Assembly District 68




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

68 Franz Christopher Can Kieviet No OSIF
68 Ted Perle No OSIF
68 Larua Bratton * SIF
68 David R Sonneborn No OSIF
68 Ajay Mohan No OSIF
68 David Lee Ambrose No OSIF
68 Darlene Futrel No SIF
68 Andrew  Swetland * OSIF
68 Danett Abbott-Wicker * SIF
68 Anat Herzog No SIF
68 Myra Deister No SIF
68 Nina Baldwin * SIF
68 Avinder Chawla  No OSIF
68 Michael A. Polay * OSIF
68 Devon Biagan No SIF
68 Lee Fink * OSIF
68 Elizabeth Galindo No SIF
68 Ashleigh Aitken No SIF
68 Joe McLaughlin No OSIF
68 Marissa Waldman No SIF
68 Gabriel Orea No OSIF
68 Patty Yoo No SIF
68 Jenny Lynn  * SIF
68 Kate Wasson * SIF
68 Greg Goodlander No OSIF
68 Kyler Asato * OSIF
68 Christina Dillard * SIF
68 Naz Hamid No SIF
68 Luis Manuel Huang * OSIF
68 Melanie Weir No SIF
68 Raj Sawhney No OSIF
68 Pradeep Kumar Madaan No OSIF
68 Mani Kang No OSIF
68 Grant Henninger No OSIF
68 Sabrina “Sav” Quezada No SIF
68 Satinder Singh No OSIF
68 Julio F. Morales No OSIF
68 Gurpeet K Singh No SIF

Candidate Statements

When I first went out canvassing for Katie Porter in 2018, I told voters how important it was that we made healthcare accessible to every single American. Being the son of a nurse, I grew up listening to stories of how difficult it was for uninsured patients to get the best quality care.

Today, I am a fierce advocate for expanding healthcare access as well as mental health. In my day to day life, I try to break down the stigmas that surround mental health. In early this year, I went to Sacramento on a school advocacy trip to meet with state officials to push for increased mental health resources.

However, what has really been driving me to get involved is learning about the centuries of injustice that has existed in the US, and with the 2016 election it was clear that everyone needs to be involved to help break down this injustice.

From BLM and racial justice, to fighting the climate crisis, to criminal justice reform to expanding health care, dramatic change is needed across the board. However, with over 70 million Americans voting for another 4 years of hate and division, it is clear that we turn our low propensity democrats into lifelong voters, and work from the ground up to institute the sweeping changes we want to see. We need to think globally, act locally.

In early November, I was talking to a lifelong democrat about why OC lost several seats. I realized that the Democartic party needs to better connect and activate the young vote and I am someone who knows how to connect with the young voters.

When I was an intern for Katie Porter in 2018, I assembled a group of over 25 students from my high school to volunteer for Katie who would not have been involved otherwise. Currently I am very active in the student government at my college, and was a deputy field assistant for Katie Porter’s reelection campaign.

If elected, I plan to focus on ensuring that we elect as many down ballot candidates, and that we turn these local offices blue. I will join committees where I would be able to bring my unique perspectives to help the party uplift and bring in more young people into public office to help create the next generations of leaders who will fight to undo the injustice and complete the sweeping changes that are needed.

I am also honored to be apart of the Orange to Blue slate:

Franz Kieviet

I’m Ted Perle, a lifelong Democrat, husband, father, former educator, and third-generation union member who has participated in national, state and local campaigns from Robert Kennedy’s 1968 Presidential bid to our just-concluded victorious Biden-Harris , Katie Porter, and Dave Min efforts. I have served on the
Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Orange County for a decade and the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party for the last four years. As a veteran precinct organizer, I’ve worn out plenty of shoe leather turning precincts in my Lake Forest neighborhood and other Orange County locations from deep red to purple and blue. I know what it takes to persuade voters that the California Democratic Party works to serve the real needs of working families throughout the 68th Assembly District.

You can count of me to unwaveringly support medical care as a human right. It’s personal because I’ve dealt with a visual impairment for all ages f my adult life. I also know what it means to fight and win battles with insurance companies when dealing with cancer diagnoses and care for immediate family members.

You can count on me to support green jobs and a Green New Deal because I have memories of severe smog and a lingering odor of oil in the air and water from oilfields near my childhood home in South Whittier. I’m a staunch advocate for economic, gender and racial justice because a life of overcoming obstacles has taught m time and again
that equal opportunity for all is the real key to a more inclusive and sustainable human future .

So do not wait
In AD 68
Register and vote
For the strong and diverse
Orange To Blue Slate.

Ted Perle

Ted Perle

My name is Laura Bratton and I’m running to become an ADEM Delegate to the California Democratic Party and Board of Executives in the 68th Assembly District.

I ran for City Council for Irvine and exceeded all expectations, gaining the most votes for a first-time candidate (in a crowded field of 14). I gained valuable knowledge about the different issues that face Orange county. With this knowledge, I will work with other ADEM members to ensure every voice is heard, valued and leadership continues to prosper in Orange County.

I am committed to a platform of criminal justice reform, social justice, ending mass incarceration, immigration reform, universal healthcare, addressing our climate crisis.

I am a Family manager who puts values of the family first and will do the same for the community. I want to stay involved with the party and the community to ensure that the proper leadership is voting on what’s best for the community.

I humbly ask for your vote. Your vote will help build a more diverse – inclusive party.

I look forward to serving you.


Laura Bratton

California Democrats must be attentive to the needs, desires and interests of their constituents. I will continue to do so with respect to AD 68 CADEM members and in outreach to other AD 68 registered Democrats, including those from other OC ADs and those that are members of groups/organizations with shared interests. I plan to do so from the vantage point of a full time volunteer(unpaid) public advocate. I also plan to listen intently at CDP conventions, and as a guest, at eboard meetings. while also supporting, and advocating for, the policies and values of social, racial, gender, environmental and health care justice. I will continue to engage with younger and older Democrats to work together effectively. Both within and beyond CDP per se, I will continue to help with crisis situations where and how most needed, such as the ongoing covid 19 pandemic and the climate emergencies. I will continue to join with others who urgently and persistently focus on peace, and not war, especially not nuclear or cyber war. Until 2020, in my experience, the most effective interchanges at CDP meetings have taken place informally – outside of the standing committee and caucus meetings, formal luncheons and general sessions – in the hallways, along sidewalks and/or at eateries/bars. For at least well into 2021, CDP meetings will take place virtually. I have continued to be a dues paying member of 6-7 caucuses, including the progressive, rural, environmental and women’s caucuses, and beginning in 2020, the senior caucus. I was for several years, a member of the legislative standing committee, and continue to carefully monitor progress of worthy legislation in both state and national legislatures. I have been a lead sponsor and testifier for a small number of resolutions and will continue to become apprised of the resolutions submitted to the resolutions committee, as well as to attend the committee hearings. Likewise for the rules committee. I continue to donate to, and participate in, candidate and position campaigns that do not accept money from corporate donors.

Dr Dave Sonneborn

Dear Democrats,

My name is Ajay Mohan and I’m thrilled to run to represent you at the California Democratic Party (CDP). I am a 23 year old political consultant, student, and activist. I currently serve full-time as the Political Director for the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC), and I’m honored to have been nominated to the City of Irvine Youth and Family Advisory Committee by Vice Mayor Tammy Kim.

I’m running to represent you because I am confident that my experience managing and guiding over 100 campaigns will prove invaluable to you. I have run the gamut: from directly overseeing half a million dollars in spending to running scrappy campaigns with less than $10K, I know what it takes for Democrats to advance in Orange County and beyond. From Congress to water board, I have done the real work.

I don’t just bring lived experience – I also bring connections and training from the best campaign professionals across the country. I was trained to run Congressional campaigns by Hillary Clinton’s Florida campaign director, Kamala Harris’s principal consultant, and the 2018 DCCC National Training Director, among others. With both soft and hard skills, I bring the campaign knowledge that we need to win.

I’m also thrilled to report that we’ve had tremendous success in Orange County with the work our team does for you at the DPOC. Just this year, we helped elect 53 out of 96 endorsed Democratic candidates. For the first time ever, we have a plurality of Democratic school board officials, and we held or gained seats in every city council, school board, community college board, and water board we ran candidates in. This is no accident.

However, I recognize that our local victories are not ours alone. The CDP needs to play a real role in building the bench locally. I am running to represent you to ensure that the CDP uses the $30M+ in yearly revenue to:

•Invest real resources in local candidates

•Support candidate recruitment strategies

•Ensure that data and resources from state legislature campaigns helps local candidates

I am asking for your vote to bring CDP resources to make Orange County a blue county. In that spirit, I also ask that you support my fellow slate members on the Orange to Blue slate. You can learn more about our slate by going to

Thank you for your vote.

In solidarity,


Ajay Mohan

I have been a resident of Irvine for over ten years since moving from the San Francisco Bay Area and I am running to become an AD Delegate in the 68th Assembly District. When I first moved to Irvine, I knew that I was going through the orange curtain and entering right-wing world. Now more than ever, we need strong leaders who are willing to stand up and fight for Orange County. We need progressive rock stars who will not undercut Democrats’ positions. Democrats who can show strong leadership on issues and legislation important to the American middle class as we endure the severe global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders who take a no-nonsense approach and discern truth by refusing to waste time on obfuscations, obliterating those who create and uphold a greedy, capitalist system that further disenfranchises the middle class. Democrats need visionary leaders who will work tirelessly on behalf of all Californians to advocate and advance the important interests of our diverse State. We cannot settle for people who treat environmental activists with contempt and the Republican’s declaration of war against our democracy with kid gloves.

David Ambrose

My name is Darlene. I am a former gospel recording artist, songwriter/musician who has been activated to be the change I want to see. Born in LA, I moved to OC in 1978 to attend UCI. Always had a passion to advocate for the rights of the overlooked because I believe that unless all of us matter, none of us matter. It was 2008 when I realized that if I wanted to see America elect its first African-American president, I needed to do my part. As a volunteer coordinator for the Obama 2008 campaign, I traveled to TX to knock on doors in 30° weather. For MLK Day of Service, I volunteered with the OC Poor People’s Campaign; for my Facebook Fundraiser, I selected Equal Justice Initiative where I exceeded my fundraising goal by 3Xs the amount; completed my OFA Community Engagement Fellowship 6-wk training on fundamentals of community organizing; in 2020, I joined Higher Heights and CDP Black Caucus; for the Georgia Senate race, I phone bank on Sundays with the CDP & Warnock for GA. I too believe in raising minimum wage, homeownership within reach; safe housing for all – no one should have to choose between affordable housing and living in a safe neighborhood; affordable healthcare; protecting civil/human/voting/LGBTQ rights; criminal justice reform – I have seen firsthand how easy it is to get caught up in a justice system that was never designed to rehabilitate you but to keep its foot on your neck for the sole benefit of prison profiteers; environmental justice – my current task at hand is getting a law passed that bans smoking in ALL multi-unit housing starting with the city I live in, Anaheim. I have knocked on doors in my own building to learn that my neighbors were not fully aware of the harmful effects of or how 2nd-handhand smoke seeps into their homes through vents/electrical outlets. CARB has declared 2nd-hand smoke a “toxic air contaminant”. If 2nd-hand smoke is a toxic air contaminant banned in workplaces/restaurants, then why wouldn’t it be a toxic air contaminant in our homes? Surgeon General has concluded that there is no safe level of exposure to 2nd-hand smoke. The American Lung Assoc. has given the city of Anaheim an “F” rating for Smokefree Housing. It would be an honor to represent the 68th Dist. and join my brothers/sisters to plot, plan, strategize, organize & mobilize to make living in OC healthier, safer, more affordable and equitable for all

Darlene Futrel

Andrew Swetland has been a progressive community organizer for 5 years, most notably on the issues of Medicare For All and Abolish ICE. He has tirelessly knocked thousands of doors, made thousands of phone calls, and more for the grassroots progressive movement. As an incumbent Delegate, Andrew has fought tirelessly within the California Democratic Party for the rights of working people in California.

Andrew has been endorsed multiple times by local chapters of Our Revolution and DSA in campaigns for local Democratic Delegate seats.

Andrew served as a Speaker and volunteer field organizer for SB-562 Medicare For All Californians, and joined 1,000 union nurses in storming the Capitol building to lobby every single state legislator to vote Yes on the bill, contributing to its successful passage by the California Senate.

Andrew co-authored and organized statewide for an Abolish ICE Resolution which was passed by several local Democratic Parties, resulting in over 12 million Californian residents now having a local Democratic Party which supports Abolishing ICE.

Andrew would be deeply grateful to be empowered by your vote. He will serve as a bold progressive champion to represent our strongly progressive Democratic voters of the community.

Andrew Swetland

My name is Danett Abbott-Wicker, and I am running for ADEM Delegate to the California Democratic Party and Executive Board in the 68 Assembly District. I have lived in Orange since 1972 and I attended local grade schools, and graduated from California State University, Fullerton. I know this area well and I know that we need better representation than we have currently.

When I ran for Orange City Council this cycle, I knew I was never going to take developer nor special interest money, including Police Officer Association (POA) money. Running for public office gave me insight into how dysfunctional our city government is. Misplaced priorities, council members taking an anti-science stance and not enforcing the mask mandate, allocating 42% of the city’s budget to the Police Department, and putting profit above the health of its residents resound negatively throughout the city.

Not thoroughly privy to the realities of politics until I was spurred into action after Trump won, and other than voting regularly, I was not involved. I phone banked and canvassed for Katie Porter in 2018, I was a victory captain for the Bernie Sanders campaign last year, and I also work with Progressive Democrats of America as a Field Coordinator in California. I enjoy the outreach I do to fellow progressives around the country.

I am a firm believer in Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, ending for-profit prisons and reimagining criminal justice, immigration reform, decriminalizing marijuana, and affordable housing for all.

I ask for your vote and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate, I will work with other ADEM members to make sure we all get a voice at the table!

Danett Abbott-Wicker

Thank you for taking the time to read my candidate statement. My name is Dr. Anat Herzog and I am an advocate for the rights of people with varied abilities for autonomy and self-determination. I am an organizer for Ethnic Studies; an advocate for LGBTQ equality, and I stand with Black Lives Matter. I believe in the emancipatory potential of education. As an educator (formerly Higher School Science in LAUSD, currently in Higher Education at Chapman University) I have experienced first-hand the powerful foundation education can create for our democratic aims. My experiences fuel my passion for change and commitment to hard work in pursuit of equity. I am an immigrant and a home-grown (Anaheim, to Placentia, to Newport Beach, detour in LA County, and now Orange) Democrat, who has lived and worked in both Los Angeles and Orange County. Grounded in family, community, and a desire to serve, I am committed to the ongoing work of building democracy that serves and represents its most vulnerable communities.

I am running with Party of the People Slate “grounded in justice, human rights, and equality” ( In no particular priority Party of the People Slate issues include: Cost-Free Public Education and Higher Education; COVID-19 Financial Relief for All Californians, regardless of immigration status. Defund the Police. Abolish ICE. Extend Moratorium on Evictions. Green New Deal. Holding elected officials accountable. Medicare for All (Single-Payer Healthcare). People-powered politics – No corporate/developer/police union money. Public Banking. Rent Control and Just Cause Evictions. Shelter and Resources for Unhoused Residents. Student Debt Forgiveness. I ask for your vote and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate,

Hopeful is how I approach the hard work ahead of us as individuals and as a collective toward a democracy that works equally hard and well for all of us. Thank you again for your consideration in choosing me as an assembly district delegate for Assembly District 68.

Dr. Anat Herzog

I am Nina Baldwin, an Orange County native. I earned my B.A. in business economics from UCLA in 2010 and a master’s in public administration from California State University Fullerton in 2020. I work in technical support and have worked in the software industry for over ten years.

After earning my B.A., I struggled to find living-wage jobs or affordable housing in the community I grew up in. In 2016, Bernie Sanders spoke to this struggle and understood working-class issues. That was when I became involved in politics for the first time and canvassed in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

After the campaign ended, I continued to volunteer in the community. I interned at Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD), where, as a part of the Rise Up Willowick coalition, I pressured Santa Ana city council members to be transparent and include community input on the development of a public golf course.

In the fall of 2019, I organized the CSUF for Bernie group. The campus group formed coalitions with other groups such as the College Democrat club, Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), and Students for Justice in Palestine. I consistently hosted and organized on-campus tabling, dorm canvassing, and class announcements to get out the vote and register students. The culmination of the group’s work was hosting a student march to the polls on March 2nd, 2020. That summer, I was elected as an alternate delegate to the DNC for Bernie Sanders 2020.

I am now the chair of the Orange County chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (OC-DSA). I am working to create ties between other progressive groups I work with, including Our Revolution OC, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), and Feel the Bern Democratic Club.

More than anything, I believe we need to focus on decreasing monopolistic corporate power. The only way to do that is through a multi-racial working-class movement. I believe in the Party of the People platform which includes:

•Abolish ICE
•COVID-19 Financial Relief for All Californians, regardless of immigration status
•Defund the Police
•Extended Moratorium on Evictions
•Green New Deal
•Medicare for All
•People Powered – No corporate/developer/police union money

I ask for your vote and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate at

Nina Baldwin

I am a proud American Sikh longtime Orange County resident, AD delegate since 2019, currently Transportation Commissioner for City Of Irvine, Civil Engineer by profession working for Caltrans for last 28 years, currently member of Orange County Sheriff Advisory Council under Sheriff Don Barnes and Board Member of Newport Mesa Interfaith Council.

Since July 2020 was part of Finance Council of President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris and helped raise money for the campaign.

Being Founder, President of “Asian Americans for Biden 2020”, we all together helped AAPI community to be the margin of victory in battleground states in 2020. We joined zoom meetings, hosted virtual events, made calls, sent texts, wrote postcards, and organized in our communities like never before. As a result of our hard work and creativity, we were able to elect a President and Vice President that will lead our nation with compassion, decency, and empathy, and will fight to protect working Americans like you and me. I have worked tirelessly to promote Democratic values at the local, state, and national level.

Assisted in the coordination of AAPI Presidential debate that brought AAPI community and voters at the forefront of national issues. The Debate was attended by three presidential candidates Tulsi Gabbord, Andrew Wang and Tom Steyer.

I have helped raise funds, hosted & moderated panels, organized fundraisers and helped in local races. I am asking for your support to represent the 68th Assembly District once again, so that I can continue to represent Orange County at CDP regional meetings and conventions and champion the Democratic values of equity, equality and justice in the party agenda and platform. I respectfully ask for your vote. For more information about me, please visit Https:\\

Avinder Chawla

A lifelong Democrat, this past year sparked in me a passion for serving our community, our party, our state, and our country. Like many of you, I found myself volunteering every free hour, nights and weekends, with the Grassroots Democrats and 2020 Victory team to save our democracy, and ensure Joe, Kamala, and Democrats up and down the ballot were elected.

I believe in the California Democrats’ mission and want to be part of the team to make our party, our district, and California a better place to live, work, and play! I have lived in California since 2002, and in Orange County since 2005.

My daughters are multi-racial, and it is through their eyes that I experience the world and envision a better future. I want to live in a place where kindness, love, and friendship matter; where unity, truth, caring and respect are our highest values, triumphing over division, lies, and hate. I am running for delegate to fight for:

•Equal rights and inclusion for all, not just for some
•Economic opportunities and support for working families, creating meaningful jobs
•Investment in our infrastructure and transportation, the foundation for our future
•Combatting climate change. I have seen firsthand again this year the devastation of wildfires, having been evacuated (so grateful to our first responders!). Having lived in China before, I deeply understand the importance of a clean, safe environment and of science
•World-class education
•Health care access so Californians can live healthy, prosperous lives
•Voting rights
•Other issues of importance to our district

Growing up with two working parents, I lived the American Dream and worked my way to a degree in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard. I have worked at Disney for 19 years, working my way up from an intern to a leadership position in finance and analytics. I have lived overseas, led negotiations for diplomatic-business projects, know how to make mutually beneficial agreements and run a business, turning words into action. My experiences to date in Anaheim and overseas have honed my leadership skills. I humbly ask for your vote so I can apply my energies to make a positive, lasting impact on our district, party, and state and create better opportunities for all. 

Michael Polay

Lee Fink for AD 68 State Committee

I first knocked on doors in Orange County when I was 12 years old. That year, my father ran for the Assembly here, losing 75-24. 32 years later, I am still knocking on doors.

If you volunteered for Katie Porter’s in 2018, you saw me in the Tustin office training volunteers to knock on the same doors that I first knocked on in 1988. This year, I campaigned for myself, running for Tustin City Council. I may have come up just 0.6% short, but Democrats still won 2 of 3 seats on the City Council, 2 seats on the School Board, we re-elected Katie Porter, and we elected Joe Biden.

It’s been a long road. After UC Berkeley and NYU Law School, I returned to Tustin to clerk for judge David Carter before going into private practice, while staying active in local politics and on the state committee. In 2008, I quit my job at the oldest law firm in LA to work full-time on Barack Obama’s campaign. When we won, I followed him to DC where I worked in the White House and NASA, and as Principal Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Agriculture. During election years, I ran voter protection programs in Iowa and Colorado. When President Obama’s term ended, I headed home.

I live in Old Town Tustin and practice law for a living. But my time and passion is dedicated to getting Democrats elected. I joined the Tustin Democratic Club and volunteered as our Field Director, where we trained scores of newly inspired activists to get ready for the midterm election. As Vice Chair of the Democratic Foundation of Orange County, I work to try to support candidates throughout the county. And I worked as a consultant on voter protection issues for Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight, where we built the programs to protect the vote that proved so critical.

I am running to be both an AD Delegate and our representative on the Executive Board. I want to use my experience to keep Orange County Blue. We were able to build on our 2018 successes, but we also know from our setbacks that we need to build a lasting base of successful grassroots programs.

I ask for your support for the entire Orange to Blue Slate, This is a diverse group of Democrats from across the spectrum of our party that is committed to building that organization that will permanently turn the tide in Orange County.

Lee Fink

Hello, My name is Elizabeth Galindo. I’m a proud activist in my union, UNITE HERE Local 11. I’m also a housekeeper at Hilton Anaheim for 3 years. I was part of the Measure L Campaign in 2018, in the city of Anaheim. The reason why I participated in that campaign is because I believe that our workers deserve a living wage. I strongly believe that it is important for the Democratic party to have people from the Labor Movement who know how to organize and fight. I promise to contribute my organizing skills to benefit Democratic candidates and to uphold the values of our party.

Elizabeth Galindo

I love living in the 68th AD and ask for your vote as a delegate. As a former federal prosecutor and mom raising my family here, I’m running to protect our Democratic values and ensure Orange County stays blue. I will fight to:
•Endorse and support candidates that stand for progressive values;
•Volunteer for and build party infrastructure;
•Defend working families by supporting labor; and
•Promote initiatives that increase diversity in our candidates.

I was lucky to be raised in Anaheim by parents that believed in the party and community service, starting when they worked on President Kennedy’s campaign. I took those lessons and started helping others, first as an aide in Washington, D.C. to Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt and then as an accomplished lawyer and community leader, most recently running for mayor of Anaheim. I have volunteered on countless campaigns since junior high.

I work pro bono to aid victims of domestic violence, expand free legal services for our veterans and military families, and protect one of our state’s most precious resources—open land. In 2010, I helped community activists battle Governor Schwarzenegger and his plan to sell off state land, including our own Orange County Fairgrounds. As a federal prosecutor, I worked to make our neighborhoods safe by putting armed bank robbers, drug dealers, child predators, and fraudsters behind bars.

I have been elected by my peers to serve as President of the Orange County Women Lawyers, and President of the Orange County Bar Association, where I formed the Veterans & Military Committee. As Chair of the Anaheim Community Services Board, I secured funding for non-profits that lift people out of poverty, prevent elder abuse, and offer job training to our at-risk youth.

I am a member and former Chair of the OC Fair Board. I fought for free programming for over 100,000 schoolchildren at Centennial Farm and the new Heroes Hall museum in honor of our veterans. I led efforts to open CA’s largest migrant farm worker monument – honoring those who gave their blood and sweat to transform Orange County.

My husband, Michael, and I live in Anaheim with our three daughters. We continue to volunteer with Girl Scouts OC, Chance Theatre, the Democratic Foundation of OC, and Assistance League of Anaheim.

Ashleigh Aitken

My name is Marissa Waldman and I’m excited to run for re-election as California State Delegate. As a resident of Santa Ana, I have been honored to serve on many community boards – the Hewes Middle School PTO, a litany of Foothill HS booster clubs, and my synagogue’s executive board. Although my work to improve our schools and religious organizations was important to me, as it had an immediate impact on my children and others in the community, my roles as founder of the Tustin Democratic Club and State Delegate have been the most rewarding.

Since the 2016 election, The Tustin Democratic Club has helped to flip many Republican-held positions at city, state and federal levels. We are especially proud of the work we have done helping to elect Congresswoman Katie Porter, State Senator Dave Min, as well as candidates for 2 seats on Tustin City Council, and 2 seats on the Tustin Unified School Board. Bottom line: I know how to get things done!

We’re excited about the results of the recent elections, but our work has just begun. We must capitalize on this momentum to ensure that the people and policies governing our cities, counties, states and country represent our values.

As a small-business owner, mother of 3 and the wife of a physician, I am uniquely qualified to serve as a Delegate. I know what it is like to lead a business during this pandemic and deeply understand the issues affecting families, educators, businesses, and health care workers. We must thoughtfully tackle the challenges we face regarding health care for all, income inequality, climate change and fair housing. My life experiences provide me with insight on how these issues affect the citizens of California, and especially those in AD 68.

Additionally, as the President of a Leadership Development Consulting Firm, I have spent my career studying what makes a leader great. I have worked with good and bad leaders from a variety of industries and have seen what is most effective. I believe this knowledge will inform my decisions as a delegate because I know how to screen for whom is the best candidate based on what the job requires.

I am asking you to support the entire Orange to Blue Slate,

This is a diverse group of Democrats from across the spectrum of our party that is committed to permanently turn the tide in Orange County blue.

Marissa Waldman

My name is Gabriel Orea. I am 30 years old and I am gay. I thought I should just get my demographics over with. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley and UC Irvine Law School. I am an immigration attorney and I represent children in immigration proceedings. I became an immigration attorney because I fundamentally believe in the right of migration and because my father came here undocumented from Mexico. My parents’ involvement in the labor movement inspired me to unionize two of my workplaces including my current workplace, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND). We won our union campaign even after KIND ran an extremely aggressive anti-union campaign.

I will fight for what is right in whatever role I am in. I became an attorney to fight against a system that oppresses people, not to represent the rich and powerful. I will fight for defunding the police, abolishing ICE, and ending our system of mass incarceration. I also support Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. I will fight to prohibit the California Democratic Party from accepting contributions from companies like Uber, Lyft and Postmates who bankrolled Proposition 22 to exploit their workers. I will fight for a more progressive party.

I have been involved in the Democratic Party my whole life. When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012, I worked as a field organizer on the Obama Campaign in Nevada. In 2018, I canvassed for Katie Porter primarily in the Spanish speaking areas of the district. In the recent election, I made calls in Spanish to Arizona and Florida to get out the vote Biden. I will continue to work hard to elect Democrats all over Orange County and make our county more progressive.

Our party failed to engage Latinx voters in the recent election and I will fight to ensure our party actually engages Latinx voters. We must invest in Latinx communities and create a sustained effort to earn their votes. I will continue to work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

I look forward to working hard to create a more progressive California Democratic Party. Please vote for me, Gabriel Orea. You can contact me at

Gabriel Orea

My name is Patty Yoo and I am running to serve my community as a delegate to ensure that that the voices and values that I represent are heard in the party. I am a working mom of two young boys, a child of immigrant parents, and an Asian American woman. My world view is shaped by these experiences which is under-represented in the party. I would like to ensure that we continue to push the party to be more representative of our community in terms of race, age, and economic status.

I began my political advocacy volunteering for Katie Porter’s campaign. While volunteering, I noticed a lack of API engagement in an area that had such a high Asian-American/Pacific Islander (API) population. I joined forces with a few other API leaders and am a founding board member of Asian Americans in Action. We worked to increase API political engagement, to build a bench of API candidates, and supported progressive candidates running. We were proud to have supported many candidates this last cycle such as Dave Min and Farrah Khan. Post-election, we continue to work to advocate for API issues and representation.

While I am passionate about many progressive issues, my other area of focus is our climate crisis. As Vice Chair of a local climate change nonprofit, I work to educate the public on the climate emergency and work with a coalition of activists and environmental organizations to promote policies that mitigate climate change, including Community Choice Energy.

If elected, I plan to support diversity, inclusion, integrity, transparency, continued reform of the political system, and the prioritization of climate change as it is our most pressing issue that impacts our most vulnerable. I am proud to be part of a distinguished and diverse slate called The Orange to Blue Slate that shares my values outlined above. I would humbly appreciate your support for myself and the entire AD 68th Orange to Blue Slate Thank you!

Patty Yoo

Do you believe it is important that the people in our district have a voice in the Democratic Party? That our communities hardest hit by this crisis should be heard? Every two years there’s an opportunity for progressives to change out the old-guard & bring more radical voices into the California Democratic Party. We can do this through ADEM’s right now, by voting progressive BIPOC like me into this position.

Check it: Black Lives Matter, healthcare is a human right, the climate crisis is existential, everyone deserves a living wage & a roof over their head, private prisons shouldn’t exist, families belong together, kids don’t belong in cages, & police do not get to play judge, jury & executioner.

I am a Woman of Color, single mother, entrepreneur, a first-generation college graduate & I am running to directly empower my community & bring BIPOC into local electoral politics. I earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science from UCI, minored in Conflict Resolution, & have been a lifelong grassroots activist & organizer since high school when I stood with teachers striking for higher pay in 2000. I’m a co-founder of Me Too Survivors. With help from Tarana Burke, the Black woman who founded Me Too, we organized the first #MeToo march that sparked marches worldwide in 2017!

I was just elected as Chair of Feel The Bern Dem Club of OC. Being a staffer for Bernie Sanders during the 2020 primaries taught me that voters in OC are ready for progress! The hundreds of volunteers that I recruited, trained & managed daily is what made us win all four CD’s we targeted, against all odds! Our next step is to protect the gains we worked hard for!

My family’s economic status was always a challenge. As a struggling single mother, I deeply understand that many people are suffering. No matter how many years I worked 12 hour days, either at multiple jobs or running my own business, I can’t seem to get ahead. I know too many live this way in OC. This isn’t a glitch in the system, it’s how it was designed.

We need an economy that offers good paying jobs & supports small businesses. We need a criminal justice system that actually keeps our communities safe & holds every element in that system accountable, from judges to prosecutors to police. I will be the force that will pass these resolutions & deliver results to AD 68.

Love Wins. #NotMeUs. Reach out to me!

Jenny Lynn

As a young, handicapped, woman, I will bring a fresh perspective to the California Democratic Party. While currently serving as the Director of Veterans Affairs for the Veterans Coalition Organization, I work with legislators to gain support for laws that help our beloved veterans. As an Assembly District Delegate, I will balance strength and empathy while promoting the Democratic Party, just as my former boss and mentor, Katie Porter, does in Congress. While interning in 2018, I witnessed first-hand how Rep. Porter cares and fights for her constituents. Like Rep. Porter, I embrace challenges and overcome any obstacles that I may face. In 2019, I was diagnosed with a chronic and permanent lung disease. My entire life changed, however, my vision never strayed. My sole focus is helping others. In my professional life, I worked for Women Campaign, an organization dedicated to giving women the tools they need to run for office. I am also an advocate for young people. I volunteered on the Yes on Prop 18 campaign in November to lower the voting age to seventeen. I also had the honor of working on the Biden Team by engaging with voters and hearing their concerns. I now volunteer with the Ossoff Team in Georgia by creating graphics, speaking to voters, and hosting events. In my personal life, I am a youth debate team coach and a volunteer speaker with the Girl Scouts of America. Despite the current circumstances, I have immense hope that we can bring instrumental and necessary change. Regardless of my ability, I am the best candidate for the position of Assembly District Delegate. I am detail-oriented, organized, experienced, and perseverant. I sincerely believe that we can change the course of not just the Democratic Party, but our country. However, we need new perspectives and voices guiding the conversation and implementing change. I will be one of these voices.

Kate Wasson

As a public-school teacher and a union leader, I hope you will consider voting for me. I have been a teacher for over twenty years and a teacher union activist for most of that time. I have always supported the general principles of the California Democratic Party. I support efforts to promote the party platform in legislation, in educating the voters of our party’s successes, and encouraging more dialogue. A vote for me is a vote for someone who is highly concerned with the climate crisis, labor issues, unchecked corporate power, the housing crisis, and addressing systematic racism in our society. Please vote for Greg Goodlander.

Greg Goodlander

My name is Kyler/Kayla Asato and I am a 24 year old activist in Orange County. I enjoy being involved in politics and having conversations with voters and general community members, which is why I have decided to devote my life to nonprofits and politics. I enjoy seeing what people struggle with, and trying to help them through service, mutual aid, or activism. I enjoy being a voice for people and channeling some of their interests into candidates that will fight for them in hopes that we can build infrastructure through multiple channels to keep people engaged.

We know that California is a progressive and activist state, but we are represented by followers and moderates across the state. This is the state that started the DREAMER movement, the Sunrise Movement, the sex worker rights movement, and so many more. So many lifetime activists call this state home, and there are more democrats that don’t support things like the Green New Deal or Medicare For All across the state than those that don’t.

I am running for this position because I want to see Californian candidates leading on these issues. I want to see a Green New Deal for Orange County and a Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for California, and to see candidates running to fight for and lead on these issues instead of giving excuses as to why we can’t do them. Why can’t we have a $15 minimum wage, and what will you do to enact it in the position that you’re running for? Why can’t we have free public college, and what can we do to get there? Why can’t we have rent control and ballot measures that are clear on what each vote means?

I am running because I want to see action take place on these issues, and that can happen by helping to make proper endorsements on the values that we all share. That can happen by writing a platform that represents California Democrats and showing Californians that we are bold enough to deliver on these issues. This cannot happen unless we have a seat at that table, and that is what I intend to represent as an ADEM.

I am running because I am tired of seeing politics being only about getting votes, and want to help to select candidates that will actually help people and build courage to get change done. Let’s not only restore the sou of america, but the soul of the democratic party to its activist and working family roots.

Kyler Asato

I have served as an ADEM since 2016 and I am asking for your vote. The last four years have been the fight of our lives- we got Katie Porter elected and turned municipal seats from orange to blue. I will continue to support progressive candidates and policy goals. My identity includes being a woman of color (she, her), and a first-generation immigrant. My ethics and integrity will never be for sale. My policies:

· Fully support healthcare as a human right: I am the patient who has needed to understand and navigate our complex private insurance and Medicare system and fight for healthcare rights. From debilitating disease to cancer, I’ve been my family’s healthcare champion; I know where the gaps are.

· Advocate of the green new deal: I see the effects of climate change every time my family evacuates our home in wildfire season. There is no other planet that we can call home.

· Fight for affordable education, renters’ rights, and services for our homeless population: I was the poor student who starved, couch surfed and struggled with rent. Housing and rehabilitative services are key.

· Support equal access to quality education for our students: as an Irvine school board and city commissioner, and board member of the local Democratic club, I work to meet these needs.

· As a former board member of the National Women’s Political Caucus, I fight for women’s rights: I experience the inequalities women face in the workplace, in over two decades of corporate management jobs and will never accept the status quo.

· Fight against hatred and xenophobia: I am a victim of hate speech when I hear ‘go back to where [you] came from’. I co-founded Asian Americans in Action, a non-profit group, and affiliated federal political action committee. We fight for equal civil rights and advocate on policy issues affecting our communities. I am also a board member for Orange County Equality Coalition, a non-profit group that fights for the rights of our LGBTQ community.

· As a city commissioner, we work hard to ensure working mothers have access to safe, affordable childcare: I was the immigrant, working mother who struggled to care for her children.

My policy positions are supported by the Orange to Blue slate members. Check us out: and support us with your vote. Thank you.

Naz Hamid

Video Statement (See YouTube here:

Candidate Statement:

I am a Democratic-Socialist, the only Socialist who ran for Irvine Mayor last month on November 34d. My intention was never to be Mayor; I wanted Mayor Shea to lose (she did), and I voted for and endorsed Farrah Khan (she won!!!).

I definitely want to win your vote now. Today. To represent #AD68.

I am a Bernie/AOC Progressive. #GND #M4A #CollegeForAll #PeaceNotWar are just a few of my platforms at the congressional level. But this is California:

How did #MedicareForAll, last polling at ~80-90% [source: Dr. Bill PDA Zoom Aug 2020] lose within CADEM?!?! SHAMEFUL!!! It is anti-democratic, unconscionable, and inhumane not to adopt into Official Party Platform! #m4a

I am running for ADEM #AD68, and I know I am going to WIN because #NotMeUs. We CANNOT WAIT for Moderate Dems to lead us. We CANNOT forfeit another second to Corporate BlueDog DEMS. Working class families, amazing members of our community, my friends, #CanNoLongerWait. Healthcare crisis, housing crisis, financial crisis, immigration crisis, climate crisis, police brutality…endless crises needs solutions NOW.

It starts tomorrow. 2021. #newyear

I am committed to listening and hearing everyone’s point of view, but if you need to know one thing about Luis Huang, ALL you need to know is I stand with the People of Irvine. Of OC. Of California.

Thank you: follow my IG and YouTube channel and welcome to add me on Facebook.

Peace and Love.



Luis Manuel Huang

I am running with the Orange-to-Blue slate to be one of your next assembly delegates to the California Democratic Party because I believe in a progressive future in Orange County. I have lived in the district, in the city of Orange, for 25 years. My goal is to see more state and local elected leaders who represent my views.

Although I am a relative newcomer to political activism, I have spent countless hours supporting candidates for local races as well as those at the state and national levels. I worked hard to ensure the 2018 Congressional blue wave, and have continued to work to protect and grow our gains.

I believe it is important to participate in the governing process at whatever level we can. James Carville once said that politics has become the great spectator sport of the United States. We need to continue to change this. The activism we have seen since 2016 is inspiring and provides a great opportunity to bring more people to the Democratic Party. We have seen the power of grass roots efforts, whether we look at the election and re-election of Katie Porter or the local No on AA campaign right here in Orange.

Members of the Orange-to-Blue slate want to build a more progressive Orange County by shaping a Democratic Party that can get candidates elected at all levels of government. I hope you agree, and that I and others on the Orange-to-Blue slate can count on your vote.

I can be reached at

Melanie Weir

Raj Sawhney is a current sophomore at Harvey Mudd College, majoring in Mathematics. Raj has worked at large companies and startups, with tasks ranging from vibrational load analysis to analyzing heart rate signals. While possessing a strong STEM background, Raj’s also possess a deep passion to serve his community.

As a young Sikh adult growing up in California, Raj has experienced and learned from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. As a highschool student, Raj won the Orange County Human Relations Speech Competion and was asked to join their community-building program. In doing so, he met with a variety of students from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. He learned valuable public speaking skills, and gained tools to become a community leader.

Raj also spends his time volunteering at the Sikh Center of Orange County’s Food Pantry, where he and many other volunteers serve the less fortunate in our community. He has been able to connect with and understand the needs of all of his community members, not just those at the top.

With these qualities, Raj would play an excellent role as a California State Delegate, and would act in the best interest of his community as a whole.

Raj Sawhney

Hello I am Pradeep Madaan ! By education i did my cpa and practiced in India for over 15 years before moving to USA.

Myself and My family have always been involved in serving the community through different channels .

Here in Irvine , CA again i have been involved in the community service wherever possible and encourage my kids same way.

Never thought that being little contributory to the political process is also way of contributing positively to the community. Recommending right person and supporting right person makes lot of difference.

Thought till date that politics is not for me but when i think about being helpful in choosing right candidate it makes good sense.

I believe that my thoughts corroborate with Democratic Party Ideology AND also i am registered democrat so it make all the more sense to be involved. Looking after all sections of society and helping the needy is big common i see between the party ideology and my way of thinking.

I have and will always stood up to good and reasonable cause.

We are in challenging times and every bit i can contribute will give me great deal of satisfaction.

God Bless America !

Pradeep Madaan

I live in Orange & have been active in the Democratic Party of Orange County since 2009 as either a member or alternate. I’ve attended state conventions as a delegate since 2009. I was also a Dem Nat’l. Convention delegate in 2012 & 2020.

I’ve been an active member of local Dem. clubs, & at the state level I’ve attended meetings of the Progressive Caucus, & at diff. times the API, Arab-American, African-Amer., Native Amer., Labor, Women’s, & Veterans’ Caucuses. These groups do grassroots work of organizing & addressing diverse needs.

I’ve been a member of Progressive Democrats of America since 2009 & attended meetings of the Calif Prog. Alliance. I’ve volunteered on campaigns since the ’90s.

As a Sikh-American, I’m aware of the era of hate unleasheded after 9/11, when Sikhs suffered a 1,600% increase in hate crimes. The recent rise in racial tensions reminds us we must heal our differences & live together as united Americans.

Diversity is our strength.

As an occasional writer & student of history, I’ve noted turning points in society. We’re at such a vital juncture now. We need to carry forward the torch left behind by Martin Luther King & Robert Kennedy & the unfinished legacy of the 1960s.

But we can’t simply go “back to normal”.

We need to overhaul the system.

I proudly voted for Bernie in the Calif primary & for Biden in Nov. Ending negative politics of Trump & the GOP isn’t enough. For 40 years our society has been swayed by the destructive influence of Reaganism. That must end now.

We must rebuild society in a humanitarian way including the interests of the neglected working & middle classes & minorities.

That’s why I’m proud to run on the Party of the People Slate (

We run as Democrats but also as progressives on a platform of policies aimed at including the majority of people.

From supporting Medicare for All to the Green New Deal to Covid-19 financial relief for the masses, we believe in curbing the influence of dark money & corporations.

In 2018, Orange County had a ‘Blue Wave’ of Dem victories. We must expand beyond that by endorsing progressives for office & ballot measures that reflect progress.

I believe in what the late Sen. Wellstone said,

“I’m from the democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” Indeed.

I’d be honored to have your vote as ADEM delegate in the 68th A.D. Thank you.

Mani Kang

My name is Grant Henninger, I’m a candidate to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party for the 68th Assembly District. I was elected as a delegate two years ago on the Orange to Blue slate, which I am a part of again this year. My experience as a delegate will serve all of us well if you choose to elect me again.

As a Democrat in OC, my singular focus is on getting Democrats elected to office. While I was sad to see us lose two OC House seats this past November, I was excited that Josh Newman & Dave Min were able to secure us two more State Senate seats. As we move towards the midterm election, we must focus on reclaiming those House seats & taking AD 68, as well as winning more local races & building our bench throughout the county.

Winning these elections at the Federal, state & local levels will enable us to address issues facing our communities that we care most about. By winning these seats, we can address issues of climate change, the housing crisis, social justice, wealth inequality, police reform & healthcare affordability. As Democrats, we believe that our government has a role in addressing all of these issues, and that it should serve the people & society at large, not just a select few connected individuals & companies. But government won’t fulfill that critical role if Democrats aren’t winning elections.

As a parent of two wonderful kids, I look at all of these issues and I know that if we don’t address them now the problems will just be compounded and that much more difficult to solve when left for my kids. I want our world to be a wonderful & marvelous place for them, not just as children but throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, with each passing day, the world seems a little bit worse. I’m doing this work to try to turn that trajectory around so we can start improving the world again. This has been the one consistent thread throughout my life, whether it’s working in the affordable housing industry, running for Anaheim City Council, or creating beautify photographs as a photographer. We must all work together to try to make the world a little bit better every day.

I encourage you to vote for me & the entire Orange to Blue slate so we may do that work to continue to turn OC blue & make the world a better place. For more information about the Orange to Blue slate, please check out our Facebook page at

Grant Henninger

My name is Sabrina Quezada and I am running to become a delegate for Assembly District 68 for the California Democratic Party. The beginning foundation where I began formulating and molding my values which align with the democratic party stemmed from being raised in my beloved city of Anaheim, in which I am a life-long resident. I am a first generation Latina, as my father was an immigrant, who was unfortunately deported when I was 3 and I was raised by a hard working single mother. I attended my K-12 in public education in Anaheim. As a single mother at the age of 19, I continued my studies and am an alum at Fullerton and Santa Ana College. I then transferred to UC Berkeley and received my B.S. in Environmental Science. I am currently in my last term at USC for my Master’s in Education to become a science teacher. Lastly, I was a candidate for Anaheim City Council District #5 in 2020.

Being a democrat, since the age I was eligible to vote, I understand that democrats represent certain values which seek to improve our lives to live healthy and happily. Once elected, I will provide and address the needs of our district’s residents. First, addressing 1) civil rights, which includes measures that push toward equity and equality – along with immigration rights; 2) access to a quality education, including free higher education; 3) improve our public health sector, such as providing healthcare for all; 4) access to social safety nets – including social security; and 5) my field of study, address climate change to protect us all along with our future generations.

I represent the 68th district’s demographics as a young millennial, Latina, first generation, single-mother, educated individual, and environmentalist, seeking to improve our southern OC cities. I value hard work, understand the need for great paying jobs to provide for our families, and the necessity to provide access to opportunities to help us thrive to our fullest potential. As your delegate, I am here to pursue justice, equity and improve the quality of all lives.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that I am part of the Orange to Blue slate. Our team includes diverse educated individuals who align with similar values I hold. The future is now and I respectfully ask for your support along with our slate.

Thank you,

Sabrina “Sav” Quezada

FB/IG/gmail: SabrinaSavQuezada

Sabrina "Sav" Quezada

My name is Satinder Singh but I’m well known by my nickname of Bicky Singh.

I am a professional living in the city of Orange and I am highly active in the Sikh community throughout Southern California. I am affiliated with the Sikh Center of Orange County, and I am the founder of the annual SikhLens Film Festival in conjunction with Chapman University Dodge School of Film and Media Arts.

I have been a strong supporter of civic causes for years and have always taken interest in a variety of philanthropic and charitable causes.

As a practicing Sikh, I am well aware of the challenges faced by Americans of Sikh descent as well as all minorities.

In running to be an ADEM delegate in the 68th district, I hope to advance many diverse and progressive causes as well as support issues at the local and state level in keeping with the needs of society. I wish to take an active interest in the pressing causes of our time and to see reforms and legislation implemented to benefit the public as much as possible.

As a broad coalition of peoples working together, it strengthens us to collectively advance forward together.

In seeking your vote, please place your confidence in me as an ally and a good neighbor to do the right thing.

Thank you.

Satinder ” Bicky” Singh

Satinder Singh

I am running as an AD delegate to keep our forward progress toward turning Orange County Blue. I live in Tustin with my wife and my son, who attends Loma Vista Elementary.

This year I ran for my local water board – East Orange County Water District. I lost to the two incumbents – one a Republican who had served on the Tustin City Council and School Board. You might have seen my signs around town – “Julio4Water”?

My wife, Lourdes, helped run my campaign (and did an excellent job) – we simply forgot that we were not supposed to win.

Although it was my first time running for office, I am not new to government. I have spent my entire career serving government. I serve as a public finance professional, assisting government agencies with their most challenging financial issues – primarily pensions, tax-exempt bonds, and financial forecasting.

I have a Master’s in public policy (MPP) from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, MBA from UCLA, and BA from the University of Michigan.

My experience at the Kennedy School cemented my belief in the power of good public policy and in public service. I believe I bring a different perspective to the table as a public finance expert with executive-level government experience: as a City Manager, CFO, and working abroad for the US Treasury.

I am a policy wonk and problem solver by nature – I am seeking to change our political discourse: we need to focus on science and facts – not politics. Therefore, we need leaders that can focus on finding practical solutions to common goals.

I lived in Orange County before – it was a bastion of Republicans back then. I can hardly believe that tide is turning blue. I am as asking for your support on the Orange to Blue Slate

Julio F. Morales

My name is Gurpreet K Singh, and I am a candidate in the 2021 ADEM elections, from the 68th district.

I am a working professional, and a volunteer speaker at Diversity and Inclusion panels and trainings. I represent my Sikh faith, which is unfortunately quite misunderstood and under-represented. I truly believe that such Diversity and Inclusion panels will lead to a better, more accepting and equitable society.

As a first generation US citizen, I am committed to fulfilling the duty to vote, especially on issues related to universal health care, gender and social justice, and immigration reform. Also, relief for families during COVID times is critical right now.

I firmly believe that as we exert our various rights, we should not forget our civic duties. We have a responsibility in our daily lives, as we work, to also volunteer to make our communities better. Together, we all thrive.

Gurpreet Singh