Assembly District 69




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

69 Jestin Samson No OSIF
69 Yenni Diaz * SIF
69 Joese Hernandez No OSIF
69 Ivan Enriquez No OSIF
69 Ryan Friesen No OSIF
69 Paul Gonzales No OSIF
69 Martin G. Lopez No OSIF
69 Kimberly Cantrell No SIF
69 Benjamin Vazquez No OSIF
69 Jorge Gavino No OSIF
69 Adalgisa Tamayo Jones No SIF
69 Tanya Golden No SIF
69 James Gil No OSIF
69 Monica Munguia No SIF
69 Gloria Alvarado * SIF
69 Valeria Sandoval No SIF
69 Thai Viet Phan No SIF
69 Richard Santana  No OSIF
69 Daisy Campos No SIF
69 Cassandra J Perez No SIF
69 Bulmaro “Boomer” Vicente  No OSIF
69 Brian Germain No OSIF
69 Robert Tucker No OSIF
69 Thomas Drennan No OSIF
69 Lori Karaguezian No SIF
69 LuisAndres Perez No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My neighbors and friends,

My name is Jestin Samson. I am a progressive activist and political commentator. I am running with party of the people slate to represent AD 69 in the California Democratic Party State Central Committee. Our district has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our neighbors struggle to pay the rent and other basic needs. As your delegate, I will see to it that our elected officials recognize and respond to the needs of residence of our community. I will fight to make sure that the Democratic Party finally Upholds the promises that its made to working class Californians. This includes wholeheartedly supporting a Medicare for all healthcare system, a compassionate economy for all, and COVID-19 relief that puts working families first.

Once again, my name is Jestin Samson and I ask for your support and your support for party of the peoples slate. To learn more about our team, please visit:

jestin Samson

It has been a privilege to serve as an Assembly District Delegate and I ask for your confidence to RE-ELECT me once more to be your AD 69 Delegate.

As an immigrant woman I have dedicated myself to improving my community through my commitment to social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental justice for the past 15 years.

I have organized to bring community to the Democratic Party. Most recently I have worked on electing real progressive candidates to the city council and school board in Santa Ana. I am currently the Vice President of the Anaheim Democratic Club and an Associate Member to the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

I am committed to advocate for bold progressive values and stances in the California Democratic Party.

I ask for your vote and for the Party of the People!

Yenni Diaz

My name is Joese Gloria Hernandez and I humbly ask for your vote to be one of the representatives for AD 69 for the California Democratic party. I was previously an ADEM delegate for AD 65 but have since moved back to Santa Ana. I am a proud immigrant, having migrated to this country from Mexico when I was 6 years old. I then started on my journey towards the American dream, but my path has not been easy. As a former undocumented immigrant, I went through many challenges to get to the point where I am today. I was finally able to become a U.S. citizen in 2018 and have been proud to finally be able to get more involved in my democracy through voting and participating in the progressive movement within the Democratic party. I am a proud Berniecrat and unapologetic progressive. I was one of the Field Directors for O.C. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign which won more delegates in CD 39 and 46 than any other presidential campaign. Most recently, I was co-campaign manager for the victorious Vicente Sarmiento for Mayor campaign. I was proud to help elect progressive mayoral leadership to the Santa Ana council after 26 years of corruption. I also served as campaign manager for Anaheim councilman Jose Moreno’s successful 2018 re-election campaign.

I believe in the need to advocate for, and implement progressive policies at the local, state and federal level. I am a strong supporter of national policies and movements like the Green New Deal, Medicare 4 All, Abolish ICE, ending deportations and child separation, and the Black Lives Matter movement. I also support the Defund the Police call to action, which seeks to redirect funds away from over-policing and taking a proactive and creative approaches to preventing crime by investing in youth, directing health workers to deal with homelessness and mental health call emergency calls, and demilitarizing our law enforcement agencies. I am vehement supporter of the rent stabilization policies on the local, state and federal level. We must pass policies that protect the rights of renters, prevent future homelessness, support true affordable housing, while addressing the issues of our houseless population in Santa Ana and through the state. I hope to count on your support to be elected so that we may have younger, more progressive, immigrant voices representing us at CADEM. Thank you.

Joese Gloria Hernandez

As a 23 year old Democrat in Santa Ana, I have participated in electoral activities to motivate and engage voters at the local, state, and federal level to vote in elections, for Democrats, since 2012 with Obama for America.

Since then, I have had the honor of introducing a Democratic presidential candidate to a Southern California rally, traveling to Arizona and Nevada to canvass during the primaries, serving as a national convention delegate for Democrats in the 46th Congressional District and the entire State, and volunteering recently on successful campaigns for city council and mayoral races.

I maintain relationships with delegates and E-Board members across the state from being involved with conventions and events at the California Democratic Party since 2015. We have great candidates launching campaigns for office in Orange County and I look forward to working with elected delegates time and time again for the next two years.

I ask for your vote as an Assembly District delegate because it is my belief that young people are not only to be seen but also heard in the party. Engaging College Democrats and Young Democrats is a need within the party. I have met with elected party delegates nationally and throughout our state. The voice of our community is needed more than ever post-2020, and must be central to our efforts to build back better.

We need a game plan to win back representation in the House of Representatives in Orange County. My experience doing so in 2018 with both the ACLU and OCVIP is testament to my commitment to our party, and I intend to back platform planks that represent the needs of working families now more than ever.

I am proud to have mobilized alongside SEIU 721 and Teamsters to rally No on Prop 22 in the app economy. We are, however, under attack by big money interests and tech industries. Our state legislature and Governor are constantly under attack by the Republican Party. When elected, I intend to defend our Party every step of the way.

Find out more about our campaign to represent the 69th Assembly District in the California Democratic Party by going to

Ivan Enriquez

Greetings and thank you for considering my candidacy for a California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate seat in District 69. My name is Ryan Friesen, and I have lived in Orange County since 2014 when I moved here to be the distiller at the Blinking Owl Distillery in Santa Ana after finishing my International Relations degree. In 2018/2019 I ran to be a delegate in my first foray into politics as Orange/Santa Ana began to feel more like home. What a difference two years makes. So much has changed since then. My partner Melissa and I bought a home, we both got more involved in our careers and politics, and we’ve made new friends and grown closer to the OC community.

Today we, like many of you, face continued uncertainty and apprehension surrounding the pandemic. Our jobs are at risk, our homes and our livelihoods in the balance, and yet we have renewed hope. We have renewed hope in our republic and democracy as we prepare for another transition in Washington, D.C., an important one to be sure, but just another in the continued ebb and flow of our system. We have renewed hope from our friends and colleagues who have put everything on the line and pushed their names forward to lead our local communities filling seats from City Council up through the state level. We have renewed opportunity for us to address the most important issues facing our shared experience.

Two years ago I thought helping the Blue Wave grow seemed like challenge enough. Today I know it’s not enough. Today I understand better the long journey ahead to turn the movement we built into substantive change.

I commit wholeheartedly to listening and learning from my community so that we might work for its betterment. While I prioritize water access and preservation, access to healthcare for everyone, and removing fear as a motivating factor in how people make decisions, I see now more clearly than before that we have the opportunity to work together to define and reach our goals. Finding common ground for us to agree on those definitions is the first step, only then can we start the real work – the work of our generation. We have so much yet to accomplish, and I’m excited to go there with you.

Ryan Friesen

It has been an honor to serve our community as an Assembly District Delegate for the last two years and, with gratitude and humility, I ask for your vote to RE-ELECT me as one of your AD69 Delegates.

As a Delegate, I take seriously my responsibility to represent the people of Santa Ana and our neighbors, so many of whom work hard but struggle to survive. That is why I will continue to advocate for a Democratic party that will confront and correct the systemic inequities that keep some in our communities from thriving.

I am committed to seeing the California Democratic Party follow a bold, progressive road map that centers individuals over corporations or wealthy donors; a party that stands for THE PEOPLE by prioritizing the issues that affect us most, like cost-free education, housing security, environmental justice, equal justice for people of color and LGBTQ+ people, and more.

I am proud to join a group of like-minded candidates as a member of the Party of the People slate. When elected, we will be a strong and unified voice advocating for a more progressive and just Democratic Party. Visit to learn more about our priorities, and please vote to elect us to represent the 69th Assembly District!

Paul Gonzales

Volunteer/ Community Advocate

Paul Gonzales


I have been a resident of Anaheim in the 69th Assembly District for 15 years. In 2006, I became a US citizen and since then, I have proudly voted for and helped elect progressive democrats across the ballot.

I am currently serving as a commissioner with the Anaheim Workforce Development Board. In 2012, I was appointed to serve on the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee on District Elections and Community Engagement. I helped lead a coalition of hotel and food service workers, community, and grassroots activists that won the historic district election in Anaheim in 2014.

In 2017, I was elected as a delegate to the 69th AD for the Democratic Party and proudly served our district since.

In 2018, I was part of the team that lead a campaign to pass the Anaheim Living Wage and helped turn the OC Blue!

I am running for reelection as a delegate to continue addressing the issues that are most important to us like; the rights of all immigrants, our dreamers, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, workers rights, housing, and many more.

I humbly ask for your vote.


He sido residente de Anaheim en el Distrito 69 de la Asamblea Estatal durante 15 años. En el 2006, me convertí en ciudadano estadounidense y, desde entonces, he votado con orgullo y ayudado a elegir demócratas progresistas en todas las urnas.

Actualmente me desempeño como comisionado de la Junta de Desarrollo de la Fuerza Laboral de Anaheim. En el 2012, fui designado para servir en el Comité Asesor de Ciudadanos de Anaheim sobre Elecciones de Distritos. Ayudé a liderar una coalición de trabajadores de hoteles y servicios de alimentos, y activistas comunitarios que ganaron las elecciones históricas por distrito en la ciudad de Anaheim en el 2014.

En el 2017, fui elegido como delegado del Distrito de la Asamblea 69 por el Partido Demócrata y desde entonces sirvo con orgullo a nuestro distrito.

En el 2018, formé parte del equipo que dirigió una campaña para elevar el salario digno de Anaheim y ayudé a convertir el Condado de Orange en Demócrata.

Me estoy postulando para la reelección como delegado para seguir abordando los temas que son más importantes para nosotros como; los derechos de todos los inmigrantes, nuestros soñadores, los derechos LGBTQ, los derechos de las mujeres, los derechos de los trabajadores, la vivienda y muchos más.

Le pido humildemente su voto.

Martin Lopez

Hello, I’m Kimberly Cantrell. I have been a teacher for 15 years in this area. I love being a teacher, but it breaks my heart when I see budget cuts that directly affect the kids. I’d love to see changes made, so I am currently finishing my Ph.D. in order to get that done. I am excited to work with others for progress.

Kimberly Cantrell

Benjamin Vazquez is a high school Ethnic Studies teacher at Valley HS. Benjamin is one of the founders of Cooperative Campaigns. Cooperative Campaigns brought progressive candidates together to share resources and support each other into successful campaigns into offices. He is also a cultural worker that brings culture and politics together. He has organized events such as the Children’s March, Noche de Altares and Latino Muslim Unity Project.

Benjamin Vazquez

Hello, fellow Democrats. As a native son of AD 69 and Anaheim, I have had the privilege of being raised by two hard working Unite Here! Local 11 members who have instilled in me the values that we as Dems hold so dear. I have been privileged to be able to receive two AA Degrees from Fullerton College, a BA in Psychology from UC, Santa Cruz, and as well as a Masters of Public Policy Degree from UC Riverside.

While at UCR I served as an officer for a statewide advocacy organization known as the UC Student Association, of which I was the primary policy advisor on “non-traditional student” issues, such as transfer students, re-entry students, student parents, and veterans. I also served as President of the Graduate Student Association of the School of Public Policy at UCR, of which I successfully lobbied the Regents of the UC System and the Administration at UCR to place a freeze on student fees for the next 5 years at the School of Public Policy. Under my efforts, this freeze has ensured that the MPP program at UCR is officially the most affordable and diverse professional program in all of the UC System.

Currently, I have been helping push Anaheim Blue by serving as Roster Secretary for the Anaheim Democrats during 2020 and elected as Treasurer for 2021. I believe in our community and have worked to increase the numbers of Democrats involved in our local Dem Club. I firmly believe in keeping our elected officials accountable, regardless of party. I have had the privilege of being blocked by Mayor Harry Sidhu from public comment only to successfully threaten to sue him with the support of the ACLU based on violating my First Amendment Rights.

As your Assembly Delegate, I believe in forming a Democratic Party that works for all of our communities. I proudly stand by the platform of the Party of The People Slate which includes: Abolishing ICE, Cost-Free Public Education, and Higher Education, Medical For All, Student Debt Forgiveness, among others. Please see our website for my complete platform.

Now I humbly ask for your vote in allowing me to serve you, our community, and most importantly the people of AD 69 as one of your ADEM Delegates. I ask for your vote and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate, Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @TheReal_JG2

Jorge Gavino


My name is Ada Tamayo.

I am a former teacher of 17 years in the public schools, a community organizer for many years, an activist most of my life, and now I can proudly say, I am a Lead Organizer with Unite Here Local 11 for the past 6 years.

It is very important and necessary for the Democratic party to have people from the Labor Movement who know not only how to organize, but also mobilize and who are not afraid to fight for what’s right. I want to use my skills as an organizer to benefit Democratic candidates and my passion for justice to move forward our Democratic values.

Hola mi nombre es Ada Tamayo,

Yo fui maestra por 17 años en las escuelas públicas, organizadora de la comunidad por muchos años, activista la mayor parte de mi vida y ahora puedo orgullosamente decir que soy organizadora con Unite Here Local 11 por los últimos 6 años.

Es muy importante y necesario que el Partido Democrata tenga gente que viene del Movimiento Laboral, quienes no solamente tienen conocimiento encuanto a como organizar sino que tambien en cuanto a movilizar, y quienes no tienen temor a pelear por lo que es justo. Quiero ofrecer mis habilidades como organizadora para beneficiar a los candidatos democratas y mi pasion por la justicia para mover hacia adelante nuestros valores Democratas.

Ada Tamayo

I humbly request your vote to represent District 69. I am a proud public school teacher and union activist. I serve as the executive vice president of my local, ABC Federation of Teachers, secretary of the CFT Divison Council for early childhood to twelfth grade as well as a delegate of the Los Angeles Labor Federation. If elected, my top two priorities will be to advocate for increased funding for public education from preschool to college and address the multi-layered homelessness issue facing too many Californians.

Tanya Golden

My name is James Gil.

I’m the son of a housekeeper and waiter who was raised in a union home. I am the second in my family to graduate from university. I’m a Data Organizer for UNITE HERE LOCAL 11 and I’m very passionate about the labor movement. I’m also a proud activist who traveled to AZ to help turn the state blue during the 2020 presidential Election. I believe I can make a significant difference in the Democratic Party by applying my organizing and data skills.

James Gil

Advocating for social justice has been my mission from an early age, even before I had a term to label the work that I aspired to do. My name is Monica Munguia and I am the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, an elementary school administrator, a doctoral student, and a lifelong Democrat. My experiences navigating our education system and the professional workforce as a first generation Latina, have provided me with a firsthand understanding of the challenges that many of the residents in the 69th Assembly District face. As an educator in the 69th Assembly District, I maintain a close connection to our community and witness the day-to-day inequities that impact our families.

Additionally, my experiences as a union member, involvement in Orange County Young Democrats, and engagement in various organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, further broaden my scope. Within the different capacities that I serve, I aim to do so with purpose and dedication, advocating for those from underrepresented backgrounds.

My goals in running to be an Assembly District Delegate are to increase diversity in leadership positions within our party, enhance voter outreach and registration, improve our political education efforts, and develop a truly inclusive and collaborative Democratic Party. With my background, I believe I can be a strong contributor to our party. I would be grateful and honored to earn your vote.

Monica Munguia

My name is Thai Viet Phan, and I humbly ask for your vote to continue serving as a delegate for Assembly District 69. I was born near a refugee camp in Thailand and was raised in Santa Ana. I was the first in my family to go to college, and later, grad school, and law school. I know the struggles our communities face, because I faced them too. Be it food insecurity and relying on food stamps, housing insecurity and relying on Section 8 housing vouchers, or pre-existing conditions and relying on MediCal, I know the importance of the social safety net. We can and must fight for single-payer healthcare, for policies that prevent climate collapse, and for the equitable treatment of all people.

But this fight is not easy. I am the first Vietnamese American elected to the Santa Ana City Council and the only Asian American delegate elected to represent AD69. Many Vietnamese residents rely on government benefits, but they are predominately registered as Republicans or no party preference. This does not have to be the case. The constant lies propagated by the GOP and the lack of culturally relevant, in-language outreach to the OC Asian American community saw the loss of not one, but two Democratic congressional seats, the failure to flip a Board of Supervisors seat despite a Democratic registration advantage, and the loss of an assembly seat. We cannot ignore this voting bloc. I want to use my experience growing up in Little Saigon, my work as a candidate and now councilmember, and our Democratic values to win the Vietnamese community. To do this, we need grassroots advocates willing to listen to residents and fight for change.

I have demonstrated my commitment to progressive values: I’ve successfully lobbied in Sacramento for juvenile justice reform; I’ve fought for tighter police budgets, more oversight, and additional personnel reforms; I’ve advocated for Props 15 and 16 on Vietnamese-language media; and I’ve worked to help educate my community on Black Lives Matter and institutional racism, to name a few examples. This is just the beginning.

I know that as a first-generation refugee, I’m here today because I stand on the shoulders of giants. I hope that you’ll once against entrust me with the awesome responsibility of fighting for AD69, for our underrepresented and underserved communities, and for our democracy. Thank you.


Thai Viet Phan

I hope to earn your vote so that I may continue to serve another term as a delegate in 69th Assembly District.

I’ve lived in the district (in Santa Ana) for nearly my entire life and I am product of Santa Ana public schools, including Santa Ana College, and earned a B.A. in Sociology from UC San Diego. My past career experience includes social work in the hospice care industry, and I have worked in politics for the last 8 years in various capacities. Currently, I serve as a campaign fundraising director and consultant.

As a child, I would watch my next-door neighbor’s home convert into a polling place on Election Day. I’d watch many older, affluent, middle-aged people stand in line in the driveway to cast their votes. This early childhood memory made an impact on me and it was at that time that I knew I would grow up to be passionate about voting in order to protect and defend the rights of not only my Latino brothers and sisters, but for people of all different backgrounds who lived in my city and across the state.

Today, the transformation of people in Orange County and across California is a testament to the type of representation that is needed at the local, county, state, and national level. There are many important issues in the fight for equal rights for women, LGBTQ, healthcare, environment, immigration, minorities, and workers’ rights and it is my goal to continue to be a voice in this fight and to represent my district for another term as a delegate.

As the Democratic Party looks to the future, we are faced with finding solutions to the disparities of healthcare and economic recovery. Together, we will continue to build our party and elect the best candidates to serve their constituents with the dignity and respect they deserve. My political principals, life experience, and family values lead me in the right direction to make decisions for our party, for the underrepresented, and for the best interest of others. With that said, I hope to earn your vote!

If you are interested in connecting, I can be reached at (714) 864-8030 or email

Thank you,

Daisy Campos

Daisy Campos!Aork5mYbX8Evn3n0ZPRKP6-C-HOn

Robert Tucker

Warm Regards fellow Democrats of AD69. I am Lori Karaguezian a lifelong Southern Californian and dedicated public servant. I have spent the last 20 years of my career working for local cities and agencies where I’ve been a proud member of various unions.

As a first generation Armenian-American and daughter of immigrants I share and understand the values, struggles, and experiences of the diverse communities in AD69.

As a child, I watched a large healthcare company my mother worked for fail to provide her with the necessary medical care she needed. After losing my mom to a long illness, we were also left with almost a million dollars in medical debt. Due to this traumatic experience, to this day I am very passionate about healthcare because I don’t want any family to go through anything like that. I am also an advocate of public education. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from one of our many great State Universities, Cal State Long Beach.

I am an active member of the Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club & serve on Santa Ana’s Measure X Citizen Oversight Committee. I welcome the opportunity to represent our district as a party delegate.

Lori Karaguezian