Assembly District 7




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

7 Shirley L. Toy No SIF
7 Jeffery Taylor * OSIF
7 Alfredo LaMont No OSIF
7 Earl Lagomarsino No OSIF
7 Belinda Calvin * SIF
7 Patricia Williams No SIF
7 Caity Maple No SIF
7 Danny Thirakul No OSIF
7 Chelsea Kelly-Reif No SIF
7 Raynette Johnson * SIF
7 Jamie McDole No SIF
7 Brenda Borge No SIF
7 Dustin Tsai * OSIF
7 Hyunsoo Gloria Kim No SIF
7 Alejandro Torres No OSIF
7 Joshua Cameron No OSIF
7 Katie Valenzuela * SIF
7 Cynthia Castillo No SIF
7 Norma Alcala No SIF
7 Deniz Tuncer No SIF
7 E. Páramo Hetnández No OSIF
7 Mohammad N Kashmiri No OSIF
7 Scott A. Hill No OSIF
7 Jasjit Singh No OSIF
7 Ian Lee No OSIF
7 Cesar Aguirre No OSIF
7 Nailah Pope-Harden No SIF
7 Jimmy Fremgen * OSIF
7 Clarissa White No SIF
7 Tamika L’Ecluse No SIF
7 Mario Guerrero No OSIF
7 Areej Khan No SIF
7 Tiffany Starkey No SIF
7 Manuel Buenrostro No OSIF
7 Danisha McCall No SIF
7 Denise Farinsky No SIF
7 Harvey Stark No OSIF
7 Jay Cummings No OSIF
7 Katherine Jamieson No SIF
7 Nkiruka Catherine Ohaegbu No SIF
7 Fatima T. Malik * SIF
7 Murad “Moe” Sarama No OSIF
7 Maria Gutierrez * SIF
7 Steven Maviglio * OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Shirley Toy and I am running to be your representative for AD 7. I have been a bedside nurse for almost 40 years and was the Chief Nurse Representative at UCDMC before I retired. As a nurse, I advocated daily for my patients and their families and was their voice to the doctors and the health care system. I advocate for all workers to have a voice in their workplace and not being taken advantage of. Nursing advocacy goes beyond the bedside, and as your AD 7 delegate, I will work so that our Democratic Party promotes policies and candidates that restore dignity and respect for all Californians and that it becomes a more democratic (small d) institution where the power is shared and our leaders, including our chair, are held more accountable with more transparency. I have been an elected ADEM delegate since 2017 and was an elected Bernie Delegate in 2020. The Democratic Party must fight for every person’s need for food security, housing, comprehensive healthcare, equitable and free education, worker rights, living wages, and a sustainable environment. It means having a budget that reflects our values and investing in life promoting services like education, healthcare, and housing more than the military, police and prisons – and we must end Police Brutality and State sanctioned violence. The Covid pandemic has shown the huge disparity among ordinary people who have lost so much while corporations and the rich and powerful are experiencing record profits and increases in their wealth. Our public health system is sorely inadequate, and Racism is a public health crisis. Our government must work for all of the people and not just for the corporations and powerful, and we as citizens must continuously push our representatives to do this. We are all connected and we will ALL benefit when our entire community is raised up. Everyone is created in God’s image and deserves to be treated as such. Nursing is not a glamorous job. It involves hard work and having a relationship with those you serve, and that is what I commit to doing if I am elected.

I am honored to be part of the Progressive Labor Slate. Our slate is committed to work for our entire community and everyday working people throughout our entire 2 year term. Please vote for me and my entire Progressive Labor Slate.

Video: Shirley Toy for AD 7 delegate

Shirley Toy

I’m running for ADEM because it’s critical we prioritize healthcare access in our politics and have representation from healthcare workers in our party. I am a proud union member with SEIU-UHW serving on the Executive Board, and work for Kaiser Permanente as a Medical Assistant in Sacramento. I’ve lived in this district for 5 years and is active in our community. Most recently I’ve supported our country in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the Presidency by phone banking and recruiting others in Sacramento County during the general election to phone bank, and I’ve attended lobby visits urging elected officials to support workers in the fight to keep Kaiser from outsourcing jobs in our community. I strongly believe in fighting climate change, making sure housing is affordable, help with our homeless population, expanding childcare and pre-schools, racial justice and making healthcare a right in CA! Please vote to elect Jeffery Taylor Jr before January 23rd!

Jeffery Taylor Jr

Hello! My name is Earl Lagomarsino, and I am running to be your ADEM representative!

I am a proud Progressive Democrat. I have been active in the Democratic Party of Sacramento County and the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento since 2008.

I have served as President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento over the years since then.

I was first elected as an ADEM with the first Progressive slate in 2010 in AD7.

I have also served as Secretary of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County and as an elected member for two terms and have attended every CA Democratic Party state convention since 2009 and have only missed two or three meetings of the County Party monthly meetings during my terms.

I have worked countless hours as a volunteer in promoting progressive values and policies within the Democratic party and in helping to elect local Democrats and to promote and encourage progressive Democratic candidates to run for local office. Including many hours of precinct walking and phone banking.

I embrace fully the Statement of Principles of the Progressive Democratic Caucus of the California Democratic Party, and fully support Medicare for All. The Statement of Principles may be found at

Your vote for me will be a vote for an experienced, proven, valuable and energetic progressive ADEM representative in your California Democratic Party!

I will be humbled and honored to be of service in the advancement of Progressive candidates, policies and values in our CA Democratic party as your ADEM Delegate.

Will you please vote for me, Earl Lagomarsino, for ADEM delegate?

Thank You,

Earl Lagomarsino

Hello! My name is Belinda Calvin and I respectfully ask for your support in voting for me to serve as an Assembly District Delegate.

After surviving the unprecedented challenges of 2020, I understand how important it is for members of the Democratic Party to step up and act with a sense of urgency as the State of California and this country push to reestablish a sign of normalcy once again. Divisions around the United States are the deepest that many of us have witnessed during our lifetime.

As an African American woman, having dedicated my life working in the public sector and after worked tirelessly advocated for much needed change, I understand the amount of work required of every citizen in this country if we are ever to restore peace, order, as well as equality and respect for each other, regardless of our many differences.

As a party pushing to restore democracy, I realize we do not have the luxury of looking in the rear-view mirror, dwelling on activities of the past. Rather, we must collectively tap all available resources, inspiring and empowering those that have yet to actualize the importance of inclusion in knowing that all voices are relevant, wanted and desperately needed so that we can genuinely enjoy a democratic society.

California has a rich history in helping to shape this country and I am not shy in saying that I would like to assume a much more active role in that process. I have earned a B.A. in Political Science from California State University Sacramento where I was inducted into the Political Science Honor Society. Additionally, I hold a M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

In closing, I thank you in advance for reading my statement and hope that you have confidence in my ability to serve as a delegate representing the interest of the State Assembly (District 7).


Belinda Calvin

After leaving home at the age of 16, learning to juggle three jobs while finishing high school and attending college, I learned the value of hard work and working against the odds to succeed. More than seven years of waiting tables and bartending while in school presented countless challenges and many times when I felt like giving up.

I was that student crying at night deciding whether to pay for textbooks or rent. I was that student told by my employer to either show up for my shift scheduled during a final exam or be fired. I was that student sleeping in her car between her bartending and waitressing shifts, chasing the dream of a better life.

Now that established myself in the professional world, I’ve found that these experiences allow me to think differently and holistically about the world around me. As I spent time in the State Capitol, at a nonprofit focused on improving governance systems, and then on advocacy, I’ve brought this frame of mind with me.

As a research and policy expert, I fought to ensure California’s elections and political systems are efficient, effective, and accessible for all.

As an advocate, I helped found the nonprofit SAC SOUP (Solidarity of Unhoused People) during the pandemic to collect and distribute food, sanitation supplies, and survival gear to the homeless and housing insecure. In that role, I’ve helped raise approximately $25,000 in donations and grants.

As a community leader, I serve on the board of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association to help ensure our community is on the right track and that people have the information and access they need.

My passion lies in systems change to solve complex social problems. The experiences of my youth have driven me to make the world around me a better place and to help ensure others have the services and support they need to overcome challenging situations in their lives. I feel it is the responsibility of elected leaders and government to help those who are most vulnerable while being efficient, effective and sustainable. This is only possible by electing representatives with diverse and inclusive perspectives to serve.

If elected, I will bring that different perspective and be a voice for change.

Caity Maple

My name is Danny Thirakul (He/Him/His) and I am running to be your Assembly District 7 Delegate to the California Democratic Party!

Trump represents everything the Democratic Party is against. Now that he is on his way out of the White House, it is important we push forward an agenda that represents the progressive and democratic values of our party. In order to accomplish this, we must hold ourselves and the Democratic Party accountable. I am proud to be a part of the Progressive Labor Alliance fighting for Medicare-For-All, Union Jobs with Living Wages, Cancelling Student Debt, Green New Deal, Getting Rid of Corporate Money in Politics, Affordable Housing, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and more!

We must also ensure equitable representation within the California Democratic Party, so that we can truly have a comprehensive platform that doesn’t exclude our underrepresented and underserved communities. As a young gay person of color, I hope to bring that diverse prospective in the decision-making process. I also have the pleasure of bringing my experience as the former President of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges representing 2.1 million students in the state and the former Student Trustee for the Los Rios Community College District to the table.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Visit to learn more about the Progressive Labor Alliance

Danny Thirakul

As a Sacramento native, I have been involved in local, state, party, and national political activism since I was a child. I will help build the most progressive wing of our party so that we can accomplish our goals. For example: fixing a broken criminal justice system that devastates black lives. Medicare for All, so that nobody goes broke just for being sick. A Green New Deal, so that our planet is preserved for future generations and we create great jobs at the same time. Housing for All, so that everyone has a roof over their head. I also want to fight for a party whose actions reflect the diversity of its constituents – as a woman who is transgender and lesbian, I represent LGBTQ visibility within my community.

As an activist, I currently serve on the Democratic Party of Sacramento’s Central Committee. I’m also president of the Sacramento Environmental Democrats, where I work together with all communities to promote sustainability and ecological balance in the name of environmental justice. I also serve on the board of the Environmental Council of Sacramento, which has similar goals. Other groups I am involved with include the Sacramento Tenants Union, which advocates for affordable and safe housing; Queer Democrats of Sacramento, which advocates for queer rights; and SEIU Local 1000, which represents state employees.

If elected, I will be a voice of the marginalized. I will be a thorn in the side of any elected official who does not work in the best interest of their constituents. I will help build a party we can all honestly say we’re proud of.

I am running with the Sacramento Pacific Labor Alliance slate. For more information about us and our other candidates, please visit

Chelsea Kelly-Reif

I am the president for UPTE-CWA 9119, a union representing over 20,000 members. In my role, I have seen what it takes to make change, to move the needle, and to get things done. I am a nurse; I see what changes need to be made to help working people. I am a parent; I know the changes that are needed to save this planet for future generations. I have grown to appreciate the changes that can be made through activism.

When my union was in a heated contract campaign with the University of California, it was Senator Bernie Sanders joining us at the strike line that helped move the needle. His presence brought more attention to the issues around job security and a living wage. These strikes helped secure the best contracts in my union’s history for thousands of UC members.

Over the last few years I have been active in the Democratic party in California. I spoke at Senator Sanders’ rally before the California primaries. I also applied and became a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I was there, not only, to support the senator, but also the progressive ideas that emanate out of democrats here in California – Ideas to improve the lives of working people. Therefore, it was frustrating to help write platforms and advocate for a progressive agenda only to have a watered down, “safe” platform be presented and passed. I don’t want to see conciliatory politics continue.

In the midst of a global pandemic, there is no excuse for the top industrialized country, with the amount of wealth we hold, not to have universal healthcare. As a registered nurse and case manager, I have seen the devastation that lack of insurance wreaks on working-class families. We need a government willing to coordinate efforts on treatment and safety. Garbage bags are not adequate PPE for healthcare workers.

As a parent, we need to continue to make the Green New Deal a focus. I want there to be a planet to leave behind for our children. Future generations don’t need to pay for the past generations decisions, such as pipelines, fracking, and a huge carbon footprint. All of these, and many other bad choices, have damaged this country and the environment. Legislation must be enacted to start repairing the damage.

We need to organize within ourselves to demand social and economic justice for all Californians and hold those in power accountable for pushing our agenda, not theirs.

Jamie McDole

As a lifelong Democrat, I am running for ADEM 07 to represent the important progressive values of our party. I will work hard to listen and collaborate with my fellow Democrats in my area, as well as create progress forward in our state towards single-payer health care, promote free public education for all, affordable community college for all, and economic stability for those who have food insecurity and home insecurity. Thank you for your consideration.

Brenda Borge

I am running for the following reasons:

1.I want to see more oversight of money in politics. I think the Democratic Party has become too corporate-friendly, and I am sick of seeing the highest spending candidates win time and time again. Where does all this money come from and who are these people we elect beholden to? We have leaders who pander to progressive ideals with trendy #hashtags only to turn around and accept donations from corporate interests. Quid pro quo is impeachable for a president yet somehow acceptable in all other levels of government? Come on!

2.I believe in doubling the top marginal income-tax rate (i.e. for those currently making over $7.3 million a year) and going back to pre-Reagan era taxes on the elite. When I teach my students about economics and wealth inequality in this country, they are always blown away by how skewed policymaking in this country is in favor of the ultra-wealthy. The fact that we perennially discuss imposing new taxes on the middle class to fund just about everything shows you just how much control the top 0.1% have over how we frame our policies. Good schools and low property taxes should not be mutually exclusive!

3.Higher education should be way more affordable. The fact that getting a degree and accruing student debt are synonymous is exactly what is wrong with our system, and it should not be considered normal to be paying off student loans well into your forties!

4.When I suffered a hand fracture in 2017 from a fall, the hospital billed me $13,000 for a cast and some painkillers. Everyone has a story just like mine. I will never stop believing that we can do better than this.

5.I believe in ranked-choice voting, which allows you to rank your candidates rather than choosing the “lesser of two evils” every two years. Maine passed it in 2016 and Alaska just did last month, and I think California should really lead the way in getting rid of First-Past-The-Post. This gives voters more choices instead of the current black-and-white voting system that is only driving tribalism further in this country.

Dustin Tsai, PhD

Hi, my name is Gloria! I’m a first generation Korean American, born and raised in Houston, and at present, a happy resident of Sacramento. I am an everyday, ordinary person; I enjoy peaceful early mornings, doing the NY Times Crossword with my partner, cycling along the river, learning about Korean American history/race relations, and watching basketball.

Currently, I am a 5th year graduate student in Microbiology at UC Davis. I wholeheartedly believe in the values of science and education while recognizing that education is a privilege and that data has bias that needs to be unpacked. Outside of the lab, I am an outreach educator, a progressive organizer/planner, and an advocate for social and environmental justice. I am a lover of learning and community, and a believer in societal progress through education and collective action.

I believe the best plans and policies involve seats at the table for community participants. I further believe that now, more than ever, we need to encourage diversity in our representatives and officials — at all levels — in order to purposefully tackle the many injustices faced by marginalized communities.

I would be honored and grateful to bring my unique upbringing and perspectives to the table and put forth my energy and intentionality towards making meaningful progress in CA politics.

Gloria Kim

It is with great sincerity and honor that I ask for your support to serve as District Delegate in Assembly District 7 to the California Democratic Party. For three generations, my great grandparents, grandparents, and parents all demonstrated their commitment to the value of hard work, being ethical, and always stressed that a person’s character was vital to their well-being. These three generations of my family were farmworkers who each had to deal with the realities of an imperfect democratic society but believed strongly in the ideals of America.

We as California Democrats, owe it to those who have not fully benefitted from the guiding principles of this nation, to bring about practical and measurable improvements in our state. This work begins at the local level with our county party organizations all the way up to the state party, culminating in the candidates we endorse and the policy positions we take. The stakes couldn’t be higher in the upcoming midterm election, especially in the Sacramento region. I am dedicated to representing Sacramento-area Democrats before the CDP and working collaboratively with fellow delegates to endorse strong candidates and a party platform that reflects our shared values as California Democrats.

It has been an honor to serve as a Board Member for the Truman Democratic Club of Sacramento for the last three years and more recently as the and Co-Chair of the Truman Club’s Events Committee as well as the club’s representative to the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC). In each of these roles, I have worked tirelessly to support fellow Democrats in the Sacramento area and pledge to bring the same energy, hustle, and values-driven leadership. I believe the commitment I have demonstrated, knowledge and practical experience in public policy, and the belief in what America can and should be instilled in me by three generations of my family before me, have provided an excellent foundation for serving as a district delegate. I hope you will agree.

Alejandro Torres

I’m Katie Valenzuela, and I’m running to be an ADEM delegate for AD 7. I work in environmental justice for my day job, and was recently elected to serve on the Sacramento City Council after accepting no developer, law enforcement, fossil fuel, or tobacco money. Our grassroots campaign showed that our City is ready for change, and now I’m ready to help push that momentum to the state-level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities that have been present for far too long. Essential workers, from health care professionals to farmworkers, have been put at extreme risk, and our neighbors without savings or safety nets are being pushed to the breaking point. All while we watched in horror as more Black people were murdered by law enforcement and joined together in the streets in record breaking numbers to demand change.

Now is the moment for the California Democratic Party to push forward serious reforms to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We need Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right, and to get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of politics. We must push at the Federal level to cut military spending so we can use resources to lift up our communities and invest in our youth. And SO much more.

Let’s band together to fight for a party that will fight for us.

I hope you’ll consider supporting me and the entire Progressive Labor Alliance slate this January!

Click here to see my statement video: 

Katie Valenzuela

The California Democratic Party is electing delegates for its April Convention. We have a grassroots slate of fourteen activists, the Progressive Labor Alliance, running in Assembly District 7 who support Medicare For All, getting corporate money out of politics and ending the abuses of the Trump presidency. All of them deserve our vote; but amongst the fourteen people running on the slate is Norma Alcala. Norma is an unapologetic leader in the Latino community who has been unafraid to speak out for what is right no matter who has to hear it. She brought neighborhood elections to the West Sacramento School District in 2018 so poor people could be elected even when the entire City Council opposed district elections. Norma has recently been elected to the West Sacramento City Council and will also fight for neighborhood elections for City Council elections as well.

Norma introduced a Sanctuary School District Resolution to protect the children scared and crying in schools. She brought Kevin De Leon into her home when he advocated for a Sanctuary State.

Norma has registered 11,000 high school students, including over a thousand at Grant High, and another thousand in Natomas. These young people contributed to the overwhelming voter turnout in 2020.

Norma was the only school board president in California who testified to the Legislature about the need for mandatory ethnic studies to curb hate and prejudice, even as the California School Board Association opposed the bill. The Latino School Board Association supported mandatory Ethnic Studies and elected Norma to their Board of Directors.

Norma is the Northern Vice Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the Democratic Party, has served as the Fundraising Chair of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee and is President of the River City Democratic Club. Norma is strongly supported by Progressives, Labor and the Trades.

NOW IT IS OUR WATCH. Norma has supported fellow Latinas in their campaigns for election even when told the time was not right for them. They persevered and many won their elections. Now it is time for us to support Norma and the slate she has joined in order to do our part on our watch.


Norma Alcala

View my 1-minute video here:

My name is Mohammad “Mo” Kashmiri.

I’m running because we are running out of time to address climate change. My 9-year old son recently had to decide between attending the local school or going to a school further away with a program he wanted. He chose to go to the local school “because he didn’t want to die because of climate change.” I explained to him that death was highly unlikely, and it horrified me that this was the world I was leaving him. He helped me realize I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long. The Coronavirus showed us that delay could be not only dangerous but deadly. I don’t want to look backward in regret and wish I had done more.

My parents are Pakistani immigrants, and their struggles inspired me to fight for working families. For almost fifteen years, I’ve used my background as an attorney working with labor unions. I’ve helped working families win better wages, benefits, and working conditions through collective bargaining. But, those gains are eroded by the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. My own chronic illness challenges have taught me why we need to get rid of the greedy health insurance companies and fight to win Medicare for all.

Now is the moment to fight for the soul of the California Democratic Party. I will fight for

– More funding for public schools

– Better wages, benefits, and working conditions for working families

– Medicare for All

– A Green New Deal

– Making housing a human right

– Getting money out of politics

– Funding childcare & early education

– Cancelling student debt

I started as a student activist, fighting fee increases in the UC system. My fifteen seconds of fame were when I dressed up in a chicken suit when Arnold refused to debate. While we have no choice but to fight for our future, we can at least have fun while we are at it. : )

We need to fight for a party that will fight for us. Please vote for Mo Kashmiri and all fourteen (14) candidates for the Sacramento Progressive Labor Alliance.

– Learn more at

Mohammad "Mo" Kashmiri

As a lifetime Democrat, community, and labor organizer, I find that I need to become the voice of voiceless.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities that have been present for far too long. I represent Essential workers in the health care have been put at extreme risk. I have seen my neighbors without savings or safety nets are being pushed to the breaking point. Then, I observed the horror as more Black people who were murdered by law enforcement and joined together in the streets in record breaking numbers to demand change.

I believe NOW is the moment for the California Democratic Party to push forward serious reforms to ensure this does not happen again. We need Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right and to get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of politics. We must cut military spending, use resources to serve the people, invest in youth and education, not control the world. We need to cancel student debt and invest in our children and families through funding childcare.

We need to band together to fight for people who are marginalized (without access to power/ less fortunate) and to fight for a party that will fight for us.

Allow me to be the voice of the voiceless, the voice of change.

Scott A. Hill, MA., M.Div.

This past year has exposed already known inequities and injustices that communities of color and working-class folks have endured for decades. The pandemic has revealed the harsh realities of our essential workers and our most vulnerable in society- who have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic.

Calls for justice have amplified here and around the world- with folks risking their own health, to demand change in the world. Whether it’s communities banding together to protest the unlawful murder of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, or Diaspora communities banding together to support farmers in India who are protesting against the corporate takeover of their farmlands- communities of color, the working class, and allies must stay united.

Now is the moment for the California Democratic Party to push serious reforms to protect the communities who have always showed up for them. The pandemic has made it crystal clear, that we need Medicare for All. We need a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right, and we need to get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of our politics. We must cut our military and police budgets and re-route those funds to invest in our communities, our youth, our education system, and our infrastructure. We must stop the policing of communities of color and we must stop policing the world. It is time we cancel student debt and invest in our children and families through funding childcare.

So please, join us, and request a ballot to vote for the Progressive Labor Alliance Slate by January 11th.

Register for a ballot at

Jasjit Singh

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities that have been present for far too long. The working class has been forgotten. Essential workers, from health care professionals to farmworkers, have been put at extreme risk. Our neighbors without savings or safety nets are being pushed to the breaking point. All while we watch in horror as more Black people are murdered by law enforcement.

Now is the moment for the California Democratic Party to push forward serious reforms. We need Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right. We need to get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of politics. We must cut military spending and use resources to serve people and to invest in education. We need to cancel student debt and invest in our children and families through funding childcare.

We need to band together to fight for people we don’t know and to fight for a party that will fight for us.

My name is Ian Lee, and I am running on the Progressive Labor Alliance slate. I’ve been working as a union organizer for the last four-and-a-half years with SEIU Local 1021.

Join us, and request a ballot to vote for the Progressive Labor Alliance Slate by January 11th.

Ian Lee

My name is Nailah Pope-Harden.

I’m running because I want to live in a better world.

I want to live in a world where my son can walk to a high quality, well-funded school.

I want to live in a world where my brother doesn’t have to find home remedies for his cold but can access quality, free medical care.

I want to live in a world where my parents don’t have to drive across town to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

I want to live in a world where safety does not mean police but means crosswalks and protected bike lanes.

I want to live in a world where my south Sacramento family is afforded many privileges that families in more affluent areas have.

I’m running because I know that this world is possible for my family and many families like mine.

I’m running because I want to make this world possible. Luckily, I share these same sentiments with other members of the Sacramento Progressive Labor Alliance. Please find more information about us at

Nailah Pope-Harden

Jimmy Fremgen for Assembly District Delegate: Candidate Video Statement (

The COVID-19 Pandemic has laid bare the inequities of our current political landscape. Families and businesses that didn’t realize they were barely hanging on are now in freefall, desperate for help before they hit bottom. Their feeling of abandonment is personal to me, having had to shut down my own small business in 2020 after the bottom fell out of our economy.

It does not have to be this way. We live in a district that is governed almost exclusively by Democrats. I believe that we are better than this. I believe that we have to be better than this.

This is why I am running for Assembly District Delegate. It is time for change and fresh perspectives in our party.

Before moving home to Northern California I worked as a congressional investigator for the House Oversight Committee and Congressman Elijah Cummings. It was my job to seek out waste, fraud, and abuse within our most important institutions.

I am proud to have a record of standing up against abuse of power and trust.

I have helped improve access to higher education through investigations and to services for Californians with disabilities through reforms.

I’m not afraid to take political risks and have spoken out against unethical campaign practices at the state capitol.

As a high school teacher I advocated against unfair testing regimes and helped my students navigate a system stacked against them.

We need elected representatives that will faithfully serve their constituents rather than swearing absolute fealty to party and politics.

I am driven by change and I ask for your vote for Assembly District Delegate.

Jimmy Fremgen

My name is Claire White, and I am an educator in South Sacramento and an actively engaged community member. I’ve attended many local city council and board of supervisors’ meetings advocating for our unhomed community members and demanding more funding for youth programs, mental health support, and medical care, preventative solutions, in response to elected officials’ interest in expanding jail infrastructure and continuing to overfund the carceral system. I am invested in tenant rights and believe that housing our community members is integral to a healthy, safe community. I see my role as a community member committed to advocating for my neighbors as a crucial duty.

It is high time that community members with a vested interest in a more humane society have their voices heard and their needs met. We need Medicare for All. No person in our country should rely on GoFundMe in order to receive medical care. We need to ensure the Earth is habitable for historically oppressed groups, especially people living in poverty. We need a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right and get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of politics. We need a budget that reflects community needs. What good is it to spend billions on military while children and families in our country continue to scrape by day to day under fear of eviction and homelessness?

We must use resources to serve the people and invest in youth and education. We need to cancel student debt and invest in our children and families through funding childcare. If we want constituents to thrive and for students to excel educationally, we must create a robust net of social services and conditions that ensure their basic needs are met. We must listen to epidemiologists and community leaders and stop funneling individuals into the carceral system rather than pairing them with targeted programs which address factors that have influenced community members to commit crimes. We must invest in humane reentry programs. In education, we have a tiered intervention system for children who struggle. What true and universally accessible, long term, structured interventions do we have in place for individuals who need mentoring and resources as adults? Our constituents deserve to be a priority, and I will fight for justice on their behalf.

Please vote for all members of the Progressive Labor Alliance.

Claire White

Greetings, Democrats!

My name is Tamika L’Ecluse and I am honored to be a candidate for ADEM elections, representing District 7. I am a parent, teacher and was recently elected to the American River Flood Control District. I believe my role as a public servant is to ensure I lead with the intention to fight for justice, as well as close the inequality gaps within neighborhoods and districts. I have been a delegate since 2017 and believe ADEMS should represent communities and the interests of the people. Our elected delegates are the voices of residents and our job is not to maintain the status quo, but demand fundamental changes in our state and national party to truly serve the people, uplift the marginalized, and protect our planet from polluters. This means fighting tirelessly for housing rights, medicare for all, universal childcare, and a Green New Deal at the state and federal level. It means working to get big corporate interests, that disenfranchise our communities, out of the bank accounts of the people we elect, from fossil fuel lobbyists, to big pharma and big tobacco, among other notorious actors. We do this by holding our party accountable to these values as well. Our state leaders must not fall into the hypocrisy and greed that turn people away from the democratic party. They too must represent the interests of the people, denounce bullying and intimidation, and stand for progressive policies that improve the lives of people.

I believe in a democratic party that fights for black, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ+, unhoused, and renter communities, as well as our essential workers, laborers, and our disenfranchised, disabled, and exploited. That’s who we are and we can only win this fight together. That’s why I am proud to be a member of the Progressive Labor Alliance slate of Sacramento. I know that when we band together, we will win these crucial seats, we will ensure progressive voices are at the decision-making table, and we will empower communities with a delegate team that is not afraid to elect amazing democrats to move our party forward, but holds leaders accountable for their actions. I humbly ask for your vote for delegate, Assembly District 7. #NotMeUs

Tamika L'Ecluse

My name is Mario Guerrero and I am humbly asking for your vote today for ADEMS Asm. District 7. Should I be elected, I will bring my values to the position. Values that come from being an undocumented immigrant, a Marine Corps veteran, a civil rights advocate (professionally and in my free time), and doing the hard work necessary to create a strong party.

I value labor and workers, like my parents who worked minimum wage jobs most of their lives. I have worked in the labor movement both as staff, at Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1000 and the CA Faculty Association (CFA), and as a dues paying member of CFA teaching at Sacramento State University (for 6 years now) in the political science department.

I value many things but one thing that sticks out at the moment is police reform. I am the Chair of the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission and we have put forward some strong progressive reforms (Use of Force, Accountability, etc.) for the City of Sacramento to consider. That being said, reform needs be done at the local, state, and federal level.

Once again, I humbly ask for your vote to bring my values and work to the state party. I look forward to working locally and with the state party to create a stronger Democratic party. Stronger together – not just a slogan.

Mario Guerrero

I am an immigrant South Asian / Arab American mother and a business owner. Above all I have ever been, I am a change seeker.

I stand for equal rights, opportunities, and justice for all, Medicare for all, and food and shelter for all. All being socially prescribed definitions of individuals and groups and all the ways individuals identify themselves.

I support the Green New Deal and believe that it is possible to ease the current climate crisis with both drastic and gradual changes in lifestyle and public policy.

Systemic change is the only way to justice, true equality, and sustainability. As a delegate for the 2021 and 2022 California Democratic Party Conventions, I will advocate for it.

Areej Khan

Greetings! I am a 2nd generation Irish American, married lesbian mother of 1, soon to be 3! I own 3 businesses in Northern California and have been interested in getting involved in politics for many years.

In short, a lot of my adult life has looked like one of the many variations of the American Dream. I was kicked out of my home while still in high school, for being gay. I spent my late teens and early 20s as a stereotypical “homeless gay youth”, bouncing from place to place, getting in trouble & trying to find stability.

That stability was found when the parent who kicked me out was diagnosed with dementia, & needed me. I pulled myself up, & decided to take care of her because I believe in going high, like Obama said. From there I met my wife, and we worked our way up from a modest apartment where Mom could safely live with us, to owning our own home and eventually multiple businesses. Our main business focuses on the empowerment of humans through movement.

Through my journey, I’ve seen life from many angles. Because of this, I feel I can bring a unique, well balanced and fresh perspective to the issues we will discuss. I have compassion and empathy, along with a firm and confident demeanor and I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get work done.

Issues that are close to my heart include homelessness solutions, LGBT & feminist equality, healthcare for all, education for all, a universal basic income, and all issues pertaining to keeping our most fragile citizens safe, and without struggle. I believe in fair and equal taxes and working together as a community to find solutions for common problems.

Tiffany Starkey

As a lifelong advocate for social justice and public education, I am running to ensure that the California Democratic Party supports policies and candidates that improve outcomes for our most marginalized communities.

I am a Democrat, not because of the politics, but because this is the party that can best close gaps in access to opportunity. While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities, these inequalities have been present for far too long. Now is the time for bold action to ensure that the future economic growth of California is infused with the principles of equity. This means that we treat all Californians fairly by providing them with access to the resources and dignity that they deserve, including access to a quality education, housing, a healthy environment, and economic prosperity. This means that every decision must be made with an equity-lens, always asking:

1. How does this decision impact our most marginalized communities?

2. How does this decision narrow or widen gaps in access to opportunity?

As a local activist, I serve on the Democratic Party of Sacramento County’s Central Committee and on the Executive Board of the Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento County. I also work as an advocate for English learner, multilingual, and immigrant and refugee students in our public schools. I come to this work knowing that the best solutions come from the communities that they will most closely impact as opposed to supporting a dominant culture that assumes that those at the top have all of the answers. As a delegate, I will work hard to live by these values and support processes and strategies that make our party more welcoming and accessible to all communities.

I support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, environmental justice, housing as a human right, and equitable access to a quality public education. These policies will bring much needed investments in our communities and provide for equitable economic growth. If elected, I will actively support elected officials and candidates that support and have made concrete contributions towards these policy goals. I am running with the Progressive Labor Alliance because together we can accomplish more. To learn more visit

Manuel Buenrostro

I’m running for Assembly District Delegate because I believe it’s time now more than ever for racial and healthcare justice to be at the forefront of the Democratic Party. I am a proud ex-rank and file union member with SEIU-UHW, have served as a steward, and Contract Specialist. Currently, I am working as a Union Organizer in Sacramento. I’ve lived in this district for several years while being an active community member. Most recently I served as a delegate for the Democratic Party and helped flip Arizona blue by phone-banking for Biden/ Harris 2020. I am currently in Georgia where I have been registering voters, and knocking on doors reminding voters to turnout for the Georgia Senate election to support Democrats. I strongly believe every working-class individual should earn a living wage, healthcare should be a right not a privilege, and I am deeply passionate about social justice and racial equality. Please vote to elect Danisha McCall to represent you and our community in the Democratic Party!

Danisha McCall

My experience as a former California Public School teacher of 12 years teaching Art in Secondary Education has given me a range of insights as to the needs of parents, students, and teachers. I am a proud member of the Latinx/Mexican-American community and cherish my cultural upbringing. I currently work at home as a Self Employed Artist and am overseeing my children’s Distance Learning Education during this historic pandemic. I am involved in local community activism and organizing through Antelope Social Justice Collective. My main goal: to support the Civil Rights of Marginalized Communities, including, but not limited to: Undocumented Immigrants/Immigrants Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Racial Equality, Homelessness and Police Reform.

Denise Farinsky

As a math professor at Sacramento State who believes now is the time for public service, I am excited to accept the nomination for California Democratic Party delegate.

I study voting, gerrymandering, the electoral college and apportionment. I have written and given talks on these matters, and am interested in more ways to bring awareness to how these issues affect our democracy.

I am a progressive who believes we should provide large support to our citizens in the wake of COIVD-19. I support workers’ rights and am running with a group of SEIU members in the area, a union representing almost 2 million workers.

I also believe that climate change is the biggest challenge we face, and that its solutions have enormous opportunities for job growth and innovation. We should do more to lead this charge in California.

My partner is a pediatrician who works with underserved populations, and my brother, sister and father all work in hospitals. I have learned about healthcare from many perspectives and I believe the richest country on Earth should provide far better care for its citizens.

I am a millennial who is eager and excited to get to work to support the Democratic Party. I humbly ask for your vote.

Jay Cummings

As a life-long beneficiary of many opportunities in the great state of California, a long-time educator who intentionally returned to the CSU as a Professor at Sac State, and a proud CFA member/leader, I, Dr. Jamieson, am ready to serve our CA Democratic Party. I am heartened by California’s leadership in climate equity, land use, and labor rights, as well as ongoing work to address food, shelter, and healthcare insecurity. Having come of age in Southern California, and returned to live and work in Northern California, I remain deeply enamored by our entire, beautiful state, and wish to do my part to raise the quality of life for all Californians through our shared Democratic ideals. For my neighbors, my familia, my students, and my worker-self, I am ready to help set some agendas – let’s do this!

Dr. Katherine Jamieson

I am a social justice and equity advocate that believes representation from diverse communities is important in the ever-changing political landscape of California.

I am running to serve as a delegate because I care about improving the health and well-being of our most vulnerable populations. I seek to promote and advance progressive policies, principles, and values that support Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and Black Lives Matter. I am an effective community leader and equity advocate that will bring unique skills and strengths to envision more economic and environmental justice efforts in our institutions and systems.

I recently ran for election to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to represent District 5. Through this process I garnered significant support and I will continue to fight climate change and push equitable policies in all levels of government.

As a delegate I aspire to serve as a collaborative leader seeking to build better systems and improving the quality of life for everyone. I have worked for over 15 years in nonprofit and public administration, served on nonprofit boards, and am highly engaged in a variety of grassroots community organizing efforts. I was raised by a single parent, female-headed household, and am the fifth of six children. My life experiences have taught me how to be resilient, overcome challenges, and to produce new pathways of success for those who are struggling. I seek to challenge the status quo and to create room for a new California that includes diverse voices and leadership. I believe we must take every active effort we can to create the path for more community self-reliance and economic resiliency, especially among disadvantaged communities.

I would be honored to serve as a district delegate (A7) and will be dedicated to working hard together to improve the governance structure, policies, and processes within the party. I am a public servant and have dedicated my entire life to advancing social and economic well-being for hardworking families.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in International Agricultural Development and a master’s degree from San Jose State University in Public Health.

Fatima T. Malik

As the California Democratic Party acts to elect Party leaders in the near future, Progressives will be on the forefront of exerting influence which will lead to important reforms and future victories for our endorsed candidates. My main objective: Renewed progress for our State and communities at all levels. I have been involved in community organizing and activism for Human and Civil Rights, Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Justice.

This summer I was elected for the Democratic National Committee as a Congressional District Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders. I am a former elected Board Director for the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS). In local Democratic Party politics, I am a member of the Democratic Party Central Committee representing a local Democratic club. I had the pleasure of serving as chair of the Wellstone Democrats of Sacramento, I am also an active member of the JFK Democratic Club. I am proud to be endorsed by Environmental, Progressive and Women leaders of Sacramento and most importantly my neighbors to be your delegate for the 2021 and 2022 California Democratic Party Conventions.

Murad "Moe" Sarama

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration Management and a Masters In Public Administration. I am married with four adult children and 3 grandchildren. I recently retired after working over 30 years with the State of California, Department of Public Health–the last 15 years as Branch Operations Manager of the Licensing and Certification program. I have served in various capacities in community organizations in the State of California. I am looking forward to serving the community in this capacity and trust my experience and education will benefit our party significantly and effectively.

Maria Gutierrez

Hello Fellow Democrats! I would be honored to have one of your votes for AD7 delegate.

A lifelong Democrat, I have served as a spokesperson for many Democratic officials including Congresswoman Karen Bass, Speaker John A. Perez, and Gov. Gray Davis), and ballot and legislative measures (passing the plastic bag ban initiative with Californians Against Waste, taking on Big Oil to defeat their attempt to roll back California’s pioneering climate change laws, and passing the Safe and Affordable Water Quality Act). I also represent CTA, SEIU, CSEA and other unions in fighting for retirement security. Previously I worked in Congress as communications director for the House Democratic Caucus under Sacramento’s then-Congressman Vic Fazio.

I believe our Party needs to be inclusive. Our goal should maximize our resources to beat Republicans with technology, boots-on-the-ground hard work and a positive economic and social justice message.

I am a strong believer in service, and have been active in our community as president of the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative, on the board of the Capitol Area Development Authority promoting affordable housing, and in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

I’d be proud to serve as your delegate. Questions? Email me: or follow me on Twitter: @StevenMaviglio. Thank you!

Steven Maviglio