Assembly District 67




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

67 Lisa Andres * SIF
67 Ramona Hillis No SIF
67 David X. Kolk No OSIF
67 Maliha Waqar Williamson No SIF
67 Colin Whittington  No OSIF
67 Darla J. Gordon No SIF
67 Nancy Young No SIF
67 Mia Rose San Angelo No SIF
67 Jacob Hughes No OSIF
67 Jorge Lopez No OSIF
67 Spencer Freeman No OSIF
67 Amber M. Lane No SIF
67 Jennifer Scharf No SIF
67 Dylan Scharf No OSIF
67 Michelle Singleton  No SIF
67 Morgan Singleton II No OSIF
67 Angela B Nevin No SIF
67 Timothy J Sheridan No OSIF
67 Kelly Thorisson No SIF
67 Joseph Pflugh No OSIF
67 Felipe de Pierola No OSIF

Candidate Statements

Greetings, voters of AD67! I am Lisa Andres and I have served AD67 as an ADEM from 2017-2019, and I was entrusted to step up to the role of both ADEM/Executive Board member starting in 2019. I am here to ask for your vote to become an ADEM once again and hopefully, with enough of your votes, to return to the position of Executive Board member.

Admittedly, my term on the Executive Board has been drastically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, as have been all of our lives, but I’ve tried to use our current reliance on remote meetings to be as productive and informative as possible, bringing back information from the California Democratic Party (CADEM or CDP) and disseminating it through our Democratic clubs and the local level. I’ve become a member of the CDP Women’s Caucus, the CPD Environmental Caucus, the CDP Progressive Caucus, the CDP Labor Caucus (because in addition to my full-time civil service job, I’m also vice-President of my labor union, CAPE, AFL-CIO), and both the CDP Black and the Latino Caucuses to reflect my ethnic heritage. I was lucky enough to be selected by our CADEM Party Chair to be on a standing committee (Voter Services), which further expanded my knowledge of how the state party works and how we could better work at a local level to ensure victory up and down the state in our own grassroots election efforts.

With your votes, I plan on continuing that work, because indeed, work it shall be. We have a lot to do to keep our recent victory secure. We need to maintain a majority in the House and win and expand a majority in the Senate. We need to support our incoming President but keep him laser-focused on our needs during this pandemic and after. We need to keep the pressure on our local elected officials to hold them accountable on our own issues of housing costs, wages, traffic mitigation, pollution, homelessness, and health care. And we need to develop and support candidates for the midterm elections and beyond. I am willing and capable to do this necessary work alongside you, my friends, and be a part of the solution, and it starts with your help right now. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and for your vote for female-identifying ADEM and also Executive Board Member.

Lisa Andres

I am a Bay Area Native and a fierce advocate for more equitable resources in our communities in regards of healthcare rights, environmental rights and free education for all. I moved to AD67 a few years back and observed how much the scale is tipped against people of color in this district, probably further exacerbated by Covid-19.

I am also very concerned about food insecurities in our communities as well as challenges our local businesses are facing during the pandemic.

I am a first-generation immigrant from Pakistan (moved to Oakland, CA at the age of 10) and the first woman engineer in my own family, holding a Bachelor’s & Master’s in Chemical Engineering. I am very familiar with having to fight for my place at the table in the male dominated profession of engineering.

I am a strong proponent of free education for all & understand the role education plays in uplifting communities. I am a strong advocate of STEM and serve as a mentor to young people.

I worked as a volunteer for Kamala Harris for President campaign in 2019 & then Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign, where I canvassed and made phone calls. Most recently, I drove to Nevada to help cure dem votes for Joe Biden. I am also currently helping with the Warnock and Ossoff’s senate races in Georgia.

Locally, I am serving on the Board of Riverside County NOW chapter as their Legislative Chair and am also a member of the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County.

It will be my honor to have your support.

Maliha Waqar Williamson

My name is Colin Whittington and I would be honored to serve as a delegate to the California Democratic Party from the 67th Assembly District. I reside in South Corona, California, an area that I already feel is underrepresented. I am twenty-one years of age, and I believe that is to the party’s benefit. Youth voters are often seen as unreliable, and past voting records would back that up. However, it is evident that higher youth voter turnout in any election leads to greater success for the Democratic Party. I believe having someone closely aged to the youth demographic as a delegate to the state party would greatly benefit the youth turnout. In order to excite the youth and get them to vote, we need to prioritize the issues they care about, issues that are much more prevalent than some other voters and organizers may realize. People often underestimate how pragmatic youth voters can be, and I believe that it would be only to our benefit to get the candidates and propositions we endorse to excite the youth demographic. If we can get the youth excited about a few local candidates and propositions in their area, excited enough to turn them out, then it will only lead to success, both up and down the ballot. It would be a great honor to have the chance to be a delegate to our state’s party and to help represent the say my district has. An opportunity I won’t take lightly, an opportunity I guarantee to make the most of it to help make decisions that is both best for our constituents, but also what is best for our party to ensure our desired voter turnout is high.

Colin Whittington

My name is Darla Gordon and I am a teacher in San Jacinto Unified School District and the teacher’s association president. I am an advocate for students, social justice and equality. I am a registered member of the Temecula Valley Democrats Chartered Club. I have participated in many phone banks, text events and letter writing campaigns for this and past election cycles. If chosen for ADEM I will advocate for my party and for the constituents of my State Assembly District 67. Please vote for Darla Gordon for ADEM For District 67!

Darla Gordon

My name is Nancy Young. I’m a life long Democrat. I’m a public high school teacher. I teach French in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. I am also a new teacher induction coach, which means I support new teachers and help them clear their California credentials. I have two sons. One is a math and computer science major at UCSD and the other one is a Marine.
I have been a delegate for our assembly district for two years and I would be honored to keep serving you. I am a member of the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee. I’m also a member of two local Democratic Clubs, The Democrats of Southwest County and the Temecula Valley Democrats. I am also a board member of the Temecula Sister City Association.
I am concerned about many issues. I think everybody should have the right to affordable, quality health care. This pandemic has made the weaknesses in our system even more obvious. Climate change is a global crisis that we need to address. And all Californians have the right to live in a clean environment. We need to make sure that our public K-12 schools and universities are properly funded and that people have equal opportunities, regardless of their socio-economic, religious or ethnic backgrounds. We also need to find a way to reduce gun violence in this country, which is in itself a public health crisis.
I would appreciate your support to help make California a better place for all of us.

Nancy Young

Fellow Democrats – I am Jorge Lopez, loving husband and father to three daughters (two, very, young ones), and Marine Corps veteran. I am requesting the honor of your vote to be elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and represent the people of our Assembly District. I vote in every election and I vote for everything on the ballot – from the highest office to the local ones, and every proposition on the ballot. I have always done my due diligence AND have spread the word around. I have been involved in local politics since 2015 – local activist, volunteer, former president of the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County, former Controller for the Riverside County Democratic Party – Central Committee, and candidate for statewide and local offices. I am not afraid to stand up and fight for what is right: Healthcare for all, Tuition Free Higher Education, saving the environment and climate, keeping dark money out of politics and social justice. We need to stand up for the voiceless amongst us and I would be honored to be that voice. Thank you for your support and, please stay healthy and safe. Happy Holidays!

Jorge Lopez

My name is Dr. Amber Lane, a lifelong Democrat, educator and mom to three young children. My children are the driving force behind me getting involved with politics. I want to be a role model for them so they know that ordinary people can have an impact if they use their voice. I also want to ensure that they have a bright future that includes universal healthcare and an educational system that is responsive to the needs of individual students. I believe that we can do this together and am proud to run as a Delegate in AD 67!

Dr. Amber Lane

I have been honored to serve the Democrats of our assembly district for the past four years. During my past two terms as a delegate, I have worked throughout our district to elevate and empower other Democrats while also representing the needs of our district at both the county and state level. I enthusiastically accepted the call to run for California State Assembly in 2018. Our campaign helped to build a strong coalition of activists while also bringing more outside attention to our district. In addition to working with local Democratic clubs to register new voters, I was also a founding member of the Southwest Riverside County unit of the League of Women Voters. These efforts have helped to increase the number of registered Democrats in our area and, therefore, increase our voting power. This past year, I was elected to represent our area in the National Education Association Representative Assembly on behalf of the California Teachers Association. My collective vision for our assembly district is to work alongside my fellow delegates and allies to give a voice for our area, to get more Democrats elected to local offices, and to build community partnerships. I would love the privilege to serve another term as one of your assembly district delegates.

Michelle Singleton

I am a proud Democrat, dad, teacher, and coach. In these unprecedented times, we need leadership that is empathetic, innovative, and skilled in 21st century technology and communication. I believe these leadership qualities are what I bring to the table. I was recently elected to the Menifee Union School Board. This experience gave me real, on the ground experience running (and winning!) a campaign. I am excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and tools to help get other Democrats elected in our district. I would be honored to earn your vote for the 2021-2022 term.

Morgan Singleton II

Originally from San Diego, I moved to AD67 in 2004. I am a married mom of 2. I own a small construction business with my husband. I am also a cancer survivor. All of these things have helped push me in a direction to get more involved. Education, healthcare, entrepreneurs are essential. I have sat, waiting on chemotherapy and had to watch a person cry when their insurance did not cover their medication, I have watched small businesses fail, I have watched kids fall behind because their parents have to work 2 jobs to make rent, I have watched the homeless population grow… All before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The time for “watching” is over. A person can make a wave, but a team can make a tsunami.

After the 2016 elections, I wanted to do more than vote. When Kamala Harris announced she was going to run for President in January 2019, I jumped for joy. I immediately signed up to help in the campaign. I did phone banking and canvassing. When Joe Biden became the official Democratic nominee, I jumped on board to phone bank and text bank. I am currently doing “Postcards to Swing States”, helping with the Georgia senate races for Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff. I participated in the “Postcards to Swing States” effort during the Presidential election also. I was a co-leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, taking pride in their inclusive stance for the LGBTQ community. I am a member of the Democrats of Southwest County and the Riverside County NOW. I hope to support and grow a strong Democrat base in our local public offices.

Angel Nevin

It has been my privilege to serve as an Assembly District 67 member since 2013. I am running again to serve in the 2021-2023 term. I would appreciate your support and your vote.

As you may know, I have been very active in local politics over the last decade. I was elected to the Lake Elsinore City Council in 2018. I was also the California Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in California’s 42nd District in both 2014 and 2016. Although I did not win either year, I was very proud of the campaign that my team and I ran.

As I have done over the years, I will continue to work hard on behalf of the people of Riverside County and all of California. If you have any questions, I can be reached at Thank you-

Timothy J. Sheridan

Kelly McDaniel Thorisson

Candidate Statement for 67th State Assembly District Delegate

I am proud to be a native Californian and have watched this beautiful state flourish through the years. I have had the good fortune of living in both Northern and Southern California. I would be honored to serve as a delegate representing the 67th State Assembly district.

I am a ten-year resident of beautiful Lake Elsinore. Our area is experiencing rapid growth and our population is becoming more vibrant and multicultural. I want to work with the California Democratic Party to ensure that equity and access grow and thrive in our community.

Presently I am a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California (BA) and Loyola Marymount University (MA School Administration/MA Language and Literacy). Helping our youth reach their highest potential is my greatest joy. I also have a passion for helping parents become strong advocates for their children. I will bring this passion for high quality education and bridging the digital divide to the California Democratic Party platform. Thank you for your support!

Kelly Thorisson

We are living in a critical moment in the history of our state and our country and this is a time that calls for major social and political reforms and for us to bring out the best in one another. My name is Felipe de Pierola and I have called California my home over 25 years years. I am running as a delegate for the 67th assembly district because I believe that we can do much more as a party to make this a better state and a better society for the people. I am absolutely committed to getting corporate money out of the party money raising apparatus as a force of detriment that puts our party further out of touch with the will of the people. I want to fight to increase participation within the party and to make it more inclusive where members can have more of a voice in the affairs of the party. I want to see more transparency through the conducting of more public meetings and notices. I want to help our party be stronger by having a larger membership through more outreach and engagements with citizens. I want to reimagine the Democratic Party as a grass-roots organization that is more connected with community. I want to help expand our party and help our party win more local races by finding new ways of providing more support to our candidates. I want to live in a fairer world and in order to accomplish this we must be a party that is prepared to fight for the society that we want to see. To that end, we need to adopt reforms to address our environmental challenges, the state of our health care system, our state of economic inequality, our housing crisis, our increasing costs of education, and the state of our transportation system among a variety of issues. Our agenda and our values are popular with majorities of the public and when we advocate for our values and beliefs with resolve and determination we succeed in advancing our causes.

Felipe de Pierola