in my life is to try to make my community, my state, my country and my planet a better place for my children. Education, the environment, and equality for all have taken a beating under the soon-to-be previous administration, but the challenges remain and are more critical than ever, for it’s not enough to pull out the weed if you haven’t dug up the roots. I worked with Biden Victory2020, Field Team 6, Indivisible South Bay, Grassroots Democrats and MoveOn this past election cycle both at home and in key battleground states in order to begin the purge and start the healing of our nation. As a delegate, I’ll continue to push California to lead the way for the rest of our nation as we’ve done for so long, and work to re-take the house seats we lost in November. I humbly ask for your support and your vote

Tony Salvaggio

I am proud to be a California Democrat; a former Mayor, an experienced, elected Assembly Delegate; and a member of the State Party Ad-Hoc Finance Committee. As a member of the Ad-Hoc Finance Committee, I helped bring about the increase in focus on small dollar donors. I’m one of the original members of South Bay Cares and I know and work with many Democrats from all over the state to make life better for all Californians.

I’m running because I’m open to new voices and ideas, but also bring nearly two decades of relationships and experience this position,

During this crisis we’ve learned that we need to do things differently to reach and include more people, and if elected, I promise to reach out and engage with folks on all that we do. I humbly ask for your vote. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Amy Howorth

I am a moderate Democrat. My main concern is that the Democratic Party must return to its support of local independent business and unreserved support to the working class in America. The Democratic Party turned its back on the working class after the 1970″s. Scarcity has inflamed divisions. There has never been a reversal of that position. Joe Biden’s current infrastructure plans and a Green New Deal are a start. Critical industries and pharmaceuticals must be brought back. Tax support and subsidies to off-shore business must be curtailed.

I admire many progressive elements of the Democratic platform including single payer medical, low prescription costs, DACA, equal protection and lowering college tuition rates. My true concern is with the small business and working class interests.

Michael Hobbs

I am running to represent seniors and the disabled. I want to be sure that the party supports programs that will enable the elderly and disabled to remain in their homes. The party must recognize that too many of the victims of the coronavirus were in nursing homes. We must stand for the rights of all persons to have adequate housing, not just the elderly and the disabled but also those living in the streets today.

Lorraine Geittmann

My name is Peter Aziz. I’m a Trilingual first-generation Egyptian American and hold a master’s in Public Policy and Administration.

I have been fortunate enough to call Redondo Beach my home here in the South Bay for the last 31 years. However, it hasn’t always felt like home. Throughout the last 9 months during this unprecedented pandemic, I relived all too well what it meant to be a person of color living in the South Bay post 9/11 all over again. The uprising of protest in the streets post-murder of George Floyd reminded me of what it was and still is to be an Arab in America.

I started housing organizers and protesters during the Muslim Ban who were on the front lines at LAX in 2016 just after Donald Trump had been inaugurated into office. I know what it feels like every day to be visibly discriminated against. The South Bay is not immune to these issues we have seen reports of hate crimes alongside houselessness increase and intensifies throughout our cities, and yet there haven’t been swift enough approaches to call these actions out by our elected officials.

While my educational experience has aided me in navigating the democratic process over the last decade, this experience has also allowed me to dig deeper into the flaws of how our system is represented. Specifically, when I ran as a delegate for AD66 in 2019, I was able to see how Young people are bearing the burdens brought upon us by the policies of generations before us. Our communities are being devastated by COVID-19 alongside student debt for the lack of appropriate funding for public education.

We are at a critical shift not just in our democracy but in our society, in which we can build a more sustainable future, with the next generation in mind. Advocating for future-proof policies is not just sustainable it is keeping our democracy intact. Electing new voices in the arena such as mine and those of @SouthBay66 representing all who support fresh ideas based on conscientious use of data and facts.

I want to continue my advocacy on these issues to ensure that our Democratic party is going in the right direction. I humbly ask for your vote to represent you as one of your AD66 Assembly District Delegates. Vote Peter Aziz for Delegate & South Bay People Power for AD66.

Peter E Aziz

I would be honored to serve again as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and I humbly ask for your vote. I have dedicated my life to public service and I currently work as the Senior Field Representative and Campaign Manager for our South Bay Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi. In that office I work on issues that are important to me including fighting for increased funding for public education and protecting our environment among many others. I started my career working for former Assemblymember Betsy Butler nearly a decade ago and have been standing up for our Democratic values ever since. I will bring this experience and my years of attending California Democratic Party Conventions both as staff and as a delegate to bear if elected. As a delegate, I will effectively advocate for 66th Assembly District Democrats.

I know many of you from years of working on the ground knocking on doors and making phone calls for good candidates up and down the ballot – from school board to President of the United States. I look forward to getting to know you if we haven’t yet had the opportunity.

I am proud of my time supporting and as a member of the Torrance Democratic Club, the Beach Cities Democratic Club, the Palos Verdes Democratic Club, Indivisible, and so many other organizations in the district that are working to make our state better. I will continue to be accessible.

I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to serve again and thank you for your consideration.

Andrew DeBlock

My name is Mark E. Henderson. I am a candidate for ADEM for the 66th Assembly District. As a former ADEM delegate, this as an opportunity to continue to serve our assembly district and to actively participate in the political process. The ADEM role is important to the political process and to the development of the CA Democratic Party. It allows for us to inform the sitting Assemblyman to issues that are important at the grassroots level and are a high priority to our local communities. Also being an ADEM does allow for participation at the state party level where change can be enacted and voices can be heard.

What I commit to do:

I commit to representing our Assembly District with experience and integrity. I will always be available for collaboration with our community members of AD66 and will bring those items forward for robust discussion.

Why I am running for ADEM:

During this unique time we are experiencing it is vital to address many issues related to climate concerns, racial issues, equality and overall equity concerns. I want to be at the forefront of ensuring that our party addresses all these important issues.

What I am asking of you:

I am confident we can accomplish a lot together. I am asking for your support to vote me in as ADEM of AD66.

Thank you.


Mark E. Henderson

I’m R.G. Wong, a DSA-LA member and former Bernie Sanders 2020 staffer who is making good trouble with the People Over Profits Slate.

ADEMS delegates have access to politicians and the direction of the party. I intend to take what I’ve heard from people I’ve met in my grassroots work and tell their stories to our elected officials.

As ADEMs delegate from 2017-2019, I advocated for single payer healthcare in California and continue that struggle. I’ll take that matter to ADEMS again and fight even harder because thousands are sick with COVID-19.

Currently we have 26 million food-insecure Americans. I volunteer with Long Beach Community Table, a food bank specializing in healthy food. My experiences delivering food to the needy will be heard by legislators.

Three years ago, I was an ADEMs delegate lobbying to protect immigrants. I’ve learned about the immigrant experience through The Kids2017, a South Bay group that provides necessities to asylum seekers and orphans in Tijuana. I intend to share those stories with our leaders.

Recently I spoke to a Torrance woman about her concerns with the community. She said racism and xenophobia are “number one problems”. She’s right. I grew up in AD66 experiencing bigotry and now I’m rallying against it. I’ve dealt with local fascists who terrorized immigrant communities. I’ve called for justice for Christopher Deandre Mitchell who was killed by Torrance police in 2018. I joined the call to return Bruce’s Beach back to the rightful owners who are Black, because racists forced them off their Manhattan Beach property in the 1920’s. Lately, I’ve helped support victims of hate crimes in Torrance and learned they won’t get justice.

I’m running to tell our Democrats that they must take the lead in dismantling systemic racism. Young people in the South Bay are organizing against racism, it’s time our leaders join them.

I’ve also advocated for a safer Torrance oil refinery and I’m involved with the Progressive Asian Network for Action.

ADEMS are supposed to be the truly grassroots arm of the Democratic party. But all kinds of people apply -from people who operate PACs to elected officials who’ve taken PAC money. I’m neither.

I’m running to bring attention to South Bay issues the mainstream media ignores. I’m here to tell legislators to choose the people over profits.

R.G. Wong

ADEM66 candidate statement

I am Katherine Venn running for ADEM with the slate “People Over Profit” in AD66. I see the way to ensure our democracy through mobilizing communities to ensure all people’s basic needs be met. As a founding member of San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice since 2004, I work diligently to expose the militarization of our government, especially our schools. I have outreached to churches, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, ILWU, Code Pink, teachers’ unions, and concerned citizens to build coalitions for community forums, high school clubs and to confront elected officials, regarding the military budget, rights of youth and immigrants, homelessness, police abuse and climate change. I have been instrumental in developing 3 high school Peace Clubs and Summer Peace Camps, so youth understand the sources of conflicts in the world and in their communities.

I supported Bernie Sanders campaign for Medicare for all, housing as a human right, the Green New Deal and protecting youth from police and military recruiters abuse. How do we achieve these goals? By listening to our communities instead of corporations and big money.

Residing in this district since 1975 and working in Torrance for 30 years has given me a broad view of this district. I have lived in Harbor Gateway, Gardena and Rancho Palos Verdes I see outstanding inequalities, in our schools, access to health care and affordable housing. Renters facing evictions and homeowners unable to meet mortgage payments as unemployment and underemployment continues to exacerbate our struggle and puts us all in crisis in CA- 5th wealthiest economy in the world. Corporations continue to accumulate wealth and political privileges in our communities even though the Democratic Party, party of the people, controls the legislature-it’s time for a change!

I support Black Lives Matter and all in our district who exposed the Torrance police department’s failure to investigate the killing of Christopher Mitchell in December 2018. Their persistence demanding transparency by the police in the Torrance city council has resulted in releasing police video, naming officers involved and recognition by District Attorney Gascon to investigate this killing. Civilian over-site of this police department was demanded by a grand jury before this incident and has not been implemented.

Katherine Venn

I am running to protect and promote the future of my children and all those living in the state of California. Please see my video statement: 

No child should have to go to school under threats of gun violence, learn in an overcrowded classroom, or have her future threatened by climate change. Yet our children leave their homes every morning facing such an experience. Our children need their political leaders to collaborate and innovate to solve these pressing problems.

California is the most vibrant, diverse, and innovate state in the nation. There is no problem we cannot overcome. We must provide a living wage for our workers, support small businesses, solve the mental health crisis, dismantle systemic racism, and prevent violence against women and children. I fully endorse the California Democratic party platform, and as a proud first generation Arab American, seek to promote diversity at all levels.

I am an attorney, entrepreneur, certified mediator, journalist, and legal analyst. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California, a former attorney at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, and a co-founder of the law firm Doll Amir & Eley, located here in the South Bay. I am a certified mediator, having mediated almost 100 cases, and know well how to work together for a common result. I know how to communicate effectively being both a published writer and a television legal analyst for the Law & Crime Network. I am also a She Source legal expert with the Women’s Media Center. My full bio is at

I was sparked to become involved with politics upon the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I knew I had to do my part to take up the cause of equality that she worked for her whole life. I organized and led a group of volunteers to protect the right to vote in North Carolina for the Biden-Harris campaign. I look forward to showing this District my perseverance and hard work. So much is at stake, and I am ready.

Dina Sayegh Doll

I am Jon Munoz, running as for Delegate for California’s 66th District. During the past 18 months I have been involved in a number of political volunteer efforts. I have phone banked for the Pete Buttigieg for President campaign. I also did a number of canvassing days for that campaign in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Torrance among other places. I’ve also been involved in phone banking and letter writing for the Biden/Harris campaign and current Georgia Senate runoffs. Currently I am currently working on fundraising efforts with Equality Georgia. I am a member of the Palos Verdes Democrats Club and Invisible South Bay LA.

My work experience, in both the Entertainment and Aviation world, has taking me all over the world. This experience has given me a unique window into differing attitudes toward the US as well as different work and social policies.

I am excited to see the changes in our nation over the next four years over the past four years. I look forward to being a Delegate and in particular working on pro-equality and racial justice issues.

Jon Munoz

Jon Munoz

Elect Ashley Tull to bring a fresh, young, diverse voice to the Democratic party.

Ashley is a fighter. A fighter not only for herself, but for anyone who needs fighting for. She works diligently to create a better future for those around her by speaking up against injustices and taking action to ensure they will not go unnoticed or be forgotten.

Ashley has worked hard every step of her life, from being homeless as a teen, to fighting cancer at 30, to graduating from UCLA at 36. She understands that everyone has a story and each of those stories is valuable.

What will she bring to the table? Along with passion, energy, creativity, and humor, she brings the ability to empower others.

As a lifelong democrat, from a union family, she will fight for the working class. As a member of the LGBTQ community, she will fight for all underrepresented minority groups. As a recent student, she will fight to make education more accessible for everyone. As a person who was once looking up from the bottom, she will fight to listen and act to address the urgent needs of our homeless neighbors.

Vote for Ashley—she is the fresh face we have been looking for.

Ashley Tull

My name is Elsa Gerard and I would like the opportunity to represent my community as a delegate representing the 66th Assembly District.

I began working for the Democratic Party when I was thirteen years old handing out flyers for candidates during shift changes at the tobacco factories in Richmond, Virginia. In the almost fifty years since then, I have worked, marched, and sat through more committee hearings than I can remember.

I have lived in the 66th AD for 27 years-moving into the district, becoming a mother, and raising my three children to be activists who are giving back to the communities they live in.

I served a volunteer at the last two conventions and decided it was time to increase my involvement and run as a delegate.

I am a college advisor and have seen so many students unable to achieve their dream or even be able to dream at all of attending higher educational institutions after high school.

My focus is to make quality higher education available to all California students. I am running to represent these students and to help create a pathway to opportunity for all young people in California.

I would be honored to represent my district as a delegate .

Elsa Gerard

I, Vinnie Malcolm, am a media, marketing and business development executive living in Hermosa Beach. I am originally from Jamaica in the West Indies and I immigrated to New York City after high school.

I am a father of three young adult sons and I have held several leadership positions in the Los Angeles community, including president and general manager of KTLA Channel 5 and president of the Los Angeles Sparks basketball team. I have served as a director on several non-profit boards, including the Los Angeles Urban League and the California Broadcasting Association.

I also advocate for social equity and justice in healthcare, education, housing, economics and the justice system. Unfortunately, our residents have been systematically misled and misrepresented by many public officials, who have been unduly influenced by special interests. As a result, a minority of people have been ruling and dictating policies against the wishes of the majority. During this time of glaring inequalities in our society, it is evident that this is not sustainable! At some point, the system will combust if adjustments are not made. This is why I am running along with my fellow slate members of South Bay People Power, to ensure that the under-appreciated, never respected and ignored, have a seat at the table when decisions are made. That is how we will have a more equitable society.

When our communities aren’t represented, our voices aren’t heard. When our voices aren’t heard, our needs aren’t met. Moneyed interests and established power retain control of our governance and drive policies which lift up a few, marginalizing the rest of us.

We hope that you will support and vote for us, South Bay People Power, to lift up people over profits. You can connect with us on Youtube ( and social media (@southbay66).

Vinnie Malcolm

I was raised in the public school system, so I personally experienced the inequities that continue to plague neighborhoods today. I believe in education equity. Growing up, I was forced to transfer to a school further away because I did not live in the more affluent neighborhoods. I struggled to find mentorship and guidance–my teachers and counselors too overwhelmed to help me. Through community service, I found my way into medicine.

Throughout my career as a physician, I witnessed firsthand the disparities in healthcare. People with diabetes had to be hospitalized for uncontrolled blood sugars because they simply could not afford insulin. Our fight against COVID-19 has only amplified this inequity we face. Sadly, during this time, 14.6 million Americans have lost healthcare coverage. We now live in a system where GoFundMe is one of the largest “insurers” in this country as families ask for donations to help pay for a loved one’s medical care. Healthcare should not be a privilege. Healthcare is a right for everyone.

Disparities in healthcare and education are not the only issues we face. Our neighborhood air and water have borne the brunt of toxic industries and pollution. Climate change endangers us with wildfires. Every year, patients come into my office wheezing and short of breath because of poor air quality. Droughts and floods reduce accessibility to nutritious fruits and vegetables leaving people more prone to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The health effects leave us vulnerable to chronic medical conditions and pandemics.

These are just some examples of how the establishment has placed a priority on profits for corporations and wealthy special interests, resulting in damaging our community. We must put the interests of our community ahead of the wealthy few, shareholder dividends, and quarterly profits.

When our communities aren’t represented, our voices aren’t heard. When our voices aren’t heard, our needs aren’t met. Moneyed interests and established power retain control of our governance and drive policies which lift up a few, marginalizing the rest of us.

I hope you will vote for and support South Bay People Power to lift up people over profits.
Connect with us on YouTube:
And, on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @southbay66

Richard H. Huynh

I proudly represented the people of California’s 33rd Congressional District, which includes my home district of Assembly District 66, as one of CD-33’s three elected Pledged Delegates for Bernie Sanders for President at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July 2016. I have also previously represented our communities within Assembly District 66 as an elected ADEM Delegate to the California Democratic Party during the 2017 – 2019 term. In addition to these offices, I have also served our communities as a member of the Executive Board of the Feel the Bern Democratic Club of Los Angeles, the first Democratic club in Los Angeles County founded upon the principles and platform of Bernie Sanders, as its Executive Secretary from 2017 – 2020 and as its Vice President from 2019 – 2020. I am also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and I am running to once again serve the people of our district as an ADEM delegate for AD-66 on the grassroots People Over Profits slate.

My fellow working class slate members and I are running to prioritize the needs of people first over corporate profits. I want to represent and support the people of Assembly District 66 and our state at the California Democratic Party by supporting the establishment of a Universal Single Payer Medicare for All healthcare system and the elimination of medical debt in our state and country, transition to a clean renewable energy-powered society with the Green New Deal, end racist policing and prioritize funding to specialized community services, tuition-free public colleges and universities and the abolition of student debt, sustainable and organic non-GMO farming, support unions and increase the presence of unions and union membership in our workplaces, break up ICE, reinstate DACA and protect immigrant communities, support a humane justice system and eliminate for-profit prisons, support the establishment of universal child care and Pre-K, protect and expand social security, support systems to end homelessness and establish affordable rent and fair housing for all while combatting gentrification, support the LGBTQ+ community, and much more. I strongly support a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights that guarantees to all of our people the right to the basic necessities of life regardless of income, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or country of origin.

Brian Carolus

My name is Bill Reynolds. I am running for AD66 delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP) Conventions.

I am a retired Contract Auditor from the US Dept. of Defense. I am a former proxy CDP delegate, and I am currently a Social Services Commissioner for the City of Torrance.

I worked hard just to have health insurance, housing and reliable transportation. I was also able to help my partner, from Mexico, obtain permanent resident status after 15 years of living in the shadows.

Thank you for helping lift people like us up, over private profits. When our communities aren’t represented, our voices aren’t heard. When our voices aren’t heard, our needs aren’t met. Moneyed interests and established powers retain control of our governance and drive policies which empower a few, marginalizing the majority of us. Accordingly, here are my priorities for the CDP:

1.Voters want to know who is ahead of THEM, in meeting with THEIR representatives. Records of lobbying activity and campaign financing, should be more readily available than they are now. More public financing of election campaigns is needed. Get the moneyed interests out of running our elections, our Government and our lives.

2.Make our party more about helping voters reduce household costs. How will we work to bring housing costs down to no more than 30% of household income for more people? How will we work to reduce the cost of healthcare, and provide healthcare for all?

3.Our party should be about helping MORE CALIFORNIANS fight climate change, while helping THEM not increase their costs of transportation. We should work to bring the costs of electric vehicles down, with subsidies, and by advocating and welcoming less expensive designs, and more micro-mobility onto our streets. Helping more people participate in a green economy is an important part of environmental justice.

I hope you will vote for our slate and connect with us on YouTube:

Email if you have any questions.

Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @southbay66.

Thank you

Bill Reynolds

I am running to be an ADEM delegate to proudly represent our party and its platform and to help elect local, state and national leaders who will move our state and country forward. I have been a committed volunteer on Democratic campaigns and causes for over 30 years, starting with my first internship in high school for my congressman. Now, as a parent, I am dedicated to advocating for and ensuring that we elect leaders who prioritize funding of a quality public school education for all of our children. I also want to ensure that our party continues to elect leaders who will push forward with clean energy initiatives and make California an environmental leader and model for the rest of the nation and the world.

In addition, as a delegate, I will be committed to fighting for all people to live with dignity and equality by supporting and campaigning for candidates who will take steps to root out systemic racism, discrimination and inequality, ensuring equal opportunity for all. Finally, I am running to be a delegate to ensure that our government leaders are held accountable and do everything possible to protect and expand health care coverage under Obamacare in the next administration. Please consider voting for me to be your ADEM delegate – it would be an honor and a privilege to represent you and to have your support and your vote.

Kathleen Paralusz

A community organizer within the Muslim and interfaith communities,I have understood our community’s needs;I only recently became aware of the local political landscape.A first time delegate,I am dismayed that our district is not equitably represented in the CA Dem. party.

Our district is rich in perspectives and communal histories.We are home to Japanese Americans who established basketball clubs in response to post-internment hostilities.We live on land stewarded by the Tongva people.We are home to Muslim Americans,who with allies,advocated against prejudice to establish a mosque.While occasionally cosmetically included,this collective experience and wisdom are excluded from meaningful representation in our district.

Certainly,many local party activists have contributed much;however,no one group should monopolize representation.Only when all of our communities are equitably represented,will our district bravely vote within the party to further our communal interests instead of simply talking about them.

The current status quo empowers a small group of people who prioritize the maintenance of their power and position above meeting our needs.While most of us would like work together towards a just transition to improve our air quality and protect our coastline,the status quo representation continues to acquiesce to moneyed interests.Instead of the local economy meeting our needs,we are forced to compromise our well-being for the economy.We must center people,not profits.

To ensure clean air and beaches,equitable education and healthcare while having everyone’s human rights equitably honored,we must elect bold representatives who won’t be distracted by moneyed interests.When our communities aren’t represented,our voices aren’t heard.When our voices aren’t heard,our needs aren’t met.Moneyed interests and established power retain control of our governance and drive policies which lift up a few while marginalizing the rest of us. 

In my two years as a delegate,I learned that it will take all of us,with our diverse perspectives,rising up together to disrupt the status quo in our district.South Bay People Power for AD66 represents a diverse coalition of communities and individuals committed to justice and equity.I hope you will vote for and connect with us on Youtube ( and social media (@southbay66)

Dr. Sara H. Deen

With your support, and I look forward to serving as a delegate to the California Democratic Party for AD66. I’ve lived in N. Torrance for 24 years where my husband and I have raised our 5 children. I work with small businesses and non-profits who can’t afford a CFO. Prior to this, I owned a boutique where I provided women with breast prosthetics and wigs after surgery and chemo.

I live in the center of intersectionality in an interfaith and mixed-race family. As the mom of two Black sons, I know what it is like to see them harassed by police. I have experienced the failings of our school district when dealing with students with mental health issues and know how easy it is to fall into the school to prison pipeline. These experiences led me to Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change where I serve as Lead Legislative Advocate.

My Jewish faith teaches me to care for the stranger and is what led me to a fellowship with NewGround Muslim Jewish partnership for change. Through this program and others, I have learned to facilitate courageous conversations across deep divides and the power of storytelling to help us see one another as humans and not labels. I am very concerned about the silos we all sit in culturally, economically, religiously and politically. If the Democratic Party is to be the Big Tent party, we need a multiplicity of voices to move past the ideological labels and buzzwords that have created silos within the party.

I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and should include comprehensive mental health care. We must address systemic racism and reform our criminal justice system to reduce incarceration, implement comprehensive rehabilitation, and address the intergenerational trauma that it causes. I also believe we must address climate change in a way that takes into account environmental justice and gets MHF out of our local refinery.

When our communities aren’t represented, our voices aren’t heard. When our voices aren’t heard, our needs aren’t met. Moneyed interests and established power retain control of our governance and drive policies which lift up a few, marginalizing the rest of us. We hope that you support us, South Bay People Power, to lift up people over profits. You can connect with us on Instagram @southbay66 or Visit to learn more

Susan Brooks

My name is Adam Schwartz, and I am running with the People Over Profits slate in the South Bay. As a proud member of DSA, I believe that in a society as prosperous as ours, no human being should be without basic needs. I support popular progressive causes such as Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, and abolishing ICE. In one of the most blue states in the nation, I am perplexed and disappointed as to how Democratic establishment leadership wouldn’t step up to offer the bold change so many of its own constituents want. Bold decisive action on the issues that face Californians is not only popular, but also makes financial sense. Investing in a healthy population leads to a robust and more equitable economy. The cost of healthcare in this country is an embarrassment, and California deserves better.

As a young person entering politics, I understand the urgency required to do better as a progressive Democratic Party. I plan on making California my lifetime home, but alongside my entire generation, I am filled with dread at the idea of a future where our beautiful oceans flood, idyllic forests burn, and life sustaining water supplies run dry. These events are due to happen in my lifetime, so I have a laser focused interest in curbing fossil fuel use while investing in green, alternative fuel sources. I believe that investing in renewable and sustainable energy is not only a moral imperative, but also a smart economic choice. California has the ability to lead the world in efforts to stop the incoming climate catastrophe, we only need the political will. I have the will, and as a delegate I would carry that will to fruition.

Simply put, I believe that the California Democratic Party can do better. In a proudly solid blue state, too many Democrat leaders have grown comfortable and complacent. The hideous specter of the GOP makes California Democrat seats all too comfortable to hold, and ultimately encourages spineless corporate interests to hoard power and influence in the party. The slate that I’m running with represents fearlessly hopeful leaders who resent big corporate and oil money in politics. We believe in an equitable government that leaves no one behind. As our slate name suggests, our priorities lie with the well being of regular people over the amassing of capital by fewer and fewer corporate interests.

Adam Schwartz

Jimmy Gow, a lifelong Democrat, acknowledged by both the State & County Party organizations as LACDP Man of the Year 2014-15 & CADEM 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award in Region 16.

In addition to being a current CA State Party delegate & involved with the PVP & Beach Cities Democrats & the 66th Assembly District Democratic Council, he’s been President of the Torrance Democratic Club (TDC) since 2011 & produces a Voter Guide that’s distributed as a handout at the Farmers Market & on social media. His campaign efforts work to elect Democratic candidates to represent us on State, County & Federal levels of government throughout the South Bay, including the historic Presidential ticket of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris!

He Chairs the TDC monthly ZOOM meetings at 7pm, on the 2nd Monday. Many consider his TDC emails about events in the 66AD and info he posts on the TorranceDems Facebook page a valuable public service.

Proudly serving the community in many ways, including: designing the map for new Torrance Council Districts; candidate for City Council in 2018 & running again in 2022 in the new North Torrance District 1; working on homelessness issues, veterans’ affairs, special needs children & adults with developmental challenges on the Social Services Commission; supporting the National Women’s Political Caucus & Progressive Parents South Bay; founding member of the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance; and 2015-16 ExxonMobil & PBF Torrance Refining Co. Community Advisory Panel (CAP) member.

A progressive activist with an environmental background, going back to the anti-nuclear days. Inspired by both Bobby Kennedy & Tom Hayden, driven to action by Kent State & Three Mile Island. Currently focused on safety issues at the Torrance Refinery.

Jimmy was born in the “old” Torrance Memorial Hospital, his 1st job was as a lifeguard at Vanderpool Swim School, a Torrance business run by his grandmother for 20 years. Most recently, he managed Education Events for personal development training workshops.

Among his favorite things about living in the 66AD are South Bay beaches & Dodger baseball. His 3 granddaughters, 2 daughters, wife & his mom all call him “Grandpa Jimmy.”

Please VOTE to continue to have Jimmy Gow serve as your Democratic State Central Committee delegate. Thank you!

1-minute VIDEO:

Jimmy Gow

My name is Kenia Tello; I’m running as a South Bay People Power candidate to serve as a delegate and as executive board member, representing the 66th district. I’m a proud immigrant from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and for 20+ years now, AD66 has been my home. Most of my childhood memories occurred here; Easter egg hunting with my cousins at the “Duck Park” in Harbor City, Chuck E. Cheese pizza in Torrance, and scrubbing toilets alongside my mother in Manhattan Beach. During breaks from school, I’d go with my mom to clean houses of wealthy people in the beach cities. While cleaning, I’d be fascinated by the framed diplomas on walls; I dreamed of one day having my own. However, my hopes of earning a college degree were shattered when my financial aid was revoked two weeks before my first term at UC Santa Barbara. I went from a “$0 Expected Family Contribution” to a $17K tuition bill due to not having U.S. Permanent Residency. Despite my unique set of challenges due to my status and the resulting life experience, I was determined to create social change.

As a leader within organizations, like the U.S. Student Association, I have successfully advocated for all students, especially undocumented students. In 2011, I went to Washington D.C. to lobby for the national Dream Act; a bill that would’ve given undocumented youth a pathway to legal status through higher education or armed services. During the lobby visit, I delivered testimony to the Office of Senator Barbara Boxer. I unleashed my voice and gave insights into the limited educational services and steep financial barriers undocumented students faced while striving for a degree.

Two social issues of personal importance are educational opportunity gaps in marginalized communities of color and immigration. Current institutional structures aren’t meeting the needs of these underserved communities, as exposed during Covid-19 and POTUS 45. Such disparities and poverty will perpetuate our country’s lack of representation, which impedes the economic progress of our communities. The need to effect change in our institutional structures and culture is dire. I’m confident that as your AD66 Executive Board member, I’ll accelerate meaningful solutions for our communities, raise awareness, and break generational poverty!

social media: @southbay66

Kenia Itzel Tello

I feel most alive when I’m working with others for justice, peace and creation care. When I moved to the South Bay my piano ended up at a local church and I met people practicing their faith by being in solidarity with the most vulnerable, asking why and demanding justice.

Since then I’ve joined with people of faith and others to find common ground and create change. Whether it’s getting arrested with hotel workers on Century Blvd. or calling out our local refineries to stop using the deadly MHF my advocacy now comes from love and not just anger. I served as Deputy Director of an interfaith economic justice nonprofit and on the Board of the South Coast Interfaith Council, and I chair its Justice and Peace Committee. As VP of the Lutheran Office of Public Policy in Sacramento I’ve lobbied for clean water, money out of politics and CalFresh enrollment for those returning from prison. I lead the Justice team of my church, co-chair our regional Green Faith team and train coaches on creation care.

I love addressing the root cause of problems and believe that where we choose to invest and spend our money is as powerful as our vote. I helped launch Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade store in Redondo Beach, and Fair Trade Los Angeles, which pushed LA to become the largest Fair Trade city in the country. It brings me pleasure to boycott Amazon and divest from fossil fuels and I invite you to feel that pleasure!

But why doesn’t our AD66 leadership reflect our diversity? Why did so little legislation pass in CA this year when Democrats held a supermajority? When our communities aren’t represented, our voices aren’t heard. When our voices aren’t heard, our needs aren’t met. Moneyed interests and established powers retain control of our governance and drive policies which empower a few, marginalizing most. We need change!

Since my Civil Rights pilgrimage to Georgia and Alabama in February I’ve been learning how to be an anti-racist, to step up when asked by people of color and to step back when it’s not my turn. Our South Bay People Power slate is awesome, filled with new diverse voices that should be heard. Please vote for them!

Thanks for helping us lift up People Over Profits by voting for us. Find us on social media @southbay66 to help us win!

Jane Affonso

I’m Timothy Beyer, a long-time Lomita resident and software engineer with degrees in computer science and economics. I am running on the “People Over Profits” slate, summarizing my vision to address the material needs of workers and the poor, now facing conditions even more dire with COVID-19. The Democratic party pays too much attention to corporate and wealthy donors rather than to their constituents.

I wish to see that Medicare for All, housing for all, and a universal jobs guarantee are implemented, even if initially at the state or local level.

I was inspired by the Sanders campaign in 2015, and after the terrible outcome of the 2016 election, volunteered for local groups and political campaigns (canvasses, phone / text banks, honk and waves and tabling). In 2020, I was honored to represent the constituents of Congressional District 43 as an elected DNC delegate for Bernie Sanders.

On the environment, I helped Torrance Refinery Action Alliance try to ban Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF), learning about health issues caused by oil drilling. The Torrance and Wilmington refineries still use MHF alkylation, endangering South Bay residents and workers. At an AQMD hearing, I saw refinery managers publicly threaten the jobs of refinery workers.

I attended Torrance city council meetings, acting as an ally to Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles, fighting for justice for Christopher DeAndre Mitchell, who was murdered by two officers. His family has been treated very poorly by elected officials and repeatedly harassed by white supremacists.

I am deeply concerned with socioeconomic inequities, and am a proud member of DSA-LB. I support healthcare as a human right, canvassing with California Nurses for state-level single payer healthcare. I volunteered at Long Beach Community Table, which helps low income residents with food deserts that are pervasive in so many communities.

I believe that housing is a human right, and addressing homelessness requires an extensive expansion of public housing, universal rent control and a repeal of laws undermining housing reforms. Housing is complex, and must not be reduced solely to a market.

I believe that we must fight stridently for what we need against the powers that be as a community in a broad left coalition. If I am given the honor of representing AD66, I will prioritize people over corporate profits.

Timothy Beyer

My name is Nicolas Gardner-Serna and I am running with the People over Profits slate to represent the South Bay. I was raised here in Palos Verdes and this is my home. My love for the South Bay and my desire to see us all thrive is why I am running.

I have a background in both policy and organizing. I have worked to push a pro-union agenda in Congress and have organized in the streets for immigration justice and investment in communities like ours. I am also a proud member of DSA-Long Beach and Sunrise LA. If elected, the People over Profits slate will always fight for the material and emotional wellbeing of this community.

Like many other young people right now, I am also reconciling the reality that we are the first generation that will do worse than our parents. How do I live a happy, productive life when my student debt means that I will likely never achieve financial stability? I am trying to plan ahead while realizing that my home might be underwater and the air that I breathe is going to be poisoned by wildfires and uncontrolled pollution. I am angry that we have been failed so systemically by the people who promised to protect us.

Here is the thing: if you are reading this, our representatives have failed you too. This pandemic and the lack of support we have gotten, especially here in the South Bay, is just one example. Families are entering into massive debt to send their kids to school. We are the 5th largest economy in the world, yet a lot of us are one medical emergency away from financial distress. The South Bay will be one of the first communities impacted by rising sea levels yet our representatives have not fought for significant investment in combating climate change. Black and brown families in AD-66 are subject to constant harassment from law enforcement and face systemic obstacles that have not been addressed. Housing is too expensive and we have gotten too little relief. It doesn’t have to be this way. These were all choices that were made by our leaders. We deserve better.

I will fight for the party to endorse Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, a reimagining of public safety and community wellbeing, Free college, a State Homes Guarantee and a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are just getting started. We are going to do great things together.


Nicolas Gardner Serna

My name is Marium Navid and I am running to serve as a delegate with the South Bay People Power slate. I believe the issues we, the people, care about, deserve to be at the forefront of the Democratic Party agenda.

I want to make sure that regardless of race, citizenship status, economic status, geography, religion, or gender, each and every one of us is represented in these spaces where decisions that impact our lives are made every single day.

We have enough out of touch politicians taking up space in the rooms where everyday people belong. When it comes to making decisions about our communities, we need people from OUR neighborhoods, community centers, and schools in the room, people who are directly impacted and experiencing the immediate results of policies and people the party decides to back.

As someone who grew up in the South Bay, who has first hand seen the realities of economic injustice and xenophobia in our district, I am committed to making sure the people’s voice is heard and more importantly, prioritized.

Please vote for me and South Bay People Power for AD66. We will bring a bold transformative agenda to the CA Democratic Party that pushes money out of politics, centers the most marginalized, and advocates for environmental, economic, and racial justice.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @southbay66 and check out our You Tube channel to learn more!

Marium Navid

I’m a progressive feminist who believes as Democrats we should be solving the issues that affect ordinary people. I’m ready to bring a fresh, new perspective to the California Democratic Party that will help us continue winning elections for years to come! I don’t take no for an answer and I won’t play around with excuses or cute slogans that don’t do anything. Let’s do what we Democrats do best and help every Californian have a fair and equal chance in living their dreams!

Alexander Clark

Dear 66th Assembly District Dems:

I am running to be a 66th AD Delegate to the California Democratic Party in order to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the state party, specifically improving communication with all Dems in our Assembly District.

My priorities include prioritizing climate change, encouraging an effective water policy in CA, establishing equality and equity in healthcare, and ensuring support for our public schools, school districts community colleges and our state universities. As a career educator, I hope to focus attention on the current issues related to distance learning and also the strategies to safely open all schools. Finally, I am very firmly supportive of maintaining Al Muratsuchi in the Assembly, representing the 66th AD.

As a previously-elected delegate, I am active in several caucuses, including the Women’s Caucus, Environmental Caucus, the Senior Caucus, and Children’s Caucus.

I am also running for the Executive Board (E-Board) of the Party to represent the 66th AD. As a continuing delegate, I have always been concerned that neither delegates nor grassroots Dems receive reports from the quarterly E-Board meetings from CADEM or from our E-Board rep. I believe this information can inform us and strengthen and expand our grassroots efforts, which will be very important in 2022 and 2024. I hope to use technology effectively to enhance our communication within the 66th AD and the California Democratic Party.

I will work hard on your behalf and would be very grateful for your vote and support. Let’s keep the Blue Tsunami moving forward.

Diane Wallace

Diane Wallace

My name is Argentina Rodriguez. I am running with a progressive slate People Over Profits AD 66. I am a 20 year public school teacher for LAUSD and a UTLA (United Teacher Los Angeles) dues paying member. I am running because I think it is obscene and criminal that in the richest country in the world, its citizens do not have access to universal healthcare in the middle of a pandemic. It is obscene and immoral that families do not have universal childcare, where women do not have Paid Family leave. That we [the Democratic Party, because we hold majorities in the State House and Senate] will sacrifice Educators’ lives to reopen schools in the middle of a pandemic. In order to provide the most marginalized of workers a place to send their children, while these workers toil at two minimum wage jobs that do not meet their basic housing, food and medical needs. It is obscene, immoral, and criminal that we, the Democratic Party, allow entire families to sleep on the sidewalks of our cities. I cannot accept that we have the highest incidence of child hunger of any “first world nation”. All these issues that persist in the background of systematic racial injustices, if not now, when? When will we begin to heal these injustices? The apathy of the Democratic Party, in the face of these social issues and its protection of the Filthy Rich while our planet careens towards destruction is unconscionable and appalling. Where is our compassion? How can we call ourselves a Christian nation? I am tired of the Democratic Party taking my vote for granted. The Democratic Party must move to the left or see another loss in 2024 to another Trumpian candidate. Please vote for me as a Delegate and consider voting for the entire People Over Profits AD 66 Slate. Thank you.

Argentina Rodriguez


To Whom It May Concern:

Representation is a vital part of the democratic process. Our country is very diverse; and because of this, we need people from every walk of life to share their input on shaping the laws and institutions under which we choose to govern ourselves.

I am writing this statement for your consideration as I enter into the upcoming selection process for the California Delegation. I believe that representation begins with willing participation and given the opportunity I would look forward to serving in the best interest of the citizens of my party as well as society as a whole. By helping to seek real practical solutions for the plethora of important issues the democratic party is tackling, I intend to be a voice for those that want to see tangible positive changes in our everyday lives.

In conclusion, I would appreciate your support in my endeavor to get more involved in our current political system and take my advocacy for the democratic party to another level. I stand committed to working toward making this country a more fair and equitable place to work, rest and play.

If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at anytime.


Courtney J. Williams

Courtney J. Williams